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MARCH 23–29, 2016



pet population
Millions of animals find themselves
homeless each year, and pets
in South Jersey are no exception
The Sun
As the skies turned slate grey and the temperatures began
to dip below freezing, someone placed a small, shivering dog
in a box behind a local hardware store and walked away.
Underweight, dehydrated and riddled with mammary tumors, the six-pound miniature pinscher mix could barely see
through her crusted-over eyes. Severe dental disease left her
mouth sore and rotting. At 13 years old, she could no longer
depend on the kneecaps in her hind legs.
With a massive snowstorm fewer than 24 hours away, the
dog curled up in the box, waiting for rescue, which luckily for
her came in the form of a good Samaritan who happened behind the hardware store.
Picking up the box and placing it in the warmth of his car,
please see MORE, page 10

For the next four weeks, The Sun looks into the state of
homeless pets in South Jersey and what is being done
to find homes – and futures – for thousands of animals.
We want our readers involved! Go to our Facebook
page to share your animal adoption stories and photos.

Special to The Sun

A mixed breed puppy – one of thousands of animals ending
up in area shelters every year – stares through its cage at
the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees.

LRHSD budget
Residents could see
increase in taxes. PAGE 3

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2 THE SHAMONG SUN — MARCH 23–29, 2016

Shamong BOE passes
tentative budget
As district looks to pay penalty suffered
by the retirement benefits program debacle,
it is forced to empty its cap bank
The Sun
The tentative budget for the
2016-2017 school year was approved and submitted to the state
after last week’s Shamong Board
of Education meeting.
Much to the chagrin of board
secretary Marie Goodwin, state
aid will be staying flat again this
“We are fortunate they are
keeping it flat,” Goodwin said. “In
the future, I don’t feel like they’re
going to be able to do that.”
Goodwin was pleased to present that the total operating budget only increased by 1.18 percent.
However, this does not include the

debt service aspect of the budget,
which is the reason for the 2.81
percent increase in the tax rate,
which results in an annual increase in K-8 school taxes of
$120.95 for the average assessed
home in Shamong of $308,080.
The debt owed by the district is
in large part due to the unauthorized early retirement plan from
more than a decade ago. This
issue surfaced about a year ago
when the state Division of Pensions and Benefits, which oversees all pensions and benefits for
public employees, argued that
Shamong’s early retirement benefits program was never properly
please see CHEER, page 13

“We Justify Our Work”








MARCH 23–29.988.94 increase for average Shamong homeowner By SEAN LAJOIE The Sun please see SENECA. Pork & Eggs Feed is made from certified non GMO whole grains. Windows • Siding • Capping • Roofing • Decks • Additions and More Former President and Chairman of The Board of the NJ Remodelers Associations Camden County Burlington County 856-424-1610 856-234-9567 $500 OFF $1000 OFF The other “red” meat Pastured Pork Visit the website for products. District officials will hold their next Board of Education meeting on Wednesday.07 cents.m. page 14 !" ! NJ Lic. This meeting will play host to a public hearing in which a more in-depth discussion of the budget and tax impact will take place. April 27 at the administration building in Shamong at 7:30 p.94 on a home assessed at the township average of $307.6 million from last year. Not valid on prior sales or estimates.cherryswindowsidingroofing.7th-HeavenFarm.May not be combined with others offers. #13vh0111555900 In preparation for submission to the state Department of | 609-304-4347 www. Not valid on prior sales or estimates. an increase of $2. 2016 – THE SHAMONG SUN 3 Regional school taxes could increase CALL NOW FOR FOR WINTER SAVINGS! LRHSD approves tentative budget with $62. Holistically managed & humanely raised. Must present coupon at time of sale Delivery Available www. resulting in an increase in regional school taxes of $62. pricing and ordering procedures. Must present coupon at time of sale NEW VINYL SIDING With . Fertell organic balances & Alltech enzymes. In other news: • Members of the board honored LRHSD state champions from the 2015-16 winter sports uth Serving So 1975 Jersey since Deal Direct With The Owner All Work Fully Guaranteed Fully Insured The Winner of the 2014 Certainteed Siding Award of Excellence GAF Certified Roofing Contractor OUR COMPETITIVE PRICES WILL MAKE YOU GLAD YOU CALLED! BEAUTIFUL SIDING.1 million expected to come from taxpayers in the district's eight municipalities. with $116.6 million. ROOFING AND WINDOWS • Poultry & Hog • Sheep & Goat • Beef & Lamb • Chicken. Details on the tentative budget were not discussed at the meeting. the Lenape Regional School District Board of Education shared its preliminary budget at last week's board meeting. "real" grass fed & "truly" free ranged animals. The tax levy will potentially increase by 2. Shamong Township residents will likely see a small increase in their regional school tax bill for the 2016-17 year. Most of the budget is funded with taxpayer | sevheavfarm@yahoo.May not be combined with others offers. The total budget is $156. Discounts on large feed or meat orders NEW ROOF With coupon.

