Panel 3: Assalamualaikum Wbt.

Yes I am very excited to elaborate on the correlation between
the dangerous foods in the market with the food quality. First of all, thank you to my beloved
colleague for her willingness to be our moderator for today and a very good morning to my
lovely lecturer, Madam Fauziah and to the others. Thank you too to Miss Syamimi and Miss
Amalina for giving the meaning of dangerous and food quality as it will ease me to do the
explanation because I bet that the audiences have already studied the definition from them. The
relationship between the food quality and the dangerous food in the market is its safety. As
mention by our moderator earlier, when a food quality goes low, the food will become
dangerous. From the statistic, an estimated of 48 million illnesses are born by food in the United
State each year, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths, according to the
Centers for Disease Control. Food poisoning from contaminated food can cause widespread
illness and even death. It means that if the quality of the food’s manufacture aspect is not good,
the food will become very dangerous and it can cause food poisoning and other illness. The
manufacturer must ensure that every food produced either in the form of can, pack in the
plastics or others should be in a good condition to prevent any contamination in the food that will
bring dangers to our life.
Panel 3: From my perspective, the other way to ensure the food that will be chosen in the
market is by checking the food label. As a user, we must do good choices in selecting high
quality food products that are able to ensure our health through radical free materials and
conform our self with food hygiene standards. In this case, it is not difficult to ensure hygiene
quality of food products purchased. This is because sanitary quality processing and production
of a food product can be referred to the food label itself that is the main choice to know the
quality of products. For example, if the label of food product shows that it contained more
chemicals and preservative than the raw materials, consumers must avoid from buying that
product as it will harm our self .Furthermore, as a smart consumer, we must be more vigilant in
scrutinizing food labels in a food product packaging. If you often read the labels on food
packaging, of course you will realize there are some products that display the logos other than
the Halal logo and it is crucial to eat Halal foods for Muslims. I hope that all Muslims considered
Halal logos before they buy the food. That’s all my from me. Thank you.
Panel 3: In my opinion ,dangerous food from the market is an important matter to be taken care
as some food such as from the night market is not hygienic or not handled properly. As an
example, the foods that is being sell openly might have flies swarm on the food or raw materials
that are not being washed properly will surely make the food poisoned thence eventually cause
diarrhea and nausea. Next, when the seller did not covered or closed the food container
properly, the food in the container might have been contaminate with other foreign substances
such as dust or spores from the nearby plant that will make the consumer sick or have an
allergy because some people do have an allergy with plant’s spore and this is not supposedly to
be taken care lightly as it cost human lives. So, the consumer should really observe properly on
how the sellers handle their food in the night market especially to avoid any unwanted event in
the future. That’s all from me and I would like to ask Miss Syamimi about her thought about the
effect of dangerous food in the market.