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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Well, 2011 promises to be an
interesting year! At the time of this writing,
our new governor has proposed eliminating
the Kansas Arts Commission as a state
agency and changing its status to a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization. As you are probably
aware, KMTA receives grant money from the
KAC each year, as do many of the other arts
organizations across the state. Funding cuts
this past year have affected
many community arts projects
around the state, and a
change in the KAC’s status
could cause an even bigger
drop in support for the arts.
So, what are we to do? First
of all, we must not simply hang
our heads in defeat. No matter
how our state legislature votes
on the proposed budget, our
organization will go on. On the
other hand, we are not
required to allow this to go through without
giving input. The beauty of our wonderful
country is that we are allowed to voice our
opinions openly, to present facts and feelings
in public and to work to influence those in
If, by the time you receive this
newsletter, the legislature has not yet voted
on the budget, I encourage you to use your
freedom to voice your opinion passionately
(but always respectfully) to your state
senators and state representatives. If we are
not willing to stand up for the arts in Kansas,
who will? Please realize that our legislators
face the daunting task of trying to keep our
state running; because the state faces real
financial challenges, the legislature will
probably have to make spending cuts
somewhere. We can respect the difficulty of
the decisions they face, even while trying to

influence them to continue supporting the arts
in a tangible way.
If, on the other hand, the Kansas State
Legislature has voted and approved Governor
Brownback’s proposed budget, know that
KMTA will be working to continue our
programs. We may need to seek other sources
of funding, or we may need to work to trim our
own budget, but we will carry on in pursuit of
our mission. In case you haven’t read it lately,
here is our mission: “Kansas Music Teachers
Association is dedicated to
helping each student experience
the joy of music. Through its
activities, this organization will
members-teachers with high professional
standards-- to foster in students
a lifelong commitment to music
KMTA will also work in
partnership with communities
across Kansas to insure that music is an
ongoing, vital part of the cultural life.
Thank you for being a part of the
Kansas Music Teachers Association. As you
peruse the remainder of this issue of the KMTA
Update, you will see that we had very
successful fall auditions, and there will be
exciting Music Progressions events across the
state throughout the spring. The KMTA State
Conference for 2011 will be at Emporia State
University, located between Kansas City and
Wichita on I-35. It will be a great opportunity
for us to gather again to learn, hear great
music, and fellowship with other music
teachers from around the state. I look forward
to seeing you June 10-11 at Emporia!
Nancy Blockcolsky

The next board meeting is Friday, February 25th from 11:15 am at the
Café Bel Ami in Wichita.


KMTA PUBLICATIONS Music Progressions Resource . KMTA will also work in partnership with communities across Kansas to insure that music is an ongoing. a federal agency. performers. Kansas 67734 for more information. a state For submission or sponsorship information.$12 Music Progressions Curriculum . please contact: Pat Ziegelmeier Executive Secretary 2154 County Road 27 Gem.$10 Also available online at ksmta. this organization will empower its members – teachers with high professional standards – to foster in students a lifelong commitment to music as patrons.KMTA Mission Statement Kansas Music Teachers Association is dedicated to helping each student experience the joy of Free publications to members Power of One Brochures (1997) Membership Brochure (1994) Membership Directory KMTA Update (Winter/Summer) The KMTA Update is published by the Kansas Music Teachers Association. teachers and hobbyists.ksmta. and the National Endowment for the ♪♫ This program is presented in part by the Kansas Arts Commission. vital part of the cultural life. For information about membership and Would you like your own simple. easy to use webpage? You can get one through KMTA! One time fee $60 Contact Natalie Wickham at Natalie@Nataliespianostudio. which believes that a great nation deserves great art. Check out our website! www. 4 . KS 66203 Julie@JewelsofTravel. please contact: Julie Watson 10017 W 52nd St Shawnee. Through its educational programs and activities.

