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PUNO S. A. A.”

Names and surname of the Author: Henry Marcelino Aguilar Escobar
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performed in order to analyze the main factors affecting the poor quality of service
delivery electricity to the users and their impact on profitability, since this issue
becomes one of the basic problems that prevent development organizations;
Whereas the quality of service is a culture, a way of being, living, acting and it
exists when members of an organization possess and exercise share a set of
values whose ultimate goal is the satisfaction of customer needs and that with
proper management of it by managers, is able to improve the service, a desire that
has always troubled companies and managers in essence have always sought to
meet the needs of the population.
This study has been framed for the periods 2013 and 2014, and for the
development of research, we defined our problem through the following general
questions : How does the quality of service affects the profitability of the Regional
Business Public Electricity - Electro Puno SAA in the period 2013 - 2014?
With the main objective; "Determining how service quality affects the
profitability of the Company Regional Public Electricity - Electro Puno SAA in the
period 2013 - 2014"

and can contribute to sustainable development of the population and the environment and ultimately to the users . KEY WORDS Quality. well I have to present this paper titled "Implications of the Quality of Service on the profitability of the Company Regional Public Electricity . and they seem to always have ways of resisting to accept the changes that quality means . The quality of service is the customer satisfaction with respect to any services and is the real competitive advantage of an organization in a highly demanding market where many users are dissatisfied with the service they receive. and the constant in the service Quality is a reflection of the commitment of those who make up a customer-oriented company. in practice we find many people and unwilling to provide quality services companies . Electric Power. Business and Client.2 The results obtained as a result of the research work are reflected in our main conclusions. . if not impact the quality of service. Efficiency.2014 "which aims to analyze the main factors affecting the poor quality of the service power supply leading to low profitability of the company. so it is of utmost importance to the development of their staff is productive and efficient . reliability and timeliness . INTRODUCTION Under rules established by the School of Accounting and Administration of the UNA . Also. considering that this issue is one of the problems that prevents the development of the companies.Puno. Public Member. And through this research we analyzed the quality of service through the job performance of staff in the company Electro Puno SAA in order to ensure that the supply of electricity and ancillary services are provided with quality.Electro Puno SAA period 2013 .

1999 in Volume No. created by cleavage of the equity block of the Regional Management Sub Electro Sur Este SAA approved by resolution adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders of the latter Company dated July 9. 160 in the city of Puno.A. The Company bases its operation on the Law of Electric Concessions DL No. Seat No. MATERIALS AND METHODS Scope of Study The scope of study for the development of this research was the Regional Public Service Company of electricity . Electro Puno SAA is a concessionaire of Electricity Distribution in the Department of Puno .2014. we divided our work.A.D. Cornejo Jr. 1999 . where their electromechanical installations of distribution . implemented an organizational structure with trained with the aim of having an efficient . 25844 and its regulations S. 009-93 -EM. And in order to develop research. agile and modern management personnel. to provide customers with quality service. No. 21742 and Sheet No.Electro Puno SAA whose legal domicile is in Mariano H. developing its activities in the field of the Department of Puno . 1467. 74 .Electro Puno SAA in the period 2013 . entered in the Jose Carlos Mariategui Regional Registration Office . and began operations on November 1. 1999 .3 For all of the above and the characteristics of research have developed the following objective : To determine how service quality affects the profitability of the Company Regional Public Electricity . transmission and generation are located .Office Puno . Electro Puno S. . on October 28.

Research design The research design was type No experimental .transectional . which was performed without deliberately manipulate the variables of study.Analytical . . considering that the characteristics of the research in this paper we have used variables that lead to use both approaches. inquiry) and Secondary (Documentary). ie it was observed and described the facts as they exist in their natural context and then analyze them . creating scenarios to analyze and explain these facts. Through the analytical design transactional data collected at one time in order to analyze the variables and their impact. and verification or checking the truth of the statements deduced by comparing them with the experience. because the Qualitative and Quantitative approaches are combined.4 DESCRIPTION OF METHODS Research Focus The approach according to the nature of the investigation was mixed type . with this method we follow several steps: observation of the phenomenon or fact to study. Information sources The research was conducted with primary source data (observation. deduction of consequences or more elementary than the hypothesis own propositions. Investigation methodology The research method used was deductive Hypothetically.

descriptive statistics were used as the data collected were tabulated and presented in statistical.. described and analyzed each pictures for better understanding. reliability. magazines .served for verification of data at the same venue of the Regional Public Service Company of electricity . RESULTS AND DISCUSSION With the data collected during the research . For data analysis.Electro Puno SAA" The quality of service involves a change of attitude and mentality required to exercise enduring values such as punctuality.served to develop our conceptual framework.  Indagación..5 Techniques for Data Collection  Observación. and the internet Instrumentos. financial statements of the company. then confirm or reject our hypotheses established..interacted with stakeholders.  Notebook Apuntes. in order to respond to each of our questions raised and thus achieve our objectives . honesty.. then we show the results obtained as a result of field work .interacted with reality through the senses . responsibility and . The following tables are formulated according to the order of the specific objectives: SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 1 : " Identify the main factors affecting the poor quality of service benefits Regional electricity company Public Electricity ..  Sheets observación.  Documental.was obtained from sources such as books.Electro Puno SAAProcesamiento de datos.