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... Seafood & Pasta Dishes. After becoming the school’s first regional champion as a freshman.. 1 ' • Private Parties up to 50 • Outside Catering (either pickup.# '' $(( * + ' 1 ' + )! )! * ( .*& !* .." ..# # .$' $) .. +. in the 106-pound weight class. Chicken. We offer our full menu & chefef specials which will include a rack of lamb. Adults. March 26 & April 9th ““P “Party Party M Machine” achine” April 2nd ““t “the the Shakes” Shakes” and April 16th ““H Hii Fidelity” H Fidelity” 9:30 pm to 1:30 am. Scrambled Eggs.# '''' ))- ( . 0 / / / % " & . Limited reservations are still available. PLEASE P LEASE m make ake reservations reservations eearly. Manchio lost a hard-fought match in states to a much older competitor.00 Kids under 5.. . unny.. arly.... March March 27th 27th When we will have our Fabulous ""AAll U Can Eat Brunch with the Easter Bunny" We offer: Omelet & Waffle Bars. 0 * . *! .00 Kids 6-10.MARCH 23–29.$$11. ishes. ) )*&$(" /$. 2016 – THE SHAMONG SUN 5 Manchio is state wrestling champion Last Last CChance hance TThis his Sunday.# !* . fresh fruit. Manchio has displayed great resilience throughout his short-lived career with Seneca. * 0 !*$ + + + + *..* ) ) . delivered or ser ved.) • Funerals up to 100 people.. a career that has a very bright future. *( .s Ca Carving ving sta station w/ Baked ham & Roast Pork. Saalad & a Deluxe Dessert Bar Free F ree P Picture icture w/ w/ E Easter aster B Bunny.00 25... (%)0 /$. Rehearsal Dinners.$$25. Snow Crab Legs. Showers Etc.00 11.# . bacon/ Saausage. Easter Dinner is served 3:30 to 9 pm.FFREE! REE! SKIP HARRIS/Special to The Sun Seneca High School sophomore Joe Manchio became the school’s first state champion by holding off Paulsboro's Nick Duca.. Sunday. Fried Potatoes. Party? Say Party? omeone Say Did SSomeone Did We have great live entertainment every r y Sat night.. Come Join the fun. 5-4..