As a soloist and bandleader. 2:45 – 3:45 p. He frequently offers teacher training workshops for piano teachers in conjunction with that series. Ohio’s Chamber Music Connection. he has delighted listeners of all ages throughout the United States and Europe for over two decades.m. Bradley Sowash has performed with such luminaries as The Cab Calloway Orchestra and The Mills Brothers. Workshop Sessions 9:00 – 9:50 a.: Now What? Going Further with Lead Sheets: So you can already play the melody and chord symbols on lead sheets. 10:00 – 10:50 a. Sowash is the author of That's Jazz. composer/arranger. He also maintains a private studio with students ranging from age 9 to 70. His publications include several volumes of jazz hymn arrangements as well as educational jazz piano books.: That’s Jazz! Incorporating Jazz into the Traditional Lesson: Bradley Sowash brings new publications to enliven your students’ interest. the applied music theory inherent in improvisation leads to a deeper interpretation of written music and opens the door to greater self-expression.. Sowash currently serves on the board of the Worthington Arts Council. The Piano Guy for seven seasons. Teachers seeking to balance their current emphasis on reading music with improvisation will leave this session with many practical tips that will open the door into the fascinating world of playing by ear. He is the director of The Jazz Workshop. a three volume jazz piano method published by the Neil A. He also serves art organizations such as the Jazz Masters Awards and several state arts councils.m. helping your best readers get “out” of the music. woodwinds. Room 101 KMTA is honored to join with Senseney Music and Kjos Publishing Company in bringing Bradley Sowash to present three sessions at the KMEA In-Service Workshop. Creative pianist. a division of Columbus. Improvisation and reading music should both be taught to all music students. Kjos Music Company. and strings. CO. brass.m.: Improvising is for Everyone (a master class providing step-by-step tools): A jazz chamber master class where Sowash will work with pre-college student musicians. 2011 . now what? Learn how to personalize your interpretation of lead sheets found in fake books. he will serve as a panelist on the subject of recreational music making at the Music Teacher's National Association annual conference in Denver. A well-regarded jazz educator. 12:30 – 1:30 p. author and educator. This session offers practical tips for interpreting lead sheets through demonstration and written examples. Lead sheets offer a compromise between playing totally “off the top of one's head” and reading every note one plays. and helping those who tend to play by ear get motivated to read music with ease.KMTA Sessions at the KMEA In-Service Workshop Friday. February 25.m.. Additionally. His broadcast credits include National Public Radio and he has been a frequent guest on the PBS-TV series. multi-instrumentalist. Learn to use the basic theory and music reading you already teach as a foundation for teaching students to improvise. recording artist. collaborator.: KMTA Honors Recital: An annual attraction is a lunchtime recital featuring student winners of the MTNA and KMTA Fall Honors Auditions held in November 2010. in which student jazz combos receive weekly coaching by professional jazz musicians and he teaches at the Jazz Academy administered by Jazz Arts Group. In 2008.Century II Conference Center. He regularly appears as a guest speaker and arts consultant offering professional development workshops for fellow artists and teachers. He also writes and arranges for ensembles ranging from string quartets to big bands and full orchestras. Grades 2 through university level will be featured on piano. 5 . because students who read well and play by ear can perform a wider range of styles and are more engaged.

6 .

June 11-12. 2011 Emporia State University Featuring Melody Bober Dr. Jane Solose REGISTRATION INFORMATION Full Conference Friday only Saturday only Student – Friday Student – Saturday 5/15 or before $75 $60 $50 $15 $10 After 5/15 $90 $75 $65 Non-Member $90 $75 $65 HOTELS IN EMPORIA Best Western Candlewood Suites EconoLodge Fairfield Inn Holiday Inn Express 620-342-7587 620-343-7756 620-343-7750 620-342-4445 620-341-9393 7 . 8 ... session 11:00 Nancy Blockcolsky....... Op....... Jane Solose 10:30 Teachers’ Panel Q&A Session: Moderator....................Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Liszt Fantasie (1984) ....................... Melinda Groves... Tiffany Budke 2:00 Natalie Wickham......... session 12:00 Lunch & Exhibit time 1:15 KMTA Annual Business meeting 1:30 Virginia Houser 2:30 Betty Todd Smith..... session 3:30 Melody Bober. Virginia Houser 11:30 Lunch and Exhibit time 1:00 Concert of Melody Bober’s music presented by: Melody Bober...... piano 15 Variations and Fugue in E-flat major.......... Dr............... Mary Jeanne Van Appledorn (b. Nancy Blockcolsky Jane Solose......... 35 .. please check out our website: ksmta... session 5:45 Banquet 7:30 Piano Concert. session 10:00 Natalie Wickham....................... Martin Cuellar................. Jane Solose.... 2011 Emporia State University Tentative Schedule Friday Saturday 8:00 Registration 8:00 Exhibit time 9:00 Melody Bober............. session 3:00 Master Class by Melody Bober Selected students perform her music ♪♫ Tentative Program for Friday night concert Dr.... "Eroica".. Sylvia Coats.. Franz Liszt (1811-1886) For the latest Conference information.... opening session 9:00 Jane Solose............KMTA State Conference June 11-12........ 1927) Intermission Sonata in B Minor ........................