6 establish a commitment to users and society. express the company performance relative to their sales. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 3: "To propose alternatives that help improve the quality of service of staff and profitability of the Company Regional Public Electricity ." Having responded to each of our objectives in our research . staff training and dedication. assets or capital.A. The profitability analysis ." The profitability of a company becomes the expected return on investment that is expressed in percentage terms and their study allows us to solve make final sales or production decisions . Here are some alternatives to improve the provision of quality services and improving the profitability of the company aims . In the service quality the most important factor is the attitude of the staff must channel all its efforts to achieve quality care. more capacity. All staff should know their role and perform it correctly so that the customer does not have to perform paperwork .Electro Puno S.Electro Puno S.A. OBJECTIVE 2: "Determining the level of profitability of benefits Regional electricity company Public Electricity . in order to better serve the user population. It is important to know these figures because the company needs to produce utility to exist. . We can also indicate that the quality of service required of persons working in the organization. and these are: OBJECTIVES OF THE PROPOSAL 1. Personal fitness is therefore an essential factor .A. Increase the level of trained staff that has the company. long waits or suffer from poor care or despotism.A.

7 2. Raising rates of return through the provision of quality services and seeking customer satisfaction. which shows a very low level of performance expected by the company. which translates into a growth of 2. Likewise it is shown that 23% of workers partially known instruments company management and 50% do not know. Create awareness in the administration and staff about the importance of quality of service and affordability factor based on management policies and strategies to be implemented .31 % .33 % and 2. According to the results of our research presented in tables and graphs 1 to 13 3 to 15.33 % .31 % per Nuevo Sol invested . CONCLUSIONS Having discussed and analyzed our results and achieved the objectives and contrasted with our hypotheses. in the period 2013 return on equity was 2. it shows that 41% of workers were trained sporadically. 2. 3. It also shows that 45% of workers said they have a regular level of training and consider it insufficient for the performance of their duties in the company and 45% mentioned that they received no training in these periods. Finally we should note that 23% believe that the allocated budget is insufficient and inadequate and does not allow new knowledge and 23% considered that the company does not cover the costs necessary for adequate training and 45% say they do not attend trainings by the meager budget of the company. are the main factors affecting low quality of service provided to users. So. . and 45% never received training on the part of the company. Referring to the profitability of the company have been shown in Tables 14 to 19 . from which it follows that. the following are the conclusions that we have arrived as a result of our research: 1. 23% of workers partially known strategies and company policy to improve the quality of service and 45% are unaware. and in the period 2014 it decreased to 2.

it shows that in the period 2013 return on assets of the company was 2.8 In the period 2013 return on equity was 5. Barcelona: Editorial Ariel. (1983). Metodología de la investigación.04 % . Administración y Calidad. BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES  Ávila.21 % . which adversely affect the development of the company.A. Caceda. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I express deep gratitude and appreciation to the management and staff of the REGIONAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF ELECTRICITY . Procedimientos Metodológicos y Analíticos para desarrollar Investigación Científica. Guías Metodológicas para los planes de Tesis. Editorial Andrade. M.92 %. and in the period 2014 it decreased to 4. Caballero. La Investigación Científica. C. Conducta del Consumidor Estrategias y Técnicas   Aplicadas al Marketing. R. (1997). (2001). which also shows a very low level of expected return . Bunge.64 %. (1997). Lima: Estudios y  Ediciones R. (2001). Arellano. without which it would not have been possible to develop this research. Lima: Segunda   edición. México: 1ra Edición. for their valuable contribution to the information provided . Puno: Editorial Universitaria UNA – Puno. R. (2002). Diccionario de Economía y Contabilidad.A. E Sic editorial. (2004).ELECTRO PUNO SAA. Andrade S. . F. Lima:  Editorial UGRAPH S. which also shows a very low level of performance for each invested Nuevo Sol .A. and in the period 2014 it decreased to 1. Likewise .C. A. Anda. México: Editorial Linmusa S.

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