Send letters to news@shamongsun.” Last week. Those are interested may reserve a table of six-12 If casinos aren’t working in Atlantic City.and drug-free post prom party to be held at Seneca. n November. 108 Kings Highway East Haddonfield. and other topics. More than half of casino revenue in Atlantic City has disappeared because of this. To submit a news release. Brief and to the point is best. The market is already flooded with gambling options – both in terms of in-person and online casinos in New Jersey and surrounding states.6 THE SHAMONG SUN — MARCH 23–29. Partici- pants must be 18 or older to play. Democratic or independent candidates for president of the United States – although that is an important choice. and some analysts believe that number could even be four. letter to the editor McCloskey family grateful for community support We feel blessed to have the comforting thoughts and prayers from the many caring people who have touched our hearts. cent years. Additional cards may be purchased at the door. Building new casinos won’t definitely generate new revenue. And we believe your answer should be “no. We’re talking about the choice of whether you believe the state should authorize the creation of two new casinos in North Jersey. the EMTs. Grace McCloskey and family Designer Bag Bingo fundraiser April 14 benefits post-prom party A Designer Bag Bingo will be held on Thursday.C. Supporters of the plan say the extra casinos in North Jersey will help recapture gambling money that is going to casinos in other states. We do not print anonymous letters. what guarantee is there that they will work in North Jersey? When you go to the polls in November to pick your next president. New Jersey needs a new revenuegenerating plan. the Legislature approved the ballot question that will ask voters to approve the expansion of casino gambling in the state to two undetermined locations in separate counties in North it’ll kill A. as well as the friends and neighbors from communities near and far. NJ 08033 856-427-0933 Dan McDonough Jr. so we look for letters that are 300 words or fewer. It is beyond our thanks and The Shamong Sun reserves the right to reprint your letter in any medium – including electronically. NJ 08033. it may just shift it from one part of the state to another. New Jersey voters will have a very important choice to make at the polls. and refreshments and bingo daubers will be available for purchase. We’re not talking about the choice between the Republican. please email news@shamongsun. operator of the Meadowlands Racetrack. Haddonfield. too. There will be a fee of $20 per player if registration is received by April 6. the many teachers and students from Seneca High School and Olson Middle School.99. not a re-configuration of a plan that is already not working. chairman of elauwit media Tim Ronaldson Joe Eisele executive editor publisher manaGinG editor Kristen Dowd Mike Monostra shamonG editor Sean Lajoie art director Stephanie Lippincott advertisinG director Arlene Reyes senior associate editor elauwit media Group publisher emeritus editor emeritus Steve Miller Alan Bauer The Sun is published weekly by Elauwit Media LLC. paid in full. Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian predicted that three more of the eight remaining casinos would close if the North Jersey casinos were approved. If you are not on the mailing list. 3rd Floor. Atlantic City. There will be 10 games of bingo played. sixmonth subscriptions are available for $39. address and phone number. has been devastated by competition that has popped up in neighboring states in re- I Your thoughts What are your thoughts on the proposed expansion of casino gambling to two locations in North Jersey? Share your thoughts on this. PDFs of the publication are online. while Atlantic City pays around 8 percent – could go to help beef up A. The Sun welcomes suggestions and comments from readers – including any information about errors that may call for a correction to be printed. for their selfless support at this difficult time of tragedy for our family. For information. Vincent and Lori Altamari. We also want to thank Upper Crust Pizza. through a letter to the editor. For advertising information. please call 856427-0933. call 856427-0933 or email advertising@shamongsun. surgeons and nurses at the Cooper University Hospital Trauma Center. And some. and a bag or wallet will be given as a prize for each game. Doors will open at 6:15 p. Sponsored by the Seneca Parents Group. free of charge. Cost is $25 after April 6 and at the door. SPEAK UP The Sun welcomes letters from readers.m. April 14 at 6:30 p. we advise also saying “no” to new casinos. the state’s only current location for casino gambling.C. too.m.” an alcohol. We’re not so convinced that would happen. all proceeds will help to fund “110 Carranza Prom House. and four casinos shut the doors in 2014 as a result. including Jeff Gural. 2016 in our opinion Say ‘no’ to new casinos Building new casinos in North Jersey won’t help the state. Our appreciation is for. in the Seneca High School cafeteria. say the high taxes the North Jersey casinos would pay – he has offered a 55 percent tax on casino revenue. Our lawmakers need to be creative. 108 Kings Highway East. or via the mail. but not limited to. Include your name. . It is mailed weekly to select addresses in the 08088 ZIP code. You can drop them off at our office. via fax at 856427-0934. the helicopter team and the excellent physicians.


