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Open House
London 2013

Get into great architecture for free
21–22 September

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Friday 20 September 2013
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Venture out for a night of discovery, culture, architecture and
surprise whilst raising money for Maggie’s Cancer Centres.
Maggie’s Culture Crawl is a 15-mile night-hike-comeadventure with exclusive access to some of London’s best
buildings, such as the Gherkin and EDF Energy London Eye.
Join us today and support people with cancer.

this is civil engineering

waste water

• Emirates Air Line
• King’s Cross
• Crossrail, Canary
Wharf & Liverpool

• Old Ford Waste
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• Abbey Mills
Pumping Station

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• Thames Barrier
• Lee Tunnel &
Beckton Sludge
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King’s Cross (pictured)
The Shard
NEO Bankside
EDF London Eye
Woolwich Clock
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• Closed Loop
Recycling (pictured)
(South East London
Combined Heat &

• The Crystal
• Bunhill Heat and
Power Energy

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image of King’s Cross Station © Morgan Bemo JV
image of Closed Loop Recycling © Closed Loop Recycling Limited
image of The Crystal © Edmund Sumner

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Open-City is London’s leading independent built environment
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‘Celebrating architecture. Victoria Thornton OBE Hon FRIBA Founding Director Open–City | 1 . policymakers and professionals can work together effectively to create a better city. Londoners are now more passionate about both their neighbourhoods and their city as a whole than ever before. But there is still a long way to go to ensure that Londoners. and to offer their thoughts and ideas on how it can be improved. and more willing to champion the value of good design. And this year we are launching our first-ever Open Debate. underlines our continuing commitment as an organisation to ensuring that everyone has a chance to learn more about London’s built environment. extending the opportunity for you to express your views on what kind of city we are creating. people and place’.Open–City | Introduction Contents 01 Introduction 02 Who we are… Open-City 08 Open House London 2013 16 Essential information 18 Programme listings by area 76 Index 80 Questionnaire/Order Form/Gift Aid Celebrating architecture. Our theme for the 2013 edition of Open House London. people and place Over two decades we’ve seen a major shift in people’s attitudes towards the built environment alongside the extraordinary physical transformation of London. One of Open-City’s best-known programmes – Open House London – has continued to provide a vital open forum for everyone living and working in the city to discuss the importance of quality in architecture and urban design.

‘Innovative. inspires’ . place and practice’. imaginative. talks. The following few pages provide a snapshot of our unique focus as an organisation on ‘people. Here’s what they said . effective’ ‘Engaging.’ How would you describe Open-City as an organisation in three words? We set some of our supporters and partners the challenge of describing Open-City as an organisation in 3 words. energetic. integrating’ ‘Involves. Place and Practice Who we are … Open-City Building better connections between people. design..Open-City = People. 2 | Open–City Our work creates the connection that enables Londoners of all ages and backgrounds and those who plan. Year-round we develop and deliver training. inspirational’ ‘Approachable. tours and debates in which professionals participate and learn alongside policymakers. Our main role is advocating good design and providing people with the tools. Our mission is ‘To champion the value of well-designed places and spaces in making a liveable and vibrant city and the role that everyone plays within it. collaborative. build and manage the city to work together to make places for all. responsive. skills and resources to do this in their daily lives. how we work and what we’ve achieved. fun’ ‘Inspired. educational’ ‘Observant. non-profit organisation at the centre of creating better places for and with people.. place and practice Open-City is London’s leading independent. workshops. seminars. focused. enlightens. the wider community and young people.

and other bespoke. aim to create a legacy for learning. and their ability to allow the resident to participate and take ownership is outstanding. which commissioned Open-City to develop and run a programme engaging local residents in regeneration. What is needed is engagement and long-term involvement. What would you say is the best way to engage people effectively in their built environment? At a level that is clear to them. Open-City fills this gap by enabling individuals and communities to understand how their city is created and managed. How has Open-City helped your community to understand urban design issues? Open-City has an experienced. new build. Most of all patience. Open–City | 3 . our education and skills initiatives. but this is not always the case. How would you describe Open-City in 3 words? Professional. such as‘Accelerate’and Urban Design Review Forum Training. Open House London Weekend offers an open forum for debating architectural quality at first hand for thousands of Londoners every year. but we never learn about it in school and so rarely develop the tools and language to express our views on it. innovative ideas. How and why did you partner with Open-City? We required an organisation that had experience of working with diverse communities that could take the lead and project manage the consultation on master planning.We also required an organisation that had in depth knowledge and experience of design. respect and understanding. The urban fabric is one of the determining factors of our lives. knowledgeable approach when bringing communities together to look at and learn about urban city designs. community land trusts. not just one-off consultation. planning and legal matters. The Andover Future Forum participants have told us that the organisation’s bespoke training with easy tools and materials makes the learning fun and exciting. No jargon. by an experienced trainer giving them a clear understanding of what’s in the project for them.People Open-City = People. People should of course be at the heart of how places are made.They provide thousands of young people and adults with useful skills and confidence in offering an informed view on the contemporary city. Place and Practice Theresa Coyle MBE is the CEO of Finsbury Park Community Hub. with training. committed. But alongside this. clear goals and objectives. experienced.

green spaces and infrastructure. Richard Baldwin. But there remains a major challenge in how we can bring together all these elements to really make places where people want to live and work. Green Sky Thinking . Head of Development. the old and new. 4 | Open–City What do you see as the most important factor in making London a‘liveable city’? We asked some of the professionals who work with us throughout the year to tell us their answers: The built environment is much wider than just individual buildings – it is also formed by urban landscape. offers a channel for professionals from across built environment disciplines to get a practical and focused opportunity to learn about placemaking from every possible angle and viewpoint. Robert Elms. Good quality. Derwent London plc Its true architectural stamp – its variety. It creates the framework in which businesses and communities can thrive. BBC London Broadcaster .Place Open-City = People. grand and humble jostling for attention. socially and culturally. Steve Howlett. the economy and the cultural life of our capital. the clash and the juxtaposition. Chief Executive. prosperous city. Open-City understands and uses the physical fabric of the city as a basis for all its work – we recognised long ago that direct experience is the most powerful way that anyone can learn about urban spaces. Peabody Trust Integrated planning policy accommodating good architecture and flexibility for today’s environment. our annual sustainabilityfocused programme that takes place in spring (greenskythinking. Place and Practice A high-quality built environment is vital for all aspects of a healthy. affordable housing is essential in making London not only to the individuals who live in the city but also to society.

and to open up a direct dialogue with potential clients and stakeholders. Open–City | 5 . the UK Minister for Culture. the stumbling global economy is the obvious answer as that is affecting so much. which engaged with young people in deprived areas of London and asked them to engage with their city. there are still few direct channels for professionals to offer their insights and expertise and to work long-term with wider audiences. Our programmes also allow architects and other professionals not only to showcase their work – Open House London in particular offers great exposure for new and recent projects – but also to develop their own skills in communicating and presenting their ideas and projects to a wider audience.The second was Make it Happen. What would you say is the main challenge facing the built environment profession today? It’s hard to limit to one. Place and Practice Practice In recent years there has been a much greater impetus among architects and built environment professionals to get more involved with local communities and to help them create inspiring places.Open-City = People. Now we are a partner in the Accelerate into University programme. particularly and un-stereotypically. in which we mentored young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and facilitated a project with them where they designed their own neighbourhood. insightful and generous. and Richard Blakeway. International architecture practice Make is a long-standing supporter of Open-City. those from disadvantaged and hard to reach backgrounds. Land and Property.The first was My City Too. including teachers and students. How and why did you first work with Open-City? Make started working with Open-City after learning of two projects that fit with our own Corporate Social Responsibility plans. How would you describe Open-City as an organisation in 3 words? Focused. Communications and Creative Industries. but less obvious and equally as important is the status of the architectural profession both in the public’s perception and with the government. However. (c) young people – Open-City has enabled young people to become engaged with their built environment. (b) politicians – Open-City has done sterling work in pushing the architectural agenda by getting politicians involved in the process such as Ed Vaizey MP. How do you think Open-City as an organisation has changed the perception of architecture among: (a) the public – Open-City has opened the doors of good architecture to everyone. engineers and many other built environment professionals. through the Terry Farrell-led Architecture Review.The third‘arm’of Open-City’s focus is its continuing in-depth partnerships with architects. and an increasing lack of connection between the various professions. the Deputy Mayor for Housing. We asked founder Ken Shuttleworth to tell us his thoughts on working with us.This is so valuable for our architects of the future.

boat or bike or on foot – with specialist guides giving you a new angle on how London is being shaped today. Buenos 6 | Open–City Discover Open House around the globe through Open House Worldwide Did you know that the Open House concept has been so successful since 1992 that it now takes place in more than 20 countries worldwide? New cities are joining the Open House global family every year … London. . then join our ‘Love Architecture’ circle and get brilliant yearly benefits while supporting your favourite architecture charity. Jerusalem. These include more than 60 tours and evening events – by bus. Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia. Helsinki. Adelaide. Rome. San Diego. Tel Aviv. Founding Director – 2 free places on year round architecture tours – Advance priority booking on all tours in our year-round programme 
 – Free copy of the Open-City commemorative 20th anniversary book – Free copy of the Open House London Guide – 15% discount on all shop page items and all tours for 1 year Yearly membership details available from open-city. Barcelona. Melbourne. Perth. Limerick. Vienna. New York. Lisbon. Brisbane. Chicago.Open-City Love Architecture? Open-City as a charity offers a host of year-round opportunities to get an in-depth view of London’s architecture and urban design. Athens. Find out more at open-city. Now turn to p 8 to start your exploration of your city for Open House London 2013. Open-City is the originator of the Open House concept and part of the Open House Worldwide family . Dublin. including: – Invitation for you and a guest for tea at Searcys Club – The Gherkin private bar and club with Victoria Thornton. Galway.. Cape Town To see the full list of Open House Worldwide cities and dates of their events visit Already a London architecture aficionado? Become a member of our new ‘Love Architecture’ Circle! If you already enjoy exploring London’s architecture..

Open–City | 7 .

Open House London Weekend 2013 Welcome to Open House London 2013… 8 | Open House London 2013 .

Whether it’ s taking a fresh look at your own neighbourhood. architects’ talks. seeing projects in development or quizzing the experts. give you all the information you need on when.Open House London Weekend 2013 … your chance to explore your city Open House London is your chance every year over 48 hours to discover at first hand how good design creates a great city. local authorities. yearly financial support from all quarters – grants. completely for FREE. The listings. managers and administrators who provide a huge amount of time and resources for free in facilitating building openings and creating events. donations – has to be sought to ensure its sustainability. Rated 5*” Opposite The first-prize winning entry. landscape and public realm. we believe that the best way to understand how well-designed buildings and spaces can have a positive impact on our lives is to experience them at first hand. But vital to the success of the event is the support of all the property and building owners. It also includes landscape and public realm walks. infrastructure. including engineering. walks and talks. KEEP UP TO DATE AND JOIN IN THE DEBATE WITH . Since its inception in 1992. Without their support – and that of the 6000 volunteers who offer their time and expertise as stewards and guides over the weekend – the event simply would not happen. WEB: Use openhouselondon. boat tours and more. and construction and engineering sites. exploring somewhere new. sponsors. starting on page 18. It is truly a community endeavour! Keep track of the latest news and share with others @openhouselondon #openhouselondon “I love the Open House weekend and was really pleased to find this brilliant app to accompany the event. The following section tells you more about how this year’s event tackles some of the key themes for London. Open House gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about how your city is changing. by Mark Lakomcsik. in our 2012 Open House London photography competition Open House London 2013 | 9 .. As London’s leading architecture education charity. This year the Open House London programme showcases over 800 buildings.. Doing this enables everyone to build up their knowledge of good design. where and how to take to plan your weekend route and get the latest updated listings Get the iPhone App to store your favourites in advance and to use the all-important map on the day What is behind Open House London? Each year Open House London gives hundreds of thousands of people the chance to explore their city’s architecture and urban design completely for

uk/engineering for more on all events. tours and boat trips celebrate and explore innovative engineering of the past. For more details on ICE see ice. Blackwall tunnel refurbishment scheme (p 64).org. and in addition. Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street Crossrail construction sites (pp 64 & 27). EDF Energy Eye (p 49). These demonstrate how civil engineering goes beyond the technical to make a major contribution to the sustainable creation and improvement of our built environment. Closed Loop Recycling (p 18) and SELCHP (p 53) energy at The Crystal (p 56) and Bunhill Heat & Power Energy Centre (p 45) flood risk management at the Thames Barrier (p 34).Open House London Weekend 2013 London’s Infrastructure This year we continue our partnership with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to present a special showcase of projects. and the ICE Engineering Heritage boat tours (pp 51 & 56) structures at King’s Cross (p 23). and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park canal boat tours (p 56) organised in partnership with London Legacy Development Corporation and with commentary by leading engineers ICE Award Winners including Exhibition Road (p 48) are flagged in the listings with the ICE logo. Abbey Mills Pumping Station (p 55). NEO Bankside (p 61). on the Friday afternoon before the event kicks off! (p 72) See openhouselondon. Lee Tunnel & Beckton Sludge Power Generator (p 55).uk/london . 10 | Open House London 2013 Infrastructure highlights this year include: transport at London King’s Cross Station (p 23). King George V Pumping Station (p 32). present and future. ICE is offering an exclusive opportunity to visit its HQ. You’ll also be able to visit ICE London Civil Engineering Award winning projects. Walks. Emirates Airline cable car (p 33). and Heathrow pod: Ultra Global Personal Rapid Transit (p 43) water & waste at Old Ford Waste Water Recycling Facility (p 55). Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility (p 62). The Shard (p 62).org. the tidal Thames walk with Thames Estuary Partnership (p 20). Woolwich Clock Tower (p 34).

Use the map to find your way around the largest ever King’s Cross showcase this year. with tours and events including: 01 King’s Cross Station itself.  London will not only have its newest public space. both local and international. For more details on Network Rail’s infrastructure programme see networkrail. The public investment has given businesses. At the heart of one of Europe’s busiest transport hubs. exciting centre for business. as Lewis Cubitt’s magnificent Victorian façade will be revealed for the first time in more than 150 years. the redevelopment of King’s Cross Station has given passengers and visitors a modern. opened in March 01 09 07 03 06 02 05 04 CGI of King’s Cross Square 08 10 Open House London 2013 | 11 .Open House London Weekend 2013 The Transformation of King’s Cross After decades of underinvestment. with an exclusive climb up the clock tower (p 23) 02 Estate tours around the Kings Cross Central redevelopment (p 25) 03 ‘Across the buildings’ by Felice Varini . King’s Cross Station is in the final weeks of a full upgrade and restoration. the confidence to invest and transform the area from a place infamous for its less than salubrious trades into a thriving. with its soaring half dome roof. but also a restored icon . with the completion of King’s Cross Square designed by Stanton for more on all events. It complements the fully re-glazed twin barrel roof of the main train shed and the restored Eastern and Western ranges. But the regeneration of the surrounding area is only just knowledge and the platform 04 Global Generation Skip Garden (p 23) 05 St Pancras International (p 25) 06 King’s Cross Construction Skills Centre (p 23) 07 ACE King’s Cross Engineering Trail 08 Great Northern Hotel 09 King’s Place Music Foundation (p 45) 10 London Canal Museum (p 45) In a few weeks’ time. award winning facility that is ingeniously integrated with a Grade I listed building. And it is not only passengers that have benefited. bomb damage and urban clutter. Award-winning Western Concourse John McAslan’s Western Concourse. See openhouselondon.

cost-effective and innovative engineering solutions. elliottwood. including London. Explore the effects of regeneration in neighbouring areas with events at Hackney Wick and Fish Island (p 36). and the last opportunity to see it before the full 38-acre site undergoes redevelopment (p 68) – British Museum. Its diverse businesses. Jerwood Space (p 61). – NEO Bankside (p 61). among others employ a quarter of a million people in 52 countries across the world. 147 de Beauvoir Road (p 35). The Jewel Box (p 47). drop in to the Open Site event and see the exhibition of the proposed masterplan in the historic warehouse. Deptford Convoys Wharf (p 52) is a major proposed regeneration scheme of 16ha of Deptford riverside by Hutchison Whampoa with Terry Farrell & Partners. talk to the project consultants and architects. Hear from. This year. and visit the popup riverside café. which will be the first development completed on site.World Conservation and Exhibition Centre: transforming the way the British Museum displays and looks after its collection (p 22) – Crossrail construction sites at Liverpool Street and Canary Wharf (pp 27 & 64) – Dane’s Yard in Stratford: a major new neighbourhood for East London (p 55) – Tate Modern Project: providing more space for displaying the Tate collection (p 62) The Transformation of London Nine Elms Nine Elms (p 69) on the South Bank is the largest regeneration zone in central London. Riverlight.000 staff working in close to 200 offices around the Ramboll Ramboll is an international multidisciplinary consultancy with Elliott Wood Elliott Wood is an award-winning structural and civil engineering practice that is passionate about design and is commited to providing high quality. energy and infrastructure. 49 Camberwell Grove (p 60).co. Open Site Convoys Wharf. Native Land native-land. events and openings give you an in-depth view of the transformation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and surrounding areas. and discuss your views with.Open House London Weekend 2013 The Future of Your City During Open House London you can see at first hand major schemes that are changing the face of London. Uncovering the hidden role of structural engineers This year Open House brings a greater focus to the achievements of structural engineers with many professionals on site explaining their role – look for the E code against listings. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Expert-led walks. and jointly developed by Native Land and Grosvenor. The Sutton Life Centre (p 63). boat tours around South Park taking in views of the stadium with London Legacy Development Corporation and ICE (p 56). and tours of the newly transformed Olympic Village – now East Village and a new community with homes. North London Hospice (p 32). – Ramboll at Woolwich Clocktower (p 34): when the historic clocktower at the Royal Woolwich Arsenal suffered almost total destruction in an accident. Robin Grove music room (p 24).com . Horniman Museum (p 52). including property. Key showcase events include: – 10 projects engineered by Elliott Wood: Kentish Town Health Centre (p 23). get 12 | Open House London 2013 an insider look at progress on the new landmark developments at Embassy Gardens. Hear on site how they achieved this. including the Lea Valley Drift and North Park walks (p 56). academy and health centre (p 55). Sponsors and Supporters Hutchison Whampoa Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) is a multinational conglomerate committed to innovation and technology. Other Open Site events are taking place at: – Battersea Power Station: hosting site visits as part of Open House for the first time. the experts on site. and Lea Valley walks and urban jogs (p 56). On Saturday 21st September. and Battersea Power Station’s temporary riverfront park. hutchison-whampoa. and the practice’s self-designed Head Office (studios) at 241 The Broadway (p 54). Ramboll’s structural engineers salvaged and reused more than 85% of its original the little-known Cody Dock (p 55). a landmark housing development designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners and engineered by Waterman Group.

Exhibition Road (p 48). Bishop’s Park (p 39).Walpole Park (p 31) and Burgess Park (p 62). Gunnersbury Park (p 44). in a programme partnered with the Landscape Institute. Landscape & public realm highlights include: Landscape architect-led walks: Ian Hingley from Urban Movement leads walks of Clapham Old Town & Venn Street (p 51) – showing how an improved public realm is reconnecting the Old Town to the Common – and Camden High Street & Britannia Junction (p 25). Includes a full scale installation to see how it would operate (p 38). and urban parks at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park North (p 56). and Dominic Cole of Dominic Cole Landscape Architects provides a garden tour of Fulham Palace (p 39).Open House London Weekend 2013 London Landscape This year’s Open House London features nearly 80 projects with landscape at their heart. High Street 2012 (p 66). Leicester Square (p 74).org. Other highlights include: large-scale public realm projects at Granary Square (p 23). Woolwich Squares Croydon landscapes (p 34).uk/landscape for more on all events For more details on landscapes in London see landscapeinstitute. Bankside Urban Forest (p 62) and Nine Elms (p 69). diversity and a sense of place in our busy city. where reclaiming carriageway has created more generous footways. Street Orchard is a proposal to plant fruit trees at bus stops all over London via a walk through Shoreditch. Future Landscape vision and next generation walks with New London Landscape award entrants: Rediscovering London’s Drover’s Road (p 38) retraces the historic route used to drive cattle into London’s markets. Each one shows how investment in landscape is changing the face of London and delivering beauty. See openhouselondon. Jubilee Gardens (p 50).org/openhouse Open House London 2013 | 13 .

Explore their character. Included are Lumen URC. work and play in the people and place – A photography competition with The Architects’ Journal and The Photographers’ Gallery Open-City has teamed up with The Photographers’ Gallery and The Architects’Journal to invite submissions that draw upon our theme. the programme is full of fun and free activities: – add to the giant cardboard city at City Hall with City of a Thousand Architects (p 60) – build a view-shaper at Sculpture in the City (p 27) – join the many workshops in the Archikids Corner (p 27) – create your own skyline at Gibbs Building (p 23) – think green at Mildmay Community Centre (p 46) – and design birdhouses at 54 Cambria Road (p 49).The scheme is a joint initiative between Open House and partners: Colin Mulberg Consulting ( Digital Opportunities ( Minale Tattersfield (minaletattersfield. Isis Education Labelling Buildings Visit selected venues in the Labelling Buildings scheme and you will find physical labels to guide you around the Open House Junior Join the exciting family activities of Open House Junior taking place throughout the weekend and your kids can become architectives. From problematic housing to creative public spaces.700 exemplar British schemes. which contains 1.To find out more about the audio described tours and to book a place please visit the VocalEyes website vocaleyes. Find out more with the AJ Buildings Library View architectural photography. Each tour will be led by one of their describers with a representative from the building or the building’s draw and build London’s city-scape! openhouselondon. but just how liveable is it? Open-City launches its first Open Debate.. is London losing its vibrancy or are we experiencing a community renaissance? Join the free debate and have your say! Apply for your place now at openhouselondon. LONDON FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE! JOIN THE DEBATE Is London Building a Sterile City? Open-City’s Open Debate We Cool competitions Celebrating architecture.Open House London Weekend 2013 Beyond the buildings .There are three categories : under VocalEyes is a national charity providing access to the arts through audio description and the tours for Open House Weekend have been kindly supported by the Greater London Fund for the Blind. Adobe Village Hounslow Infant School and Strawberry Hill House. is free to OpenHousers in September. see online listings and the iphone app. Inspiring the next generation of Londoners aged 5 to 12 . giving you a great opportunity to join the debate on what kind of city we are creating. For more AJBuildingsLibrary. . people and place’. and entries marked with the red AJ symbol in this guide. general enthusiasts and professional or call 020 7375 or contact VocalEyes at key features and discover detail that is easy to miss.‘Celebrating 14 | Open House London 2013 DIG dEEPer INTO ArCHITECTURE VocalEyes Audio Described Tours This year blind and partially sighted people will again have the rare opportunity to go on VocalEyes audiodescribed tours of four of London’s iconic buildings.The AJ Buildings Library. drawings and details of Open House London projects in the AJ Buildings Library. Come and join us to design.

the perfect base from which to explore Open House London. it also opens our eyes to the surprising variety of architectural wonders in our midst and our minds to infinite possibilities of the built environment.There will also be some delicious food and tea along the way. itself steeped in literary and architectural history.Win a stay over the Open House Weekend. The Photographers’ Gallery Director. the Open House London app contains features such as the all-important map on the day. So yet again in nearly every London Borough. As you wind your way around the capital. Architecture by Night Venture out for a night of discovery. and BBC London 94. the Gherkin and the Foreign Office and see spectacular performances from musicians.9FM “When Open House throws open the portals of so many otherwise inaccessible London buildings. you’ll get exclusive access to wonderful buildings such as the EDF Energy London Eye.Win a place on an architectural whirlwind tour by historic Routemaster bus with commentary by Royal College of Art tutor and bus driver Joe Kerr. For years now we have covered this staggeringly successful cultural event with relish on my daily show on BBC London 94.9 will of course be with them.Winners will be notified. many stories and hopefully not too many Go to openhouselondon. And look out for Android from September… VISIT OUR Online shop Visit our online shop to order further copies of this Guide and other publications such as the book ‘Open House London: An exclusive insight into 100 architecturally inspiring buildings in London’ Win a weekend stay at The Bloomsbury Hotel This magnificent neo-Georgian Grade II listed building lies in the heart of bustling by Mon 9 September. dancers and artists. Londoners will learn a little more about the city we all Open House London 2013 | 15 .uk/competitions for details of how to enter. Brett Rogers. places are limited so sign up for all our competitions.Open House London Weekend 2013 Reviewing the entries will be AJ’s Art Editor Brad Yendle. theheritagefleet. Visit maggiescentres. and the special edition postcard set of 20th-century architecture in London produced by our sponsor Margaret Howell (margarethowell. Places are limited so to be in with a chance to win a place on this half day tour on or call 0300 123 1801 Stay up to date BBC London and Open House Robert Elms Show Monday to Fridays 12-3pm and Saturdays 9am-12noon BBC London 94. Don’t miss out! Download yours from the appstore for only 69p until 30 August (thereafter £2. architecture and surprise while raising money for Maggie’s Cancer Centres on Maggie’s Culture Crawl A 15-mile night-time hike-come-adventure around London in partnership with Open House. They are hungry to see behind the façades. Archibus tour with Arriva We are once again working with Arriva London to bring you a bus tour with a difference.99). plus terms and conditions. culture. to learn the tales and the techniques that all buildings have to tell. ‘store your favorites’ and ‘buildings nearby me’ . As with last year.” Robert Elms Get the app for iPhone The invaluable tool for your weekend. It’ll be a night of many Every year we receive an avalanche of calls and e-mails from people eager to know more about the opportunities afforded by this unique extravaganza of the edifice. answer this : In what year was the Arriva Heritage Fleet formed? Answers to bustour@open-city. and architectural photographers Dennis Gilbert and Grant Smith. Maggie’s Culture Crawl is our new take on last year’s Night Hike.

How do I take part? Do I need to book in advance? The vast majority of buildings are on a first come basis. Southbank Centre. in line with our mission as an organisation to make architecture accessible to all. and allows you to order further copies of this programme and other related publications. Keep up to date and share with others on our facebook and twitter feeds @openhouselondon What will I find when I get to the buildings/events? At many of the 830 sites. Please note that each building’s opening. some amateur enthusiast. They have the most up to date listings. talks and pre-events are listed at the – Foyles . and entry to each building is on terms and at times ballots to enter. In recognition of their role their badge enables them to gain priority access to buildings apart from those that are pre-booking – The Building Centre. All main areas are open to the public unless otherwise stated. What do the icons and abbreviations in the listings mean? The key coding below shows facilities on site at each building as listed against entries. For each building and event. Please do respect building owners and their privacy. opening days and hours. pre-booking details where relevant. security arrangements and refusal of entry are controlled by individual owners. and then by alphabetical order to reflect each of the local authority partners. This year there are no bookings administered by Open House as we go back to the true ethos of the event. Pre-booking through the buildings opens from 15th August only. There are buildings. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Children’s activities d Some disabled access D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features J Open House Junior N Normally open to public P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets AJ Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape / Public realm Infrastructure/ Engineering n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday Disclaimer: Neither Open-City nor the leader or organiser of any and the iPhone app are your other resources. using the map interface. Participation in events and activities is at your own risk. Find out more at open-city. name of architect or geographical location.including Flagship Store. For information about volunteering in 2013. They build on the information you see in this programme. HELP US CONTINUE OPEN HOUSE NEXT YEAR Please help us keep the weekend free by making a donation to print or electronic. please don’t contact the buildings prior to this date. See key listing right. n Light blue means open Saturday You can search for period of architecture. How can I get another copy of the programme? You can buy copies from: – open-city. Also note the colour-coded squares indicating opening days. 16 | Open House London 2013 How do I find out more about the buildings and how to get around? openhouselondon. Four buildings are running a ballot for admission and this is through Open . The website also gives you further information on many of our other n pink means Sunday only. please email volunteers@ open-city. there will be someone to show you around and answer your questions. with bus numbers listed at the end. What are the terms of entry? Open House London is a free event in which all sections of the community are invited to participate. amenities and transport. These are the Open House guides and stewards. However. Those are 10 Downing Street. shall be held liable for the death or injury. tours. Store Street WC1 – RIBA bookshop. The coloured dots pick out highlight events. Information in this guide is provided by contributors. What info can I find in this programme? The buildings are in a geographical order by borough. activity or walk advertised here or on the Open-City website nor any other programme access to visitors. Buildings are also listed by type in the index. EDF Energy London Eye and Staple Inn. The ballots will close on Friday 13 September. The View from the and be mindful of photo-taking. and the coloured squares indicate days. n dark blue means both days. right) in the you can find its listing with address. and there are thousands of them – some professional. accident or damage to the person or property (including theft or loss) of any event participant or any guest or any person occurring during or arising from participation in any of the events advertised in the Open House London events programme. 66 Portland Place W1 – Copies can be picked up free from participating local London libraries from 15 August onwards The 2014 Guide will be available to pre-order online from 23 September 2013. tours by architects and highlight buildings are flagged up (see icons & abbreviations. Go to openhouselondon. Royal Festival Hall. type of building. a few of the properties will require you to book in advance through them and contact details are given. Open-City has taken all reasonable care to verify the information provided and cannot accept responsibility for any variation from the details published here. plus walks. over 21 & 22 September 2013.Open House London Weekend 2013 Essential information The programme listings on the following pages are ordered by borough. all volunteering their time and knowledge. foyles. You can see where buildings are located and plan your route between them. There are images and factsheets for most entries. Special events.

Open House London 2013 | 17 .

duration approx 1 1/2 hours. Grade I listed manor house. Tube/Rail: Barking. brick-built. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2012. Barking IG11 7LS n Sat 10am-5pm. 666AD onwards. a new visitor centre. Rick Mather Architects 2012. Tube: Dagenham Heathway. café and community facilities. Inside. Many original features restored including turret. Schmidt Hammer Lassen/Pollard Thomas Edwards 2012. Entry: house.EL1.30am-1pm. Barking IG11 8AS n Sat 10am-4pm. H Jackson and R Edmonds 1930/Tim Foster Architects (refurb) 2004. gardens. pre-book ONLY on 020 8507 5607. Dagenham RM9 6LF n Sat 10am-5pm.EL2 Castle Green Gale Street.EL1 The Malthouse & Granary 80 Abbey Road. archives centre (Sat only).org. Recently Grade II listed. Tube/Rail: Barking. Design encourages imaginative teaching methods.Barking & Dagenham See openhouselondon. Commissioned by LBBD and run by Barking and Dagenham College and a key part of the civic regeneration of Barking Town Centre. 35. preserving the original façade which now forms part of interior. 387. Curfew Tower and Chapel of Holy Rood with 12C Rood Stone. pre-book ONLY on nick. N T G D Learning Centre is framed by a colonnade and topped by two parallel housing blocks and a wooded public square designed by Muf. d N R T B P Grade I listed St Margaret’s Church (1215 onwards) has interesting monuments. Tube/Rail: Barking.287. sports and arts areas.62. garden.368 St Patrick’s Church Blake Avenue. Castle Green. Children’s activities and tours of nature areas. N D R T C A P Architecturally distinguished and well-preserved.287. Barking IG11 7BT n Sat 10am-1pm.387 The Broadway Broadway.173. Dagenham RM10 9QH n Sat 10am-2pm.000 tonnes of waste plastic bottles are recycled per year into food-grade plastic used to manufacture new food and beverage packing. 62. Entry: chancel. Half-hourly tours. 145 Eastbury Manor House Eastbury Square.62. Tube: Becontree. 62.387. communication. the concrete. Regular tours. Forming the entrance to the William Street Quarter. Tower tours unsuitable for infirm. Max 15 per tour. hair & beauty.30am. Restored 2005 by Ronald Wylde Associates. Coloured panels provide a visual link to Barking Central. 5. Regular tours. Hourly tours.175. Rated BREEAM Excellent with biodiverse roof and PV cells. art and impressive stained glass. Entry: Rivergate Centre. Tube: Dagenham Heathway. Tube/Rail: Barking. N D R T B P Grade II* listed 15C manor house with Medieval moat. and archive and local studies centre with new ‘passive’ collection strongrooms. Tube/Rail: Barking. Tube: Upney. Regular tours.366. Contains 17C wall-paintings.387 Barking Enterprise Centre 50 Cambridge and Walker Organ (1914). Pre-book tours ONLY on 020 8724 1500. Max 30 per tour. first tour 10.368. State of the art facilities have been developed in line with new pedagogy focusing on importance of 17 | Barking & Dagenham | openhouselondon. Max 12 per tour.30am 11. Tube/Rail: Barking.145. Barking IG11 7NB n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-4pm. Max 10 on tours. auditorium. Glazed façade with 82 residential units above library features coloured balcony panels. N D T G Highest quality education and vocational training for young people (14-19yrs). Tube/Rail: Barking Valence House Becontree Avenue.287. café and lido wet play area complex has been built to create a park hub.287. Malthouse now an arts/creative centre. 150.128. Entry: museum. Built in two phases. visitor centre. 62. 5.62. Walled garden. originally the residence of a wealthy Tudor gentleman. D P Restoration of a 5-storey Victorian Malthouse and Granary on the River Roding with contemporary bronze clad extension. D T G Home to around 50 small office units to support start-up businesses.387 Supported by Key. van Heyningen & Haward Architects 2011. Many green design features with a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating. Rail: Chadwell Heath. Barking IG11 9SN n Sat 10am-3pm/Sun 10am-4pm.287. Longbridge Road. nave. community theatre. Barking IG11 9SQ n Sat 10am-4pm.387.30pm. Last entry 12.366. A E Wiseman 1940. Sustainable features include combined heat and power heating system and BREEAM rated excellent.cliffe@closedlooprecycling. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2007. RIBA Awards Shortlisted giftshop. Barking IG11 8FG n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.368 WALKS/TOURS Barking Park n Meet: Sat 11am at The Barking Park Centre. Architecture plb with Bouygues 2005. Dagenham RM9 4UN n Sun 8. vestry. Last entry 1. 145. Max 20 at one time. Self-guided tour leaflets for Central I & II regeneration projects available at Barking Learning Centre reception. Large-scale graphics and bright colours complement a natural material palette. Barking IG11 0FJ n Sat 10am-4pm.287. Community mosaic in the garden depicting history of to find out more about this area Barking Abbey with St Margaret’s Church The Broadway. 2pm. Entry: foyers. 5. shop. D R T C G P Jointly funded by the LBBD and Barking Riverside Ltd. N D T A contemporary flagship building situated on a newly-created ‘Gateway Square’ (part of the Mayor’s designated 100 spaces).368. 11am-1pm bell ringing demonstrations in St Margaret’s Church (max 10). incorporating primary school. EL2 Dagenham Library 1 Church Elm Lane. Tube/Rail: Barking.366. the library is a shared 2-storey public building with a Council ‘One Stop Shop’. wood panelling and a fine Tudor turret. café. lady chapel.EL1. A high quality example of shared community building. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Entry: studios. T G P State of the art plastic bottle recycling facility. Barking IG11 8TA. courtyard landscaping and Thames. 5.287. Tube: Upney. D R T P Unusual and striking building in a Moderne style. featuring low-tech approach to viable sustainability. Tours at 10. Pellings LLP 2011. ruins.EL1. Tube/Rail: Barking. N D T G P As part of the HLF-funded Barking Park restoration project. First come basis. D T P An extended PFI school and community facility in the heart of the borough. Richard Griffiths Architects (restoration) 2009. D T A G A new 3-storey building houses this performing arts specialist secondary school.30am & 2pm special guided tours of Abbey. Split level and organised around a central atrium. Reopened 2010 with new museum galleries. Regular tours.62.30pm.EL1. phase II completes the masterplan by connecting the colonnade to an existing street and shopping centre with bike store and shop building. Rail: Dagenham Dock. public space. Dagenham RM10 9QS n Sat 10am-5pm.238.Tower and Chapel (max 15 in Chapel). Max 12 per tour. First come basis.368 Dagenham Park Church of England School Closed Loop Recycling 16 Choats Road.62. Dagenham RM8 3HT n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Rail: Dagenham Dock. Feilden Clegg Bradley (refurb) 2010. 5. Focus on hospitality & food. offices.387. choir vestry. Last entry 4pm. Hourly tours. LDA Design 2011. and Barking Learning Centre 2 Town Square.30am. Recently discovered late 16C wall painting and impressive oak first come basis. 1pm.62. North Street.EL2 Barking Riverside – Buzzards Mouth and Rivergate Entry to Centre on Minter Road (access via Marine Drive). the brown-brick building incorporates brise-soleil on the south elevation. RIBA Award Winner 2011. café. construction trades. N D R T Original theatre recently modernised with striking but sympathetic new double-height foyer space. Tube: Dagenham Heathway. Barking IG11 8FJ n Sat 2pm-5pm. Tube/Rail: Barking. 10. Sustainable features include green roofs and a biomass boiler. Tube: Becontree. Includes Arts and Crafts work by George Jack. architecture plb 2010.62.EL2 Barking Central I & II.174. Rail: Barking. pre-book ONLY on sdrury@rooff.364 Dagenham Park Church of England School School Road. Max 20 on tour. Duration approx 2 hours. brick interior contrasts vividly with the reredos which feels cinematic.EL1 Technical Skills Academy 1 Short Blue Place. church. Architect-led tour 11am.

12.Barnet Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church Friends Meeting House North Square NW11 7AD n Sun 2pm-5pm. Central Square NW11 7AH.30am-6.30am.82. Tube: Golders Green then H2 bus to Heathgate Pheonix Cinema Wrotham Park Wrotham Park. Max 40 per tour. 102 to Hampstead Way. Last tour 5pm. or H2 to Central Square St Jude on the Hill Central Square NW11 7AH n Sun 10am-5pm. Tours on the hour except 1pm. H2 bus Golders Green Unitarians 31-and-a-half Hoop Lane NW11 8BS n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. the centre includes TV studios. 12noon. Pre-book ONLY on 020 8444 6789. Built for Admiral The Hon. Sir Edwin Lutyens 1911. Entry: auditorium. Lutyens. R T P Delightful brick and tile building inspired by the famous 1688 Meeting House at Jordans in Buckinghamshire. Tube: Golders Green. then 82. Film screening at 1. Unwin & Parker. Hendon NW4 4BT n Sun 11am-5pm. Isaac Ware 1754. One of the largest in the UK. Entry: nave. 102. d R T The Phoenix is one of the oldest cinemas in the country with 1910 barrel-vaulted ceiling and Art Deco wall reliefs by Mollo and Egan. set in 300 acres of parkland in the midst of 2. D R T P Grade I listed Nonconformist church. prebook ONLY on newsandevents@mdx.234. but with a low concrete dome. Informally laid out terraces and picturesque Arts and Crafts vernacular cottages. No access on | Barnet | 18 . set in the suburb’s integrally planned Central Square to balance St Jude’s Church Rail: Hendon. Pre-book ONLY on 020 8275 1425. Last entry 15 mins before close. gardens. NB. Architect-led half-hourly tours.143. D R T A G P The College Building: An innovative glass and steel roof was added to the original 1930s quadrangle creating one of London’s largest covered spaces. Max 25 per tour. England’s most extensive 20C wall-painting scheme by Walter Starmer. Local archives display. Distinctive interior with large Tuscan columns on high brick plinths. choir & chapels.15am. Max 40 at one time. P A privately-owned Grade II listed Palladian mansion with grand interiors restored in 1883. John Byng. staircase hall. dining room. First come basis. 84 bus Gratefully supported by: WALKS/TOURS Hampstead Garden Suburb Artisans’ Quarter Walk n Meet: Sun 2pm and 4. saloon. H W Burchett 1939/ BPR Architects 2006-2011.30pm.102. AJ Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Infrastructure/Engineering n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday openhouselondon. 11. Additionally.460 Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church Central Square NW11 7AG n Sat 10. Barnet EN5 4SB n Sun 10am-5pm. Entry: church. Tube: Golders Green. drawing room. High Barnet.30pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. projection Rail: Potters Bar.183 Phoenix Cinema 52 High Road N2 9PJ n Sun tours at 10. No children under 16. Memorial to horses killed in WWI. The Grove: £80million purpose-built arts building. Entry: entrance hall. First come basis. workshops and photography studios. 113. H2.143. Last tour 4pm. Tube: Golders Green then H2 bus Middlesex University – Hendon Campus The Burroughs. The project included the complete refurbishment of all teaching facilities. Tube: Hendon Central. Reginald Farrow 1925. public and private areas. St Jude on the Hill.210. A simple building in a tranquil setting.500 acres. material for self-guided walks will be available at all the Hampstead Garden Suburb Open House sites throughout the weekend. reflecting the Quakers’ beliefs and this year celebrating its centenary. Max 10 per tour. Grade I listed. Tube: Sustainable features include sedum roof and beehives. N D R T B P Eccentric and magnificent Edwardian church.263 Described in Simon Jenkins’Thousand Best Churches as ‘one of Lutyens’ most distinctive creations’. D R T Grade II listed small interwar building with Arts and Crafts pulpit and mural by Ivon Hitchens in the tradition of Morris & Co. excellent BREEAM rating.30pm at the car park. Max 20 per tour. Baillie Scott & others. Fred Rowntree 1913. Tube: East Finchley.45pm. Bunney. Guided walks of ‘the most nearly perfect example of the 20C Garden Suburb’ (Pevsner). Grade II listed. Tube: Golders Green. Birwood 1910/Howes & Jackman 1938/Pyle Boyd Architects 2002/HMDW Architects 2010. Sir Edwin Lutyens 1911.

Erith DA8 1QY n Sun Rail: Falconwood. colourful community project providing a variety of activities for young people and utilising under valued space in arches below a highway. E G The tidal Thames Estuary is neither a wasteland nor wilderness. Tours at 10. Manor Road. www. James Piers St Aubyn 1874. Erith DA8 2AD n Sun 12pm-5pm. Rail: Erith (for start of walk). science and indoor sports have added colour and a little quirkiness to the original austere school buildings of the 1930s.Max 8 per Rail: Abbeywood Townley Grammar School Townley Road. good 17C pulpit and fine carvings.269 Sporting Club Thamesmead Bayliss Tube/Rail: Abbeywood Hall Place St James. B15. Entry: foyer. Rail: Bexleyheath. ground source North Cray Road. Max 50 at one time. some dating to 15C and 16C. Erith DA8 3AN n Sat 10am-6pm/Sun 12pm-5pm. N G D R T C A P A community-focused facility with many sustainable features including solar thermal. Rail: Abbeywood. Civic Trust Awards Commended and RIBA Award Winner R T P d A pretty church in decorated English Gothic style with interesting memorials. Thamesmead Under Flyover. Rail: Sidcup. Max 30 on tour. Burnt Oak Lane. bedrooms. First come basis. D R T P Fine Palladian villa built a rich City merchant as a suburban villa. Display on Erith.15pm. Last entry and tour 12noon.B16.B11. www.Half hourly backstage tours.469 Erith Yacht Club New Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm heat pump. T P d Medieval church (c1330) amended 1863 by Hakewill and retaining original elements such as windows and an arch to the north aisle.233. Erith Victoria Road.thelinkthamesmead. first come basis. backstage.15pm. D R T Uniquely positioned clubhouse on Thames floodplain adjacent to a petrified forest.nicholashare.Bexley Red House The changing face of the tidal Thames See openhouselondon. 99 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy Iron Mill Lane. 99. Not only was land intensively occupied and exploited but pressure on use is accelerating. 321. Slade Green (for end of walk) Supported by Key. North Cray Bourne Road. organised in three colleges or ‘schools within a school’. Last entry 4. Entry: terrace level.124 Danson House Danson Road.492. D T A P 9-form entry secondary school.229.30am.B16 Lesnes Abbey Ruins Lesnes Park. d N T P A hidden treasure in the heart of suburban London. Closed for 30 years. Erith Station. rebuilt in 1973 retaining the heart of the theatre – the original ‘Oxford Cinema’ auditorium dating from 1913. DLR: Woolwich Arsenal. Studio E Architects 2007.162. Pellings 2011. first come basis. 99.d RT 195 seat repertory Site also includes Grade II listed Lamorbey Park Mansion – a rare survivor of Sidcup’s Georgian houses. theatres. Bexleyheath DA6 7AB n Sat 10am-12pm. Robert Taylor 1762/Purcell Miller Tritton (restoration). Built on pilings next to the last remaining salt marsh in London. Erith DA8 1TY. Saville Jones Architects 2012. First come basis. Tours every hour. Described as ‘truly inspirational’ by one parent.229. Organised by Thames Estuary Partnership and ICE. Last entry 2. Entry: all Harrow Manor Way. comfortable footwear and bring rainwear and a drink.314. 51.233 Christ Church. Abbey Road. Rail: Crayford. Rail: Erith. Designed to reinforce open nature of site and use of its parkland location. all within the M25. garden. Foots Cray DA14 5BP n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-4pm.229.469. RYA sail training and social activities. Max 15 at one Regular tours. full of a diversity of wildlife habitats.B12.229.51.602. 96. Exhibition. Duration 3 hours. Toilet facilities at start of walk only. Design trail for children. sedum roof and subterranean design with earth mounding. D T P Civic Trust award-winning drama college complex with recent additions. principal floor. Rail: Sidcup. d T G P New additions to the campus to provide facilities for performing arts. Jestico + Whiles 2011. opened in 2011. 99. Crayford DA1 4RS n Sat 10am-3pm. Max 50 at one time. props.15pm. Abbey Wood DA17 5RE n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Thamesmead SE28 8NJ n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Thamesmead SE2 9BS n Sat/Sun 10am-1pm. 2. and altar tomb of Sir Simon de Vaughan.428 13 Red House Lane.492. flood management and natural beauty. including two windows commemorating the coronation of King Edward VII. Eltham SE9 2QN n Sat 10am-3pm.286. Nicholas Hare Architects 2011. 1. Bexleyheath DA6 8JF n Sun 11am-5pm. N D R T C A G P An innovative.96. created and lived in by William Morris. Rail: Bexleyheath.30pm.96. Edwin Nash 1852. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. 2. rainwater harvesting. Hourly tours. Philip Webb & William Morris Architect-led tours.469 Red House 38-40 High to find out more about this area All Saints. in Oxford stone with a central elliptical staircase in a top-lit well with eight Ionic columns. prebook ONLY on 01322 621238. restoration work by EH has restored it to its former glory. with much original detail and of extraordinary architectural and social significance. The site contains the consolidated remains of Lesnes Abbey ruin founded by Richard de Luci in 1178.229. pre-book ONLY on 01322 621 238. d R T B C The only house commissioned. Saville Jones Architects 2012.30pm. studios and ground floor of mansion. 132. Rail: Bexleyheath.Welling DA6 8HL n Sun tours at 12.B13. Foots Cray Rectory Lane.486. Rail: Bexley. Entry: house. 12. N D R P Grade II* listed with unique wall paintings and stained glass. 89. refurbishment and landscaping to provide contemporary facilities. Rail: Erith.B12 Crown Woods College 145 Bexley Road. harmonised with the landscape design and the wider setting. 4. Max 12 per tour. Facilitates sailing. Max 50 at one time. Wear sturdy. Bexley WALKS/TOURS The changing face of the tidal Thames: Thames Estuary Partnership & ICE walk n Meet: Sat 2pm.40pm.428. North Cray DA14 5EQ n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-4pm.B14 Erith Playhouse Anchor Bay. Still operating carbon arc follow spots c1956. Sidcup DA15 9DF n Sat 10am-4pm. founder of the Arts and Crafts access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 19 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . An important site throughout history and was visited by Edward I. 3. lighting. John Shaw 1744/Rivington Street Studio 2002. Fine Great Hall with minstrel’s gallery and Tudor kitchen. D T G 19AJ|Library Bexley | openhouselondon. This 3-mile walk will demonstrate urban infrastructure. plants and flowers. Stonewood Road. Regular tours. Set in formal gardens on the River Cray with splendid 18C gates. C D R T P Grade I listed early Tudor three-sided mansion built for a Lord Mayor of London c1540 with later (c1650) extensions.sportingclubthamesmead. Slade Green.15pm.422. The architects were inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s plan for the University of Virginia which has an open colonnade around a large central landscaped area. Rail: Bexley. A 21C teaching institution. 89.269 Rose Bruford College Lamorbey Park. Bexley DA5 1PQ n Sat 11am/Sun 11am and 1pm tours. Materials reflect the semi-rural context and with sustainability in mind. gardens. www. auditorium.15pm. Rail: 492 from Sidcup or Bexley The Link. Entry: courtyard.

org. Entry: selected areas of house. Rail: Kilburn High Road. Cabinet Room and offices. 204. Entry: all areas except monks’ quarters. first come basis.Wembley HA9 0FJ n Sat 10am-5pm.206 Capital City Academy Doyle Gardens NW10 3ST n Sat 10am-2pm. Entry: Chapel. two public halls and a nursery. E N A G Individual interlinking blocks in concertina form working collectively with taller. 266. Tube: Queen’s Park. Tube/Rail: Kensal Green. Inside transformed after the last war into a ship by local people. PRP 2012. Italian Renaissance-style interior and original Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. the new Civic Centre (opened June 2013) streamlines all aspects of Brent Council’s activities. wordroom (Sat only). Half-hourly tours. Tube/Rail: Wembley Park then 206 bus Brent Civic Centre Brent Civic Centre. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair accessopenhouselondon. Property Awards. dramatically expressed 11 storey blocks in strategic positions utilising high quality materials and detailing. Max 30 per tour. Tours on the hour with an intro to the space and Q&A. it was handcarved in India before being assembled in London.324.292 Supported by Key.6.6 Zog House 1a Donaldson Road NW6 6NA n Sat 10am-1pm. T P Underground 1940s bunker used during WWII by Winston Churchill and the Cabinet. Entry: theatre. winner Best London Property 2011.Brent BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Brent Civic Centre See openhouselondon. Using 5000 tonnes of Italian Carrara and Indian Ambaji marble and the finest Bulgarian limestone.bajina@networkhg.98.36. 16. Neasden NW10 8LD n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. housed within a sub-basement protected by a 5ft thick concrete roof. inspire and engage. pre-book ONLY by email on zoghouseOH2013@solidspace. Max 8 per tour. 187.302. admin block. Tube: Wembley Park. Tube: Neasden. Last entry 3. Sustainable features include daylight and fresh air brought into the pavilions through high level roof lights and vents. Tube/Rail: Queens Park. main reception.98. N D T P Once the largest cine-variety theatre in England (over 4.000 seats).232 Watling Place Albert Road NW6 5BR n Sat 10am-1pm.31. gym. first come basis. Shortlisted RIBA Awards 2010.183. Tube: Kilburn Park. with Map Room. customer services and civic chamber. Tenants pledge to train a local young person in lieu of rent. A glass and stainless steel Tube: Willesden Green. Practice Architecture and The Architecture Foundation 2011. Rail: Kilburn High Road. Architect-led tours. Entry: main space. slightly curved following the slope of the grounds surrounded with sports fields and a bridge and even a bofors gun. Grade II* listed.36.30pm. Circular drum clad in timber fins features prominently.16A. Max 80 at one time. Tours on the hour. classroom. Groves Natcheva Architects 2009. 31. The housing was a mixture of cottages and ‘cottage flats’ planned around existing features. much influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement. Greenhill Jenner 2005. Dollis Hill. housing a multi-purpose community hall. Tube: Kingsbury.31.332.260 Ruach Ministries Christian Centre (former Gaumont State Cinema) 197-199 Kilburn High Road NW6 7HY n Sat 10am-5pm. Hopkins Architects 2013.32. N T G d 1860s corrugated iron chapel. 83. Sir Frank Baines 1918-19. principal architect at HM Office of Works. Tube: Harlesden then 224 bus. Respectful dress please – no shorts. Solidspace is out to change that by building homes that delight. Transformation of a disused portacabin into a series of studio spaces available to those in the creative industries. short skirts. Last entry 5pm. Tube: Harlesden. by Sir Frank Baines.328.16. Entry: External facades and courtyards. George Coles 1937. library.92. Architect-led tours and discussions as required on day. Kilburn Park. first come basis. arts areas. with your preferred time of tour. sleeveless tops. Purpose-built of reinforced Queen’s Park. P Built to provide workers’ housing for employees of ‘AirCo’. Pre-book ONLY by email on Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm main hall only.206. Max 25 at one time. first come basis.98. Roe Green was designed in the ‘garden village’ idiom. BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ – the first project in its category to have achieved this and the most sustainable local authority building in the UK. D T G P The building consists of four connected pavilions which house office space.266 Harmony Children’s Centre 38 Bridge Road NW10 9BX n Sat 9am-5pm. A Located next to Wembley Stadium and Arena.30pm. 316. first come basis. roperoom.632 Underground Bunker. totally bomb-proof subterranean war citadel 40ft below ground. NB. 245. complete with decks. Tube: Kilburn Park. Half-hourly tours. 328. Sensible footwear and clothing should be worn. Rail: Kensal With historian Peter Cormack FSA on site. Colindale. Brondesbury Park. The spaces are arranged around a to find out more about this area BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir 105-119 Brentfield Road.316. Foster + Partners 2003. Roe Lane NW9 9BH. Engineers Way.206 WALKS/TOURS Roe Green Village n Meet: Sun 11am and 3pm at Village Green. Entry: 20 Southwark AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon. Tube: d T P Foster and Partners’ first school and the first new build City Academy. Last tour 12.32. clean and curved lines which reflect the sky and the green surrounding it. It is unique with its E Engineer on site G Green Features | Brent | 20 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Regular tours. Zog House is their prototype of 21C living. kitchen. T A G P 75% of us don’t want to live in a new home.28 Watling Place South Kilburn Studios 2a Canterbury Road NW6 5SW n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm.6 The Tin Tabernacle/Cambridge Hall 12-16 Cambridge Avenue NW6 5BA n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. N D T B P Masterpiece of traditional Hindu design and exquisite workmanship that rises serenely amid London’s iconic skyline. Neasden Brook Road NW2 7DZ n Sat 8. Rail: Wembley Stadium. Regular architect-led tours.305.182. naturally-lit foyer and atrium which houses a large public amphitheatre and staircase. 1863. 206. Last tour 4pm. Many sustainable features. Max 15 per tour. Rail: Kenton. Comprehensive tour given.

D G Q New-build open-plan studio house designed as a floating box with integrated gardens on each level and mesh screens for privacy and sun control. No tours. queuing outside if necessary. Tours on the hour. available from house on day. Tube: Archway. Tube: Camden Town. Last tour 4pm. 168. Max 15 per tour. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. Alexandra Road Estate 19 North End CGI of King’s Cross Station 6 Doughty Mews WC1N 2PG n Sun 10am-6pm. Q The last large social housing complex in London – a low-rise. Max 10 per tour.C11. Entry: all except 2 bedrooms. Valuable example of 20C landscaping in integral 4 acre access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 21 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . D R T G Lend Lease’s EMEA HQ is a showcase for occupant health. Hourly tours. Cubitt c1820/Surface Architects 2007. Ash Sakula Architects 1983 onwards.C11 8a Belsize Court Garages 8a Belsize Court Garages NW3 5AJ n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. 168. Regent’s Place NW1 3BF n Sat 10am-5pm. wedge- shaped glazing. MVHR. Max 12 at one time. designed by Janet Jack. This terraced house is largest of dwelling types.15pm. Max 18 per tour. Tours on the hour.168 British Hughes Meyer Studio/Sanei Hopkins Architects 2004. 139. Entry: cinema. Max 10 at one time. centre of the Bloomsbury Group activities. Max 10 per tour. first come basis. Museum of Hampstead.30pm-5pm. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Entry: café. Recently renovated by architect owners. Tube: Russell Square. Michael Ventris and Lois Ventris 1953. Listed Grade II* in 1993. United House with SEA and Parity Projects 2010. Tube: Hampstead.46. first come basis. Entry: office space. terrace. Hastings room. Last entry 4. Max 20 at one time. NB. Grade II listed. Max 15 per talk. Holborn. 38. Stage 1) 8 Stoneleigh Terrace N19 5TY n Sun 10am-5pm.19 Alexandra Road 13(b) Rowley Way. Tube: Swiss Cottage.91 44 Willoughby Road 44 Willoughby Road NW3 1RU n Sat 1pm-5pm/Sun 10am-1pm. the painting studio is turned through 45 degrees to catch the north light.46. Mews workshop converted to artist’s studio/summerhouse. Keynes library. Mezzanine studio carpeted in red. first come basis.168. Woods Bagot 2011.30pm. pre-book ONLY at www. 159. garden.WC1B 3DG n Sat tours at 10am. a biodiverse green roof designed to mimic the seasons and London’s largest ‘insect hotel’ for a commercial building. Tube: Hampstead. Rail: South Hampstead.139 Artchive – Philip Hughes Studio 62 Rochester Place NW1 9JX n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Swiss Cottage. Last tour 4. See also 17B Ainsworth Way entry. Half-hourly tours. Entry: most living areas. Neave Brown 1968-79. Regular tours. queuing if necessary. 21AJ| Library Camden | openhouselondon. d N R T B C Grade I listed Queen Anne house (1704) retaining original panelling and staircase with a modern gallery set in a small terrace garden. Flat virtually as originally designed. Architect-led tours every 45 mins. 268. The house is designed for flexibility. designed for 6 people across 3 floors. first come basis. from party house to office to family home for 6.30am. kids’ corner. Farringdon. Princes room. Rear connects to garden with spa. first come basis. Peter Tábori.68. plus vacuum glazing. Tube/Rail: Euston.59. PV panels and water collection. Last entry 4. Key. Moore and Riley. shop. Rail: Camden Road. residents have a dog. First come basis. See also Alexandra Road entry. RIBA Award Winner 2008. Entry via limited timed tickets only. Neave Brown 1968-79. Ventris’ iconic fitted interior.168 Adaptable House 17B Ainsworth Way.30pm.30pm.4. Abbey Road NW8 0SF n Sat 10am-5pm. Ernö Goldfinger 1939.143 British Medical Association House Tavistock Square WC1H 9JP n Sun 10am-5pm. Last entry 4. first come basis. T A d R Georgian terrace. Q C Goldfinger’s unique Modernist home. Complete with fittings and furniture designed by Goldfinger and modern art collection including works by Duchamp. Half-hourly tours. King’s Cross St Pancras. d T A Private gallery and art archive. Entry: all areas. d A G Originally a late 19C coachman’s living quarters and stable. d T Designed for the Theosophical Society and acquired by the BMA in 1923. Ernst. Max 25 per tour. Tube: Golders Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 39 Frognal NW3 6YD n Sun 10am-1pm. C11.46 43-46 Gordon Square (Birkbeck School of Arts) 43-46 Gordon Square WC1H 0PD n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Sustainable features include indoor air quality with 3800 plants. G Low-carbon retrofit to a 3-storey Victorian terraced house in a conservation area to reduce emissions by 77%. Last entry to find out more about this area 39 Frognal – Kate Greenaway Studio 2 Willow Road 2 Willow Road NW3 1TH n Sat/Sun period rooms. RIBA Award Winner 2005. First office fit-out to be awarded BREEAM excellent.britishmuseum. Camden Architect’s Department 1972-9. Entry: council chamber.91. R T A Q Self-build conversion followed by 30 year occupation. First come basis. nonguided viewing only. Opportunity to overlook the construction site with members of the Project Team on hand to talk about the latest developments to the WCEC site and the architecture and construction of the building. No under 16s please.30pm. Now the studio of artist John Aldus. 24. Max 20 at one time. room. this mews house combines an award-winning architect’s studio and spacious light-filled maisonette after a 2-phase retrofit. 1pm.46. Rail: Hampstead Heath.113 17B Ainsworth Way NW8 0SR n Sat 10am-5pm. double-height garden room. Closed 1pm-2pm. Tube: Tottenham Court Road. efficient use of space and good day-lighting. Tube: Archway. art gallery. first come basis. Mark Guard Architects 2012. Regular tours including to gardens (weather permitting). First come basis. RIBA Award Winner 2012. Max 12 at one time. NB. Entry: whole house. first come Max 4 at one time. Sir Edwin Lutyens 1913/1929. T P Modernist house of yellow stock brick built as a private residence for family use by architect. 11. Tube: Belsize Park.134 Bertram Street Low Energy Victorian Terrace 8 Bertram Street N19 5DQ n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. academic and decipherer of Minoan script Linear B. Tufnell Park. Last tour 3pm. Project architects on site. Local photographic archive and art exhibition. 59. 268. 4. Rail: South Hampstead. T Built during the golden era of public housing by an architect who studied with Goldfinger and worked with Denys Lasdun. T A substantial studio-house originally built for illustrator Kate Greenaway. Includes recent radical interior intervention at basement and ground floor. 210. Construction began on the building in Spring 2010 and is due to be completed in late 2013.30 See openhouselondon. Max 20 per tour. roof terrace. Sanya Polescuk Architects 2012. Includes pioneering method of fitting internal wall insulation while the residents continued to live in the property.46. Tube/Rail: Euston.268.Camden productivity and employee engagement. Entry: all areas.27. Original finishes still intact.31. designed to house furniture (no longer here) designed by Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer for Ventris’ parents. solar thermal and PV. Norman Shaw 1885.268 20 Triton Street – Lend Lease HQ 20 Triton Street. Q Estate was largest and most ambitious built by Camden. Finchley Road. Tube: Swiss Cottage. high-density enclave. Max 4 per tour. Tube: Great Portland Street. 18. many orginal fetaures remain.189.268. Sustainable features include heat pump. library.C11 8 Stoneleigh Terrace (Highgate New Town. first come basis. Terraced housing reinterpreted. Last entry 4. Last tour 4pm. Entry: studio. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7383 6363.24. World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre Great Russell Street. Entry: whole flat. incorporating 520 homes and primary school.82 19 North End NW3 7HR n Sat 1. Rail: Hampstead Heath.Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 2014. Extended by Wontner Smith (1928/9) and Douglas Wood (1938/50 and 1959/60). Tube: Russell Square. Uses mirrors and glazed surfaces to produce theatrical distortion of spaces. Tube/Rail: Euston Burgh House New End Square NW3 1LT n Sun 12pm-5pm. B R T Important new project that will transform the way the British Museum displays and looks after its collection. Tube: Hampstead. Regular tours.

