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Hin Hua High School
Lesson plan cover page
Brief description of
(time and length of lesson,
size of classroom, type of
furniture (fixed /
moveable), resources
available, etc.)

Time and length
The lesson takes place on Wednesday afternoon
at 10th and 11th period (1.55-3.05)- last lesson of
the day. This 70 minute lesson is usually left with
60 minute because students come from 4
different original classes and I give 3-4 minutes
break in between lesson.

Size of the classroom
It is conducted in the classroom named Argentina
at English Language Centre. It’s quite spacious
and can fit about 35 students at a time. Of the
four walls of the classroom, one of it partially
made up of glass, one has windows all along the
wall and another is a whiteboard wall.

Type of furniture
The movable chairs with flexible table tops make
activities easier to conduct. The classroom is
installed with ICT projector and speaker. There
are also air-conditioners, which make the
classroom cool all the time.

Facilities used: the white board cum markers , cd

Brief description of
(how many, age, English
level, special needs /
behavioural issues etc.)

My learners are Junior 3 students (J3 Canberra),
who are 15-16 years of age. There are 18 males
and 15 females-total 33 students in the target
class. They are basically from Chinese speaking
background who have little exposure to using the
language other than in the classroom. All of them

fun and energizing . Students work in group of 4 . Teacher divides them into (Pair A and Pair B). However.Pair B take turn and call out the vocabulary definition (from the green strips). as they are interpersonal in nature. Rationale Brief description on the activity: (brief description of the new idea / activity you are trying out and why you chose it – think of your learners’ needs as well as your own) The activity chosen is ‘Vocabulary Bingo Game’. They see course content simply as material to be learnt for the exam purpose only. However 20% of the students find the book is quite challenging. One of the approaches to learning they typically adopt is the surface learning approach. I also realized that female students are accounted better practice on learning habits and keen to learn attitudes compare to the male students. First pair to successfully cross out word in rowshouts ‘BINGO’ and wins. Few of them in class like to think “out of box” when it comes to presentation which actually drives others to learn and do better as well. Pair A writes the words and cross out over the correct vocabulary in the box (HO). Majority of the students are well-behaved and self-motivated. They tend to do other lesson’s work during English class-which I have reprimanded a few times. there are a few boys in the class who show lack of interest in learning the language. Hence.CiSELT Hin Hua High School are using EIM3 course book which is the elementary to intermediate level of (CEFR). I have 5 slow learners in the class-who always struggle during my lesson. The reasons I chose this activity: 1) Motivating. they show great interest in group work most of the time. Students continue the game by exchanging their role.

3) Collaboration It also enables my students to take greater role in their learning of the language as they work and share their views with their group members.CiSELT Hin Hua High School Students reach the optimum level of absorption towards the end of the day in school as they come in as early as 7. Students become active participant and take control to their own learning. 2) Include various learning style I find it interesting because it combines several intelligences such as kinesthetic. interpersonal and verbal linguistic on the whole. How does the lesson fit with syllabus / timetable? (e. students talk more than teacher.g. However students have built prior knowledge on what personal adjectives and . By implementing this activity during the last periods.25am daily. Hence. what were/are the aims of the previous/subsequent lessons?) Based on the scheme of work (English In Mind 3) the lesson selected for this class of students is Vocabulary of personality adjectives (Unit 11:Love). The lesson before this is related to vocabulary describing physical appearance of a famous person. the students will be motivated and feel energized to participate. 4) Teacher talk less The very best thing I like about this activity is that it fosters students’ autonomy which is uncommon in a teacher-dominated class.

Student may exceed the time allocated for the activities 5. vocabulary. to identify the meaning of the new lexical by using a fun activity called Vocabulary Bingo . to develop skills of cooperation and collaboration through pair and group work 1. to use the lexical learned to talk about their family members. students need to produce written work (homework SB pg 84 Exercise f) Learning outcome(s) (what are the main learning aims in terms of grammar. The lesson is conducted mainly to check students understanding of personality adjectives. Handout 1 (BINGO) Anticipated problems 1. 4. English In Mind 3 2. language skills of this lesson?) Materials and references (attach worksheets) After completing the lesson the student will be able :1. Student’s interpretation may deviate 4. 3. In subsequent lesson.CiSELT Hin Hua High School nous are and how they used when they were in Junior One itself. Some may just don’t like the activities and don’t really want to develop one-to –one . Strips of papers (Matching activity) 3. 3. Students will be noisy and restless 2. Vociferous ones dominate the activities. to enhance their knowledge in the lexical field of adjectives of personality 2.

especially what you will do (Teacher activity). Teacher has to have a stop watch to monitor the time of each presentation Please complete this Lesson procedure BEFORE you teach the lesson. 1. 2.CiSELT Hin Hua High School relation with their pair or group Proposed solutions respect and listen to others and take turns as well. T set up signals. Give and check instructions clearly and carefully before the pair and group work begins 3. Remember to include enough detail for your assessor to understand what you plan to happen during the lesson. what your students will do (Student activity) and what the aim of each stage is. T advice students in advance. Not to let the vociferous one dominate the class. Lesson procedure Lesson procedure Time Teacher activity Student activity Interacti on Stage aim .Holding one hand in the air. and making eye contact with students is a great way to quite the class and get their attention on me.