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are extraordinary medical probquire pets.the communiDuring the summer. The increase is reflective of the standard conditions. page 12 strict the sale of those animals The Sun More people ‘adopt. and The protesters claimed Pat’s the second dealt with encourPuppies was selling dogs that aging municipalities to pass came from puppy mills – com. “I realized ation. It was ally of this legislation. the more I was convinced that.. was cates is these stores are selling please see STUDIES. “I after Nash’s that. common mals.and kitten mill animals in holder Jeff Camden Nash. don’t shop” movement many animal advocates have ficials have taken action against preached over the past few years. named I was convinced Nash said.whose county was one of the first ing in Camden County and only in New Jersey to take action against stores selling animals one left in Burlington County. there Mignogna. Shelters and rescues are the top source for Americans looking to acquire a dog or cat today. don’t shop’ MORE Continued from page 1 the man brought the little dog to the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees. according to the Humane Society of the United States. up 2 percent from 2012-13. the pet stores selling mill aniPuppy and kitten stores. In New Jersey. “I was really educated on “The first thing I did was how horrific a situation ex. The argument from advo. In the APPA’s About 4 million animals 2015-16 survey. who was quickly an were pet stores in malls.” Hill caught the attention of Nash decided to do somemany people who passed by. which has had a real effect sights in places such as shopping on how people acquire pets. There are no dogs for this was something he wanted sale in places like PetSmart his community to do.reach out to the Mayors’ Associists. fed a filling meal and given another chance at life.” Nash then I recognized that there are said. The more I read about it. with many of them type of operation.. government of“adopt. After speaking with Michael Mignogna.the community dog. I realized there resolution to each of the mayhad been this movement ors for their consideration.” Janice Fisher. an 11month-old domestic-shorthair mix. Sweet Heart is just one of the hundreds of cats available for adoption at the AWA throughout the year. He recognized malls. the number lems attached to puppy mill aniof pet stores selling animals is mals because of inbreeding and now down to approximately 30 to disease that is inherent in that 35 locations. “He’s also an animal no pet stores anymore in the rights advocate. who served Braslow and learning about the as president of the Camden protesters’ arguments. from mills. and 2 percent of people who acHumane Society of the United States quired a cat purchased it at a pet store. in. not facilitating this what’s going The counon. In “(Animal September. One high rates and in substandard was Voorhees Township Mayor conditions. leaving many of these animals’ futures in doubt. only 4 percent of of the 6 million-8 million brought people who acquired a dog into shelters each year are adopted. Only about 4 million are adopted each year. 37 percent of people who acquire a dog got it from a shelter or rescue. Climate changing for homeless animals. ‘The more I read advocate Alan the freeholdBraslow) was ers passed about it. adopted would pass by and I reached his family that I represent was by out to Alan to as a rescue six ask him years ago. 2015.’ on the issue at – one was the hand with prohibition of JEFF NASH Pat’s Pups and the sale of aniCamden County Freeholder why they were mals from protesting puppy and kitthere.” Law. a ty that I represent was not facilprotest outside a newly opened itating this cruelty to these anipet store on Route 70 in Cherry mals. Locally. Freeholder Jeff Nash spearheads effort to prohibit sales of animals from unhealthy commercial breeding facilities By MIKE MONOSTRA in the large chains. “The consumer is sadLawmakers go after dled with heartbreak and extraorpuppy mill stores dinary veterinary expenses.similar ordinances. He started ty’s resolution cruelty to these to educate me had two parts animals.Animals United New Jersey. “Studies have shown that there malls in decades past. there are County Freeholder Jeff Nash. just kitten mills – commercial breedahead of breeders and acquiring ing facilities where cats and dogs are bred at high rates and in subanimals from a friend or relative.thing to stop the sale of puppy cluding Camden County Free. kitten mills ZANE CLARK/The Sun An Animal Welfare Association volunteer recently took some time to hold Sweet Heart.. pet industry Shiver is just one of the 6 million to 8 million animals shelters take in across the United States on an annual basis.” said Camden in North Jersey. County. The good news for Shiver and other shelter animals is more people are adopting from shelters and animal rescues. to Mayor Mike that. when I grew up. Forty-six percent of cats were acquired from a shelter or rescue in 2015-16. up from 43 percent from three years ago.Norman’s Law fighting puppy.” ten mills. puppy mill Animal advocates have been awareness coordinator for an adbattling pet stores for many vocacy group named Friends of years. page 11 animals coming from puppy and . no puppy or kitten stores remain. Nash where cats and dogs are bred at had a number of allies. According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2015-16 National Pet Owners Survey. Sevagainst the puppy mills to replease see NASH. In New Jersey. mercial breeding facilities To spread the word.” Nash said. Nash County Mayors’ Association in decided to do some research.. the more protesting on Norman’s Route 70. He sent a and Pet Valu. where she was dubbed Shiver. are no longer places where people ac.