Max 12 per Grade I Listed building.210. RIBA Award Winner Entry: ground floor atrium. Bloomsbury. Tours on the hour. 11am talk on projects by Kathryn Gustafson and at 2pm by Mary Bowman. Coleridge room. D T A G E Housing a GP practice and other health facilities. Entry: reception.gac. Max 25 per tour.268. library.91. McAslan & Partners/Stanton Williams 1852/2012. a barristers’ chambers.134. Entry: hall. Max 600 at one time. Complex inter-relationships of all the building’s uses are adjusted to create a flexible space for all the community.188 Garden Court Chambers 57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields WC2A 3LJ n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 10am-1pm. David Morley Architects 2009.‘Across the buildings’ viewing platform by Felice Varini. d T Q Inigo Jones’ design at no.168. David Chipperfield Architects 1987-89. Frederick Herbert Mansford 1929.19. Regular tours.30pm. 32-38 Theobalds Road WC1X 8PA n Sat 11am-3pm.390 London King’s Cross Station Meet: Info desk.73.73.gac. first come basis. Sat tours at 11am. Entry: Visitor Centre. RIBA Award Winner 2005. Entry: western concourse.15pm. Tube: Holborn. Lewis Cubitt/John to Institution since 1840. 19.134. construction training. Warren Street. Visitor Centre Estate tours. 2004). Camden Town. small pension room. Grade II listed. the interior of the building is finished with quality materials. Tube: Chancery Lane. Porphyrious Associates + Townshend Landscape Architects. Rail: Hampstead Heath. this compact three storey building is inspired by the game Jenga.253 Hampstead Friends Meeting House 120 Heath Street NW3 1DR n Sun 1pm-5pm.30pm. with final additions c1880. 8. exploiting full potential of triangular site – a former scrapyard.68. Talks on Thomas Heatherwick sculpture. 5th floor viewing gallery and art works. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. Max 30 per tour. Max 15 at one time.conference rooms. Tours. see p16 for details. T Guided tour of premises and behind-the-scenes look at how this major collection of British art operates.30pm. Tube: Hampstead. the roof features PV panels and sedum roof. People and Place’. N1 9AP n Sat/Sun 12pm-4pm.45pm. a long-standing organisation renowned as a hub for free speech and progressive thought.91. Entry: studio on ground floor. Holborn.14. D RT C A G A mixed-use development of the King’s Cross ‘railway lands’ (Masterplan Allies and Morrison. Retains many original features. The Granary Building. Covent Garden. London’s newest public space. 700 year old legal collegiate institution.143 Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square WC1R 4RL n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. uk/openhouse2013. Entry: foyer. C2. Display of historical photography and architectural drawings and recent restoration works. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. Formed from 1790 coach house.143 215 Euston Road NW1 2BE n Sat 10am-5pm.culture. chapel and the walks.38.214. Max 10 per tour. first come basis. 179a Tottenham Court Road W1T 7PA n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Unrestricted entry to Victoria Hall.kingscross. Tube: Goodge Street.171. Duration 45 mins. Duration 45 mins. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7580 9120 or www. 12noon. 46. Ashley and Newman 1927-33.210. St Pancras. Tube: Highgate.59. Activities for families including create your own London skyline.elliottwood.dT Q Beautiful town house (1686) situated in 1 1/2 acres of walled gardens.19. members’ room. Tube/Rail: Euston. Frederick Rowntree main hall (except Sat 1pm-5pm). Great Northern Hotel and Skip King’s Cross Station.59-60 intended as model for Lincoln’s Inn Fields development. www. Tube: Chancery Lane. viewing platform. clock tower (weather dependent). N D Monumental classical exterior belying elaborate and varied interior decoration: extensive use of mosaic. Hall includes 16C screen.30pm. T Archives recording 5 centuries of the history of Holborn.188 UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre Gibbs Building.38 Gustafson Porter Studios 1 Cobham Mews. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras King’s Cross/Granary Building King’s Cross Visitor Tube/Rail: Kentish Town.390 Gray’s Inn Gray’s Inn WC1R 5ET n Sun tours at 10. Enter via entrance in High Holborn next to Cittie of York. Retaining many original features. RIBA Award Winner & RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist 2009. 2pm. Central St Martins Granary Building (Stanton Williams 2011) and Granary Square (Townshend 2012). Last tour 4pm. 98. Duration 30 mins. Holborn. fibre-glass screen corresponding to the existing structures on the site provides a protective enclosure and a strong new identity for the site. Tube: Holborn. Tube/Rail: Euston. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross. the station had been transformed n Sun 12pm-5pm. Entry: all areas except office accommodation. Euston Square. Hourly tours. Tube: Hampstead.29 Kentish Town Health Centre Government Art Collection 180 York Way N1C 0AZ n Sat 10am-1pm.C11 Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre 2nd Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm stables and yard. Entry: Grand Temple and ceremonial areas.24. it houses important decorative arts collections. large pension room. Wellcome Trust Tube: Hampstead. D T G One of the first buildings to be erected at King’s Cross Central is LB Camden’s conservation skills and recruitment centre offering apprenticeships. d N T HQ of the South Place Ethical Society. N D R T Conversion of a derelict petrol station has created a new external public events space and restaurant overlooking the Regent’s Canal.274.603 Freemasons’ Hall 60 Great Queen Street WC2B 5AZ n Sat 10am-5pm. First come basis.24. 46. Last entry 4. First come basis. Holborn Library. | Camden | 22 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . d T P for first time in over 150yrs as part of scheme to create King’s Fine stuccoed building overlooking Pond Square. Key. and remains largely intact. Rail: Hampstead Heath.Last entry 4. Carmody Groarke 2012.culture. Sustainable features include central heat and power/renewable technologies. Externally. first come basis. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Regular tours of newly opened Great Northern Hotel. Demonstration by the conservator of repair of historic documents. Duration 1 hour.68. E N D R T B A G 11 South Grove N6 6BS Originally opened in 1852.25 Fenton House Hampstead Grove NW3 6SP n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. 20 historic and 30 new buildings set in high quality public space.390. Entrance via listed gateway. Warren Street. Tours on the hour. copied by no. 12noon. Fitzrovia. Sidney Cook 1960. Regular tours.29. 1. halfinto a modern transport facility beautifully integrated with hourly tours to other rooms. 1. Max 25 per tour. Tube/Rail:CamdenTown. By ballot ONLY. Hampstead and Highgate.168. 268 2 Bartholomew Road NW5 2BX n Sat 10am-2pm. Panoramic views across London from top floor balcony. Agar Grove NW1 9SB n Sat 10am-5pm. sympathetically modernised in 1991. first come basis. Entry: main house. Max 10 per tour.8.30am. d T Listed Arts and Crafts freestyle building with plain interior and many charming original features. staircases. fireplaces.Timed entry if busy. Inigo Jones 1640s/ Sir John Soane 1700s. Magnificent facade recently revealed tour.268. library.25. Much of Inn redesigned in neo-Georgian style by Sir Edward Maufe after 1941 stained glass. Architect-led half-hourly tours. Pre-book estate tours ONLY at http://tours.46. The viewing area will be hung with works reflecting this year’s theme ‘Celebrating Architecture.168. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon.73.17 Queen’s Yard.59. 10. d T A David Chipperfield’s former offices defined by an exposed concrete spine wall and courtyard spaces. 1 Granary Square N1C 4AA n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Vast open plan design around a lightfilled atrium featuring spectacular artwork. 46. Last entry 1. 18. D R T B C G HQ of the Wellcome Trust – a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds. 10.38.271. www.29.214. Entry: ground floor. Regular architect-led tours.55. treasure hunt and building related activities for children at ‘Global Generation Skip Garden’. decorated ceilings and lighting. Last entry 4. mouldings and historical . Max 40 per tour. gardens. Archway.46 King’s Cross Construction Skills Centre King’s Cross Filling Station Goods Way N1C 4UR n Sat/Sun 12pm-10pm. meeting & 22AJ|Library Southwark Building| openhouselondon. The intervention of a 200m-long.King’s Cross Rail:Camden Road. Exhibition of projects.91. Last entry 4. Max 30 per tour.214. 1st floor library. Tube: Holborn. and home Cross Square. York Way. Last entry Entry: Victoria hall. Tube: Euston Square. Rail: Hampstead Heath. The building detailing is used as a lesson in construction for the students. first come basis.57-58 with portico and elliptical staircase added by Soane. Hopkins Architects 2004. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2008.24. Sympathetically refurbished by current occupiers. jobs and work placements.

30pm. 10. 4pm.30 Pushkin House 5a Bloomsbury Square WC1A 2TA n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. www. 10. D R T A P An original 1880s warehouse converted by the architects Jestico + Whiles for their offices.45. pre-book ONLY at boxoffice@rada. Entry: entrance hall. Max 20 at one time. Registrar’s office. A beautiful and rare example of Soane’s late work with a number of fine interiors. Max 15 per tour.19. Theis + Khan 2009. 2nd floor council room.elliottwood. north courtyard extension and new south courtyard building. Last entry 4. Max 25 per tour.10. Rail: Kentish Town West. Talks and exhibition of project.19. Tube: Russell Square. 12noon. 1st floor reading room. Tube: Camden Town. Avery Associates Architects 2001.205. N T Q A Soane’s house. Q A Grade II listed two-up/two-down with a contemporary feel and a cool collection of art and mid-century furniture. first come basis. Staircases are intact and each room still retains the high ceilings and ornamental fireplaces. Henry Flitcroft Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. Rail: Euston. Tube: Euston Square. 12.603 London Mathematical Society De Morgan House.45pm. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross. Tube: Euston Square. Grade I listed and one of London’s most important post-war buildings. library and art collection surviving as built. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.27. 3pm. first come basis. and a new sacred space the ‘Shaft of Light’: a white-rendered conical intervention which reaches through the full 11m height of the building to a single roof-light. Restoration works included reinstatement of cornicing.46. Lengard 2008.38.18.7. No.24.29. Lumen is a Christian worship space but open to people of all faiths and none. Rail: Gospel Oak. iron and steel structure. Entry: ground. D T G Beautiful Grade II listed Art Deco building with highly decorated façade. Redesign includes a café clearly visible from the street through a dramatic 8m high window. 8. Many interesting memorials and associations with Maryland.143.134 Royal Asiatic Society 14 Stephenson Way NW1 2HD n Sat 1pm-4pm. Regular tours. King’s Cross. 11. 188. Farringdon. and shaft of daylight from roof through glass floor to workshops in basement. Entry: church. it projects its volume into the garden and is lit with 3-sided natural light. Last tour access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 23 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Tube: Holborn. solar thermal and PV systems. 4-storey yellow stock brick with a rusticated stucco base. Hawksmoor exhibition in Undercroft. 29.168. present and future plans for the building. Max 20 per tour. library. First come basis. A rare example of an early industrial Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Royal College of Physicians Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 62-64 Gower Street WC1E 6ED n Sat tours at 11am. Last tour Sat 23AJ|Library Camden | openhouselondon. rubber rear extension forms a shadow to the house. Sustainable features include internal wall insulation. N D R T Created within the shell of an existing 1960s church.73 Lumen United Reformed Church and Café 88 Tavistock Place WC1H 9RS n Sat 10am-6pm. Lecture on Lasdun & RCP. Entry: ground floor of house. Holborn. Max 20 per tour. Treasures. 10. with some of London’s most spectacular room settings. Knott Architects 2013. D T Theatres. built by Soane in 1824 and let out in his lifetime as a private house. N D R T A Last of Hawksmoor’s six London churches and consecrated in 1730.134. In 2007 the RAS purchased the building and remodelled it to house its collection and facilitate its activities. James Burton 1803. with one of London’s best preserved early Georgian interiors. Sir Denys Lasdun 1964/1996. Urbanbuzz. Max 15 per tour. Shepheard Epstein Hunter (refurb) 2000.390 Tube: Archway. A faceted. Contemporary additions include new entrance pavilion.19.8.8. Great Portland Street.390. Tube: Tottenham Court Road.25. ground floor. 1.24. Osler Room. parquet and terrazzo flooring. Censors’ Room.214. Tube: Russell Square. members’ room.55 St Giles-in-the-Fields 60 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LG n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 12pm-5pm.253. first floor. Tube/Rail: Euston. King’s Cross St Pancras. Magnificent late 17C chandelier in nave. Regular tours.30am.30pm. council chamber. Tube: Holborn.14.390 Royal College of Physicians 11 St Andrew’s Place. D T Grade I listed Palladian church by architect of Woburn Abbey. Sydney and Melanesia. SEA. Max 10 per tour. reception.168.seh. G Award-winning retrofit to a large Victorian semi-detached house in a conservation area aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 80% using conventional technologies.7 London School of Economics 32 Lincolns Inn Fields WC2A 3PH n Sun 1pm-5pm.14 Lincoln’s Inn Fields.24. d R T Two Grade II listed buildings. library. Exhibition on building and neighbourhood. Hourly tours. public bar and first class teaching facilities with large glass curving bay and terracotta grid of cleverly disguised flytower. Exhibition running. Tube/Rail: Euston. Hampstead Heath.26 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Keppel Street WC1E 7HT n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-3pm. Tube/Rail: Euston. Last entry 4. Last tour 3.25. Tube: Goodge Street. Recently restored 17C/18C historic St Luke’s C of E School and Church Key. Rail: Camden Road. Sun 2pm. The building restored in 2006-7 houses an education centre and research facility. recently undergone refurbishment. Tube: Holborn 1. Entry: lower ground floor. P Morley Horder & Verner O Rees 1929/Devereux Architects 2003/2009.30. Entry: all floors.30pm. Andrew Pilkington Architects 2011.C11. Entry: main hall. Exhibition on history of building. theatres. gallery.14. Highgate. Entry: 3rd floor studio. E R T A G d Neo-Jacobean style building. Camden Town. 46. RIBA Award Winner 2009. Regular tours on the past. Jestico + Whiles 2013. Sun 4pm Recital. Last entry 3. lower ground. room Nicholas Hawksmoor 1720s. Features an atrium with an up-and-over full-height glazed screen fronting the mezzanine floor. 10. north and south courtyard buildings. Exhibition of prints by Jamie Hearn.Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras.38 Robin Grove music room & library extension 8 Robin Grove N6 6NY n Sun 10am-3pm. Henry Flitcroft Max 10 per tour. Max 12 per tour. 1. T A d The practice’s own studio – former workshop/brewery and possibly Nell Gwynne’s house – now converted and stripped back to reveal the original timber.73. N D R T B C P Dramatic interior spaces and white mosaic exterior elevated on piloti. RIBA Award Winner. Talks on history and collection of Society followed by tours at 1pm.7. pre-book ONLY on openhouse@seh. Half-hourly tours. first come basis.8. Last entry 4. d R T A centre of Russian culture in London. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. 1. Entry: basement. Regular architectural and garden tours bookable on the day. The extension into the garden is an auditorium – a place for performance listening or slumber. 214. Regents Park NW1 4LE n Sun 11am-4pm.C2. with majestic portico and stepped tower with lion and unicorn sculptures.393 Shepheard Epstein Hunter Offices Phoenix Yard. doubleglazed sash windows. 65 King’s Cross Road WC1X 9LW n Sun 10am-5pm.14 Lincoln’s Inn Fields 14 Lincoln’s Inn Fields WC2A 3BP n Sat 10am-5pm. Last tour Max 12 per tour. King’s Cross. basement.274.393 St George’s Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Way WC1A 2HR n Sat 10am-6pm/Sun 12pm-5pm. Restricted access. physic garden. Last tour 5pm. Regents Park.38 St Augustine’s Road Eco-House 17 St Augustine’s Road NW1 9RL n Sat 11am-5pm.30pm. Rail: Euston. ground floor lecture theatre. Warren Street. 63 Sir John Soane’s Museum No. (Lorna O’Leary).521. 57-58 Russell Square WC1B 4HS n Sun 11am-4pm. a new extension housing three community spaces. Sir John Soane 1812 & 1824/Julian Harrap Architects (refurb) 2008. Goodge Street. Tube: Tottenham Court Road. Hourly tours. Hourly tours.88.15. 46.57 has garden at the rear. LB Camden.453 Shadow House 20 Kelly Street NW1 8PH n Sun 1pm-5pm. garden. Temple.91.The re-lighting scheme concludes the restoration coordinated by World Monuments Fund Britain. Entry: most rooms. Tube/Rail: Euston. Tours on the hour. A G Extension of house along the entire north edge over 2 floors creating idealised views into the woods. 2pm. Children’s activities and family quiz. Tube: Warren Street. Tube: Kentish Town. RIBA Award Winner 2009. No. museum. C2. Regular this Grade II* listed house has a fine staircase which has been meticulously restored.73.30pm. period library.27.

Oak woodwork and green Doulton tiles line the staircase. Design is centred around a sculpted landform and a sunken ball court which become natural amphitheatres for community cultural events whilst providing respite and intimacy.73. Entry: Hall. Tube/Rail: Euston. A guided walk of the squares associated with Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group. York Way N1 9AP.47 The Bloomsbury Hotel The Bloomsbury Hotel 16-22 Great Russell Street WC1B 3NN n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Last tour 4. Kings Place. 2pm. integral draught stripping. Camley Street N1C 4PN n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 2.390 79 Endell Street WC2H 9DY n Sat/Sun 11am-3pm.268 Vicars Road NW5 4NL n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 12pm-2pm. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. facing St Pancras. General access to UCL Art Museum.73. 11am.73. 4pm. Max 8 per tour.superhomes. Regular tours focusing on the library’s original architect Sir Basil Spence. first come basis.30 UCL (University College London) Gower Street WC1E 6BT n Sat 9.30. D T Constructed as the first YWCA it was one of the finest club buildings in the world.29. Max 15 on tour. Finchley Road. Half-hourly tours.268. class or religion. 168. Last entry 4.30pm-5pm. King’s Cross St Pancras.168. bookshop.205. Lord Leverhulme’s London residence (1904-25). Grant Museum of Zoology and Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology (accessed via Malet Place).55 The Wiener Library 29 Russell Square WC1B 5DP n Sun Max 20 on tour. 8. Gower Street).org. St Pancras Old Church.C11. Gospel Oak The Swedenborg Society St Pancras International Meet at The Betjeman Statue. library and bookshop.C11 Swiss Church London 2a Belsize Park Gardens NW3 4LA n Sat/Sun tours at 10am. Tube: Great Portland Street.25. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras Swiss Cottage Open Space n Meet: Sun 3pm in front of Swiss Cottage Library.30am-1pm. A variety of art commisions are located throughout the building’s | Camden | 24 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . playground. features internal and external insulation. first come basis. Entry: hall.30. NB. R T At around 9m x 6m and 3-stories high. A transparent structure using glass and mirrored panels to highlight features of the 19C architecture has been inserted with a freestanding structure right above the entrance that offers additional office and exhibition space. Tube: Belsize Park.73.82. 18. N D T Grade II listed building by renowned Modernist. Last entry 3. 31. G Victorian house retrofitted to save 70% carbon. Sir Edward Lutyens 1931. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. Tube: Tottenham Court Road.46. Max 50 at one time. Tube: Swiss Cottage. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. with the original station hotel following in 1873. Tube/Rail: Euston. the top floor originally contained a vast 70 cubic metre capacity cast iron water tank. Entry:Wolfson Reading Room. arcade. Half hourly tours and talks on the history of society and building. Rail: Swiss Cottage Library 88 Avenue Road NW3 3HA n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 11am-4pm. 24. Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras. Gardiner room. Curl la Tourelle Architects/Richard Griffiths Architects 2011-12. ornate brickwork and elaborate detailing. New for 2013: low energy appliances. Rail: Gospel Oak. N D T A unique Grade I listed Victorian railway station completed in 1868.63. soaring tower. 3pm. max 100 Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm The Pergola and Hill Garden Inverforth Close (off North End Way) NW3 7EX n Sat 2pm-5pm.59. Tube/Rail: Euston.205. Max 20 per tour. Display of furniture by Nigel Northeast. Rail: West Hampstead. 10. LED low energy lights.24. N D R T B Grade I listed and (according to Pevsner) London’s craziest Victorian church. Tube: Chalk Farm. W Barlow 1868/Foster + Partners 2007. Holborn. Sir Basil Spence 1963/John McAslan and Partners (refurb) 2003. Interior refurbished 1925-6 to form lecture hall. d N R T 800ft long Grade II* listed pergola is designed in one of London’s secret gardens at the rear of Inverforth House.603 Virginia Woolf in Bloomsbury n Meet: Sat 10am outside 29 Fitzroy Square W1T 6LQ. 10. D T A G The building makes clever use of its tight urban site by incorporating a highly flexible layout with a series of stacking. Regular tours every 20-30 mins from information point (Front Quad. Major restoration and refurbishment now complete. Central St Martin’s. 24.46. 30.27. Tube:Tottenham Court Road. which has been refurbished and remodelled whilst protecting the building’s landmark status. Last tour 3pm. pre-book ONLY on bloomsbury_ events@doylecollection. taking in Front Quad. Swiss Cottage. Tube: Golders Green.205 Supported by Key. no access to Inverforth House. Edward Buckton Lamb 1865.38. the canal.59. T UCL was established in 1826 in order to open up education for the first time to students of any race. Camden High Street NW1 8QL.113 St Martin’s.X68. 10. Euston Square. This tank now forms an impressive viewing gallery.134. 210.214 WALKS/TOURS Camden High Street and Britannia Junction n Meet: Sat 10am by the southern entrance to HSBC bank next to Camden Town tube station. prebook ONLY on http://www.D RT Grade II listed community/cultural venue and reformed church which has undergone a major renovation. Extensive refurbishment of church above to provide enhanced facilities. Half-hourly tours. 13. formerly part of Bedford Estate.24.268. Children over 12 only. Entry: school. Entry: ground. Half-hourly tours. Duration approx 2 hours.187. Tube: Holborn. Max 15 per tour. A Heralded by the BBC as London’s first ‘naked street’ Camden High Street and Britannia Junction were both redesigned to reclaim space for the pedestrian by minimising the dominance of through traffic. Goodge Street. T B Grade II listed Georgian domestic building c1760. high performance double glazing. Tube: Russell Square.14. Flaxman Gallery and Jeremy Bentham.18. Chapel. light-filled atria which lend a feeling of spatial generosity. Gustafson Porter 2006.25 The Coach House 12 Kidderpore Avenue NW3 7SU n Sat first come basis. Thomas Mawson (landscape) 1905-25. Tour with project landscape architect. Max 25 on tour. Duration 2 hours. Barbara Weiss Architects (refurb) 2011. hall.45pm. gardens. home of HS1. Entry: grand terrace. Max 15 per tour. Archive photos and renovation video. Christ & Gantenbein (refurb) 2010.19.29. D R T A Remodelling of lower ground floor and rear garden of listed church to form new primary school. Max 20 at one time. Urban Movement + LB Camden 2010. Walk and talk with landscape architect Dominic Cole. Tube: Swiss Cottage. Cloisters.30.24. Tours on the hour. NB. 13.113. 88 Avenue Road NW3 3HA. Hopkins Architects 2012. church. archive stores. After a £800 million transformation. exhibition.15pm. Seamus Heaney Library. Max 10 per tour. Sat 3pm talk by Martin Lutyens. Euston Rd N1C 4QP n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Duration 30 mins. First come basis. Sir George Gilbert Scott 1872.13.46 20-21 Bloomsbury Way WC1A 2TH n Sat 1pm-4pm. Display illustrating building’s history.268. unusual detail and supporting interior with alabaster pulpit. Converted to a hotel in 1998 it remains one of the finest examples of Lutyens’ work. The stunning and iconic neo-Grecian portico is generally recognised as William Wilkins’ greatest work (1827-29).82. Covent Garden. Tube: Camden Town. Entry: public areas and 24 Southwark AJ|Library Building| openhouselondon.187. circle.30am outside King’s Cross station entrance. exceptional roof. Tube: Finchley Road. Warren Street. St Pancras International. Rail: Camden Road King’s Cross area guided walk n Meet: Sat 11. Grand Terrace. A Walk exploring the regeneration and landscape design of King’s Cross Regent’s Quarter.82. first come has redefined railway stations for 21C and is a destination in its own right.253 Victorian Waterpoint St Pancras Cruising Club. 7. Max 10 per tour. Tours on the hour. duration approx 1 1/2 hours. Entry: church. 7. 12noon.29.188 UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre Corner of Capper Street and Huntley Street WC1E 6DH n Sat 1pm-5pm. Max 25 per tour.Wynter room. first come basis. d N R T A Sensitive yet bold refurbishment of historic listed townhouse for The Wiener Library including dramatic first floor reading room. Walk with landscape architect.18.88. Max 50 at one time. Tube: Warren Street. new mezzanine and ground floor exhibition spaces. Tube: Euston Square. first and second floors (viewing platform).basement reserve stock area.

the original design and the ideas that inspired it. Last tour 12. Charles Harrison Townsend 1894/Sheppard Architects (restoration) 2011. Last tour 4pm.55. Rail: City Thameslink. Max 40 at one time. Exchange House and 10 Exchange Square also open. Last entry 4pm.242 Barbican Centre Silk Street EC2Y 8DS n Sat tours at 12noon. event spaces. D T A This Lutyens Grade II listed building has been comprehensively redeveloped to provide a high quality contemporary interior. Hogarth staircase. top of the building.100. Tube/DLR: Bank.78. RIBA Award Winner 2009.78. 42. Tube/Rail: Farringdon.11 Bart’s Hospital Great Hall St Bartholomew’s Hospital.67. Entry: reception. first come basis. Regular half hourly tours.21. Pre-book ONLY by email on headreceptionist@1finsburycircus.153. Entry: synagogue and court.47 Carpenters’ Hall Throgmorton Avenue EC2N 2JJ n Sat 10am-4pm.26. D T Q Work of 3 architects – George Sampson. First discovered in 1848. Sat 10am-12noon & 2pm-4pm bell ringing demonstrations and belfry tours.30pm. Q A courtyard building with some of the best-preserved 17C livery hall interiors. 4.205 100 Victoria Embankment – ‘Unilever House’ 100 Victoria Embankment EC4Y 0DY n Sat 10am-5pm. strictly 20 mins duration in total. much altered then demolished and rebuilt in 1880.149 4 Bayer House Golden Lane Estate EC1Y 0RN n Sun 11am-5pm.242 Bells and Belfries at St Botolph Aldgate Aldgate High Street EC3N 1AB n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm.30pm. 100.15 Bevis Marks Synagogue Bevis Marks EC3A 5DQ n Sun 10am-2pm. the building also has a glazed dome at the top with spectacular 360-degree views across the city. Powell & Bon 1957. Soanian remnants are screen walls and reconstruction of Bank Stock Office in 1988. pre-book ONLY on 020 3465 5798.30pm. Max 200 at one time.30pm. Displays. Refreshments all day. Arup and make architects and forms a unique environment in the city with public art. Herbert Austen-Hall/ Clifford Wearden 1956-60. bars and restaurants. R Rare opportunity on Saturday only to see the bells and belfry of this church by the architect of Mansion House. Tube: Aldgate. T Livery Hall first built in 1429.15. 8. St Building Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 30 St Mary Axe – RIBA Bank of England Threadneedle Street EC2R 8AH n Sat/Sun 9. Meet at Advance Box Office Level G. Entry: all rooms.141. Tube: St Paul’s. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. With distinctive tapering form that minimises its footprint and effect on the London skyline and eco-friendly glazed skin with lightwells. Groups of 30 people every 10 mins. 8. is a landmark curvilinear 40-storey office building in the heart of London’s financial centre and is unlike any other ever conceived.City of London Apothecaries’ Hall Black Friars Lane EC4V 6EJ n Sun 10am-3pm. James Gibbs 1730-32. D T C Broadgate is home to an outstanding series of buildings designed by renowned architects including Skidmore. Last entry 1.48 Broadgate. Liverpool Street.100.30pm.56. Entry: Great Hall.26. comprising late 2C house with a 3C bath house built within its courtyard. queuing if necessary.78 Bishopsgate Institute 230 Bishopsgate EC2M 4QH n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. James Lomax Simpson 1930/Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates 2007. Pick up guide to architecture trail of estate from Centre. Edwin Lutyens 1925/Gaunt Francis (refurb) 2009. Max 20 in belfry.47.35. Entry: ground and first floor rooms. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street.11. listed boardroom. Last entry 2. www. Tube: Monument. Contains one of the finest collections of Cromwellian and Queen Anne furniture in the country. City of London Broadgate Welcome Centre.40.47.43. Entry: lobby and ground floor atrium. the staircase to the Great Hall is decorated by spectacular canvases by William Hogarth. Last entry 4. R T Founded in 1123 and rebuilt by Gibbs as the Hospital’s showpiece.25.11. Chamberlin Powell & Bon 1963/ Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (refurb) 2006. Open House volunteer priority entry not valid. basement. Joseph Avis 1701.133. DLR/Tube: Bank. 4. with a fully glazed spectacular atrium roof to maximize daylight and aspect. RIBA Stirling Prize Winner 2004.100.42 Billingsgate Roman House and Baths 101 Lower Thames Street EC3R 6DL n Sun 11am-4pm. Entry every 30 minutes.8.43. 15. first come basis. Church of St Bartholomew the Less also open.15. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street.2 million refurbishment programme. 3pm by Barbican Tour Explorers. Tube: Barbican.100.30pm.56.35. Max 4 at one to find out more about this area 1 Finsbury Circus 1 Finsbury Circus EC2M 7EB n Sat/Sun 10am-1pm.133. N R T B Following a recent £7.40. Foster + Partners 2003. Last tour 3. First come basis. Tours by archivist on the hour.britishland. Cannon Street. Museum of London curators on site. Last tour 4. George Dance the Elder 1744. Tube: Barbican. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Last entry 4. Last entry 3.35. Richard Rogers Partnership 1999. Thomas Locke 1672. Half-hourly tours.243 88 Wood Street 88 Wood Street EC2V 7AJ n Sat 10am-5pm.45pm.26.56 25AJ|Library City of London Green | openhouselondon. 4. pre-book ONLY on 0845 120 D Some of London’s best Roman remains. Max 10 per tour. Entry: foyer. 8. this beautifully restored historic Grade II* listed building combines elements of Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau/Victorian architecture. High security with bag and body scans. 4. the third Hall on the site. 8.388. 8. RIBA Award Winner 2007.11. Rail: Fenchurch Street.30am-4pm. Tube: Aldgate.4. first come basis.26.76.42. D T G Landmark curved Grade II listed building which has been transformed to give it a new lease of life. Lobbies of 155 Bishopsgate. destroyed in 1941 except for external walls (W W Pocock). Max 100 at one time. Entry: reception. Bank. 43.30pm. great hall. 1pm. Grade I listed. with fully-glazed floors and roof terraces offering spectacular views across the City. Tube/Rail: Farringdon.47. Regular half-hourly tours. Queue may close earlier.388 access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 25 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . First come basis.48. Owings & Merrill.30pm.8. shops. Broadgate EC2M 2PA n Sat 10am-4pm. Interactive model and info about Broadgate Tube: Barbican. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Tube/DLR: Bank. Guild Room. Max 20 per tour. D T A Q Office building arranged as 3 linked blocks that step up from 8 to 17 storeys. Closed between 1pm and 2pm. Liverpool Street. Many steps). D T One of the best-preserved houses of worship of its period still in use and oldest synagogue in Britain. 63.23. Tube: Monument.26. First come basis. great hall. Inside is London’s oldest organ. Last entry 3. Current Broadgate development is due for completion in 2016 and Broadgate Circle in 2015. Entry: Parlours inc Court Room (NB. atrium. listed staircase. Entry: Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Tube/Rail: Blackfriars.30pm. first come basis. Max 20 per tour. Entry: library.45 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) 30 St Mary Axe EC3A 8EP n Sat 8am-4pm/Sun 9am-4pm. Tube/Rail: Moorgate. Liverpool Street.25. Part of Golden Lane Estate which was the first public housing to be listed. affectionately known as the ‘Gherkin’. Chamberlin.35. boardroom. with demonstrations taking place. N T An exploration of the Barbican via the Highwalks. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Designed as a showpiece for the craft of carpentry. 2pm. on the site of the Blackfriars Priory on which the original hall burnt down in 1666. Half-hourly tours. 4. First come basis.243. D T Q 30 St Mary Axe.26.45 See openhouselondon. A maisonette with many of the original detail and finishes.172. the history of the site. Finsbury Avenue Square. Rail: Fenchurch Street. Tube/Rail: Blackfriars. Robert Taylor & John Soane – internally rebuilt in imperial classical style.25. Tube/Rail: Smithfield EC1A 7BE n Sun 11am-3.76. 17th floor lift lobby. Tube: Aldgate. 8th floor. court room. Max 20 per tour. Bring photo ID. Moorgate. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon.

Last entry 4.26.15pm. RIBA Award Winner 2009. Tube: St Paul’s.521 Haberdashers Hall Guildhall Gresham Street EC2V 7HH n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. The Maughan Library Chancery Lane WC2A 1LR n Sat/Sun 1. Pre-book ONLY on http://fishhallopenhouse2013. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. John Belcher 1893/William Whitfield 1970. the new building was designed by the City architects’ department on the site of the 15C Baynard Castle. N D A G A significant intervention in one of London’s most important urban quarters. N D B T Purpose built art gallery housing City of London’s art collection. American oak panelling and old artefacts and pictures provide internal finishes. Possible security bag checks. 15.30pm. Tube/Rail: Farringdon. first come basis. Mott MacDonald/ Wilkinson Eyre/Urban Initiatives due 2018. built to house records of the Court of Chancery. St Paul’s. A walk through Finsbury Circus 26 Southwark AJ|Library Building| openhouselondon. 12noon & 1.341 Leadenhall Market Gracechurch Street EC3V 1LR n Sat 10am-4pm. Tube: Chancery Lane. first come basis.76. Liverpool Street. Tube: Monument. Junior activity includesArchikids Corner. D R T B Founded in 1442. 4. Entry: main and small reception rooms.100. 25. this is a brick building with traditional lime mortar and handsome lead roof. Tube/Rail: Moorgate. Last entry 3. Rail: Blackfriars. Entry: Great Hall.30pm. long room. 8.11.149. first come basis. Sun 10. Monument.63. Tube/DLR: Bank. Front façade is sympathetic to the Grade I listed Guildhall neighbour and uses same traditional materials – Portland stone and Collyweston stone slates. Tube/Rail: Moorgate.271 City of London Information Centre St Paul’s Churchyard EC4M 8BX n Sat 10am-12noon. Tube: St Paul’s.11. E T Q The Moorgate site has seen excavation of 60m deep access shaft for west ticket hall.100.43. Tube/DLR: Bank. Sculpture in the City. Last entry 3. Entry: Round room. open staircase and famous ‘swinging panels’ on the open-plan first floor. some library areas. 76. Sir Horace Jones 1881. Tube/Rail: Farringdon. The structure is clad in a specially manufactured system of 220 pre-finished stainless steel panels. Entry: all areas.30am-4pm. Henry Roberts 1831-5.100. American elm.crossrail.11. rare example of Medieval civic architecture with postwar extensions and rebuilding. damask wall coverings etc.133. built over remains of London’s 2C Roman amphitheatre. Max 350 at one 10am-3pm of Roman remains in 90 Gracechurch Street. N T Classic cast-iron Victorian covered market by the architect of Tower Bridge and Smithfield Market.133. D B A Opened by the Queen in 2002 as the first new livery hall in the Square Mile for nearly 40 years. great David Laing 1813-17/Sir Robert Smirke 1825.15. Last entry 4. Tube: Chancery Lane.56.45. Liverpool Street. Tube: Barbican. quay. The 58m long neo-classical Long Room was the central reporting point for all London Customs business in the 19C. Max 80 at one time. This subtly reflective surface provides a striking counterpoint to the stonework of St Paul’s.141 Custom House 20 Lower Thames Street EC3R 6EE n Sat/Sun 9. the Hall’s classical simplicity is contrasted by the magnificence of its interior rooms. Moorgate. Architect-led half-hourly tours. Open House Junior activity Sat 12noon-4pm/Sun 12noon-4pm.100 City of London School Queen Victoria Street (main entrance on river walkway nr Millennium Bridge) EC4V 3AL n Sat 10am-7pm/Sun 10am-4pm. queuing outside if necessary. Interior uses fine finishes of marble. Late 19C façade and opulent Victorian T Guildhall Yard EC2V 5AE n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Now renovated to house a fine university library. 4pm. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. D R T London’s first fireproof building. d R T Late Victorian neo-Baroque building with modern-style 1970 extensions supporting 5 stories of offices over the Great Hall. Tube: St Paul’s. Tube/Rail: London Bridge.23. Tube: Mansion House. T B C Fine example of early 4-floor town house (c1700).35 Lloyd’s of London One Lime Street EC3M 7HA Key. John Croxton 1440/George Dance the Younger 1789.30pm.15. with original panelling.21. Rolls chapel (now Weston room and Byron exhibition). 21. Mansion House. Max 30 per tour.149 Haberdashers’ Hall 18 West Smithfield (opposite Bart’s Hospital by traffic barrier under flagpole) EC1A 9HQ n Sat 10am-5pm.242 Guildhall Art Gallery Chartered Accountants’ Hall Moorgate Place EC2R 6EA n Sat 9am-3pm.172 Crossrail Liverpool Street Construction Sites Crossrail Moorgate Site on Moorfields EC2Y 9AA n Sun 10am-4pm. Tube/DLR: Bank. Rail: Fenchurch Street. 17.26. Last tour 2. Various displays. Rail: Liverpool Street. Liverpool Street. Entry: principal function rooms.30am. Last entry 6pm.30pm.15. Liverpool Street. 8.43.30pm-5pm. first come basis. Tube/Rail: Cannon Street. Tours on the hour. Richard Gilbert Scott 1999. standing around a peaceful courtyard. Regular tours. 11. Designed by the architect Henry Roberts (1831-5). 4. Dr Johnson’s House 17 Gough Square EC4A 3DE n Sat 11am-6. Temple. Tube/Rail: Moorgate.40pm. Tube: Tower Hill. Last entry half hour before close. twice destroyed by fire and rebuilt (1666 & 1772). Liverpool Street shows the construction of the utilities corridor.25. www. Detection dog displays Tube/Rail: Moorgate. J Pennethorne and Sir John Taylor 1851/Gaunt Francis Associates 2001. | City of London | 26 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .242. Tube: Monument.30pm.172. Displays.76 Fishmongers’ Hall London Bridge EC4R 9EL n Sat tours at 10am. 4. . St Paul’s.214. Tube/Rail: Blackfriars. Last tour 4pm. Stuart Murphy & Tom Meddings 1986. Johnson compiled his famous Dictionary of the English Language (1755) here. Tube/DLR: Bank. queuing outside if necessary. new theatre.26.153. d T Livery hall first built in the 1530s. Presentations on Crossrail and site works. Max 20 per tour. Skyline Shadow Show & Bird City. Includes much Victorian art. R T Elegant late-Georgian building partly rebuilt after subsidence.76.30am-3pm. Bank. Blackfriars. H Williams and Sir T G Jackson 1868.100. make architects Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm follows the route of platform tunnels. Entry: market streets.Fishmongers’ Hall is a rare example of a Greek Revival town building featuring an arcaded granite base and a riverside terrace. 2pm. Max 20 per tour.15 Drapers’ Hall Throgmorton Street EC2N 2DQ n Sun 10am-4pm. Duration 30 mins. robing room. Grade I listed. Regular half-hourly tours Sat 10. Mansion House.521 King’s College London. Max 10 per tour.30pm. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Entry:‘Public’ rooms. d T B The City’s seat of municipal government since 12C. Mansion House.133. 12noon. Michael Hopkins and Partners 2002.76. Tube/DLR: Bank. main hall. a student of Sir Robert Smirke. Last entry 4. Entry: west reception ground floor. Entry: art gallery and Roman amphitheatre. Great Hall with Walker organ and model railway room. First come basis.

12noon. PO Box 270. First come basis. Entry: court rooms. 4pm.341 Bride Lane. 4. Tube/Rail: Moorgate. Sustainable features include many ahead of their time with new initiatives introduced in recent years to further improve energy efficiency.56 Osborne House 12 Devonshire Square EC2M 4TE n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Max 500 at one time. Robert C Murray 1894. Last entry 4pm. Sympathetically extended by Richard Rogers Partnership whose glass and steel structure soars above as a fine example of high-tech architecture.30pm. diaper work and crenellations. Guildhall. Tickets allocated by draw. Display on 100 years of printing and Fleet Street’s social history.100.26.30am. Public Relations Office. meet by Bread Street entrance near glass scenic lifts. Blackfriars. library. 1pm. T Q A d Sumptuous building with many original decoration and architectural features.30pm. Tube: St Paul’s. . Tube: Mansion House. livery hall. Liverpool Street. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Rail: Fenchurch Street. Mansion House. RIBA Award Winner 2011. Rail: Blackfriars. Middle Temple Hall Middle Temple Lane EC4Y 9AT 27AJ|Library City of London Green | openhouselondon. pre-fire Medieval. Small lengths still survive showing well-preserved architectural form and detail including both Roman and Medieval fabric. 11am. Bennetts Associates 2007/8. Entry: retail space. B Fine Grade II listed mid-Georgian house. Sir Christopher Wren 1710. 3km long. first come basis. retaining its 18C character. Max 4 tickets per booking. d Residence of the City of London’s Lord Mayor. 25.76.25.n Sat 10am-4pm. d R T QG Home of the world’s leading insurance market and one of the City’s most celebrated buildings.76. Pre-book ONLY.48. and some of the largest enclosed spaces in the Square Mile. City of London Corporation.35. painted Building Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 9 Little Trinity Lane EC4V 2AD n Sun 10am-3pm. Entry: Rogers building entrance and reception.11. Damaged by two terrorist bombs in the 1990s. Hourly tours. lifts.172 New Street Square St Paul’s Cathedral – Triforium Tour One New Change The City Churches 5 New Street Square EC4A 3BF n Sat 10am-4pm. Ateliers Jean Nouvel/Sidell Gibson Architects 2010. Entry:Triforium. Rail: City Thameslink. queuing if necessary. 101ft long and 41ft wide. highly access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 27 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . many original features remain including the swimming pool and library. N D R T B London’s finest surviving Elizabethan Hall (1562). 2pm.30pm. 4.15. St Paul’s. Tower Hill. There are 42 churches within the City of London. Last entry 4. Half-hourly tours. RIBA Award Winner 2009. RIBA Award Winner.8. D An overview of the latest developments and architecture in the City of London via the interactive 1:500 scale Piper model that shows the future skyline with proposed new towers. the Hall was partially destroyed in 1941 by enemy action and rebuilt in a neo-Georgian style in 1960. 3pm. Tube/Rail: Blackfriars. 10am. 2. 8. DLR: Tower Gateway.11.172 City of London’s Marketing Suite. 3pm (weather permitting).76. Adam room.149. Clerk. Give names of all attendees in application. Section 1: Sat 10am-4pm Tower Hill. Tube: Barbican. Informal talks given by past Masters. within Guildhall Complex (entrance at 80 Basinghall Street.21. A full list available from the City of London Information Centre. 1st floor. Tube: Mansion House. Tube/DLR: Bank.15. 4. 8.21.25 Mansion House Walbrook EC4N 8BH n Sat/Sun tours at 9am. RIBA Award winner. then extensively and controversially reordered by Quinlan with superb plasterwork and wood carving. Max 15 per tour. library. Indicate preferred tour times in order. Blackfriars. Liverpool Street. R T B Wren’s Library with original fittings and Trophy Room with Wren’s first model for his new cathedral. first come basis. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street St Mary Abchurch Key.11. Richard Rogers Partnership 1986. theatre.15 n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. d A G T A dynamic destination between High Holborn and Fleet Street serving the ‘mid-town’ area of the City.25.11.25. 4. Entry: Hall. roof terrace. N D R T A new retail destination and office space creating a multipurpose commercial powerhouse for the Square Mile. Collcutt building reception. First come basis. EC2P 2EJ. Tours of award-winning gardens 12noon. Max 250 at one time. Tube/DLR: Bank.AD180 and conceived as a single project. d R T B Built as a printers institute in the Anglo-Dutch style. Tours every 15 mins.30pm. St Paul’s Churchyard EC4M 8AD n Sat 10am-4pm. 1. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. with sandstone dressings. Holborn. leading from Gresham Street) EC2V 5AR n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Entry: backstage. Tube: Monument. Quiz for children. 43. Architect on site. Tube: Chancery Lane. adjacent to entrance of tube station EC3N 4DR Section 2: Sat 10am-4pm Courtyard of Grange Hotel. Liverpool Street.25. Entry only by pre-booked The wall was heightened in the medieval period and formed a significant element of the city. Tube/Rail: Farringdon. Max 80 at one time. office space.11. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. General Committee room. with double hammerbeam roof. Max 30 at one time.47 London Wall Tower Hill (adjacent to station entrance) EC3N 4DR Archaelogists from English Heritage. 11th floor gallery. Entry: ground floor. 4. Tube: Aldgate. Tower Hill. Thomas E Collcutt/Richard Rogers Partnership 1901/2000. George Dance the Elder 1739-52.15. Entry: public areas of house on ground & 1st floors. Times vary. fortified by bastions. 242. first erected c. Museum of London and LP Archaelogy present at each section to discuss and interpret. Entry: ground floor. Now HQ of National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies. well preserved internally with beautiful ornate cornices and plasterwork. Regular tours outlining the changing face of St Helen’s building over the centuries.35. Max 20 per tour.133.4.63. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Four churches are listed here. St Paul’s. Tube: Temple.40. Last tour 4pm. the range of styles includes Norman. Free flower demos Sat 11. bar and selected meeting rooms. Max 15 per tour.11.23 Painters’ Hall Access via South Churchyard Entrance. Spectacular views of St Paul’s. with a substantial group of new buildings set around a public square and hosting a programme of public art and performance.100.344 Middle Temple Hall Pipers’ City of London Model at The City Marketing Suite Lloyd’s Register Group 71 Fenchurch Street EC3M 4BS n Sat 10am-5pm. Mansion House. bastions. Tube: St Paul’s.8. Tube: Bank. screen and notable paintings. lower ground floor.242 St Bride Foundation n Sun 1pm-5pm. 4.15. Tube: Temple. queuing outside if necessary.Wren’s masterpieces and modern reworkings. off London Wall by the Museum EC2V 5DY Section 5: Sat 10am-4pm Western Cripplegate Fort Gate – adjacent to section 4 in the carpark below EC2V 5DY Roman London was enclosed by a substantial wall.100.15. St Paul’s.341 One New Change EC4M 9AB n Sun 1pm-5pm. The original charters are of particular interest. Apply in writing by 6 September to Mansion House Tours. and Beadle. H D Searles-Wood 1915/Harrington (restoration) 1961. Tube/DLR: Bank. successful applicants notified in writing. Rail: Blackfriars. first come basis. Unusual double nave with the best pre-Great Fire collection of monuments in any London parish church.26. St Paul’s Churchyard EC4M 8BX and from each church during the weekend.26. Tube: Mansion House.30pm. 17C and 20C additions.76. Stunning view down the nave from above the Great West Doors. Fleet Street EC4Y 8EQ n Sat 10am-1pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Moorgate. Duration 45 mins. Rail: City Thameslink. 8-14 Cooper’s Row EC3N 2BQ Section 3: Sat 10am-4pm St Alphage Garden/Salters Hall Garden EC2Y 5DB Section 4: Sat 10am-4pm Bastions and Wall. Last tour 3.26.25. steeply pitched tiled roof and gables. Rail: Fenchurch Street.56. Max 10 at one time. St Helen Bishopsgate Great St Helen’s EC3A 6AT n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-3. Barber Surgeons Hall.30pm.25.76. D T Acquired in 1532 and rebuilt in 1670 after the Great Fire. One of the few City buildings to survive the Great Fire of London and dates from 1210 onwards.45. this is – like Rogers’ Pompidou Centre in Paris – a key example of British High-Tech architecture. Last entry 3. 40.

Half-hourly tours. Tube/Rail: Cannon Street.153 Sculpture in the City 2013 n Meet: Sat 10am at corner of 99 and Wormwood Street EC2M 3XF. charters and other treasures dating back to 14C.40. Tube/Rail: Farringdon.133.43. Richly panelled and with a magnificently carved staircase. an early exemplar of British modernist architecture originally intended as accommodation for key City workers. Within a rectangular outline is nested a square space defined by twelve columns and covered by a huge dome. 2pm and 4pm of short film by Esther Johnson as part of Super Estates project. Sat/Sun 10. 10. Sat Film screenings at 12pm. St Paul’s. frugal in operation and evangelical in purpose’.23.21.25. Max 30 per tour. Tube: Bank. St Paul’s.21. Tube: Barbican. Tickets sent by post. First come basis. Max 30 per walk. Good fittings.43. begun in 1681 and completed five years later. An internal dome forty feet across was painted in 1708 by William Snow depicting the worship of 3. 2 tours. 20 Goswell Road EC1M 7AA. Tube: Tower Hill. Temple Bar and Paternoster Square ending at St Martin’s Ludgate on Ludgate Hill.50pm.133.26 St Paul’s Cathedral and Paternoster Square n Meet: outside Guildhall Art Gallery. A Medieval church destroyed in the Great Fire was replaced by Wren with the present building. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street St Mary-le-Bow Cheapside EC2V 6AU n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.45 WALKS/TOURS Behind the scenes at the Barbican n Meet: outside Guildhall Art Gallery. Tube: Bank. consisting of three hexagonal chevrons. T Q A contrasting itinerary going eastwards passing some Wren churches and Tower 42 to Broadgate.30pm. 3. Tube/DLR: Bank. Tube: Mansion House. Samuel Wyatt 1796/Albert Richardson 1953. 8. Walk led by a qualified City of London guide. Guildhall Yard EC2V 5AE.55. Tube/DLR: Bank. William Blackburn 1780.25. Walk led by qualified City of London guide. Entry: 1st floor ceremonial rooms. queuing if necessary. DLR/Tube: Bank.Abchurch Yard EC4N 7BA n Sat 1pm-5pm/Sun 10am-12pm.43. 25. State tour time preferred. Walk led by qualified City of London guide. 1st floor chapel. 12. 344 Watermen’s Hall 18 St Mary-at-Hill EC3R 8EF n Sat tours at 9am. Duration approx 1 1/2 hours. First come basis. Duration 45 28 Southwark AJ|Library Building| openhouselondon. Sir Christopher Wren cityoflondon. D T Fine late Georgian exterior with interior painstakingly reconstructed after destruction by incendiary bomb in 1940. Freemen’s room. pre-book ONLY on pro. Duration approx 2 hours. Q T A walk down the river Thames at Southwak Bridge and then along the riverside path under London Bridge and through the former Pool of London to the Tower of London. Powell & Bon 1957 onwards. plates. 149. Last entry 12.133. d Only remaining Georgian Hall in the City of London.21. Rail: Fenchurch Street. Tube/Rail Cannon Street. Brief was to create a space ‘modern in design.30pm. Tube: Barbican. St Paul’ Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Lloyd’s of London Vintners’ Hall Upper Thames Street EC4V 3BG n Sat 10am-4pm. address & tel | City of London | 28 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .242 Supported by Golden Lane Estate on film n EXHIBIT Gallery.35. Entry: Café 101.15. Sir Christopher Wren 1686. Duration approx 1 1/2 hours. also visiting St Giles Cripplegate.344.242 City Alleyways to Liverpool Street Station n Meet: outside Guildhall Art Gallery. It is. asking questions about domestic and private space. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. Court room.11. 1. Half-hourly tours. Sheppard Robson 2004.133. Entry: foyer. hallway. Strictly 20 mins duration in total.141. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street.242 St Paul’s Cathedral – Triforium social record of the lives of 10 residents living on Golden Lane.cityoflondon. Sat/Sun 10. at 601ft was the first to break previous restrictions on tall buildings in London. quite rightly. Sat/Sun 10.40pm. Blackfriars. St Paul’s. St Paul’s. 4.15. Walk led by qualified City of London Guide. Last entry 4pm. St Paul’s. D T Q The City of London’s tallest occupied building. finishing at Liverpool Street Station. Guildhall Yard EC2V 5AE. Half-hourly Guildhall Yard EC2V 5AE.26 Tower 42 25 Old Broad Street EC2N 1HQ n Sat 10am-5pm.50am to 3. T Q A walk past St Mary-le-Bow church to St Paul’s Cathedral. A Key.25.30pm. Tube: Bank. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. 25. 8. St Paul’s. 15. Home of the Bow Bells.35.56. Max 10 per screening. Queue may close early depending on wait times. 2pm.141. The church fittings are mainly 17C woodwork attributed to Grinling Gibbons.25. D T Built immediately after the Great Fire. Entry: 1st floor ceremonial rooms. Tube/Rail: Moorgate.30pm. Edward Jarman 1671-3. Tube/Rail: Moorgate. queuing if necessary. 12.8. a new glass and steel entrance hall was built on Old Broad Street and the external steel cladding was replaced.23.48. Max 30 per known as the spiritual home of the wine trade. the church in the Sculpture in the City is an urban sculpture park of 10 contemporary art installations by leading international artists set within the iconic towers of the City of London.25. 388. Mansion House St Stephen Walbrook Walbrook EC4N 8BN n Sat 10am-5pm. T Founded by William the Conqueror’s Archbishop Lanfranc in 1080 (of which the highly significant crypt largely survives) St Mary-le-Bow was rebuilt several times. www.40am-3. Tube: Barbican. Richard Seifert & Partners 1981/GMW Partnership/ Fletcher Priest 1995.30pm. the Hall is an outstanding example of mid 17C craftsmanship.344 Trinity House Tower Hill EC3N 4DH n Sat 10am-1pm. Entry: Parlour. T Q A walk around the listed Barbican Centre visiting the (private) gardens. Last entry it contains paintings. DLR/Tube: Bank.30pm. Chamberlin.30pm.43. Max 70 at one time. Golden Lane is a Grade II listed estate. Max 30 per walk. Half-hourly tours. board and conference rooms. Rail: Fenchurch Street. Tube/Rail: Moorgate. Max 30 per walk.23. Birthplace of the Samaritans. Sir Christopher Wren 1670/Laurence King 1964.141. Sat/Sun tours at 11am.48. Max 10 per tour. levels 24 & 42. and perfect example of domestic architecture of the period. Last entry 4pm.242 The City and the River Thames n Meet: outside Guildhall Art Gallery.141. Pre-book ONLY in writing enclosing SAE to The Assistant Clerk giving name(s). Max 100 at one time. Duration approx 1 1/2 hours. Tube: Barbican.30pm.4. Tube: Monument. Guildhall Yard EC2V 5AE. Monument The Salvation Army International Headquarters 101 Queen Victoria Street EC4V 4EH n Sat 10am-5pm. most notably by Wren after the Great Fire and again by Laurence King in 1964 after WWII destruction of Wren’s design. statues and works of art from original building. Max 60 at one time. 2pm.35. first come basis. Wren’s own parish church with the building personally supervised by him in 1672. Tube/Rail: Moorgate 8. Duration 45 mins. Golden Lane Estate. Max 2 tickets per application. Tours at 11am. Silver room. 12noon. N D RT B A A transparent and welcoming working environment with fullheight glazing and feature steel columns.21. and lake side. Tube: Barbican. Tube/DLR: Bank. During a comprehensive refurbishment in 1995.23. Max 25 per tour. Tube: Mansion House. Liverpool Street. Central stone altar by Henry Moore installed in 1987. 8.

