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Project Proposal


Advocacy and Social Mobilization for Prevention of
Trafficking of Women and Children for Commercial
Sexual Exploitation in Sagar District

Submitted to
Ministry of Women and Child Development,
Govt. of India, New Delhi

Dept. of Women and Child Development,
Sagar (Madhya Pradesh)

Submitted by :
Abhiyantosh Bal Mahila Vikas Samiti

5. 9. OPD . Dai Training programme. Time to time outreach camps are organized. . 4. At the time of winding up of FPAI project. In the centre main emphasis is on women and children. MTP facility is available Delivery facilities are available Immunization facility is provided DOT services for TB patients Contraceptive items for FP Acceptors Levemisation for children IUI facility is available Lab facilities Services for infertility problems Services for Permanent FP method acceptors. 10.About Us: Abhinaytosh Mahila Bal Vikas Samiti Sagar is a Social Welfare Society registered under Society Registration Act. District Health Department. Along with it Samiti is conducting various developmental and health activities collaboration with other organizations working in same issues. 2. 1973 formed in the year 1991 by some social activists with some social causes. Conducting health activities in collaboration with FOGSI. To make people aware for health and connect with our programme various events like . school health programme. As a part we are running two health centres one is ten bedded hospital and another is clinic cum counseling centre. Running Child Welfare Centre. to organize various vaccination programme. Programme for Mother-in-laws and daughter-in-law. 6. Some of the initiatives taken up by the committee are: Physiotherapy Centre: Looking to the need and non-availability of services physiotherapy centre is run in the name of Astha Physiotherapy Centre. 12. Male and Female Sterilization camp. group and categories of people gather. In the year 1995 FPAI started its even largest project Parivar Pragati Pariyojana. Other events included various technical/ professional training programs. Services are as follows: 1. Adolescent counseling sessions. 11. Since its beginning the society is working for social development aspects with special emphasis on Health & Awareness specially SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) and Education. To achieve the target conducted various developmental activities along with SRH activities. Accordingly the Samiti engaged in SRH activities and worked on the guideline of FPAI.Healthy Baby Competition. 7. health and awareness camps in urban and rural areas. 8. Small Family by Choice (SFC) project. Government of India and other organizations.This is open every day for outdoor patients. To AIDS awareness various age. our samiti sustained few of its activities in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh. Short term training programme for women and youth were organized. distribution of FP items and follow-up. Skill Development Centre: Pooja Kiran Skill Development Centre is run for women where time to time counseling and health camp is organized. Regional Publicity Office. 3.

We have established Condom Container at various Petrol Pumps and Dhabas. ASHA Training: Samiti conducted ASHA workers training in Damoh and Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Started Child Welfare Centre for pre-schooling children of Bedia Community village where maximum women are engaged in sex work. deception. Key Achievements: Samiti member awarded for best health service provider of the district by the Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development in kind recommendation of District Collector. third only to illegal drugs and weapons trade. transfer. FPAI Bhopal. FOGSI. Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons. Dhabas for truck drivers. transportation. UNFPA. Advocacy workshop by FPAI and IPPF South Asian Region at Bhopal. thousands of women and children are reported missing from their homes in different parts of the globe. Disabled People: To avail services for disabled people we are in close contact with District Disability Centre and organized various camps with them. State Save the Girl Child Committee etc. abuse of power or other forms of coercion for the recruitment. force. defines trafficking in persons to mean the use of threats. Hyderabad at Allahabad. In the year 2007-08 done survey work for disabled women for Reproductive and Child Health. abduction. AIDS Awareness: Except regular counseling sessions. Every year. Sagar (GOI) and other NGOs. 40 Plus Clinic: Samiti started 40 Plus Clinic in collaboration with FOGSI where health services are provided for above 40 years age women. mostly of women and children is a burgeoning criminal activity that generates unbelievably large profits every year. Networking Member: Samiti is member of Networking like ARC. Participation in Workshop/Convention: Workshops organized by ARC at Bhopal. . where regular refilling is done. special awareness programmes organized on Highways. Regional Publicity Office. fraud.Child Welfare Centre: To provide Health Counseling and SRH services to Sex workers family society selected children to contact older members of the family. National Convention on Nai Taleem at Patna. Especially Women and Children'. The 'Protocol to Prevent. Background: The trafficking of people. Formation and Training to SHG: We have formed 38 SHG they are trained and continuing their banking activities. Urban RCH Programme: Samiti has been selected by District Health Committee to implement Urban RCH programme at Sagar and completed satisfactorily. Such victims of trafficking are usually lifted from deprived regions and villages and exported to mainly urban areas within or across borders. National Convention organized by NCRI. Organising Workshop/Meeting in collaboration with following organisations like ARC.