There are more than 100 licensed shelters in New Jersey. signed into law by Gov.” There are a number of private shelters that operate similar to the county ones. “So essentially. a greater focus has been placed on the efforts of area shelters and rescues. Cherry Hill resident Alan Braslow fosters for a pit bull-specific rescue based in Sewell named Don’t Bully Us. 25 municipalities and five counties in New Jersey have passed legislation prohibiting the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats. “We take in the ones that are going to be put down. Nash said one effect it did have is it gave the county an opportunity to promote adoptions at local shelters. meaning they service these municipal contracts. She said the legislation was essential to getting pet stores to be honest about where their animals were coming from. “It does bring awareness to (the shelters’) issues.000 animals a year. In the summer of 2015. “They didn't want people to know where their puppies are coming from. executive director of the Camden County Animal Shelter. The policy for a no-kill shelter is it will not euthanize an animal because of a lack of space. However.” Braslow said. including some of the local shelters. “It's all donations and all outof-pocket. Many municipalities in Camden County later followed suit. “Those are the two choices. Some shelters are also known as no-kill shelters. While the focus of Norman’s Law was to attack the puppy mill industry. In South Jersey alone. claiming it was selling dogs coming from puppy mills. The impetus came after the opening of a pet store named Pat’s Puppies in Cherry Hill. These privately-funded shelters rely more heavily on donations and fundraising. and the shelter relies on that revenue. The group wanted to make consumers aware of the issue. Fisher said many of the pet stores were unwilling to comply with the law and didn’t feel the state would crack down on them. on average. Braslow teamed with owner Pat Youmans to transform the store into P&T’s Puppy Love Adoption Center. “It's adopt or buy from a reputable breeder. All of this legislation has further promoted a message Fisher and other animal activists want the public to know about acquiring pets.” Arpert said. required all pet stores in New Jersey to give details on where each animal came from and prevented stores from obtaining animals from non-reputable breeders who weren’t caring for the animals properly. Don’t Bully Us and other rescues are funded almost entirely through fundraising and donations. He described the operation as a community effort. preventing pet stores from selling dogs and cats from commercial breeding facilities.” The BCAS operating budget is a county budget. For example. executive director of the Camden County Animal Shelter. One of the most common places for people to adopt pets today is at a shelter. It also houses a public clinic on site. “There are few shelters that (go no-kill). I don’t have a choice about what comes in. and we’re proud to be one of them. an all-volunteer nonprofit whose mission is to “enhance the lives of shelter animals and help them find homes. “We have foster families all over the place. “We have to take these animals into our facility.” Braslow said the benefit of having animals stay with foster families is it helps with training some of the dogs as well as providing socialization. Rescues are organizations committed to bringing in stray. the Voorhees Animal Orphanage gets two-thirds of its operating budget annually from fundraising and donations. Rescues operate a bit differently than shelters. “Some people go to puppy stores not knowing that they're puppy mill dogs.” Even though there are differences in the way shelters and rescues operate. and they are placed up for adoption. “They were hiding something. Camden County freeholders passed Norman’s Law.” Fisher said.” Fisher said. are taxpayer-funded facilities. Braslow reached out to Nash to see if Camden County could take action. Fisher brought the idea of a disclosure bill to legislators after purchasing an ill puppy from a store seven years ago. such as the Camden County Animal Shelter and Burlington County Animal Shelter. there are a variety of shelters and rescues that bring dogs and cats in on a regular basis. Some shelters. with the remaining one-third coming from contracted municipalities. Much of this goes through the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter. Cherry Hill resident and animal activist Alan Braslow began working with government officials across South Jersey to ban pet stores that sold animals obtained from puppy and kitten mills. page 12 . Rowland said the organizations have similar goals. The rescue fosters dogs from many locations. though.” said Vicki Rowland. and a bill extending the ban statewide could be on the Legislature’s floor later this year. but Burlington County public information officer Eric Arpert said there is also a tremendous fundraising effort on behalf of the shelter.” The disclosure bill. don’t shop” message to heart. “The cost per animal … It costs me about $100 to $250 to care for each animal that comes into my facility – times more than 4.” Shelters take in animals that were relinquished by a previous owner. “There are a number of other rescues that do that same thing. including Cherry Hill and Voorhees. Braslow and other activists were protesting the store’s operation. Other shelters that do euthanize animals will begin to put them down if the shelter reaches capacity and the animal has been housed there for a lengthy time. “They're housed there. “Shelters are places where dogs are taken in.” animal activist Janice Fisher said. a nonprofit offering rescue puppies for adoption. municipalities within a county must have an agreement with a facility to take in strays and abandoned animals.” said Vicki Rowland. “There’s no magic formula. in September 2015. unwanted and abused animals and giving them a place to stay until they are adopted. “We pull dogs many times from the shelters because of their capacity. In New Jersey. Pat’s Puppies changed its business model shortly after Norman’s Law passed. at the end of the day.” Braslow said.The ins and outs of animal shelters and rescues By MIKE MONOSTRA and KRISTEN DOWD The Sun No two shelters or rescues are the same. The CCAS gets about twothirds of its operating budget from municipalities it serves. The disclosure bill only worked to a certain extent.” Rowland said. just a few months after the disclosure law took effect. crediting the BCAS’ recent transition to a no-kill facility with helping the shelter’s increasing adoption rates. There’s no difference between what we do. stray animals brought in from animal control or an individual and animals collected during a raid. Shortly after.” The CCAS has 18 municipal please see SHELTERS. With Americans gravitating toward adopting pets. providing low-cost spay and neuter and low-cost vaccines.” he said. Studies show puppy mills create ‘extraordinary medical problems’ STUDIES Continued from page 10 a key player in getting a pet store disclosure bill signed into law in New Jersey in 2015. with dozens of families taking dogs into their homes.” he said.” Spotlight put on adopting at local shelters and rescues Statistics show Americans have taken the “adopt. Christie in February 2015.” Braslow said. a stricter piece of legislation began to appear. In less than a year. “We all have the same mission. The Camden County Animal Shelter and Voorhees Animal Orphanage are the two open admission facilities for Camden County.