T reads aloud her students’ journal (Please see the attachment 1). writing & speaking Responding to T’s questions T instructs ss to copy her name vertically in their exercise book. T starts the lesson by telling the ss that they are going to learn personality adjectives T writes her name vertically (SASTINA) on the white board (WB) To spark Ss interest in the topic of personality adjectives T-S - - Listening .sensible T asks ss to continue with the following letters while listening to T . T-S T gives sample for the first letter ‘S’ (write the word “sensible” next to the letter “S”) Eg S.CiSELT Hin Hua High School 3mins Lead-in Do T stands in a central position and waits until she has Ss’ complete attention.

Now.CiSELT Hin Hua High School Instructions 1. Once you have identified. 2.S - - Listening . 3. writing & speaking Responding to T’s questions . Alright everyone. He has described about teacher using different personality adjectives. I want you to listen carefully and identify some of the adjectives which he has written using letters of my name (SASTINA) 4. write the word next to the letters. I would like to share one of my students’ journal. T calls Ss randomly and writes their responses next to the letters T.

3. Use suitable adjectives to describe yourselves by using letters of your names.S Contextualizati on . Okay now.CiSELT Hin Hua High School T-S 3mins Individual work T asks ss to do the same Ss work thing by using their independently to names. Please stop writing once you hear the bell rings. I give you 3 minutes.S Instruction 1. write different adjectives by using letters of their names S. 2. - Listening & Responding to T’s questions T. write your name vertically.

S. T rings the bell and asks Ss to exchange their books with their partner. What are you suppose to do with your name? Ans: Write my name vertically T. ( based on the letter of my name). 5 mins Group work (Matching activity) Do T puts Ss in group of 4 (8 groups total) Ss exchange book with their partner.CiSELT Hin Hua High School ICQ 1. Do T walks around and check Ss answers. T tells Ss that they are going to learn few words that related to personality adjectives.S Listening and responding to T’s questions T-S To introduce new vocabulary . After 2 mins. What are you suppose to do in your English 1? 2. T helps Ss who struggle.S Ans: Write adjectives that describe me.

After 2 minutes T stops the activity. Work with your group members and match the words with their meaning. Are going to work alone? (N) 2. I give 2 minutes.CiSELT Hin Hua High School T gives jumbled strips of the words (personality adjective)-in orange colour strips and the meanings in yellow colour strips. T asks Ss to compare their answers with other group Once they have compared . Check Instructions 1. T projects the correct answers on the screen Listening and responding to T’s questions Ans: No Ans : Match the words with the meaning T-S . 2. Match the words with the meaning T-S T asks Ss to match the words with the meanings. What do you need to do with the strips? Do T walks around and monitors students work. (please refer the Appendix: Figure2) Instruction: 1.

We’ll start with an easy one – Bossy./bôsē/ Do they do things for you? Do they always tell others what they Ans: No Ans: Yes T-S To ensure that Ss have understood the meaning correctly with CCQs . let’s have a look at the meaning of these 10 personal adjectives.CiSELT Hin Hua High School Ss compare their answers with other group Ss check answer S-S Concept check T highlights the words and do concept check 10mi ns Responding to T’s questions Instruction So.

T asks random individuals to repeat until satisfied that Ss can pronounce the lexis T.  T.S To ensure that Ss can produce the target language intelligibly.S Bossy (gestures for Ss to repeat chorally).CiSELT Hin Hua High School supposed to do? Bad tempered Do they often get angry? Do they have many friends? Determined Ans: Yes Ans : No Ans : No Ans : Yes Do they change their mind often? Do they have strong need to do something? T continues to concept check with other lexical. . Drilling 8 mins T stands in central Ss pronounce the position and models lexical chorally each personal adjectives and individually for Ss clearly and loudly.

2 mins (Vocabulary – Bingo Game ) Bingo instruction Listening and responding to T’s questions T. You are going to work 4 in a group. Pair A writes the words and cross out over the correct vocabulary in the box (HO). Pair B take turn and call out the vocabulary definition (from the yellow strips) [explain the bingo rules – get 3 in a row ( either across. (2 pairs in a group: Pair A and Pair B) 3. . T repeats until all lexis has been drilled.CiSELT Hin Hua High School correctly and naturally. 4.S Introduction to the new activity Instructions: 1. It is called vocabulary bingo game. We are going to play something new today. 2. diagonally and up and down) o and say “BINGO!”] [Demo on WB] Words become brain cues to help them remember information that helps support their understanding of the word itself.

what are you suppose to do? What do you say when you get 3 in a row? T-S Ans: Words Ans : cross out Ans : call out the vocabulary definition Ans : (Say “Bingo!”) .CiSELT Hin Hua High School Do: Let’s try it together. what are you suppose to write in the box? What are you suppose to do after listening to the meaning? Pair B. [Demo on WB] (“A person who likes to give order.) WB: Bossy The first person to say “BINGO” wins. ICQ: Pair A .

