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Disciplina: Inglês

Prof.: Leonardo Drumond

Língua Inglesa

Data: 19/04/2015

Read the extract and answer question 03
Dear Maggie,
My son just announced that he is going away to school.
Bobby is a good student, and I am very proud of him.
Any college would be lucky to have him!
My only concern it that he’s never lived away from home
before. Will he be able to take care of _____?
What if there’s an emergency?
Give me some advice so that I can relax!
Doubtful Dad


Tempos Verbais;
Pronomes Indefinidos;
 Interpretação de Texto.

03 - Choose the right alternative to have the blank filled in
the letter:

Read the text and answer questions 01 and 02

The actress Kim Basinger has launched a crusade to help

a) itself
b) herself
c) himself
d) yourself

American’s circus animals.

Read the extract and answer question 04

A celebrity crusade

She complains that they are often badly treated and poorly

In China the government rigidly enforces a draconian

looked after. “These animals are kept in horrific conditions.

formula: one couple, one child. After the birth of an

They’re dragged around cities suffering in the name of

imperfect baby – be it clubfooted, mentally handicapped or a

entertainment.” Basinger was mobilised into action following

girl instead of the longed-for healthy male heir – some

a circus tragedy in Albuquerque. An African elephant named

Chinese families have chosen to forsake the infant in order to

Heather was found dead inside a steamy, poorly ventilated

try again. Declared stillborn as a legal ruse, many of these

trailer. She belonged to the King World Circus. As a

unwanted infants are then left in alleyways, railroad stations

consequence, two circus handlers were charged with cruelty

and bus terminals. If found alive, they become wards of the

to animals and the travelling circus was forced to hand over

country’s state-run orphanages. A Hong Kong source

its two surviving elephants to a local zoo park.

estimates that one million babies are abandoned each year.

(Taken from Speak Up #131)
Dragged around – arrastados.

(Taken from Coleção Objetivo – Livro 35)

01 - In “…its two surviving elephants…”, the underlined word
expresses the idea of possession related to
a) circus
b) handlers.
c) zoo park.
d) elephants.

Draconian – muito severa e cruel
Clubfooted – pé torto
Stillborn – feto expulso morto do útero materno
Legal ruse – artifício jurídico
Wards – sob tutela; guarda.

02 - The personal pronoun “She”, underlined twice in the
text, refers respectively to:

04 – “it”, in bold type in the text, refers to
a) the baby
b) the child
c) the couple
d) the formula.

a) a handler / Heather
b) Heather / an actress
c) a celebrity / an actress
d) Kim Basinger / Heather.

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millions of dollars are spent.” 08 – Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun: a) our b) ours c) their d) theirs 05 . 09 . The jackpot in many can be as much as 100 million. and his mother is helping him. Every week. b) We consider ourselves. and because of this. with the appropriate reflexive pronoun: a) themselves b) ourselves c) yourself d) himself Read the text and answer questions 09 and 10. (Adapted from www. and he’s packing his suitcase. b) funny accents. in the extract. in the text is a(n): a) demonstrative adjective. I consider myself very lucky to be able to experience both cultures. Read the proverb and answer questions 08. I simply tell the truth. but I spend a lot of time in the USA visiting family and friends. d) They consider themselves. I really love the differences. Maybe it’s because I speak French with a funny American accent and they see that I have made the effort to learn the language. When people ask me if I prefer living in France or the USA. underlined in the text. As part of his training.COM. and won. c) You consider yourselves.SISTEMAEDUCANDUS. (Active-Skills for Reading) “When we have love in __ heart. prender 11 . b) possessive adjective. (Adapted from Inglês Doorway) GLOSSARY: Increasingly – cada vez mais To shut away – confiner. These are the questions Americans ask me most often: “Are the French rude? Is it true that they hate Americans?” The answer is a simple ‘No’. on the lottery tickets. d)They’re difficult.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof. 10 .Fill in the blank. He’s 22 and just out of college. As a result. the French are among the __________ and __________ people in Europe. they are not letting their children out to play. (New American Streamline) 06 . Today.BR -2- . b)They’re Read the text and answer questions 06. Read the text and answer question 07. in bold type. he has to spend six weeks at company headquarters near Los Angeles. we can see beauty in everything.The correct reflexive pronouns to fill in the blanks are. respectively: a)It’s hers. (line 8). Whose homework is that? 07 . a)itself / itself b)himself / himself c)ourselves / ourselves d)themselves / themselves Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW. A trip to Los Angeles James Hall has a new job with Lemon Computers is Philadelphia. d) object pronoun. and winners suddenly find _____________ with more money than ever before.“his”. parents are increasingly worried about the safety of their children. c) French people. c)It’s over there.The correct plural form of “I consider myself” is: a) You consider yourself. children are no longer playing outside but shutting ___________ away in their rooms and losing ________ in individualistic activities such as television viewing and computer games. In my opinion. It’s his first business trip.about. I am an American man living in France. d) language learners. I don’t prefer.– “They”. c) subject pronoun.Choose the best alternative to answer the question below. He lives with his parents. refers to a) Americans.: Leonardo Drumond Data: 19/04/2015 Read the extract and answer question 05.