Rail/Tram: East Croydon. first come basis. Rail: Thornton Heath.367. T A G P 75% of us don’t want to live in a new home. Design teams involved include East. Rail: Gipsy Hill. in three hillside terraces. Project Centre. Twenty-one houses. West Croydon.450 Fairfield Halls Park Lane CR9 1DG n Sat tours at 9. H Thornley. Tours Max 8 per tour. Bedrooms downstairs open on to a lower garden. d N R T B C P Unique Grade II listed 1928 building with rusticated features. 64. muf. T d One of the few surviving examples of a major early post-war concert hall and arts centre in the country and is reputed for its excellent acoustics.264. Rail: East Croydon. recognising and valuing the existing qualities within the site whilst initiating new uses and forms of occupation.154.450 Whitgift Almshouses North End.130. Entrance façade features three 1 1/2 storey arched windows. Crystal Palace. Drop-in activities throughout the day including drawing workshops and cricket for children.432. Rail: East Croydon. Council Officers available for questions.198 South Norwood Hill Children’s Centre 21 Cypress Road SE25 4AU n Sun 10am-3pm. Max 30 per tour.312 Hayes Primary School 98 Hayes Lane. 11am. A new white concrete and glass pavilion provides a reading area complemented by oak flooring and comfortable seating. Half-hourly tours.198. Last tour 4pm. Max 28 per tour. Rail/Tram: East Croydon. Last tour 3pm. Entry: 18th floor viewing to find out more about this area Airport House Purley Way. 64. muf architecture/art 2013. pre-book ONLY by email on essexmewsOH2013@solidspace. re-orientating it and linking it to its wooded site.30pm. Atelier 5 1969-70. Winner Blue Ribbon Award 2013. Entry: selected areas of house. T Tudor almshouses dating from 1596 and founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury John Thornton Heath CR7 7JB n Sat 9am-5pm. Pevsner wrote:‘a group with few equals in Britain’. Earliest example of an air traffic control tower. pre-book ONLY by email on johnspring@fairfield. Robert Atkinson & Partners 1962. grounds.30am-3. The living areas on the upper floor are approached through a garden court. Rail: East Croydon. Max 20 per tour. Croydon CR0 0XZ n Sat/Sun 11am- Display on history of Taberner House plus new Hayhurst 2012. Last tour 12. Rail: Kenley 29 Croydon | openhouselondon.30pm. Kenley CR8 5JN n Sat built by Swiss architects Atelier 5 for Wates. FAT (pavilion) 2010. but it has been retained and transformed.154.412. Booking hall with glass domed atrium. 417. 198. Built in a style similar to the Royal Festival Hall. Allies and Morrison. Duration 1 1/2 hours. Inside a succession of pitched roofs. Max 15 per tour. Croydon CR0 5DY n Sun 12pm-5pm.109.197 Supported by Taberner House Park Lane. its size doubled. Entry: windmill. first come basis. audience chamber.109. Children’s library leads to garden. Croydon CR0 2NF n Sat 10am-5pm.410 Shirley Windmill Postmill Close. Upper Shirley Road. Crystal Palace SE19 1BS n Sat 10am-1pm. Erect Architecture 2011. St Bernards. tram/buses to central Croydon WALKS/TOURS The Seven Hills of Croydon n Meet: Sun 12noon at East Croydon Station CR0 1LF After WWII. Rail: East Croydon. pre-book ONLY on 020 8680 8499. West Croydon.250. Shortlisted RIBA Awards 2013.30pm. RIBA Award Winner 2012. scale and zone the nursery school and the multipurpose room. d Last opportunity to visit this 19-storey tower constructed for Council administration with amazing views of London and South-East in advance of planned redevelopment of site. Max 20 at one time. This architect-led tour offers a walk around England’s Alphaville via its 7 hills. spacious environment whilst its façade now makes a bold statement. The cross-laminated timber construction.405. with the timber trusses exposed. Regular tours. Facilities at adjacent 1928 Aerodrome Hotel also open to public. Regular tours of Croydon Airport Visitor Centre.Croydon Ruskin Theatre Garden South Norwood Hill Children’s Centre See openhouselondon. Rail: East Croydon. Rail: Norwood Junction. Half-hourly tours. Architects and designers connected with Croydon projects on site at various locations as per map. Hassell. Jan Kattein. Chapel and Courtyard with original 16C clock. chapel. 60. D T A G P 2013 RIBA National Award winning school | Southwark | 29 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .466 Essex Mews Essex Mews. N D T A Carnegie library (1914) with some fine original architectural features that has been recently refurbished to create a with preferred tour time.166. first come basis.166. 50. grounds. it houses a 1794 seat concert hall and 763 seat theatre.194.30pm. it is the only surviving windmill in Croydon. 50. Hourly tours. R T C A G D Ruskin Square Garden occupies a portion of the development site ‘Ruskin Square’ which has been retained as a found landscape.197 Thornton Heath Library 109 Brigstock Road. Dingwall Road.T33 offices at Bernard Weatherill House. first come basis. New roof lights let daylight into the deep plan. Studio Weave. Tube/Rail: Crystal Palace. Croydon transformed from a market town on London’s outskirts into a 20C super suburb. Entry: courtyard. N R T B d The present brick tower windmill was built in the mid 1850s to replace a post mill destroyed by fire. and 2pm. is clad with timber shingle and with a 55m-long mirrored facade that flickers with the reflection of the trees. Talk by muf architects at 2pm in the performance space. Solidspace is out to change that by buildings homes that delight. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. 50. Connected Croydon is a £50m programme of public realm and infrastructure projects currently being delivered in central Croydon. Entry: building. N D R T C G P The old school was dark and unloved. John McAslan and Partners. Now renovated to nearworking condition.194. approx duration 1 hour.109. Rail/Tram: East or West Croydon. Croydon CR9 1SS n Sat 10am-4pm. Hourly tours (except 1pm). inspire and engage and Essex Mews is the latest iteration of their typology – offering their solution to 21C living. Matthew Wood Architects Max 15 in viewing gallery at one time for 15 mins only. Timber and brick materials inform the building’s charming character. with Allan Holt and Hugh Lea (borough engineers) 1964-7. Rail: East Croydon. Entry: a selection of 2 AJ|Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Ruskin Theatre Garden Ruskin Square. wemadethat. adjacent to East Croydon Station CR0 1LS n Sat 11am-3.30pm. transforming London’s biggest borough. Duration 1 hour. then 119 bus to Croydon Colonnades Connected Croydon – on site Pick up a map at Croydon Visitor Centre. Chichester Road CR0 5UL n Sat 2pm-4. 410 St Bernards Houses Meet: by OH banner. Max 16 per tour. Last tour 12noon. 466. Croydon CR9 1JT n Sat 11.

E9(to Marchwood Crescent). www. 207. First come Supported by Key. Last entry 12. Tour. N T A G P ‘An eco-refurbishment project which crammed in just about every energy. N d P Restored flight of locks at Hanwell is a scheduled ancient monument. Scandinavian inspired cedar cladding and shutters create a dynamic façade opening to the garden. garden. Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway. 4pm at The Fox public house. Half-hourly tours. Finishes include long board flooring.297 Ealing Town Hall. Tube: Boston Manor.E8. N C P d Built in the distinctive style of the architect and containing many fine works of 20C art. Last admission 4pm.112.427. while Three Bridges is a unique stacked intersection of road. Max 8 at one time.427. Stanley Kerr Bates (1960 – transepts).207. gold cornices and chandeliers.195 Walpole Park.30am at The Brentham Club. expressing Soane’s idiosyncratic architectural style with its stripped classical detail.E7 Gunnersbury Park Museum & Park Gunnersbury Park W3 8LQ n Sun 11. 30 Southwark AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon. 105.E3. Sir John Soane‘Marble Arch’ entrance – the first in London for 200 years. www. Drop in family workshop on Sat. Max 15 per tour. 566 Chiswick High Road W4 5YA. first come basis. with Children’s Centre (Llowarch Llowarch 2006). first come basis. Extremely opulent interiors with marble.27 The White House 46 Park View Road W5 2JB n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. exposed brick. first come basis. 2pm. Highlights: the home of a Wimbledon champion and the death mask of a prime minister. Hanwell W7 2AD n Sat/Sun 11am-6. Architects include F and E Walters (1897 – the nave). N D R T B P Building began in 1897 and has only recently been completed. adjacent centre. and Sir William Whitfield (1997 – choir and apse). the setting for his Pitzhanger Manor.607 Zero Carbon Loft 2 Cleveland Road W13 8AX n Sun 11am-1. plus feature second floor dance studio. See LB Hounslow section for full listing Hanwell Flight of Locks & Three Bridges n Meet: Sat 1pm. 3pm. the new building aims to provide a civic presence and welcoming environment in this diverse community. Max 20 per tour. 65. Max 10 per tour. Tube: North Ealing. Last entry 3.83. Tours of house 12noon. A 2-storey contemporary ‘magic box’ penetrates the rear of the building. Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway. Pre-book ONLY by email on tom@greenstructures. The Orchard W4 1JY n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.427. Acton Town. 237. Ealing Entry: church.E9 Ealing Common Walk n Meet: Sat 2. Remodelling works to ground floor entrance and library forming light and open route to 3-storey high foyer of new extension. Duration approx 2 hours. first come basis with 30 mins break for lunch at 1pm. Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway.95 A Ruskinian walk through shared heritage n Meet: Sat 12noon.30pm.207.267.kska. (Organised by The Brentham Society.30pm.30pm. Regular tours. Hanwell W7 2EB n Sat 10am-5pm. Rail: Hanwell.E9 WALKS/TOURS 38a Cumberland Road.440 See openhouselondon. Council Chamber and Mayor’s Office New Broadway W5 2BY n Sun 11am-4pm.83. approx every 30mins. Duration approx 2 hours. D R T A G P d 6-storey extension with underground sports hall and double-height flexible performance/assembly/drama zone. E8. Double-height atrium floods light into heart of house.607 Gunnersbury Park Landscape Tour n Meet: Sun Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .607. polished concrete. 3pm. talk and refreshments with past Ealing Mayors. Tube: Boston Parker and Unwin’s plan introduced D R T P Late Victorian ragstone Gothic Town Hall with sumptuous Imperial staircase. Mayor’s parlour. Entry: Manor House.83.30pm.607 The Lodge Bedford Park Mansions. Nicholas Hare Architects 2012.’ Alistair McGowan.30pm at Hanger Lane end of Inglis Road by the Open House Banner W5 3RN. first houses built 1901. KSKa Architects 2013. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Ealing | 30 openhouselondon. 83. D R T Q A P Louis XV Palace set in own private gardens. Rail: Hanwell.E10 Pitzhanger Manor House Dormer’s Wells Lane. set in grounds of Walpole Park. a radical solution to provide 2 bedrooms. 38 Meadvale Road W5 1NP. Sustainable features include sedum room. R T A With a footprint of 40sqm. Green Lane W7 2PJ Duration 1 hour. As physical works start in Walpole park to reinstate Sir John Soane’s Regency landscape. solar power. based on owner’s grandmother’s palace in Poland. radical colour schemes and inventive use of space and light. 65. this is an opportunity to hear about what is planned and how the site is progressing.) Tube: Hanger Lane. Charles Jones (West Wing) 1888.30am at entrance to Gunnersbury Park Museum.Ealing 44 Mount Park Road 44 Mount Park Road Dormer’s Wells High School Ealing Abbey Charlbury Grove W5 2DY n Sun 1pm-5pm. 94. Nelson room.and water-saving device known to man whilst highlighting the importance of retrofitting existing buildings. 207. Led by S. 195. Ellis Williams Architects 2013. Duration up to 2 1/2 hours. Last entry 4. Chiswick Park.30pm at Chiswick Business Park. E8. Tours on the hour. family tour 2pm Sun N RT C Former country residence designed by Soane for his own use.E2. Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway. R T P Britain’s first co-partnership garden suburb. Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway. and Brunel’s last major railway Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Brentham Garden Suburb Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway. Duration 15 mins. Tube: Turnham Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway. mainly Arts and Crafts style. See LB Hounslow section for full listing Notting Hill & Ealing High School St Thomas the Apostle Boston Road. Edward Maufe 1934. G A Dramatic and energy-efficient transformation of a large double-fronted house in a conservation area. birthplace of Patrick Caulfield. Tube/Rail: Gunnersbury. Entry: may include Council Chamber. Other focal points are the homes of William to find out more about this area 44 Mount Park Road W5 2RU n Sun 10am-5pm. rail and canal. Sun 2.207 to Ealing Hospital or 195 to St Mark’s Church Walpole Park Works Tour n Meet: Sun 10am at Walpole Park. Recently restored. Tube/Rail: Ealing D T A G P Rebuild of secondary school and 6th form as part of Wave 5 of BSF programme. Mattock Lane W5 5EQ Pre-book ONLY on pmgwalpole@ealing.112. crossing the ‘Stamford Brook’ to view Woodlands Park Ice House. Building 3. Situated on a challenging site. John Zylinski 2009. Max 14 at one time. Tube: Chiswick Park.207.83. Tube: Greenford.30am-5pm. Green Structures 2010. builder and originator of Daylight Saving Time.E1. R Walk across Ealing Common taking in the range of architectural styles. T A Starts at RIBA Award-winning Chiswick Park (Richard Rogers Partnership 2000). Southall UB1 3HZ n Sat 10am-2pm. If heavy rain walk will be cancelled. Grade I E2.45pm. Rail: Southall. Northfields. 2 bathrooms and living accommodation with external spaces over 2 levels to the lodge of the Bedford Park Mansion’s porter. Entry: ground floor. Richard Ganeshmoorthy 2010. Tours every 20 mins.297. 65. Gunnersbury Park W3 8LQ. Tube: Boston Manor. Tube/Rail: Ealing Broadway.272. CABE awarded top rating of ‘Very Good’ and it achieved aBREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.207 n Meet: Sat/Sun 10. Rail: Hanwell. Regular tours. South Acton Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1794/1859. Acton Residents Action Group.83. and Richard White. Co-founder of the Law Society. Walks led by experts in local waterway history. fascinating social history. Mattock Lane W5 5EQ n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm.sidellgibsoninteriors.

Improve’ Award for best home extension 2011/12. and mute colours. Architect-led tours at 3pm.30pm. Now restored as mixed-use village and commercial centre. William Butterfield 1883. D R T P Fine Victorian Gothic church with impressive windows and painted chancel. housing the unique. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2012. Architect and structural/mechanical engineer on site for talks and discussion. Garden is a folded timber landscape with heated paddling pool. Paintings by Buckeridge and Westlake 1897 and restored 2012. Master of the Haberdasher’s Guild. Paired classrooms arranged around a central triangular flexible learning space with dramatic atrium over. Former Arms Factory employees present to answer questions. Sustainable features include a green roof. the present Grade II listed building of yellow stock brick dates from 1790. Lord Mayor of London 1632-33. Tube: Cockfosters. Oakwood. Rail: Silver Street.491 St John and St James CE Primary School Enfield Town Library 66 Church Street EN2 6AX n Sat 9am-5. Entry: ground floor only. Enfield EN2 9HA n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Rail: Enfield Chase. Using brick. and two electric pumps currently in service. inclusive Chickenshed. Last entry Curl la Tourelle Architects 2013. SCABAL Notable burials in the grounds. Enfield EN2 8QH n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Regular tours. gardens. Tottenham Hale. Rail: Enfield Town. Tube: Turnpike Lane then 121 Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm RSA Island Centre. Building houses Rayne Theatre auditorium.45pm. with delicate glazing bars. Entry: all public areas. Entry: all public spaces. Enfield Chase. d RT P Established 1688. dance studio. clad in colour-change backlit polycarbonate.307. garden. N D R T P Neo-classical yellow Suffolk stock brick villa with mid 19C extension to north and west front. London Planning Award Winner 2010.279 St Mary Magdalene Church Windmill Hill. www. Last entry Southgate N14 4PE n Sat 2. Landscape restoration to start Dec 2013. T P Designed to pump water from the River Lee into the George V reservoir. Shepheard Epstein Hunter (refurb) 2000. 59 Church Hill N21 1LE n Sat/Sun 2pm-5pm. NB.149. with stunning garden – a courtyard addressed by ‘floating’ studio and house.377.scabal. Rail: Bush Hill Park Supported by Key.313.699 Rail: Turkey Street. Changing programme of high quality arts and crafts exhibitions. and a 3-storey climbing cave. D R T A G P Remodelled and extended youth centre. Adam style ceilings to ground floor. Sustainable features include ground source heat pump and solar collection.30pm.444. Max 20 at one time. buildings on site included a church (the original font is displayed in the central courtyard at the Centre) a police station and a school. accessible purpose-built Rail: Ponders End. this naturally lit and ventilated building is highly sustainable. Renton Howard Wood Levin Partnership 1994/ Angel Road. Entry: church & vestry. Tube: Oakwood. dance and recording studios.329. d N T P Grade II listed arms factory closed to public for 170 years. the building houses three old disused gas Humphrey pumps. it is designed to feel airy and instil a domestic sense of wellbeing. with amphitheatre & garden outside. Grove Street N18 2TL n Sat 10am-5pm. Bush Hill Park EN1 1BT n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. 35 Island Centre Way. Home of Sir Nicholas Rainton. D T A G P Hospice offering specialist palliative care for people with life limiting illnesses. Boreholes provide a large portion of the heating and cooling requirements. Last entry 3. W8 Myddelton House Bulls Rail: Silver Street. Civic Trust 2012 Special Award for Sustainability.102. Edmonton Green. 121. 34. Entry: ground floor. Rail: Enfield Town. N D R T G A world class indoor training facility. concrete and stone respects the mass and scale of the existing building and its prominence on the streetscape. Rail: Winchmore Hill. tearoom. E D T C A G P New building and refurbishment to provide school expansion.elliottwood. 34.149. Last entry 4. Rail: Enfield Lock Lee Valley Athletics Centre Lee Valley Leisure Complex. first come basis. library. Regular tours. first come basis. www.30pm/Sun 12pm-4pm. Extensive new playgrounds with halo canopy. Last entry 4pm. 125. 121. Max 20 per tour. museum.192. Angel Road. flanked by large 31AJ| Library Enfield | openhouselondon. Studio Theatre.30pm. restaurant. the only one of its kind in the South East.307. timber floors. RIBA National Award 2013.329.317 sash Old and new are linked with a 2-storey top-lit atrium.Enfield Suburban Studio Chickenshed Theatre Royal Small Arms Factory Forty Hall & Estate Craig Park Youth Centre 2 Lawrence Road N18 2HN n Sat 10am-5pm. Clock c1783. BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. D T A G P Timber-clad garden studio and refurbishment to Victorian house. Entry: studio. 217. Regular tours. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Entry: all areas except offices and changing William Booth Bryan 1913. Max 12 per tour. 121.313 Suburban studio 11 Second Avenue. music pavilion and multiuse games area.299.444. a sand pit and a fire pit. Hourly tours on the half hour.Winchmore Hill N21 3AY n Sat 10am-12. Enfield EN2 9HG n Sat 10am-4pm. David Morley Architects 2007. this Grade I listed Carolean mansion hall 1629-32 is set in a fine estate within the Forty Hill village conservation Tube: Seven Sisters. Rail: Enfield Lock. www. Display on development of Library.15pm. D T P Modern. New extension of glass. A simple building with central double door under a bracketed cornice hood. first come basis.30pm-6pm. Panelled Forty Hall & Estate Forty Hill.W9 King George V Pumping Station Swan & Pike Road. Entry: ground & 1st to find out more about this area Chase Side. George Ferry and John Wallen 1818. Picketts Lock N9 0AS n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Angel Road. Winner of the NLA ‘Don’t Move. Enfield EN3 6JH n Sat Tube: Southgate. Enfield Town. Last entry 4. Accessible tours Sat 11am & 2pm/Sun 2pm. constructed with bow string trusses dipping down to eye-level. Does not include entry to contemporary buildings. backstage and wardrobe areas. Shepheard Epstein Hunter 2010. Curved entrance wall allowed carriages to turn in the narrow lane. Last private owners were the Parker-Bowles family. Victorian conservatory to side. Ashton Porter Architects 2011.629 North London Hospice Barrowell Green. N D R T B C P G Recently fully refurbished in partnership with HLF.cltarchitects. First come basis. Last tour 5. Now fully accessible with gift shop and café. housing a social space. 298. pre-book ONLY on 020 8446 2288 or rtyler@northlondonhospice. Enfield (off A1055 Mollison Avenue) EN3 6GS n Sat 10am-5pm. 61 Meridian access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 31 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . www. Tube/Rail: Tottenham Hale. 191 (10 mins walk) Friends Meeting House & Burial Grounds Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting. 125 See openhouselondon. Tube: Southgate. N D R TG Original 1912 Carnegie Library has been refurbished after demolition of later additions. selected rooms. Regular tours.

Maze Hill. D R T P London’s only surviving great Jacobean mansion. D R T B C G P External and internal colours are bright. ceilings and staircase. Original wood access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Greenwich | 32 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Emirates SE10 0FR n Sat tours at 10.30am-4pm Admiral’s House half-hourly talks. Led by the Emirates Air Line project director and ICE regeneration and sustainability expert. Park Row SE10 9NF n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. King William Court. King William Court. Civic Trust Award Winner 2009. Bookshop and refreshments only available in Discover Greenwich. O’Shea room.199. Tours at 12noon & 2pm and ‘Meet Hawksmoor’ 12pm.177. and Romney Road crossing.386 Queen’s House: Royal Museums Greenwich National Maritime Museum. refurbished by Dannat Johnson in 2001 for University of Greenwich. Architype 2007. Neo-classical Chapel designed by James ‘Athenian’ Stuart Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Royal Blackheath Golf to find out more about this area Brookhill Children’s Centre 130 Brookhill Road SE18 6UZ n Sat 10am-4pm. Newton. Frankl + Luty 2000. Old Library. 124. first come basis.54. A Newton 1607-12/Norman Shaw (restored) late 19C.96. Low energy and user-friendly systems. Last entry 4.286 West Gate (King William Walk). red brick with white stone dressings and beautifully proportioned hall.177. The Royal Artillery Museum. Hourly tours.30pm. Max 18 per tour. Entry: Queen’s House. Prince Henry & Dutch Rooms.White Room. staircase. d T Formerly Dreadnought Seamen’s Hospital. d Handsome mausoleum (1750) in former Royal Navy cemetery. Rail/DLR: Woolwich Arsenal. Club house of Royal Blackheath Golf Club since 1923.199. past and present. N T d Grade II* listed building (1716-20) attributed to Nicholas Hawksmoor. Entry: main club house. Entry: Ordnance room. d B R T Designed by Wren in 1695. Grade I listed. dining room. Sat/Sun 11am-4pm Queen Mary Court. Last entry 4pm. The O2 and Thames Barrier. Outbuilding adapted as art show venue with panoramic river views. offering unique views of the river.30pm. Original layout. including the great hall and orangery. Highlights include council board room. Queen Mary Court – Last major building on the site (1751). King William Walk SE10 9HT n Sun 3pm-5pm. Rail: Greenwich.188. Exhibition about the Royal Arsenal site. Entry from pier via Cutty Sark Gardens SE10 9NN n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm Painted Hall & Chapel.199.161. 161. or East Gate. 11am. housing Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music. 53. E D RT C A The world’s last surviving tea clipper and only vessel to be a Grade I listed building. King Charles Court. now library and computer centre of the University of Greenwich. access via hourly tours. 53. First come basis. Annual art show and members’ bar. the ‘Tulip Stairs’. designed by Wren for Charles II in 1661.122. or East Gate (Park Row) and Romney Road crossing. Entry: guided tour routes only. vibrant and welcoming to create an uplifting atmosphere for local residents and users. Refurbished in 2000 by Dannatt Johnson for University of Greenwich. Free entry to ship and a talk by Grimshaw Architects and Buro Happold at 4pm.30am-4.386 Key. King William Court – Wren-designed building completed under the direction of Hawksmoor and Vanbrugh.180.180. barrel vaulting and Portland stone.108. Maze Hill. Max 10-15 per tour. Rail: Greenwich.Greenwich DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. Rail: Greenwich. Birthplace of the Royal Artillery and one of first military academies of Europe. general access. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. James ‘Athenian’ Stuart 1764-68/Dannatt Johnson (refurb) 1999. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. 177. set in Charlton Park. Max 12 at one N D T The opulent summer villa of Charles I’s queen.161 Charlton House Charlton Road SE7 8RE n Sun 10am-4pm. Rail/DLR: Woolwich Arsenal. grand staircase and restored Portland stonework.286. 12noon. NB. Max 100 people. grounds. Sat/Sun 10. Max 25 per tour. Admiral’s House – Designed for Charles II in 1661 with later works by Wren and John Webb. 1pm.472. Managed by the Greenwich Foundation.168.30am-3.126. the Admiral’s House has been undergoing extensive refurbishment since 2001. Tube: North Greenwich. boat yard. access via hourly tours. Pre-book ONLY by email on EALgroups@macemacro. 177. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. Club members available for discussion. (Park Row).422 Greenwich Pier.422. Rail: Greenwich. Tours on the hour.422 Emirates Air Line tour with ICE Meet at Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. timber panelling. See also Old Royal Naval College & Dreadnought Library entries. Discover Greenwich – Painted Hall ceiling by Sir James Thornhill 1708-27. Much of the original splendour of the house is retained. Royal Arsenal.180. Max 40 at one time. Entry: main hall.286.188. Tours at 11am. Hugh May 1664.30am-4. including the ‘grotesque-style’ painted ceiling of the queen’s bedchamber. Henrietta Maria. Last tour 4pm. Academy Refurb by John McAslan & Partners in 2001.161 Greenwich Heritage Centre Cutty Sark Dreadnought Library Cutty Sark Firepower. Glazed corridors with fine views. NB. Entry: cemetery and Old Royal Military Academy Devonport Mausoleum National Maritime Museum. See also Old Royal Naval College & Devonport Mausoleum entries. DLR: Cutty Sark. Max 20 on all tours. Many interesting plaques. King Charles Court – King Charles Court – earliest of the buildings. Royal Arsenal. Regular tours. Inigo Jones 1637. Painted Hall & Chapel. Organised by ICE. Last tour 12noon.30pm. Refurbished 18C with fine plaster. N D R T B The Heritage Centre houses information about Greenwich.286. original painted woodwork of the Great Hall and its finely laid 1635 marble floor. protected from the elements by an enveloping glass canopy. first come basis. finished by Hawksmoor and Vanbrugh as the Greenwich Hospital for Seamen and later the Royal Naval College (1873-1998). 177.180. Visitors to follow signage placed outside National Maritime Museum main entrance. Queen Mary Court Entry from West Gate (King William Walk). Glennie room. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. Tube: Canary Wharf. 12noon and 2pm.rmg. this is the first purely classical Renaissance building in Britain which reflected a turning point in English architecture. 32AJ|Library Southwark Building| openhouselondon. Maritime Greenwich Campus SE10 9LS n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Refurbished in 2000 by Dannatt Johnson for University of Greenwich. restored 1999 by the University of Greenwich. Rail: Mottingham. Commissioned by the Board of Ordnance. Roofs are non-PVC single ply membrane with sedum 2pm. Grand Salon. Maze Hill. Tube: North Greenwich Artillery Square.386 Eltham Lodge See openhouselondon. Max 20 per tour. Queen Anne Court – Wren & Hawksmoor building. Long Gallery. Painted Hall. and steel and glass courtyard roof. Rail: Greenwich. Regular architect-led tours. Home to Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.422 Greenwich Yacht Club 1 Peartree Way SE10 0BW n Sat/Sun 1pm-4pm. Maze Hill. 53. Court Road SE9 5AF n Sun 10am-12. completed 1749 when Thomas Ripley built the pavilions facing the river.180. DLR/Tube: Canary Wharf. Riverboat: Greenwich Pier.54. visitors have the unique experience of walking under a three-masted ship. Pre-book ONLY on www. D Tour exploring the civil engineering achievements of the construction of the cable car and the regeneration of the Royal Docks.Woolwich SE18 4DX n Sat 9am-5pm. Visitor Centre ‘Discover Greenwich’ features exhibition on architecture of the site.422. RIBA Award Winner 2013. D R T A Contemporary timber and aluminium building using existing pier. 177.486. Sat/Sun 11.54.30am-3pm King Charles Court access via hourly tours. Romney Road SE10 9NF n Sat/Sun 11.188. For ALL tours meet on Grand Square. 53. Rail: Charlton. lounges. DLR/Rail: Woolwich Arsenal. Now lifted 3 metres. Maze Hill. sail loft. The building is constructed from timber cassette panels and clad in a mixture of render and larch cladding. 3pm. Sat/Sun 10. Rail: Greenwich. first come basis.286. its history and buildings. Queen Anne Court. Woolwich SE18 6ST n Sat 7.199. Queen Anne Court. Entry: Minstrel Hall.286. DLR/Tube: Canary Wharf.472. Fun day for children with play and craft activities. Chapel. R T P Grade I listed Caroline mansion built for Sir John Shaw.380 Old Royal Naval College Admiral’s House.180. Riverboat: Greenwich Pier.188. 1698-1712. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich.199.

Well Hall Road SE9 6SZ n Sat/Sun home to daughter of Sir Thomas More. 177.286. prototyping facilities and collaborative workspaces. Tube/Rail: Woolwich Arsenal. 177. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. an HDTV studio. D R T A G 33AJ|Library Greenwich Building| openhouselondon. Last tour 1. D R T Early 17C riverside almshouse. 188. Lord High Chancellor of England under Henry VIII.386 Greenwich Church Street SE10 9BJ n Sat 9. Former Key.132 Westgrove Lane Ravensbourne 6 Penrose Way. Standing 63ft tall in woodlands it has spectacular views. AQP/Ramboll (restoration) 2011.) Entry: courtyard. Entry: information centre only. Tour with landscape Tube: Woolwich Arsenal WALKS/TOURS Woolwich Squares n Meet: Sun 3pm General Gordon Square (at the water feature) SE18 6HB.178 21 Westgrove Lane SE10 8QP n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Pierre d’Avoine Architects (remodelling) 2009. Tube: North Greenwich. Children must be accompanied by an adult. repair and testing of salvaged elements allowed over 85% of the original materials to be restored and reinstated. gardens. Ramboll’s conservation engineers employed analysis and traditional detailing to maximise its restoration. Entry: school hall.Woolwich Squares Ravensbourne home of children’s author E Nesbit.244. Max 10 per tour. Built to commemorate the 1755 conquest of the Malabar Coast by Sir William James. Max 25.30pm. Opened in September 2010 it houses the latest digital media and design technologies.30am-3pm.180.472 The Fan Museum 12 Crooms Hill SE10 8ER n Sat 11am-5pm. retaining the principal original domestic scale and character. first come basis. D T G An inspirational new learning and teaching environment.472.30pm. Grade I listed. Max 30 per tour. Many original features. Tours at 10. A E When the historic clocktower at the Royal Woolwich Arsenal suffered almost total destruction.177.161. roof garden. A Each square embodies an essential quality of Woolwich whether historic or natural.30am/Sun 2pm crypt tour. NB.ramboll. then 161. chapel.108. Entry: ground floor. Nicholas Hawksmoor 1714. Now a venue.386 St Mary Magdalene CE School This striking primary school building incorporates elevated glass enclosed teaching and ‘playdecks’ on three of the four levels of the building making it a truly unique structure visible from afar. access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 33 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .386. Tube: North Greenwich. BREEAM excellent Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Thames Barrier & Information Centre Woolwich Arsenal Clock Tower Highbridge SE10 9PS n Sat 10am-3pm. Regular tours. 161. Rail/DLR: Greenwich 53. Rail: Eltham. Rendel. Palmer and Tritton 1984.30pm.199 Trinity Hospital Duke of Wellington Avenue SE18 6SS n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. John Savery/John Griffiths (conversion). 3D modelling. Richard Jupp 1784. Woolwich Arsenal. Rail: Greenwich. Regular talks/tours with engineer and architect of restoration.199. R T P 16C restored barn set in grounds with Medieval moat. Castle interior not open but Trustees and Heritage Manager available to provide an update about the upcoming restoration. over a series of interlinked floors around a central atrium. (Organised by the Warden of Trinity Hospital. built and how it works. Prebook tours on 020 8853 0687. Sat 11. Tours 11. only surviving building from‘Well Hall’.180. 11.472. 177. first come basis. gutted by fire in 1941 and restored by Sir Albert Richardson to original design.188. Last entry 4. Pellings LLP 2011.180. 177. Civic Trust award-winner.180. Greenwich 1 Unity Way SE18 5NJ n Sat/Sun 10.30am. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich. Shooters Hill SE18 3RT n Sun 10am-3pm. 1pm. 2. R T d Information centre sited by the dramatic Thames Barrier (1984). A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Max 10 per tour. N G Substantial remodelling of a 1960s house in the West Greenwich Conservation Area. It now houses the only museum devoted to the art of fans. Orangery.658 Supported by Tudor Barn and Gardens Kingsman Street SE18 5PW n Sat 10am-2pm.199. Quadrangle with battlemented entrance façade and early 19C tower. Woolwich Arsenal. classrooms. Rail: Eltham. Max 50 at one time.129 Severndroog Castle Castle Wood. Info stall and refreshments. DLR: Woolwich.180. Maze Hill. Greenwich Peninsula SE10 0EW n Sat/Sun 10.472. Many sustainable features.486 St Alfege Church. RIBA Award Winner 2011. N T d Magnificent Baroque church.30am-5pm. Burial site of Thomas Tallis. Rail: Greenwich.30am. Foreign Office Architects 2010. playdecks. 286.122. Thames Clipper Riverboats. DLR: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich.188.188.286. Max 40 at one time. organist/ choirmaster (1505-85).286.386. Entry: ground floor (not tower or crypt). Rail: Maze Hill. construction and future.51.30am-4pm/Sun 12pm-4pm. Rail: Woolwich Dockyard. Gustafson Porter LLP 2011. Talks on the hour about the history of the building and future plans. Last entry 4.161. restaurant and café set in beautiful gardens. N D R T B G Carefully restored Grade II listed early Georgian town houses. explaining its function. Special display – How the Thames Barrier was designed. Design used pedestrian movement studies to identify key routes through town centre and create quality public spaces. Tube: North Greenwich. 2pm. 51.177 Well Hall Pleasaunce. Rail: Charlton.30pm. R T P Grade II* listed triangular brick Georgian tower with Gothic windows. Entry: museum.

first come basis. 38.elliottwood. Entry: photographer’s studio. solar PV. Entry: house.243 Cardinal Pole Catholic School 205 Morning Lane E9 6LG n Sat 10am-3pm. D T A G Striking 16-storey glass landmark office building with 3 terraces.38.30pm. solar thermal panels and LED lighting. Max 10 per tour.48. Waugh Thistleton Architects 2012. Dalston Junction.76 Adelaide Wharf 118/120 Queensbridge Road (at junction Whiston Road) E2 8PD n Sat 10. Rail: Canonbury. the first to successfully generate electricity from the destruction of domestic waste. rainwater harvesting. 12pm. Detached low energy self-build garden studio/bath house and rainwater harvesting/recycling pool and water screen.26. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. interior and exterior solid wall insulation.149.30pm. wormery. Last tour 4. Owner/architect-led half-hourly tours. queuing outside if necessary. Tube: Hackney | Hackney | 34 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Entry: office. Presentation on history of circus architecture. comprising two commercial spaces and two living residencies. Jestico + Whiles 2012.Hackney Hackney Marshes Centre See openhouselondon. Half-hourly tours. T G d RIBA award-winning modern multi-use building in the heart of Shoreditch. 149. Imaginatively reconciled to make an elegant.242. A G P Four bedroom Victorian terraced house.149 151 Church Walk 151 Church Walk N16 8QW n Sat 1pm-5pm. Max 10 per tour. Sustainable features include PV cells at roof level and ground floor geo-thermal heat source. and is clad in British Sweet Chestnut. Bloomberg Arts Lab. Rail: Dalston Kingsland. Liverpool Street. air source heat pump. Theis + Khan Rail: Dalston Kingsland. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2008. Last tour 4pm. A G Unusual contemporary infill development of 4 dwellings on a tight site. Last entry 4. Stephen Donald Architects 2002/12. Tube: Dalston Junction. Kilburn Nightingale Architects 2012. D T A G A pioneering mixed tenure residential scheme with some workspace extruded into a prototype block. 7th.242. www. large scale materials reuse and renewable energy technology. Shoreditch High Street.38. first come basis.242. N D R T G Multi-award winning professional theatre with a strong community and sustainability ethos relocated to an emerging Hackney cultural quarter.277. Max 20 per tour.149. Horden Cherry Lee Architects 2009.30pm. A G Q Complete refurbishment of an 1870s house to provide flexible accomodation for a family of 5.eventbrite.30am-2pm. Tube/Rail: Old Street. Converted in 1994. first come basis. refurbished and extended as a contemporary sculptural form. Homerton Circus Space Coronet Street N1 6HD n Sat/Sun 11am-4. Entry: ground. garden. RIBA Awards Shortlisted 2013. Sustainable features include PV panels. sash double glazing. Pre-book ONLY by email on debeauvoir@scottarchitects. aerogel insulation.55.76. neighbourly scheme. Max 20 per tour. pre-book ONLY on http://churchwalk. opened 1896. Hackney Central. Entry: all 26.48. Arcola Energy Lab.243 30 Crown Place 30 Crown Place EC2A 4ES n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.242. first come basis. Liverpool Street.55. secondary glazing. 15th & 16th floors. courtyard or canal. except for 1pm.242.243. Refurbishment client-led with support from Cragg Management 2011. Last entry Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 74 Amhurst Road 74 Amhurst Road E8 1JH n Sat 11am-6pm. first come basis. Dalston Kingsland. Half-hourly home office and library. Max 12 per tour. Q G Full eco-renovation of large mid-Victorian semi. Last entry 4pm. www.38. E Manville 1896/Philip Lancashire (conversion) 1994/ Tim Ronalds (extension) David Mikhail + Annalie Riches 2012. 1. Architect-led tours 10. Scott Architects 2013.76. Shoreditch High Street. Entry: Tube: Dalston Junction. 48.30pm. part cantilevered out over the d R T G UK’s national centre for circus arts housed in the former Shoreditch Electricity Generating Station. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon.56. D A G Refurbished Victorian semi-detached house with contemporary rear extension comprising glazed roof over kitchen/dining area with semi underground timber clad cylindrical drum incorporating lounge. 73. Tube/Rail: Old Street 71 Greenwood Road 71 Greenwood Road E8 1NT n Sat 10am-5pm.243. Half-hourly 147 De Beauvoir Road 147 De Beauvoir Road N1 4DL n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Dalston Junction.38. 14th.kilburnnightingale. Displays. modern rear extension. Façade is composed of layers of roughly sawn larch that makes reference to the warehouses of packing crates that once occupied this site. Entry: ground floor. showing only the multi-level residence with outdoor space.106 Arcola Theatre 24 Ashwin Street E8 3DL n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun Rail: Hackney Central. Entry: Studio 1/2 (professional theatre). external terrace and gardens. An unusual form with a distinctive profile. folded to create a U-shaped court. gallery. Environmental improvements have been made to increase energy efficiency including PV panels. 30.243. Last tour 5pm.254. Hourly tours. 3pm. See also Timber Buildings Tour. d A G This mixed use building on Regents Canal illustrates the structural capabilities of the cross laminated timber structure. excellent thermal performance and air tightness. Tours every 45mins. 55. R T A G d New-build school on challenging new inner-city site which unites school on one site for the first time in its 54 year history.271 52 Whitmore Road 52 Whitmore Road N1 5QG n Sat 10am-5pm. Last entry 4. Max 20 at one time. Practice Director Andrew Waugh on site.393. Hourly tours. Hourly tours.277. Max 8 per to find out more about this area 15 Buckingham Road 15 Buckingham Road N1 4DG n Sat 10am-5pm. Sustainability features include minimal intervention.30pm. Each apartment has an outdoor room part hung.35 34AJ|Library Southwark Building| openhouselondon.149.55. Entry: house & garden. Rail: Hackney Downs. RIBA Award Winner 2008. Other sustainable features include brown roofs. 30. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. First come Tube: Dalston Junction 30. 23.30pm. Entry: circus training halls. one occupied by two of the architects.149 24 Bateman’s Row 24 Bateman’s Row EC2A 3HH n Sun 10am-5pm. Tube/Rail: Old Street. an extension was added in 2006. Last entry first come basis. Interiors are expressed as a series of fluid surfaces and flowing spaces that weave throughout the home towards the rear garden.

Entry: almshouse.48. Refurbishment restored the interiors added to the fly-tower and provided new back-stage areas. Max 15 per tour.30pm. 48.243 Hoxton Hall 130 Hoxton Street N1 5BB n Sat/Sun Major refurbishment recently completed as part of BSF programme.73.55. Displays of before and after the restoration. Tube: Bethnal Green.38. Dalston Lane E8 3BQ n Sat 9am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Entry: main hall. Max 30 at one time. Canonbury. Rail: Hackney Central. adult.388.488 Haggerston School Weymouth Terrace E2 8LS n Sat 1pm-4. Sat & Sun workshops for Distinctive for the large amount of timber used in the construction including bush hammered concrete and coffered ceilings. 11am & 12pm architectural talks with Edmund Wilson of Foster Wilson. Tours every 45 mins. with the current frontage added 1980.30pm. D T G Wooden building with green roof. first come basis.30. Tours Sat 11am & Sun 2pm. off Homerton Road E9 5PF n Sat tours at 4pm & 5pm with project design director.30pm upcycling and upholstery workshop with ‘Out of the Dark’ – pre-book only on barley@fabrications1.394 Fabrications 7 Broadway Market E8 4PH n Sat/Sun 10am-5. Last entry 30 mins before close. Tube: Manor House. now sits. first come basis. surrounding organic market Tube/Rail: Haggerston.276. 141. Sat 6.243. Max 20 per N D T G 4-storey multi-purpose. stage Event in theatre til late.L. auditorium. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green. 30. Max 25 per tour. Delvendahl Martin Architects 2012.149.253 Gingerbread House 104 Balcorne Street E9 7AU n Sat 10am-5pm. d N R T C A Unique surviving Grade II* listed Victorian saloon-style music hall dating from 1863. Last entry 4pm.hackney.56. W15 Hackney Town Hall Mare Street E8 1EA n Sun 10am-4pm. Lovegrove & Papworth 1863. Last tour 1.67. NB. Max 16 at one time. Last entry 12. Adjaye Associates 2007. Hackney Downs. composting toilet and warmcell insulation.106. Recycled and reclaimed materials throughout and green roof. queuing outside if necessary.30pm.341. first come basis. First come basis. stained black – a single slot window at the front is all that indicates this is a house.Clapton Girls’ Academy Laura Place E5 0RB n Sat 8am-2pm. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street.243. T B Grade I listed 18C almshouse restored to original condition. Tours on the hour.30pm. set in parkland and a rare survivor of its type.394 Haggerston Station stop Levitt Bernstein Office 1 Kingsland Passage E8 2BB n Sat 2pm-5pm. reflect the ethos behind Barley’s work. The entire site was excavated to basement level in order to create the sunken foundation on which the house for Ed Reeve architectural photographer. Wine and snacks served! For more info email barley@fabrications1.106. First come basis. D T A P New community hub comprising changing rooms. Rail: Hackney Central.30. reception spaces. annex. R T Recently restored elegant late 18C brick villa with six column Doric veranda on the west façade. R T New and sensitively refurbished Edwardian buildings providing an enhanced physical environment. 38. Old Street. Regular tours. Dalston Junction. landscape architects and urban designers and are opening the doors of their studio.45pm. Last entry 4. makers.38.editphoto. Ernö Goldfinger & Hubert Bennett 1963-65/ Avanti Architects 2011. Homerton.276 Restored Historic Almshouse at the Geffrye Museum Kingsland Road E2 8EA n Sat 10am-4. Housed in a welcoming. Archives closed Sun except for tour. gardens.242. D T Exceptionally unaltered interiors in Art Deco style. and a sustainable living concept. duration 1hour. www. Max 10 per tour. For more information on participating venues visit hackneywick. designers. Max 20 per tour. Tube: Hackney Wick. Entry: reception area. Regular tours around studio with models on display. studios.4m tall capital letters. Kingsland Road. Civic Trust and Hackney Design Award Winner 2012.106. Additional rooms and spaces added by Quakers in 1910. Access to selected buildings. Last tour4pm. Entry: foyer. Rail: Stoke Newington. 67. first come basis. R T d Small is beautiful! 6 foot narrowboats provide individual design solutions for living and access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 35 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . main committee room. Rail: Hackney Central. A G d Award-winning new build house on site of former box factory with clever use of volumes and daylight. Hackney Design Award winner 2010 (Jestico + Whiles 2010). 35AJ|Library Hackney | openhouselondon. Tube: Dalston tours for times and to register. 253. Tube: Bethnal Green. Entry: main building. Max 20 on tours.30pm.236. reception areas. visit www. Q G P A cube clad in a cedar rainscreen. interiors of 3-4 individual boats. Tube: Hackney Central.236. grounds. Frank Matcham 1901/Tim Ronalds (refurb) 2004. Hackney Wick and Fish Island has one of the highest concentrations of artists. café and education facility. 56. Rail: Stoke Newington.242.393. 277. First come basis. children’s and study areas.55. some classrooms. 67. Its focus – the generous external space to the North.242 Kingsland Basin Moorings Kingsland Basin Moorings (via Towpath) E8 4DL n Sun 10am-5pm.277 Mossbourne Community Academy 100 Downs Park Road E5 8JY n Sat 10am-1pm.48.106. the A12 to the North and West and the Greenway to the South. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 2004.30pm. Earle Architects 2011. James Library & Archives Dalston Square.hackneyempire. Rail: Hackney Central.55. configured as a broad ‘V’ with access from a covered cloister. set in an organic market garden with a deck over pond and wildlife area.425.277 Ed’s Shed/Sunken House 75a De Beauvoir Road N1 4EL n Sat 10am-5pm. D R T Exuberant Grade II* listed auditorium and the most perfect example of Edwardian variety theatre remaining in London. N A d Levitt Bernstein are architects. 8. Also open Clapton Portico (Brady Mallalieu Architects 2006) – significant Grade II listed local landmark refurbished into a new learning centre.242.30 Growing Communities’ Eco Classroom Allen’s Gardens. Last entry 3. Old Street.253 Clissold House Clissold Park. Rail: Haggerston. 48.30. RIBA Award Winner 2005 and Civic Trust Awards Winner 2006.149. Max 30 at one time. Hourly tours from 1. Hoxton. Tube: Manor House. Closed between 1pm & 2pm. self-builders and other creative practitioners in the world. first come basis. www. Hemp insulation improves the thermal performance of the structure while the solid timber frame provides a significantly reduced carbon footprint.30pm-9pm (evening event): slide show ‘1 year on’ with Q & A session with partners involved. Entry: communal areas. Half-hourly tours. RIBA. Max 10 per tour. Entry: quick picks. ground & first floor.26.149 Hackney Empire 291 Mare Street E8 1EJ n Sat pre-booked tours.55.76. 106. Mile End. Much original work remains intact including fine light fittings. museum. N R T B A G A unique double-height extension that breathes new life and provides much needed space to an existing shop and workshop by local designer maker Barley Rail: Dalston Junction. state of the art library and archives building. Max 20 per Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 394. Last entry 4. Regular tours. Straddling the Borough boundaries of both Hackney and Tower Hamlets the following members of the Hackney Wick and Fish Island Cultural Interest Group are opening their doors in joint celebration of Open House Weekend 2013 and the Hackney Wick Festival. Joseph Woods 1793/Richard Griffiths (refurb) 2012. council chamber. London Fields.38. Tube: Hoxton. Sun 3pm-5. Duration 30 mins. Stanton Williams Finsbury Park. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street.73 Dalston C.30pm. despite the physical constraints of a small urban plot. Key. D T A G One of the largest timber-framed buildings in the UK. Levitt Bernstein. Entry: house interior. Entry: all areas excluding offices. Max 5 per tour. Garden grows zero-food-miles organic salad leaves for local community-led box scheme whilst classroom provides shelter for gardeners as well as a learning space. D T A G Grade II listed secondary school retaining many original features. culture and history of the marshes. function rooms. Sustainable features throughout.26. corner of Bethune and Manor Roads N16 5BD n Sun 10am-5pm. water harvesting. Lanchester & Lodge 1934-1937. Entry: main school areas. Constructive Individuals (Peter Smithdale) 2004. panelling.26. Built for Jonathan Hoare by his Hackney Marshes Centre Hackney Dalston Junction. Tube: Clapton. Laura Dewe Mathews 2012. 67. Talks/displays on history of school and its buildings. galleries and venues throughout the weekend. Dalston Kingsland. Tube: Hackney Wick Overground. Last entry 4. Richard Halsaul and Robert Burford 1714/Branson Coates Architecture 1998.277 Hackney Wick and Fish Island various n Sat/Sun 12pm – 5pm. A unique community and shared open space. Entry: main reception areas. Natural light pours in from recently cleaned and restored glass ceiling. floor surfaces and Stoke Newington Church Street N16 9HJ n Sun 10am-5pm. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. 56.R.149.15pm. topping it off with the sign ‘Hackney Empire’ in massive terracotta Adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and neatly bounded by the River Lea’s Hackney Cut to the East.388. Sat 10am. inclusive structure that is embedded within the landscape.

149. Tube: Manor House. Architectural exhibition.30pm. The prefabricated frame uses laminated Siberian larch. first come basis.38. first come basis. Entry: chapel.476 212 Kingsland Road E2 8AX n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.149. Tube: Bethnal Green. in-filled using Western red cedar. gardens.149. 18C alterations and later additions. Hackney Suleymaniye Mosque The Castle Climbing Centre Stoke Newington Church Street N16 0JR n Sun | Hackney | 36 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .48.48. the building has a stunning assembly hall. Last entry 3. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green. Liverpool Street. Rail: Hackney Downs. other components are reclaimed/recycled materials. R Q C A G d RIBA award-winning home with extensive use of timber.394 Rooftop @ Emigre Studios 274 Richmond Road (access via Martello Street) E8 3QW n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. wood panelling and vaulted domed ceiling.55. D T After an extensive restoration project. 73. Many early features including original linenfold panelling.254. Rail: Cambridge Heath. Entry: Straw Bale Building. 30. off Mare Street E8 1HR n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Rail: Stoke Newington. 3pm. 141.242. 1pm & 2pm.253. Entry: reception area. Sheds are clad in painted timber integrated and organised in intimate clusters to define space and take advantage of views over the park. Performances Sat. Architect-led tours at 11am.277 Round Chapel Lower Clapton Road (junction with Glenarm Road) E5 0LY n Sun 11am-4.55. assembly hall. high levels of insulation. Entry: all areas. Completed in 2009. 67.55. the design displaces ground upwards taking advantage of magnificent roof-spaces for performance.341 Key. Conceived as a piece of architectural origami.30am-4pm. 1a Goldsmith’s Row E2 8QA n Sat/Sun 11.243. Hoxton.106. Hackney Central. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park. with standard garden sheds used to create dining booths. Award-winning beautiful and tranquil gardens surround the hospice. The National Trust Laburnum Street E2 8BA n Sat 10am-3pm. Tours 1pm. Max 15 per tour.106. (Organised by Hackney Historic Buildings Trust. Horseshoe plan.277. NB. restaurant. the community area is a modern multifunctional space aimed at engaging the local diverse community and offering support to patients and their carers. Stoke Newington Town Hall has been restored to its former Art Deco glory.30pm. Entry: all areas including clock chamber and roof. council chamber.253 The ‘Framehouse’ 17 Rowe Lane. d N R B Grade I listed. lime and clay render.243. 30. modelled on the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. learning and play. Tube: Bethnal Green. William Chadwell Mylne/Nicholas Grimshaw and Cook Townsend 1856/1995/2013.D6 71 Greenwood Road 2 & 4 Homerton High Street E9 6JQ n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm. innovative cast-iron columns and tracery. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. Tube: Bethnal Green. (Organised 36 Southwark AJ|Library Building| openhouselondon.Dalston C.242. Sun 1pm talk by Ken Worpole – ‘A sense of sanctuary: modern hospice design’. Rail: Hackney Central. restored as a centre for the performing arts. London Fields. now provides a flexible event space. Exhibition of patients’ work.48 St Augustine’s Tower The Narroway. Sir Ralph Sadleir 1535. 26.000 people.106.55 Stoke Newington Town Hall The Bridge Academy. N R T A d A formerly redundant roofspace by London Fields. N D RT Chapel dates from 1932 and is the oldest structure within the hospice.30pm.L. 243.393. converted for use as an indoor climbing centre. Max 15 at a time.48. farm site. Funded by Hackney Council. 38. N R T B P d Water-pumping station built in the form of a mock Medieval castle.) Henry Fuller & James Cubitt 1875. Haggerston.55. 12noon. a NLA award-winning project space for Magnificent Revolution and competition-winning Sill to Sill scaffold board shop extension. 30.67 Sutton House. D R T Grade II* listed Nonconformist chapel for 1. 2pm and 3pm. Described by Pevsner as ‘one of the finest Nonconfirmist buildings in London’. Marcus Lee 2005. Tours at 1pm. Very narrow winding stairs.242. N D RT B 6-storey building featuring a Western exterior and traditional Islamic interior. 48. 2pm. Tube/Rail: Highbury and Islington. remaining tower of parish church. first come basis. Last entry Rail: Cambridge Heath. Hackney Central.38. Networld Project Management 1996. natural building materials. Hackney City Farm Hackney City Farm. Tube: Manor House. Situated on the Regents Canal on an inner-city brownfield site the innovative vertical compact school is shaped around a multi-level ‘heartspace’. Straw bale walls. Max 30 at one time.45pm. Me & Sam 2012. Highbury & Islington. D T A School as a piece of urban design integrated into the city fabric. off Urswick Road E9 6EL n Sat 10am-5pm. d RT G Built with a ‘no-compromise’ policy. James Library & Archives 151 Church Walk Rail: Hoxton. Entry: Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm by Hackney Historic Buildings Trust). First come basis. 38. Tube: Old Street. J Reginald Truelove 1937/ Hawkins\Brown (refurb) 2010. all materials used are environmentally sound.38.55. Finding Space. Last entry 4.106 St Joseph’s Hospice Mare Street E8 4SA n Sat/Sun 11am-2pm. Rail: London Fields/Hackney Central. Hackney Central. Greenhill Jenner (refurb) 2009.394 Green Lanes N4 2HA n Sat/Sun 10am-7pm. Extensive views from roof. BDP 2008. Max 25 per tour. with working late 16C/early 17C clock. a timber pellet boiler and post and timber-framed construction. Haggerston. First come basis. Also see ‘Magnificent Container’.R. Regular tours. garden room. complete with original sprung Canadian maple dancefloor and a beautifully renovated council chamber with original gold cornicing. d R T B Rare example of Tudor red-brick house in East End. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green.242. Tube/Rail: Old Street. Half-hourly tours.394 Self-built Straw Bale Building. tower (normally closed).

Shoreditch High Street. Tube: Old Street Next stop. London Fields. The small house has a surprising amount of playful elements with sliding walls. Tube: Haggerston 37AJ|Library Hackney | openhouselondon. Rail: Hackney Central. enhances the industrial aesthetic of the mews through its form and use of patterned Corten steel panels.242. Old Street. 149. Duration 1 hour. limited edition map and other surprises. 55. Tours 12noon.30am-4pm. with a generous covered civic space at the heart of the new school to act as the main social gathering area. trees! Green spaces walk and interactive bus stop installation n Meet: Sun 11am at bus stop K (Shoreditch Fire Station). Sustainable features include solar power. pavilion. 3pm and 5pm outside Dalston CLR James Library. 235 Old Street EC1V 9HB. via the Olympic Park and Abbey Mills exploring one of London’s least known but perhaps most significant locations-to-be. D RT A G New build 750 pupil secondary school with a sport and science specialism.242 The Studio 2 Nevill Road N16 8SR n Sat 12pm-5pm. 30. See also Further beyond the Olympic Park part 2 (p 56). Entry: studios only. A Walking tour of landscape design retracing the historic route used to drive cattle into London’s markets. first come basis.55. First come basis. pre-book ONLY by email on iris. Pre-book ONLY by email on howardmillerdesign@gmail. Talks from staff members and architects. Rail: Hackney Central. Q A A unique mews property which has undergone a complete retrofit where both architects designed and built the entire scheme themselves. Rail: Dalston Junction. Murray Grove which at 9 storeys is the world’s tallest timber apartment block. Max 8 per Gillett Square. and up Hackney Road looking at the impact of green spaces on the streetscape. Max 20 per 30. This is an opportunity to view all three in the company of the architects Andrew Waugh and Paul Karakusevic.21. First come basis. Dalston Square E8 3DD First come by 15 Sept.476 Whitmore 56a Orsman Road/42-48 Whitmore Road N1 5QG n Sat 1pm-5pm.205. Landscape Institute President’s Award 2011. N d R A Key.The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden 13 Dalston Lane E8 3DF n Sat/Sun 11am-6pm. Max 5 per tour. Trevor Horne Architects 2013. Auro Foxcroft & Nicolas Laurent 2007. Muf/J & L Gibbons/EXYZT Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm WALKS/TOURS/TALKS Dalston Regeneration Walk 147 De Beauvoir Road n Meet: Sat 1pm. Talk by Practice Director Andrew Waugh on building transformation.30pm. Regular tours. 73.67. Tube/Rail: Old Street Supported by Tramshed 32 Rivington Street EC2A 3EQ n Sat 1. A d New build development of artist and photographic studios within a mews streetscape.55. Avanti Architects 2010. 1 studio. com or 07828 582572. A Walk down the River Lea from Hackney Wick to Three Mills.242.30am outside Hackney Town Hall E8 1EA. Max 20 per Rail: Hackney Wick Whitmore Hackney’s Timber Buildings – walking tour n Meet: Sat 10. Entry: 1 office.43 Re-discovering London’s Drover’s Roads n Meet: Sat/Sun 10. First come basis. 2pm.30pm.30am at Prince Edward Road by Hackney Pearl E9 5LX Pre-book ONLY by email on ralphward@blueyonder.30am at Murray Grove N1 7FB First come basis.londonurbanvisits. walk commentary and further information at www. through Shoreditch. A G Walk following the 55 bus route from Old Street. and many sustainable features. Photographic display on garden development. The Between-Bricks 2013. Andrew Waugh will explain how he managed to transform this Grade II listed building into one of London’s most talked about restaurants bringing it back to full public enjoyment. on to Bridport Place and ending at Whitmore Road (see separate entry). Hackney Design Award Winner 2010 & 2011. Last entry 4. Max 20 per tour. R T Dalston Town is undergoing massive regeneration and investment. Entry: all areas. pineapple house. T A G Q Recycled tube train carriages make affordable artists’ studios on reclaimed land on top of an abandoned railway viaduct. Includes development of a mixed tenure housing scheme for 24 keyworker residential units. hidden storage and contrasting materials. former Chief Exec of the Leaside Regeneration Partnership and founder of London Urban Visits. Includes seed bombing. and Michael Owens. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Tube/Rail: Dalston Junction. with Ralph Ward.476.8 Waddington Studios 127 Church Walk N16 8QW n Sun 1pm-5pm.277.56. Max 60 people.149 Further beyond the Olympic Park – part 1 n Meet: Sat/Sun 10.149 The Urswick School Paragon Road E9 6NR n Sat 9. N D R T G Popular community garden in area lacking in green public space featuring biodiversity planting.30am-6pm. Created on abandoned railway land. Max 20 on tour. east London regeneration expert and visiting professor at UEL.45pm.30pm. 4pm. 38. Tube/Rail: Highbury & Islington. Eastern Curve Gardens and Bootstrap building. Dalston Junction 73. A G Hackney has a cluster of three of the most significant timber buildings in the world just a short walk apart. Tube: Highbury & Islington.277 Designed by Vincent Harris the Tramshed was built in 1905 as an electricity generating facility for the tramway system. Max 50 per walk.106. 1 apartment. Last entry 5. Waugh Thistleton Architects 2012.londonurbanvisits. First come basis.243. Starting at Stadthaus. Hourly tours. Featherstone Young Architects Entry: Last entry 4. The idea. developed in close collaboration with the artist Jasmina Cibic. Dalston Kingsland. D A Mixed use 5-storey brick clad building reflecting the neighbouring warehouse buildings. Duration approx 2hrs. London Fields Village Underground 54 Holywell Lane EC2A 3PQ n Sat Map. access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 37 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Street Orchard (shortlisted for Landscape Institute’s High Line for London Competition) will be presented with an installation along the walk. Bradley Van der Straeten Architects 2013. includes large wooden pavilion for events and workshops. This walk with the borough regeneration officers and town centre coordinators will focus on new developments including Dalston Square development. Tube/Rail: Old Street. housing studios for artists and architects with 3 floors of residential above.