Arpert said when the shelter does reach capacity. but at the end of the day.” Arpert said. Burlington County does not have an alliance of shelters or rescues. as well as volunteers. “That’s our nonprofit. Luckily. including a higher risk for disease. The individual storeowners will say.” Braslow was another key ally in getting municipalities outside of Camden County to jump on board with the law. it has a good system in place for those already on board. Members of the alliance also share the same animal management database. Burlington County operates differently than Camden County.000 animals a year coming from Camden alone. Braslow said it has been difficult at times to pitch the ordinance to municipalities. it can have a trickle-down effect to other shelters and rescues in the area. She also said there’s no comparison to an individual ZANE CLARK/The Sun Mel.” The CCAS does well with donations. a 3-year-old Coonhound mix. According to Rowland. “We’re always looking for more. “You have to create that need in order for them to give. choosing to volunteer at a public or private organization. One program from last year was the monthly pet food pantry. “We have a fantastic. according to Rowland. toys – whatever it is. It takes a village to make shelters go With her many ailments and advanced age. especially considering there are so few towns with pet stores still in operation.” Nash said. much of it coming from pet store owners and others who believe consumers should have the freedom to purchase animals. “It was stated explicitly that there will be a bill that comes out of that committee. However. We’re financially set – we’re not operating in deficits – but we do rely on fundraising … That’s a constant. one of the Animal Welfare Association’s senior foster homes stepped up to give Shiver a place to rehabilitate before she is put up for adoption. the Burlington County Animal Shelter is not operating at capacity. The agencies formed the alliance in 2011 to help improve the services it provides to animals and communities. but you don’t want one. “If anybody wants to donate. they’re going to give. fosters and volunteers SHELTERS Continued from page 11 contracts. get some weight on her and help her eye condition improve. “Anything we can do to increase adoptions or better serve the animals we are housing. Braslow and other advocates spent much of the fall and winter attending meetings around South Jersey and speaking in support of the or- dinance. Voorhees Animal Orphanage and Independent Animal Control. was sure to give some love and affection to the Animal Welfare Association volunteer who recently took him outside for some exercise. donations and more. Ray Lesniak announced he was going to propose a bill similar to Norman’s Law. but is also looking for more people to join. with more than 80 percent of the animals unaltered.” Nash said. There has been some opposition to the legislation. They take ownership … They’re a good group. interest in a statewide ban began to grow. public information officer for Burlington County. state Sen. .” Rowland said.” Rowland said. like the CCAS recently was able to do because of generous donations. He said the bill takes aim at establishments selling puppy mill dogs. stress to shelter staff and an increased cost to care for the animals.Shelters rely on fundraising. ‘You may not have one. “We sent Shiver into foster care to recoup. large network of foster homes. They want to give for a purpose. “and if they can see what that impact is. The Camden County Animal Shelter is operated through a nonprofit called the Animal Welfare Society of Camden County. The shelter is also very welcoming of new donations.” Along with Animal Welfare Association. dog food.” AWA shelter manager Nanci Keklak said.” he said. “It’s really the volunteer’s decision on where they want to spend their time and where they find that the need is. Camden County officials also support and work with the alliance. the CCAS is part of the Animal Alliance of Camden County. Nash felt it was a certainty the bill would find its way to the Assembly and Senate for votes. underdeveloped areas such as Camden have higher pet populations. And they want to give – you just have to be able to guide them in directing the need. Animal Adoption Center.” Foster families are just one of the elements to help animal shelters run smoothly. with approximately 2. People want to give for a reason. whether it is for medication for animals or building a new cattery space. In December. ‘my dogs aren’t sick.” Rowland said. too.” After testifying.’” he said. “When we’re all operating at capacity level. However.” Nash said. come by the shelter … By and large we’ll accept any donation. the Burlington County Animal Shelter still maintains strong working relationships with other groups and the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.” Nash is certain bill will find its way to Assembly and Senate for votes NASH Continued from page 10 eral of them adopted resolutions. animals are being located and returned to owners faster than before. “There’s pros and cons to it all. Braslow plans to continue pushing municipalities statewide to pass a puppy mill ban ordinance. “We’re all great minds thinking alike. including online sellers. For example. Right now. and we’re just trying to pull our resources together to make a better difference.” said Eric Arpert. As news of the ordinance spread. we’ll find a use for it. it limits our ability to network with other shelters. “The biggest challenge is saying to the municipalities.” Rowland said.’ The Humane Society will counter them. “No one denies that the mills treat these animals horrifically.” Arpert said. With a backend portal linking lost and found sections together.” When shelters operate at capacity. whether it be monetary. The directors in the alliance meet once a month and strategize programs they want to work on collaboratively. Creating a specific. in large part due to administrative efforts and collaborations with rescue groups and other partners. Nash described the opposition’s arguments as “legal static” and said it doesn’t address the issue at hand. We’re a vendor running the Camden County Animal Shelter. Shelters depend on these families. “We meet with them on a regular basis to brainstorm what more we can be doing.” Arpert said BCAS has an active and large volunteer group. it presents challenges.” In the meantime. That’s the first step. 8. “We work with all of them to offer in-kind services and marketing for them. tangible need for donations is helpful. “No one denies that these animals are sick. Nash testified at a hearing before a Senate committee on the bill Feb. the shelter environment was not an ideal place for Shiver. “Our volunteers step up. “The committee is passing this. Rowland said while the CCAS could always use more volunteers and foster families. we’re still a nonprofit organization making ends meet. “You have to keep up the momentum and keep up the pressure. Mel was happy to spend a little time running in the AWA’s play yard. statistically.

