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More Than Just Water

Aquvista is drawn
from deep in the
Madison formation
at the base of the Big
Horn Mountains of

Table of Contents

Redesign Plan
Fonts & Colors
Flat Packaging

Redesign Plan
Imagine you are in your local grocery store,
you are there to get the basic essentials bread,
milk, eggs and butter. However, before you
know it you stumble upon the water aisle.
You look around and see all the beautiful
packaging that water companies have to offer
you. But as most people you cant afford or
even want to spead a large amount of money
on a water.
So what do you do, you start looking for a
cheaper opinion for water, but is still of good

Increase in Sales-

All advertising will be placed in marketing

with social media. Since at this moment
Aquavista only has a emailing list avalible,
the company will become more active on
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,
Google Plus and other social media platforms.
With continueing on with working on their
social media plan they will also rebrand their
website to create a more collaborative design
that will match their new Aquavista brand.
Doing this it will increase Aquavista sales
by giving the company a more affective and
knewledge about the company. This heavy
marketing push will be in place for the first
six months of the year. After those six months
have pasted Aquavista will then add on
advertisments in sports and fitness maganizes,
bus stops, commericals on cooking and/
or health food networks and billboards.
Following this new Marketing strategy will
help increse brand awareness and give their
consumers the feeling that Aquavista is a
company they can be trusted for generations.

Target Audience-

The target audience are Females between

the ages of mid 20s 30s. Those who are
millennials and are into the latest trends.
Since the new design is made of glass and
has a slicker design too it, Aquavista will
be trying to get the attention of whose
who care about the looks of the packaging
that they get. Since not everyone while be
wanting to buy something that will cost
a little bit more than the average brand,
they will be hitting whose who identify
themselves as Water Snobs.
Water Snobs are those whom just dont
love water but also love the casing that
the water is package in. In that they
would rather buy a design that looks more
attractive to the eye then something that is
cheaper to get.


Aquavista started out as a local water company

in Worland, Wyoming. They were founded in
1976 when a local farmer was trying to find a
cheaper and more efficient way to get water for
his crops. Aquavista will be celebrating their
40th anniversary this coming August. However,
though times have changed over these past 40
years one thing hasnt. Aquavista tell this day
prides themsevles on being drawn from deep
in the Madison formation at the base of the Big
Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Making sure their
customers get the best and most delicious 100%
pure Artesian drinking water avaiable.

Fonts &Colors

Goudy Old Style

Title will be placed at 61. 04pt text
horzontial across the bottle. While
body copy will be body repeated be
size 7pt bold, vertically placed on
the back of the bottle.

Lake Green
CMYK: 86 46 59 29
RGB: 33 92 89
HEX #21b59
Pantone: 330 C
Green Ice Blue
CMYK: 78 24 43 2
RGB: 48 148 148
HEX #309393
Pantone: 7465 C
Toad Green
CMYK: 87 56 66 59
RGB: 15 54 51
HEX #0f3533
Pantone: 5535 C

Our color logo will be used for all
traditional water bottle labels and
packaging. However, the greyscale label
will only need to be used if necessary.
As shown on the next three pages. It
is important to have all packaging be
printed on a clear transparent label with
a leading of five spaces between each
Logo should always be sized
proportionately to the product bottle
and should be in the center of the bottle
placed vertically in order to create
complete visibility of the logo.



Flat Packaging

What keeps you going?

When working out do you ever hit that point

where it just doesnt feel like you can continue
on with your work out? What if I told you,
that didnt have to happen again. With a
purphase of Aquavista, customers will now
be able to keep up with their work outs and
feel refreshed at the same time.