27. www. some classrooms.72.424 LAMDA (The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) (LAMDA) 155 Talgarth Road W14 9DA n Sun 10am-4pm. 1-4pm ‘Peaceful Pods’ activities for families and children. all with north light through expansive windows. Regular tours and training demos.27. RIBA Award Winner 2009. Last entry 4. Last entry 3. Half-hourly tours.283. R T d LAMDA’s home since 2003.10.190. 49.190. pre-book ONLY via Box Office on 020 8743 5050. Tube: Hammersmith. Displays and info loop.16. Regular tours.85. 14. A unique Arts and Crafts domestic interior.265. Niall McLaughlin Architects 2003. Rail: Gunnersbury.190.93. Townmead Road SW6 2PY n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Max 15 at one time.211. Tube: Baron’s Court. Some tours.85 Bush Theatre 7 Uxbridge Road W12 8LJ n Sat 10am-1pm.85. Entry: recital hall. Tudor courtyard with Georgian additions and Butterfield chapel (1867). Printing on Morris’s Albion press and displays of artwork. Rail:Putney. Entry: foyer. Entry: 36 artists’ studios & riverside terrace. Victorian building with more recent extensions – including black box studio theatre and rehearsal rooms. Newman and Billing 1873/Crowther Associates 2012. first come basis. To be demolished and redeveloped to civic-commercial building 2015. Entry: library. Regular tours. 10am & 11am tours of offices. 14.30pm.27. Dr William Cadogan 1760/George Byfield Contains 17C and 18C monuments and is Grade II* listed. printer. one classroom. Entry: ground floor and garden only. 19C nave (designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield 1880-81) and many fine monuments.H91. studio.45pm. top-lit mural by Gordon Cullen. Entry: all except ‘Wilberforce’ Room.295.270. Entry: basement and coach house only. A new spectacular two storey lightweight roof was added in 1989.190.391. with magnificent interiors and extensive grounds. overlooking the River Thames – formerly used to store oil tanks.94. Richard Rogers Partnership 1984-7.9. 27.Hammersmith & Fulham See openhouselondon. Churchyard contains restored tomb of Granville Sharp and tombs of Bishops of London. Last entry 12.267. 94. d N R T B Residence of Sir Francis Ronalds. high roof and imposing tower. Fairfax B WadePalmer 1885.H91 WALKS/TOURS Bishop’s Park/Fulham Palace Gardens n Meet: Sun 2.10. 190.267 7 Hammersmith Terrace W6 9TS n Sun 11am-4pm. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 2008. Tube: Barons Court.27 Latymer Upper School: Science/Library Building Emery Walker’s House Greenside Primary School Hammersmith Quaker Meeting House Charing Cross Hospital. music rooms. 2 ground floor studios.B391. Max 50 at one time. now artists’ studios with river frontage. dance/drama studio. Ravenscourt Park. van Heyningen & Haward Architects 1999/2009. No admittance at any other time. Tube: Putney Bridge. Recently redesigned to create beautiful contemporary theatre space. Good Heaton.391. Max 20 on tour.190. 190. Entry: reception and 3rd floor.93.220. Fine.39. first come basis. Sun 1pm-5pm.220. Tube/Rail: Hammersmith. The home of Emery Walker.414. Grade II* listed.5. Rail: Putney.220. The raised roof allows natural light to enter the whole of the building. JP Seddon & HR Gough 1884/Richard Griffiths Architects (refurb) 2012.211.10 William Morris Society – Kelmscott House 26 Upper Mall W6 9TA n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm.430 Westville Road W12 9PT n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Reopened after Lottery funded restoration in 2006 with rooms around east courtyard restored and returned to late Georgian colour scheme. Tube: Hammersmith. R T B C A G P d Last example of post-war Quaker meeting design in London built in 17C-18C style. the leading global bathroom brand.267. Humert Lidbetter 1955/ Stewart Dodd (new build) 2015. Adams 1895/Haworth Tompkins (refurb) 2011. Tube: Hammersmith. Work begins on £ to find out more about this area All Saints Church.44 St Paul’s Church Queen Caroline Street W6 9PJ n Sat 10am-1pm.190. N T P A Guided walk around Fulham Palace Gardens with the landscape architect Dominic Cole to explain the history and planned future presentation. Children’s worksheet/trail. first come basis. antiquary and mentor to William Morris.211. later a decorative plaster works.30pm. d R T G A non-institutional ‘open house’. Last entry 4pm. first come basis. Tube: Putney Bridge. Samuel Pepys Cockerell 1814.391 Bishop’s Avenue SW6 6EA n Sun 10am-4pm. First come basis.207 Colet House 151 Talgarth Road W14 9DA n Sun 10am-4pm. 14. playground. Max 50 at one time. Now re-imagined and restored. Max 10 per tour. uplifting and thought-provoking.95. Tower Rail: Imperial Wharf. N D T B 15C tower.265 Supported by Key.391 Maggie’s Centre Fulham Palace The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art Hurlingham Club 237 King Street W6 9LR n Sat 12pm-4pm. See also Fulham Palace separate Maurice B.22.220. Tube: Stamford Brook. 2. garden bothies and Jessie Mylne Education Centre (no pre-booking required). Hammersmith. 74. Max 30 per tour.30pm. max 10 per tour. See also walk.30pm. Fulham Palace Road W6 8RF n Sun 12pm-4pm.295 St Andrew’s Church and Star Community Centre Greyhound Road W14 9SA n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.30pm at main gate on Bishops Avenue SW6 6EA. d R T Q A RIBA award winning architects’ practice located in early 20C warehouses. Rail: Putney. d T Built as a wharf for marble importing (1907). Regular tours. d T Last of the grand 18C mansions which once fronted this part of the river. Partitions divide up the open structure. 74. Zaha Hadid Architects 2011. Regular tours.295 Palace Wharf 56 Rainville Road W6 9HS n Sat/Sun Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 38AJ|Library Southwark 20 Nigel Playfair Avenue W6 9JY n Sat 10am-5pm. 27. Tube: Shepherd’s Bush Market. 9. 74.74. Tube:Putney Bridge. pre-book ONLY on 020 7610 7165. T Unique building for artists with three large studios. N D R T P Early English Gothic Style with lancet windows. Max 20 at one time.74. Last entry 3. Ernö Goldfinger 1952. Tube: Baron’s Court. Max 40 at one time.N9. Fulham Broadway. entry 15 mins prior to tour.391. hall. Rainville Road W6 9HA n Sun 10am-4pm. Tube: Shepherd’s Bush.220. Baron’s Court. Hammersmith.39.74.295 Roca London Gallery Station Court.36.211. N D R T C P A striking restoration and contemporary renewal of Victorian Arts & Crafts church. R T B d Designed in English Renaissance style by second most prolific architect of public libraries prior to WW1. Tube: Ravenscourt Park. Fulham Church Gate (by Putney Bridge) SW6 3LA n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. offering a unique visual and interactive experience with Roca. d N R T B P Former residence of the Bishop of London. theatre. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features Infrastructure/Engineering openhouselondon. Museum also open | Hammersmith & Fulham | 38 J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . many stairs so unsuitable for disabled. Display on restoration. Newly commissioned artworks – hanging icon by Guido de Costanzo and limestone font by Anna Sikorska. D R T C P One of only 2 schools designed using Goldfinger’s school building system – precast reinforced concrete frame with brick infill. Max 12 per tour. Last entry 3. 2pm-4pm architect on site. first come basis. First come basis. Shepherd’s Bush Market. George MacDonald and (from 1878-96) William Morris (organised by William Morris Society). E N D T A A space inspired by the various states of water.rocalondongallery. Architect-led tours Sat 12noon and 3pm.4m redevelopment of West end of campus in 2014 to include new rehearsal studios and 200-seat theatre. Butler & Baine stained glass. Tube: Putney Bridge. 9. C3 Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Thames Wharf Studios. Funded by John Passmore Edwards. Incorporates new library with full-height windows. Tube: Ravenscourt Park. Tube: Ravenscourt Park.260 n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday Ranelagh Gardens SW6 3PR n Sat tours at 11am and 3pm only. D T G Fourth building in masterplan for school housing 3 floors of science accommodation with 13 high-spec laboratories.267.237. Maggie’s is a flexible space designed to be welcoming.H91 to Kings Street/ Goldhawk Road Building| openhouselondon. powerful buttresses. Entry: top NB. 27. 12pm-3pm on the hour tours of ground floor rooms. separate entry.

Tube/Rail: Tottenham Hale.Max 20 at one time.30pm-3. queuing if necessary. Rail: Harringay Green Lanes. incorporating a rich mix of textured and reclaimed materials. Former gas showroom built 1901 in attractive neo Jacobean style.91.123. garden. T Q A d Music studio for chamber music practice and teaching. first floor study. Engine steaming 1pm-1.253 Muswell Hill Odeon Fortis Green Road N10 3HP n Sat/Sun 10am-1pm. North Hill N6 4BA n Sat 10am-5pm. First come basis. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park. Recently restored Engine and Engine House. Tube: Manor House. Rail: South Tottenham. 123. A2 Studio 2013. the building takes its reference from the classical in its symmetry.W7.eventbrite.45pm. Last entry 4pm. Entry: rear extension. ground floor extension. Trails and activity sheets for queuing outside if necessary. Damaged during 2011 riots. Last entry 4pm. proportion and Rail: Hornsey. Highgate N6 5DY n Sat 10am-5pm. AJ|Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Hale Village Meet: outside main entrance Tottenham Hale. No photographs within the buildings or gardens. Half-hourly tours. Tube: Manor House.271. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park. red brick with terracotta dressing and stone decoration. First come basis. first come basis.254. W3.41.W5 51 Glebe Road 51 Glebe Road N8 7DA n Sun 10am-5pm. 29. RIBA Downland Sustainability Award Winner 2008. Tube/Rail: Seven Sisters. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park.W5 Linear House 70 Southwood Lane. 29. Chance de Silva 2013. Max 15 per tour. Luis Trevino 2012. converted to three screens in | Southwark | 39 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . N D R T B C P Tudor Manor House built for Sir William Compton in 1514. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park. this single storey house is cut into and integrated with its steeply sloping site. Rail Harringay.Last entry 12. First come basis. Wood Green. playground and Victorian Flower Garden and takes its names from landscape designer Alexander McKenzie who produced plans for the park. N DT McKenzie Pavilion sits in middle of the park. Media art exhibition. next to boating pond. Turnpike Lane. kitchen/dining extension in timber.30pm.dT Grade II* listed Art Deco cinema. 41.243 Furtherfield Gallery McKenzie Pavilion. rear extension and loft conversion of a midterraced house that maximises light and space to create a modern family living environment that fully integrates the indoors and outdoors whilst maintaining its period façade. A This project aims to open up the kitchen to the garden and create a seamless transition with minimum impact to enable increased use of the garden and bring natural daylight into the domestic space. queuing outside if necessary. A museum since 1906 housing local history and exhibitions of Bruce Castle.W3. queuing outside if Tottenham Town Hall See from 1 Sep. Max 12 per tour. Tube: Highgate. 143. Display on sanitation in Victorian times and its affect on improving public health.15pm and 4pm-4. BDP/KSS/RMA 2008/2012.141. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park.210. Tube: Highgate.141. particularly in densely populated urban areas. Entry: 2 gallery rooms. Medieval All Hallows Church open Sun 2-5pm. Entry: (by accompanied tour only) common parts. D Q G A modern insertion into the old fabric of Highgate Village. Rail: Bruce Grove. with the original Wood Bros beam pumping engine in situ. Tube: Turnpike Lane.271. Max 20 per tour. Hourly tours. other areas visited on tours. T A P Remodelling of a 5-storey Victorian mid-terraced house featuring a frameless glass side extension and a dormer extension with views to Alexandra Palace. Although sleek in design and material. Last entry 4. 2. Rail: Bruce Grove. except 1pm. First come basis.253. Half-hourly architect-led talks. queuing outside if necessary. zinc and glass plus Victorian house renovation/alterations. First come basis. Harringay Green Lanes. garden. Last tour 4pm. Entry: whole house. Seven Sisters. NB. 43. kitchen. Last entry Crawford Partnership 2012.476 Bruce Castle Museum Lordship Lane N17 8NU n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Regular tours.29. green roofs. pre-book ONLY at http://ohlhighpoint.341.134. 123 Highpoint Highpoint One. first come basis. T Q A P d An award-winning new build home (Best Home Haringey Design Awards 2012) that makes maximum use of light and space on a tight urban site. substantially altered in 17C and 18C. G Grade I listed Modernist apartment blocks retaining many original features. T Grade II listed. Elaborate gables and turrets at either end.30pm. d N G New high-density waterside development with green design features including bio mass. Last entry 4. D R T B C P Grade II listed Victorian industrial building (1886) set within a park and next to the River Lee. Sustainable features incorporated into design and fabric.43 Light House 2a Fairfield Road N8 9HG n Sat to find out more about this area 32 Warwick Gardens 32 Warwick Gardens N4 1JG n Sat 10am-5pm. Max 8 at one time. First come basis.W7. First come basis.349. now fully refurbished by GLA and managed by London Youth Support Trust as Enterprise Centre and support for local community. Tube/Rail: Tottenham Hale. Includes residential for sale and rent.341 39 Haringey | openhouselondon.279. Max 25 at one time.144 639 Tottenham High Road 639 Tottenham High Road N17 8AA n Sat 10am-1pm. bathroom and loft. first and second floor hallways. Tube/Rail: Seven Sisters. 41.259. d T A d Remodelling.45pm. Tube: Highgate.149. 210.143 Markfield Beam Engine and House Markfield Road N15 4RB n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Entry: ground reception. Clague 2006. Lubetkin & Tecton 1935/1938.67. Entry: ground floor. Entry: music studio. W3 Music Studio 86a Florence Road N4 4DP n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.210. Finsbury Park N4 2NQ n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. student accommodation and range of community facilities. Station Road N17 9LR n Sat 10am-5pm. including restored foyers and interior of a flat.W3.134.45pm. both internally and externally. Last entry 1pm. Rail: Crouch Hill. Entry: ground floor. Entry: house. Gort Scott 2012.230 Mayfield Road 19 Mayfield Road N8 9LL n Sat 10am-5pm. as originally installed. Music performance. Max 20 at one time. A2studio 2009. Rail: Harringay.

Tube: Wood Green. Highgate.W3 Haringey Council works to preserve the historic buildings in the borough and encourage good modern design. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park.W5 WALKS/TOURS Muswell Hill Walk n Meet: Sat 2pm beside Muswell Hill Library. Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Tottenham High Road: Spurs and rebuilding after the riots listed Town Hall. Harringay. Theatre Stage. this Grade II listed building has a rich modern day entertainment history and houses the BBC studios where television was first broadcast in 1936. 41.234. Rail: Crouch Hill. now returned to its former glory. Access to selected houses for small numbers throughout weekend (ground floor only. First come basis. Hornsey.243.W7.91. Entry: foyer and large main auditorium. W3 The Old Schoolhouse Hornsey Historical Society.253 Tower Gardens Garden Suburb Information pick up point: 5 Tower Gardens Road N17 7PX n Sun 10am-4pm. new planting and significant tombs.W3 One Lancs 1 Lancaster Road N4 4PJ n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Entry: main school room. 43. Rail: Bruce Grove.476. no lift. meet at 25 Cranmore Way N10 3TP. (Organised by Hornsey Historical Society. Entry: East Court. Max 20 at one time. Worksheets and plans of building for children.41. 43. Rail: South Tottenham.W5 Tottenham Town Hall Town Hall Approach Road N15 4RY n Sat 10am-5pm. J Harold Gibbons. Photo exhibition. 144. 43. The Haringey Design Panel is an independent advisory body that provides design advice on key development proposals to both applicants and officers. Entry: common areas. queuing outside if necessary. Mayor’s Parlour. J D Sedding. sculptured west front.) Tube: East Finchley. First come basis. Rail: Hornsey. 41. Regular guided and self-guided tours.102.45pm.144. Tube: Seven Sisters.30pm. a brother of the Art Workers guild. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park. The LCC created a ‘housing of the working classes’ role for the architects’ department under Riley. Organised by Tottenham Civic Highgate. garden. N D R T P High Victorian church with early 20C additions.234. early Victorian infant school. asymmetrical rooflights.263 Television Studio A and Theatre at Alexandra Palace Alexandra Palace Way N22 7AY n Sat 10am-5pm. Organised by Friends of Hornsey Church Tower. Moselle Room. R P Grade II* listed tower with restored chapel remaining from Medieval parish church. Tottenham N17 8EY. Queen’s Avenue N10 3PE. After years of uncertainty the Spurs redevelopment is going ahead including restoration of some heritage buildings.W7.W3. Henry Wilson. Max 30 per tour. Pages Lane. Duration approx 2 1/2 hours. Victorian school and local architect John Farrer. D T Complete external and internal refurbishment of Grade II 40 | Southwark AJ Library Building | openhouselondon. Key guidance on greening buildings is provided in the form of the Greening Your Home Guide and Sustainable Design & Construction requesting 3 preferred timeslots. Knott Architects 2012. with a stealth-like folded rubber roof. Tube: Highgate. Entry: 2-storey extension. R T P One of the first garden suburbs in the world. Fine Hunter organ plus case. Tube: Turnpike Lane. The Haringey Design Awards celebrate high quality buildings and places that make a positive contribution to Haringey’s built environment. Planning and Design Development Forums are held for all major development proposals. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. d R T One of the few grand 19C leisure buildings to survive to the present | Haringey | 40 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Self-guided exterior tour of the estate. Duration approx 1 1/2 hours.349 bus or Wood Green.1974 but retaining its fine original decor. Tube:Turnpike Lane. Last entry 12. This year celebrating its 76th year. pre-book ONLY by email on openhouse@alexandrapalace.W3. First visit to library is upstairs. Chance de Silva and Simon Head 2013. A P Q Full width family room rear extension. garages and flats arranged in 5 streets and 2 closes.W7 Highpoint n Meet: Sun 11am in car park in front of Sainsbury’s. Max 25 at one time. John Johnson & A Messon 1873. John Henry Taylor 1848/Marius Reynolds 1981. Bounds Green. Max 45 on tour. max 8 in houses at one time). Talk and display at North Bank house at end of walk. Edwardian and 1930s buildings.29. and after conversion and some demolition reopened in 1981 as HQ of Society.W3. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park.123. bricks and stone window cills. the rest is flat.73 Tower and Churchyard of St Mary’s Hornsey Hornsey High Street N8 7QB n Sun 2pm-5pm. d Wrap-around 2-storey extension with roof and walls clad in thin-strip timber.144. Special displays on houses and streets then and now. AS Taylor & AR Jemmett 1904/bptw partnership (refurb) 2011. queuing outside if necessary.259. W E Riley 1910-24. houses.144. Last entry 4.134. Tube: Turnpike Lane. Regular tours of tower. Tube: Seven Sisters then 149.W7 Key. 123. Exhibition. Sat/Sun 2pm tour of estate/ conservation area.102.217 Rookfield Village Estate conservation area Rookfield Village N10 3TP n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Excellent views from top of tower.134. Other buildings were destroyed or damaged in the 2011 riots. closed in 1934. with new connections to house and wheelchair accessible ground floor. W B Collins 1906-20. d Integrated ‘garden village’ built on the slope of Muswell Hill to Arts and Crafts principles. A G Scott 1888/20C. Palm Court and the Transmitter Hall (subject to change). Tube: Archway. Coffee and cake sale. Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park. and 150 fibre optic lights in the ceiling. rear extension. one of the old Victorian villas. Rail: Alexandra Palace. 136 Tottenham Lane (corner Rokesly Avenue) N8 7EL n Sun 11am-4pm. Rail: Hornsey. N D T B C P Small. and gives an historical interpretation of how a rural enclave changed into a unique Edwardian suburb. This walk from White Hart Lane to Tottenham police station will reveal the heritage. Rail: Hornsey.30pm. to help create a high-quality environment. rescued from English Heritage ‘at risk’ register. Imposing. History of Tottenham in the Legacy Heritage Centre.144. Supported by Weston Park Extension 11 Weston Park N8 9SY n Sat 10am-1pm. with 2-storey terraced cottages retaining many decorative architectural features. restored after fire in 1924. George Coles 1936. Entry: ground floor. self-guided churchyard trail. Tours every 30 mins of historic areas of Palace. granite setts. Finishes at North Bank House. East Finchley.W3 St Augustine of Canterbury Corner Archway Road & Langdon Park Road N6 5BH n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. A salvage strategy was employed to recycle slate Last entry 4. Max 15 at one time. d R P Tour takes in early and late Victorian.134. Grand foyer and Moselle Room with its stunning Moorish-Jacobean style ceiling has been restored along with brickwork and repairs to the intricate Italian terrazzo mosaic floor. 867-869 High Road. regeneration and redevelopment of the area.W7. 210.Wood Green.279.

orangery and gazebo.652 Royal Liberty School (formerly Hare Hall) Upper Brentwood Road. Entry: mansion house. Jacobs Architects 2012. solar panels.30am-4. grounds. 248.348. enterprise and manufacture for east London.15pm. For info call 01277 219 892.7million youth centre with a huge range of facilities. and re-opened to the public in 2013. a flagship project for the Thames Gateway regeneration and this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. garden & patio. 66. N D R T G P A new £4.499 Meet: Rainham Station.373 Upminster Tithe Barn Museum Hall Lane. 2 bedrooms. with full-height entrance hall and central staircase window and flagpoles. and probably the only listed mound in the world.324. Permanent and temporary exhibition spaces tell the story of this area for the first time in decades. roughcast. first come basis. Last entry 4.175. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. d N T P Grade II listed Georgian house. Sustainable features include high insulation. Its design alludes to its role as a vehicle for innovation and growth.128. Ferry Lane. TTSP Architects (refurb) 2010. Max 30 at one time.294 Langtons House Billet Lane. Links with Quaker prison reformer Elizabeth Fry. weatherboarded with crown-post. Rail: Romford. terrace. Havering-atte-Bower. Max 10 per tour. Rail: Romford. Max 40 per tour. 66.252.324.50pm. Fully refurbished.287. Rail: Romford. a robust example of 1970s civic architecture and a vibrant and successful producing theatre. Rainham RM13 8EU n Sat 9am-2pm.30pm). red cedar wood and Tasmanian oak. Rail: Rainham. 674. and the borough’s first zero carbon building – one of only a few in the UK. N D R T B Grade II* listed parish church by John Johnson. Last entry 4. 252. (immediately north of Gidea Park Station) RM2 6AU. collar-tie reed-thatched roof. Many sustainable features. Demos of historical exhibits. Two blank windows flank the Doric entrance porch.370 Orange Tree Hill. Duration 45 mins. Gardens open Sat and Sun. Displays on ‘The Upminster Suburb Story’. Ancient monument. Last tour 3. kitchen. Upminster RM14 2QR n Sat/Sun 2pm-5pm. Romford RM1 3AB n Sat 10am-1. Unique fittings using Bath 496.175. Children’s activities/backstage treasure hunt running 10am & 12noon. Max 30 per tour. D T G P CEME is a dynamic hub of education.30pm with LB Havering Regeneration team.252. Entry: untenanted areas. Hornchurch RM11 1QT n Sat 10am-1pm.68. Tube: Upminster Bridge.30am – 12. Gidea Park.175. Tube/Rail: Upminster.30pm. Romford RM2 6HJ n Sun 10am-5pm. interesting chimneys.) James Nokes 1803. Video on building construction and history. Lubetkin & Tecton 1934. Bookable in advance on 01708 443333. Art access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 41 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Harold Hill RM3 9NE n Sat 9am-10pm/Sun 10am-6pm. 174 Fairkytes 51 Billet Lane.252. Further developments took place up until the mid-1930s. Pike Lane. 248.Havering Hylands Primary School See openhouselondon. Upminster RM14 2QH n Sat/Sun 2pm-5pm. Rail: Gidea Park. 9-bay. Tube: Dagenham Heathway. 248. Regular tours. Tube: Elm Park. HR Collins & AEO Geens 1935. D T Grade II listed neo-Georgian house from c1760 with later additions. Unsuitable for children under 7. Tube: Hornchurch. 248.374 Bower House Granger Way (vehicles)/Benjamin Close (pedestrians) Hornchurch RM1 2RU n Sat tours at 10am and Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence Dagnam Park Drive. Rail: Gidea Park.324 Upminster Old Chapel 70 St Mary’s Lane. N D R TCP Grade II timber-framed former Dissenters’ Meeting House (1800) with pedimented façade.248.30pm. Exhibition of historic photographs. d T P Q Model Modernist villa now completely refurbished with modern garden by Dan Pearson.370 Havering Museum 19-21 High Street.165. Hornchurch RM11 1AX n Sun 10am-4pm. Romford. T P Grade II listed Palladian villa with a west facing 5-bay front of Portland stone with two wings. Leading landscape designer Charles Bridgman and Sir James Thornhill were involved with the design. R T B P Grade I listed Mansion House commanding the most extensive southerly views over Essex towards Kent.256. Last entry 4. Romford RM1 1JU n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Grade II Regular tours. 347 The Queen’s Theatre Billet Lane.248. Conservation area.248. Last entry 4pm.496 Havering Town Hall Main Road. Tube: Hornchurch. 12noon (may not be suitable for wheelchair users). Max 40 on tour. Rail: Romford.15am at entrance to Balgores Square car park.256. Rail: Emerson Park. Upminster RM14 3NS n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. cloakroom. Rainham RM13 9HA n Sat tours at 10. Tube: Hornchurch. Romford RM2 5QR n Sat 9. Rail: Harold Wood 174.370. Rail: Rainham. the site of an important new masterplan for London.674. Max 12 per tour. N T B Q P Fine Grade II* listed wooden smock windmill in use until 1934 and containing much original wooden machinery. Sheppard Robson 2003. Entry in the side foyer.165. Regular toursPhotographic exhibition of old photos of the town hall. Romford RM1 3BD n Sat 12pm-4pm.30am and 12.103. Discussion of similar attempts to improve standards of housing in 20C.30am-4pm. Last tour 5pm. backstage with tour. Entry: whole school. then 375 bus Myplace Centre CEME (Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence) Rainham Village and Marshes Marsh Way. 193. Many of the houses were in Tudor styles. 11am.496 Thames Chase Forest Centre Broadfields. Rail: Romford. in a converted Ind Coope brewery near to the historic market place. 174. Backstage tours 10am. Displays on community forest. Entry: marriage rooms.248. d N P 15C box-framed. Walters and Cohen 2011. Craft and produce stalls. aisled barn. Max 70 at a time. Half hourly tours (closed 11.256. D T Grade II listed.372. Landscaped garden with lake.45pm.15am. Tube/Rail: Upminster. Entry: front of house. Tour takes in Gidea Park exhibition houses and Hare Street buildings. Exhibition pieces have been carefully crafted into the existing structure to create a modern intervention.496 Supported by Key. East/Alison Brooks Architects/Peter Beard and others ongoing. orangery. d N R T C P Opened by Sir Peter (Organised by Friends of Upminster Windmill. Entry: lounge.30pm. colour-washed. Henry Flitcroft 1729. D B The first Gidea Park Garden Suburb houses were built as a result of an open competition in 1910 for architects. Tube/Rail: Upminster. pre-book ONLY on 01708 434635. The regeneration programme is enhancing the characteristics of the historic street pattern and marshland with nature reserve incorporating Trackway. 2nd floors.66 41AJ|Library Havering | openhouselondon. Interior contains fine original staircase. in keeping with the scale of the surrounding housing.30pm. D T A G P A new 2-storey building that maximises the external areas. the design was the result of an architectural competition won by Collins & Geens. 2hr duration.193. C N D R T B G Distinctive award-winning visitor centre of modern timber construction forming an A-frame building roofed with cedar shingles.294. Tube/Rail: Upminster. dining room. Dagenham Dock. Entry: ground and 1st floor. 248 Upminster Windmill St Mary’s Lane. Rail: Gidea Park. Regular tours. Max 20 per tour. Now an arts to find out more about this area 64 Heath Drive 64 Heath Drive. sustainable timber construction. No children under five. James Paine 1768. Hornchurch RM11 1XJ n Sun 10am-5pm. 4. Tours at 2.30pm. Norman Brooks 1975. 294. Sustainable features include biomass boiler.370 WALKS/TOURS Gidea Park Garden Suburb Walk n Meet: Sat 10. barn. Tube: Hornchurch. Rail: Upminster. attached to 17C listed barn – one of the best preserved in the London area. grounds. Romford RM4 1PB n Sat 10am-4pm. Gidea Park. Upminster RM14 1AU n Sat/Sun 10. good thermal mass. sedum roof. Tube: Hornchurch. or sometimes half-timbered. 1st. Entry: ground. D R T B C A new flagship cultural centre for the borough.30pm. Regular tours. Laurie Wood Architects 2010. Entry: forest centre. 3.674 St Edward the Confessor Church Market Place.351.


Old Water Tower

to find out more about this area
Brunel University London

Kingston Lane, Uxbridge UB8 3PH
n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. First come basis. General access to sites
below, plus: architect-led tour Sun 2pm of Indoor Athletics
Centre, and of Eastern Gateway Sat 1pm and 2.30pm/
Sun 1pm. Last entry 3.45pm. Max 20 at one time. Special
exhibition in Beldam Gallery about Brunel University
design history. N D T C A P
Indoor Athletics Centre – Landmark building to the gateway
of the campus, a world-class indoor athletics facility in a
building shape defined by the volumetric requirements of the
sports within. The curved roof is a catenary arch supported
on wishbone steels, halving the foundations required. David
Morley Architects 2006.
The Eastern Gateway Building – White rendered academic
offices wrap around a circular zinc clad auditorium. Many
sustainable features including biomass boilers and automatic
vents. YRM Architects 2012.
Tube: Uxbridge; Rail: West Drayton; U1,U3,U4,U7

Cranford Stable Block & St Dunstan’s Church

Cranford Park, The Parkway, Cranford TW5 9RZ
n Sat 10.30am-4.30pm/Sun 12.30pm-6.30pm. NB Stable
block closes Sun 4pm. Activities, refreshments, classic
motorcycle meet, history walks. Max 20 at one time. R T
Restored 18C stable block of now demolished Cranford House,
former seat of the Earl of Berkeley. The front has arches with
stone keystones facing a cobbled yard. Entry to ground floor
area (west stable). Also open Medieval St Dunstan’s Church
mentioned in the Doomsday Book and famous for its early 14C
wall paintings. Berkeley family tombs in cemetery.
Tube: Hatton Cross, Hounslow West; Rail: Hayes & Harlington;

Heathrow pod: Ultra Global Personal Rapid Transit

Follow signs to business parking on 2nd floor of short-stay car
park, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport TW6 2GA
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Hourly tours of control room, first
come basis. N D T G
Heathrow pod is the world’s first commercially operational
Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system. Ultra PRT is a new and
innovative on-demand public transport system for developed
or urban environments. Ultra Global 2011. Entry: PRT and depot.
Tube/Rail: Heathrow T5; 350,423,441,482,490

Manor Farm Site, Manor House and Great Barn

St Martins Approach, Ruislip HA4 8BD
n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. NB. Great Barn only open Sat. Site tours
12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm. Meet at library (little barn). Last
entry 4.30pm. Max 15 in Manor House at one time. N D R T
Oldest and largest heritage site in Hillingdon (Manor Farm
has been occupied since 11C), was sympathetically refurbished
in 2008, and is now home to a museum and interpretation
centre in the 16C Manor House. Grade II listed Great Barn is the
second largest in the country, with impressive sweeping tiled
roof and weatherboarded walls. Entry: Manor House, Great
Barn, Little Barn, Norman Motte & Bailey, 22 acres of grounds.
Tube: Ruislip; Rail: West Ruislip; 331,H13,U10,U1,398,114

Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm

9 Watertower Close, Uxbridge UB8 1XS
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Tours every 20 mins, pre-book ONLY on
01895 253658. Last tour 4.30pm. Max 12 per tour. NB. head
for heights essential. Not suitable for children under 10. Flat
shoes and trousers suggested. P
21m-high brick water tower, built 1905 in institutional Gothic
style to improve the water supply to expanding Uxbridge
following the arrival of the Metropolitan Railway. Residentially
converted 1980. Access (by internal fixed safety ladder) to tank
and roof for views over London Basin, weather permitting.
Entry: ground floor reception, upper tank level & roof by ladder.
Tube: Uxbridge; U1 (towards Ruislip)

Heathrow Pod

Stockley Park

n Meet: Sat 10am at The Management Suite, 5 Ironbridge
Road, Uxbridge UB11 1HB. Tour of park grounds with
landscape architect and engineer. Pre-book ONLY on or 01895 425205. Duration 2
hours. Max 30 on tour. A E R D T P
One of Europe’s most successful business parks with
Masterplan by Arup Associates and stunning architecture
by Foster + Partners, Ian Ritchie, Troughton MacAslan, Eric
Parry and others. The landscape design plays a vital role in
establishing the framework with over 140,000 trees.
Rail: West Drayton, Hayes & Harlington; A10,U5,350

Swakeleys House

Swakeleys Road, Ickenham (access from Milton Rd) UB10 8NS
n Sat 10am-4pm. Max 25 at one time, entry every 20-30 mins. P
By far the most important house in Ickenham and an
outstanding example of a Jacobean country house built in
the 1630s. Constructed of red brick, laid in English bond on
an H plan. Great Hall includes the 1655 Harrington Screen,
18C marble fireplace and original panelling. Entry: Great Hall,
Tube: Ickenham, Uxbridge; Rail: West Ruislip; U1,U2,U10

The Great Barn, Harmondsworth

Manor Court, High Street, Harmondsworth UB7 0AQ
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Display of horse-drawn agricultural
implements, live on Sunday afternoon, illustrating the
agricultural use of Barn that continued until the 1970s. D P
This great Medieval barn (1426), over 190 feet long and nearly
40 feet high, is the last of a series of enormous, cathedral-like
barns built on this site in Harmondsworth. Peter McCurdy
(restored) 1986. Entry: barn, grounds adjacent to barn.
Tube/Rail: Heathrow T1,2,3, then bus U3; Rail: West Drayton,
then bus U3,350

The Stables and Dovecote at Eastcote House Gardens

High Road Eastcote, Eastcote HA5 2EW
n Sun 11am-4pm. T P
Timber-framed 17C stables, 18C brick dovecote and large
walled garden, recently replanted, all set in parkland of the
former Eastcote House, (dem. 1964). Family home of the
Hawtrey family from 1527 to 1930. Interiors largely as originally
Tube: Eastcote (15 min walk), Ruislip; H13 bus from Ruislip station

St Martins Church, Ruislip

High Street, Ruislip HA4 8DG
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. D T P
Church dates from 1250 with 15C additions and Victorian
restorations. Grade II listed. Fine late Medieval wall paintings &
funeral hatchments. Sir Gilbert Scott and Ewan Christian 1870.
Tube: Ruislip; Rail: West Ruislip; 114,E7,331

St Mary’s Church, Harefield

off Church Hill, Harefield UB9 6DU
n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 11.30am-5pm. N R T P d
Exceptionally fine 12C Medieval church, surrounded by large
country churchyard, including Anzac Cemetery from WWI.
Many notable monuments including Lady Spencer, Countess
of Derby. Fine 18C 3-decker pulpit. Grade I listed. Entry: all areas
except upper levels of the tower.
Tube: Uxbridge, Northwood then 331 or U9 bus; Rail: Denham
(then 331)

St Peter & St Paul Harlington

St Peter’s Way, High Street, Harlington UB3 5AB
n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Regular tours. d N T P
Grade I listed church (16C) with Norman font and Norman
stone arch carved with cats’ heads. Interesting monuments
including Easter sepulchre. Ancient yew tree in churchyard.
Good restoration between 1830 and 1860.
Tube: Hatton Cross; Rail: Hayes & Harlington; 140,U4
Supported by

Uxbridge Quaker Meeting House

York Road Uxbridge UB8 1QW
n Sat/Sun 12pm-4pm. First come basis. Last entry 3.30pm.
Max 20 at one time. Exhibition on ‘Quakers and Uxbridge
from 1658’. D T
Grade II listed typical Georgian Quaker meeting house (1818),
retaining its original features with an elders’ gallery and full
size opening screens. Entry: large meeting house.
Tube: Uxbridge; 222,331,427,607,U4

Key. A Architect on site B Bookshop
Childrens’ activities
d Partial
for people
with disabilities
D Full
access E Engineer on site G Green Features
| Hillingdon | 42
n OpenCSaturday
n Open
n Open
and Sunday
J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets


Hogarth’s House

Hogarth Lane, Great West Road W4 2QN
n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Hourly tours. Last tour 4pm. Max 6 per
tour. d N T P
Early 18C timber framed, red brick home of artist William
Hogarth extended significantly c1749-1764. Delightful walled
garden containing famous ancient mulberry tree. A unique
oasis in modern West London. Entry: attic, basement, store
rooms, study rooms.
Tube: Turnham Green; Rail: Chiswick; 190

to find out more about this area
Adobe Village Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery

Martindale Road TW4 7HE
n Sat 10am-5pm. First come basis. Last entry 4.30pm. D R T A G P
A unique striking playscape and adobe home structure that
integrates outside learning with innovative earth forms.
Construction is ‘rammed’ earth made from earth filled tubes.
The children contributed to the scheme by sketching out their
ideas for their eco-classroom. Adobe construction recently
recognised for sound-reducing properties. Small Earth 2011.
Entry: adobe home, adobe village, large sandpit, moon gate.
Tube: Hounslow West; Rail: Hounslow; 237,117,235,116

Boston Manor House

Kempton Great Engines Trust

Kempton Park Water Treatment Works, Snakey Lane,
Hanworth TW13 7ND
n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. First come basis. Last entry 3.30pm. D R
Magnificent 1928 industrial cathedral (a National Monument)
housing 2 triple expansion steam engines and 2 steam
turbines. Engines were at heart of water treatment works
supplying North London with drinking water taken from the
Rail: Kempton Park; 290,H25

Boston Manor Road, Brentford TW8 9JX
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Half-hourly tours, first come basis. Last
tour 5pm. Max 30 per tour. d T
Jacobean Manor House set in parkland with lake and ancient
trees. Richly decorated 17C plaster ceilings in State Rooms.
Donald Insall (restoration) 1963. Entry: state room, dining
Tube: Boston Manor; Rail: Brentford; E8

Osterley Park House

Chiswick Business Park

St Mary’s Convent

566 Chiswick High Road W4 5YA
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Architect on site. Building access will
be restricted. N D A G P
A dynamic workplace and public park developed by Stanhope
Plc, the flexible and spacious structures surround a central lake
and waterfall with themed landscapes and open-air meeting
places. RIBA Award Winner. Civic Trust Award Winner. Richard
Rogers Partnership 2000.
Tube/Rail: Gunnersbury; 27,H91,391,267,237,440

Chiswick Town Hall

Heathfield Terrace W4 4JN
n Sun 1pm-5pm. Regular tours, first come basis. d T P
Built initially as a vestry, later extended. Victorian and
Edwardian interiors with rich tiles and stunning stained
glass, one of the most beautiful Victorian interiors in London.
W J Trehearne 1876/Arthur Ramsden 1901. Entry: main
hall, Hogarth hall, vestibule hallway, old council chamber,
committee room.
Tube: Chiswick Park; Rail: Gunnersbury; 27,237,267,391,E3,H91

Gunnersbury Park Museum & Park

Gunnersbury Park W3 8LQ
n Sun 11.30am-5pm. Regular house tours including to areas
normally closed, and with insight into future restoration
plans, first come basis. Last tour 4pm. Talk by Dr Jonathan
Oates 2pm ‘Princess Amelia at Gunnersbury’. See also
Landscape tour, separate entry. N R T C P d
Former home to the Rothschild family, now a museum set
in beautiful 19C mansion on an elevated terrace overlooking
lawns and parkland. Major restoration project is being
planned. Alexander Copland 1802/Sydney Smirke (extended)
1835. Entry: areas of museum/house, 18C temple and
bathhouse, usually closed to public.
Tube: Acton Town; E3
Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm

Chiswick Business Park

Jersey Road, Isleworth TW7 4RB
n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Timed tickets may apply. Last entry
4pm. Max 200 in house at one time. d R T B P
One of Britain’s most complete examples of Robert Adam’s
work. Set in over 350 acres of park, garden and farmland.
Robert Adam 1761. Entry: house, park, garden.
Tube: Osterley; Rail: Isleworth; H28,H37,H91
10 The Butts, Brentford TW8 8BQ
n Sat tours at 10am, 12noon, 2.30pm. Pre-book ONLY on
020 8568 7305. Duration approx 1 hour 30 mins. Archival
exhibition and historical talk. Max 8 per tour. d T P
Convent in 18C Grade II listed house with original features.
Various additions including west wing (1913-15) and
harmonious care home facilities and chapel by PRP Architects
(1998-2001). Entry: lobby, community room, chapel, Heritage
room and Foundress’ room.
Tube: Boston Manor; Rail: Brentford; 235,237,267,E2,E8

West Thames College

London Road, Isleworth TW7 4HS
n Sat 10am-4pm. Regular tours of each site, first come basis.
Last entry 3.30pm. Max 10 per tour. d R T A G P
New Campus – Modern, state-of-the-art college building –
mainly wood and glass with lots of natural light and vibrant,
spacious interior. The building complements the Grade II listed
Spring Grove House. Sustainable features include rainwater
harvesting and auto-sensor lighting. RIBA Awards 2012
Shortlisted. Mackenzie Wheeler 2011. Entry: all facilities.
Spring Grove House – Remarkably intact prime example
of late Victorian architecture and interior design, including
stained glass windows and mosaics. Grade II listed with one
remaining fine Georgian room. Previous owners include Pears
‘Soap’ family and Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal
Society. Restored and refurbished during 2011-12. Sir John
Offley/various 1645 onwards. Entry: house and key rooms.
Tube: Osterley, Hounslow East; Rail: Isleworth; 235,237,H37,H22

A Ruskinian walk through shared heritage

Bedford Park

n Meet: Sun 2.30pm at Victorian Society, 1 Priory Gardens W4
1TT. Duration approx 2hrs. T
Bedford Park was the first garden suburb. Some 400 homes,
mostly in red brick with red tiled roofs, Dutch-style gables,
balconies and artists’ studios. Norman Shaw, EW Godwin, EJ
May and Maurice B Adam 1875-1886.
Tube: Turnham Green; 94,E3

Gunnersbury Park Landscape Tour

n Meet: Sun 11.30am at entrance to Gunnersbury Park
Museum, Gunnersbury Park W3 8LQ. Pre-Book ONLY by
email on Gunnersbury Park
Museum also open 11.30am-5pm.
The landscape architect of the planned restoration of the park
gives an insight into the future transformation of the heritage
landscape which hosts over 20 listed features including an
orangery, walled garden, bathhouse and the remnants of a
horseshoe pond.
Tube: Acton Town; E3

Hounslow Open House Guided Cycle Tour

n Meet: Sun 1.45pm outside Chiswick Police Station, 209-211
Chiswick High Road W4 2DU. First come basis. Duration
approx 2 hours.
A guided architectural led bike tour with the LB Hounslow
transport project officers around Open House buildings.
Tube: Turnham Green

The Royal Manor of Hanworth walk

n Meet: Sat 2.30pm at Junction of Hounslow Road and
Hampton Road West TW13 6AW. Duration approx 1 hour. P
Walk includes remains of Hanworth Palace, used by Henry VIII
as a hunting lodge, and Hanworth Park House which replaced
the Manor House destroyed by fire in 1797.
Rail: Feltham; 111,285,490,H25

Turnham Green Walk

n Meet: Sun 2.30pm outside Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield
Terrace W4 4JN. Duration approx 1 hour.
Beginning at the Victorian/Edwardian Town Hall (also open
1pm-5pm), this walk takes in the former Sanderson home
(famous for their wallpapers), including the CFA Voysey
industrial building, a statue of William Hogarth, a police
station and the first fire station to be built with a hose tower.
Tube: Chiswick Park; Rail: Gunnersbury; 237,267,E3
Supported by

n Meet: Sat 12noon, Sun 2.30pm at Chiswick Business Park,
Building 3, 566 Chiswick High Road W4 5YA
See entry on Ealing page

Key. A Architect on site B Bookshop
Childrens’ activities
d Partial
for people
with disabilities
D Full wheelchair
access E Engineer on site G Green Features
| Southwark | 43
n OpenCSaturday
n Open
n Open
and Sunday
J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets


1611 endowed as a school (now in Godalming) and almshouse,
which it remains to this day. Entry: court, cloister, chapel.
Tube: Barbican; 4,56,153

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Court House

27 Gerard Road N1 8AY
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. First come basis. A
Lower ground extension within conservation area, restoring a
large ground floor garden and adding significant living space.
Light filters in through floor and internal courtyard. Coffey
Architects 2013.
Tube: Angel, Essex Road; 4,19,38,43,341

30 Cardozo Road

30 Cardozo Road N7 9RL
n Sat 10am-1pm. First come basis, queuing outside if
necessary. Last entry 12.30pm. Max 20 at one time. d A G
A partially subterranean house, to give generous
accommodation on a small plot while preserving long views
across site from street. Jack Wooley 2013. Entry: whole house.
Tube: Caledonian Road, Holloway; Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St
Pancras; 17,91,259,274

Cullinan Studio

5 Baldwin Terrace N1 7RU
n Sun 11am-1pm. Tours every 45 mins. Max 10 per tour. Display
of recent work. Last entry 12.30pm. E D R T A G
Newly-retrofitted canal-side Victorian foundry building into
BREEAM Excellent offices. Sustainable features include airsource heat pump, PV panels, recycled newspaper insulation.
Cullinan Studio Architects 2012.
Tube: Angel, Old Street; 38,43,73,205,341

56 Whistler Street

56 Whistler Street N5 1NJ
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Regular tours. A G
A transformation of a typical two-up, two-down terrace into
a modern, urban living space within a small footprint and a
passive environmental design. Coffey Architects 2007.
Tube/Rail: Highbury and Islington; Rail: Drayton Park,
Canonbury; 4,17,29,43,271

Finsbury Health Centre

Angel Building

407 St John Street EC1V 4AB
n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. First come basis. Last entry
4.15pm. Max 75 at one time. D T A G
Re-invention of an early 1980s office block. With elegant and
robust modern detailing, the existing concrete frame has been
re-used and re-wrapped with a highly energy-efficient glazed
skin. Striking Ian McChesney art piece in foyer and stunning
London-wide views from terrace. RIBA and BCO Award Winner
2011 and Stirling Prize shortlist 2011. Allford Hall Monaghan
Morris 2010. Entry: atrium, top floor terrace.
Tube: Angel; 19,38,341,73,214,30,205

Armour Close

Roman Way N7 8SS
n Sun 10am-4pm. Regular tours, first come basis. Max 10 per
tour. d A G
Part of the first phase of new council houses built in LB
Islington for a generation. Courtyard scheme boosting light
with double-height living spaces and reflective white render.
Many sustainable features. Housing Design Awards 2010
winner. HFI Architects 2009. Entry: house, communal area.
Tube: Caledonian Road; Rail: Caledonian Road & Barnsbury;

Bunhill Heat and Power Energy Centre

Central Street EC1V 3QB
n Sat 10am-5pm. Regular tours, first come basis. Max 10 per
tour. Display on design and build. Last entry 4.30pm. d A G
Ground-breaking decentralised energy scheme located in the
south of the borough and part of Islington’s wider strategy
to reduce fuel poverty and yield financial and environmental
benefits to the community. Tim Ronalds Architects 2012.
Tube/Rail: Old Street

Charterhouse Chapel

Charterhouse Square EC1M 6AN
n Sun 2pm-5pm. Last entry 4.45pm. Max 30 at one time. T
Founded as a Carthusian Monastery in 1371, later sold as a
Tudor mansion. Elizabeth I and James I both spent time here. In
AJ |Library
Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm

LSO St Luke’s, UBS & LSO Music Education Centre

17 Pine Street EC1R 0LP
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. First come basis. Last entry 4.30pm.
Max 25 at one time. D T
A pioneering idea. Grade I listed open access health centre that
allied Modernist design aesthetics with progressive social
policies, encapsulating progressive post-war politics a decade
before the establishment of the NHS for which it was a model.
Tecton and Lubetkin 1938. Entry: all areas excluding clinical
rooms and offices.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: Farringdon, King’s Cross St Pancras; 63

Finsbury Town Hall

Rosebery Avenue EC1R 4RP
n Sun 10am-5pm. Regular tours. Max 10 at one time. D T
Opened by Lord Rosebery, an ornate building with elegant
decor influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. Notable
rooms including the Great Hall with unique stained glass
and antique mirrors. C Evans Vaughan 1895. Entry: Great Hall,
council chamber, marriage room, staircase.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: Farringdon; 19,38,341

Flat 5, 3/4 Martineau Road (Living Workshop)

Flat 5, 3/4 Martineau Road N5 1NG
n Sat 1pm-5pm. First come basis. Last entry 4.45pm. A G
Transformation of small 1 bed flat into living workshop, home
and think tank for a metal worker. A ‘tardis’ house which grew
into its attic. RIBA Award Winner 2013. Ullmayer Sylvester
Architects 2011.
Tube/Rail: Highbury & Islington

Graduate Centre – London Metropolitan University

166-220 Holloway Road N7 8DB
n Sat 9.30am-1pm. Display of recently completed projects by
various practices. Max 30 at one time. d T
Award-winning building providing postgraduate and
teaching facilities with a distinctive design – 3 intersecting
volumes, clad with embossed stainless steel panels. Daniel
Libeskind Studio 2004. Entry: lecture theatre, seminar rooms,
hub area.
Tube: Holloway Road; Tube/Rail: Highbury & Islington;

Grenville Plug-in Allotment Garden

opposite 60 Grenville Road, corner Ormond Road N19 4EH
n Sun 2pm-7pm. Community members/students/architects
on site. d N A G P E

Student design integrated with community led bottom up
assembly. Garden built on a site contaminated by knot-weed,
with hovering planters (plugging into elevated rain-water
harvesting system) built and stewarded by a family in
surrounding community. Students of Ittai Frank, AIU, London
with Buro Happold 2012.
Rail: Crouch Hill; Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park; Tube: Archway; 210,91

Highbury Grove & Samuel Rhodes School

8 Highbury Grove N5 2EA
n Sat 10am-2pm. D T A G
Flat slab concrete frame construction built around existing
buildings on site and generating 20% of its energy from
on-site renewable energy installations. Highly commended
as Most Sustainable School Design in BSF 2008 Awards. BDP
2010. Entry: all areas.
Tube/Rail: Canonbury, Highbury & Islington; 236,393,4,19

Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children’s Centre
York Way Court, Copenhagen Street N1 0UH
n Sat 10am-1pm. Max 6 per tour. D T C
Single storey timber-clad building, purpose built as a warm
and inviting place for young children. AAB Architects 2008.
Tube/Rail: Kings Cross St Pancras

Kings Place

90 York Way N1 9AG
n Sat/Sun tours at 10am, 11.30am & 1pm of concert venues,
Pangolin Gallery and backstage, first come basis. Max 20
per tour. First come basis. N D R T G
An iconic mixed-use building with glass and limestone
façades with 3 basic components: a smaller scale block on
Battlebridge Basin; The Rotunda, a long rectangular block
facing York Way and a street-like atrium. Advanced acoustic
design with interior veneer carved from single oak tree. RIBA
Award Winner 2009. Dixon Jones 2008.
Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras; 10,17,91,214,390,259

London Canal Museum

12-13 New Wharf Road N1 9RT
n Sat 10am-4.30pm. Regular tours. Photo display of 2013
conservation work. N R T B C G
Canalside building built 1862 as an ice warehouse for Carlo
Gatti. The unique ice wells may still be seen.
Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras; 10,17,91,259,390,476

LSO St Luke’s, UBS & LSO Music Education Centre

161 Old Street (corner of Old Street and Helmet Row) EC1V 9NG
n Sat 10.30am-12.30pm. First come basis. Last entry 12noon. D T
Remains of a Grade I listed Hawksmoor church (1733)
imaginatively used to create a new home for LSO Discovery,
the London Symphony Orchestra’s education and community

Key. A Architect on site B Bookshop
Childrens’ activities
d Partial
for people
with disabilities
D Full wheelchair access
E Engineer on site G Green Features
| Islington | 44
n OpenCSaturday
n Open
n Open
and Sunday
J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets

programme. Many original features remain in a dramatic mix
of old and new. Levitt Bernstein Associates (refurb) 2003. Entry:
main hall, meeting rooms.
Tube: Old Street; Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street

Marx Memorial Library

37a Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU
n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Regular tours and talks. Last entry
3.30pm. Max 50 at one time. d R T B
Grade II listed, built as a Welsh Charity School, a library since
1933. Lenin worked here 1902-03 and his office is preserved.
Fresco on 1st floor. Late 15C tunnels. Sir James Steere 1737. Entry:
Lenin Room, lecture hall, reading room, basement tunnels.
Tube/Rail: Farringdon, King’s Cross St Pancras; 55,63,243

Mildmay Community Centre

Mildmay Green Day,Woodville Road N16 8NA
n Sat 11am-4pm. Regular talks and tours. Touch/play/learn
sustainability activities for children. Organic refreshment
stalls, performances. Last entry 3.30pm. N D R T C A G
One of the first Passivhaus retrofit projects in the UK and the
first non-domestic to be fully certified which provides a hub
for the community. Building has achieved up to 95% total
energy savings in its first winter. Multiple award-winning. Bere
Architects 2011. Entry: all areas including roof gardens.
Tube/Rail: Highbury & Islington, Canonbury, Dalston Kingsland;

Museum of the Order of St John

St John’s Gate EC1M 4DA
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Gate design activities and hide and
seek trails for children 4yrs+. Sat 12noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
gallery drama. Last entry 4.30pm. N T B C
Dates from 1504 with 19C and early 20C additions by Richard
Norman Shaw and John Oldrid Scott. Crypt of the priory
church was begun in the 1140s. Entry: church and crypt,
chapter hall, old chancery, council chamber.
Tube/Rail: Farringdon, Old Street; 63,55,243

Oak Room, New River Head

Rosebery Avenue EC1R 4TT
n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Hourly tours. Pre-book ONLY on Max 16 per tour.
Formerly the boardroom of the 17C water house, a fine late
Renaissance room demonstrating the New River Company’s
wealth. Fine 1697 carved oak interior, attributed to Grinling
Gibbons. Austen Hall (refurbished) 1914-20. Entry: Oak Room &
Oak Room approaches.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: Farringdon; 19,38,153,341

Penthouse flat, The Print House

32 Aylesbury Street EC1R 0ET
n Sat 10am-5pm. Regular tours, pre-book ONLY on 020 7407
3336. Last tour 4.15pm. Max 15 per tour. A G
Penthouse apartment over 2 floors of converted and extended
former print works with large open-plan living space featuring
helical stair within top-lit polished plaster drum. Winner ‘Best
Apartment’ Evening Standard New Homes Awards 2013.
FORM design architecture 2012. Entry: flat, terrace.
Tube/Rail: Farringdon; 55,243,153,63


Hornsey Road Baths, 260 Hornsey Road N7 7QT
n Sun 12pm-4pm. Hourly tours, first come basis. Last tour
3pm. Max 15 per tour. N D R T A G
Performing Arts Centre for young people with spaces for
performance, a media centre and recording studios, dance
studios and rehearsal space and more. Set within the listed
former laundry of the Hornsey Road Baths. A. Hessell Tiltman
Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm

1892/van Heyningen and Haward Architects 2011.
Tube/Rail: Finsbury Park

Penthouse Flat, The Print House

Pollard Thomas Edwards architects

Diespeker Wharf, 38 Graham Street N1 8JX
n Sat 10am-5pm. Regular tours. Max 20 per tour. d T A
Conversion of a canalside Victorian warehouse, formerly a
timberyard, into offices, garden and glazed extension. Awardwinning project Angel Waterside apartments, conceived
as part of the masterplan for City Road Basin with public
waterside park. Pollard Thomas Edwards 1990s/2003. Entry:
upper & lower ground floors, courtyard, Angel Waterside.
Rail: Essex Road; 43,214

Priory Green

Hugh Cubitt House, 48 Collier Street N1 9QZ
n Sat 10am-5pm. Last entry 4.30pm. Max 10 at one time. D
Modern movement estate, received conservation area status
after extensive refurbishment by Peabody. Pioneering in use
of concrete and some of the most sculptural stairways ever
designed for social housing. Includes 4 blocks, Old Laundry
building and landscaped areas. Tecton & Lubetkin 1957. Entry:
internal access to Old Laundry. No entry to flats.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras; 73

Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre at Moorfields
Eye Hospital

3 Peerless Street EC1V 9EZ
n Sat 11am-1pm. Half-hourly tours. Max 10 per tour. N D T A
A world-class, contemporary healthcare building, dedicated
to the treatment centre of children’s eye conditions. Combines
functional excellence with an award-winning and noninstitutional design. Penoyre & Prasad 2007. Entry: public areas.
Tube/Rail: Old Street; 43,135,205,214

Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Rosebery Avenue EC1R 4TN
n Sat/Sun tour at 10am, first come basis. Max 20 per tour. N T
A theatre has stood on site for 300 years. 20C design has fullheight glazed screen façade. Auditorium lined with metal gauze
panels takes transforming light and image projection. FGM
Chancellor 1931/RHWL and Nicholas Hare Architects 1998.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: Farringdon; 73,43,341,19,38

Spa Green Estate

Rosebery Avenue (opposite Arlington Way) EC1R 4TR
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Tours 11am and 2pm, tickets for both
days distributed from 10am Sat. Max 10 per tour. D
Successfully functioning Modernist architecture...”the most
important post-war [housing] development by the most
thoughtful & inventive pioneer of the Modern movement in
Britain.” Berthold Lubetkin & Francis Skinner 1948. Entry: estate
general, lodge, 1 flat.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: King’s Cross St Pancras; 19,38,341,153

design and exhibition space. Architectural models, drawings
and prototypes. Jan Kattein Architects 2006. Entry: gallery,
studio, workshop, garden.
Tube: Angel; Rail: Essex Road; 21,38,73,141,271

The Jewel Box

5a Gerrard Road N1 8AY
n Sun 10am-5pm. Half-hourly tours, pre-book ONLY by email
on Max 6 per tour. A G
Conceived as a series of jewelled boxes carefully inserted into
the existing fabric, the design opens up and revitalises what
was a series of dark disjointed spaces. Sustainable features
include Scottish Larch, green roofs, super insulation. Fraher
Architects 2011. Entry: lower ground floor, garden, bedroom.
Tube: Angel; 4,19,38,43,56,73,341

Union Chapel

Compton Terrace N1 2XD
n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-4pm. Tours on the hour. Sat
12noon-4pm performances. d N T
Octagonal Grade II* listed Congregational chapel, containing
vast and theatrically balconied interior. Now a concert space,
as well as church and day centre. James Cubitt 1877. Entry: main
auditorium, chapel, ancillary rooms.
Tube/Rail: Highbury & Islington; 4,19,30,43,271

W. Plumb Family Butchers

493 Hornsey Road N19 3QL
n Sat 10am-7pm/Sun 10am-5pm. First come basis. Max 25 at
one time. D R Q
Grade II listed, ornate former Edwardian butcher’s shop c1900
with art nouveau wall tiling, geometric tiled floor, scrolled
meat rails and mahogany cashier’s booth with etched and
brilliant cut glass. Very well preserved. Entry: butcher’s shop.
Tube: Archway; Rail: Upper Holloway; 41,91,210

St Mary, Islington

Wesley’s Chapel and House


Supported by

Upper Street N1 2TX
n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Tower tours throughout Sat.
Max 8 per tour. D R T B C G
One of the oldest parishes in the UK with layers of history,
including what has been suggested is a Norman stone in the
crypt, an 18C tower and grand worship space, re-built after
bombing. Largest solar panels on a church in London.
Tube: Angel; Tube/Rail: Highbury & Islington; 4,19,30,43
277 New North Road N1 7AA
n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Max 20 at one time. d N T A G
An innovative use of reclaimed and recycled materials creates
a unique work environment that combines making space with

49 City Road EC1Y 1AU
n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 12.30pm-2pm. Regular tours. Max 15 in
Wesley’s house at one time. N T B C d
Fine Georgian complex built by John Wesley as his London
base. George Dance the Younger 1778. Entry: chapel, museum,
John Wesley’s house, gardens.
Tube: Old Street (Exit 4); Tube/Rail: Moorgate, Liverpool Street;

Key. A Architect on site B Bookshop
Childrens’ activities
d Partial
for people
with disabilities
D Full wheelchair
access E Engineer on site G Green Features
| Southwark | 45
n OpenCSaturday
n Open
n Open
and Sunday
J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets to find out more about this area 18 Stafford Terrace – The Sambourne Family Home 18 Stafford Terrace W8 7BH n Sun 11am-5pm. Regular tours for adults and kids. Red brick with stone dressings. Unveiling of future library 3D plans and workshops. two independent houses placed on top of each other. Extraordinary Arab hall with fountains and tiling. Tube: High Street Kensington.22. Entry: artists’ studios. hall. Sun tours at 2pm. Tube: South Kensington. Tour at 2pm starting at the Cemetery Chapel. president’s office. 3pm. Exhibition on co-architect of building Jan Bocan.430. 3pm.30pm. air to water heat pump. sports hall. Jan Bocan.27. apart from between 12noon-3pm when house is closed. First come basis. A G Q New building. The architectural language is classical. roof terraces.C1. www. cinema. Tube/Rail: Olympia. Entry: ground floor and basement only. Benjamin Baud 1840.328 Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands 38 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5DP n Sat 10am-5pm. 7. Numerous energy-saving measures are incorporated. Grade I listed. R T B Originally home and studio of Lord Leighton. Shepherd’s Bush. While contemporary in design the building draws from the tectonic composition of the adjacent Victorian houses with their clearly expressed bases.52. Regular including that of former president Arthur Conan Doyle. Contains an authentically classic cinema. formal and restrained recalling the local terraces. N d RT B C A E 1939 Art Deco listed building refurbished in 1950. Imperial Wharf.28. Memorabilia on display. Tube: Notting Hill Gate.22. Max 15 per Tube: South Kensington.45pm. ceiling fretwork. Features rain water harvesting. Last entry 4.45pm. and all other rooms. Original details include 6-storey staircase. chapel. Historical documentary Jan Sramek and Karel Stepansky 1970. Tube/Rail: Paddington. 2pm. cemetery grounds.70.49. concrete and white painted walls.C3 AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon.360 Institut français du Royaume-Uni 17 Queensberry Place SW7 2DT n Sat 10am-10pm/Sun 11am-5pm.30pm. the work involved extensive repairs to the original fabric of the house as well as the redecoration of the interiors. super-insulation and water recycling. skilfully detailed technically and aesthetically. Architect and engineers of library restoration on site. library. T B London’s finest Grade I listed Victorian cemetery of 40 acres with many memorials.28. superb Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 46 Southwark n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday 16 Queensberry Place SW7 2EB n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.28 Holy Trinity Church Sloane Street (just off Sloane Square) SW1X 9BZ n Sat 10am-4. Today. first come basis.452.49. Orefelt Associates 1999. Last tour 4. this is a refined example of its kind. Patrice Bonnet 1939/Jean-Francois Darin 1996/Stefanie Fisher 2010/Bisset Adams 2013. Tube: Gloucester Road. Last entry 5.45pm. first come basis. Shoes to be removed before entry. It is remarkably well-preserved and complete with its original interior decoration and contents. Sir William Blake Richmond and Christopher Whall.328 264 Westbourne Park Road 264 Westbourne Park Road W11 1EJ n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. lecture hall.190. designed by architect who had previously worked on rebuilding of Windsor Castle. solar water heating and heat recovery.30pm/Sun 1pm-5pm.70. Recently the subject of a £1. atrium & public areas on first 3 floors.74. 9. private salons. original shutters. 52. Last entry 4.Kensington & Chelsea Royal Hospital Chelsea See openhouselondon.74. Westbourne Park. RIBA Award Winner 2011.137. photovoltaics. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities openhouselondon.9.316 Old Brompton Road SW5 or Fulham Road SW10 9UG n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Hourly tours only.27. Entry: Arthur Conan Doyle Room. J D Sedding 1888-90. climbing wall. R T B Q From 1875. Max 15 at one time. R Q A G A new build 2600 sq ft mews house as featured on Grand Designs.10.23 Blechynden Studios 54 Blechynden Street W10 6RJ n Sat/Sun 12pm-6pm.30am-3. the house is one of the most remarkable buildings of 19C. Last tour 5. Max 6 per tour. 295. RIBA Award Winner 2011. the house is recognised as the best surviving example of a late Victorian middle-class home in the UK. Colonnades and Memorials Chelsea Academy College of Psychic Studies 25-26 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QY n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.C1. Four floors with a large basement living space and night club dance floor wrapped around a courtyard with a pond and waterfall. extensive roof garden. Tube/Rail: Kensington Olympia. 9. then restructured and modernised. Joseph Gordon Davis 1871.C1 Leighton House 12 Holland Park Road W14 8LZ n Sat/Sun 10am-5.49 Key.27. Tube: Latimer N T Mid-Victorian terrace (1874) owned by the charity since 1925. President of the Royal Academy.C3. theatre. Entry: chapel. Tube/Rail: Victoria. First come basis. Max 25 per tour. multimedia library and bistro. Entry: parts of interiors of both Embassies.211. D T The administrative and public building of the Dutch diplomatic mission in London.70.452. Last entry 4. 11. Entry: library.328. 49. First come basis. Entry: all areas. Hogarth Architects D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on| site G Green Features Infrastructure/Engineering Kensington & Chelsea | 46 J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . 4pm.30pm.414 Lots Road SW10 0AB n Sat 10. D T P Striking deck architecture with walkways opening onto individual artists’ studios with wall to ceiling Reglit double glazed panels. Tube: High Street Kensington. Sustainable features include air source heat pump.360. the home of the Punch cartoonist Edward Linley Sambourne. 19. but enlivened with subtle variations. Last entry 15 mins before closing times. Tube: Sloane Square. N D T Sir John Betjeman called the church the ‘cathedral of the Arts and Crafts movement’.52. Last tour 3. salons. Half hourly tours.148.30pm.9. Tube/Rail: Kensington (Olympia). containing recently conserved stained glass by Morris & Company (William Morris & Edward BurneJones). Max Eames (refurb) 2010. 49. shoes off. galvanised and silver anodised finishes.345.10 Hidden House 39 Russell Garden Mews W14 8EU n Sun 10am-6pm. 14. Feilden Clegg Bradley 2010.30pm.6m refurbishment project. Tube: Ladbroke Grove. Max 35 at one time. For info ring 020 7351 1689. Entry: classrooms. Studio Bednarski 2011.414 Embassy of the Czech Republic and Embassy of the Slovak Republic Brompton Cemetery Chapel. garden.collegeofpsychicstudies. D T A G One of a new generation of schools on a very tight urban space. Tube: Fulham Broadway. BREEAM ‘Excellent’. RIBA Award Winner 1971. Sun 1pm organ demonstration. George Aitchison 186579/Purcell Miller Tritton (refurb) 2010. Max 12 per tour. Tube/Rail: West Brompton. Sat tours at 1pm. Last entry 5pm.30pm. 14. Regular High Street Kensington. Entry: dining room. d R T Unlike so many examples of precast concrete buildings which are weathering badly. 94. first come basis.

2pm. Paddington.C3 1-7 Cromwell Gardens SW7 2SL n Sat 10am-4.211 Saatchi Gallery Lindsey House 100 Cheyne Walk SW10 0DQ n Sat 2pm-4pm.74. This walk will also look at the Victorian architectural heritage and recent extensions to the museums. First come basis. Tube: Sloane Square.49. south grounds. 14.345.328 The Sackler Centre for Arts Education Victoria and Albert Museum Cromwell Road SW7 2RL n Sat tours at 11am. Max 15 per tour.22. it retains beautiful detailing and a rich galleries on three levels. N D T C Key. Tube: Sloane Square.30pm.74. 4pm of original Waterhouse public galleries. Stiff & Trevillion Architects 2010.52. well-proportioned rooms.70.319.19. exploiting the elegance of the Entry: Sackler lobbies.319.31.52. Tube/Rail: Kensal Green.49. Ranelagh gardens. other normally inaccessible Tube/Rail: Victoria.74. it draws upon Islamic traditions in architecture and design while remaining conscious of its context. 4. Nicholas Hawksmoor. pre-book ONLY on 020 7565 Building& Chelsea Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 50 Philbeach Gardens SW5 9EB n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Meet in customer services department on 6th floor.30pm.49. 11. pre-book ONLY on 020 7942 2211. garden. ongoing restoration of historic interiors.30pm. Crabtree. Earls Court.19 A spectacular reception dominated by a concrete staircase and cedar-clad underside of a 150-seater auditorium. N T B Streetscape work to transform Exhibition Road was launched in 2010 and completed in time for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. first come basis. Tube: Sloane Square. 239.10.22. Tube/Rail: Victoria. The project has reduced traffic congestion and provides visitors and residents with more pedestrian space and better access to enjoy the museums. 99 Kensington High Street (entrance on Derry Street) W8 5SA n Sun 8am-11am. 2 or 3 flats. 14. Last tour 4pm. Entry: main artist Antoni Malinowski.239. 18.23. Sir John Vanbrugh 1682. classrooms. From the serenity of the entrance fountain to the remarkable roof garden. pre-book tours ONLY on archives@nhm. with its free-standing service tower and shell and a new entrance sequence locates 15 inter-connected surreal boiler house. 2.30am outside main entrance to the V&A. Max 30 per tour. Emden and Crewe 1887-8/ Haworth Tompkins 2000. Prebook ONLY on 020 7881 5234. 74. Max 20 per tour. Tube/Rail: Victoria. King’s Road SW3 4RY Last tour 4. Imperial Wharf.49. steel and timber. 31. 3pm and Sun 2.345 St Cuthbert’s Church Natural History Museum The Ismaili Centre Cromwell Road SW7 5BD n Sat/Sun 10am-5. D R T B Interior refurbishment incorporates vermilion-painted wall 47AJ|Library Kensington | openhouselondon.22. Cromwell Road SW7 2RL. Head Gardener David Lewis on site. Q Built on the former site of Sir Thomas More’s garden. Last tour 4pm. Max 100 at one time. Sloane Room. 242 Brompton Road SW7 2RL n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. completely faced in terracotta tiles and adorned with animal castings.30am & 12noon. use of materials.295. C1.70. Tube: South Kensington.19. homes of the Chelsea pensioners. 23. Tube/Rail: Victoria.74. Tube/Rail: Victoria. 11.137. allowing access to some areas usually closed to the public.C1 The Roof Gardens & Babylon Restaurant (formerly Derry & Toms) 6th & 7th Floor.414.52. 2pm.C1. Duration 2 hours. 12.30am-5pm. A cathedral of nature. First come basis.28. T Designed by Eric Lyons and constructed in the mid-70s. Duration 1 1/2 hours.C1 Peter Jones Sloane Square SW1W 8EL n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm. the Duke of York’s HQ.30pm at 16 Blantyre Street SW10 0DS. Tube: Westbourne Park. All 3 have recently undergone extensive refurbishment. 11. d R T B Waterhouse’s original building is a monument to German Romanesque architecture. Slater & Moberley 1936-8/John McAslan + Partners 2004. R T B Founded in 1682.49. First come basis. R Q G d A fine example of 30s architecture.74. this is the first religious. Max 8 per tour. Bernard George/ Ralph Hancock 1938. d T Part of an international family of Ismaili Centres. Last entry 5.C1. and the latest gallery projects including furniture gallery by NORD Architecture.30pm. Tours at 11am. RIBA Award Winner 2005. Display in Sloane Room and complimentary coffee and biscuits. Tube: South Kensington. Tube: Ladbroke Grove. Britain’s first ever curtain walling and various features listed between 1969-71 such as spiral staircase. First come basis.31 Trellick Tower 5 Golborne Road W10 5UT n Sun 10.360. V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery. Sir Christopher Wren. Digital activities for children and families. but also to eliminate monotonous and bland façades through the use of alternative designs and materials. Entry: museum. Tube/Rail: Victoria.70. d Q R T n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm. 3pm. The Rare Books Room has original sketches and architectural plans. A sanctuary of calm amidst the bustle of the city. Max 500 at one time. Entry: 6th and 7th floors. studios. Max 20 per tour. 4pm. and behind-the-scenes tours to Rare Books Room. Ernö Goldfinger 1972. Westbourne Park. now home to 1 1/2 acres of beautifully themed gardens with Spanish Garden. Eric Lyons (Principal) 1969-76.C1 Tom Dixon Shop Wharf Building. Materials include mirrors to inflate the space with concrete. Tours every half hour.414.211. Tours on the hour.414 WALKS/TOURS Transformation of Exhibition Road n Meet: Sat 10. N D R T Grade II* listed building. state apartments. Tube: South Kensington. 9.C1 Hidden House Royal Hospital Chelsea Royal Hospital Road SW3 4SR n Sat tours at 10am & 11am/Sun tours at 11am. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2008. Tube: Earls Court. Max 25 on tour. Alfred Waterhouse 1881. the World’s End Estate is a deliberate architectural attempt to not only overcome many of the issues of previous high-rise developments. 14.328 Tube: Sloane Square. South World’s End Estate walk n Meet: Sat 1pm.19. Casson Conder Partnership 1983. Tube: South Kensington. 11. E N R T G D Converted wharf building overlooking Grand Union canal transformed into a design and food hub with Tom Dixon shop. N D R T B C Goldfinger’s 31-storey ‘Unité d’Habitation’ built as social Gallery within the listed walls of a former drill hall known as housing and now one of London’s most desirable addresses. Tudor Courtyard and English Woodland Garden.137.30pm. Tube: High Street Kensington. Softroom Construction 2008.328 Supported by Victoria and Albert Museum.211.30pm. Entry: entrance hall. with recently completed 5-year renovation programme involving complex mix of new build and restoration.30pm. Max 20 at one time. Last entry 4pm. glass. Old panelling has been removed to expose Victorian ironwork and brickwork in a radical mix of old and new. Tube: South Kensington. Max 20 on tours. Duke of York’s HQ.414. the hospital buildings are one of England’s architectural glories and sit in 66 acres of beautiful gardens. Portobello Dock. D Spectacular late Victorian high church.452. the house has a fine 17C exterior and many notable past residents including Whistler and I K Brunel.28.345. This year celebrating its 75th anniversary as an escape from London. Tube: Sloane Square. first come basis. 344 Ladbroke Grove W10 5BU n Sat 10am-6pm/Sun 11am-5pm.45am. 11.137 Royal Court Theatre Sloane Square SW1W 8AS n Sat tours at 10. Regular | Southwark | 47 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Entry: lobby.70. cultural and social space for the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community in the West. Features arts and crafts furnishings with metalwork by W Bainbridge Reynolds. RIBA Award Winner. queuing outside if necessary. Tube: Sloane Square. N R T B Introducing the rich and varied architecture of the V&A Museum. The building was stripped back to its Monumental in style. Last entry Duration 30 mins. H R Gough 1887. Francis Fowke/Sir Aston Webb and others 1856 onwards. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon.22.

Entry: ground and first floors. whilst maintaining external play space. NB. Tours include non-public areas and garden. RIBA Award Winner 2010. Rail: Herne Hill. Max 10 per tour. Entry: ground and 1st floor foyers. R T Multi-storey. Tube: Oval.30am: Lecture with architect Julia Barfield including a 15 minute Q&A followed by a rotation on the EDF Energy London Eye. max 6 per tour. JF Bentley and John Tube/Rail: Waterloo. and retrofit of substantial insulation. R T Bicentenary year of handsome Grade II* listed Regency villa in ‘free Grecian’ style with domed entrance and original plasterwork. P4. Last tour 12.45. Studio Egret West 2012. Henley Halebrown Rorrison 2012. R A G Ongoing renovation of flat in Victorian terrace house. 35.24. 185. Alhambran. N D R T Picturesque Grade II listed building combining classical framework with Tudor-style mullioned and transomed windows. Rail: Loughborough Junction. creating new living area within restructured roof space using unusual and reclaimed materials. Tube/Rail: Brixton. d T A A polychromatic extension inserted into a tight urban context offering this DCSF outstanding school a new identity with much-needed new learning spaces and an organisational hub. heavy machinery and confined spaces. Entry: house and garden.211. Avery Associates Architects 1999.155 Brockwell Hall Clapham Manor Primary School Brockwell 35. Tulse Hill SW2 2QN n Sat/Sun Entry: Rotunda. Tube: Lambeth North. It incorporates artworks by Daniel Sturgis (outside) and Paul Morrison (inside).68 Brixton Windmill Blenheim Gardens SW2 5ET n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. First come basis.176. New sonic commission by Brooklyn-based sound artist Lori Ann Napoleon. Rail: Clapham High Street. Streatham 3 Christchurch Road SW2 3ET n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-4pm. RIBA Award Winner 2013. 3.118. Max 5 at one time.417.196.468. Ted Hollamby 1967-78. Built 1816 when Brixton Hill was open fields and a working mill until 1934. Brixton. Belvedere Road SE1 7PB n Sun 9am-10.159. Restored 48 Southwark AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon.137. Max 20 at one time. Last entry 12. 77. 50. Tulse Hill.59. duration 20 mins. Regular tours of projection booth. EDF Energy London Eye County Hall. Tube: Clapham Common. First come basis.88. d R T C A G P Self build conversion of 19C terrace: reorganised living spaces. 45. 415. Max 15 at one time. illuminated by coloured lighting at night.45.345 Cressingham Gardens Cressingham Gardens Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm to working order 2011. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. Informal discussion around eco conversion of 19C housing stock. see p16 for details. reclaimed materials. glass-enclosed cylinder. duration 40 mins. Regular tours. First come basis. Bell cupolas and lakeland slate roof. Last entry 4. Building bird houses for children. Tube: Brixton.36. 100 tickets maximum allocation.30pm. D R TAGB The world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel which has rapidly become a much-loved symbol of modern Britain.322. 35.35. A ground level cut back provides a generous Key. vegetable growing. Clapham North.42. Designed with early Christian. Ottoman. D R Roper 1811-13.133.‘Short’ tours to first floor. 2. Low-rise leafy estate located next to beautiful Brockwell Park noted for its innovative design.250. Colin MacInnes 2013.59.109. Rail: Herne Hill. BREEAM Excellent. Rail: Streatham Hill. bees.30pm. By ballot ONLY. Loughborough Junction. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. Sevillean and Ancient Egyptian influences with fine mosaics and stained glass by Walter Crane. Max 50 at one time. Practice Director Philip Marsh on site.345 Akerman 60 Patmos Street SW9 6AF n Sat 10am-1pm. creating a late ‘monument’ to the NHS.436. Half-hourly tours.133 Clapham Library Mary Seacole Centre. Grant Smith (conversion) 2008. first come basis. Herne Hill SE24 9BJ n Sat 10am-5pm. 1. prebook ONLY by email on imax. de Rijke Marsh Morgan (dRMM) 2008. Regular tours. Entry: all Rail: Loughborough Junction. First come basis.P5 54 Cambria Road 54 Cambria Road SE5 9AS n Sat 10am-5pm. Entry: all except bell tower. solar thermal and PV. Marks Barfield Architects 1999. with most sophisticated motion-picture projection system in the world. R T C P d Grade I listed pioneering brick to find out more about this area 15b Herne Hill Road 15b Herne Hill Road SE24 0AU n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. incorporating pioneering architectural elements and echoing the natural topography. NB. Tube/Rail: Brixton. Mamluk. Rail: Denmark Hill. 91 Clapham High Street SW4 7DB n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. private homes. Half-hourly tours. natural insulation.Lambeth Akerman See openhouselondon. Waterloo. Tube: Clapham Common. biofuel heating.432. N D T A White brick structure mimics a cathedral. low | Lambeth | 48 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . North Dulwich. James Wild and Owen Jones 1841. steep ladders. D T Newly-built 13-storey 4-star hotel with striking civic composition. R T One of very few windmills in London. Last tour 4pm. RV1. Living Roof structure in yard. N D T G Belmont Road SW4 0BZ n Sat 10am-1pm.68. 22 Newport Street SE11 6AY n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm.345. Over 12 years only.333 The building is based around a spiral theme that allows a building of multiple uses to feel like one space to reinforce a sense of community spirit. Entry: living space. Last entry 5pm. All children must be able to climb stairs unaided. Exhibition and historical display. Tube/Rail: Brixton.37. Denmark Hill. hens.P4 Christ Church. Tube/Rail: Brixton.360 BFI IMAX Waterloo Roundabout SE1 8XR n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Max 5 at one time. Originally built for wealthy Ludgate Hill glass maker as the centrepiece of his estate. Exhibition in Rotunda.3 Carnegie Library 188 Herne Hill Road SE24 0AG n Sat/Sun 9am-5pm. Tube: Westminster.11 H10 London Waterloo 284-302 Waterloo Road SE1 8RQ n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Wakeford & Son bedroom. d N R T C G The remaining girls’ wing of the former Lambeth Ragged School built 1851 by local philanthropist Lord Beaufoy – now a unique space for contemporary art. now used as café and council offices.30pm.109.P5 Beaconsfield Lambeth Ragged School. Italian.26. Red brick with terracotta. max 3 per tour. RIBA Award Winner. Tube/Rail: Vauxhall.150. Herne Hill. First come basis. Tube/Rail: Brixton.250.

uk. this extraordinary building is shortlisted for BCI and NLA Tube/Rail: Waterloo. NB. botanical activities. 159. Max 25 per tour. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Granit Architects 2013.196. increased audience facilities and accessibility. Tube: Embankment.26. Commissioned following a South Bank competition. Last entry 12.159. RV1. Includes a range of retrofit features. Rail: Tulse Hill. and crypt vestibule opened 2000. Half-hourly tours. Tours every 15 mins. Variegated brickwork provides solidity and permanence.archbishopofcanterbury. Behind the scenes tours at 10. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. duration 1 hour. West 8 2012.Jubliee Gardens Clapham Library pedestrian path and resulting overhang shelters the glazed entrance foyer. d N T Edwardian civic pride in brick and Portland stone with restored interiors.381. 12.30pm. Great Hall (17C).250 Lambourn Road 1 Lambourn Road SW4 0LY n Sat 10am-5pm. Milton Road SE24 0NN n Sat 10am-5pm.468 Lambeth Palace Lambeth Palace Road SE1 7JU n Sat 10am-4pm. T d Archbishop of Canterbury’s London home. David Hodges. Holst room.344. Tube/Rail: Waterloo from the 1960s by Edward Bawden and Justin Todd in the refectory. Frederick Gibberd 1936. 3. D A G P School building partially housed in the revamped Gabriel House. Chunky Baroque façades with corner entrance tower and elegant council chamber.133. d R T Morley was extensively damaged during WWII. Entry: chapel and crypt courtyard.159. 77. first come basis. Tours led by Councillors and council staff. Tube/Rail: Waterloo.507.30pm. first come basis. Entry: public areas. NB. Last entry 4. first floor including pharmacy museum display. botanical library. with balcony walkways and period internal features.77. Architecture for London 2013. D T Impressive 6-storey HQ building with sleek brown anodised aluminium cladding. Charing Tube: Clapham Common. R T C P Brick-built Victorian villa c1876 set back from road with sweeping drive. Mark Power Architect 2012. Tube: Lambeth North. N D R T B The refurbishment of Royal Festival Hall has enhanced the acoustics and comfort to world class standards. Grade II listed. 59. Last entry 4.30-4.37. N D T C G A Insight into the design development and process of the gardens amidst a series of site constraints.109. Vauxhall. 68. Maccreanor Lavington 2010. a 1910 Arts and Crafts-style building. RIBA Award Winner 2008. 2.341.T A d G The pavilion’s dramatic canopy is like a vessel moored downstream of the EDF Energy London Eye. Max 10 at one time in flats. Shepheard Epstein Hunter 2012. Max 15 per tour. Sustainable features include rain-water harvesting.344. dating from 13C. first come Waterloo. Small plant | Southwark | 49 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Regular tours. Entry: herbarium. modular construction. library. Half-hourly tours. picture gallery.118. Half-hourly tours.30pm. Entry: main AJ |Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Lambeth Palace work by Blore. Tours on the hour with practice director.68.jubileegardens. common parts.322. Waterloo. Prebook ONLY on Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain 1 Lambeth High Street SE1 7JN n Sat 2. Entry:WC Pavilion. Last tour 3pm.341 Julian’s Primary School 16 Wolfington Road SE27 0JF n Sat/Sun 10am-1pm. Entry: flats (differing types).196. Rail: West Norwood.C10 Pullman Court Jubilee Gardens off Belvedere Road SE1 8XX n Sat 1pm-5pm.137.granit. first come basis. alternating on the south façade where large flush openings and deep brick reveals create dynamic patterns. Westminster.68. Tube/Rail: Brixton.196.30-2. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. formerly an orphanage. First come basis. LCC Architects Department 1951/Allies and Morrison (refurb) 2007. Few interior changes since 1910 when retired Indian government administrator Alan Octavian Hume founded the Institute. Louis de Soissons Partnership 1977. No high heels or big bags. Max 25 at one time. 77. Rail: Streatham Hill.30pm. 12. Elephant & Castle.453.139. Pre-book ONLY by email on mail@jubileegardens. Limited toilets available.30pm. 452 Milton Road 2 Florence Villas. www. 2 tours at 1.211. Displays of historical pharmacy collections. www.250 Royal Festival Hall Belvedere Road SE1 8XX n Sat/Sun 10am-11pm.30pm-5.77. though its 1937 extension by E Maufe survives. Vauxhall. Jubilee Gardens SE1 7GP n Sat 1pm-5pm.109. Entry: school. Septimus Warwick & H Austin Hall 1906.168. bedrooms. Entry: ground floor.C10 South London Botanical Institute 323 Norwood Road SE24 9AQ n Sun 1pm-5pm.30pm. Rail: Herne Hill. no children under 16 and unsuitable for those with vertigo or special access requirements. Last tour gardens. Tube/Rail: Victoria. Extensive murals Streatham Hill SW2 4SZ n Sun 12pm-5pm. First come basis. community engagement and innovative set-up for longer term sustainability of the Gardens through creation of an independent Trust. first come basis. www. with frameless wrap-over glazing and a polished concrete floor and terrace.30am. and created an entirely new education and learning centre. first come Exhibition on garden’s history. Tube/Rail: Brixton. Rebuilt by CC Voysey in 1958 a J Winter extension was added in 1973. 5th floor with stunning views. Entry: reception.176. Tube: and 3. 172. Due to nature of areas covered. refectory.30pm. children’s exhibition. Tube: Lambeth North. 19C 49 Lambeth | openhouselondon.P13 Key.C10 Lambeth Town Hall Brixton Hill SW2 1RW n Sat 2pm-4pm/Sun 10am-4pm.432. playground.30pm with West 8 Landscape Architect and Jubilee Gardens trustees.2.3. D Grade II* listed Modern Movement building. duration 1 hour. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. reception areas. Rail: Clapham Junction.322 Morley College 61 Westminster Bridge Road SE1 7HT n Sun Tube/Rail: Brixton. Max 15 per tour.77 Jubiloo Queen’s Walk. 507. substantially extended and remodelled to create contemporary new home. garden with wide variety of plants. Tube: Lambeth North. Tube: Embankment. A G Architect-owned Victorian house. and partially in a colourful 4-storey extension cut into the sloping site. council chamber. Regular architect-led tours. guardroom. first come basis. Entry: ante chamber. A A side and rear extension clad in stained cedar chevrons.architectureforlondon.

5m rebuilding theatre project. Walk with landscape architect.68 n Sat 1pm. Regular tours except between 12.59.196 5 Chestnut Road SE27 9EZ n Sun tours at 10am. safer. D T P Internationally pre-eminent museum and integral workshops devoted to electrical timekeeping and the distribution of accurate time (1840-1970).133.24. Tube/Rail: Brixton.468 n Sat 10am-4pm. and is the focus of efforts for a greener. Bar onboard MV Princess Pocahontas selling light refreshments.196. marking out a centre of gravity for regeneration in South London.4. Practical education and conservation in action. with monuments to famous Victorians.30am. Sat 2pm Guided walk inspired by former neighbour Vincent Van Gogh to explore how local architecture has changed – and what remains. bars.30pm. departures are prompt. Meet at 2pm at 87 Hackford Road SW9 0RE.156. Max 30 on tour. Tube: Kennington. 211.2. A d Landmark building in black and white glazed brick. 1pm. Duration 2 hours.30pm-2pm.Duration 90 mins. Michael Crowley Architect 2012. Max 15 on tour.11 Supported by Warren Apartments 8 Station Rise SE27 9BW n Sat 10am-5pm. Tulse Hill. Max 110 per tour. Entry: foyers. Entry: gallery. Organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers. d T A major £12.59. Last tour 4. public areas and auditorium. Tube: Clapham Common London’s Engineering Heritage: ICE boat tours n Departs: Sat 11am & 1pm from Festival Pier SE1 8XZ. Sustainable transport initiatives and tree planting.30pm.432.Clapham Old Town The Livity School West Norwood Cemetery & Greek Chapel n Meet:Sun at Rail: West Norwood. and mausolea by EM Barry and GE Street.68.196. Max 15 per tour. Last tour 3. naturally-lit studios. Foyer has double-height mezzanine. d T P Victorian house extended with large contemporary. Max 50 at one time. Main auditorium retained with extra height and with 2 newly built smaller. some theatrical spaces. highly colourful living space. Michael Crowley Architect 2001. Haverstock Associates 2012. Max 20 per tour.68.26.133 The Cinema Museum The Old Vic The Clock House: 5 Chestnut Road Van Gogh Walk The Master’s House. Only London theatre of the time still open. Entry: front of house.468 The Clockworks 6 Nettlefold Place SE27 0JW n Sun tours at 11am. 2.30pm.30pm. 2pm. 66 Grade II/II* listed monuments. first come basis. First come basis. workshops. Bring rainwear if you wish to sit on open decks.P13 Key. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. 2.196. D R T B P The Master’s House of the Lambeth Workhouse is ornate Victorian Gothic with polychrome brickwork. 12noon. with Georgian exterior and restored Victorian interior. first come basis.468. Tulse Hill. Van Gogh Walk is now a public space designed for all to enjoy. 3. including Greek Chapel c1872. Hourly tours. contrasting stone and narrow horizontal terracotta panels in dog-tooth pattern. Tube: Stockwell n Meet: Sun 2pm by the Clock Tower next to Clapham Common tube SW4 0BD. Glass floor/ceiling between living areas. 2.68. 2a Norwood High Street SE27 9NS n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Urban Movement + LB Lambeth 2011. Regular tours. Duration 1 1/2 hours. Rail: West Norwood. Duration 1 1/2 hours. Pre-patinated copper roof. Expedition and Thames Water on aspects including Bazalgette’s legacy. Arrive in good time to board. last entry 4pm. first come basis. R Parris and TW Aldwinkle 1871. Max 10 per tour. See also The Clockworks. Max 12 per tour.68. 118. 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road) SE11 4TH n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Rail: Tulse Hill. Exterior includes mesh façade and painted screen by artist Clem Crosby. Rudolph Cabernel 1818/RHWL (refurb) 1983. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon.322. Rail: Waterloo East WALKS/TOURS Clapham Old Town and Venn Street South London Theatre The Old Fire Station. Entry: all areas except watch tower and roof. Groves Natcheva Architects 2013. Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm The Cut SE1 8NB n Sat tour at 10. 2.432. 2 theatres and wardrobe rooms. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. Douglas Fir detail. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. 4pm. Last entry 3pm.Max 35 per tour. Entry: lower 2 floors. See also The Clock House entry.T B P Opened | Lambeth | 50 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Rail: Streatham Hill. first come basis.468 The Livity School Adare Walk SW16 2PW 50 Southwark AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon.30pm. 3pm. Rail: West Norwood. Tours every 45mins.196. Haworth Tompkins 2007. Owen Luder (conversion) 1967. Last entry 4. Once dominated by parked cars and fast moving throughtraffic. friendly and active neighbourhood in an area where many do not have their own garden. library.68. D R T World-famous playhouse. Design includes dark engineering brick and timber curtain walling and a ribbon of folded perforated anodised aluminium reflecting the leafy surroundings. Formerly a nondescript back street.2pm Informal talk/ presentation. E Q D R T The capital’s inspirational engineering with live commentary from London’s leading engineers from CH2M Rail: West Norwood. 1.432.322 Young Vic 66 The Cut SE1 8LZ n Sun 10am-5pm. Drop in to meet the designers from Lambeth Council and Shape Landscape Architects. Tube: R T Grade II listed 1881 former fire station with prominent watch tower and original fire doors.196. where Van Gogh lived 1873. 4. large areas of glass. first come basis. following a radical redesign using the principles of ‘shared space’ and ‘naked streets’ it now also hosts a food market.Norwood Road SE27 9JU. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. limited backstage areas. RIBA Award Winner 2007 and shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2007. architect uncertain. providing warehouse style apartments at the entrance of Tulse Hill station. 2.3pm inside cemetery gate. Regular tours with opportunities to view play rehearsals. D T A A special educational needs primary school for children with autistic spectrum disorders and profound learning difficulties. Venn Street is now Clapham Old Town’s destination for alfresco dining. Grade II* listed. flood risk management and current and future engineering landmarks and London’s historical structures.

and will rehabilitate the Grade II Listed Olympia building (open with exhibition as part of Open House). Rail/DLR: Lewisham. A Brumwell Thomas 1914. Max 10 per tour. Rail: Blackheath. 72-78 Geoffrey Road SE4 1NX n Sat 10am-5pm.380. Bromley BR1 5PL n Sat 1pm-5pm. Rail/DLR: Lewisham. café and meeting rooms whilst retaining the original Victorian pool superintendant’s building. First come basis. 21.321. Sun 2pm & 4pm behind the scenes tours. Edgley Design 2010. Studio Callaghan 2011. Max 10 at one time. Max 25 per tour.30pm.89. A beautiful learning environment combines outdoor landscaping with additional learning spaces.Lewisham TNG Wells Park Youth Venue 22 Weardale Road See openhouselondon.261.261. Duration 1 hour. Rail: Lee. Roberts Limbrick Architects (redevelopment) 2012.172.172. Small historical display and video screening. converted to studios.30pm. Max 10 per tour. contemporary end of terrace house that makes clever use of a small site by using a simple form to offer privacy combined with open plan to find out more about this area 22 Weardale Road 22 Weardale Road SE13 5QB n Sat 10am-5pm.30pm.202. Riverfront pop-up café. Rail/DLR: Lewisham. First come basis. www. Entry: all areas. Last entry 4.47.386 Bonus Pastor Catholic College Winlaton Road. 176.30am-5. 89. Last entry 12. Max 30 at one time. Project consultants and architects on site for discussion.453 Manor House Gardens Ice House Manor House Gardens (Old Road) SE13 5SY n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm. Tube/Rail: New Cross. Last entry 4. Rail: Deptford. Regular tours. Entry: chapel and physic garden. The 16. Entry: 51AJ| Library Lewisham | openhouselondon.53.436. Half-hourly tours. Regular tours. a 100-station gym and climbing wall. WGI 2012.30pm. Last entry 4. Max 10 at one time.108. DLR/Rail: access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 51 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Max 10 per tour. Rail: Hither Green.321 Prendergast Vale College Elmira Street SE13 7BN Key. visitors can also view the one bedroom ground floor apartment. 284. A d New urban infill building employing contemporary design and old-fashioned building materials to generate a living environment of gentle beauty.278.convoyswharf. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. 21. Overlooking the River Quaggy it incorporates a roof garden. 185.elliottwood.363. Cited in 2002 Civic Trust d A G Grade I listed former almshouse chapel restored in 2008 as an architect’s studio and exhibition space. incorporating a high proportion of renewable/recycled materials. 136. Max 10 at one time. Rail: St Johns.20pm. Rail: Ladywell. N D R T New facility providing community pools. Duration 45 mins. studio. Honor Oak Park. D N T P B R A calm space for Quakers and others in octagonal meeting room lit naturally from high central roof lantern and side ‘turrets’. first come basis. Rail: Forest Hill. sheep’s wool insulation and lime plaster. 199 End House 87a Manwood Road SE4 1SA n Sun 9. Concrete Society Commendation 1974. Half-hourly tours. 178. BSL interpreted. Stephen Davies 2011. former home of Sir Francis Baring. to give significant and sustainable economic opportunities for the 54. Rail: Forest Hill. Lee. Max 6 at one time. 47. Brick and Portland stone chapel (1682) with contemporary service building and physic garden in grounds of the Merchant Taylors’ Almshouses.356 Lewisham Arthouse/Deptford Library 140 Lewisham Way SE14 6PD n Sun 1pm-5pm. Deptford.122. Rail: Blackheath. d T C P Former library. A G P A small purpose-built artist’s studio situated in a residential garden. which provided ice for nearby Manor House. Exhibition on the role of the almshouse. pre-book ONLY via Horniman website. first come basis. DLR/Rail: Lewisham. pre-book ONLY on CannM@ bp.45pm.321. Groves Natcheva Architects 2013. fitness. Max 10 per tour.178. Sustainable features include recycled newspaper insulation and breathable walls. The scheme will reconnect the community with its river offering an enriched public realm for local residents and visitors. Entry: reception. Last entry 4.P4.436 Horniman Museum and Gardens 100 London Road SE23 3PQ n Sat/Sun 10.30pm. queuing outside if necessary.sch.436 Convoys Wharf Princes Street/New King Street. Civic Trust Award 1973.136. Last entry 4. E R A P d .336 Boone’s Chapel Lee High Road SE13 5PH n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm.21.30pm.185.15pm. Hither Green.261. Rail/DLR: Lewisham. d G A fresh.75 Glass Mill Leisure Centre 41 Loampit Vale SE13 7FT n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm.320.321 Blackheath Quaker Meeting House Lawn Terrace. Entry: all areas.30am-12.5 acre gardens have re-opened after major redevelopment by Land Use Consultants (2012) including a Pavilion by Walters + Cohen plus a bandstand terrace with views over London. Grade II listed building in classical Renaissance style with curved glass vaulted roof. 321. Deptford SE8 3LH n Sat 11am-4pm. Last tour 3. Exhibition of proposed masterplan in historic warehouse. Tours every 45 mins.122 Forest Hill Pools Dartmouth Road SE24 3HZ n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Tours every 15-20 mins. Last entry 4. Rail: Grove Park. d A Contemporary 3-storey dwelling on a triangular site designed to respond to the street scene and provide an end to the row of existing terraced houses.321. Green features include recycled materials. N D R A Glass Mill has superb environmental credentials and offers a range of the most up-to-date facilities including a regional competition-standard 8-lane swimming pool with seating for 300 spectators. Lewisham. Art and drawing workshops related to the details of the building for children. café. modelled and designed to balance the spread of reflected natural light throughout the interior. double-height space and an openplan living 122. Last entry 5. N D R T B G C A landmark building – Charles Harrison Townsend’s original arts and crafts building (1901) and his ideas on the arts and crafts aesthetic. Rail: New Cross. Trevor Dannatt 1972.122 (Brandram Road stop) Connearn Studio 4 Friendly Street SE8 4DT n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. NT P Grade II listed ice well and underground chambers (1773) in Manor House Gardens park. First come basis.108. Last tour 4. recently completed. first come basis. Entry: all main parts of building although restricted access to studios.50pm.356 Geoffrey Road Housing Cedar Mews. development of welfare and the transformation from village to borough. Open access to site of proposed masterplan. New Cross Gate. first come basis.176. D T P A £22m split site secondary school. Major proposed regeneration development of 16Ha of Deptford riverside by Hutchison Whampoa with Terry Farrell & Partners to deliver up to 3500 mixed dwellings and leisure and culture space.136. Beckenham Hill. Bromley BR1 5PZ & Churchdown.208. Max 25 at one time.181. Last entry Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm garden. Crofton Park. finely LA Architects 2013.53. Rail: Deptford Broadway. Tube/Rail: New Cross. Max 15 per tour. This Blackheath SE3 9LL n Sat 10am-5pm.

Stanley Beard 1929. Entry: specified tour route. Entry: communal areas.171. 188.36. Sustainable features include solar panels and grey water system. P4. Max 25 at one time.45pm-2. Deptford Lounge. 52AJ|Library Southwark Building| openhouselondon. d N R T C P First new generation ‘state of the art’ Energy Recovery Facility providing long-term sustainable solution for waste disposal. N D T A G A new youth and community venue developed in consultation with young people. Rail: Deptford.453 Rail: Sydenham. chancel and lady chapel. porcelain-like pre-cast concrete panels and translucent curved polycarbonate.P12.176. 54.47. 47. Last entry 3pm. and producing electricity for National Grid. Key.199. Regular tours.199. Last entry 4. New Cross. Rail/DLR: Lewisham The Master Shipwright’s House SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility Landmann Way. Internal planning and façade design by BUJ Architects 2012. Note: Two steps to each house Rail: Honor Oak Park. Designed to minimise visual impact whilst remaining a high quality landmark building. Max 20 at one time. office pavilion and 27-storey residential tower with viewing gallery. using a simple and robust material palette of exposed timber structure. No visitors under the age of 18. Last entry 5. was remodeled in the early 18 C. Entry: main nave. 47. Peter Barber Architects/Buller Welsh Architects 2010.225. Last entry 4pm. Innes Associates 2012. Sydenham Hill Walter Segal self-build houses 8 & 10 Walters Way. Max 20 at one time. (Closed Sat 1. first come basis. call 020 7394 4770 in advance. activities rooms. first come Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Watergate Street SE8 3JF n Sat/Sun 10am-1pm. Surrey Quays. queuing outside if necessary. Regular tours. DLR/Rail: Lewisham. South Bermondsey. who led the project in the 1980s.) D R T C P A Grade II* listed early Victorian Gothic church recently restored. DLR: Deptford Bridge.P4 n Sun 10am-1pm. If disabled access required. Dramatic. R T G A close of 13 self-built houses. the home and office of the Master Shipwright since 1513. Entry: selected rooms. RCKa 2013. Sustainable features include solar electric.273 St Margaret’s Church & the Old Graveyard Lee Terrace (corner of Brandram Road) SE13 5DL n Sat 10. Sustainable features include 10% renewable energy through Biomass CHP and BREEAM very good rating. many extended and built using a method developed by Walter Segal. Alan J Smith Partnership access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Lewisham | 52 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . 185. off Surrey Canal Road SE14 5RS n Sun 10am-4pm. Entry: school. BREEAM Excellent rating. Pre-book ONLY on 020 8291 8920. Rail: Blackheath. open spaces connect through the building with viewing points and stage-like staircases.147 The Seager Distillery Tower 4-12 Deptford Bridge SE8 4HH n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-1pm. d R T G The first purpose-built hostel for homeless Multi-coloured cladding on façade.63 WALKS/TOURS North Lewisham Links Route 1 n Meet: Sat 11am at the entrance to Ferranti Park. Giffin Square SE8 4RJ n Sat 10am-5pm. Rail: New Cross Gate. Max 8 per tour. Hourly Tube/Rail: Canada Water. water and space heating.89. Graveyard contains 23 listed monuments. highlighting work undertaken by Lewisham Council to improve walking and cycling routes through the area. Grade II listed rare survival of a complete 1920’s cinema in Art Deco style. later a bingo hall and now a Wetherspoon pub. designed in consultation with the Executive Headteacher to place learning at the heart of every building and space.108 The Capitol (formerly Forest Hill Cinema) 11-21 London Road SE23 3TW n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.15pm. Rail: Hither Green. Tours on the hour. rooftop ball court.30pm. garden. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon.45pm. open and airy and with additional training spaces.188. Exhibition of Dockyard Plans and Images. D Q Part of a regeneration project by Galliard Homes on site of former Seager distillery. Videos of Segal buildings and self-build showing. D A state-of-the art new site as part of BSF programme for LB Lewisham. Last entry 12. Rail: Deptford High Street Tidemill Academy and Deptford Lounge 11 Giffin Street. conversion of former 19C Holland House. garden and garden house (2010) by Robert Bagley and Roo Angel constructed from surplus timber refuse. offering high-quality accommodation for 85 residents in buildings arranged around a beautiful garden with existing mature trees.199. First come basis. N R T C A G E Part of a visionary concept that combines a replacement primary school with the Deptford Lounge – a new state-ofthe-art district library that also provides new community facilities. 1.30am-5. Honor Oak Park SE23 3LH n Sun 1pm-6pm. First come basis. Max 15 per tour. DLR: Deptford Bridge. Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects 2012. Last tour 4pm. Regular architectural tours including behind-the-scenes to untouched first floor. Max 20 people per tour. Tube: New Cross. DLR: Deptford Bridge. a new crescent building. Entry: all except offices. Max 20 per tour. Both houses have benefited from extensions and renovations.453 Supported by TNG Wells Park Youth Venue 111 Wells Park Road SE26 6AD n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. DLR/Rail: Greenwich. Rail: Deptford. 181. DLR: Deptford Bridge.177. Greenwich.P12 Spring Gardens Ennersdale Road SE13 6JQ n Sat 1pm-5pm. Last entry 4. Creekside SE8 4SA. Seager regeneration project first designed by John McAslan & Partners in 1999.30pm/Sun 12. Landscape Partnership/BDP/Jane Wernick Associates 2011. A Guided walking tour with the architects and landscape architects from Deptford Creek to New Cross Gate station. which includes refurb of a 19C warehouse.45pm. Max 20 on tour. Duration 1 1/2 hours. Light. John Brown and James Brooks 1839/1875. Rooms. d N R T Formerly Capitol Cinema.122.188. Each house is unique.30pm-5pm. Rail: Deptford. Entry: 27th floor viewing gallery. d N E Q G P The oldest upstanding building of the 500-year old Royal Naval Yard.188.Walter Segal 1987.Convoys Wharf Site Connearn Studio Rail: Forest Hill. first come basis.30pm.

Last entry 3pm. now the Borough Register Office. 200. Almost closed in 1980s. part of the original Morden Hall estate – an oasis in Suburbia.154. Tram: Phipps Bridge. Archaeology for kids and fabric block printing demonstration.164. R T G www. dining and kitchen space. Last tour 4. Rail: Wimbledon.200. Max 20 at one time.219 Wimbledon Windmill Windmill Road SW19 5NR n Sat 10am-5pm. Grade I listed Norman. Tube/Rail: Wimbledon. Tube: Colliers Wood. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon.57. Archaeologist David Saxby on site. www. Mitcham CR4 4BE n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Regular behind the scenes tours. 200 Mitcham Cricket Club Pavilion 4 Cricket Green. Merton Priory Merton Abbey Mills.131.164. Close integration with the garden is achieved by careful design of levels and paving surfaces. Talks given in Urdu. Tube/Rail: Wimbledon.Wimbledon SW19 2RD n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. D B C P Fascinating excavated foundations of the Chapter House of Merton Priory c1100-1200. garden.127. Max 50 at one time. Tube: Morden. Tube/Rail: Wimbledon 15 Edge Hill 15 Edge Hill SW19 4LR n Sat | Southwark | 53 Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . N D R T B P Precious listed building (c1820) with unique 7-spoke Victorian Morden Park House London Road (behind Merton College). N E D R T B C A Purpose-built mosque (2003) and the largest in Europe. Max 15 per to find out more about this area St Mary’s Church. Entry: all areas. BREEAM rated Very Good. East window stone likely to be from Merton Priory. Regular talks and tours. Morden SM4 5QT depicting aspects of the Buddha’s life.118. Adjacent Merton Abbey Mills market will be open. Facilities include halls. N D R T B P Complex of buildings on 4 acres of land with Buddhist Supported by Theravada Temple in Thai style – one of only two outside Asia. Stable Yard Morden Hall Road. one of the most important of all Augustinian monasteries prior to its destruction in 1538 by Henry VIII. Mitcham CR4 4LA n Sat 10am-5pm. first come basis. 57. originally used by Liberty’s for rinsing printed silk. Heritage walk taking in the diverse buildings within the conservation area including Canons Park. between Merton Abbey Mills and Sainsbury’s. Norman features.164. Cowper Griffith (refurb) 2011. London Road. the only daily working example in South London. Holden Harper 1999. Mitcham CR4 4LA. Voted one of top 50 buildings in the world by Independent magazine. Merantun Way SW19 2RD n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. 185. Morden SM4 5QU n Sun 10am-1pm. A blend of Islamic and modern British architecture and incorporates much of the structure of an old dairy site. d T A G Complex series of interlocking spaces within a simple overall volume.51. Many working models. Entry: Chapter House archaeological site. Tube: Colliers Wood. N D R T P Grade II listed gem of a country church built in 1115. Arabic.219 Baitul Futuh Mosque Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. Tube: Morden. 93.elliottwood. First come basis. N T P d An early example of a Gothic Revival church in a pure Perpendicular style. R T B The building is locally listed and has been the club’s pavilion for over 100 years.127. the house has references to the dramatic and hidden sources for lighting spaces seen in Baroque churches and the work of Sir John Tours 2pm. Elliott Wood Partnership LLP 241 The Broadway SW19 1SD n Sun 10am-5pm. Closed between 11am and 2pm. Entry: church.Merton Hollymount School See openhouselondon. 163. Regular tours. Grade II* listed. Regular tours. 93. Belgrave Walk. Tube: Colliers Wood.152 9 Parkside Avenue 9 Parkside Avenue SW19 5ES n Sun 12pm-4pm. first come basis. Merantun Way. Sustainable features include solar panels.30pm. Tube: Colliers Wood. Architect for restoration and curator on site. Max 20 per tour. first come basis. now repaired and renovated to allow for flexible use. Rail: Raynes Park. Grade II* listed. Max 15 at Architect w/ Sidney Kaye Firmin Partnership 1980. Max 30 per tour.131. now in the heart of a suburban conservation area. Rail: Wimbledon. Tramlink: Merton Park.30am at Mitcham Cricket Club Pavilion. George Smith 1819-22. William Morris glass and associations with famous people including Nelson. Tower at the west end. entailing extensive remodelling of ground floor to create open plan living. Cranmer Gree. Tram: Tube: South Wimbledon. studios. Last tour 2. Last entry 3pm. Max 20 per tour. it now contains a museum depicting the history and development of windmills in Britain.131. Tube: South Wimbledon. Mitcham Eastfields.80 Hollymount School Cambridge Road SW20 0SQ n Sat 10am-4pm. whilst Mitcham Cricket Green has had cricket played on its pitch for over 300 years. Rail: Morden South. Tram. Rail/Tram: Mitcham Junction. d R T B C A P Rare example of a hollow post mill (1817). Rail: Mitcham Junction. Players on hand. Rail: Morden South.200 241 The Broadway. Sustainably refurbished in 2012 with Alex Ferguson architects with natural ventilation. D T P Entry: temple. Hourly tours. cooling from ground pipes and solar The Wheelhouse Merton Abbey Mills. Tube/Rail: Wimbledon 163. library. Hands-on models and equipment for children. one time. Richard Paxton Architects (original refurbishment) 2004. Stable Yard renovated using renewable technologies. D T P Grade II listed fine 1770 house in extensive grounds built for John Ewart on part of the Morden Hall Estate. brick-built church Tube/Rail: Wimbledon.80 Buddhapadipa Temple consisting of a nave and chancel. Entry: ground floor. 200 Morden Hall Park. Tube: Morden. Max 50 at one time. Civic Trust Commendation 2006. Max 30 at one 2003. 93. St Lawrence Church Interior walls with excellent mural paintings by Thai artists. Asif Malik 2011.213. Cricket Green. 57. including the first Archimedes Screw hydroelectric turbine in London. 181 London Road. garden. Owner/architect-led regular tours. D T A 2-storey extension of an existing primary school on a constrained site in Wimbledon with new double-height top-lit gallery space to create a new heart for the school. pre-book ONLY on 020 8648 5255.200. and now the home of a craft pottery.131. 57. 3pm plus short talk on history of church. possibly Saxon.157.219. Merton Park Church Path. German and English.200 14 Calonne Road SW19 5HJ n Sat/Sun 9am-4pm. Entry: house. Morden SM4 5PT n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. and accommodating 13. 280.118 Mitcham Parish Church Church Road.93.30am-12.80 The Chapter House. Max 30 on tour. Tram: Mitcham. first come basis. Regular 10-minute tours. Three Kings Piece plus local churches (Mitcham Methodist Church open Sat 9.152. Rail: Morden South. 93.30pm.elliottwood. Merton Park SW19 3HJ n Sun 12pm-5pm. Praves Limparangsri n Sat 9am-4pm. first come basis. N D T B G P Award winning Stable d T A New build rear extension to Victorian house. windmill machinery. equipment and tools Tube/Rail: Wimbledon. RICS award winner. Duration 2 hours. Tube: Morden. Gothic-style stone windows from the old church inserted into the present 1636 structure. with 15m diameter dome and minarets 36m and 23m high.30pm) and monuments.000 worshippers. Max 50 at one time. Haverstock Associates 2012. crêche. access E Engineer on site G Green Features 53AJ|Library Merton | openhouselondon. 93 WALKS/TOURS Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage n Meet: Sat A Victorian villa with impressive 2-storey vaulted steel and glass office space with mezzanine for structural engineers Elliott Wood.154. Morden SM4 5JD n Sat/Sun 12pm-3pm. The remains lie under the A24 Merantun Way. 93 Key.

org. Max 20 per tour. ground floor terrace. Bow Church. set in a park that has benefited from recent regeneration. Entry: Old Ford Island and treatment building. Regular tours. 25.108. 10 min talk on the hour about the scheme to date and proposed development. (Organised by River Lea Tidal Mill Trust. Max 10 per tour. parish or 07747 647915. Last tour 4pm. T P E The biggest sewage treatment works in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. a season of public arts events that take their inspiration from the uniquely atmospheric backdrop of Victorian gasholders and Canary Wharf. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. Tube/Rail: Stratford. N R T P d Grade I listed 12C church. DLR: Pudding Lane. N D R T C A G Striking medical centre for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. brick-clad watermill with four waterwheels. pre-book ONLY on christopher. Pre-book ONLY on Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Village is a brand new neighbourhood for London with new homes. Reopened this summer to provide health. compact pumping station housed in a high-quality landmark building. Eger Architects 2005.D8. Stratford High Street. N D R T C G Recently landscaped industrial yard with 40m timber lattice. nature reserve. first come basis. N D R TCGP Partially 1860s) may also be viewed from outside. R T B P d The UK’s oldest and largest tidal mill. Memorial Avenue (building just inside park entrance) E15 3DB n Sat‘Creating space for family life and new enterprise’ walking the site talks with Cany Ash Sun 4pm. Tube/Rail: Stratford Grassroots Memorial First come basis to visitors centre.425. 25. 25. The dock’s own rich history is offset by the new and little-known public right of way that connects it to 26 miles of riverside walks. energy-efficient building of cuttingedge design with grass roof and internal courtyards.e. Allies and Morrison 1997. Tube: East Ham. Talks. Tours at 10am. Sustainable features include sedum roofs. first come basis. 276 Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre 40 Liberty Bridge Road. The Grade II old pumping station (Sir Joseph Bazalgette. Max 18 per tour. Entry: 4-storey atrium. Sustainable features include district heating and rainwater recycling. 5-storey. DLR: Gallions Reach. wellbeing and community facilities for East Village neighbourhood. currently undergoing a major expansion programme. C A G The new trading post in East London is an intelligent shanty town for mixing up all kinds of production and consumption. Clad in timber and Corten steel.jones@thameswater. adjacent to Stratford International Station. Rail/DLR: Stratford International St Mary Magdalene Church & Nature Reserve High Street South/Norman Road E6 6HN n Sat 10am-4pm. planting and selling.30pm. discussions and activities for children. public squares. Max 12 per tour.30pm. Barking IG11 0AD n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. d R T P G Opening to launch ‘Lighting Up the Lea’. exhibition space and office. Bromley by Bow Gasworks and Lea River path. it retains original architectural features and has interesting brasses. Lyall Bills and Young Architects 2012.86.30pm. RIBA Award to find out more about this area Abbey Mills Pumping Station Abbey Lane E15 2RW n Sat & Sun tours at 10am.james@thameswater. Max 15 at one time. Tube/Rail: Canning Town. light. Tube: Bromley-by-Bow. Olympic Park E20 1YY n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Tube/Rail: Manor Park. DLR: Beckton. including 750-year-old wall paintings.147 Stratford Circus Theatre Square E15 1BX n Sun 10am-4pm. with London’s largest churchyard and one of the best-preserved Norman archways in the 101. a brand new school. Bow Road. first come basis. Chobham Academy and Health Centre are part of this new place and will also be available to view. 1pm of theatre spaces. Manor Park. Children’s activities: painting. Operational until 1940. Tube/Rail: Stratford. communal gardens. hyperboloid sculpture centre piece (Strand East Tower ARC-ML 2012) overlooked by refurbished Victorian warehouse now housing a restaurant. Canning Town E16 4TL n Sat/Sun 10am-10pm. T C A G Formerly the Olympic Village during the 2012 Games. Last entry 1.) Entry: ground.101. Tours of the residential areas and private landscaped spaces in East Village.S2 Lee Tunnel & Beckton Sludge Power Generator Beckton Sewage Streatment Works. In addition. Regular tours. DLR: Pudding Mill Lane. Tube: Bromley-by-Bow. Entry: Cody Dock. Caravanserai Team on site. Jenkins Lane. children’s area and inner courtyard. where a 1:200 model of proposed new neighbourhood is on show. Tube: Bromley by Bow. 4. Regular tours.104. as well as other interesting features. Ash Sakula Architects 2011 ongoing.276. 474. Entry: all main areas. 12noon.86 Canning Town Caravanserai Silvertown Way E16 1EA n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm. monuments and stained glass windows.474 St Mary the Virgin Church Road. 25. Tour duration 2 hours. closed section of footpath. N T d Space.eastvillagelondon. Tours 2pm & 4pm of Cody Dock. Max 20 per tour. 6pm-10pm Open Film Night showcasing short films by locally inspired artists.30pm.Newham East Village London 20 Lee Tunnel & Beckton Sludge Power Generator See openhouselondon. N D T P Small Grade I listed 12C chapel in lovely churchyard setting. technical booths. DLR: Devons Road. Bow Road. Pre-book on www. Hourly tours. The Lee Tunnel will collectively capture an average of 39m tonnes of sewage a year and will help prevent more than 16m tonnes of sewage mixed with rainwater overflowing into the River Lee. International Way. selected treatment areas (on tours only). Little Ilford E12 6HA n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. DLR: Pudding Mill Lane. 325. 1st floors of mill and rebuilt house. T G d The largest community wastewater recycling facility in the UK using membrane technology to convert raw sewage to non potable water to supply Olympic Park venues. Tube: East Ham. Last tour 3. Not an ‘amenity space’. Max 20 per talk.366 Old Ford Waste Water Recycling Facility Dace Road E3 2NW n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Minimum age 16. originally built 1776 to mill grain for distillery trade.339 East Village London 20 East Village Management and Marketing Centre. first come basis. DLR: Star Lane (4 min walk) Dane’s Yard & Strand East Tower 133 High Street E15 2RB n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Entry: | Newham | 54 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . waterways and wetlands. BREEAM ‘Excellent’. features a sludge powered generator for energy efficient waste disposal.541 Cody Dock 11c South Crescent. Tube: Hackney Wick. inspiration – a contemporary building achieves Key. Last tour 2pm. T P Thames Water’s novel. 12noon & 2pm. Hourly tours. workshops and exhibitions. Olympic Park E20 1AS n Sat 10am-6pm/Sun 10am-5pm. tree-lines streets. but a palatial space for doing stuff where enough always feels like a feast. Last entry 5. 5pm. Tube: West Ham House Mill Three Mill Lane E3 3DU n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Tours led by local architecture centre Fundamental Architecture. Penoyre & Prasad 2011. East 54AJ|Library Southwark Building| openhouselondon.D8.

T R C A G Set to be one of the most innovative play spaces in London. Max 20 at one time. From Three Mills to the southern entrance of the Park. via Cody Dock. Engineers on the highly naturalistic yet playful design aims to complement and tell the story of the wider riverine landscape of the Park. Walk led by Phil Askew (LLDC) and landscape architect David Thompson (LDA Design). Max 15 per A varied and revealing walk in the Lower Lea DLR: Royal N D G Comprising 3 blocks. Max 40 per tour. Four screens with state-of-the-art sound. Entry: ground floor. Hackney Wick (specific location given on registering) E9 5LX. University Way E16 2RD n Sat/Sun Max 7 per tour. Bromley by Bow. A Walk down the River Lea from Three Mills. Pre-book ONLY by email on info@ fit-city. Erect Architecture and LUC Landscape Architects 2013. below. selected rooms. Salway Road E15 1BN n Sat/Sun 12pm-4pm.londonurbanvisits. Interior is free from reception DLR: Cyprus Docklands. Map. It has involved the transformation of over 250 acres of underused and contaminated land into rich and varied parklands with over 6. Duration approx 2 hours. Last entry 4pm. Entry: foyer. Arts Lettres Techniques 2007. See also Further beyond the Olympic Park part 1 (p38). NB. Canning Town E16 4PZ n Sat 9. Regular tours. 366 The Crystal – Siemens Sustainability Centre One Siemens Brothers Way. first come basis.000 wetland plants. basement.108.lectures. east London regeneration expert and visiting professor at UEL. Last entry 1pm. Community activities taking place. Tours on the hour. Award winning plasterwork. former Chief Exec of the Leaside Regeneration Partnership and founder of London Urban by 15 Sept. Rail: Stratford 25.30am-4pm. arriving at the Timber Lodge and Tumbling Bay Playground in the North of the Park. pre-book ONLY on openhouse@londonlegacy. Regular tours. commentary at www. CZWG 2012. courtyard. Last tour Entry: all main areas. Pre-book ONLY on openhouse@ londonlegacy. 69 The Old Town Hall Stratford 29 The Broadway E15 4BQ n Sat/Sun 10am-2pm. to Emirates cable car terminal.25 Cody Dock Timber Lodge and Tumbling Bay Playground the original vision to create a modern user-friendly facility with multi-functional spaces. DLR/Tube/Rail: Stratford.473 Stratford Picture House Gerry Raffles Square. OS maps distributed on tour. 2pm. Pre-book ONLY on openhouse@londonlegacy. Star Lane.86.108 The Children’s Garden Early Years Centre University of East London Docklands Campus. first come basis. Maps issued on arrival. Regular pauses for urban commentary. Tube: Stratford. Fish Island and Hackney Wick.londonurbanvisits. balcony. Regular Explore the impact of London 2012 on regeneration in Hackney Wick. Tube: Hackney Wick Further beyond the Olympic Park – part 2 n Meet: Sat/Sun 2pm outside House Mill. D R T Contemporary cinema in the heart of Stratford. Winner 2005 Regeneration Award and Runner-up 2005 Prime Minister’s Building of the Year Award. We Made That 25. Tube/DLR: Canning Town Urbanist Michael Owens (former Chief Exec of Leaside Regeneration Partnership).262. Photo ID required on day. through a linear east-west glass and steel building. pre-book ONLY on openhouse@londonlegacy. taking in the sights of the Stadium and the ArcelorMittal Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park E20 n Sat architect-led tours 11am. DLR/Tube: Canning Town. Max 40 people. Hackney Wick FIT CITY Olympic Fringe Run Tour Supported by Wild Kingdom Three Mills Green. Last entry 4. access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 55 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Burrell Foley Fischer Architects 1997. pre-book ONLY on 020 7758 8481.276. Max 50 per stretches. Entry: foyer. Tube/Rail: Stratford Vermilion Barking Canning Town E16 1EH n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Lewis Angell/John Giles Tube: Bromley-by-Bow Lea Valley Drift n Meet: Sat 10am outside main entrance Stratford Station. dramatically revealing its structure and functions to the DLR/Tube/Rail: Stratford. 25. Wilkinson Eyre Architects 2012. cells. Duration 2 1/2 hrs. Bow E3 3DU n Sat/Sun boat tours 12noon. Duration approx 2hrs. now restored to full Victorian splendour. D T G Constructed from recycled and refurbished building modules. N D R T G P Community resource centre with glazed façade and a Crawford door that creates open aspect for café/lounge/ reception Art exhibitions and installations. Art exhibition. orientated around a communcal eco garden on a triangular regeneration site. in a landscaped garden. Max 10 per tour. through the QEOP to the Royal Docks and Lower Lea Valley. Easy-going pace (approx 10 minute miles). Meridian Square E15 co. Max 40 per tour. www.000 new trees and 25. Guided run with Personal Trainer Ade Aboaba and Planner/ Key. Tube: Bromley by Bow. www. clad in untreated Scottish larch. before its opening in Spring 2014. Levitt Bernstein 2001. Grade II listed. and opportunity to join walkers at Three Mills to retrace your steps at a more leisurely pace. Max 10 at one time.488 n Meet: Sat 10am. Duration 30 mins. and Michael Owens. Three Mills Lane E3 3DU n Sat/Sun tours at 12noon and 2pm. Tube/DLR/Rail: Stratford.104. E A unique trip along the east London waterways to see the unfolding of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Leyton. West Ham. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. theatres. Eger Architects 2005. R T Once described as the ‘finest building in Essex’. Rail/DLR: Stratford. bespoke geometric furniture and colour-washed surfaces. Tours every 90 mins.30pm. Tube: Bromley-by-Bow Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park North – Walking Tour WALKS/TOURS n Meet: Sun 11am and 1pm at Queen Elizabeth Park North – Timber Lodge E20. Three Mills E3 3DU Pre-book ONLY by email on www. Royal Victoria Docks E16 1GB n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Emirates Cable Car The Crystal – Siemens Sustainability Centre The Hub 123 Star Lane. Max 10 per tour. Tube: Stratford Lower Lea Boat Tours hosted by London Legacy Development Corporation/ICE Meet:Three Mills Lane. corridors and signage to simplify the children’s experience with angled walls for the playrooms. café.241. The largest new urban park to be developed in the UK for the last 100 years. Timber clad building integrates seamlessly into landscape providing a café and community space.thecrystal. 1pm. Max 20 per tour. Run works in parallel with ‘Further beyond’ walk. Now conference and banqueting venue. One of largest sustainable buildings in the world. E D R T B C G P London’s newest landmark building and the world’s first centre dedicated to improving our knowledge of urban sustainability through its programme of exhibitions and 55AJ|Library Newham | openhouselondon. including a striking 21-storey tower wrapped in vibrant red and orange hues. Royal Docks.27b. 4pm. N R T A G d A unique and distinctive natural playspace which combines a variety of play structures that together bring a sense of unexpected adventure and imaginative seasonal change to this area of the capital. with Oliver Froome-Lewis and Chloe Street around the southern edges of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Entry: marketing suite. Appropriate dress. with Ralph Ward. East India Basin and Trinity Buoy Wharf exploring one of London’s least known but perhaps most significant locations-to-be. 6 miles. 69.

EL2 Wanstead Park E11 2LT n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm.150. acquired by the synagogue in 1995 and restored with Heritage Lottery Fund grant. Grade II* listed with many interesting monuments. Somers Clarke 1863. Tube: Wanstead. Tube: Gants Hill. 66.462 128-142 High Road.30pm. Last entry 4pm. providing an optimised training environment from classroom to full ‘hands-on’.30pm. N D T Award-winning design on site created by Ilford Town Centre redevelopment. Ilford IG1 2AT n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. 555-557 Cranbrook Road IG2 6HE n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.W13 WALKS/TOURS Wanstead Heritage Walk n Meet: Sun 10am outside Wanstead Station. William Newton 1768.30pm.129 St Mary’s. great hall. DJ Restick & T Lawson 1986/Opening the Book 2012. 66. 66. dining hall.169 The Hospital Chapel of St Mary & St Thomas Mazarin House The Temple 79 Glengall Road. Rail: Chingford.128. 66. garden. Regular tours. D Grade II listed memorial hall with panels inside the building recording the names of the Ilford men killed during to find out more about this area Redbridge Town Hall. Last entry 3. Tube: Gants Hill 66. The west wall was blown down in hurricane of 1987 and remained derelict until conversion in 2011.396 Clements Road. Exhibition. B Woolard 1901.45pm.128. Rail: Ilford.145.W13. 128. first come basis.296.Woodford Green IG8 0RF n Sat 10am-2.30pm.179. 1st & 2nd floors. Ilford IG1 1DD n Sat 10am-5pm. Entry: main chapel. Spiral staircase leads to the top of the tower. temporary exhibition gallery. Rail: Ilford. Eastern Avenue IG2 7RJ n Sat/Sun 11am-4. Tours on the hour 11am to 2pm.150. one of the last remaining structures surviving from Wanstead Park’s days of grandeur. D R T A G P A striking contemporary design successfully balancing aesthetics with exceptional commercial value. Refurbished in 1990 and 2011. First come basis. Regular tours. Tours on the hour. Stained glass by Hardman & Co. giving excellent views. Reopened to the public in 2009 following restoration works of period furnished rooms. N D T Built together with the swimming baths on an open site in Barkingside High Street. Hourly tours with architects from 10.45pm. 25. Wanstead Overton Drive. It uses digital fabrication to make unusual angular spaces out 56 Southwark AJ|Library Building| openhouselondon.86.) Tube: Gants Hill.296. N D R T B C G Large. N D R T B Founded c1145 by the Abbess of Barking as a hospice for 13 old and infirm men. fine example of a small Georgian church with original box pews and gallery..W14. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon.123. Entry: flats.Wanstead E11 1UL n Sun 10am-5pm.30am-4pm. D T Built in 3 stages consisting of the Old Town Hall (1901) with façade in free classic style and some original decorations. Organ by Gray and Davidson access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Redbridge | 56 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Tube: Gants Hill. 25. Arthur Ashpitel 1862. Contemporary artworks.Wanstead E11 2LW n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 12. Tube: Woodford.W14 Supported by Key.147 Valentines Mansion Emerson Road.86. Council Chamber Bancroft’s School 611 High Road.W13. next door to the now vanished Wanstead House.W13. first come basis. common areas. St Mary’s Church. A characteristic work of Scott. d T P A dignified and impressive design with later additions. Entry: house. Rail: Ilford. Arboreal Architecture 2013. Snaresbrook. Display of architectural plans. Newbury Park.150. Ilford IG1 4XA n Sun 11am-5pm. Originally the Merchant Seaman’s Orphan Asylum Chapel. Barkingside.30pm.Woodford Green IG8 9LA n Sun 1pm-5pm. Capita Symonds and RPS 2009/10. Newbury Park.150. an elegant Georgian manor house built for the Warner family with grounds by Repton. Conceived in the 1980s and now internally redesigned for the 21C. grounds. Max 15 per tour. Frederick Gibberd/Coomes & Partners/H C Connell 1958-68. D R T P N Red-brick.W13 Christ Church Wanstead Place E11 2SW n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 11am-5pm. good stained glass by Kempe and newly restored William Hill organ. N D R T B P Grade I listed.W12 St Peter’s Church Aldborough Hatch Aldborough Road North. a view of the Basin and Stable Block and other historical remnants of the Grade II listed historical landscape that formed the grounds of Wanstead House. used as a family dwelling until the early 1900s.101. Last entry 4. Sir George Gilbert Scott 1861. D T Grade II* listed church with ragstone tower. Last entry 2pm. A G Grade II listed red brick building which was attached to Aldborough House (c1728) before the mansion was demolished. Tube: Woodford. spire.30am. Rail: Ilford. Last tour 4pm. A G A sustainable block of six flats just finishing construction. highlighting the ancient chestnuts.123. One of London’s best Baroque monuments (to Sir Josiah Child of the East India Company) in chancel. (Organised by Friends of the Hospital Chapel.275.179. Hourly tours.123. Tube: Newbury Park.W13.30pm. library (1927) and additional buildings (1933). Half-hourly tours. Prints of Wanstead House.128 Ilford War Memorial Hall Ilford War Memorial Gardens. Duration 2 hours. first come basis. the present building is 12C and 19C. 18C statuary fragments and Roman finds on display. Tube: Barkingside. N D T Public artwork by Cookson and McNally in conjunction with pupils at Gearies infant school. Cookson and McNally 2004.86. A guided walk from Wanstead Station to The Temple. the circular library design copies the nearby roundabout and is set back from the pavement to form a new local civic centre with a public space.W19 Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy Lugg Approach. 66. Wanstead Park. Fairlop. Ilford E12 5LN n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm.167 Woodford County High School for Girls High Road.396. Tube: Snaresbrook. Grade II listed with sumptuous interior and stained glass windows above ark. moved to present site in 1889.101.Redbridge of solid timber panels.296. Last entry 4. Entry: Tube: Wanstead. Tube: Wanstead. Max 12 per tour. Entry: main building. Tube: Newbury Park. Historical photographic and map display. late 17C Grade II* listed house with fine staircase and Venetian window and with Georgian additions. Sir Arthur Blomfield 1889.30am-4pm.150. d N R T B C 18C garden building in style of a Doric temple.101. Tube: Woodford See openhouselondon. 20. Regular tours. Entry: church. Last entry 4. Entry: ground and 1st floors.Victorian kitchen and pantry.247.275.W14. C J Dawson & Allardyce 1927. Includes recycled Portland stone.30pm. Entry: workshops and classrooms.145. Sustainable features include exposed solid timber structure and photovoltaic panels. Wanstead E11 2NT. Rail: Ilford. 20.167 1 Victory Road. Ilford IG2 7QD n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.Woodford IG8 0DP n Sun 10am-5pm. 66.167. Entry: Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy 48 Ilford Hill. The Hall was designed to serve as the entrance to the now demolished children’s ward of the Ilford Emergency Hospital.145. Tube: Wanstead.396 Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue outside Sainsbury’s Local. Max 15 per tour. 25. tower.308.EL1. Tube: Newbury Park. Entry: ground and first floor.169. D T B P Built in decorated Gothic style with shingle spire from stones of first Westminster Bridge. Richard Griffiths Architects (refurb) 2009. Formerly a Drapers’ Company charitable school in Mile End Road. 128. Max 4 at one time. interactive family room and artists’ studios. N R d Formerly Highams Manor. including BurneJones windows.30pm-4. Ilford IG1 1EA n Sat 9.308. 21 The Green. Finishes at The Temple . Rail: Ilford. Entry: library. W13 Ilford Central Library The Chapel at Aldborough Hatch Gants Hill Public Art (Children’s Sculpture Beacon) Oaks Lane.W14 Fulwell Cross Library 140 High Street. Ilford IG2 7QN n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 12pm-5pm. museum.145. Last entry 3.86. Last entry 4.308.308. Balkrishna Savant (conversion) 2011. Ilford IG6 2EA n Sat 9. library. Thomas Hardwick 1790. 66.

Cross Deep TW1 4QG n Sat tours at 10am. E d R A contemporary family home formed of 2 weathering steel volumes inserted behind the retained façade of a 19C brick stables. Last entry 4. Further developments 2007-08 including café. 283.30pm. for his own use as a rural retreat. Many notable memorials including to scientist William Jackson Hooker and tombs of Thomas Gainsborough and Johan Zoffany.267 Grove Gardens Chapel Richmond Cemetery. outbuildings. Grove Gardens. stitched to existing primary school via interlocking low level canopy. grounds.R70 Key.65. Tube: Kew Gardens. RIBA Award Winner 2010. Max 25 at one time. 111. 2. Further works to include new dining hall. Entry: areas of house. Thomas Hardy was apprenticed to the architect. 371.267 Richmond Lock Building (Surrey Side) The Towpath. library. Entry: Octagon Room. 33. T B Small rustic villa built to Turner’s own Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Hampton Court Palace. Richmond TW9 2QJ n Sun 10am-4pm. Ham House and Garden is an unusual complete 17C survival. school. demolished 1808 and replaced and redeveloped many times in following years.30pm. queuing if necessary. H37. www. 3s architects & designers (refurb) 2012. basement. N RT B C P d Louis Philippe. KSKa Architects 2013.H22 Parish Church of St Anne Kew Green TW9 3AA n Sat 10am-1pm. T A G A semi-detached house. Piercy & Company Exposed shuttered concrete and brick construction with iconic oversized concrete ‘gargoyles’ and geometric fenestration. Last entry 3. Alexander Pope 1720.kska. Flats Ham Street.72 35 Craneford Way 35 Craneford Way. Last entry 3.45pm. Rail: Twickenham. Entry: ground floor. Tube/Rail: Richmond. Joshua Kirby/Robert Browne 1714/1770/1805. D R T B C P Built in 1610 for a Knight Marshall of James to find out more about this area 4 Lonsdale Road 4 Lonsdale Road SW13 9EB n Sat 10am-5pm. stables gallery. Rail: Hampton Wick. Entry: foundation stage and children’s Tube/Rail: Kew Gardens. Rail: Twickenham. Art activities and trail for children.33 (from Richmond Station) Kew House 10 Cambridge Road.411. set within a conservation area on the doorstep of Kew Gardens. Tube/Rail: Richmond. Displays of community aspect. Kingston. Transformation into an expansive minimalist light-filled living space focused on the garden.481 Langdon Down Centre 2a Langdon Park. A Ambitious sweeping away of dark unconnected rooms at the base of a 4-storey Georgian home in a Barnes conservation area. Last entry 4.30pm. garden. It is now HRP staff offices. East Molesey KT8 9AU n Sat/Sun 10. 65. d T P Example of good-quality late-Victorian functional design (1894). site of house designed by Wren for court portrait painter Sir Godfrey Kneller. Teddington TW11 9PS n Sun 12pm-4pm. Rail: Hampton. garden. 33. Regular tours. basement.681. Gothic proscenium arch and elaborate stage and scenery. Entry: grotto. 11am. St Margaret’s.H22. Regular tours. built 1756 for David Garrick in honour of his idol William Shakespeare. first come basis with 30 mins break for lunch at 1pm. Gardens also open 11am-5pm. Strawberry Hill.285 (from Kingston) Langham House Close. Last entry 4. First come basis. Twickenham TW2 7SB n Sat 10am-5pm.490. then 65 bus to Ham Common Lowther Primary School & Children’s Centre Stillingfleet Road. Regular tours. Whitton. Rail: Barnes. T d Grade II listed. 33.R70. Virtual tour available for those unable to use stairs. originally built as a chapel under the patronage of Queen Anne in 1714 and subsequently enlarged. Entry: Apartment 39 only. first come basis. Tube/Rail: Richmond. with new living space and basement extension with glass-fronted wine cellar. No photography. Sustainable features include woodchip biomass boiler. Rail: St Margaret’s.216. Hampton TW12 2EN n Sun 10am-5pm. Civic Trust Award commendation. Capability Brown landscape restored to 18C appearance. First come basis.Richmond Tube/Rail: Orleans House Gallery. first come basis. Rail: Kew Bridge. Rail: Twickenham. Regular tours. Shortlisted for Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award. Max 20 inside flats at one time. Rowland Plumbe 1877. mega format tiles. Max 30 at one time.Twickenham.45pm. H22. Rail: Tube/Rail: Richmond. sheep’s wool. 12noon. Tours at 12.391 Pope’s Grotto and Radnor House School Radnor House School. Civic Trust Award Winner 2010. Ham Common TW10 7JE n Sat 10am-5pm. Duc d’ 33. Entry: lock cottage and lock side. first floor. 4 Lonsdale Road Langham House Close. Rail: St Margaret’s. Rail: Richmond.R68.33.65 Kneller Hall Royal Military School of Music. Hampton Court.216. Interior features brick chimney/ mantle/squint and architect-designed cupboards. Former cemetery chapel.R68. Max 30 at one time. Twickenham TW1 2LR n Sat/Sun 10am-3pm. charming Gothic chapel of imaginative design with plate tracery and mosaic triptych. 371 Ham House and Garden 57AJ|Library Richmond | openhouselondon. Sir Christopher Wren (attributed) 1709. main gallery. Regular talks by lock Tube: Hammersmith.30pm. Barnes SW13 9AE n Sat 10am-1pm. Pope’s Villa.piercyandco.30pm. Max 30 at one time. Entry: temple. built in the 1920s Modernist style has been significantly extended and refurbished by awardwinning local architects into a stunning contemporary family home with separate garden house. Rail: Hampton Court. John James 1710/James Gibbs 1720/Patel Taylor (new centre) 2006/2008. Ferry: Hampton pedestrian ferry from Molesey. N D R T B C P Grade II* listed Normansfield Theatre and Langdon Down Museum of Learning Disability.R68 JMW Turner’s House. Originally built as part of the Normansfield Hospital for patients/students with learning disabilities. lawn by riverside.110. NB. lived here between 1815-17.30pm. First come basis. clad in white render. Rail: St Margaret’s. Family activities 2-4pm. Last entry 5pm. JMW Turner 1812. Barnes Bridge. First come basis.H22. Last entry 4. 281. N D R T C Octagonal Temple in the Ionic manner. One of a series of grand houses and palaces built along the Thames. Rebuilt 1848 in stately neoJacobean style. Duration 15 mins. Ham TW10 7RS n Sat 12pm-4pm. Tube: Hammersmith. practice room.R68. first come basis. Fine interiors and historic gardens. 281. For children: design activities based on the octagon shape. bandstand. queuing outside if necessary.281. Tube: Hounslow East. Entry: lower ground floor. with inspiration from John Soane.R70. R T P Grotto with mineral decoration is last remaining part of Alexander Pope’s villa built 1720. d R T B Apartment 39 overlooks the West Front and was once the grace-and-favour apartment of Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley (this year marks the centenary of his death). D T G P A mono-pitched fluid form building. Sir Arthur Blomfield c1873. interior of flat 7. Coach house education centre opened 2006. Gibbs’ Octagon room and adjoining gallery/stable block are remaining parts of Orleans access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 57 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Entry: all areas. off Lower Grove Road (entrance opposite Greville Road) TW10 6HP n Sun 1pm-5pm. garden. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon.45pm.65 Hampton Court Palace – Apartment 39 See openhouselondon. Entry: theatre. www. Sandycombe Lodge 40 Sandycoombe Road. D T A P Small.H22. Kneller Road TW2 7DU n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm.72. 111. Kew TW9 3JB n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Tube/Rail: Richmond. Pre-book ONLY on hdolan@radnorhouse. Hampton Court Road. frameless structural glass roof and multifunctional dance studio.209. Army’s Royal Military School of Music since 1857. Patel Taylor Architects 2009.290 Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare Temple Lawn. Entry: entrance hall to flats 19-24. Octagon Room and New Arts Education Centre Riverside TW1 3DJ n Sun 2pm-5pm. Q P d A landmark in ‘Brutalism’. Entry: chapel. Rail: Kew Bridge. now restored for mixed community use. Garrick/Shakespeare exhibition includes replica of Roubiliac statue. sedum and solar panels. Tours every 20 mins. N R T d Grade II* listed. 1. Ham House was greatly extended in the 1670s. Max 15 per tour.R68. Last entry to house 3. basement. Max 60 at one time. 391. museum. Stirling and Gowan 1958.

Richmond Richmond The American International University in London Richmond Hill Campus.371. R T Park walk showcasing the historical features of this 2350 acre site. Rail: North Sheen. Tube/Rail: Richmond.419.30am-4pm. garden. Entry: Herbarium.R70. Library. Rail: Mortlake. enclosed in 1637.281.30pm. Kew TW9 2HP n Sat 10am-1pm. Last entry 3pm. 65. Mortlake SW14 8PR n Sun 1pm-5pm. Last entry 4.30pm.30pm.30pm/Sun 10am-4pm. foyers. Rail: Barnes. Max 10 per tour. backstage. Rail: N d Recently restored Grade II* listed mausoleum in form of an Arab tent with ripples in stone imitating canvas.485 St Mary the Virgin. Tube/Rail: Richmond. Max 20 per tour. art & archives. Kew: Herbarium. Tube/Rail: Richmond.490. R68. grounds.R70. covered reservoirs. Regular tours. 2pm outside Information Centre outside Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. Max 10 per tour. Architecture-inspired treasure trails and art activities for children aged 4+. d T A Contemporary church hall and cloister courtyard in the grounds of the Grade II listed church. d Q Contemporary courtyard style house with a low profile of just 7m. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Art and Archives Royal Botanic Gardens. Barnes SW13 0NX n Sat 1pm-5pm.33. Recently restored and converted into a museum celebrating the rich history of Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm n Sat 10am-5pm. other rooms. Frank Matcham 1899. John James 1714-15. Edward Cullinan Architects (new wing 2010). Entry: house. Tube/Rail: Richmond. Rail: Twickenham. NT B P Grade II listed former waterman’s cottage c1720.30pm. Isabel Arundell Burton 1890.R70 WALKS/TOURS Richmond Park walk n Meet: Sat at 10am.Whitton. the previous nave having collapsed in 1713. Twickenham Church Street.H36. 33.267 Sir Richard Burton’s Mausoleum St Mary Magdalen’s RC Church.22. and drained during WW2 to prevent bombers from using them as a landmark on moonlit nights. built of Bath stone with façade largely unchanged. D T G Wing E is 7th phase addition to the Herbarium since 18C providing a radically different design with emphasis on functionality and low environmental impact. first come basis.371 The Darke House 25 Montpellier Row TW1 2NQ n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-1pm. 371 Richmond Theatre The Green. Horace Walpole 1747-97. Rail: Strawberry Hill. D R T B P Influential early Gothic revival building restored to its dramatic original glory. Last tour 4pm.290. fish ponds excavated originally in 18C for gravel. Geoffrey Darke (of Darbourne & Darke) 1968. devotional paintings and strings of camel bells. Twickenham TW1 4ST n Sat/Sun 12pm-5. 419 Strawberry Hill House 268 Waldegrave Road. first come basis. embodied by the building of White Lodge and fundamental to the training undertaken within by students of The Royal Ballet School.45am. Self-guided tours and lectures about house and restoration. R T C A typical Matcham design. Q Designed by celebrated architect Geoffrey Darke as his own home.30pm. this beautiful 840 seat theatre was exhaustively researched and then restored in 1989 to a fabulous crimson.65.R68. Regular tours. H22. Andrew Trimen 1843. Last tour 3. Max 70 at one time. Originally home of the Wesley Theological Institution and now Richmond University. a Grade I listed English Palladian villa. Entry: exterior only. Richmond TW9 1TP n Sat 9. now disused. Max 6 per tour. Richmond TW9 1QJ n Sat tours at 10. Max 25 at one time. Tours on the hour. 65 bus The Old Town Hall.337. Tube: Richmond. Roger Morris 1727-30. Last entry 4. constructed to supply Kew Gardens and Richmond.30pm. a scheduled ancient monument.H22. 490.White Lodge Museum. 4pm. 65. Tube/Rail: Richmond.33. Tube: Hammersmith. Entry: selected rooms on ground floor of main villa. Duration 15 mins. Rail: Twickenham. First come basis.15am and 11.H22 St Michael and All Angels Church Elm Bank Gardens.R68 The Croft Centre 20 Windham Road. Tours at 10. Entry: parlour. later stocked with fish for food source. part of 1st floor. Grounds contain many rare specimens of plants and trees. Entry: auditorium. Max 20 per walk. Last tour 4. R68. Rail: St Margaret’s. N T d Beautiful riverside church. Hugh Cullum Architects 2012. pre-book ONLY on 08448 717 651. Last entry half hour before close.30pm.493.237. Half-hourly tours. Rail: Kew Bridge.H22 The Glasshouse Whittaker Avenue. council chamber. N R T P An Impressive neo-Gothic building set in 5 acres. political changes and reflecting Richmond’s history. The language of the new facade with brick panels and piers capped in Portland stone picks up the rhythm and scale of the existing church and allows the new building to sit happily against the old. 61 North Worple Way. Max 10 per tour. cream and gold.490 White Lodge Richmond Park (nearest gate Sheen Gate) TW10 5HR n Sat/Sun 10am-12. 3. The Museum explores the principles of classicism. 65. First come basis. Tube/Rail: Richmond. The house is a linear arrangement of rooms accessed from the 40m long double-height gallery surrounded by established trees and shrubs which also creates a boundary wall enclosing the garden. St Margaret’s. All original mouldings restored and renewed.H37. TW10 5HX. Tube: Richmond. veteran oak trees up to 600 years old. 371 Supported by River Lane.391. Tube/Rail: access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Richmond | 58 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . In contrast Wing C is a Grade II Listed 3-storey addition – one of the most important historical components of the courtyard complex. Interior is embellished with oriental lamps. Nearly all original features and many fittings remain – open to the public for the first time since renovation. first come basis. library. first come basis. Overlooking the war memorial and the Thames. recreating Walpole’s original intention for his own home. Last entry 12. Architype 2012. N T d Red brick and Bath stone grand ‘Elizabethan Renaissance’ style building altered by war. d N T P Commissioned as a royal hunting residence. Godfrey Kneller and Alexander Pope buried here. Petersham TW10 7AG Key. interior views through panel in roof via step ladder.R68. D T A G Oak shake and stacked ‘fabric first’ building carefully integrated with the existing structures to create a homely environment as a multi-purpose children’s centre.33. T P Mid-17C house. Anthony Beckles Willson (restoration & conversion) 2000. Queen’s Road TW10 6JP n Sat 10am-4. Teddington and the Hamptons. Twickenham TW1 3DU n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm.45pm. Tube/Rail: Richmond then H22 bus.30pm-4pm. W J Ancell 1893. Tube/Rail: Richmond. Tube: Kew Gardens. Tube/Rail: Richmond. 1pm. Entry: main building. Tube/Rail: Richmond. a building of remarkable contrasts: a 15C ragstone tower and a red-brick Queen Anne nave and chancel. 209. Entry: downstairs only. Regular tours. Tube/Rail: Richmond.White Lodge Kew House n Sun 10am-5pm. 267. Kew TW9 3AE n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. with fine staircase and 18C additions.R70 Twickenham Museum 25 The Embankment. Described in Grade II listing as ‘the country’s finest example of a Modernist house in a Georgian setting’.681.493 Royal Botanic Gardens. Includes Pembroke Lodge. Rail: Mortlake York House Richmond Road TW1 3AA n Sun 2. Entry: ground floor. Twickenham TW1 3NJ 58AJ|Library Southwark Building| openhouselondon.30am. Terry Farrell & Partners 2004. view of west front from gardens.

garden. Tube: Canada Water. Part of the Crystal Palace High Level Railway system demolished in 1961.RV1 See openhouselondon. First come basis.202. 179-181 Bermondsey Street SE1 3UW n Sun 10am-5pm. Tours Sat 11am. The healthy living centre comprises restaurant. Tube/Rail: Elephant and Castle.40pm.40. Tube/Rail: New Cross. First come basis. rebuilt in 2001 fit for purpose as an art gallery with an allotment garden. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. with rainwater harvesting. Rail: Rotherhithe. P12 CGP London Café Gallery Centre of Southwark Park SE16 2UA n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. Max 50 at one time. Tube/Rail: Honor Oak Dilston Grove Southwest corner of Southwark Park SE16 2DD n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. one time shopping arcade. full disabled access. Max 8 at one time. 12.122. Its inverted pyramid form is an innovative response to providing an efficient single large library floor on a smaller footprint site. John Smart Architects 2013.RV1 Coach House 11a Sydenham Hill SE26 6SH n Sat 10am-5pm. Entry: house. Foster + Partners 2002. 3pm. this house proposes a new vision of domesticity based on craft. John Wilder 2001. Max 20 at one time.450 Darwin Court Resource Centre 1 Crail Row SE17 1AD n Sat 10am-5pm. Entry: apartment. 63. an interior stylist/designer and developer. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. Entry: ground floor. Thames Tunnel Floodlights on all day. College Road SE21 7LE n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm.363 Courtyard House 35 Dovedale Road SE22 0NF n Sat 10am-5pm. North Dulwich. air-source heat pump and PV Tube: Kennington. rain-harvester. Max 8 at one time. main space.333 Allies and Morrison Studio 85 Southwark Street SE1 0HX n Sat/Sun 10am-1.53. First come basis. Bring travel ticket valid for Zone 2. now contemporary art gallery and recently renovated. Max 15 at one time. SBDS. Rail: Denmark Hill. Meticulously detailed using bricks as the predominant material and large glazed panels to maximise the light levels and views.47. First come basis.188. Last entry 4. Surrey Quays. 381. spiral ramp. First come basis. Max 20 per tour. Sydenham. Regular tours. Newly completed extension doubles the office capacity and includes refurbishment of Grade II Listed Victorian warehouse plus new-build timber-clad extension. health care suite. 3. garden. 2010 renovation by Infrastructure/Engineering n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday openhouselondon. Rail: South Bermondsey. Last entry 4.42. More London (from Tower Hill. Bathrooms are located along the street façade with opaque glass windows to provide a buffer zone between living space and pavement. Henry Rose 1827-33. D R T Peabody’s Darwin Court is an innovative and pioneering scheme that provides homes exclusively for people over 50 as well as facilities for the whole community. D T G P This tiny terraced house with unusual garden has been remodelled to provide a light. Duggan Morris Architects 2010. A Small but well-crafted flat renovation with attic conversion where the use of light modulates a dynamic and mobile openplan arrangement in strong relationship with the outside.45pm. courtyard.30pm. Over 18s only due to safety – subway is normally closed. 133. d Q A G Single-storey courtyard house on constrained site. Surrey Quays.30pm. max 250 at any one time.30pm.30pm. Although the original part of the property retains its cottage charm. Last entry 4. Sir Marc Brunel 1842. swimming pool and exercise room.12.36 49 Camberwell Grove 49 Camberwell Grove SE5 8JA n Sat 10am-1pm/Sun 10am-5pm. Regular tours. composting-toilet. Children’s activities include ‘Make a Thames Tunnel peep show’. now Grade II listed.30pm.42.410. Last tour 4. 47. training rooms.202. Sealed up until recently it is now an arts centre.47. Edward Middleton Barry 1865. Design-Cubed 2012.199.30pm. Jestico + Whiles 2003. 1. Max 10 at one time.322. a new extension together with tropical planting in the garden gives it a modern twist.elliottwood. Entry: ground floor.172. general estate. queuing outside if necessary. 1. green-lifestyle display.225. Allies and Morrison 2003.78. Last entry 12. Tube/Rail: London Bridge then 343. Eger Architects (refurb) 2009. pre-book ONLY on 020 7407 3336.199. 1. Rail: Gipsy Hill. tactility and light. tucked behind a traditional Victorian street terrace benefiting from unusual views across the adjacent gardens. Tube: Elephant & Castle.Southwark occupancy. Magnificent subway built by Italian craftsmen resembling a vaulted crypt. cocktails with a difference in the roof garden above the Thames Tunnel 5pm-11pm both days.381. City of a 1000 Architects kids activity 11am-3pm. Last entry 4. Entry: chapel. Owner is eco-author and business eco-auditor. an environmentally-aware building with innovative spiral ramp and fine views across London. First come basis. N D T P Centrepiece of a large almshouse complex originally intended for retired publicans and brewers. Tube/Rail: London Bridge.171. Camberwell SE5 7TG n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Rail: Queens Road Peckham.35. Last entry 5. Tube/Rail: Canada Water. Max 10 per tour. Tours on the hour. 1. but a collection of funerary monuments and painted glass windows survived. Food tasting and bouncy castle. Max 15 on tours. mezzanine. A Open-plan loft apartment within a converted warehouse with washing/dressing/utility spaces concealed within a ‘floating’ white acrylic solid surface-clad block. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. www. Tube/Rail: Crystal Palace. 136.42.‘Midnight Apothecary: Liquid engineering’. Tube: Southwark. garden. main library. flexible interior. First come basis. N D T P A former Clare College mission church. Award winning river gardens. N D R T Q C G Home of the Mayor of London and London to find out more about this area Bermondsey Warehouse Loft 3 Acorns Retro Eco-house 2 Coleman Road. built out to the perimeter whilst providing light and private views to rooms. RIBA Award Winner 2004. Blackfriars. Last entry 4. N D R T A A civic centrepiece for the regeneration of the area around Canada Water. Half-hourly tours. Entry: 1st floor.177.343 6 Pond Cottages 6 Pond Cottages. 3 16a Kings Grove 16a Kings Grove SE15 2NB n Sat 10am-1pm. Rail: Queens Road Peckham.188.30pm. banquet hall and fairground. Tube: Oval. It was severely damaged in WWII.225 City Hall The Queen’s 4pm/ Sun 1pm. QGP Refurbished Victorian terrace house. Tube: Canada Water (change for Rotherhithe). Entry: London’s Living Room. London’s first carbonnegative home. Rail: Crystal Palace.343. Entry: entrance area. solidwall & under-floor insulation. T Q d A P Combining a rich palette of traditional and vernacular materials with a contemporary understanding of detail and space. was the first concrete-poured building in England. d P Grade II listed late 17C weather-boarded workers’ cottage which has been restored by the current owners. solar. Max 20 at one time. Rail: West Dulwich.171. Tube: Borough. Rail: Rye Lane.381.78.188. wood-burner. Entry: lobby. CZWG Architects | Southwark | 59 . Q A P The building sits in an unusual setting. R T B C P Guided descents of subterranean chamber half the size of Shakespeare’s Globe.381 Canada Water Library 21 Surrey Quays Road SE16 7AR n Sat 9am-5pm/Sun 12pm-4pm. 2nd floor. Francesco Pierazzi Architects 2012. Half-hourly tours. 36. Last entry 4. Trains to view Thames Tunnel portico. Tube: Tower Hill. D T A Architects’ studio designed by the practice for its own AJ Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Canada Water 15 Bermondsey Exchange. for the Bermondsey Artists’ Group.P12 Caroline Gardens Chapel Asylum Road SE15 2SQ n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.188.C10 Brunel Museum Railway Avenue SE16 4LF n Sat/Sun 10am-11pm.363 Crystal Palace Subway Crystal Palace Parade SE19 1LG n Sat 10am-5pm. Features: Pre-book ONLY by email on openhouse@cpsubway. Entry: house. walk across Tower Bridge) SE1 2AA n Sat 9am-6pm. FORM Design Architecture 2012.45 60 Ambergate Street 60 Ambergate Street SE17 3RX n Sat 10am-5pm.36. N D T P Previously a derelict café.

N T B G P Magnificent Victorian cemetery with Gothic chapel and ruined lodge.344. Now library and community centre. Charles Barry Junior 1873. Entry: grounds. a square mile of inner city forest. Naturally ventilated with an exposed concrete frame and brickwork skin both internally and externally. possible entry to one flat.30pm. now restored. Installations by local artists and makers.188. some apartments.30am-4. Kingswood Estate SE21 8QN n Sun 1pm-4. Rail: Denmark Hill. Entry: lobby and main space. 450. Last entry 4. Entry: cemetery. A 3-storey top-lit atrium runs the height of the house and the open-plan ground floor leads onto courtyard gardens on three sides. Entry: ground floor. www.35.15pm. First come basis. Tours 2.133. 344. R T The old library is adjacent to bathhouse which is used by well known boxing club Lynn AC.322 Kirkaldy Testing Works 99 Southwark Street SE1 0JF n Sat 10am-4. One of London’s wildest and most overgrown cemeteries.45.149 ORTUS Learning and Events Centre 82-96 Grove Lane SE5 8SN n Sat 10am-5pm. plus striking gallery alongside a café and glazed courtyard (the Glasshouse – Satellite Architects 2003).381 London Fire Brigade Museum. Regular tours. Elephant & Castle.40. talk.343). Thomas Cartwright 1703.148.133. T B Georgian Mansion built as two houses in 1820. Max 150 at one time. N D R T C G A new meanwhile community garden project created by local residents at the edge of the Heygate Estate in the midst of the Elephant and Castle regeneration area. Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners 2009. Sustainable features include gas fired mini-chp and wind turbine. Max 15 per tour. Regular tours. New studios and meeting rooms (Munkenbeck & Partners 2007) on the restored top floor.63. 344. Surrey Quays. Sustainable features include eco-toilet and wildflower meadow.47.RV1 Kingswood House Seeley Drive (by car approach only from Kingswood Drive). 176.171. demo and workshop. Southwark. Max 60 at one time. Exhibition of design process. Sat 11am. N D R T G P Former Victorian school converted in contemporary idiom (Paxton Locher Architects 1998) to provide theatre/dance rehearsal facilities. 21. A d London’s oldest concrete domestic structure and Grade II listed former vicarage. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. Tours at 2pm & 4pm. Vignetted windows display. D T A G Infill new-build inhabiting undercroft of 1970s tower.100.45. Access via 32 step bell tower spiral staircase. Tube: Southwark. N D T G A dramatic design resembling an upside-down ‘L’ of coloured glass and green copper. Duggan Morris Architects 2013. ranging from 12 to 24 storeys. Display illustrating history of site and local area.30pm. converted in 1878 into one large residence for the Chief Officer of the LFB. On the side of the building the Camberwell Beauty butterfly is rendered in ceramic tiles. purpose-built to house D Kirkaldy’s unique materials testing machine. RIBA Award Winner.171. Portable loop system available for hard-of-hearing (please pre-book). MacCormac Jamieson Prichard 2003.30pm & 4. 42. Hourly tours. SE5 Architects 2013. Rail: Peckham Rye London Southbank University CEREB Building. entrance. 81b Grove Park SE5 8LG n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm.343 Peckham Library 122 Peckham Hill Street SE15 5JR n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 12pm-4pm.185 Paddock House Paddock House. Tube: Southwark.‘Behind Closed Doors’ talk 11am & ‘From Shaw to Shore’ talk 2pm. 484. Last tour 4pm.68.35. Alsop and Stormer 2000. Entry: normally closed areas. owls. Tube/Rail: Elephant and Castle. 45. d R T Substantial villa built in form of stone-faced baronial castle for the founder of Bovril.133.171 NEO Bankside Pavilion C. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 2013.40. Last tour 4pm.30pm. Max 12 per tour. complete with bats.elliottwood. Grade II listed. Entry: all areas. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. Keyworth Street SE1 0AA 60 | Southwark | openhouselondon. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. Peckham Rye.3.388 Nunhead Cemetery Linden Grove SE15 3LP n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. 12. Unique in London – 50 acres of wilderness.40. Blackfriars.63.47. 3pm. retaining many original features including an exquisite mosaic entrance. Rail: Nunhead.40.343. Tube: Borough.172 LSBU Student Centre 103 Borough Road SE1 0AA n Sat 10am-4pm. London Bridge.344 Mobile Gardeners Park Wansey Street SE17 1JP n Sat/Sun 12pm-6pm. Passive and active environmental systems. Last entry 3.30pm. Tube: Borough. Tube/Rail: Southwark. Max 10 per tour. Main entrance porch is flanked by 2 iconic columns. D T Angular walls of dramatic zinc tiles and bright render enclosing a quiet courtyard with reflective pool as modern self-catered accommodation for 179 residents. basement. K2 35. Possible rehearsals running. Tube: Southwark. have been arranged around landscaped gardens leading to the Thames. 40. Entry: lobby. T A G d New-build modern house in the Camberwell Grove conservation area.P12 Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret 9a St Thomas Street SE1 9RY n Sun Key. T Roger Smith 1873.148. houses the Herb Garret and Britain’s only surviving 19C operating theatre. N D R T A G E New learning and events building with a series of flexible spaces.35.63. Max 25 per tour. Sir John Simpson & Maxwell Ayrton 1911.42. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .30pm. B St Thomas’ Church attic (1703) once part of old St Thomas’ Hospital. Winchester House 94 Southwark Bridge Road SE1 0EG n Sat 10am-4pm.neobankside. bedsits. 381. squirrels. Talks and gardening workshops. Tube: Canada Water. Entry: common rooms. Tube: Elephant and Castle (then bus 12.30pm. d RT B G The centre for efficient and renewable energy in buildings is a teaching. decorative carvings and relief work. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. 70 Holland Street SE1 9FU n Sat 10am-5pm. Last entry 4.P3.63. research and public demonstration facility in building with stunning atrium.225 The Shard NEO Bankside Drake House (The Concrete House) 549 Lordship Lane SE22 8LB n Sun 10am-5pm. dining areas. 35. Half-hourly tours.185.30am-5pm. Tours at Last entry 4.343 n Sat 11am-5pm.40. RIBA Award Winner 2005.133 Jerwood Space 171 Union Street SE1 0LN n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm. A pure 21C building. new life to façades and reinvention of 1st floor social space.48. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. www.199. including café. Tube/Rail: Blackfriars. Max 20 at one time. off Borough Road SE1 0AD n Sat 9. D A G Landmark residential development. providing vibrant foyer at ground level.40. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. Max 15 per tour. Tube/Rail: London Bridge.63. chapel. first come basis. Thomas Little & JJ Bunning 1840. Four hexagonal steel and glass pavilions. foxes. 2pm & Sun 2pm tours to non-public areas.12 Passmore Edwards Library and Bath House Wells Way SE5 0RN n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. Now restored and converted by Hexagon Housing Association in partnership with Heritage of London Trust and converted to provide 5 apartments.Walter Menteth & Sherry Bates. Hawkins\Brown 2012. Restored with the help of a lottery grant. Tours/talks on the hour with architect/ developer of restoration. Rail: Sydenham Hill.43.30pm.176.100. garden. Regular tours. HV Lanchester 1892.68. Max 25 per tour. Tube/Rail: Forest Hill Friendship House (LHA) Belvedere Place. d T Grade II listed industrial building. Rail: Denmark Hill.

Originally built to house ‘The Peckham Experiment’ an innovative health centre in the 30s. sculpture studio and home with new-build development of three flats above. The visitor experience at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building and London’s newest landmark. Tate Modern was designed in consultation with young people.381. Entry: tower. Ferry: Greenland Pier. Viewing platform access to observe building has transparent elevations revealing its core.45. Exhibition of new work by Kimathi Donker. Witherford Watson Mann.468. and the chance to visit the highest accessible point of the building – Level 72 – an open-air viewing gallery 800ft/244m above ground. Max 50 at one the n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. solar panels and green Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Peckham.176. Walworth Liverpool Grove SE17 2HH n Sat 9. N D T G This striking green and white timber building is a highly sustainable design with clean. The Old Mortuary Giles Gilbert Scott 1929. 36.35. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. R B Purpose-built council block with scissor construction flats. Commended in 1971 Good Design in Housing Awards.381.381.171. performance William Booth College and installation art and learning activities. Canada Water. Tube: Bermondsey. Gort Scott. purpose-built theatre for young (near Turbine Hall entrance) SE1 9TG audiences in to Peckham Centre & Library Sands Films Studios & Rotherhithe Picture Research Library 82 St Marychurch Street SE16 4HZ n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. First come basis. 47. Tube: Bermondsey. Retains many original features including a vaulted n Meet: Sun 2pm at Greenland Dock SE16 7SZ. Guerilla gardening taking place.P12 C10 The Pioneer Health Centre St Mary’s Road SE15 2EE n Sun 10am-2pm. First come basis.35. Last tour 1pm. Rail: Queen’s Road Peckham. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. 3pm. Rail: London Bridge. 40. Canada Water.468 43 Devon Street.21. First come basis.343.C10. Last tour 4.344 Burgess Park Rejuvenated n Meet: Sun 10am at Chumleigh Gardens.344. 453. Special display of features of local history. 11am 2pm. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. John Soane blue interior restored after WWII damage.30pm.40. First come basis. Rail: Queens Road. Tube/Rail: New Cross Gate.484 n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.68 n Sat 10am-1pm. Adams & Sutherland. girder in Varney Room (formerly post-mortem room). Converted in 1970s to picture library.63. accompanied by an adult. n Sat 9am-5pm. RV1. VOGT Landscape and others 2008-present.35 more spaces for displaying the Tate collection. Talk on building in assembly hall 10am. dock floating community.188.171 Perronet House 74. Borough.185. Learn about recent and emerging public space and urban greening projects within one of London’s oldest neighbourhoods. T panelling in chapel. Rail: Rotherhithe. Landscape architect-led tour. Sir E Owen Williams 1935. William Smalley 2012. and iron on info@artouride. Tube: Southwark. Tea and cakes. Photographic and embroidery displays. 3pm at Bankside Community Space. first come basis. Entry: ground floor house/ office/studio. 12. N R T B P d Grade II listed riparian granary built with reclaimed timbers felled in 1700s. 56 Lyndhurst Grove SE15 5AH Tube: Elephant and Castle. Pre-book ONLY ceiling in Russell Hall. The Shard. Max 150 at one time.381. see p16 for details.171. Surrey Quays. conversion of 1930s milk depot into architect’s office. Half hourly tours. RIBA Award team on hand to talk about the project. off Old Kent Road SE15 1JR n Sat 10am-4pm. Exhibition of local history of Walworth. N D R T P Grade I listed and best-preserved example of a church by Soane. film studio. Half hourly tours. Oscar-winning international costume house for film. 18 Great Guildford Street SE1 0FD. exposed to the elements.176.453 Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility St Peter’ Quay 2C practice work on display.63. 47. Entry to tower 9am-4pm. Entry: theatre. a public space partnership and strategy with an ecological approach. Max 12 on tour.136 The View from the Shard Joiner Street SE1 9EX n Sat/Sun 8. grounds. N D R T B Meeting point: Gate C – Sumner Street behind Tate Modern The first professional. Photographic display of building’s former use. wooden Bring own bike. Exhibition in m2 gallery and throughout building by sculptor Iain Hales. St Paul’s. Display of images of history of building. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7467 1470 or email marketing@lda-design.RV1. Tube/Rail: Elephant & Castle. Tube: Mansion House. 12. D R T B G foyer.30am exclusive access for 100 guests (50 pairs of tickets) via ballot ONLY. film studios. Last tour Supported by 3. Sustainable features include marine ply build. 436.42. and extension construction. No tours between 12pm and 2. With a striking combination of found industrial spaces and contemporary architecture.30pm. canteen.360. TV. R T 12. with innovative Champion Park SE5 8BQ sustainable design features. d A P New nursery school built behind the façade of an 1860s house. Keith Williams Architects 2005. famously described by Walter Gropius as “an oasis of glass in a desert of brick”.30pm.30pm. assembly hall. N D R T A G P The largest public park in Southwark playing a valuable role as a ‘green lung’ in a densely populated area. where guests are surrounded by the shards of glass forming the pinnacle of the building. Exhibition by 60/40 craft collective.C10. St Marychurch Street SE16 4JE Rail: Denmark Hill. landmarks including the new Canada Water library.345 Unicorn Theatre 147 Tooley Street SE1 2HZ n Sat 10am-5pm.188.100. R P Grade II* listed Modernist building. 47. with a twisting roof at the rear providing intriguingly memorable spaces for the children. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. retaining the original indoor pool.343. Tube/Rail: London Bridge Bankside Urban Forest n Meet: Sun 12noon. the daring design with 2-storey atrium and undulating ribbon roof breathes life into an old school building. comprising many sustainable features including grey water. Sir Roger Walters 1970. 343. Blackfriars.36. Regular tours. Tube: Oval. It was converted to private dwellings in 2000. first come basis. off Albany Road SE5 0RJ. Thames river path. Lambeth North. cinema. prop and costume workshops. some backstage areas. First come basis. First come basis. Last entry 4pm. Rail: Peckham Rye. N D T G A landmark home for dance.Peckham Space 89 Peckham High Street SE15 5RS n Sat 11am-4pm. Rail: Peckham Rye.RV1. Now community centre with local history Cycle tour with a local guide from artouride around SE16 group (Time and Talents Association). R T B A G P As seen on BBC4 & Channel 5’s ‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’. opera. Hourly tours.12.68.30am-1pm. Sarah Wigglesworth Architects 2006.12.P12 Siobhan Davies Studios 85 St Georges Road SE1 6ER n Sat 2pm-6pm. Performances running. costume and prop access E Engineer on site G Green Features 61AJ|Library Southwark | Southwark | 61 Building| openhouselondon. Rail: Queens Road Peckham. RIBA Award Winner 2006. 12. WALKS/TOURS max 25 at one time. Tube/DLR: Canada Water. Landscape Architect: Cannon Ivers 2012. One of the Mayor of London’s Priority Parks. Max 20 per First come basis. One flat significantly remodelled in 2012. Many sustainable features. 12. Children must be Winner 2006. Entry: 3 homes.68. 76 & 79 Perronet House. T G Guided walk of Bankside Urban Forest. the new development will provide Tube/Rail: London Bridge. Described as an asymmetric pavilion.17. Duration 3 hours. Entry: main project/exhibition space. original doors. jointly funded by the Mayor of London and Creation Trust. Penson 2010. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. Entry: picture research library.78.21. Offers spectacular 360 degree views for up to 40 miles over London. ballet. Entry: former mortuary.381.30am-4pm/Sun 9. Designed for the purpose of turning waste into The Villa School & Nursery a resource. Duration approx 1 hour. lantern skylight.188 Quay House 2C Kings Grove (Queens Road end) SE15 2NB n Sat 12pm-5pm.53.148. Herzog & de Meuron 2012.344 This monumental Grade II listed college with massive brick tower gives commanding views to the City and Docklands. Last entry 4. chapel. D R T P Erected in 1895 and situated in Rotherhithe Conservation artouride cycle tour Area. Tube/Rail: London Bridge. Last entry 5. Renzo Piano 2013. Max 18 Tate Modern Project per tour. Sir John Soane 1825. Queens Road Peckham. Max 10 per tour. Regular tours. Tube: Elephant & Castle. R T C G d One of Europe’s most advanced recycling facilities. dynamic lines. theatre. Thorpe Wheatley 2012. Princess Street (buzz flat 74 to enter) SE1 6JS n Sat 1pm-5pm. Max 30 per tour.172 Key. Quay 2C 2001. Greenland post mortem room.30pm. dramatic unsupported overhangs and great use of natural light. Rotherhithe.

127. Now houses scale model of Henry VIII’s Nonsuch Last entry 4pm. a theatre and later. Max 25 at one time. X26. Last entry 4. the interior decoration was removed in 1914. The well-preserved interior includes an entrance hall with a mosaic tiled floor and an oak galleried staircase.127. Built of brick in three compartments.127. Rail: Carshalton Carshalton Park Grotto Carshalton Park. Max 25 at one time. Entry: library. call 020 8647 0984 in advance. Rail: Sutton. Last entry 4.X26 Russettings 25 Worcester Road. baptistry. D T P A double-fronted red brick upper-middle class house. multi-purpose room. Cheam SM3 8QD n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 2pm-5pm. 127. www. Rail: Sutton Common. Rail: Carshalton. back bedroom. A & R Blomfield 19C. Archaeologist on site. gallery. Sutton SM2 6PR n Sun 10am-1pm. T d Originally built as a public hall in 1874 for Carshalton village this building has since been used as a cinema. Max 20 at one time.151. accessible contemporary social space. Regular tours. youth activities. N Medieval former chancel of parish church.30pm. Carshalton SM5 3LW n Sat Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . eco-activity garden and an immersive Life Centre experience. Last tour 4. Tube: Morden. Now a local museum. First come basis. Rail: Carshalton Beeches. Blomfield nave. Rail: Carshalton.30am-5pm. Frederick Wheeler 1899. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features| Sutton | 62 openhouselondon. scale drawings and archaeological dig artefacts. metalwork and friezes.X26. Orangery. The venue was rebuilt and opened again as a theatre in 1991. earth tubes. queuing outside if necessary.S4 Alcorn Close SM3 9PX n Sat 10am-5pm.470 Whitehall 1 Malden Road. Tube: Morden.213 Supported by The Circle Library Green Wrythe Lane.627 Honeywood Honeywood to find out more about this area All Saints Carshalton High Street. Carshalton Beeches. D R T C G Curl La Tourelle Architects and Land Design Studio have worked together to help create a new building that combines a library.157 Carshalton Water Tower and Historic Gardens West Street. Max 15 per tour.30pm. Restored Service Wing includes dairy. monuments and brasses. the building incorporates a range of environmental features designed to keep carbon footprint to a minimum including Key.45pm. N R Pd 12C south aisle and former chancel. Built for wealthy merchant Samuel Farmer. S1. a London merchant. Bodley reredos and screen. Regular tours. The Grotto (c1724) and canal in Carshalton Park are surviving elements from an incomplete grand 18C landscaping Entry: Orangery. 154 ground-source heating. N D T C G P An inviting. Last entry 12. with many important post-Reformation memorials. Rail: Carshalton. scullery. saloon. in Arts and Crafts style. Later additions through the centuries reflect the changing lifestyles of the owners. heritage meeting space. First come basis. kitchen. Jeffrey Wyatt 1806. N R T B C d Chalk and flint house dating to 17C with many later additions including major extensions of 1896 and 1903 when owned by John Pattinson Kirk.30pm-4. Carshalton SM5 1JJ n Sat 9. 470.154 Charles Cryer Studio Theatre 39 High Street. bathroom. pump chamber. Restored by John West & Partners 1974-76. Frank Dickinson 1902-4. biomass boiler. Rail: Carshalton. inspired by the ideals of John Ruskin and William Morris and contains Dickinson’s paintings. Rail: Cheam.Sutton The Sutton Life Centre See openhouselondon.151 Lumley Chapel The Sutton Life Centre St Dunstan’s Churchyard. Ruskin Road SM5 3DE n Sun 2pm-4. fine modern benches. Church Road. S3.elliottwood. with jettied upper storey. garden.30pm.157. Rail: Carshalton. as a roller skating rink. If disabled access required. youth zone. first come basis.80. Kempe glass. Sustainable features include rainwater harvesting.293. Rail: Cheam. eco and local habitat garden. Duration 30 mins. saloon and pump chamber with part-restored water wheel. Max 80 at one time. Rail: Cheam Nonsuch Mansion Ewell Road. Hourly tours except for 1pm.407. R T B C P d Early 18C Grade II listed building incorporating plunge bath with Delft tiles. designed in Tudor Gothic style. Regular 157. N T P d Grade II* listed building whose interior was created entirely by Dickinson. First come basis.30pm.407. Entry: library. Cheam SM3 8QH n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1.‘The Making of an Estate’ St Helier 193550 exhibition. Tube: Morden then Tube: Morden. chancel. Hermitage and sham bridge in grounds. then 154 bus. Carshalton SM5 2QG n Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. garden. Quiz sheets for children. Entry: ground floor. later used at Windsor Castle. spectacular Comper decorations.X26. Edward Cullinan Architects 1991.151. part 12C.407. hand-made 62 Southwark AJ|Library Building| openhouselondon. courtyard garden. Carshalton SM5 3BB n Sun 10am-5pm. Full of air and natural light with spacious free-flowing areas. Exhibition on history of area and building. furnishings. Gallery has timeline and first ever model of Henry VIII Nonsuch Palace. master bedroom. Cheam SM3 8AL n Sat/Sun 2pm-5pm. Max 50 at one time. Carshalton SM5 3NX n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. sedum roof and rainwater harvesting. life centre experience. N R T B C d Originally a farmer’s house dating to 1500. bathroom. D R T B P Georgian mansion. larders and laundries. House model-making for children. Carshalton SM5 3AQ n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. award-winning lighting scheme. Tube: Morden. Last entry 4. including the Killicks for over 2 centuries. external sports facilities.45pm. 213. Russettings is one of a few Victorian villas to survive in Sutton. Entry: service wing museum. Curl la Tourelle Architects 2010. First come basis. S3. Rich in period detail and the interior recently restored and back stairs opened up with funding from the Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm furniture.X26 Little Holland House 40 Beeches Avenue.