.. The cheerleading team also made headlines as it competed in its members’ first competition and finished second out of 31 schools... The girls team finished with an undefeated record.. Brown) 3yds . Students joined the fight against childhood cancer with student-run UDance.768.000 payment will only cover a portion of the penalty.MARCH 23–29.. Bags approx. However. The program was approved by the Shamong BOE in November 2004 to incentivize early retirement of employees in the district to save money. The board plans to use its $200. Woodend.... In other news: • Five students from the Indian Mills Memorial School participat- ed in the 33rd South Jersey Elementary Festival Choral Concert on March 5... NJ 08055 609-654-5489 or visit (Red.. so this $200.. Staining & Sealing • Deck Building.. Black.....817... New Jersey court cases in the past have interpreted the state statute to mean that boards of education cannot negotiate early retirement incentive programs without first having state approval..) Prompt P ro m p t D Delivery e liv e r y S Service e r v ic e • Mulch • Palletized Stone • Drainage Products EEARLY ARLY SPRING SPRING SPECIALS SPECIALS Colored Mulch Gary F... C a ll D e c k R e s to r a tio n P lu s to r e s to r e a ll o f y o u r b e a u tifu l w o o d s u r fa c e s ### ! ! " . Fences. 2016 – THE SHAMONG SUN 13 Cheer team finishes in second place CHEER Continued from page 2 approved by the state... the tax rate increase would have been less than 1 percent for this year... 50lbs..... • Superintendent Christine Vespe announced the school district calendar for next year will be completely in line with the Lenape Regional High School District calendar for the first time ever upon ratification from the STEA... JD 5-C N....... Some restrictions apply.2505 • Exterior Wood Restoration • Decks........ on a campus Shae Muller of Shamong was among 250 participants in one of the nation's largest university dance marathon fundraisers at the University of Delaware on March 13.WoodendLaw..$$179 179 10yds ...... PEASANT PRICES.. This year’s banquet was a particularly special celebration because both the boys and girls basketball teams won the Eastern Burlington County Basketball League Championships. Paver & Concrete Cleaning & Restoration • Painting..000 of bank cap to put toward this. Main Street• Medford.... Rebuilds and Repairs urlington County or over 20 years... GUTTER CLEANING 609-586-2300 GUTTER DOCTOR PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES........ This is the first time the cheer team has competed since 2001.. and therefore the district now owes the state money.$$109 109 6yds .... • Indian Mills Memorial School held its annual winter sports banquet in February.. Without this penalty..$$279 279 856... D o n ’t le t P a in te r s a n d C o n tr a c to r s p a in t o v e r y o u r w o o d . The pension liability in total will be $646. Log Cabins • All Wood Siding and more • Stamped Concrete. OPEN 6 DAYS FFill ill 4 bags bags of of any any 100 Bulk Bulk Stone Stone for for $1 (While they last. MBA.