to practice games. artistic expression and learning that our budding musicians will look forward to? From motivational ideas. In this enlightening workshop. Whether you want to utilize technology to teach long-distance lessons. Teachers can encourage a student’s self-expression by teaching principles of creative thinking. Virginia Houser Ever on the lookout for interesting not-so-well-known piano literature. and teaching tips. or perform). What do you do? Nancy Blockcolsky shares stories of some of her failures and successes and discusses her current approach to this dilemma. and Groups Galore! Technology Treasure Trove! by Natalie Wickham. Virginia Houser will share the results of her latest repertoire-sleuthing adventures. NCTM. but I HATE to practice!” Why do our students feel this way? How can practice time become an exciting experience of discovery. Friendly Duos. make CDs of your students’ playing. 9 . implementing. and interpretation. create your own YouTube channel. NCTM We’ve all heard it: “I love to play (or sing. she’ll load you up with ideas to use in all sorts of scenarios: Fun with One. and infusing creativity. will help you discover some of the most exciting possibilities that are available at little or no cost. Jane Solose We as teachers need to find ways in which to keep our students’ creative spark alive. you realize your new transfer student loves to play piano but can't read a note. Natalie Wickham. to specific practice techniques and suggestions. She will include commentary on leveling. Sylvia Coats. Family Favorites. Topics will include touch. you can make every lesson a rich and rewarding musical experience. or live stream studio recitals so that friends and relatives around the world can tune in. The workshop will relate imagery and analogies to a variety of musical examples from repertoire from the beginner to the advanced levels. In this fast-paced session Natalie Wickham. “Images and Imagination" is a broad topic with many facets in the realm of teaching and performing. physical freedom/technique. NCTM will walk you through the process of cultivating. Creative Collaboration: Making Every Lesson Come Alive! by Natalie Wickham. NCTM With millions of places to travel on the web today. you will leave inspired and equipped to make these dreams a reality! Remediating Reading: Win. growth. learn to upload video clips on the fly. characteristics. NCTM How do we teach emotional expression? Drawing from her book Thinking as you Play. Lose or Draw by Nancy Blockcolsky At the first lesson. Images and Imagination by Dr. Sylvia Coats offers ideas to get students actively involved in the creative process. You Like to practice? Why? by Betty Todd Smith. tone color.Session Topics and Descriptions Encouraging Creative Interpretations By Dr. it can be overwhelming to navigate to the destinations that will prove the most beneficial for your studio. Then. NCTM Whether you’re teaching an individual student or working with a group. this session will explore several different approaches in training our students how to practice so that they can reach their full potential and experience the joys of music on a daily basis. Off-the-Beaten Path Teaching Treasures by Dr.