The villages in Sagar were Patharia. Morena. Only the daughters and sisters of the community work. The Bedia community was initially involved in activities related to the traditional “Rai” dance. Keeping the above things in the mind Abhiyantosh Bal Mahila Vikas Samiti is submitting a Project “Advocacy and Social Mobilization for Prevention of Trafficking of Women and Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Sagar District”. This type of art form is famous in the entire region of Bundelkhand. Sagar. slavery. “Rai” which was once a symbol of art and culture now became one of the mere commercial means. There were other villages also but the population had apparently migrated to other areas due to several reasons. Exploitation includes prostitution. The same activities are continued since their ancestors. guidance and proper care as well as awareness.Village survey and people to be covered and migrated families> . who are engaged in commercial sex activities. Sheopur and Vidisha. A large women trafficking network is active in the districts of Shajapur. To do this work our society “Abhinaytosh Mahila Bal vikash Samiti” has made a survey of this community and propose to plan and implement its activities in constructive manner. It intended to make money and profits and the respect of the art form degraded to enormous levels. Now days they are not too financial poor but they are in need of moral support. But in present days’ context urban society is too much developed and broken all the social tradition like untouchability. men who do not work as such have developed a strong resistance to any change in their mode of living. Lidhaura and Fatehpur. guna. These villages had a considerable population of the Bedia community. but this community is also engaged in their traditional profession. forced labor. <History> Women born into this community stay unmarried. So there is a need of special attention to uplift this community. Making the artists involved synonymous with the professions like prostitution and flesh trade. Married women are not involved in any of the prostitution. Field Research: The Bedia Community of the society is living in few districts of the state. The Demographic statistics appeared to be shocking as the kids as young as 10 years were transformed into Bednis and were a part of prostitution <Project area inspection> <Project Area. More than a profession this is a multifaceted problem.harboring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation. they engage in prostitution in order to provide for the economic needs of their natal family. Bediya community in is Madhya Pradesh is known for the same. Today in our country there are many communities who have adopted prostitution as a source of their livelihood. Because the people of the higher communities do not pay their attention to this backward community. servitude or the removal of organs. Habla Chauki. And. other forms of sexual exploitation. The communities got engaged in this profession due to their poor financial condition and social status of untouchable. The same is only happens due to the lacking behind such community. They try to come to front but the higher society does not want. Shivpuri.

One Sensitization workshop on Trafficking and related issues: A one day District level workshop will be organized in Sagar inviting other NGO’s. To do Advocacy of the recommendations emerged from the grassroots / women groups for the social protection of women and children. Objectives of the Project: 1. 3. To sensitize and educate People. 3. Media. Govt. 2. Formation and Functioning of 3 Adolescent Boys & Girls Groups: There will be 3 groups formed inviting Adolescent Boys and Girls from the project area. Each group will have 30 Members. District administration and women activists willing to address the issue of trafficking of women and children and sensitization of the communities in the geographical areas of work and working towards prevention of trafficking. . It is proposed that monthly meeting of every group will also be organized by the organization. District administration. Development of appropriate educational material on the issue for the larger coverage. To create a network of concerned legal. Monthly meeting of each group will also be organized by the organization. Proposed Activities: 1. Media. media. Formation and Functioning of 3 Community Vigilance Groups: There will be 3 Community Vigilance Groups formed in the Project Area. To educate women about their rights and laws against the trafficking. Officials (Women’s welfare and health department. Each group has 30 members. 4. NGO’s and other important stake holders about the issues related to trafficking of Women and Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation.<Net number of people – Village population> <Health scenario of the target group> <Age statistics> <Per year statistics of women exposed to prostitution> Goal: Initiatives to Prevent Trafficking of Women and Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Sagar District. district panchayat)and other important stake holders. The purpose of the workshop will be to orient participants about the issue and to ensure their roles and responsibilities for the effective implementation of the project. 5. <Area to be focused upon> 2.