the patient said . But I feel a failure as a parent and I am afraid that my child will turn to crime later on in life. And to a lot of people’s surprise. b)herself. Dear Angela. In Brazil. help. thanks. 13 . “Because I prefer bow ties to long ties. “ How do you like yours – boiled. In fact. a) relative pronoun/ objective pronoun b) reflexive pronoun / possessive pronoun c) possessive adjective / reflexive pronoun d) reflexive pronoun / possessive adjective In fifth place was the microwave. d)them.” “ I don’t understand”. d)yourself. d) We are 20 years old. b) I’m fine. This happened because she had been dared by some older children from her school.. Ashamed.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof. Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW.In “.” “Why does she feel that way?”. the Read the letter and answer question 16 toothbrush. the personal computer and in second. the man said.: Leonardo Drumond 12 . that as a problem? Many people prefer bow ties to long ties. the doctor said. I have the same preference myself. c)her. What should I do? a)it. in fourth. What do you do? “I’m here because my wife insists that I need professional a) We are pilots..SISTEMAEDUCANDUS. 16 .COM. c) I live in New York. smiling. the doctor asked. She cut _____ while she was cooking. respectively: important. The police were called and she was giving a telling-off at the police station. I was horrified when I found out that my 12-year-old daughter had been arrested for stealing some make-up from a high street chemist.Choose the best alternative to complete the blank in the sentence. c) with a couple. a) alone.” WE COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT “Really?”. a)myself. in third. Data: 19/04/2015 Read the dialog and answer question 15: “Good morning. one of the simplest invention in history. the underlined words can be replaced by Since this terrifying experience. d) protected by her parents. c)himself. Yours sincerely. b)us. Why would she see Read the text and answer questions 13 and 14.Choose the best alternative to answer the question below. the cellular phone. she has been too afraid to go out on her own” the underlined expression means Mary is hurt.BR -3- . 14 . the Globo network developed the same research and the toothbrush again finished in first place. she has been too afraid to go out on her own and cries all the time. doctor!”. She was so frightened that she started crying – which is what attracted the attention of the shop assistant.In “And to a lot of people’s surprise”. the automobile. Now it is over she must learn to live with it. finished in first place. b) together. or sautéed with a little garlic?” American researchers presented a list of five inventions for the interviewees to indicate ______ was more 15 – “myself ” and “yours” are.

BR -4- .Look! It _____! Isn’t beautiful ? a) haven’t found b) have found c) doesn’t find d) has found a) b) c) d) Read the paragraph and answer question 19. so it is easy ____ them. Data: 19/04/2015 21 . snows is snowing snow snowing 26 . 20 . a) b) c) d) is playing are playing plays playing a) is reading / reads b) is reading / read c) reads / is reading d) read / reads am seeing seeing see are seeing Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW. a) b) c) d) work works is working working 23 .Listen! Someone _____ the piano now. The young man _____ a) is sleeping b) sleep c) sleeps d) are sleeping 18 – Choose the alternative that completes the blank. d) he helps his mother every single day. 25 .COM.I’m looking there and I _____ a bird now.She _____ her hair twice a week. c) he likes to help his mother. 27 .Some people _____ to be at home on Sundays. It ______________ a) is washing b) wash c) washes d) are washing people against the rain and hot sun. You can fold most umbrellas. 24 . Some men ______ no jobs lately.: Leonardo Drumond Read the cartoon and answer question 17. a) b) c) d) a) is / puts / to hide b) was / keeps / to help c) was / brings / to buy d) is / protects / to carry raining rain rains is raining 28 .It frequently _____ here. An umbrella _____ a very ordinary object. 19 – Choose the best alternative to complete the blanks in the paragraph.At present he _____ for a big company.Don’t talk so loud. the boy wanted to say that a) no one helped him.He _____ The Times now. b) his mother never helps him.SISTEMAEDUCANDUS.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof. but on Fridays he _____ The Observer.In “I did it by myself”. a) b) c) d) 17 . a) b) c) d) like likes are liking is liking 22 .