Last entry 4.8. workshop spaces. Half-hourly tours. N R T B d Ornate vernacular red brick Victorian former fire station. 15.Vi.106. Refurbished and restored by Whitfield Partners 1978-2002 and Purcell Miller Tritton from 2002. Tube/Rail: Old Street.149. leisure and rooftop garden. oak panelling and pews. include retail. main staircase. Whitechapel – In. www. Entry: 4th floor gallery. T Linking RB Greenwich and LB Tower Hamlets. A central courtyard or integrated ‘hub’ allows light and air to filter through.30pm. Shoreditch High Street. garden. children must not be carried. Tours at 11am & 4pm to normally inaccessible section of 1st floor.miller@bouygues-uk. N E D T B C A G New library building.30pm. roof and external landscaped areas. Max 20 per tour. galleries. offices. Lewis Solomon & Son 1923. darkrooms. sandals). work and relax. Max 10 per d T Only remaining purpose-built synagogue in area. pre-book ONLY by email on openhouse@citi. structure and interior colours of the flagship Idea N d Grade I listed masterpiece of English Baroque. DLR: Bow Church. D T High-rise office development with 2 towers of 18 and 42 storeys.254. Station is built in a reclaimed dock and will be 6-stories high. Entry: nave.D6.15. Many sustainable features resulting in BREEAM Award 2011 for Schools. vast arched moulded windows and grand Portland stone staircase with 11m high stairwell. the new school will provide great facilities for 1600 pupils.309.488 Limehouse Town Hall 646 Commercial Road E14 7HA n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm.309 Canary Wharf Crossrail Station Construction Site Hotel E14 4ED n Sat 10am-4pm. Tube/Rail: Stratford. and will be large enough to accommodate One Canada Square laid on its side.Tower Hamlets See openhouselondon.26 Citigroup Centre 33 and 25 Canada Square E14 5LB n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Tube: Bromley-by-Bow.277 London Buddhist Centre Idea Store – Watney Market Richard Street. side stairs. Most original features intact. Tube: Bromley-by-Bow.115. 115. d T G Refurbished building with extension and a clear circulation route forming the spine of building. shorts. d R T P Grade II listed. T P E A unique opportunity to view the Canary Wharf Crossrail site which when complete will provide vital new transport links. Special attention was given to preserving attractive industrial features. main hall (former council chamber). a late Victorian warehouse. Ornate eastern wall (focal point) with Corinthian. Tube: Aldgate East. JaK Studio (refurb) 2007/2011. Architect and engineer on Now a Buddhist Centre with 3 beautiful shrine rooms with Buddha figures and paintings. R D Laing’s Philadelphia Association 1965-1970. New loft conversion to create studio and work space. CGC2 is a multi use office space. off Bruce Road E3 3HJ n Sat 11am-6pm.135. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Foster + Partners (CGC1)/Cesar Pelli (CGC2) 1999.30pm. Last tour 5pm. 25. van Heyningen and Haward Architects 2014.D7.15. 321 Whitechapel Road E1 1BU n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 12pm-4. Pioneer East End community centre founded by peace campaigners Muriel and Doris Lester. Tube: Mile End. Last entry 3. 19 Naval Row E14 9RY n Sat/Sun hard-hat tours at 10am. RIBA Award Winner 2006. Last tour 4. DLR: Shadwell. recycled materials. old vestry room.D8 Boundary 2-4 Boundary Street E2 7DD n Sat/Sun 8am-11pm. Tube/DLR: Canary Wharf. Max 15 per tour. A & C Harson 1881. giving its users quality facilities in which to teach. 51 Roman Road E2 0HU n Sat 11am-5pm. DLR: Limehouse. Info on history of building and plans for future developments. T C A G Completing LBTH’s BSFprogramme. 12. interior. DLR: West India Quay. Max 40 per tour. Sustainable features include rainwater soakaway.15am. 277. 277. Includes viewing of under construction platform level and tunnels following recent transit of Crossrail’s Tunnel Boring Machines through the station box this summer. LB Tower Hamlets Architects 2010. Entry: lobby. Prescott & Conran Ltd 2009. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green. Rail: Cambridge Heath.30pm. Half hourly engineer-led tours of construction site. with a screen providing information.309. Robert Pearsall a futuristic feat of eco-engineering. 67. linked on first 14 floors.15pm.488. Entry: main hall.8. first come Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green.254 Kingsley Hall Powis Road. first come basis.000 vehicles each day. Story time for children. Commercial Road E1 2JP n Sat 10am-4pm. Last tour 4. Sedum roof. D T G P Landmark PFI building development. Entry: whole construction site. heels.135 30-40 Nelson Street E1 2DE n Sun 10am-5pm. Entry: an upper floor of CGC1 to view atrium sculpture and architectural features. Max 18 per tour.D8 Phoenix School DLR/Tube: Shadwell. Peace garden. Links with Gandhi. Liverpool Street Bow School Construction Site Commercial Street/Fournier Street E1 6LY n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-4pm.277.15. Nicholas Hawksmoor 1714-1729. Unsuitable for children under 5 years old.D3.D8 Meet: Site entrance next to West India Quay DLR and Marriott 63 Tower HamletsGreen | openhouselondon. Exploring the role of the architect. Located in a memorial garden adjacent to the staircase where the disaster took place. Grade II listed. Hand-outs for children. Half hourly tours.108. D8. Whitechapel. 12noon. Max 20 per tour. N D A G A memorial to commemorate the Bethnal Green WWII disaster of 1943 in which 173 people died.8. Regular tours. Gillender Street E3 3JY n Sat hard-hat tours at 10. Neoclassical style. Roman Road E2 0ET n Sat | Southwark | 63 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . high level floor of CGC2 for city views. Charles Cowles Voysey 1928. Tube: Whitechapel. vestibule. N D T The original building. CGC1 is comprised of 3 components – to the west is the main office space.15am. Rail: Cambridge Heath.25. Stratford.D3. Max 15 per tour. 106.D7. Regular tours. DLR: Blackwall.D7. 8. Awarded national accreditation for environmental 260 Commercial Road E1 2FB n Sat 9am-5pm.20pm. Sensible clothing and footwear (no skirts. Last tour 3. Hourly tours.388 Blackwall Tunnel Northbound Refurbishment London Street & Tunnel Operation Centre.D6. 3pm. Excellent acoustics. RIBA Award Winner 2006. N D R T G Exhibition focusing on the physical space. inc 3 buildings. to find out more about this area Bethnal Green Memorial Bethnal Green Gardens. D T G School extension including green roof with 100 species of wild flowers – pupils can view the roof via a camera linked to the school’s IT network. green roof. Tube: Canary Wharf. 108.388 Mulberry School for Girls Key.15. Visitors should arrive 15 minutes before tour start. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. 11. was refurbished in 2010-11 and carries 55. Entry: Gandhi’s AJ|Library Building Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Christ Church Spitalfields East London Central Synagogue Bow School Construction Site. the exhibition will highlight the evolution of the building from concept to creation. 309. Many sustainable features including green roof and BREEAM rating Very Good. Includes main hall and 5 rooftop cells for community volunteers. to the east is a service core linked by full height atrium with hanging Bridget Riley giving preferred tour time and shoe size for PPE.D3 121 Roman Road E2 0QN n Sat 10am-5pm. Max 20 per tour. in 3 blocks around a landscaped playground facing the Limehouse cut.106. Doric and Ionic pillars. Tube: Bethnal Green. d R T C White brick palazzo-style former town hall with stone dressings. 156. Max 30 per tour. Arboreal Architecture 2006/2013. Set for Attenborough’s Gandhi 1983. having survived Blitz. DLR: All Saints. pre-book ONLY on judy. First come basis. from the doubleheight basement to the original brickwork and sash windows. restored to its 18C splendour.106. Last tour 5pm. Bisset Adams 2013.254 Four Corners Bygrove Primary School Bygrove Street E14 6DN n Sun 10am-5pm. Tube: Bromley by Bow.135. was carefully converted over a period of 3 years. History and archives exhibition. Tube: Aldgate East. George Lansbury.Te @ The Gallery 4th floor. NB. pre-book ONLY on PratibhaChauhan@tfl.78.135. D6. Adjaye Associates 2005.205.339 Idea Store. Tours every half hour.25. Tube/Rail: West Ham. 8. Solar hot water panels are linked to an educational programme. the Northbound tunnel was built in 1897. Aldgate East.D7. Entry: gallery. Hourly tours from 12noon.323. first come basis. and which has enabled teachers to develop new and innovative approaches to teaching.

Max 20 at one time. first come basis.253. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. N D R T C Light-filled building for Peabody. parish room.115 New Heart for Bow Project at St Paul’s Old Ford St Paul’s Church. 15. First come basis. DLR: Poplar. on the site of the Medieval hospital of St Mary Spital. Shoreditch High Street. Tube/DLR: Canary Wharf. Major new school building provides a prominent new entrance and reception. Tube: Mile End. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Cambridge Heath. close to the railway.D6. bellringers’ room.25. Queen Mary College. it was originally the East India Company Chapel. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. All Saints. Adjoining Shipton House recently refurbished. lobby.309. DLR: Bow Road. Moorgate.115. teaching space and green roof. London Region 2005. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. with many original features. first come basis. Entry: 6th floor coffee bar. Tube: Aldgate East. first come basis.42.thrilling.23.35. social and event with details of preferred time.30pm. 25. IT suite.‘Intelligent’ building with many sustainable features including London’s largest office-based solar installation and inbuilt computer system aimed at efficiency and energy conservation. Europe’s largest technology accelerator space. Regular tours.D7.D8 Sundial Centre 11 Shipton Street E2 7RU n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.26. Last entry 4pm.205. 8. therapy room. RIBA Award Winner 2012.67. 8. D R T G Original school building was designed by LCC as an ‘open air school’.48 Thames River Police 98 Wapping High Street E1W 2NE n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.205. helping to restore their health and dignity. office area. d N T A unique ex-carpenters’ workshop (1910). Bethnal Green. Marketing Suite and Level 39 Meet: Lobby. Max 20 per tour. Max 15 per tour. Rail: Wapping. Three Colts Lane 31 Three Colts Lane E2 6JB n Sat 10am-1pm. 100. Max 40 per tour.149 St Dunstan and All Saints Church Stepney High Street E1 0NR n Sat 9am-6pm/Sun 12pm-5. pre-book ONLY by email on admin@pitmantozer. stained glass and brasses. D R T G An efficient. Entry: café. Pitman Tozer Architects 2012.115.205 St George’s German Lutheran Church 55 Alie Street E1 8EB n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 2pm-4pm.000 people. Advice on historic buildings and demos of historic building crafts/skills. Display on changing face of Stepney. Entry: school. Last entry | Tower Hamlets | 64 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Regular tours. Regular tours. Regular Miller Construction 2004. providing essential visibility for staff through a permeable façade.277 Oxford House in Bethnal Green 64 Southwark AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon. 100 Key. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green.25. Entry: museum. Last entry 4.276. first come basis.205. New Centre of the Cell also open. One Canada Square E14 5AB n Sat 10am-5pm..226 management systems.30pm. rear courtyard. Max 25 at one time. 15. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green.254. 25. Tours on the hour with talks around architectural models of marketing suite and Level 39. Cell and Molecular Science.339. Tube/Rail: Bethnal Green.11. Last entry 4. John Tanner 1649.488 One Bishops Square One Bishops Square E1 6AD n Sun 10am-5pm. this extraordinary building has been in continuous use as a synagogue since 1860. first come basis. Sir Arthur Blomfield 1891/All Clear Designs 2003. Level 39 is a sophisticated accelerator. 8. N D R T First “University Settlement”.com. Liverpool Street.Derbyshire Street E2 6HG n Sat 10am-2pm. Aldgate.277 Sandys Row Synagogue 4 Sandys Row E1 7HW n Sun 10am-4pm. contained within a working police station.388 Phoenix School 49 Box Road E3 2AD n Sat/Sun tours at 10am & 11. A 21C reinterpretation of the traditional mansion block. Tube: Aldgate East. 15. with dramatic interior including irregular range of pods such as the spectacular orange molecular pod. Built originally as Huguenot chapel in 1763. N D R T P Oldest building in Docklands built in the Gothic and Classical styles.25. Now HQ of SPAB. The design strengthens connections with the courtyard. Cesar Pelli 1991. DLR: Heron Quays.48.339. Joel Johnson 1763. flexible. One of only three churches built during the Civil War.309.106.25. Oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in London.47. first come basis. Tours every 45 mins. St Stephen’s Road E3 5JL n Sat 10am-4pm. Rail/DLR: Limehouse.30pm. Mile End Road E1 4NS n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.35.135.42 One Canada Square. and the Lock Keeper’s Cottage (Surface Architects 2005) with extension made up from a series of interlocking forms wrapping around two sides of the cottage..‘Building Lives’ project films running. Stepney Green. Pictorial treasure hunt for children. Last entry 3. Entry: offices. Tube: Stepney Green.30pm. Fine interior with good memorials. Entry: nave. Entry: specified areas only. Exhibition on 250th anniversary of church and history of German community in East London. Now a multi-purpose community centre with recently opened extension providing visual and performing arts space. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. Foster + Partners 2006. Pre-book ONLY at openhouse@canarywharf. Entry: synagogue sanctuary. Regular tours. D3. Last entry 4. Historic listed buildings of note include the Octagon and People’s Palace.30pm. 22.45pm. Alsop Architects/ Amec 2005. 15. Last entry 3. Glass-walled structure with applied Bruce McLean art. with original 17C stonework and fine mosaics. Farquharson & McMorran 1952/Patel Taylor (new building) 2013. Matthew Lloyd Architects LLP 2004.746 Queen Mary College: Mile End Campus Meet: Lock Keeper’s Cottage. DLR: Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Providence Row Arts and Activity Building at the Dellow Day Centre 82 Wentworth Street E1 7SA n Sat 1pm-5pm. d R T B Landmark building providing innovative research laboratory facilities. 8. The workshop space now displays a history of Thames River Police.205 Queen Mary College.15pm. A new housing development of 67 flats for Peabody. D T In just over 20 years. 149.45pm. Tube/Rail: Hoxton.. established with a vision of providing a beacon of best practice in multidisciplinary services for older people.153 Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings 37 Spital Square E1 6DY n Sat 10am-5pm. Blizard Building 4 Newark Street E1 2AT n Sat 10am-4pm.D8. Arts events taking place. Canary Wharf Group plc has achieved one of the greatest feats of civic transformation – an iconic urban regeneration – designing and constructing 34 office buildings and 4 retail malls across a 97 acre business and shopping district with a workforce of 100.108. terrace. Winner of RICS Community Benefit Award.254. rehabilitated to include art gallery and gym in ‘a building within a building’ – a stunning Ark or Pod of tulipwood situated in the nave.26..388 Canary Wharf Crossrail Station Construction Site Peabody Housing. Last tour 12. Tube: Mile End. Featherstone Young Architects 2011. d R T The oldest surviving German church in England from 1763 with unaltered Georgian interior. ladies gallery. R T B Richly panelled 1740s former Huguenot silk merchant’s house.214.78. Whitechapel.106.” Jay Merrick in The Independent. Bow Church. Won the accolade of model of good practice incorporating functionality with design to aid dementia recovery.205. Tours on the hour. 8. Last entry 4pm. N R T P d Grade I listed Medieval parish church (952AD) pre-dating the Tower of London.205. 8. under construction with Galliford Try Partnership. designed in ‘tech industry’ style by Gensler. d R T A A new building and improved facilities for local charity serves homeless people in Tower Hamlets and City of London. Tube: Whitechapel. Max 15 per tour. Regular tours.“Stylish. Max 8 per tour. Tube: Bow Church. vestry.100 St Matthias Old Church – Community Centre 113 Poplar High Street E14 0AE n Sat/Sun 11am-6pm. user-friendly and supportive working environment. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. Last entry 4pm. Grade II listed. N R T B Hidden gem at the very heart of London. N D R T C Victorian church.106. Feilden Clegg Bradley and Seth Stein. RIBA Award Winner 2006.30am. Many of the founders of Trinity House were buried here. d R T The Campus includes many new buildings of note by architects including Wilkinson Eyre.

in which the back ‘bowl’ of the seating rake is fully visible. Regular tours.D8.488 Tower Bridge Exhibition Tower Bridge Road SE1 2UP n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. d R T Built to provide educational and social meeting spaces for East Londoners – a model for later university settlements. 250. N D T Ornate classical building orginally a Vestry Hall for the Hamlet of Mile End Old Town. Rail: Stratford. 1pm. with over 11. Tube: Tower Hill. Pre-book ONLY by email on tunde.78.25 WALKS/TOURS Canary Wharf Public Art Tour n Meet: Sat 10. event spaces. or 020 8983 5205. N R T G A converted dormant warehouse split into two sections – one housing the theatre. glades meadows and ponds including the Soanes Centre educational facility (Robson Kelly 1993). Magnificent views from the high-level Stepney Green E1 3FW n Sun 10am tour. Studio Idealyc 2013. Duration 40mins. first come basis. Rail: Cambridge Heath. N D R T Canary Wharf’s commitment to high quality environment is demonstrated in 60+ works by 40+ artists commissioned/ purchased over the last 20 years. History of Museum tours 12noon.floatingcinema.277 High Street 2012 Historic Buildings Conservation Scheme n Meet: Sat 10am. Mile End Road E1 4NS n Sat Tube/Rail: London Bridge. pre-book ONLY on Key. Burials ceased 1966. Tube: Stepney Green. turn right onto Orchard Place) E14 0JW n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Whitechapel. Max 20 per tour. immediately take slip road on left. DLR: Tower An extraordinary new floating structure design by Duggan Morris Architects in partnership with artists and filmmakers Nina Pope and Karent Guthrie. N D R T C A P Home to London’s only lighthouse. James Knight/MW Jameson/BJ Delsher 1861/1905/1937.awofolaju@towerhamlets. Duration 1 1/2 hours.000 tonnes of steel providing the framework for the towers and the walkways. Hackney Wick E9 5EN n Sat 1pm-12pm. Max 15 per 65 Tower HamletsGreen | openhouselondon.30. Max 10 per tour. Tours on the hour.30am and 3pm. Richard Rogers Partnership 2005.339. Behind-the-scenes tour Archive display on history and future development. in a pattern inspired by the Art Deco metal ornamentation still evident in the remaining council chamber. 8. Entry: lobby.30pm. lighthouse. First come basis. Levitt Bernstein 2013. 25. Tube: Aldgate East. and the other the bar. Tube: Tower Hill.RV1 Tower Bridge House St Katharine’s Way (entry at level 1. Area-based initiatives and street actions create a coherent thread that unites the intersecting high streets. Charles Young & Co/J W Wild 1857-72/Caruso St John (refurb) 2006. Entry: walkways.425. Rail: Cambridge Heath. first come basis. N D E T Beautiful redevelopment of former Grade II listed town hall incorporating sensitive contemporary design complementing the original Edwardian/Art Deco features. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7364 1290 or localhistory@towerhamlets. 1pm. N R T B C G P d One of the ‘magnificent seven’ cemeteries. Last entry time 11pm.D7.205 The Grim House 16 Underwood Road E1 5AW n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Fenchurch Street Meet:Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Entry: Container Cities. former Vestry AJ|Library Building Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Vivo Ocean Estate Town Hall Hotel & Apartments Patriot Square E2 9NF n Sun 10am-4pm. DLR/Rail: Canning Town. D3.30pm. Charles Harrison Townsend/Robbrecht en Daem/Witherford Watson Mann 1901/2009. pier. Rail: Tower A An ambitious programme to enhance and celebrate the ribbon of London life that connects the City at Aldgate to the Olympic Park at Stratford. A Vivo delivers the largest new build phase of the Levitt Bernstein designed masterplan for the £220m transformation of the Ocean Estate and has been placed at the heart of the estate.388 Toynbee Hall 28 Commercial Street E1 6LS n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 12pm-3pm. Max 20 per tour. 388.wajid@towerhamlets. N D R T B C For over a century the Gallery has premiered world-class artists from modern masters to contemporaries.25. Percy Robinson & W Alban Jones 1909/ECP Monson 1939/Rare (refurb) 2010. RIBA Award Winner 2006.D7.135. making London’s largest public art collection. 254. On-board film screenings all day.42.26. Entry: entire gallery.135. N Lacey Architects & Eric Reynolds/Buschow Henley/ABK Architects Entry: theatre. Currently under refurbishment as a Tower Hamlets Heritage Centre. Max 15 per tour. DLR/Tube: Canary Wharf. 277 V&A Museum of Childhood Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives tour. Entry: reception.30am and 12. Last entry 4pm. 25 The Yard Theatre Unit 2A Queens Yard. now 33 acres of mature woodland. opened 1841. Last entry 3. First come basis. first come basis. Sir Horace Jones 1886-94. first come basis. first come basis.254. A G Redesign of this end of terrace house draws inspiration from Japan and Finland in its use of and creation of space to provide a practical and sustainable family home that is both simple and clever.254. Tube/Rail: Liverpool Street. This former buoy manufacturing site is now a centre for the arts with amazing views. engine rooms. Duration 30mins. All tours suitable for 8yrs+. this office building is characterised by a giant ‘window’ that overlooks the Tower of London. N D R T B Rare example of the glasshouse method of construction surviving from the 1850s. Clipper to Canary Riverside. bar. Grade II* | Southwark | 65 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . D T Inspired by the great warehouses of St Katherine’s Dock.253. Mile End Whitechapel Gallery 77-82 Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX n Sat/Sun 11am-6pm. Tube: Mile End. Tube: Bethnal Green. Elijah Hoole 1884/Alister McDonald 1938. Regular tours. 25 Cambridge Heath Road E2 9PA n Sat 10am-5. Tube: Aldgate East Supported by Vivo Ocean Estate Vivo. 15. Pre-book only on mocbookings@vam. Last tour 4pm.D6. A modern extension is covered in a metal laser-cut ‘skin’. DLR: Bow Church. set amongst a wealth of funereal monuments.67 Trinity Buoy Wharf/Container City 64 Orchard Place Leamouth (from Leamouth Road roundabout take Lower Lea Crossing. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon.The Floating Cinema Queen Mary College. RIBA Award Winner 2010. Sat tour 3pm. RIBA Award Winner 2011.388 abdul. Gallery layout designed to enable children of all ages as well as adults to enjoy the collections. 1pm & 3pm. historic buildings. DLR/Rail: Limehouse. bedrooms. and original steam engines in situ. Illustrated art map also available free. Southern Grove E3 4PX n Sun 10am-4pm. a range of fine stock brick buildings and 3 examples of the innovative Container City Scheme. Hourly tours. 7th floor atrium. Shoreditch High Street. Reading room. meet at lighthouse. 25. History & art tour 2pm. Max 35 on tour.D6. Guided history walks at 10.115. It is of outstanding importance for plant and animal biodiversity. 77-82 Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX. nature walk at 2pm. D R T Q Two massive piers were sunk into the river bed to support the construction. and clad in Cornish granite and Portland stone. DLR: East India. not Quay level) E1W 1AA n Sun 10am-5pm. 3pm Whitechapel Art Tube: Aldgate East. 11. Tube: Hackney One Canada Square E14 2pm & 4pm.30am. Max 20 per tour. Pre-book ONLY on www.323 277 Bancroft Road E1 4DQ n Sat tours at 10. pre-book ONLY by email on deborah@idealyc.D6. Max 25 per tour. Tube/Rail: Bethnal in Lobby.toynbeehall. Tours on the hour. 25. Practice Architecture 2011. Tube: Mile End.100. with a public piazza fronting onto the dock basin.30. some listed. A library since 1901 it was extended in 1905 and 1935-37. Tube: Aldgate East. Thomas Wyatt & David Brandon. Julian Harrap Architects 2012. Tube: Stepney Green. pool. Last tour 3pm.115. Extensively renovated in 2007 to restore to former Victorian glory with a dramatic 2-storey entrance structure and gallery space. meet in the foyer with Artist Matthew de Kersaint introducing the Gallery’s architectural and exhibition history. Arts and Crafts Grade II listed building with notable room decorated by CR Ashbee.

97. Last entry 4.444 See openhouselondon. Display of construction drawings and photos.97. Entry: art gallery Tube/Rail: Walthamstow Central.357. ground floor main building.30am. Last entry 3. it has been fully restored after major arson damage in 1995. Rail: Leytonstone High Road. Leaving from Wood Street Library. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features Forest | 66 openhouselondon. Rail: Walthamstow Central. Max 15-20 at one time. some flats.212. Displays on Epping Forest & original documents from museum collection. Tube: Leytonstone. with cupola from Leyton Great House given by the owner in 1806. Forest Road E17 4AA. N D R T B Handsome 1740s Georgian Grade II* listed former Water House with original features including oak-panelled and marble-flagged entrance hall with fine plasterwork.275.313. BSF Best Design for Remodelled School Award Winner 2008. Rail: Chingford. max 8 per tour. First come basis. still in working order. craftsman. 58. Sat tours at 11. staircase. JW Dunford 1909/FaulknerBrowns 2006. now refurbished and with new extension by Pringle Richard Sharratt Architects.Waltham Forest Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge Rangers Road. Entry: amphitheatre. and from 1931 the Museum for Waltham Forest.379. Last entry 4.158. Led by Walthamstow Historical Society.230. school hall.123 245 Markhouse Road E17 8DN n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 10am-3pm. Displays on industrial heritage of Lea Valley. Blackhorse Road (123 bus to Lloyd Park) WALKS/TOURS A walking introduction to Walthamstow Architecture n Meet: Sat 11am at Wood Street Library.30pm.openhousewalthamstow.W12. Restricted access to bell architecture plb 2008. N D T A prominent. Refreshments provided at end.69. Duration 2 hours. originally the home of Sir Edward North Buxton.34.45pm.257.45pm. Tube/Rail: Walthamstow Central (then bus 34. Bell ringing demonstration Sun afternoon.W13.48 Walthamstow Town Hall Forest Road E17 4JF n Sat 10am-12pm. Tube/Rail: Walthamstow Central.313. R T B C P d Grade II* listed church dating from c1120 with Medieval and Tudor features.30pm. Last entry 4.212. E N D R T G P Priests being on the site are mentioned in the Domesday Book. Combines a minimalist glass box linking the buildings and raised oak galleries.W19 Vestry House Museum Vestry Road E17 9NH n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. with lift to find out more about this area All Saints Church (The Old Church) St Mary’s Parish Church Old Church Road. 2pm. Max 15 per tour. N D T B G P The coach house and stable block to the 1880s Royal Forest Hotel (J Ebenezer Saunders and Edmund Egan) has been developed as the main visitor centre for Epping Forest. set amongst ancient pollards of Epping Forest. no under 8s. Includes talk on Edward Sydney.66.66.W16 Supported by Key. RIBA award-winning exhibition of images and original plans of Waltham Forest’s Warner Estate. weather permitting.212. 1589 fireplace and Tudor food Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Church Hill E17 3BD n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm.212. 1pm. Sun 11am tour ‘Building the new William Morris Gallery’ limited places.30pm. d N R T B P Unique Grade II* listed atmospheric timber-framed huntstanding. exploring the library itself and then local buildings including Victorian schools and terraced houses to 18C mansions. Rail: Wood Street. pre-book ONLY by email on colina@isha. Roberts 2012. Tube: Blackhorse Road.257 6 Church Lane Leytonstone E11 1HG n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 12pm-3. entrance.230. Tube: Leytonstone. Part of present building dates from 17C. From 1840-1870 it was a police station. Formerly the home of the designer. then a private or 020 8496 3000. 123. boardroom. 4pm. Rail: Chingford then 97 bus Aveling Centre/Café at Lloyds Park Winns Terrace E17 5JW n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Entry: three floors. D R T P Discover the architecture of Walthamstow with this guided walk. 158.275 William Morris Gallery Lloyd Park. PD Hepworth 1937-42. Incorporates a range of renewable energy technologies to reduce running costs and lower carbon emissions. Tours on the hour. W12. with roof profile adapted to maximise the available accommodation. now a museum of his work and that of his followers in the Arts and Crafts Movement. N T B Built as a workhouse in 1730. the pavilion comprises a gallery. built in Portland stone with a classical layout in Swedish influenced popular inter-war style. to give a panoramic view of the Forest. Leyton 35 Church Road E10 5JP n Sat 10am-4pm/Sun 1pm-4pm.W19 66 | Southwark AJ Library Building | openhouselondon. Tube: Walthamstow. reception. Last entry 4. Entry: all public areas. Duration 15 mins.179. Rail: Leyton Midland Road.230. D T P Impressive civic centre. G Infill scheme giving a modern interpretation of the surrounding traditional terraced 20. Max 25 on walk. 123. 275.W11. Entry: pump house. the date plaque warns ‘if any should not work neither should he eat’. first come basis. 6 artists’ studios and a café run by Waltham Forest College. commissioned by Henry VIII. Tube: Walthamstow. Following 10 years of neglect.30pm. Forest Road E17 4PP n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm.215 Higham Hill Development Meet: courtyard adjacent to 37 Highham Hill Road E17 6EA n Sun 10am-1pm. W15. first come basis. Tours at 12noon & 4pm. the first and largest social housing estate in the UK. 3pm.444 The Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum 10 South Access Road E17 8AX n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Rail: St James Street. D T C Standing as a natural gathering point. Entry: communal areas. Rail: Wood Street. PRP Architects 2010.179. Interior contains early 17C panelling and over-mantel from nearby demolished Essex Hall.W15.158 The View: Epping Forest Visitor Centre Kelmscott School Leytonstone Library Higham Hill Development Rangers Road. Rail: Chingford. 58.212. Last entry half hour before close. purpose-built library with a classical exterior and Art Deco interior. Sat 11am tour exploring origins as workhouse.357. E R T d One of the first schools refurbished under the government’s BSF programme.215. Tube/Rail: Walthamstow Central.97. Chingford Mount E4 8BU n Sat 10am-3pm/Sun 11am-3pm. 4. Duration approx 1 3/4hrs.357 to Bell Corner). James Ambrose 1934/BPR Architects (refurb) 2006. poet and socialist William Morris (1834-1896). N D R T B P E Grade II listed Victorian engine house (1885) remodelled in 1897 to take a pair of Marshall steam engines. N D T C The 1903 Reading Room and 1909 ‘Wren’-style red brick building with stone dressings fused with a 2006 refurbishment creating a new 8m high glass foyer with terracotta cladding and new children’s library. Regular 145. W12.215. Rees. Tours at working Victorian workshop. Tube: Walthamstow Central. rejuvenating this building of historical and architectural significance.97. a site which lies at the heart of the oldest part of Walthamstow. architecture plb 2012. Entry: public areas.379. 97. Chingford E4 7QH n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm. Entry: ground floor.123.30pm. Pre-book ONLY on www. Last entry 4pm. eventbrite. Renovation work reinstated original lighting and exposed the eclectic spirit of the original design.W16 St Mary with St Edward and St Luke.W16 Walthamstow Library 206 High Street E17 7JN n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-4pm.W16.275. D R T P Original parish church of Chingford. pre-book tour ONLY on 020 8496 4391.69 Leytonstone House Leytonstone E11 1GA n Sat Sat 11am tour ‘Water House and its owners’.uk | Waltham Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Borough Librarian (1934-50).257. Tube: Walthamstow Central. café. 18C house. Tube: Leyton.W13. Tube/Rail: Blackhorse Road.58. Freeland. with Norman foundations and interesting monuments. Chingford E4 7QH n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Rail: St James Includes new outdoor amphitheatre and ‘green’ play spaces. T P Grade II listed building. this site has been restored to its former glory.

with loft under ridge. concert hall. 452. Earlsfield. Max 50 at one time.127.14. High Victorian style with stained glass by Moira Forsyth.74 Diamond House 24 Battersea Square SW11 3RA n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Queenstown Road. Contemporary finishes complement the historic fabric. Last entry 3.49. Half-hourly tours. Max 25 per tour.londonatelier. Rail: Tooting. A large void has opened up between the basement and ground floor. Secluded burial ground and garden. d N T Beautiful Grade II listed Victorian ex-water tower overlooking Battersea Park lake. Tube: East Putney. Entry: ground & 1st floors. Tube/Rail: Balham.133 National Tennis Centre Sports Canopy 100 Priory Lane. Whitelands College Holybourne Avenue SW15 4JD n Sun 12pm-5pm. Last tour 4. some normally closed areas. Rail: Battersea Park. Tube/Rail: Putney Roehampton University – Parkstead House. Rail: Clapham Junction. James and William Simpson 1861. Max 200 inside turbine hall at one time. 270.137. A Q G Lowered rear of house achieving a level glassy kitchen/dining/ living/garden terrace. Last entry 11am. Franziska Wagner/team51. The first Grade I listed cinema. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott 1935. but was most likely to have originated as a farmhouse in the Medieval period. Tours every 15 mins.337 Foster + Partners Studio Riverside.30pm. 87. Entry: entrance and mezzanine (with view over whole studio) first come basis. display of local Quaker history. Entry: garden.30pm. double-height purpose-built architects’ studio 60 metres long – part of a larger river-side building that has 30 apartments. all eco-friendly. Regular tours.30pm. Entry: all 3 buildings. Tube: Sloane | Southwark | 67 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .57. Roehampton SW15 5JQ n Sat 10am-5pm. first come basis. d T P Beautifully sited Grade I listed neo-classical Palladian villa built for the 2nd Earl of Bessborough by the royal architect William Rail: Battersea Park. and 3500 new homes with 18 acres of green space and space for the arts.19. 19. a 5-storey house with diamond-shaped footprint. main pub area. ICE Award Winner and British Construction Industry Project of the Year 2011. 77. Access to school’s archives.30am.337. 44. first come basis. Striking features include a glass bee mosaic floor. Rail: Imperial Wharf Emanuel School Battersea Rise SW11 1HS n Sat Tube: Putney Bridge. AJ|Library Building | Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm converted to school 1883. Rail: Barnes.345 Gala Bingo Hall (former Granada Cinema) Mitcham Road SW17 9NA n Sun 9.249 Pump House Gallery Battersea Park SW11 4NJ n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. 28. Entry: ground floor & garden. Cecil Masey 1931.33.44. E R T Q A d Hosting site visits as part of Open House for the first time and the last opportunity to see one of London’s most iconic buildings before it undergoes a vibrant redevelopment across the full 38 acre site. Vauxhall. first floor. cross over Chelsea Bridge and proceed down the stairs on the left SW8 5BN n Sat/Sun 11am-4pm. Built in the 1930s as a coal powered firestation it powered over 1/5 of London at its peak. Tube: Sloane Square.220. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. D R T A G The world’s first composite demountable air-beam canopy. Foster + Partners 1990.319. 22 Hester Road SW11 4AN n Sat 10am-5pm. T P d Former Royal Patriotic orphanage by Henry Saxon Snell 1871. Last entry 4. Max 25 at one time. Max 25 at one time. Tube: Clapham South. 67 Wandsworth openhouselondon. Entry: new power station park and area inside turbine hall with viewing platform. and is probably the oldest secular building in the whole of Wandsworth Borough. restaurants.39. Tube: Clapham South. Tours at 12noon & 2.344 Brandlehow Primary School Brandlehow Road SW15 2ED n Sat 10am-4pm. bringing the original bakery oven into centre of the home.156. Regular tours. queuing if necessary. Entry: ground floor. and extension to. Set in 12 acres. Regular tours. South Kensington. D R T A E G Single-space. First come basis.337. Closed in 1983. See the plans which are underway to develop a 21C arts centre in this 19C town hall.5° architects 2006/2011/2013. with 1896 additions. Tube: East Putney. 137. www. No access to interior of National Tennis Centre. It is certainly the oldest building in Roehampton. Tube: Clapham Common. to support player training and development on the Centre’s clay Tube: Sloane Square. Max 10 per tour.219. cafés.Wandsworth Nine Elms Battersea Power Station See openhouselondon. E Mountford 1893. 72.337 Roehampton King’s Head Pub 1 Roehampton High Street SW15 4HL n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Henry Saxon Snell 1871. Half-hourly tours. Entry: main building inc chapel.156 Battersea Power Station Access via new power station park: approaching from Chelsea. Last tour and entry 3. 155. Regular tours. Now a Grade II* listed building with planning permission to develop with shops. Timeless nature of the arched form provides an inspirational and ‘clutter free’ playing environment attuned to players’ needs. Queenstown Road. T A G Series of extensions to a listed modern school by Ernö Goldfinger formed from prefabricated timber elements clad with cedar boards. N D R T The present building dates from at least the 1670s. Regular architect-led to find out more about this area BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) Lavender Hill SW11 5TN n Sat tours at 11am. d R T Designed and built as Battersea’s Town Hall and home to BAC for the last 30 years. Tube: Tooting Broadway.493 Nightingale Triangle Wow Factor 58 Temperley Road SW12 8QD n Sun 11am-1pm. spanning 42m.239 Quaker Meeting House 59 Wandsworth High Street SW18 2PT n Sat 12pm-4pm. Rail: Clapham Junction. London Atelier 2012. Max 4 per tour. T A Q Refurbishment Tube: Sloane Square.30pm. Max 30 per tour.156.77. Max 5 per tour. Rail: Putney. Entry: main auditorium. Rail: Wandsworth Town. Project architects. First come basis. with original panelling and a ministers’ Rail: Clapham Junction. Now houses a contemporary art gallery. basement. First come basis.30am-11.77. South Kensington.batterseapowerstation. www. George Stowell D T Grade II listed. Anthony Thomas Architects 2012. marble staircase and stained glass dome. R T P Exceptional example of the ‘super cinema style’ of the 1930s with outstanding Gothic interior by Theodore Komisarjevsky. Client said “it has lit up my life”. this is the oldest Quaker meeting house in Greater London (1778). engineers and landscape architects on site. www.

Walk includes talk on history of Vauxhall and provides an insider look at progress on new landmark developments at Embassy Gardens. Prince Edward Road SE11 5HL for refreshments and introductory talk.345 St Mary’s Church. 249. D R T B C An imposing white brick building with large bay window and original Arts and Crafts ceilings. Max 85 at one time. Tour begins at 2pm from Vauxhall Pleasure Wandsworth | 68 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .436. Tube: South Kensington. Building references Warhol’s notion of the creative ‘factory’.493 De Morgan’s work. ending at Battersea Power Station’s temporary riverfront park. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris and Riverlight.337 Royal College of Art Dyson Building The Hanging Bathroom of Balham 1 Hester Road SW11 4AN n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. 355.85. exposed throughout and used expressively to form a series of dramatic interlocking spaces.49.345 The De Morgan Centre 38 West Hill SW18 1RX n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm. all in an eco-friendly concept. Regular tours with club members 10am-3pm. Entry: Longstaff room. Nine Elms on South Bank is the largest regeneration zone in central London. a Ballymore development designed through a collaboration between four architectural practices:Terry Farrell &Partners. Pre-book ONLY on www. Tube: Sloane Square. now one of the most beautiful small museums in London. New engraved glass doors by Sally Scott. transformed designing a first floor luxury projected bathroom and level decked garden. Entry: museum (general access). Tube: Tooting Bec. designed by architects Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners which will be the first development completed on site.vauxhallone. Functional aesthetic derived from its concrete structure. Feilden Clegg Bradley. Putney. Modernised in the 1930s hence the iconic. Sir William Chambers 1762. Fair on Saturday. Tube: Putney East. Regular tours. a St James Development. 155. Rail: Balham. Tour to prison Sat/Sun 12. exhibition gallery. Houses permanent collection of William and Evelyn 68 Southwark AJ |Library Building| openhouselondon. 19. 249. creating another room.170. Tube/Rail: Vauxhall.265.319. A new art deco style entrance was added in 2001 by WM Architects. G1 Tooting Bec Lido Tooting Bec Road SW16 1RU n Sat/Sun 6am-5pm. Rail: Wandsworth Town. prison (on booked tour only) with historical display panels. 19. multi-coloured changing room doors.49. Tour will profile the regeneration of Nine Elms. main centre. Visitors must be aged over 18 and have Key. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green| Features openhouselondon. Tube: Tooting Bec. N D R T P The pool measures 100 x 33 yards and contains one million gallons of unheated water. pre-book tour ONLY on wandsworthprisonmuseum@ Hammersmith. No cameras or phones permitted inside prison. Built in the Victorian grand photography and Innovation RCA departments. Tours every 15 mins. Rail: Balham. Entry: ground and first floor. co. Battersea Battersea Church Road SW11 3NA n Sat 12pm-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. D R Hill 1851. Rail: Wandsworth Common.30pm. Rail: Clapham Junction. d A G Existing minute bathroom and garden. Sloane Square. Former reference library (1887).36. collection.77 Chambers. H J Marten 1906/LCC Parks Dept (remodelled) 1936. General access to museum Sat/Sun 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm.2. 185. Duration approx 2 hours.319. Illustrated boards showing history of the Lido on display. Max 50 on walk.gsi. Joseph Dixon 1775-7.319 WALKS/TOURS Nine Elms n Meet: Sat 1pm at Tea House Theatre.170. 72. Haworth Tompkins 2012. view of one wing. First come basis.Royal College of Art Dyson Building Diamond House Emanuel School National Tennis Centre Sports Canopy valid photo ID. N D R T Classic Grade I listed Georgian church with outstanding interior and monuments. Entry: all areas normally open to public. a radial pattern of wings and landings from a central point with an impressive gatehouse. Tube: Clapham South. to house the Earl’s celebrated collection of classical artefacts. Max 4 per tour. Rail: Barnes.N2 Supported by Wandsworth Prison and Museum 27 Heathfield Road SW18 3HR n Sat/Sun Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 13 Blandfield Road SW12 8BQ n Sat 11am-1pm. Anthony Thomas Architects 2010. 139 Vauxhall Walk. N D T Centrepiece building of the RCA’s Battersea Campus housing the Activity trail and art trolley for children. Tube: East Putney.

3. drum.274 68 Dean Street W1D 4QJ n Sat 10am-5pm. fittings and beams.139. lathing. Thomas Ripley (offices) 1725/Samuel Pepys Cockerell (Admiralty House) 1785. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7333 8712.159 Channel Four Television 124 Horseferry Road SW1P 2TX n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-2pm. see p16 for details. every staircase and corridor has witnessed events that have shaped out nation.14.7. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Sun evening outdoor cinema in rear garden. 26 Whitehall SW1A 2DY n Sat/Sun 10am-4. first come basis. undercroft. Last tour 4pm.14. performance space. Regular tours.22. d R T One of the finest surviving Adam houses. Half-hourly tours. Tube: Goodge Street. N D R T A G This new carnival arts centre sits within a landscaped courtyard and contains studios.11. Tube: Oxford Circus. 6. Tube: Piccadilly. Sustainable features include solar shading. Last entry 4. first come basis. Pre-book ONLY on openhouse@channel4. terraces and a simple palette of materials including exposed concrete and pale timber. Entry: café one of the first examples of the principles of Palladianism being applied to an English building.30pm. Tours on the hour (not 1pm). T C d Small inner-city school where old and new combine to create a bright and welcoming environment – with a roof top playground. Displays of school’s history and architecture. Tube: Embankment.159.C2. Tube/Rail: Victoria.30am. concrete floors. Half-hourly tours.211 City of Westminster College Paddington Green Campus W2 1NB n Sat 10. 27. Entry: church.22. works of art and antiques from Ministry of Defence Art Collection.38.328 Art Loo 37a Leamington Road Villas W11 1HT n Sat/Sun weather permitting. RIBA Award Winner.31. It functions as the official residence of the Prime Minister. Hourly tours. Every single room. is a world-class architectural wonder.Westminster local carpenter/builder.10. Live performances and exhibition Sat 6pm-8pm. Steven Johnson 2007. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features openhouselondon. first come basis. carving.30am-4.88. d R T B Q C Stunning and regal building originally part of Whitehall Palace.3 n Sun 10am-5pm. D Q Known as the ‘Independent North Mansion’ and christened by Sydney Herbert as ‘Belgrave Villa’ and then simply ‘The Villa’ by his successor the 6th Duke of Richmond. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Last entry 4. founded in 1891. Max 30 per tour.24. stoves. Q A The use of exposed brickwork. Tube: Embankment. No studios included in this building. multi-coloured marble. T Q Fine example of early 18C London domestic architecture by 69 | Westminster openhouselondon. Tottenham Court Road. 8. Sir Christopher Wren 1684/William Kent 1735. Tube/Rail: Victoria. Tube/Rail: Paddington. Max 80 at one time.53 Benjamin Franklin House 36 Craven Street WC2N 5NF n Sat/Sun 10. D T A This radical renovation of a 1950s office building transforms the site into an important new urban amenity. courtyard. Royal Oak. Refurbished 2004 by the Howard de Walden Estate for the Society for use as members’ accommodation and reception rooms. mosaics. D R T G A A 7-storey stepped design. Tube: Westminster. Tube: Warwick Tube: Westbourne Park. Green roof.9. Entry: ground floor and atria only. Films.8 37a Leamington Road Villas 55 Baker Street The Pumphouse Pimlico St Anne’s Churchyard. Leased to the AustroHungarian Embassy from 1817-1866. workshops. Behind its black door have been taken the most important decisions affecting Britain for the last 275 Architect-led tours 12pm & 2pm.55. exhibition space.30am-4pm.31. behind Robert Adam’s Admiralty Screen on Whitehall.228. 11. Bond Street.113.74. N D T B P This beautiful living church building.19. Patrick Dillon Architect (refurb) | Southwark | 69 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . exposed shuttered underpinning from which floating oak steps project. skylights. stained glass and gilding. d T B Grade I listed Georgian house. d T Built 1908 in Neoclassical style by Detmar Blow for Hugh Morrison (1868-1931). 2. Arthur Beresford Pite 1908. now restored to its original splendour. Tube: Hyde Park Corner. Entry: all main rooms. Max 15 per tour.12. with the central glazed section enclosing a 7-storey atrium which is open to the public.253 26 Whitehall and Admiralty House Ripley Courtyard. café and workshops built around a central performance space. Max 30 per tour. with separate cesspits for the Meards and servants.6.C2. Embankment. Sun 2pm. Max 500 at one time. Max 12 per tour. first come basis. Tube: Baker Street. make 2007. Tube/ Rail: Euston.24. Tube: Hyde Park Corner. Background checks will be carried out on winning entries. Studio 1 Architects 2013.70 68 Dean Street 7 Margaret Street W1W 8JG n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm. Now owned by Department for International Development and Cabinet Office. John Meard Jnr 1732.Wardour Street W1D 6BA n Sat 10am-5pm. Bring valid photo ID for entry. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross 38. retaining many original features including central AJ Library Building |Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm All Souls Church of England Primary School Foley Street W1W 7JJ n Sat 10am-5pm. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross See openhouselondon. 73. built for the third Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. First tour 10. Key. Tube/Rail: Marylebone. a homage to the history of Soho within. Owned by Argentina since 1936 and with sumptuous interiors still intact. www.24. 18.11.12. their office and also where the PM entertains guests including Her Majesty the Queen.30. first come basis.328. Inigo Jones 1619. Beautiful ornamented interior including frescoes.11. Entry: reception. Last tour 4pm. 88. restaurant. 38. and hidden rooms.15pm. Tube: St James’s Park. Q Grade I listed former Old Admiralty Building. Last tour 4pm. first come basis. Tube: Oxford Circus. Great Portland Street. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Entry: main hall. The club. steel pan workshops and award-winning Notting Hill Carnival costumes. A favourite of John Betjeman. Oxford Circus. Max 20 at one time. Tube/Rail: Marylebone. all give rise to this unique and stunning 3 bed home converted from a 1 bedroom Victorian flat. Last entry 2. Ceiling paintings by Rubens. Max 15 per tour.390 49 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QZ n Sat/Sun 12pm-5pm. 3x3m glass doors give a seamless transition into the rear multi-levelled landscaped garden oasis with a cedar batten clad outbuilding. Three glass infills or ‘masks’ span the voids between existing blocks to create a new façade for the building. 18C panelling. T A A treasure trove of a toilet – an egg shaped capsule in oak with etched glass hinting at the bodies buried below. Thomas Cubitt 1851. D T Headquarters building with curving high glass and steel entry atrium.3 55 Baker Street W1U 8EW n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm.73 Argentine Ambassador’s Residence 1 Chippenham Mews W9 2AN n Sat 10am-8pm/Sun 10am-6pm. windows. Richard Rogers Partnership 1994. was the last mansion house of its kind to be built in London. Robert and James Adam 1769-71. Last entry 4pm. ETFE roof. by ballot to find out more about this area All Saints Church 10 Downing Street 10 Downing Street SW1A 2AA n Sat tours at 11am & Regular talks with architect. Tours Sat 11am & 3pm.studio1architects. Max 50 at one time. Foster Wilson Architects 2011. first come basis. state rooms in Admiralty House. Half-hourly tours. 19. Entry: State Rooms.23 Caledonian Club 9 Halkin Street SW1X 7DR Carnival Village at the Yaa Centre Chandos House – Royal Society of Medicine 2 Queen Anne Street W1 9LQ n Sun 10am-3pm. Entry: Old Admiralty boardroom. Max 20 per tour. 3.30pm. D T 10 Downing Street has been the residence of British Prime Ministers since 1735. steel pan rehearsal and tuning room.25.23. Entry: ground & 1st floor principal rooms. walkway. Leicester Square.14 Banqueting House Whitehall SW1A 2ER n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. the only surviving home of Benjamin Franklin. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Butterfield’s masterpiece.189. with atrium. Tube: Westminster.10. Waterloo. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. moved to the premises in William Butterfield 1859.12. Westbourne Park. Last tour 4pm.

D T B Q C Home to the composer Handel 1723-59. courtyard. 7. auditorium. 27 Horse Guards Whitehall SW1A 2AX n Sat/Sun 10am-3. Film of refurbishment of building. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Each room has good natural light whilst fitting in between two listed buildings in conservation area.159 Hopkins Architects’ Office 27 Broadley Terrace NW1 6LG n Sat 10am-1pm. Tube: Bayswater.30pm. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Tube/Rail: Marylebone. d T Designed by Henry Kendall for Thomas Kemp MP. Hourly tours 10am to 4pm. A Memorial Fountain expressing the concept of ‘Reaching out – Letting in’ – based on the Princesses qualities and integrated into the natural slope of the land. register on arrival at reception.98. atrium. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green|Features Infrastructure/Engineering openhouselondon. Last entry 5pm. 3. Entry: north building. Tube: Green Park. Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland 66 Whitehall SW1A 2AU n Sat 10am-4pm. With many sustainable features it sits proudly on top of a re-instated Key. Duration 45 mins. Nature-based children’s activities. St James’s Park. Royal Oak.30pm.24.11.11. Last entry 12. Tour with Partner of landscape architect practice. Recent refurbishment by Julian Harrap Architects in 2007.53 Isis Education Centre at The LookOut Hyde Park (north of the Serpentine. classrooms. 1a Cavendish Square W1G 0LD n Sat 1. pre-book ONLY by email on or 020 7201 5517. Max 20 per tour. Sidney Smirke & George Basevi 1844/Squire & Partners 2004. Max 25 at one time. Pitman Tozer Architects Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 70 Southwark n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday 78 St James’s Street SW1A 1JB n Sat 10am-2pm. John Brydon & Sir Henry Tanner 1917/Foster + Partners 2002.24.53 Holy Trinity Church Prince Consort Road SW7 2BA n Sun 1pm-5pm. Half-hourly tours.185. Tube: Embankment.87.22. Half hourly tours.30pm.12. Westminster | 70 J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . first come basis. café. now occupied by HM Treasury. Max 30 people at one time.12.30pm. 2. Max 40 at one time. Approx waiting time 1 1/2 hrs. 18C fine art and furniture.12. pulpit.70 Handel House Museum 25 Brook Street (access via rear of building in Lancashire Court) W1K 4HB n Sat 10am-5.11. 20 & 21 Portman Square W1H 6LW n Sun tours at 3pm.45pm. Home to the Flemish Representation.27.16. Tours on the hour 12pm-3pm. A G New family home with a minimal carbon footprint on a very narrow site (8ft wide). Last tour 3. Neo-Belgravian Wing 1991-93. garden. James Wyatt & Robert Adam 1776. Interesting original interiors. Last entry 4pm. Victoria.53. Max 10 per tour.36. Duke of Wellington’s office as it was c1842. Display on Lithuanian architecture and design. T d Bodley’s last realised design with bright lofty Grade II* listed. Entry: Horse Guards Arch.30pm and 3. with its sinuous shape defining a precinct.14. Entry: foyer.452 Dover House. Great George Street constructed 1900-17 in two phases. Was the London base of the Countess of Home and is probably the greatest surviving Georgian town house. Remodelled 1853. Tube: Pimlico. RIBA Manser Medal Winner 2009.30pm.139.mott@scotlandoffice. Former India Office includes the magnificently decorated Durbar Court. for a hundred years HQ of the British First come basis. inner courtyard garden. d R T Grade II listed building. Max 40 at one time. RIBA Award Winner 2006. J Paine & H Holland 1754-8/1787. galleried libraries. Timed entry every half hour. School governors and architects on hand. pre-book ONLY on 020 7024 0103. 9. learning centre. workshops. D R T Q Grade II* listed Government offices.159 Embassy of Belgium Flanders House. Last entry 12. First come basis.19. drum. 139. Two new carefully-scaled classroom buildings were added contributing to the intimate atmosphere of pavilions and gardens at the centre of the site. 9. Half hourly tours. Victoria. 205. Pre-book ONLY by email on admin@pitmantozer.24. Last entry 4. Max 20 per tour. d R T B Grade I listed Victorian government office buildings. chandeliers and stained glass. Tube: South Kensington. expanded in 1993. schmidt hammer lassen 2010.30pm. south-west of Speaker’s Corner) W2 2UH n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm.10. T d Part of the extension to Burlington House built to provide accommodation for learned Last entry 4pm.87 former Conservative Club (HSBC offices) energy reclaim.36.Tourism Flanders-Brussels and Flanders Investment & Trade for the last 10 years. Emulating the canopy of a tree. Grade I listed (1723) with refurbished Georgian interiors. Entry: 2nd floor hall.82. Tube: Edgware Tube: Marble Arch. 2.30pm. Hyde Park W8 4PX.189. Entry: Ministerial rooms only. D T A The practice’s main campus.30pm. Banks & Barry 1873. First come basis. Entry: entrance meeting room. A d 1950s masterpiece by the architect of the National Theatre. Thomas Cubitt 1840. 4pm.73.452 Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania 2 Bessborough Gardens SW1V 2JE n Sat/Sun 10am-1pm. B Q Grade I listed beautifully-detailed Palladian composition at the heart of Whitehall. Now the residence of the Ambassador of Spain. Tube/Rail: Paddington. 5pm. Hopkins Architects 1982. roof Tube/Rail: Paddington. Tube: Oxford Circus Embassy of Spain 24 Belgrave Square SW1 8BZ n Sat/Sun 9. Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain n Meet: Sat 3pm at Serpentine Bridge. theatre.88.15pm. 9. 6. First come basis.360 Home House 19.30am-6.87.30pm-6pm. Pre-book ONLY on david. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. D Elegant Whitehall façade and domed entrance commissioned by the Duke of York.52 Geological Society of London Burlington House. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.T d Grand and monumental building with rich carvings and spectacular decorated saloon at its heart. fine reredos.10.436. the ‘spendthrift founder of Kemp Town’. south side. Tube/Rail: Paddington.53.24.Home of the Embassy of Lithuania with good views from terrace.24. N d RT AJ |Library Building| India Office council chamber. Pre-book ONLY by email on openhouse@homehouse. 148. First come basis. Piccadilly Circus. Tube: High Street Kensington. 3.52. Gustafson Porter 2004. First come basis. council room. Grade I listed. 18.23. labs. D T Built in 1776 by Wyatt with very fine interiors by Adam. the green oak frame building blends into its listed surroundings of Hyde Park.mate@maec. Tube: Bond Street HM Treasury 1 Horse Guards Road SW1A 2HQ n Sat 9am-5pm. Closed between 12. Tube: Bayswater. Tube/Rail: Victoria.332 Diana. 70. max 12 per tour.38 Hallfield Primary School Hallfield Estate W2 6JJ n Sun 2pm-4. Entry: ground floor. G F Bodley 1901-6. Entry: drawing rooms.C10 One Great George Street Foreign & Commonwealth Office King Charles Street SW1A 2AH n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. First come basis. Live Baroque music.52.360. terrace. Conserved and refurbished to replace 2 wings and provide new glazing to atrium at junction of new and old sites. Max 20 per tour. Entry: Durbar court. Tube: Westminster. No groups.211. Trails for children and families. Westminster.23. Locarno suite and Foreign Office grand staircase.70. Victoria Gap House 28D Monmouth Road W2 4UT n Sun 10am-12pm. Queensway. Knightsbridge.18. Tube: Green Park. Cost effective design methods achieved an eco friendly house. confirmation sent by email. Drake and Lasdun 1953-4/Caruso St John 2006. Refurbishment completed 2002. Richly imaginative. which together with other premises on Cavendish Square shares a rich history beginning in 1771 as the first development on the 2nd Earl of Oxford’s London estate. Sir George Gilbert Scott & Matthew Digby Wyatt 1861-1868. The scale relates to a child’s world with curved corridors. Tube: Westminster. dappled by light. once the side alley and garden of adjacent house. Entry: Grade II* listed areas. now includes two office buildings constructed using its own Patera system The buildings are linked by a glass reception area and covered walkway. Tube: Victoria. Sloane Square. Max 25 on tour. Current work on display.88. Piccadilly W1J 0BG n Sat 10am-5. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. RIBA Award Winner 2011. Queensway. D T C A G E Old meets new at this award-winning eco-friendly building. sports hall. 3. Entry: reception. William Kent 1745-55. Last entry 3.30pm/Sun 12pm-5. Last entry 1. Tube: Westminster.