T monitors closely but unobtrusively in case discussion touches on sensitive issues. then elicits corrections and reasons from Ss 5 min Break time Ss take rest for 5mins 3 min Homework. listening and recalling T walks around and monitors the activity 10mi ns Freer practice conversation activity S. Students mark the .CiSELT Hin Hua High School 10 mins (Vocabulary – Bingo In progress) Ss perform the task Do Writing. How their personalities similar or different. If time allows.S Review the lexical they have learnt through game. Ss find a partner and start activity. T –S Post Activity. T writes common errors on WB. 2.S S. I want you to use lexical that you’ve learned now to talk to your partner about different people in your family. Instruction 1. T.S To help Ss use the new lexis in a communicative activity and provide them with an opportunity to experiment with its use.

CiSELT Hin Hua High School T asks Ss to do exercise from students book pg 84 exercise f page .

lesson procedures. Reflection Reflection What went well? Why? (refer to the learners. Through my observation. I also realized that students were able to cooperate with their classmates and peers and being able to share their ideas and connect throughout lesson. Hence. Students were managed to follow the flow especially for the Vocabulary Bingo game as some of them were helping to elicit the words by using facial expression and miming. tasks / activities and materials) Manage to meet my objectives I managed to meet my aims and conducted the lesson according to the plan rather successfully. . they enjoyed ‘Vocabulary Bingo Game’ session because they were competing among each other to see who wins the game. By designing varieties and balance range of activities which cater to my students’ needs and intelligence I was also able to drag my students’ attention into the lesson. Students show active participation in the activities Students were quite excited and enthusiastic throughout the lesson. Through cooperation (pair and group work)Activities went well Matching and Vocabulary Bingo game activities went well as I planned. Please give enough details to prove that you have understood what went well and why (include evidence such as your learners’ reactions and how you know that they achieved the lesson’s aims) and what didn’t go well and why (include evidence such as your learners’ behaviour and why any aims weren’t achieved). The students who seem to least engaged in the previous lessons suddenly found their place in the classroom.. learning outcomes and stage aims.CiSELT Hin Hua High School Please complete this Reflection AFTER you have taught the lesson detailed in your plan above.

Naturally the class became more effective because the students could feel that sense of belonging. This is something I strive to improve through my continued experiences in the do a lot in a little amount of time especially during the activity time can be quite challenging. Students feel the senses of belonging The activities used in this lesson are mainly students’ centered. What didn’t go well? Why? (refer to the learners. Giving instruction I overlooked this part in lead-in stage. learning outcomes and stage aims. I assumed that students understood my instruction and started the activity without checking it which eventually got messed-up a little during the initial stage Noise and cheating Some students especially boys were quite noisy .CiSELT Hin Hua High School Able to produce the target language accurately in the speaking activity Upon observing their speaking activity. tasks / activities and materials) Time-management My biggest weakness is the Time-management. Therefore students took active participation in every activities throughout the lesson. Some time I tend get excited and get carried away with the activities. I noticed that majority of them were able to use the lexical they have learnt to talk about different people in their family. lesson procedures.

They were cheating during the activity by simply crossing out the words.CiSELT Hin Hua High School and not serious during the activity. . so that students will be more organized and follow the flow of the activities without any confusion. What changes will I make next time? Why? Next time. the pace of the activities (especially speaking activity) was too fast to half of themStudents like the activity but were a bit frustrated not to given enough time to speak as long as they could. I will also make sure to check my instructions after giving it. Time given for speaking activity was not enough I found that. I will make sure to follow my lesson as it is planned and do not waste my time on unnecessary task. Disruptive students.Identifying them in advance and splitting them in different groups will help them to maintain their discipline. I will give more time for students during speaking activity as it gives students the opportunity to use the word they have learnt It would be more productive to slow down and then maybe ask them to make a card or poster out of their notes about their families members and put it on the classroom wall.

CiSELT Hin Hua High School Reflection Word Count (must be between 450550 words): 548 words .

advice and suggestions Result: Trainer’s / Moderator’s Name: Signature: Dat e: . Analysis of whether learning and stage aims were met and evaluation of lesson plan ◻ 5. Lesson plans ◻ 2. The use of appropriate materials and resources which match lesson plans Assessment Criteria for Reflection ◻ 4. Understanding of learners’ needs in planning ◻ 3. Ability to reflect on the lesson and gain insight to improve performance in the future ◻ 6.CiSELT Hin Hua High School Assessment Criteria: Assessment Criteria for Lesson Plans ◻ 1. The application of knowledge and skills gained from the workshops/units Trainer’s/moderator’s comments.