but before I saw it for the first time. distintivo.I _____ a clean shirt every day. but perhaps that’s part of the attraction. a) Some b) Everybody c) Nowhere d) Any GLOSSARY: distinctive = característico._____ must be stamped on his mind: he is so odd today! a) Something b) Some c) Somebody d) Somewhere 40 . c) that the action is reflected on a recent present.This social program _____ in 1975. a) has spent b) spent c) spends d) was spending The Eiffel Tower is probably the most famous and distinctive building in Paris. John and I _____ married two years ago. Then one day the friend I was with insisted that we went to see it. It was so delicate. Then there was the beauty of the iron work. a kind of dull brown.When I _____ the door. a) b) c) d) broke break breaks is breaking a) b) c) d) 31 . a) b) c) d) 34 – Choose the correct alternative to complete the blank. So when I first went to Paris I didn’t rush to visit it.Yesterday he _____ the day traveling.: Leonardo Drumond Data: 19/04/2015 29 . 35 . Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW. I _____ the girl lying on the floor. It has no function. when I was about 23. Look up and up and up and finally you see the top. Read the text and answer question 33. Yesterday I _____ the day reading. I love it! 39 .The maid fell down and _____ all the dishes. d) that someone had done something when something else happened. We got out of the Metro and turned a corner and there it was.The use of past perfect (line 3) shows a) am wearing b) wears c) wear d) are wearing a) an indefinite time in past. And it did nothing for me.Yesterday he _____ his finger._____ wanted to ask me a question. 33 . b) that something will be done. most Parisians had hated it. Obviously it had been a contemporary design back in the nineteenth century when it was built. It was huge! What surprised me was that it had a colour.He _____ three months in jail in his youth. spend spends spent spending a)will be b)was c)get d)got 30 . but even then.BR -5- . a) b) c) d) begin began begun has begun has spent spent spend had spent 37 . I had thought of it as an impressive piece of grey metal. cut cuts is cutting cutting a) b) c) d) 32 . a) b) c) d) 36 .COM.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof.Look what those kids _____ to my poor plants ! a) b) c) d) opened / saw open / saw opened / see opens / see has done have done do had done 38 .SISTEMAEDUCANDUS.

poltergeists in fact never hurt _____. a) themselves b) itself c) each other d) herself 50 – Complete the sentences: Eating disorders _____ class. I don't want _____ apple. b) know no – anyone.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof. Lucy and John hate _____." . they can affect _____.SISTEMAEDUCANDUS. We are really enjoying _____.BR -6- . Here is some money. 44 – Choose the best alternative: a) knows no – anyone. c) know some – nobody." a) his c) its b) her d) their a) some – any – any b) an – any – no c) any – no – some d) some – any – some 43 ."Would you like _____ apples?" .Indicate the alternative that best completes the following sentence: 45 – Fill in the blank: I'm a person _____ technical knowledge of computer will impress _____.Lucy hates John and John hates Lucy. Therefore. d) can know – nobody."Yes.I do not want to stay home tonight.Fill in the blanks of the text below with the appropriate pronouns: Data: 19/04/2015 47 . a) myself b) herself c) themselves d) yourself 51 .: Leonardo Drumond 41 .Despite this violent activity. . I'd like _____. Lisa is a bit annoyed because her suntan isn't as good as _____. a) nowhere b) somewhere c) nowhere else d) anyone else Dear Debbie. 48 ." a) who – everyone b) which – someone c) for whom – nobody d) whose – anyone a) no b) any c) some d) none 52 – Fill in the blanks: _____ campaign _____ benefits children education is worth doing. ."Why didn't you buy that sweater? It was such a good offer!" ."And you?" ."No.COM. Go and buy _____ some decent clothes. 46 – Fill in the blank: a) Some – which b) Any – whose c) Any – which d) None – that Would _____ like to hear music tonight? a) somebody b) someone c) anything d) anyone Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW. I want to go _____. cultural. We brought three tubes of suntan cream with _____ and we've used _____ all up already."Because I didn't have _____ money on me. How are you? Lisa and I are having a marvelous holiday. or gender boundaries. a) ourselves – we – them – mine b) ourselves – us – them – mine c) us – we – themselves – mine d) ourselves – ourselves – they – my a) something b) nothing c) nobody d) anybody 42 – Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun: 49 – Complete the conversation: He said he was going to pass _____ exam. thank you.