Shamong. Shamong and Southampton. The team is ranked 10th in New Jersey and No. Spanish teachers from all four high schools invited the world language teachers from the eight LRHSD sending middle schools to a workshop that focused on activities that provide opportunities for students to speak in the target language in the classroom and to discuss how to consistently measure Spanish I honors assessments between all of the middle school and high school programs. Call for Reservations 609-268-6731 1090 Route 206. • Superintendent Carol Birnbohm congratulated members of the Shawnee. • Shawnee High School music teacher Nick Rotindo met with individual students during their Lunch & Learn period to help them practice their college audition pieces. • Lenape’s math team won its fourth consecutive championship in the Burlington County Math League. • Seneca High School teacher Dane Reed helped the special education program further advance by developing students’ social skills during their Lunch & Learn Fully Licensed and Insured season at the meeting. • The Seneca girls and boys basketball teams hosted free basketball clinics for youth basketball players from Chatsworth. 2016 Seneca basketball teams host free basketball clinics for youth players # ' )(" & (%! ' % $' &%! & % %& %& & " (*& %# SENECA Continued from page 3 THURSDAY NIGHT DINNER Every Thursday Evening from 5:00pm-9:00pm Featuring weekly For full menucreations go to made by Chef Aaron & Valenzanowine. • In February. students were able to attend a seminar during Lunch & Learn at which guest author TJ O’Connor spoke about his career in intelligence and security and how it influenced the writing of his awardwinning mystery novels. • Students from the Cherokee Jazz Band provided free mini clinics for several days after school for the Marlton Middle School and DeMasi Middle School band students.14 THE SHAMONG SUN — MARCH 23–29. 1 in South Jersey. They are now qualified to compete in the international career development conference national competition in Tennessee.greensideupsod. • Lenape students from their foundation of leadership class and their student leadership academy club hosted students from Harrington Middle School where the students ran leadership workshops to help their counterparts from the middle schools enhance their abilities to lead once they come to Lenape. Tabernacle. . NJ 08088 For full menu go to Valenzanowine. • At Cherokee High Chef Kevin. Traditional Italian dishes from the Valenzano Complete Lawn Fertilization Programs Core Aeration/Seed Environmentally Aware Serving All of South Jersey • Free Estimates! 856-547-4850 www. Lenape and Seneca high schools’ DECA chapters for winning their state and regional competitions.

Rick for stories of all kinds to be followed by an engaging and creative activity. Visit www. LLearn earn h how ow yyou ou ccan an d do o tthe he ssame ame a at: t: w & . #!*# oden.% . Visit www. We Tweet! We Still Twitter! Story S tory Architects: Architects: Drafting Drafting n narratives arratives tthat hat p propel ropel o organizations rganizations fforward.” Light refreshments will be available.& (&. Please stop by the branch after registering to pick up a copy. ' &* $ )' $# $"%! # * ( #(& (# '# # ( # & ' $& &)! ' # & & )! ( $#' ' &)( #. at Pinelands Branch Stories Stories ttransform ransform e even ven tthe he ssimplest implest ffruit. orward. ruit. $!)( $#' + & $&%$& ( # &' & . 4 p. uch m ore tthan han jjust ust a d elicious ssnack.% (& ( # & ! * & -$) & !$ # & '' ''" #( ( ' "% & ( * ($ & & # $& &$ $& # $)#' ! ($ # #$( $#!. $" .nj. $" +++ & . tories.lib.lib.# ( &"' $ % # !(- !% -$) # * ( ( ' ()& )! #( + ( &' ( . at Pinelands Branch Library.nj. # * ) ! # $" . $ )' ' $# %&$* ! #(' " & $"%! .m. Join Mr.MARCH 23–29. & ()&# $& '$!* # %&$ ! " )( !$# ( &" & ! ( $#' % + ( $)& ! #(' &( . Registration required. & ()&# ( %%&$%& ( %%&$ &$'' ( # # ( $# ! ( . ( . 2016 – THE SHAMONG SUN 15 CALENDAR CALENDAR Continued from page 8 TUESDAY MARCH 30 Storytime with Mr. “Goodnight Nobody” Book Discussion: 6 Rick: Ages 3-6. "Goodnight Nobody. Registration required. B ut h ow d ow ed istinguish A An na apple pple ccan an rrepresent epresent m much more delicious But how do we distinguish na pple a na pple. &# ' ' $#( (.# ($ ! ( ( # * & # & ! #( ( .'' '( # + ( # * !$% # & ( & !$ ' ($ # * ) ! # # # ( $# ! $" # ($ ( & ##) ! # $" ( . a nd a na pple a ymbol ffor or ccountless ountless e ntities? b between etween a an apple ass a an apple. nack.bcls. Through power off sstorytelling. S Smart mart b businesses usinesses cconnect onnect w with ith ttheir heir b best est p prospects rospects tthrough hrough sstories. Join for a discussion of Jennifer Weiner’s book. and an apple ass a ssymbol entities? T hrough tthe he p ower o torytelling.

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