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DEFINITION OF PROJECT AREA: The Scope of Work includes the provision of all materials, labor and equipment general requirements for the full project duration to support construction administration and trade activities for the overall renovation and addition project at the Mount Pleasant Library which is located at 3160 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC. CBE SET-ASIDE REQUIREMENTS The minimum CBE Set-Aside Requirement for this Scope of Work is 100%. GENERAL TRADES - SITE REQUIREMENT ACTIVITIES Offeror shall be responsible for providing all labor, material, equipment, and Trade Subcontractor management and coordination to fully execute the requirements of all new and modified construction as specifically described in this scope of work with no exceptions or exclusions, and as indicated in bid documents, Attachment J.1, Issued for Bid Drawings and Specifications dated January 13, 2010. Reference Sections G and H for additional information on Project Team roles and responsibilities and Special Contract Requirements. Also reference Division 1 Specifications for general project references, requirements, procedures and documentation. Work includes but is not limited to the following specifications sections: DIVISION 1 – Section 01310 – Project Management and Coordination, Section 01500 – Temporary Facilities, as applies to the work of this contract. DIVISION 6 – Section 06105 – Miscellaneous Carpentry, as required for the performance of this scope. The Contractor shall be required to provide labor, material and equipment to perform the scope of work including but not limited to the following tasks: 1. Provide project staff including, but not limited to: One full time Laborer for incidental project maintenance, labor and cleanup Miscellaneous Carpentry work to provide temporary protection of existing conditions during construction as specifically specified herein and OSHA safety barricades, rails and floor coverings. 2. Submit informational submittals including site plan, erosion and sediment control plan, moisture-protection plan, dust control and HVAC control plan as required by bid document specs.


Provide Engineering, site survey and layout for the work. This includes establishing control lines and benchmarks from local monuments for use by other contractors. 4. Provide monthly Project construction progress documentation & photographs, including existing building pre-construction condition documentation. 5. All required traffic control measures must be obtained and implemented per local jurisdiction requirements by contractor during performance of this contractor’s work. 6. Provide physical jobsite mailbox. 7. Provide regular project trash removal & dumpsters, including the separation of debris for a recycling program consistent with the Project LEED Certification Program for the full duration of the project. (Demolition debris removal is not included in this scope). 8. Provide a prefabricated or mobile Office trailer(s) (12’x60’ min).that stay(s) at the site for the duration of the project (assume fourteen (14) months) that includes , but not limited to: Office trailer mobilization (setup), including proper tie-downs, steps and handicap ramps & rails. Copier, Printer and Fax machine capable of scanning and copying up to 11”x17” Cold water Coffee service Conference room Two offices Toilet room Paper supplies (towels, toilet paper, copy paper) Drawing boards Drawings rack Office supplies (pens, markers, staplers, mail supplies, etc.) Office furniture (3 desks, 5 desk chairs) Six (6) Four-drawer Filing Cabinets Safety supplies (misc. hat hats, first aid supplies, goggles & gloves). 4- 8’X2’ folding tables 16 folding chairs Trailer(s) should be of sufficient size to accommodate the needs of the Owner, Architect and construction personnel office activities, and to accommodate project meetings specified under Division 1 General Requirements. 9. Provide a storage trailer at a location designated, complete with lighting, HVAC and ramp sized, furnished and equipped to accommodate materials and equipment for construction operations. Store combustible materials apart from building. 10. Provide public space permit for the parking lane at the property frontage on Lamont street, including payment of parking meters out of service.




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Temporary tie-ins to all utilities to the field office trailers including but not limited to plumbing (with backflow preventer), electricity (confirm sufficient circuitry), phone line, internet accessibility and wireless. The Contractor will be required to maintain the Work from the date of the approval of his Contract until the entire Contract is completed (assume 16 months). The Contractor shall take adequate precautions to protect trees, shrubs, and plants from injury during construction operations. This shall include, but is not limited to, barrier fencing for tree protection, erosion and sediment control measures, etc. In addition, the Contractor shall on a daily basis remove excess debris, materials, etc. from the construction site. On site portajohn toilet facilities (assume 4 each, plus trailer tank if sewer service is not available.) Winter protection, to include temporary building enclosure construction as well as portable heating equipment as required to maintain a working environment for all the trades. (this may be provided by an allowance that can be drawn from as specific requirements occur). Project signage. (Assume custom painted 8’by 8’ plywood with 2”x4” frame and 4”x4” posts). Owner to provide graphics for project sign. Miscellaneous tools for project clean-up. Surface drainage dewatering & pump equipment. (Assume 20 days). Construction fencing, including relocation and later removal of existing on site fencing. Safety rail at floor edging and safety floor opening coverings. On site security service during the non-working hours. (Assume the last six months of the project.) Final clean up of the Project that includes , but not limited to, the Contractor shall remove from the Work and adjacent property sites and structures, and all areas in connection with the Work, all weeds, shrubs, stumps, or portions of trees, and all loose rock, boulders, false work, temporary structures, machinery and equipment. He shall clean and restore in an acceptable manner all property, both public and private, inside and out, and shall leave the Work and sites and structures, in a clean, polished dusted and vacuumed and presentable condition ready for occupancy throughout the project, including clearing material from the right-of-way. Submittals will be required for approval prior to execution of the work. Contractor shall provide all hoisting and lifting required for the performance of the work of this contract. Take care to reference all work noted in the bid documents and described in BP 13 Scope of Work for salvage, protection and/or preservation by others. Coordinate the work of this scope so as not to interfere with, disturb, damage or otherwise impede the intent of this work.


Bidders shall submit their cost schedule for each task outlined in the scope list above referencing allowances for items that fixed prices cannot be determined at bid time due to incomplete design detail.