77A. Tube: Maida Vale.98. Great Hall was the venue for the Inaugural General Assembly of the United Nations in 1946. dining room. dome. Regular tours.eventsforce.94 One Great George Street – Institution of Civil Engineers One Great George Street SW1P 3AA Friday 20th Sept tours at 3pm and 4pm. Tube: Westminster. originally a 17C feeder cistern for a grotto-fountain at the old Somerset House. d R T Originally home of the Dukes of Entry: main rooms on ground & 1st floor.15. Grade 1 listed Stratford House. New design seeks to draw on the scale and material texture of the historic estate.87. Tube: Westminster. Oxford Circus. Includes metalwork.‘double cube’ library. queuing outside if necessary.328 Jimi Hendrix Flat at Handel House Museum 23 Brook Street (access via Handel House Museum at rear of building in Lancashire Court) W1K 4HB n Sat tours at 10.171. external areas. Lobby leads to an enclosed colonnaded courtyard with ‘complementary’ glazed roof and tessellated floor.36.159 Oriental Club 11 Stratford Place W1C 1ES n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm. Tube: St James’s Park. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. Michael Hopkins and Partners Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm Two Temple Place Meet: outside House of Commons (Cromwell Green entrance) SW1A 0AA n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Max 16 per tour.12.19. www. Max 20 per tour. almost domestic in character. 168.91. Benjamin Wyatt 1825-9.452 Portcullis House Victoria Embankment SW1A 0AA n Sat 10am-5pm. First come basis. Max 150 at one time. Tube: Westminster.15. Haworth Tompkins 2012. Tube: Bond Street.The brick-lined. Bayswater.44.137.30am.24. 360.30pm.30pm. Sun 1pm. Sir Christopher Wren 1709-11 & Sir James Pennethorne 1861-3. Regular tours. T Extravagant private palace originally built for the Duke of York. with magnificent central hall and staircase. many flights of stairs. Last entry 4. Designated Conservation area. d T The first purpose-built yoga centre in Europe. pre-book ONLY on https://www. the first of its kind. Entry: meeting room. designed by Richard Edwin and built by Edward Stratford 1770-1776. smoking room.30pm-5pm. Entry: reception rooms.9.12. Entry: ground floor courtyard and 1st floor. Tube/Rail: Victoria. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7495 1685. Waterloo.Two yoga studios with underfloor heating.11. Pre-book ONLY by email on generaloffice@reformclub. Entry: grounds. 4pm. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross RIBA 66 Portland Place W1B 1AD n Sat 10am-2pm. Built as a Whig gentleman’s club and inspired by Italian Renaissance palaces. all buses to Oxford Street King’s College Chapel. Piccadilly W1J 0BF n Sat 10am-5pm. Max 30 per tour. Government. Kilburn Park. Charing Cross. Entry: ground & 1st floor principal public rooms.22. Max 6 at one Rail: Kilburn. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. Extensive collection of parliamentary portraiture from Gilray to gallery with iron/wood-clad columns. Children’s activity sheet. d Part of the extension to Burlington House to provide accommodation for learned societies. 2pm. 11. Shiva Design 1994. Max 300 at one small drawing room. pre-book ONLY by email on events@orientalclub. Duration 1 hour. Tube: Victoria. Tube: St James’s Park. Piccadilly.148 New West End Synagogue St Petersburgh Place W2 4JT n Sun 10am-2pm. D R TQA Portcullis House contrasts its imposing façade with a generous light-filled courtyard covered by a glass roof at second level and surrounded by a 2-storey cloister. Tube: Great Portland Street. main building area. First come basis. Fine example of Edwardian architecture. Maida Vale 223a Randolph Avenue W9 1NL n Sun 10.11. café.org Tube: Marble Arch. stained glass by NHJ Westlake. no entry to flats. Waterloo. Regret flat is not wheelchair accessible.31. 12.88. Joseph Bonomi 1790. Tube: Piccadilly. 12. Internally is semi-circular Eastern apse with coloured marble. Half-hourly tours.12. entrance access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 71 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .orientalclub. N D R T B A masterpiece of Edwardian neo-baroque architecture opposite Westminster Abbey.94 Burlington House.87. no interior photography or pushchairs.88 Reform Club 104 Pall Mall SW1Y 5EW n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 10am-3pm.C10.24.30pm. Aston Webb room. Lanchester & Rickards 1906-1912. including areas not normally open to the public. 16.14. Victoria. St James’s Park. Parliament Square encompasses the heart of UK life with church. Sir Charles Barry 1841. 3pm. Jarvis hall.453 ‘Roman’ Bath 5 Strand Lane (off Surrey Street) WC2R 2NA n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. NO ENTRY unless booking made. Tube/Rail: Victoria.53. 3. George Ashdown Audsley 1877-79. roof balcony. Tours at 11am & 12.14. pre-book ONLY on www. Tube: Green Park. main entrance hall & stairs. NB. D T Victorian social housing estate with striking 200m long avenue. Tube: Temple. Literary associations with Dickens. Audsley’s masterpiece building. viewing of 2 studios. NB.12. 11. Lutyens room and all public Entry: Council chamber. 4. Tube/Rail: Victoria. Entry: Great Hall. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. Flat now offices with sympathetic renovation and original features. Regular tours. A plunge bath. Further enrichment 1894/5 included ornate lighting believed to have been designed by George Aitchison. Duration 30 mins.30pm. spring-fed pool is located in a vault below a 19C building. D RT E Grade II* listed HQ building of the world’s premier engineering institution. 3. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Last entry 4. RIBA Award Winner.316. with light pouring in through a grid of square lightwells in ceiling.38 Storey’s Gate SW1H 9NH n Sun 1.30am.19.C2.159 Peabody Avenue Housing Peabody Avenue SW1V 4AT n Sat 10am-5pm. George Gilbert Scott 1864. chapel. 88. N D T The Strand Chapel has recently been restored including the replacement of the windows with figurative stained Pimlico. 9. Green Park. 12.22. Regular tours. Entry: all fine rooms on ground floor.38 Pall Mall SW1Y 5HX n Sat 10am-5pm. Last entry 4. Entry: reception area.24. Now HQ of the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Foundation. Forms centrepiece of noble Robert Adam Design and home to Oriental Club founded by Major-General Sir John Malcolm and Duke of Wellington since 1962. Last entry 4. Grey Wornum 1932-4.70. 3. N Inscribed on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. Entry: quadrangle.Methodist Central Hall Westminster Victorian reservoir with an Edwardian Gatehouse at its entrance. Entry: community centre. first come basis. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.87. Westminster.26 Lancaster House Stable Yard (enter via Cleveland Row) SW1A 1BB n Sat/Sun 10am-4pm. Tunnelled staircase leads to upper floor.2 Iyengar Yoga Institute. Great Hall. and later of Edward VII and Queen Mary. 38. Oxford Circus. Last entry 4pm N Church with modest brick front. Notting Hill Gate.139.22. London Strand WC2R 2LS n Sat/Sun 1pm-4pm. Tube/Rail: Victoria. popularly known as the ‘Roman’ bath.30pm. James Miller 1913. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.53. Hyde Park Corner. Regret no children under 12 admitted.19. Sloane Square. David Morley Architects 2012. Organ recital and historical footage. Paddington.30pm. Tube: Bond Street.24.453. Tube: Queensway. d N T Magnificent Grade I listed high Victorian synagogue. stained glass and a mosaic by Audsley. Justice and Treasury all represented. 55 new flats created with landscaping and community facility. Regent’s Park. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Yoga’s philosophy is translated into the crisp simplicity of the design. Green Park.16. whose Key. Banks & Barry 1873.15.159 71AJ| Library Westminster Building | openhouselondon. 23.53. NB.30pm.24. R T B C Fine example of Grade II* listed 1930s architecture with many original features and fittings. Entry: drawing room. Charing Cross. Max 25 per tour.30pm.supporttheroyalparks.11. Max 15 per tour.159. Tube/Rail: Paddington. 9. corridor. Tube/Rail: Marylebone Linnean Society of London Our Lady of the Assumption & Pegasus Recital Marlborough House Parliament Square Warwick Street W1B 5LR n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 1pm-5pm.88. Max 20 per tour. T B Rare opportunity to see the flat where Jimi Hendrix lived between 1968 and 1969.

Stanfords’ travel bookshop. Tube/Rail: Marylebone. Max 25 per tour. clockroom.52. 9. T Part of New Burlington House. The site has been extended over the past 9 decades. Tube: South Kensington. ground floor rooms.94.30am-3pm. N D T B Portico. Entry: lower ground floor to 3rd floor. meeting room.30pm. Portico includes columns from George Dance’s first college building of 1813. d N T G P A mix of historical Grade I and II listed buildings by John Nash and Ernest George alongside innovative developments.45pm. Important works by Bodley. Interiors in No. education centre. the UK’s national body for the promotion of the humanities and social sciences moved to the building in 1998.68.452 Royal Society of Chemistry Burlington House. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. 4.59.30am & 12. Houses the world’s largest library specialising in social and political science. 13C Gothic given a Victorian interpretation.chemistrycentre.24. New café area and renovations in 2008. Banks & Barry 1874/Peregrine Bryant Associates 2007. Rail: Victoria. Tours of the church and crypt and bellringing demonstrations 10. Rooms recently restored in conjunction with English Heritage.10 by Bonomi later altered by Billery and Blow in 1905-07. Grade II listed. 16. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.30pm. RIBA Award Winner 2009.148 Society of Antiquaries of London Burlington House.87.137 Royal Academy of Arts Piccadilly W1J 0BD n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm.23. Tube: Sloane Square. pre-book ONLY on 020 7766 1100.24 St Barnabas Church St Barnabas Street SW1W 8PF n Sat 10am-5pm/Sun 2pm-5pm. 4.14.23 Building| openhouselondon. with glass stair and lift. Tube/Rail: Waterloo. cells and areas of interest. Entry: main hall. Entry: tower. The John Madejski Fine Rooms. Last entry 3. Max 25 per tour. N D RT B G One of Britain’s finest churches.19. Council room. The Keeper’s House. Half-hourly tours. council room. purpose built for the learned societies. Max 25 on tours. N D R T B C 1660s town-palace. first come basis. 9.274 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion Kensington Gardens W2 3XA n Sat/Sun 10am-6pm. Map 2. Entry: ground and first floor rooms.10. S P Cockerell 1803. Temple. The Sackler Wing of Galleries. pre-book ONLY by email on ejd@ras. built in the Italian Baroque tradition and which has undergone a recent £36m renewal programme. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green|Features Infrastructure/Engineering openhouselondon. Leicester Square.30. Lowther room. museum display with video. Tube: Holborn.9. Entry: church. Last tour 4pm.2.11.38 Royal College of Surgeons of England 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields WC2A 3PE n Sat 10am-5pm. Tube: Holborn. the home of the Royal Astronomical Society since 1874 with recent Westminster | 72 J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . Regular tours. 2010 refurbishment includes state of the art auditorium.82.19.30pm. Tube/Rail: Victoria. 14. full of Pre-Raphaelite decoration. purpose built in 1875 for learned societies. Civic Trust Award Winner 2010. Duke’s Hall. Max 20 per tour.168 Romanian Cultural Institute 1 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PH n Sat/Sun 11am-5pm.10. library. Entry: museum. Regular tours.15. first come church. Entry: main stairs. First come basis.45pm. d R T Extraordinary brick. Last entry 4.38 Royal Academy of Music Marylebone Road NW1 5HT n Sun tours at 10.22. Entry: pavilion. council Tube: Green Park. Tube/Rail: Paddington. crypt. Last entry 4. entrance hall. library.38 Rudolf Steiner House 35 Park Road NW1 6XT n Sun 2pm-5pm. Thomas Cubitt 1828. Any knives brought in will be confiscated. bookshop. Sou Fujimoto 2013. Half-hourly tours. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.38 St Anne’s Tower St Anne’s Churchyard.211. d N R T C Street’s masterpiece and one of Victorian London’s great public buildings. www. Max 15 per tour. First come basis. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Tours include Society’s or 020 7734 4582 ext 204. King’s Cross.11 interiors by Pennethorne.26 Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 1 Kensington Gore (Exhibition Road entrance) SW7 2AR n Sat 10am-5pm.205. Tube: Baker Street. otherwise general access. Entry: all areas except offices. by Foster + Partners opened in 1991. Last entry 4. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. 168.82. 11. Tube: Leicester Square.14. Hourly tours.38. tours. Green Park. Tube: Lancaster Gate. state rooms.22. Tube/Rail: Victoria.C10 St James Theatre 12 Palace Street SW1E 5JA n Sun 10am-5pm. newly transformed by Long & Kentish. G E Street 1874-82. Charing Cross. 11. 27. Banks & Barry 1873. Tube: Piccadilly. 12noon-2pm architect-led tours. T d Part of the extension to Burlington House to provide accommodation for learned societies.91 The British Academy 10-11 Carlton House Terrace SW1Y 5AH n Sat 10am-5pm. Chancery Lane.30pm. crypt. Thomas Cundy 1850. to the east.14. Piccadilly Circus. Tube: Hyde Park Corner. Tube: Green Park. Nash’s pupil. 9. Activities and displays until 3.91. James Gibbs 1726/Eric Parry Architects (modernisation) 2008.27. Entry: ground and first floors.91 The British Library of Political and Economic Science (LSE Library) 10 Portugal Street WC2A 2HD n Sun 12pm-4pm. doors close promptly at 4pm.74 Royal Astronomical Society Burlington House. the latter with a no-maintenance bronze roof.15.42. First Oxford Movement church.30pm.19. d N T Situated in one of the grandest and largest 19C squares in London. community centre. meeting room. Entry: reception. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Piccadilly W1J 0BA n Sat 10am-4pm. NB. a £30m interior transformation and lozenge-shaped footbridge were completed in 2001.52. family activities (including drawing in the historic RA Schools Life Room) over the weekend. Foster Wilson Architects 2012. Includes a 312 seat theatre and a flat floored cabaret/music venue with a capacity of 120 people. Max 25 at one time. remodelled in Palladian style by Colen Campbell and William Kent for Lord Burlington.14.170. Tube: Temple. Richard Norman Shaw 1874/Kennedy and Nightingale 1930/Studio Downie 2001-4.38. latticed structure of 20mm steel poles with a lightweight and semi-transparent appearance that bends into the landscape and against the classical backdrop of the gallery. Preserving the Grade II listed 1916 exterior.9.30. 1. Montague Wheeler 1926-37/Nic Pople 2008.30pm.30pm. Members’ Room.22. Tube/Rail: Victoria. Tube/Rail: Victoria. N D R T B C Delicate. Duration approx 1hr 45mins. Last entry 4. Last entry 4. first come basis.82. most recently the museum and concert hall (2001) and void practice rooms (2010) both by John McAslan + Partners. Tube/Rail: Victoria.Wardour Street W1D 6AF n Sat 10am-5pm. 9. Tube: Baker Street. Last entry 3.14. Piccadilly. Tours every 15 mins. selected courts.22. D T Part of the quadrangle building extension to Burlington House. Entry: Royal Academy Schools. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. On the site of the old Westminster theatre. library. Fine Rooms and stair reconfigured early 19C by Samuel Ware. the latter added to by Norman Shaw RA. Tube/Rail: Victoria. 3.148 St Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square WC2N 4JJ n Sat 10am-4pm. Tube: Temple. The British Academy. Sir Charles Barry 1836/Nicholas Hare Architects (refurb) 2005. Entry: museum.Royal Courts of Justice character David Copperfield takes regular plunges there. Rest rebuilt by Alner Hall in 1950s and 60s after war damage. stone and copper Grade II listed church tower with bulbous lead spire.15. Clock by Gillett and Johnston 1884. Burlington Gardens (1867–70) by James Pennethorne. 1 Belgrave Square was acquired by Romania in 1936 and is now home to the Romanian Cultural Institute.8. Comper and Cundy and windows by Kempe and Tower. Piccadilly W1J 0BE n Sat 12pm-4.29. Pavilion exhibition. No. John Nash 1833/Feilden & Mawson 2010. Foster + Partners 2001. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. grand staircase and library are surviving parts of Barry’s building of 1837. lower crypt. Recently restored 10 bell Masterplan by David Chipperfield Architects to unify whole site. Ground floor now authentically restored. Entry: church.19. RA’s arrival in 1867: Main Galleries by Sidney Smirke RA and also RA Schools Cast Corridor and studios. N D R T A First newly built commercial theatre complex in London for 30 years. Burlington Gardens and all public areas. first come basis.168 Key. N D R TBGP Unique example of Expressionist architecture in London with sculptural staircase based on organic plant forms. Piccadilly W1J 0BQ n Sun tours at 10am. terrace and garden. museum (including student demonstrations of historic keyboards) and the void. Talks.73. D R T Grade I listed Nash-designed terraced houses described as one of London’s finest Georgian treasures. d N R T Church in Early English style. 2pm. Access and touch tour at 12noon. Talks by artistic directors. 11. foyer. Historians on site. 11.24. first come basis.30am.30pm. first come Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 72AJ|Library Southwark n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday Strand WC2A 2LL n Sat 10am-4pm. 9. Ondaatje Theatre. R T B P d Originally a private home in R Norman Shaw’s Queen Anne style.18. Tube/Rail: Marylebone. Banks & Barry 1875. Imposing top-lit library with double galleries and marbled columns. C2. RA’s new venue for expanded programme of art and architecture. 9.91.87. Holborn. self-guided tours. Special archives display in library. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. with later additions for the Society.13. Green Park.

D R T Grade I listed Nash-designed town houses. 6. Max 25 per tour. 29. 3.38.William Waldorf Astor.C10 73AJ|Library Westminster openhouselondon. Royal Polytechnic Institution.7. Pre-book ONLY on 020 3145 1200. as well as permanent sculptures by Epstein. dynamic academy for 1175 students including a 7NA. Tube: Regent’s Park.The College of Optometrists 42 Craven Street WC2N 5NG n Sun 1pm-5pm.176 The Hub – Regent’s Park Sports Pavilion Regent’s Park. Last entry 4. Tours every 20 mins. Entry: bookstacks. T B d HQ of professional and examining body for UK optometrists occupying two terraced houses. D RT Q One of the finest and largest Medieval halls in Europe with a magnificent hammerbeam ceiling. Last entry 4. Highly sustainable design.22. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris 2007. reception area. Tube: Westminster.cwh. Pimlico District Heating Undertaking The Pumphouse. Tube/Rail: Paddington.9. Tube/Rail: Victoria. D T Finished in 1895 for the first Viscount Building | Green Exemplar Landscape/Public realm The Royal Society 6-9 Carlton House Terrace SW1Y 5AG n Sat 10am-7pm/Sun 11am-4pm. N D RT B Modern red brick building purpose-built to house City of Supported by Key. and greatly enhanced the appearance of original features such as stained glass windows.159 Wigmore Hall 36 Wigmore Street W1U 2BP n Sat 11am-3pm. A Architect on site B Bookshop Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchairopenhouselondon. Many stairs.87. Last tour 4pm. Tube: Westminster. Sutcliffe room.137. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. pre-book ONLY by email on Tube: Pimlico. Last entry 2. wood panelling and ornate ceilings. Entry: main part of house. Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.8.30pm. Last entry 4. Last entry 4.36 Tube: Leicester Square. 24. Giles room. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.159. 2004 refurbishment provided additional facilities for the home of the UK’s national science academy.38 The Photographers’ Gallery 16-18 Ramillies Street.88. First come basis. else in the UK. Leicester Square. A sports hall and extensive landscaped playground. first come Leicester Square basis.24.15pm musical detective trail and workshop for children and families. 18.30pm Cavendish Square Gardens. 41 (Flitcroft c1730 with later additions) and no. Last tour 4pm. Tours on the hour. Waterloo. 3. Pre-book ONLY on 020 7253 0808 or dramatic glazed atrium.24.30am-6pm.30 The London Library 14 St James’s Square SW1Y 4LG n Sat 10am-4pm. terrazzo and Angelim Pedra wood. 3.38.360.6.453. Tube/Rail: Paddington. T The world’s largest independent lending library housing 1 million books in atmospheric Victorian cast-iron bookstacks. Marylebone. main hall. Walking tour with landscape architects. Tube: St James’s Park. Half-hourly architect-led tours. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Nash/Speer/William Holford & Partners/Burrell Foley Fischer 1828/2004. Tube/Rail: Euston. A walking tour exploring the West End’s landscape and public Tube: Oxford Circus. Paddington W2 1FT. N D R T C Sensitive refurbishment of this neo-gothic Grade II* listed building enhances the historic fabric. Oak-panelled Fyvie Hall n Meet: Sat 11am at Caffé Nero. Max 300 at one time. Hourly tours.88. c1989). Outer Circle NW1 5HA n Sat/Sun 9am-5pm.24.19. 2.12. Work began in 1097.C2 realm from Oxford Circus through to the NLA via Regent Westminster Academy Street. Min 8 per tour.15. Tim Drewitt 1995.91. The light wells were cleared bringing light back into the building. Last entry 1. max 100 at one time. Green Room.12. Last tour programme.159 Two Temple Place 2 Temple Place WC2R 3BD n Sun 11am-4. Oxford Circus WALKS/TOURS Architectural Highlights of Paddington n Meet: Sat at 11am. 2. Last entry 5. Tube/Rail: Victoria. Max 20 per tour. Victorian Oxford Movement Chapel built 1862 by Joseph Clarke. 9.12 n Sat 10am-2pm.36. With Westminster City Council and Educational establishment since 1838 when it opened as the some participating artists. Soho’s grandest Grade I listed Georgian townhouse. Tube: Bond Street.176 University of Westminster Westminster Archives Centre 10 St Ann’s Street SW1P 2DE n Sat 11am-5pm. The Pumphouse still provides low carbon heating to Pimlico from combined heat and power engines and has the UK’s largest thermal store. Since the building opened in 2007. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. separate mburns@burnsnice. backstage.30pm. D T A G n Meet: Sat/Sun 11am at Leicester Square Gardens WC2H A colourful.13. Opportunity to visit the conservation studio and strongrooms. Tube: Warwick Avenue. Duration 2 hours. 159. A labyrinth of disparate buildings recently remodelled and includes an award-winning lightwell over a newly created reading room.27. Tube/Rail: Max 30 per tour. J S Gibson 1913/Feilden + Mawson 2009. Ofsted ‘outstanding’ 2013. NB. Tube: Piccadilly Circus. www. with Hugh Herland who designed the roof.30pm.148 Westminster Hall House of Commons (Cromwell Green entrance) SW1A 0AA n Sun 10am-5pm. Library. Entry: auditorium. Regular tours.73. first come basis. Tube: Oxford Circus. Many sustainable and includes intrinsic landscape qualities of a London square with contemporary and unique design features found nowhere features. Soho Square W1D 4NQ n Sun 11am-5pm. Regular tours. 11. first come basis. Fine Roccoco plasterwork commissioned access E Engineer on site G Green Features | Southwark | 73 Infrastructure/Engineering n OpenCSaturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .29. Tube: Temple.436 City of Sculpture Tour n Meet: Sat 11am. d T Hepworth and Moore. O’Donnell and Tuomey 2012.With landscape architects Burns + Nice. A walking tour of Paddington’s architectural highlights including both historical and major new developments and landmarks by some of Britain’s most notable architects. It had one of London’s first public Tube: Oxford Circus. Thomas E Collcutt Beneath the tea room are the clustered changing and multi-function spaces that are covered by a gently sloping grass mound. results have increased from 17% A*-C The new design is based on the creation of a coherent city block including English and Maths to 75% in 2012. The house embodies much of the outstanding workmanship and architecture of the late Victorian period. 42 (rebuilt by Tarmac plc. Max 50 per tour.24.29. Entry: house.30pm.11. first come basis.W1F 7LW n Sat 10am-6pm/Sun 11. 48 Oxford Street W1D 1BF features paintings by Delmar Banner and the Old Cinema is home to a Compton organ that gave sound to silent pictures. Max 15 per tour.19.15pm. Panelled room. Churchill Gardens Road SW1V 3JF n Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Taking in 4 squares and looking at temporary sculptural 309 Regent Street W1B 2UW installations participating in Westminster’s City of Sculpture n Sat 10am-4pm.24 The House of St Barnabas 1 Greek Street. D R T G E A delicate glass and steel circular tea room and terrace with 360 degree views of the park.30pm. Duration 1 hour.15pm & 2. Henry Flitcroft c1730. 1. Max 20 at one time. Tube: Pre-book ONLY on 020 7766 4704. 3pm. Hourly tours. Elegant reading room that has been home to generations of literary London. Tube/Rail: Victoria.24. George Mitchell 1911. 23. Tours on the hour. 2pm outside Hammersmith and City tube on canalside. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Max 25 at one time. Max 25 per d R T G P Churchill Garden Estate used waste heat from Battersea Power Station.453 swimming pools and hosted the premiere of the Lumière ‘Do the West End Walk’ with Atkins brothers first moving film in 1896. Music from the stage and the chance to explore backstage. Last tour 4pm.30pm. 23. first come basis.36. Max 25 per walk. 14. Print room.29. Royal Oak.25. Sat 12. Entry: Council room. Bechstein room. North Side W1G 0PR. café. library.12. sumptuous auditorium with famous Art Nouveau mural. linked to a steel-framed extension through external sleeve of black render. pre-book ONLY on neil. reading room.45pm.18.12.73 The Pumphouse. Max 25 per tour. BSCE Award Inspiring Design: Secondary School. David Morley Architects 2005. Max 20 per tour. chapel. first come basis. Rail: Special exhibition:‘Fossils: The Evolution of an Idea’. refurbished in the 1890s before conversion into the German Embassy. to the elaborate architectural specifications of John Loughborough Pearson and sits on reclaimed land overlooking the River Thames. lobbies. Tube: Tottenham Court Road. Max 15 per tour.10.12. gardens.6. improved orientation.30pm. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross.3. art room. Duration 1 hr.manthorpe@atkinsglobal. N R T B d Elegantly redeveloped Edwardian red-brick warehouse. 255 Harrow Road W2 5EZ Tube: Oxford Circus. J L Pearson 1895. 3pm. 11.139 Westminster’s historic records. Sat tours at 11am.211.88.13 The UK Supreme Court (formerly the Middlesex Guildhall) Parliament Square SW1P 3BD n Sat/Sun 10am-4. Entry: courts. Joseph Pearce 1746.77A. private members club. Powell and Moya 1950. Owned by charity supporting the homeless back into the workplace. integrated supergraphics.27. James Osborne Smith 1896-8/ Haworth Tompkins 2010. exhibition. The architect for the 14C rebuilding was Henry Yevele. 24. R T C Refurbished in 2004. Tube/Rail: Charing Cross. Entry: lecture theatres.6. reception rooms. Green Park. no. Max 25 per tour.

uk Friends of the RA go free Green Piccadilly Circus Supported by Investing today to transform tomorrow Media Partner 74 | Southwark | openhouselondon. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G Green Features J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets .Book now Richard Rogers Inside Out RA 18 July – 13 October 2013 www.

Vi. Architectural Practice Allies and Morrison Studio p60 Cullinan Studio p45 Foster + Partners Studio p68 Gustafson Porter Studios p23 Hopkins Architects’ Office p71 Levitt Bernstein Office p36 Pollard Thomas Edwards architects p46 Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners p39 Shepheard Epstein Hunter Offices p24 Suburban studio p32 Middlesex Guildhall) p74 Toynbee Hall p66 Walthamstow Town Hall p67 Club Caledonian Club p70 Eltham Lodge p33 Home House p71 Hurlingham Club p39 Oriental Club p72 Pushkin House p24 Reform Club p72 Community/Cultural Aveling Centre/Cafe at Lloyds Park p67 BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) p68 Barbican Centre p26 Barking Riverside . Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland p70 Foreign & Commonwealth Office p71 Government Art Collection p23 HM Treasury p71 Horse Guards p71 Lancaster House p72 Marlborough House p72 Portcullis House p72 Westminster Hall p74 Health Akerman p49 British Medical Association House p22 Finsbury Health Centre p45 Iyengar Yoga Institute.Siemens Sustainability City Hall p60 Centre p56 Ealing Town Hall. and buildings by type.The Sambourne Family Home p47 2 Willow Road p22 Banqueting House p70 Bart’s Hospital Great Hall p26 Benjamin Franklin House p70 Boston Manor House p44 Brockwell Hall p49 Burgh House p22 Carshalton Water Tower and Historic Gardens p63 Embassy/High Commission Charlton House p33 Argentine Ambassador’s Residence p70 Clissold House p36 Embassy of Belgium p71 Danson House p20 Embassy of Spain p71 Eastbury Manor House p18 Embassy of the Czech Republic and Emery Walker’s House p39 Embassy of the Slovak Republic p47 Fenton House p23 Embassy of the Kingdom of The Forty Hall & Estate p32 Netherlands p47 Fulham Palace p39 Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania p71 Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare p58 Entertainment Hall Place p20 Ham House and Garden p58 Boundary p64 Gala Bingo Hall (former Granada Cinema) Hampton Court Palace .org.King William Court p33 Old Royal Naval College .uk/ london enables you to use different criteria such as location.Apartment 39 p58 p68 The Capitol (formerly Forest Hill Cinema) Handel House Museum p71 Hogarth’s House p44 p53 Honeywood p63 Tudor Barn and Gardens p34 Jimi Hendrix Flat at Handel House Gallery Museum p72 Beaconsfield p49 JMW Turner’s House. Richmond p59 Lambeth Town Hall p50 The Sutton Life Centre p63 Langtons House p42 The Swedenborg Society p25 Morden Park House p54 The Tin Tabernacle / Cambridge Hall p21 Redbridge Town Hall.Buzzards Mouth and Rivergate p18 Carnival Village at the Yaa Centre p70 City of London Information Centre p27 Conway Hall p23 Craig Park Youth Centre p32 Art in the public realm Darwin Court Resource Centre p60 Bethnal Green Memorial p64 Fairkytes p42 Canary Wharf Public Art Tour p66 Four Corners p64 City of Sculpture Tour p74 Grassroots p55 Gants Hill Public Art (Children’s Sculpture Greenwich Heritage Centre p33 Beacon) p57 Grenville Plug-in Allotment Garden p45 Sculpture in the City 2013 p29 Grove Gardens Chapel p58 Idea | Southwark | 75 . Hackney p37 The British Library of Political and Economic Science (LSE Library) p73 The Children’s Garden Early Years Centre p56 The Croft Centre p59 The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden p37 The Livity School p51 The Urswick School p38 The View: Epping Forest Visitor Centre p67 The Villa School & Nursery p62 Tidemill Academy and Deptford Lounge p53 Townley Grammar School p20 Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy p57 UCL (University College London) p25 University of Westminster p74 West Thames College (Spring Grove House) p44 West Thames College: New Campus p44 Westminster Academy p74 White Lodge p59 William Booth College p62 Woodford County High School for Girls p57 Dilston Grove p60 Furtherfield Gallery p40 Golden Lane Estate on film p29 Guildhall Art Gallery p27 Peckham Space p61 Pump House Gallery p68 Roca London Gallery p39 Royal Academy of Arts p73 Saatchi Gallery p48 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion p73 The Photographers’ Gallery p74 Whitechapel Gallery p66 William Morris Gallery p67 Government Art Collection 10 Downing Street p70 26 Whitehall and Admiralty House p70 Custom House p27 Dover House. architect and period.In.The Maughan Library p27 King’s Cross Construction Skills Centre p23 Kneller Hall p58 Latymer Upper School: Science/Library Building p39 London School of Economics p24 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine p24 London Southbank University p61 Lowther Primary School & Children’s Centre p58 LSBU Student Centre p61 Middlesex University .Community Phoenix Cinema p19 Centre p65 Stratford Picture House p56 Sundial Centre p65 Civic Swiss Church London p25 Thames Chase Forest Centre p42 Brent Civic Centre p21 The Clockworks p51 Chiswick Town Hall p44 The Crystal .Whitechapel .Programme index Listed here are special events. Sandycombe CGP London Cafe Gallery p60 Lodge p58 Infrastructure/Engineering n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday openhouselondon. Cell and Molecular Science. Blizard Building p65 Queen Mary College: Mile End Campus p65 Ravensbourne p34 Richmond The American International University in London p59 Rose Bruford College p20 Royal Academy of Music p73 Royal College of Art Dyson Building p69 Royal Liberty School (formerly Hare Hall) p42 Self-built Straw Bale Building.Queen Mary Court p33 Phoenix School p65 Prendergast Vale College p52 Queen Mary College.King Charles Court p33 Old Royal Naval College .Thamesmead p20 Hackney Town Hall p36 The Old Mortuary p62 Havering Town Hall p42 The Old Town Hall. Colonnades ORTUS Learning and Events Centre p61 and Memorials p47 Oxford House in Bethnal Green p65 Devonport Mausoleum p33 Platform p46 Nunhead Cemetery p61 Providence Row Arts and Activity Building Sir Richard Burton’s Mausoleum p59 at the Dellow Day Centre p65 Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park p66 Romanian Cultural Institute p73 West Norwood Cemetery & Greek Severndroog Castle p34 Chapel p51 Siobhan Davies Studios p62 Cinema Sporting Club Thamesmead p20 St Andrew’s Church and Star Community BFI IMAX p49 Centre p39 Muswell Hill Odeon p40 St Matthias Old Church . London p72 King’s College London.The website search facility at openhouselondon.Te @ The Art Studio Gallery p64 Blechynden Studios p47 Ilford War Memorial Hall p57 Colet House p39 Institut francais du Royaume-Uni p47 Connearn Studio p52 Jerwood Space p61 Hackney Wick and Fish Island p36 Kentish Town Community Centre p23 Lewisham Arthouse/Deptford Library p52 Kingsley Hall p64 Palace Wharf p39 Kingswood House p61 Rooftop @ Emigre Studios p36 Limehouse Town Hall p64 South Kilburn Studios p21 London Buddhist Centre p64 Studionorth p46 Mildmay Community Centre p46 Waddington Studios p38 Myplace Centre p42 New Heart for Bow Project at St Paul’s Cemetery Old Ford p65 Brompton Cemetery Chapel.Hendon Campus p19 Morley College p50 Mossbourne Community Academy p36 Mulberry School for Girls p64 Notting Hill & Ealing High School p31 Old Royal Naval College . Maida Vale p71 Kentish Town Health Centre p23 Maggie’s Centre p39 North London Hospice p32 Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital p46 Royal Hospital Chelsea p48 Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre p55 St Joseph’s Hospice p37 UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre p25 Historical House 18 Stafford Terrace . Council Chamber TNG Wells Park Youth Venue p53 p57 Village Underground p38 Stoke Newington Town Hall p37 Wild Kingdom p56 Taberner House p30 The Old Town Hall Stratford p56 Education The UK Supreme Court (formerly the 75AJ| Library Open House BuildingLondon Green2013 Exemplar Landscape/Public realm 43-46 Gordon Square (Birkbeck School of Arts) p22 Adobe Village Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School p44 All Souls Church of England Primary School p70 Bancroft’s School p57 Bonus Pastor Catholic College p52 Bower House p42 Brandlehow Primary School p68 Brookhill Children’s Centre p33 Brunel University:The Eastern Gateway Building p43 Bygrove Primary School p64 Capital City Academy p21 Cardinal Pole Catholic School p35 Castle Green p18 CEME (Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence) p42 Chelsea Academy p47 City of London School p27 City of Westminster College p70 Clapham Manor Primary School p49 Clapton Girls’ Academy p35 Crown Woods College p20 Dagenham Park Church of England School p18 Dormer’s Wells High School p31 Dreadnought Library p33 Emanuel School p68 Graduate Centre . and pull out additional special activities taking place.London Metropolitan University p45 Greenside Primary School p39 Growing Communities’ Eco Classroom p36 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy p20 Haggerston School p36 Hallfield Primary School p71 Harmony Children’s Centre p21 Hayes Primary School p30 Highbury Grove & Samuel Rhodes School p45 Hollymount School p54 Hylands Primary School p42 Isis Education Centre at The LookOut p71 Julian’s Primary School p50 Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children’s Centre p45 Kelmscott School p67 King’s College Chapel. Hackney City Farm p37 South Norwood Hill Children’s Centre p30 St John and St James CE Primary School p32 St Luke’s C of E School and Church p24 St Mary Magdalene CE School p34 St Marylebone CE School Performing Arts Centre p73 Technical Skills Academy p18 The Bridge Academy. Council Chamber and The Floating Cinema p66 Mayor’s Office p31 The Hub p56 Finsbury Town Hall p45 The Ismaili Centre p48 Guildhall p27 The Link.Queen Anne Court p33 Old Royal Naval College .org.

Neasden p21 Woolwich Arsenal Clock Tower p34 Miscellaneous Art Loo p70 Billingsgate Roman House and Baths p26 Carshalton Park Grotto p63 Cranford Stable Block & St Dunstan’s Church p43 Cutty Sark p33 EDF Energy London Eye p49 Jubiloo p50 Leadenhall Market p27 Manor Farm Site.Whitelands College p68 Russettings p63 Sir John Soane’s Museum No.part 2 p56 Gunnersbury Park Landscape Tour p31 High Street 2012 Historic Buildings Conservation Scheme p66 Jubilee Gardens p50 King’s Cross area guided walk p25 Lea Valley Drift p56 Leicester Square p74 Lower Lea Boat Tours hosted by London Legacy Development Corporation/ ICE p56 Mobile Gardeners Park p61 Next stop. Stable Yard p54 Nonsuch Mansion p63 Oak Room.On Site p30 Diana.Three Colts Lane p65 Industrial Abbey Mills Pumping Station p55 Brixton Windmill p49 Brunel Museum p60 Bunhill Heat and Power Energy Centre p45 Closed Loop Recycling p18 House Mill p55 Kempton Great Engines Trust p44 King George V Pumping Station p32 Kirkaldy Testing Works p61 Lee Tunnel & Beckton Sludge Power Generator p55 London’s Engineering Heritage: ICE boat tours p51 Markfield Beam Engine and House p40 Old Ford Waste Water Recycling Facility p55 Richmond Lock Building (Surrey Side) p58 Royal Small Arms Factory p32 SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility p53 Shirley Windmill p30 Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility p62 Thames Barrier & Information Centre p34 The Pumphouse. Marketing Suite and Level 39 p65 The Salvation Army International Headquarters p29 Tottenham Town Hall p41 Tower 42 p29 Tower Bridge House p66 Two Temple Place p74 Open Site Battersea Power Station p68 Bow School Construction Site p64 British Museum. UBS & LSO Music Education Centre p45 Round Chapel p37 Royal Academy of Dramatic Art p24 Royal Festival Hall p50 Stratford Circus p55 The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) p39 Wigmore Hall p74 Public Realm/Landscape 639 Tottenham High Road p40 Barking Park p18 Bishop’s Park/Fulham Palace Gardens p39 Burgess Park Rejuvenated p62 Camden High Street and Britannia Junction p25 Canning Town Caravanserai p55 Clapham Old Town and Venn Street p51 Connected Croydon . A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G House Green Features Open London 2013 | 76 J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets . and Barking Learning Centre p18 Laycock Street Housing and Doctors Surgery p45 One New Change p28 Rainham Village and Marshes p42 The View from the Shard p62 The Wheelhouse p54 Whitmore p38 Museum Bruce Castle Museum p40 Dr Johnson’s House p27 Gunnersbury Park Museum & Park p44 Havering Museum p42 Horniman Museum and Gardens p52 London Canal Museum p45 London Fire Brigade Museum.L.Watney Market p64 Ilford Central Library p57 Leytonstone Library p67 Marx Memorial Library p46 Passmore Edwards Library and Bath House p61 Peckham Library p61 Royal Botanic Gardens.World Conservation and Exhibition Centre p22 Cody Dock p55 Convoys Wharf p52 Crossrail Liverpool Street Construction Sites p27 Dane’s Yard & Strand East Tower p55 King’s Cross/Granary Building p23 Tate Modern Project p62 Performance Circus Space p35 Fairfield Halls p30 Hoxton Hall p36 Kings Place p45 LSO St Luke’s. Octagon Room and New Arts Education Centre p58 Osterley Park House p44 Pitzhanger Manor House p31 Pope’s Grotto and Radnor House School p58 Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge p67 Queen’s House: Royal Museums Greenwich p33 Red House p20 Restored Historic Almshouse at the Geffrye Museum p36 Roehampton University .Lend Lease HQ p22 241 The Broadway. Library.‘Unilever House’ p26 20 Triton Street .Parkstead House.Kelmscott House p39 Wrotham Park p19 York House p59 Hotel/Hostel Friendship House (LHA) p61 H10 London Waterloo p49 Spring Gardens p53 The Bloomsbury Hotel p25 Town Hall Hotel & Apartments p66 Housing Brentham Garden Suburb p31 Cressingham Gardens p49 East Village p55 Geoffrey Road Housing p52 Mazarin House p57 Peabody Housing. Fulham p39 All Saints. City of London p26 Chiswick Business Parkark p44 Citigroup Centre p64 former Conservative Club (HSBC offices) p71 Gibbs Building. Merton Priory p54 The Great Barn.Leighton House p47 Lindsey House p48 Little Holland House p63 Manor House Gardens Ice House p52 Mansion House p28 Morden Hall Park.The National Trust p37 Swakeleys House p43 The House of St Barnabas p73 The Temple p57 The White House p31 Trinity Hospital p34 Valentines Mansion p57 Whitehall p63 Whitgift Almshouses p30 William Morris Society . Elliott Wood Partnership LLP p54 30 Crown Place p35 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) p26 55 Baker Street p70 88 Wood Street p26 Angel Building p45 Barking Enterprise Centre p18 Boone’s Chapel p52 Broadgate.Royal Society of Medicine p70 Chartered Accountants’ Hall p27 College of Psychic Studies p47 Freemasons’ Hall p23 Geological Society of London p71 Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution p23 Linnean Society of London p72 London Mathematical Society p24 One Great George Street . Manor House and Great Barn p43 Peter Jones p48 Pipers’ City of London Model at The City Marketing Suite p28 ‘Roman’ Bath p72 St Anne’s Tower p73 The Chapter House. Winchester House p61 Museum of the Order of St John p46 Myddelton House p32 Natural History Museum p48 Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret p61 Thames River Police p65 The Cinema Museum p51 The De Morgan Centre p69 The Fan Museum p34 The Old Schoolhouse p41 The Sackler Centre for Arts Education p48 The Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum p67 The Wiener Library p25 Twickenham Museum p59 Upminster Tithe Barn Museum p42 V&A Museum of Childhood p66 Valence House p18 Vestry House Museum p67 Victoria and Albert Museum p48 Wandsworth Prison Museum p69 Wesley’s Chapel and House p46 Offices 1 Finsbury Circus p26 100 Victoria Embankment .Painted Hall. Art and Archives p59 Swiss Cottage Library p25 The Circle Library p63 The London Library p74 Thornton Heath Library p30 Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives p66 Walthamstow Library p67 Westminster Archives Centre p74 Livery Halls Apothecaries’ Hall p26 Carpenters’ Hall p26 Drapers’ Hall p27 Fishmongers’ Hall p27 Haberdashers’ Hall p27 Painters’ Hall p28 Vintners’ Hall p29 Watermen’s Hall p29 Media Channel Four Television p70 Sands Films Studios & Rotherhithe Picture Research Library p62 Television Studio A and Theatre at Alexandra Palace p41 Military Old Royal Military Academy p33 Underground Bunker. Pimlico District Heating Undertaking p74 Tower Bridge Exhibition p66 Trinity Buoy Wharf/Container City p66 Upminster Windmill p42 Victorian Waterpoint p25 Wimbledon Windmill p54 Infrastructure/engineering Blackwall Tunnel Northbound Refurbishment p64 The changing face of the tidal Thames: Thames Estuary Partnership & ICE walk p20 Institution/Profession Bank of England p26 Bishopsgate Institute p26 Chandos House .Institution of Civil Engineers p72 Osborne House p28 RIBA p72 Royal Asiatic Society p24 Royal Astronomical Society p73 Royal College of Physicians p24 Royal College of Surgeons of England p73 Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) p73 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain p50 Royal Society of Chemistry p73 Rudolf Steiner House p73 Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings p65 Society of Antiquaries of London p73 South London Botanical Institute p50 St Bride Foundation p28 The British Academy p73 The College of Optometrists p73 The Royal Society p74 Trinity House p29 Legal Garden Court Chambers p23 Gray’s Inn p23 Middle Temple Hall p28 Royal Courts of Justice p73 Library Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre p23 Canada Water Library p60 Carnegie Library p49 Clapham Library p49 Dagenham Library p18 Dalston C. Discover Greenwich p33 Orleans House Gallery.Admiral’s House p33 Old Royal Naval College .part 1 p38 Further beyond the Olympic Park . New River Head p46 Old Royal Naval College . Foots Cray p20 Baitul Futuh Mosque p54 BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandirandir p21 Barking Abbey with St Margaret’s Church p18 Chapel. Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain p70 Do the West End Walk’ with Atkins p74 Further beyond the Olympic Park . Harmondsworth p43 The Roof Gardens & Babylon Restaurant (formerly Derry & Toms) p48 The Stables and Dovecote at Eastcote House Gardens p43 Enfield Town Library p32 Fulwell Cross Library p57 Idea Store . Kew: Herbarium. Plumb Family Butchers p46 Mixed Use 24 Bateman’s Row p35 52 Whitmore Road p35 Barking Central I & II. trees! Green spaces walk and interactive bus stop installation p38 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park North Walking Tour p56 Richmond Park walk p59 Ruskin Square Garden p30 Swiss Cottage Open Space p25 The Malthouse & Granary p18 The Pergola and Hill Garden p25 Timber Lodge and Tumbling Bay Playground p56 Transformation of Exhibition Road p48 Woolwich Squares p34 Religious All Saints Carshalton p63 All Saints Church p70 All Saints Church (The Old Church) p67 All Saints Church. James Library & Archives p36 76 | Southwark | openhouselondon.Wellcome Trust p23 Leytonstone House p67 Lloyd’s of London p27 Lloyd’s Register Group p28 New Street Square p28 One Bishops Square p65 One Canada Square.14 Lincoln’s Inn Fields p24 Strawberry Hill House p59 Sutton House.

Kew House .org. New York – Open House New York. Ruislip p43 St Martin’s. p23 UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre . p6 One New Change . UBS & LSO Music Education Centre . CGI of King’s Cross Station – Network Rail.Walworth p62 St Thomas the Apostle p31 Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue p57 Suleymaniye Mosque p37 The City Churches: St Helen Bishopsgate p28 The City Churches: St Mary Abchurch p28 The City Churches: St Mary-le-Bow p29 The City Churches: St Stephen Walbrook p29 The Hospital Chapel of St Mary & St Thomas p57 Tower and Churchyard of St Mary’s Hornsey.Haverstock Associates. J Bayliss. p41 Union Chapel p46 Upminster Old Chapel p42 Uxbridge Quaker Meeting House p43 St Mary Magdalene Church p32 St Peter’s.Sarah Byrne/SBEG.The Print House p46 Perronet House p62 Priory Green p46 Pullman Court p50 Quay House p62 Robin Grove music room & library extension p24 Rookfield Village Estate conservation area p41 Shadow House p24 Spa Green Estate p46 St Augustine’s Road Eco-House p24 St Bernards Houses p30 The Chapel at Aldborough Hatch p57 The Clock House: 5 Chestnut Road p51 The Coach House p25 The Darke House p59 The ‘Framehouse’ p37 The Glasshouse p59 The Grim House p66 The Hanging Bathroom of Balham p69 The Jewel Box p46 The Lodge p31 The Master Shipwright’s House p53 The Pioneer Health Centre p62 The Seager Distillery Tower p53 The Studio p38 Trellick Tower p48 Vivo Ocean Estate p66 Walter Segal self-build houses p53 Warren Apartments p51 Watling Place p21 Westgrove Lane p34 Weston Park Extension p41 World’s End Estate walk p48 Zero Carbon Loft p31 Zog House p21 Restaurant/Bar/Retail King’s Cross Filling Station p23 Roehampton King’s Head Pub p68 Fabrications p36 Tom Dixon Shop p48 Vermilion p56 Sport Brunel University: Indoor Athletics Centre p43 Erith Yacht Club p20 Forest Hill Pools p52 Glass Mill Leisure Centre p52 Greenwich Yacht Club p33 Hackney Marshes Centre p36 Lee Valley Athletics Centre p32 Mitcham Cricket Club Pavilion p54 National Tennis Centre Sports Canopy p68 The Castle Climbing Centre p37 The Hub . p37 . p14 Playing in the Drum.Ashton Porter Architects.Mark Lakomcsik.Day Med.Wanstead p57 St Michael and All Angels Church p59 St Patrick’s Church p18 St Paul’s Cathedral . p59 White Lodge . p20 Red House – ntpl. 30 St Mary Axe – Grant Smith.Hufton+Crow. p41 Highpoint .Matthew Weinreb.Charles Hosea. p45 LSO St Luke’s. p50 Jubilee Gardens .Triforium Tour p28 St Paul’s Church p39 St Peter & St Paul Harlington p43 St Peter’s Church Aldborough Hatch 77AJ| Library Open House BuildingLondon Green2013 Exemplar 2789 p57 St Peter’s. p19 Phoenix Cinema – Phoenix Cinema Trust ltd. p11 Western Concourse – Network Rail.Walworth p62 Residence Watling Place p21 Zog 147 De Beauvoir Road p35 15 Buckingham Road p35 15 Edge Hill p54 151 Church Walk p35 15b Herne Hill Road p49 16a Kings Grove p60 17B Ainsworth Way.BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. 30 St Mary Axe – Grant Smith/VIEW pictures.Kate Greenaway Studio p22 4 Bayer House p26 4 Lonsdale Road p58 44 Mount Park Road p31 44 Willoughby Road p22 49 Camberwell Grove p60 51 Glebe Road p40 54 Cambria Road p49 56 Whistler Street p45 6 Pond Cottages p60 60 Ambergate Street p60 64 Heath Drive p42 68 Dean Street p70 71 Greenwood Road p35 74 Amhurst Road p35 8 Stoneleigh Terrace (Highgate New Town.Regent’s Park Sports Pavilion p74 Tooting Bec Lido p69 Theatre Arcola Theatre p35 Bush Theatre p39 Charles Cryer Studio Theatre p63 Chickenshed Theatre p32 Erith Playhouse p20 Hackney Empire p36 Langdon Down Centre p58 Richmond Theatre p59 Royal Court Theatre p48 Sadler’s Wells Theatre p46 South London Theatre p51 St James Theatre p73 The Broadway p18 The Old Vic p51 The Queen’s Theatre p42 The Yard Theatre p66 Unicorn Theatre p62 Young Vic p51 Open House Junior 54 Cambria Road p49 Archikids Corner p27 Architecture from All Sides p27 Burd City p27 Centre Cane City p27 City of a Thousand Architects p60 Mildmay Community Centre p46 Sculpture in the City p27 Skyline Shadow Show p27 Transport Airport House p30 Canary Wharf Crossrail Station Construction Site p64 Crystal Palace Subway p60 Emirates Air Line tour with ICE p33 Heathrow pod: Ultra Global Personal Rapid Transit p43 London King’s Cross Station p23 St Pancras International p25 Walks/Tour A Ruskinian walk through shared heritage p31 A walking introduction to Walthamstow Architecture p67 Architectural Highlights of Paddington p74 artouride cycle tour p62 Bankside Urban Forest p62 Bedford Park p44 Behind the scenes at the Barbican p29 City Alleyways to Liverpool Street Station p29 Dalston Regeneration Walk p38 Ealing Common Walk p31 FIT CITY Olympic Fringe Run Tour p56 Gidea Park Garden Suburb Walk p42 Hackney’s Timber Buildings . Streatham p49 Ealing Abbey p31 East London Central Synagogue p64 Friends Meeting House p19 Friends Meeting House & Burial Grounds p32 Golders Green Unitarians p19 Hammersmith Quaker Meeting House p39 Hampstead Friends Meeting House p23 Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church p19 Holy Trinity Church p48 Holy Trinity Church p71 Lambeth Palace p50 Lesnes Abbey Ruins p20 Lumen United Reformed Church and Cafe p24 Lumley Chapel p63 Methodist Central Hall Westminster p72 Mitcham Parish Church p54 New West End Synagogue p72 Our Lady of the Assumption & Pegasus Recital p72 Parish Church of St Anne p58 Quaker Meeting House p68 Ruach Ministries Christian Centre (former Gaumont State Cinema) p21 Sandys Row Synagogue p65 St Alfege Church. Harefield p43 St Mary’s Church. p21 BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir . openhouselondon.Linus Lim. North Cray p20 St Jude on the Hill p19 St Lawrence Church p54 St Margaret’s Church & the Old Graveyard p53 St Martin-in-the-Fields p73 St Martins Church. CGI of King’s Cross Station – Network Rail. p39 LAMDA .UCLH.Hufton+Crow. p22 CGI of King’s Cross Station – Network Rail. 24 Bateman’s Row – Nick Kane. One New Change – Michael | Southwark | 77 . p71 One Great George Street . p35 Hackney Marshes Centre .Richard Hubert Smith.Jack Hobhouse. p30 Ruskin Theatre Garden – muf architecture/art LLP.Institution of Civil Engineers External Lighting Amber Side. p38 147 De Beauvoir Road – Lyndon Douglas. p54 Hollymount School . 22 Weardale Road Simon Wong.Wendy Lee. p34 Ravensbourne – Morley von Sternberg. 151 Church Walk – Tim Crocker. p52 TNG Wells Park . Woolwich Clocktower – Ramboll.Oliver Bloom.Bells and Belfries at St Botolph Aldgate p26 Bevis Marks Synagogue p26 Blackheath Quaker Meeting House p52 Buddhapadipa Temple p54 Caroline Gardens Chapel p60 Charterhouse Chapel p45 Christ Church p57 Christ Church Spitalfields p64 Christ Church. Leyton p67 St Mary. p68 Royal College of Art Dyson Building . p32 Suburban studio . p2 City Hall . p12 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – London Legacy Development Corporation.Valeria Carullo. p69 Diamond House – London Atelier. p53 Convoys Wharf – Damon Cleary. Alexandra Road Estate p22 19 North End p22 22 Weardale Road p52 264 Westbourne Park Road p47 3 Acorns Retro Eco-house p60 30 Cardozo Road p45 32 Warwick Gardens p40 35 Craneford Way p58 37a Leamington Road Villas p70 39 Frognal . Gospel Oak p25 St Mary Magdalene Church & Nature Reserve p55 St Mary the Virgin p55 St Mary the Virgin. p26 30 St Mary Axe – RIBA. Greenwich p34 St Augustine of Canterbury p41 St Augustine’s Tower p37 St Barnabas Church p73 St Cuthbert’s Church p48 St Dunstan and All Saints Church p65 St Edward the Confessor Church p42 St George’s Bloomsbury p24 St George’s German Lutheran Church p65 St Giles-in-the-Fields p24 St James.Helene Binet. Islington p46 St Mary’s Church. p25 Bloomsbury Exterior . Merton Park p54 St Mary’s Convent p44 St Mary’s Parish Church p67 St Mary’s.Hufton+Crow. p51 Livity School . p8 Elevating Experience .Philip Hughes Studio p22 Bermondsey Warehouse Loft p60 Bertram Street Low Energy Victorian Terrace p22 Coach House p60 Court House p45 Courtyard House p60 Diamond House p68 Drake House (The Concrete House) p61 Ed’s Shed/Sunken House p36 End House p52 Essex Mews p30 Flat 5. Watling Place – PRP Architects.Ioana Marinescu. 71 Greenwood Road . NEO Bankside . Stage 1) p22 8a Belsize Court Garages p22 9 Parkside Avenue p54 Adaptable House p22 Adelaide Wharf p35 Alexandra Road p22 Armour Close p45 Artchive . 3/4 Martineau Road (Living Workshop) p45 Landscape/Public realm Gap House p71 Gingerbread House p36 Hale Village p40 Hidden House p47 Higham Hill Development p67 Highpoint p40 Kew House p58 Kingsland Basin Moorings p36 Lambourn Road p50 Langham House Close.walking tour p38 Hampstead Garden Suburb Artisans’ Quarter Walk p19 Hanwell Flight of Locks & Three Bridges p31 Hounslow Open House Guided Cycle Tour p44 Iconic Danson p20 London Wall p28 Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage p54 Muswell Hill Walk p41 Nine Elms Walk p69 North Lewisham Links Route 1 p53 Parliament Square p72 Re-discovering London’s Drover’s Roads p38 Roe Green Village p21 St Paul’s Cathedral and Paternoster Square p29 Stockley Park p43 The City and the River Thames p29 Infrastructure/Engineering n Open Saturday n Open Sunday n Open Saturday and Sunday The Royal Manor of Hanworth walk p44 The Seven Hills of Croydon p30 Tottenham High Road: Spurs and rebuilding after the riots p41 Tower Gardens Garden Suburb p41 Tramshed p38 Turnham Green Walk p44 Van Gogh Walk p51 Virginia Woolf in Bloomsbury p25 Walpole Park Works Tour p31 Wanstead Heritage Walk p57 Image copyright credits Cover: City Hall – Ian Hadingham. p3 Great Saint Helen’s – Aetc. p18 Dagenham Park Church of England School – Timothy Soar. Battersea p69 St Mary’s Church. Flats p58 Light House p40 Linear House p40 Mayfield Road p40 Milton Road p50 Music Studio p40 NEO Bankside p61 Nightingale Triangle Wow Factor p68 Old Water Tower p43 One Lancs p41 Paddock House p61 Peabody Avenue Housing p72 Penthouse flat. p1 Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance .Twickenham p59 St Mary with St Edward and St Luke. Erith p20 Christ Church.BH&M architects. Ex-Daily Express – Ian Hadingham. p9 Open House Volunteer .Haverstock Associates. p33 Cutty Sark – National Maritime Museu.

uk Sporting Club Thamesmead George Stowell National Sports Centre Canopy Thamesmead Trust Veolia Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility London Atelier Diamond House Royal Society of Chemistry 78 | Southwark | Granit Lambourn Road Ben Kilburn Architects 71 Greenwood Road Pitman Tozer Peabody SCABAL St John & St James CE Primary School Curl la Tourelle Architects Craig Park Youth Centre Colts Lane Oriental Club Studio 1 Architects 37a Leamington Road Villas College of Psychic Studies The Old Town Hall Stratford www.Open–City Highlighted buildings and practices in Open House London 2013 Architecture for London Milton Road Siemens The Crystal – Siemens Sustainability Centre www. A Architect on site B Bookshop C Childrens’ activities d Partial access for people with disabilities D Full wheelchair access E Engineer on site G House Green Features Open London 2013 | 79 J Open House Junior Programme N Open to the public every or most days and free of charge P Parking Q Long queues envisaged R Refreshments T Toilets Sidell Gibson Interiors The Lodge Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects Diespeker Wharf

Please provide address below left and sign above. If yes please tick here IT WOULD ALSO BE USEFUL IF YOU COULD LET US KNOW THE FOLLOWING: Visit open-city.) The charity’s education initiatives are funded solely through trusts and donations Registered Charity No. 5th edition. £7.Take part in our survey and be in with a chance to win tea for two at the Gherkin About the event: Which buildings/events did you visit this year? Which areas did you go to? Did Open House London make you think differently about any part of the city? Yes / No If yes. You must pay tax at least equal to the tax that we will reclaim on your donation. £23. Expiry date__________ Issue date__________ London Borough or County: Postcode: Issue Number (Switch/Delta only) __________ E-mail: Date: ___________________ Tel: Do you want to receive our free 2009. where? Have you learnt more about the role of engineers and/or landscape architects? Yes / No / Don’t know Tell us how important you think Open House London is to London’s cultural life Essential Very important Important Not important Don’t know Please tell us about you: Was this your first ever time at Open House London? Order next year’s Open House London guide I would like to order the following: 1 Annual Open House London Event Programme 20 & 21 September 2014 Event (published 08 August 14). £3. architect & year. 18 Ensign Street.| London E1 8JD Southwark | 79 AJ Library Building Green Exemplar Landscape/Public n Open Saturday n Open n Open Saturday and Sunday Openopenhouselondon. where and how? Did you go to an area you hadn’t been to before? Yes / No If yes. Map-based walking tour guide to London’s contemporary buildings.95 (incl p&p) 4 The Architects and Architecture of London Ken Allinson – detailed architectural guide explaining why London is the way it is.95 (incl p&p) 5 London’s Contemporary Architecture: A Visitor’s Guide Ken Allinson – full colour. £23. House.30 (incl p&p) 3 Mapguide to Contemporary Architecture (2013 edition) A map of 150 London buildings with details of for more books and products Where did you see or hear about Open House London this year? Please circle as many as apply Find us on Facebook and Twitter OHL website other website/newsletter magazine/newspaper local library Tear out Sunday page and send to: Are you willing to be contacted by us in future for a more detailed research exercise? Yes / No Thinking Green: Do you act more environmentally friendly at work or at home? Please expland: METHOD OF PAYMENT (if making a purchase above): Details (please complete for both survey and/or purchases): Cheque: £___________________ (made payable to Open-City) Credit card details: Name: I authorise Open-City to charge £ __________to my *VISA/MASTERCARD/SWITCH/ DELTA (*delete as appropriate) SORRY NO AMEX Address: No.95 (incl p&p) Sub Total £ Donation to support and sustain Open-City’s many education programmes for young Londoners £ TOTAL What were your reasons for taking part? Leisure / Professional / Both Nationality Occupation Age Gender Cost £ GIFT AID Please tick here Signature (Gift Aid is a simple scheme that enables charities to reclaim the tax you pay on your donations at no extra cost to you.50 (incl p&p) 2 Open House London: An Exclusive Insight into 100 Architecturally Inspiring Buildings in London The first hardback illustrated book on Open House London. £ Radio/TV Leaflet/poster Transport advertising realm word ofInfrastructure/Engineering mouth . Published by Ebury Press. celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012.