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heir slot numbers and operational state

st cbu (checking individual borads and their slot numbers and operational state)
lhsh 000slot#00 te log read (gives logs on that particular slot-000600 is slot 6
pgets (giv during live monitoring, shows all counters related to power utilizati
lget utrancell=CNU1732 frequencyrelationtype 0 (gives all the INTRA defined nbrs
for a site)
lget utrancell=CNU1732 frequencyrelationtype 1 (gives all the INTER defined nbrs
for a site)
lget cnu3229A frequencyrel (same as above)
get utrancell=DXU0040 maximumtransmissionpower
get utrancell=DXU0040 hoType
get utrancell=cnu1970 adminis (gives unlocked)
get utrancell=cnu1970 cellreserve (gived reserved)
get UTRANcell=cnu1970 qrxlevmin|usedFreqThresh2dEcno|sIntersearch|cpich|usedFreq
Thresh2dRscp|MaximumTransmissionPower (counters can ce clubbed, can check any po
ssible counters)
lki (will show consistent and in-consistent Iub links all)
h lki (help on lki)
str | grep DXU5850A (Shows the status of the cell DXU5850A)
get utrancell=HXU0470 scr (scrambling code)
Pmx -m 2 aal2ap=b265 pmUnSuccOutConnsRemoteQosClass (getting Iub congestion -rem
ote last 2 hours)
get PRSJU0033 rbsid (gives the bnum of the site)
get utrancel
pmx utrancell=TXU0275 pmtotnorrcconnect(req$|reqsuccess)|pmNoRabEstablishSuccess
Speech|pmNoRabEstablishAttemptSpeech -m 0.25 -a
pmx TXU0237|TXV4237 pmnosystemrabreleasespeech|pmNoSysRelSpeechSoHo|pmNoSysRelSp
eechNeighbr|pmNoSysRelSpeechUlSynch -m 0.25 -a
pmx -m 2 cell=TXU61188 pmCellDowntime -to check downtime

lget . defaulthotype
pmom . counter name
mom . Cpich ()
llog(restart info)
lhsh 000100 te l
get . outputpower
get externalTMA
lget utrancell=HXU4182 hsiflsmarginusers|hsiflsthreshusers|iflsmode|pathlossthre
lget coverager
pilot pollution in the area
transport issues
SC collision
IFHO failures


Sheet1!A$1:V$1.0). This parameter is us ed instead of hsdschInactivityTimer for CPC activated connections.ok so you have total power and than you have power used each cell for cs traffic . 7200. 1 to 255. Default=-1 ******************************************************************************** **************************************************** egrep -i (optional) 'maxdl|localcellid|rbs' . Special value -1: corresponding parameter on MOC ChannelSwitching is used Resolution: 5 Dependenciesmeter on MOC ChannelSwitching is used 7200: only for internal use. and whateever the power used on cs traffic rest are for the hs. if it is not than you can cahnge your admission parameters cause many cases they a re set to very high Date: 2013-07-19 Object Counter 15:00 16:00 17:00 UtranCell=HXU52511 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHw 0 0 0 UtranCell=HXU52511 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHwBest 0 0 0 UtranCell=HXU52512 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHw 0 0 0 UtranCell=HXU52512 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHwBest 0 0 0 UtranCell=HXU52513 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHw 0 0 0 UtranCell=HXU52513 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHwBest 0 0 0 UtranCell=HXU52514 pmNoFailedRabEstAttemptLackDlHw 10 6 0 UtranCeroughput is downswitched from CELL_DCH to CELL_FACH. Feature: InactivityTimerCellConfig Change takes effect: New connections Unit: s Range: -1./*.crashes llog lgd-downtime st t1 pmr -m 3 -r 25-report no 25 to show the packetloss lh rax te log read | grep -i error-RAX check lh tx te log read | grep -i error-Tx Check s+ HW/SW load MOC Parameter AT&T Gold Standard Initial Value .log > dump. the ideally is to keep that power as low as possible. If not the corresponding parameter on MOC ChannelS witching is used.MATCH(D2. Dependencies: Used if the feature InactivityTimerCellConfig is activated and if the parameter value is <> -1.0) lgaes -s 20130901-alarms.event.Sheet1!A:V.txt for multiple lookups in Parameter CR VLOOKUP(B2. the graph that shows the power utilizati on for yoru cs are called the non-hs power utilization you look into this to make judgement if you cell is heavily congested or not.

.(Only to be used by Ericsson when building a new site) W12B Eul=1900 pathlossThresholdEulTti2 95..170 120 W12B Eul=850 pathlossThresholdEulTti2 95.170 95 W12B Eul threshEulTti2Ecno -8 .