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Nathaly Meza

Grapheme-Phoneme Chart for Project #1

Examples (Basic spelling)
Pulled, pond, “put”, “pebble”
Behind, be, back, before, boy
Time, take, “ate”, “shot”, “bought”
Door, do , “day”, “did”, “told”

ng /ŋ/
sh /ʃ/
zh /Ʒ/

Good, going, “get”, “go”
Mom, mother, mittens, make, my
Not, never, noodle, “nest”
Long, “running”, “evening”
Front, for, from, “ful”, “favorite”
“vision” “vehicle”, “very”
Stock, stop, soup, said, stay
“zipper “zebra”, “zoo”
He, his, him, have, home
“shake”, “shark”, “shop”, “share”
“abbreviation” “abduction”, “vision”
Wondered, would, will
You, “yours”, “yesterday”

ch /tʃ/
j /dƷ/
th/ θ/ bath
th /ð/ bathe

Run, “ride”, “river”
Chicken, “chips”, “chase”
Yelled, “just”, “suggest”
Then, the, that, think, there
Mother, “father”, “thy”

Cap, can, care, “kiss”, take

Looked, lunch, little, like, long

Alternate Spellings
“apple”, “shipped”, “flipped”
“bubble” “lamb”, “crabby”
Pulled, looked, asked, out
Mother, “father”, “followed”, “swollen”
Back, “doctor”, like, chicken, “quick”,
Giggle, trigger, “ghost”
“comb” “farm” “lamb”
Know, on, “knees”
Off, “phone”, “office”
“liver”, “convict”, “river”
His, bicycle. Mittens, “exit”, “next”
“please” “tease” “pause”
Though, “thought” “think” “then”
Sure, “ocean”, “action”
“twinkle”, “twilight”, “away”, “wrong”
“baby”, “may” “bay”
Pulled, “dimple”, noodle
“write”, “wrong”
Jack, “yellow”, “year”

Short vowels
i /I/

Examples (basic spelling)

Alternate Spellings

His, him, if, will, in, mittens, it,

“busy”, “women”,” hymn”

that ah /ɑ/ father. “beard”. ”fawn”. pond. cap. never. stop. “thought”. “many” “aunt”. “followed”. Examples: pulled. “sheer” “floor”. “car” ǝr /ɚ/ fur “creature” er fair “chair” “traitor”. can. mittens. “bored” “flora” Spelling Patterns 1. “bow” “cow”. “snooze”. :trigger”. for. know “toe” “puddle”. “ful” ǝ about. Double consonants Double consonants in the middle of a word mark the boundary of two syllables A double consonant follows the short vowel (correct). “suggest”. “coy” ow /aw/ gown Now. his. “tongs” Long vowels a_e /ey/ cane Take. “shore”. “food”. “bought”. “air”. “wand”. “toy”. “toddler” 2. time. “boil” Out. like. father. “running”. “dear” “shore”. “zipper”. “bake” ee /iy/ beet Ears. “tale” “baby”. “bubble”. “about”. “lawn”. “dare”. Said. ir or ur fear for poor “year”. you. would. “foil”. him. “shy”. “laugh” Not. “pebble”. “puddle”. yelled. very”. have. “aboard” “more”. “apple”. open. “poor”. “could” Stock. put. ōō /u/ boot Noodle. run. “flower”. ”found” “dirt”. “why”. cap. can. “flipped”. “shark”.Nathaly Meza chicken e /ɛ/ bet Then. make. “flower” r-colored vowels ar far “bar”. wait. Consonant vowel consonant Short vowel sounds Examples: mom. “tender” a /æ/ bat Am. “giggle”. “another” ŏŏ /ʊ/ book Looked “took” “shook” aw /ɔ/ dawn. “share”. behind. ice o_e /ow/ cone Over. “swollen”. he. “shipped”. “dream” My. “bored”. bought. long Long. “tender”. sofa Away. “again”. “ Stay. put. “yacht” On. “running” 3. “weird”. “tie”. hot “wonder”. ask. “explore” “floor”. “er” words Examples: Wondered. out. “word” “rare”. “lazy”. “bird”. Unstressed vowel Some vowels are difficult to hear because they are spoken quickly or quietly. “bye” Home. back. “yellow”. how. “another”. mother. “blocks”. “loud”. “court”. “cheese” i_e /ay/ bite I. “bother”. run. “door”. “should”. “very”. chicken. there. there. Front. “mood”. “boo” oy /ɔy/ boy Boy. “toddler” u /ʌ/ but Lunch. be. off “lost” “lots”. never. “crabby”. “bother”. “spare” “wear” “ear”. “hair”. opened. . “cruel” “oil”. “their”. not.

lunch. goodbye. w. Ending blends /ng/ Examples: going. opened. looked. 9. 13. Nouns ending in ch Examples: lunch 11. t. or p the combination stands for a new sound: th. For words ending in one vowel and one consonant. “I can”. noodle. Multiple spellings of same sound: oi and oy Examples: boy. “I make”. that 12. asked. careful. Examples: I’m. s. sh. Long a sound /a/ /ai/ /ay/ /a_e/ Examples: away. behind. make. I’ve. Capital I is a letter and a word Example: “I would”. don’t 6. double the final consonant before adding –ed. door 7. careful. ph. “I don’t”. stocking. Long vowel sounds are usually spelled with two vowels Example: looked. Contractions: putting two or more words together and replacing a letter or letters with an apostrophe can make new words. . the. Compound words Examples: goodbye. wondered 5. wh Examples: then. “I think”. going 10. pulled. ch. When h follows c.Nathaly Meza 4. Examples: yelled. 8.