Techniques and Designs for Abstract Quilts

Yoshiko Jinzenji


Hexagon Series

White + Elements Series

Sampler Series

Ribbon Tape Series

Connected Squares Series

Code Series

Silhouette Series

I n t h i s q u i l t , a d y n a m i c - t h re e d i m e n s i o n a l i l l u s i o n i s
c re a t e d t h ro u g h t h e u s e o f t wo co n t ra s t i n g c o l o rs
co m b i n e d w i t h a re p e a t i n g p a tt e r n .

Rectangle Quilt
We w i l l u s e t h i s wo r k t o i n t ro d u c e t h e b a s i c t e c h n i q u e s o f
sewing pieces together, basting, quilting, and binding.


line + color 5

Rectangle series: Quilt 1
Finished dimensions 46" x 34¼" (117 x 87 cm)
1 Red polished cotton:
42" or 45" fabric, 1¾ yd (110 cm width 1 m
50 cm) [standard cotton fabric is 42" or
45" wide. 110 cm = 43¼"]
2 White cotton (includes binding):
42" or 45" fabric, 1¾ yd (110 cm width
1 m 60 cm)


3 Lining and binding, white cotton:
42" or 45" fabric, 1½ yd (110 cm width
1 m 30 cm) (Cut the bindings first, lengthwise, from the fabric).


4 Batting:
50" x 38" (123 x 93 cm)


Cut pieces A and B, adding ¼" (6 mm) seam allowance to all sides.



Cut out the patterns for pieces A and B using
thick paper.

Place the patterns on the back side of the
fabric, trace around the cutting lines, then cut.

Line up the cut pieces as shown in the




Sew together the rows in order one at a time working side to side, omitting the
row that goes around the perimeter (the border). Sew each row together and finish by sewing
on the border.
To stitch by hand, place two fabric pieces right
sides together and sew the seam from one
edge to the other. Begin by tying a knot in the
end of the thread and make a single backstitch. Sew across the seam line in a running
stitch (see photo at right of sewn seam). Finish with a single backstitch and cut the thread
(no need for a knot).

Wrong Side

Sew together the 16 pieces of the first row.

Cut out 380 red and 379 white pieces A and
24 red and 22 white pieces B.

Offset red and white blocks in a brick pattern.

Press all the seam allowances toward the red side.

Stitch rows together and press seam
allowances to one side.


line + color 7

E x t e n s i o n s o f S q u a re s ,
Rectangles, and Hexagons
Connected Squares Series
Mini-Tapestry 1
Mini-Tapestry 2
Bedcover 1
Bedcover 2

Rectangle Series

Discover the elegant simplicity
of contemporary quilting

Quilt 1
Quilt 2

Hexagon Series
Merry Quilt
Transparent Quilt

D i s c o v e r i n g Tra n s p a re n t Fa b r i c s

Looking to fuse Japanese design and modern techniques in your quilting
projects? With Quilting Line + Color, you will explore color, shape, stitching, and fabric ideas from internationally known weaver, dyer, fabric artist,
teacher, and quilter Yoshiko Jinzenji.
Yoshiko brings a fresh, contemporary vision to the quilting scene with
more than 30 gorgeous projects, accompanied by precise instructions and
detailed illustrations. From bed-size quilts to bags and pillows, you will learn
to create innovative pieces while trying out new and traditional techniques.
In Quilting Line + Color, Yoshiko delves into the interplay of shape and fabric,
set off to striking effect with white fabric and stitching. Her asymmetrical
and graphic use of color takes on a fresh, painterly feel. She shares her
artistry and philosophy with you as she teaches you how to cut, piece, and
stitch a variety of designs—from patchwork and innovative uses of appliqué
and reverse appliqué to layered transparent fabrics and handstitching.
Quilting Line + Color gives you an uncomplicated approach to adventurous yet beautifully balanced quilts.

Silhouette Series
Cushion 1
Cushion 2
Shoulder Bag

Spiral Series

I d e a l P ro j e c t s fo r G i f t s
Sampler Series

Baby Series
Quilt 1
Quilt 2

Ribbon Tape Series

D i g i t a l G ra p h i c s a n d C o d e Q u i l t s
Digital Series

has been quilting for more than three decades. Her artisanal quiltmaking synthesizes a wide range of cultural styles, and her work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Design, the Victoria and Albert Museum,
and the New England Quilt Museum. Jinzenji has authored multiple books about
quilting and teaches quilting and fabric dyeing in Japan and Bali.

yoshiko jinzenji

Graphic Quilt
Graphic Cushion

Code Series
Quilt 1
Hojoki Quilt
Tale of the Heike Quilt

B a l a n c i n g W h i t e s w i t h C o l o rs
White + Red Series

Paperback, 8½ x 10¼, 192 pages, ISBN 978-1-59668-333-4
$28.95, Available October 2010

Shapes Quilt
Balance Quilt
Stripes Quilt

White + Elements Series
Stripes Quilt
Colors Quilt
Lines Quilt
The Quilting Journey

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