Adele Marcus. The president of the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA)-Voyvodina invited her to participate in the 2009 and 2010 World Piano Conferences. Virginia Houser is associate professor of piano. She performed in master classes and summer festivals for Malcolm Bilson (fortepiano).Conference Presenters Melody Bober As a composer. and the University of Western Ontario in Canada. Houser is a past president of Kansas Music Teachers Association. Austria. Dr. she maintains a precollege studio. Dr. As a frequent adjudicator and clinician. Gyorgy Sebok. Dr. Mary Hoffman (music education). She holds a B. from Columbia College (SC) and a Master of Music degree and Doctor of Musical Arts degree in piano performance and pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma. Myrtle Guerrero and Patricia Parr. duo pianist and master teacher that has taken her to Korea. Jane Solose A native of Niagara Falls. Canada. where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students and piano literature classes. Style Hongrois and Variations: Three Centuries of Solo Keyboard Variations. chamber musician. In addition to her teaching duties at K. Dr. An active church pianist and accompanist. A dynamic clinician and innovative composer. Melody is in great demand at conventions and workshops for piano teachers across North America.S. where she was awarded their prestigious Performer's Certificate and was David Burge’s first teaching assistant. the University of Toronto. Solose is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Keyboard Division at the Conservatory of Music and Dance. Moorhead. William Aide. Jane Solose is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music. and also received private piano instruction from Guido Agosti. She received her DMA from the Eastman School of Music.A. Melody's music-teaching experience includes 20 years of public school and two years at the university level. and Tony Caramia (jazz). Melody graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois at ChampaignUrbana with a bachelor's degree in music education. Russia. she enjoys creating motivational piano pieces that foster her students' understanding and love of music. Capstone Records released Array. Japan. She is an active solo and collaborative pianist with concerts and workshops in many cities around Kansas and the United States. she works with all levels and ages of students. Melody has also held the position of church music director. recitalist. Damiana Bratuz and Peter Katin. In addition to teaching piano in her private studio. She resides in Minnesota with her husband Jeff. University of Rochester.S. 10 . Serbia. She is a past winner of the CBC Canada National Radio Competition and received special commendation at the International Vienna Modern Masters Performers Recording Award Competition. Canada and around the U. University of Missouri-Kansas City. Melody credits much of her success to her influential teachers who include Joel Shapiro and Andrew Froelich (piano).. which celebrates works by American composers. Leon Fleisher. Dr. Solose leads an active career as a featured concerto soloist. She studied with noted teachers David Burge. Hungary. and director of the music preparatory program at Kansas State University.U. Grant Johannesen. Abbey Simon and Rosalyn Tureck. Her articles have been published in the journals 20th Century Music and Clavier. Eroica Classical Recordings released two of her CDs. pedagogy and group keyboard. Virginia Houser Dr. She later received a master of arts degree in piano performance from Minnesota State University.

and children's concerts in Texas. A native of Kansas City. Michelle. Malaysia. “Mrs. She is in demand for adjudicating piano competitions and festivals throughout the Midwest. Hawaii Music Teachers Association and Punahou School. Coats holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in the Process of Group Environments from the University of Colorado where Dr. President-Elect and is the outgoing KMTA President. comprised of soprano Dorothy Crum. and numerous state journals and newsletters. adjudicator. American Music Teacher. recital series. and Piano Pedagogy Forum.” as her students call her. Music Progressions Chair. was published by Indiana University Press in 2006. Kansas with her husband. Coats’ book. Missouri. is active as a teacher. Keyboard Companion. performer. and Oklahoma. Coats was a member of the Sotto Voce Trio that crowned their 20-year collaboration with a set of CDs of their commissioned works. She lives in Derby. Vice President for Associations. Kansas. and workshop leader. Rhode Island. Outstanding Teacher and Service Awards Chair. Virginia. Iowa. teaches piano. Coats also plays with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and a Piano Duo with Judith Fear. The unique trio. B. and pianist Coats. They have two children. a CPA in Denver and Jason. Music Appreciation. Nevada. 11 . Thinking as You Play: Teaching Piano in Individual and Group Lessons. She is the Minister of Music at Agape Family Church and is the concert mistress of the Community Chamber Orchestra (of Clay Center). Kansas (near Manhattan). Arizona. and bachelor and master’s degrees in piano performance from Texas Tech University where she studied with Louis Catuogno. NCTM. Guy Duckworth was her major professor. and Introduction to Music Technology at Manhattan Christian College while maintaining a private piano studio of around 20 students. the MTNA in Austin. For 25 years she has been Professor of Piano Pedagogy and Class Piano at Wichita State University. performed at universities. She has also published articles in the journals Clavier Companion.Sylvia Coats Sylvia Coats. saxophonist Jean Lansing. The Kansas Music Teachers Association honored her as 2007 Teacher of the Year. Nebraska. she now resides in Olsburg. She has held many offices in the Manhattan Area Music Teachers Association and has served KMTA as District 3 President. Dr. Italy. The Piano Adventures© Teacher. Massachusetts. and the Kansas. Wisconsin. She has presented sessions about the book for the International Society of Music Education in Bologna. Nancy Blockcolsky Nancy Blockcolsky received her Bachelor of Music Education from Baker University and her Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy from Kansas State University. a veterinary student at KSU. and Missouri MTA conferences. Casey.