. Posters and hoardings in schools and aaganbandi kendras and other prominent places in villages Partners and Stakeholders: 1. Procurement and Production of Information. Expected Outcome:  3 Community Groups will be formed and started working for the prevention of Trafficking of Women and Children for Commercial Sexual Exploitation.  Receipt of feedback from the stakeholders on a regular basis will also be an important indicator for monitoring.  Regular reporting of each activity and meeting with the partners and other stake holders will be the part of monitoring process. 5. 7. Women and Children from the Bediya community in particular Other NGOs Volunteers Members of the Village Panchayats Members of the Village Committees Media Representatives Government Officials Grassroot workers of ICDS and Health Department Ordinary Citizens of Sagar District Monitoring:  Monitoring of the project will start form the very first day of implementation of the project. 4. Purpose of these shows will to create awareness at large scale in the project area.  The monitoring will be done at different level by the Chief Functionary of the organization and the Programme Coordinator to see whether the time bond activities have been performed or not. 2.4. Mass Awareness Generation through Street Plays and Rallies: For mass awareness generation it is proposed that 10 street plays will be organized in the project area within one year. 8. 9. Similarly 10 Awareness Rallies will also be organized. 3. Education and Communication Material: 15000 Handouts on the issue will be published and distributed during the various activities. 5.  3 Groups of Adolescent boys and girls will be formed and oriented about the issue. 6.

transport etc. Resource material increased> 2000 f. transport etc. street plays. Formation and functioning of Balika (adolescent girls)/Balala (adolescent 2 children) Sanghas (Minimum 3 Sanghas) a. Nurturing (monthly meeting.) 18000 1. preferably traditional Formation of Group Performance of play (includes travel. Sensitization Workshops/Seminars (2 days) 3 a. Resource Persons 2500 4500 1.) 18000 1. correspondence. Formation 6000 b. 20000 people from different background in the district will be made aware to understand the gravity of the problem through the special events and campaign. Formation 6000 b. Communication 1000 c. Media. publicity @ Rs 2500 x 10 plays) 10000 25000 . b.  <Overall Development related to education> Budget Requested: COMPONENT (PREVENTION) Annual Budget (in Rs) 1. TA/DA for participants 3000 Awareness generation through mass media including kalajathas. correspondence. Lunch and Refreshment (at least 30 participants x Rs 75 x 2 days) <Cost to be e. Nurturing (monthly meeting. pupettery or through any other art forms. Local Authorities. Civil Society and other important stakeholders will be sensitized through the District level workshop about the importance of the issue. d. Formation and functioning of Community Vigilance Group 1 (Minimum 3 Community Vigilance Group) a. 4 a.  Approx. Hiring of Venue 5000 b. lodging/boarding.

. leaflets and posters hoardings.500 Sustainability of the Project: There are two ways of sustainability of the project activities first one is to keep the issue alive and second one is to fulfill the financial resources to continue the efforts. If organization will implement project according to the plan then there is no doubt that the issue will be alive for a long time. 65500 (in local language) TOTAL 1.1. advertisements etc. From the beginning of the project the samiti will think about the sustainability as well as replication of the project.66. Development and printing of awareness generation material such 5 as pamphlets.

Given below are some probable & potential donors/supporters for the sustainability of the Project :   Donations from the Private Companies/Industries under the Corporate Social Responsibility. Donations from the Elected Representatives. Timeline for Events: . Social Workers etc will also help us to continue the project.