In “I’m looking forward to”. d) There are fewer people at the party than Mary expected. because a) the work has demanded lots of attention. but I’ve been up to my eyes in work recently. Sue Kay and V. we can infer that. b) Someone is planning to travel to the shore. Three weeks? That must be a record for you!! I’m writing to ask you what you’re doing the last weekend in 54 . all alternatives are correct. is closest in meaning to. Lots of love. It requires __________ years of study. a) unpleasant b) unhappy c) hopeless d) excited 56 – Choose the right sentence: a) There is fewer people at the party than Mary expected. c) The letter is very friendly. d) Someone refused an invitation to go to the beach. 57 – Complete the sentence: Must you always make so __________ noise? a) much b) many c) most d) few 61 . 60 . How about bringing David with you? (Can he cook?!) Please try to come. 60. "Did you like the film?" "No. I was wondering if you’d like to come and spend a few It is not easy to learn a foreign language.According to the text. 61 and 62: Dear. except: a) David was invited to a trip. I’m really looking forward to a) many b) much c) little d) lot of seeing you.Choose the option which completes the sentences below correctly: It is __________ use trying to change hermind.According to the text. we can infer that all alternatives are correct. to be _________." It was great to hear from you. Slowly. a) a little / a few / few / little b) a little / a few / little / little c) little / few / little / a little d) little / a few / few / a little Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW.According to the text.COM. d) the letter wasn’t received. I’m happy to hear that you’re having such a good time at college and a) much –What b) many – Why c) few –When d) little – How that you’ve made lots of new friends.Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada: Data: 19/04/2015 Read the text and answer questions 59. (Adapted from American Inside Out. except: a) It’s a letter of invitation. the letter wasn’t replied immediately. Write soon and let me know. Unfortunately. days at the shore. in the text.BR -7- . not very __________. he had __________ friends. d) It’s supposed to be a letter between friends. c) Someone wants to spend time with another one.SISTEMAEDUCANDUS. Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply." "__________ was wrong with it?" "The actors were good but the story was too sentimental.: Leonardo Drumond 53 . c) the time hasn’t been short. b) there was no interest to answer the letter. b) David is someone’s boss. 58 . Jones) 55 – Complete the gap: How __________ shoes are there in the shop windows? GLOSSARY up to my eyes in – muito envolvido em algo a) much b) many c) few d) a few 59 . Could you possibly giveme __________ help? 62 . c) There are less people at the party than Mary expected.Assinale a alternativa correta: May.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof. b) There is less people at the party than Mary expected. David sounds nice. the underlined words. __________ children began coming to school.

This gave origin to the “trick or treat” tradition: groups of children dressed like witches and ghosts visit many houses to ask for sweets. b) an event in which is someone’s wedding. or the Witches Day.EEAr Disciplina: Inglês Prof.Fill in he blanks with the suitable option a) for – to – on – in b) on – in – from – to c) to – from – in – for d) since – for – from – to 64 . b) In Brazil people don’t celebrate the Witches’ Day.COM. d) A pumpkin with a candle inside is used to adorn the houses in Halloween in the United States. It was meant to bring good luck to them. Houses and schools are decorated with pumpkins with a candle inside. they play a trick. If they do not get their treats. 64 and 65: Halloween ________ the 31st of October many people ___ England. we can infer that a) Halloween has a religious origin. In the United States another tradition is famous.“Trick or treat”.BR -8- . Madureira ☎ 2450-1361 / 2451-0519 Campo Grande ☎ 2413-9300 / 2416-1400 / WWW. Many years later in England. c) The “trick or treat” tradition began with children asking for food. dating back to Roman and Celts times. farmers used to go _____house _____house to ask for food. c) a day when people thank for the end of the harvest.SISTEMAEDUCANDUS. in bold type. Halloween has a pagan origin. (Adapted from Inglês de olho no mundo do trabalho) 63 . 65 . means a) a celebration of someone’s birthday.According to the text. in the text. in the United States and even in Brazil prepare to celebrate Halloween.: Leonardo Drumond Data: 19/04/2015 Read the text and answer questions 63. d) an activity in which children knock on door of houses to ask for candies.