She teaches a wide range of ages in private lessons and loves dreaming up creative ways to motivate and inspire her students.Betty Todd Smith Betty Todd Smith began her study of piano at the age of 8. fiddle. Her motivation and inspiration stem from her love for the Lord and a desire to see Him glorified in all of her teaching and business endeavors. She is active in Suzuki and traditional piano instruction. OK for 8 years. Ron Rathbun. Natalie can often be found sitting at her computer working on a project of some sort. and Eugene Pridonoff. Musikgarten. based on Montessori principles.. lectures and workshops for teachers. and has obtained Suzuki training through all piano levels at various institutes in the United States and Canada. a state Board Member of the Kansas Music Teachers’ Association. Rosalie Talbot. Journey to Self Publishing – 12 steps to successfully publish your book. and preschool music. as well as a licensed Musikgarten instructor and area teacher-training coordinator. Pajama School. Natalie Wickham Natalie has operated a private music studio in Derby since 1998. flute. an active member of the Kansas City Music Teachers Association. and adjudicating piano auditions. and has obtained a copyright for an innovative music curriculum designed to teach young children rhythmic concepts privately or in small groups. and Pembroke Hill in the Kansas City area. Miriam Spindler-Lynch. Betty has trained in Kindermusik. a school based on the Suzuki philosophy of teaching music and offering instruction in piano. Natalie is past president of South Central Kansas MTA and Wichita Metropolitan MTA and is currently serving as Technology Chairperson for KMTA. She founded and directed the piano and preschool music programs for Tulsa Institute for Music Education. Betty provided the music program for Undercroft Montessori School in Tulsa. practical. When she’s not teaching. violin. Small Beginnings. She also runs the popular Music Matters Blog. Her teachers include Adah Coe. From developing websites to writing and publishing her book. and an adjudicator for the National Piano Guild. She is a Permanent Nationally-Certified member of the Music Teachers’ National Association. and holds the Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance from Abilene Christian University. Music Mind Games. an online compendium of creative. each project encourages a fresh approach and presents an exciting opportunity to try new ideas! 12 . and the Master of Music in Piano Performance from Arizona State University. and has taught piano and Musikgarten at Agape Montessori. and up-to-date resources for the independent music teacher. Betty taught class piano at Arizona State University and Tulsa Junior College. Inc. and her CD. She presented yearly solo recitals during her college years. cello. She is active in ensemble performances. to designing materials for her students. guitar.

Outstanding Teacher Award & Outstanding Service Award KMTA presents two awards each year to members who are making contributions to our state organization and to the music profession overall. a local teaching association. Outstanding Teacher Award: Anyone may nominate a teacher for this award: another One award may be given per year to an active KMTA member. The award focuses especially on the service aspect of a teacher’s role. etc. A teacher may receive the award more than once. One award may be given per year to an active KMTA member. The award may be received more than once by a teacher. Forms and instructions are available at the KMTA website. The awards will be presented at the banquet on Friday. a parent. the winner of this award will be someone who has made significant contributions to the state organization or to MTNA or to the profession at large. June 11th during the KMTA-MMTA Joint Conference. The postmark deadline for nominations is April 15th. ksmta. MTNA Nationally Certified Teachers of Music Diane Abelson Susan Akin Deborah Alexander Mara Balke DeeAnn Brown Julie Brown Sally Buxton Sylvia Coats Jean Ann Confer Paige Cress Sheila Dacus Megan Demarais Patricia Dixon Nata Dolnik LeRoy DuBois Marles Smith Dudley Karole Erikson Melissa Falkner Judith Fear Linda Featherston Jacqueline Gilpin Celia Goering Elizabeth Mueller Grace Zani Graff Steven Gustafson Carol Hadduck Marlene Hallstrom Karen Halverhout Linda Hamilton Nancy Hampton Lucille Hand Enid Hickman Virginia Houser Carol Klingenberg Mary Knutson Sharon Kriss Donna LaBach Myra Lemons Trilla Lyerla Judith Macha Peg Mahoney Shirley Malcolm Ezma Maust Karen McClellan Millie Mehnert Marguerite Miller Judy Plagge Verlene Rasmussen Paul Reed Tatyana Rubchinsky Mary Dean Sander Karen Schlabaugh Connie Schneweis Timothy Shook Charyl Singer Jill Slayden Annetta Smith Betty Smith David Smith Mary Smith Wendy Stevens Melody Stroth Lisa Studtmann Patricia Thompson Sonia Tsai Joyce Unger Laura Vollen Julie Watson Joan Wellman Betty Werner Natalie Wickham Christy Williams Pei-In Yang Ying-Yu Yeh Marge Zarnowski Pat Ziegelmeier KMTA Continuing Ed Romona Adams Margaret Dietz Carol Dodderidge Carol Kliewer Laurel Tiger 13 . Outstanding Service Award: Only a KMTA board member or local association may nominate a teacher for this award. This is considered to be a “local” award. It focuses especially on the teaching aspect of a member’s activities. This is to be considered a “state” or “national” award. whether or not he/she has ever served on the state board. 2011. Individuals or associations nominating a teacher should submit the nomination forms and any supporting materials to Reena Berger Natenberg. a nominee who is active on the local level may receive this award.

14 .

$225 Piano Clinic and Multi Piano Newton Music Teachers Association .$750 Multi-Piano Concert: “Musikopoly” and Master Lessons Northeast Kansas Music Teachers Association .$350 Piano Clinic and Multi-Keyboard Concert Wichita Metropolitan Music Teachers Association . Grants were awarded to the following associations following the September board meeting: Manhattan Area Music Teachers Association . 15 . please note that the 2011-2012 grant application and grant report forms may be found on the KMTA website. Some organizations are modest in size and meet only a few times a year while other organizations are quite large in comparison and sponsor monthly events that involve hundreds of students. Best wishes to all in the New Year as we work together towards our many shared goals and aspirations.$250 Collaborative Music Festival Wichita State University. and to help foster musical partnerships within the unique communities in which we live and teach.$550 Adopt a Composer/Concert Northwest Kansas Piano Teachers Association . KMTA awards annual Association Grants every fall. to support our members in achieving high professional standards.$225 Guest Lecturer Series and Student/Teacher education/development KMTA is extremely blessed to have such dedicated and talented Local association presidents and members. Student Chapter .KMTA Local Association News KMTA is fortunate to possess local association affiliates as diverse and widespread as our delightful state. But ALL of our local associations share common goals to help each student experience the joy of music. To assist our local organizations in providing educational programs and activities for students.$550 “Latch Keyboard” High Plains Piano Teachers Association .$100 Partners Festival and Master Classes Kansas City Music Teachers Association . Presidents.

