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AB 320 Flows - Captain



April 15, 2011 (includes Bulletin 06-11)

Before Start

Approximately 15 minutes prior to departure and after Route
Verification completed. Assumes clearance received, and
APU started.

After Start

After receiving the cabin ready notification and all doors are
closed and armed.

N/W STRG DISC Memo - Checked

After ground equipment is clear, first officer verbally
acknowledges the captain’s wands up signal statement, and
engine(s) are stabilized.

Spoilers - ARMED
ACP - Set
Engine Anti-ice - Ensure ON, or OFF
Call for “Flaps ___, Taxi”

Accomplish on the first flight of the day, after a crew change,
or prior to an oceanic flight. These flows should also be
accomplished if...
• maintenance has been performed in the flightdeck,
• the crew has been absent for an extended period from the
flightdeck, or
• there have been visitors to the flightdeck without a pilot

Check Call for “Below the Line” After flap retraction and prior to 10.Checked THRUST BUMP (IAE) (if required) .000’” . and In-Range Report – Sent) BARO SET .000 feet MSL (PM – Seat Belts – ON.Checked Call for “Taxi Checklist” Runway . MCDU – Set Accomplish Descent-Approach Checklist) Landing (PF) After Landing After extending the flaps to 3.000 Feet(PF) Descending through 18. ECAM – Checked) Transition Level Descending through the transition level.000 feet MSL.000 Feet(PF) Descending Through 10.000 feet MSL.000”.Engaged Takeoff Data/Flex .000” (callout is replaced with the Transition callout.Approach Checklist” After the PM calls “10. Descending Through 18. Through 10.Taxi After departing the gate.Push and set (as required) PFDs .Cycle Spoilers .As required Call for “Flaps .000” (In-Range sent) External Lights .Crosscheck PM calls “Transition.Cycle Climbing through the transition altitude Just prior to descending through 10. (PM – “10.<Appropriate altimeter setting>” PF calls “<Appropriate altimeter setting>” After the PM calls “18. Accomplish Landing Checklist) After the aircraft has cleared the active runway Shutdown Bulletin 06-11 (depicted flow to the right has not been updated) Flight Controls .As required (As installed) NO PORTABLE ELEC DEVICE/NO SMOKING – ON or SEAT BELTS . final weight and balance received. and both engines running.Armed Call for “Landing Checklist” External Lights . (PM – ENG MODE NORM or IGN.Up”(or as operationally required) . if Transition Level is FL 180)Call for “Descent . External Lights .As required (As installed) NO PORTABLE ELEC DEVICE/NO SMOKING .000 Feet (PF) Transition Altitude Climbing through 10. Before Taking the Runway After Takeoff (PM) Approximately 1-3 minutes prior to taking the runway. ECAM – Checked.000 feet MSL (PM – “10.OFF or SEAT BELTS .