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definitely the movie with actors very nice. because it senseless and is confusing.STEP 1: WARMING UP 1. is charming What did you think of the plot? = The plot is very good. What was your favourite scene? = My favorite scene is when Will Smith in the movie as Chris Gardner. teaches get ahead in life even though obstacles Did you like the cast? = Yes. . after so much effort that he made What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Why? = The worst movie I've seen is Annabelle. What is your favourite movie? = My favorite movie is looking for happiness Why do you like it? = I like it because it is a film drama and has an excellent plot as it has many values to learn. granted work stockbroker. When did you see it for the first time? = I saw it in the year 2013 Which character did you like the best? = I like the protagonist Will Smith.

2. Good This is the best. Satirical This is less satiric than movie 2 This is more satiric tan movie 1. a psychologist tries to help all the time. but meets his enemy who robs his ship and attacks. . MOVIE 2: A pirate captain sailing in Caribbean waters. the captain tries to recover his boat but is a curse that forces them to become nightly into living skeletons. Dramatic This is more dramatic than movie 2. MOVIE 1 MOVIE 2 SIXTH SENSE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Exciting This is more exiciting tan Movie 2 This is less exiciting than movie 1 Long This is less long tan movie 2 This is much longer than movie 1. along with an abducted woman. not knowing that he too is dead. This is the worst. Interesting This is most interesting than movie 2 This is less interesting tan movie 1. What is a sinopsis? MOVIE 1: A child terrified by several spirits who ask for help. This is less dramatic tan movie 1.

USA Main characters Lemuel Gulliver. adventure Running time 85 min . move away. Cast Is the movie… Satirical? Bloody? Comical? Romantic? The movie has a part comic. world. but also he faces it owns consequences out of this strange world. Buzz is a modern space toy. resentful. impressive. Compare Woody and Buzz lighyear Buzz is more charming than Woody. buzz lightyear Main problems Woody afraid of being replaced by Andy’s new toy Buzz Lightyear. consequence. space ranger. PLANNING CHART Title Gulliver’s travels Place New York. family. . King of Lilliput. Title Toy Story Place Andy’s house Main characters Woody. travel. Little people Genre Comedy. Andy Davis. spying misión. helmet. presents. Unknow vocabulary Pull string doll. Vocabulary Island. King of Lilliput is smaller than Gulliver. he is the salvation of the enemy island. How long is the movie? Woody.4. Laputanos Main problem Compare Characters Gulliver travels to the Bermuda Triangle and falls into world of Little people. animation 81 min. Genre Kids. STEP 2: PLANNING YOUR SINOPSIS. Woody is less impressive than Buzz. Buzz lightyear. work together. the Lemuel Gulliver is more intelligent than King of Lilliput. notices.

Development of the main problem: Gulliver travel to the Berrmuda Triange. Characters description:Lemuel Gulliver and the King of Llliputs try to face for wanting be the kings of this world.Directed by Rob Letterman Picture What happens in the Beginning: Lemuel Gulliver is a distributor of a newspaper in movie? New York. arriving to the world of the Lilliputians. .

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