I, TYRONE DIAZ, of legal age, Filipino citizen, married to
SUSAN DIAZ, Filipino and a resident of Sn. Benito Sur, Aringay,
La Union, Philippines, the absolute owner of that certain parcel
of land situated in Corner Middle Quezon Hill, Subdivision Road,
Middle Quezon hill, Baguio City, Philippines, covered by Original
Certificate of Title No. P-2412 and more particularly described
as follows:
Original Certificate of Title No. P-2412
“Beginning at a point marked “1” of Tsi-(1-2)8182,
Res. Sec. “K”, Baguio City, being N., 78-26 W.,
664.52m from Triangulation Station “BL No. 22”,
Baguio Townsite; thence XXX Containing an area of
Bounded on the Se., along lines 1-2-3 by Ricardo R.
Rulloda property; on the SW., along line 3-4 by
Existing Alley (3.00 m. wide); on the NW., along
line 4-5 by Existing Road (4.00 m. wide); on the E.,
along line 6-1 by Tsi-V-617 Alvenida Esperanza
appears on the Title).
and the residential house and all other improvements existing
A copy of the Title is hereto attached as Annex “A”
That for and in consideration of the sum of ONE MILLION FOUR
HUNDRED THOUSAND (1,400,000.00) Philippine Currency, to me in
hand paid by and acknowledged to have received from ALLYSON
FANGKINGAN, of legal age, Filipino and a resident of Sunnyside,
Fairview, Baguio City, Philippines, I hereby SELL, TRANSFER and
CONVEY absolutely and irrevocably unto and in favor of ALLYSON
FANGKINGAN a Five Hundred Seventy One (571) square meter portion
of the above-described property, indicated and described in the
Sketch Plan hereto attached as Annex “A” hereof, and all the
improvement therein.
That I shall cause the segregation by survey of the portion
herein sold and shall shoulder all the expenses for said
subdivision survey and approval of the subdivision plan by the
DENR-CAR, Baguio City.
That the Buyer, ALLYSON FANGKINGAN, shall shoulder the
capital gains tax and documentary stamp tax payable to the Bureau
of Internal Revenue for the sale and all expenses for the
transfer of the property subject of the sale in her name.
That I warrant absolute ownership of the 571 portion sold
herein and peaceful possession thereof to the BUYER free from any
lien and encumbrance whatsoever.

which is a portion of that land covered by Original Certificate of Title No. I hereby certify that this instrument consists of three (3) pages including this page in which part the Acknowledgment is written and every page hereof is duly signed by the party.. a Notary Public for and in the City of Baguio. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL. P-2412 and that he acknowledged to me that the same is his free and voluntary act and deed. TYRONE DIAZ Seller Driver’s License No. Quezon hill.IN WITNESS WHEREOF. the parties have hereunto set their hands this 2nd day of May. Philippines. personally appeared Tyrone Diaz with his document as indicated above. together with his instrumental witnesses. . BEFORE ME. Philippines. Middle Quezon Hill Brgy. known to me to be the same person who executed the foregoing instrument referring to a Deed of Absolute Sale of Realty situated in corner Middle Quezon Hill Subdivision Road. N04-85-125468 With my marital consent: SUSAN DIAZ Conforme: ALLYSON FANGKINGAN Buyer Driver’s License No. Baguio City with an area of five hundred seventy one (571) square meters. SAM1-95-322589 IN THE PRESENCE OF: _______________________ __________________________ ACKNOWLEDGMENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) BAGUIO CITY ) S. 2011 at Baguio City. this 2nd day of May. 2011.c.

11111 Suite 02 Laperal Bldg. No. 555555 MCLE No. IV.Atty. 3. 2012 PTR No 4581214/1.. Series of 2011..04-11/Baguio IBP Lifetime No 55412 Baguio-Benguet Roll No. SHANON BAROY Notary Public Until December 31. Book No. 21. Baguio City Doc. . Session Rd. Page No.