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Saltation is:

3. Define Watershed
2. Acid rain forms from
rainwater and

A streams ability to erode depends on: 5. List four Features formed 6. Explain Delta:
by Water Erosion:
9. Caves are formed by 7. What is the shape of a
erosion from: 3. delta?
8. Where would a delta
10. What happens when rivers water form?
slows down?

12. Explain Alluvial Fan:

11. Why does this Happen?

13. Where do Alluvial

Fans form?

14. What process forms caves and sink holes?_______________________

15. What is a Stalactite? 18. What is a Stalagmite? Explain the following Features of a
21. V-Shaped Valley:

16. Draw a Stalactite: 19. Draw a Stalagmite:

22. Waterfall:

17. How do they Form? 20. How do they Form?

23. Name a famous waterfall:

25. Explain how a stream transports sediment of various 24. Meander (include where):
Figure 23-3

26. Inferring In Figure 23-3, is the stream flow moving faster at point C or at point D?
Explain your answer.

27. Interpreting Graphics What is the feature labeled A in Figure 23-3?

28. Inferring In Figure 23-3,

What process is occurring at C?

What process is occurring at D?

29. Use Figure 23-3 to describe the area that forms the floodplain for stream F.

30. Inferring In Figure 23-3, what are the smaller streams, which are labeled E, called?

XC. - Draw river and a resulting oxbow lake: