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Seahawk Sc

MOTTO: Soar To New Heights

**Activity Bus: The activity bus departs at 5:45pm -Mondays thru Thursdays for students involved in after
school activities. All unsupervised students need to be sent to the office to call home.

Spring Pictures 3/23

Relay for Life 3/25
Early Release 3/25
Easter Break 3/25-3/28
Report Cards 3/29

Order Spring Pictures online @

Scholarship Information: Due Dates:

Willie B. Speed Scholarship: 5/1/16
ABC Scholarship: 5/6/16
Lloyd Rhoden Agricultural Scholarship: 5/6/16
Franklin Co. Sheriffs Office: 5/11/16
Linda Henry Memorial Scholarship: 5/31/16
Ayo & Iken Children of Divorce Scholarship: TBA
BBB Foundation Student Ethics Scholarship: 5/31/16

For more information or applications please see Coach Todd in room 1220

March 2016 Healthy Food of the Month: Strawberries

In Florida, strawberries are planted in October or early November and are full-sized and perfect for eating this
time of year. Strawberries are low in calories and contain Vitamin A Vitamin E and also an excellent source of
Vitamin C which helps fight infection and illness.
Remember to make 5-2-1-0 your goal every day!
5-Fruits and vegetables (including crunchy, raw vegetables and fruit)
2-Only 2 hours or less of screen time a day (TV, computers, video games, etc.)
1-One hours of physical activity a day
0-Sugar-sweetened drinks (drink more water and non-fat milk)

MON: Cereal, Donut, French Toast, Juice, Milk
TUE: Cereal, Pop-Tart, Sausage Biscuit, Juice, Milk
WED: Cereal, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Juice, Milk
THUR: Cereal, Banana Bread, Chicken Biscuit, Juice, Milk
FRI: Cereal, Pop-Tart, Cheese Grits, Sausage, Juice, Milk

MON: Cheeseburger, Popcorn Chicken, Roll, Quesadilla, Salad, Ham/Cheese Wrap, Fries, Cucumbers, Fruit, Cookie, Milk
TUE: Nachos, Cowboy Macaroni, Quesadilla, Salad, Pinto Beans, Fruit, Pudding, Milk
WED: Corndog, Sloppy Joe, Chicken Sandwich, Salad, Ham/Cheese Wrap, Fries, Cucumbers, Fruit, Cookie, Milk
THUR: Hamburger Steak, Chicken Nuggets, Salad, Carrot Sticks, Parfait, Corn, Fruit, Pudding, Milk
FRI: Chicken w/ Gravy, Nachos, Quesadilla, Ham/Cheese Wrap, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Fruit, Cookie, Milk

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Mon, March 21: - Blood Drive (NHS/SGA): in the HS Gym from 8-3
- Home V Softball vs. Vernon: @ 7pm
- Away MS Softball vs Blountstown: @ 4pm (Tournament in Altha, departing @ 1:20pm)
- Baseball Practice @ 3:30pm
- Track/Field Practice @ 3:45pm
Tues, March 22: - Field Trip: High School Biology to Estuary
- Prom Committee Meeting in Wrestling Room during Lunch
- Away V Softball vs. Liberty: @ 6pm (Departing @ 3:30pm)
- Home JV/V Baseball vs. Vernon: @ 4pm & 6pm
- Track/Field Practice @ 3:45pm
Wed, March 23: - SPRING PICTURES- Only students who opt to buy pics do not have to wear a school shirt!
- Field Trip: High School Biology to Estuary
- SGA Meeting in Wresting Room during Breakfast
- Beta Executive Council Meeting in Wrestling Room during H/S Lunch
- SGA Work Day @ 3:15 in Room 1105
- Home Track Meet: @ 4:30pm
- Softball Practice @ 3:15pm
- Baseball Practice @ 3:30pm
- Track/Field Practice @ 3:45pm
Thur. March 24: - Fundraiser: Easter Bunny Pictures- $3 Donation
- Fundraiser: Senior Silent Auction for Baked Goods: In front office lounge 8-3
- Field Trip: High School Biology to Estuary
- Senior Meeting in Wrestling Room during Lunch
- Away V Softball vs. John Paul II: @ 5:00pm (Departing @ 1:30pm)
- Home JV/V Baseball vs. Liberty: @ 4:30pm & 7pm
- Jeanne Christy- AXA Representative from 8-4
- Softball Practice @ 3:15pm
- Track/Field Practice @ 3:45pm
Fri, March 25: - EARLY RELEASE DAY!!
- Away V Baseball vs. Wakulla (DH): @2:30pm (Departing @ 12:30pm)
- Away Track Meet @ FSU Relays: Time TBD
- Baseball Practice @ 3:30pm

Carrabelle Nest: Art Show/Silent Auction

Seahawk Football Field @ 6pm
FCS Staff Birthdays 3/21/16-3/27/16 :

Randy Brock: 3/22

Wednesday, March 23rd @ 5:30pm

ACT 4/9
Prom 4/16
Senior Trip 4/21-4/24

Franklin County School Testing Calendar is available on our website.

Visit and access the testing/assessment calendar found under the quick links tab on the right side of screen.
Homeschool students may contact Richie Herrington to schedule testing @ or 670-2800 ex. 3205
**The Federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act states that children & youth who lack a fixed, regular, & adequate nighttime residence are
considered homeless. If, due to a loss of housing, a child must live in a shelter, motel, vehicle, campground, on the street, in abandoned buildings, or doubled-up
with relatives or friends, then he/she is eligible to receive services provided under the McKinney-Vento Act. For additional information contact Sandi Hengle,
Franklin County Schools Homeless Liaison, anytime at cell number (850) 323-0982 or email shengle@franklin.k12.fl
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