net Kansas City MTA District 1 Lisa McCluer 5525 Foster St. Beaver Trail Rd Derby. NCTM 1021 N. Spruce Wichita Metropolitan MTA District 6 Laura McPherson Area PTL District 6 Maridene Lundstrom 208 N Chestnut Lindsborg. Valleyview Wichita. KS 67530 620-793-5603 momdudrey@yahoo. KS 66614 785-478-4653 Leroy. KS 67661 785-543-6405 pburgpiano@gmail. KS 67738 785-824-3755 ledi@st-tel. NCTM 1324 Northwest Kansas PTA District 4 Leona Dickman PO Box 366 Grinnell. KS 67501 620-669-0553 piano@sibyllekuder. Phillipsburg. KS 66502 913-645-4418 Hutchinson Area PTA District 6 Judy Blauer 306 Central Kansas PTA District 5 Rebecca Dudrey 1900 Harrison Great Bend. KS 67037 316-789-8653 home 316-788-7455 studio frankelsmith@juno. KS 67456 785-227-3536 North Central Kansas MTL District 4 Mary Smith 635 Jansonius Dr. Chestnut Arkansas City.MTNA Local Associations Presidents Kansas Northeast Kansas MTA District 1 LeRoy Dubois 3311 SW Dukeries Walnut Valley MTA District 6 Melba Maechtlen 2017 E. KS 67672 785-743-6452 jkjbhickel@ruraltel. KS 67005 620-442-3719 South Central Kansas MTA District 6 Annetta Smith-Frankel.dubois@gmail. Shawnee Manhattan Area MTA District 3 Sibylle Kuder 633 Frey Drive 16 Newton MTA District 6 Deborah Toews 227 E. KS 66202 913-831-3564 lmccluer@everestkc. KS 67o62 620-327-4727 .com High Plains MTA District 4 Karol Hickel 105 N. 12th Wakeeney. KS 67212-4371 316-773-2373 lavollen@cox. 14th Hutchinson.

2009 University of Kansas. Plan C Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating Kristina Wu Michelle Chen Sarah Lee Melody Tzang Eleanor Harris Kayla Lei Karis McAllister Rebecca Feng Rita Joseph Justin Mok Hali Liu Phillip Zhuang Jocelyn Wang Jackie Tian Dylan Yan Max Rong Renee Liou Aaron Li Luke Tsaur Marles Dudley Emily Yeh Emily Yeh Marles Dudley Pei-In Yang Slawomir Dobrzanski Linda Forbes Jung Spooner Jean Drumm David Tauscher Emily Yeh David Tauscher David Tauscher David Tauscher David Tauscher Emily Yeh Yangi Xie Emily Yeh Tatyana Rubchinsky Grades 3-4. Lawrence Kristina Wu Name Teacher Grades 1-2.Capitol Federal is the proud sponsor of KMTA Honors Auditions November 7-8. Group One Winner Erica Li Runner-Up David Qi Honorable Mention Christina Chen Honorable Mention Smitha Ramesh Honorable Mention Angela Jiang I Rating Omar Roth I Rating Payton Gunderson I Rating Angie Yu I Rating Mimi Wayne I Rating Andrew Liu I Rating Joshua Kim I Rating Jamie Ward I Rating Vincent Huang I Rating Francis Nguyen I Rating Daniel Li I Rating Kassandra Wu David Tauscher Tatyana Rubchinsky Yangi Xie Janet Johnson David Tauscher Jean Drumm Jung Spooner Tatyana Rubchinsky Marles Dudley David Tauscher David Tauscher Jung Spooner Melody Stroth Milla Portman Emily Yeh Marles Dudley 17 . Plan B Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating Bryan Kim Christine David Lucy Zuo Kenn Zhang Andrew Aklagi William Wang David Tauscher Betty Smith Tatyana Rubchinsky Slawomir Dobrzanski Tatiana Ioudenitch Emily Yeh Grades 3-4. Plan C.

Plan C. Plan C.Grades 3-4. Plan B Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating Cassandra Wang I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating 18 Cassandra Wang Barry Zhang Benjy Zhang Rebecca Zhang Daniel Mangiaracino Joy Chang Mindy Liu Matthew Roxas Krystal Cheung Madeline Montgomery Ryan Zhuang Baleigh Fry David Tauscher Slawomir Dobrzanski Julie Rivers David Tauscher Julie Rivers Tatyana Rubchinsky Pei-In Yang Emily Yeh Shiao-Li Ding Judy Blauer DeeAnn Brown Connie Schneweis Kelsey Jian . Group One continued I Rating Harvey Ji I Rating Grace Zhu I Rating Avni Kamat I Rating Esther Lee Mara Balke Tatyana Rubchinsky Yangi Xie Emily Yeh Grades 3-4. Plan C. Group Three Winner Kelsey Jian Runner-Up Sofia Urquiza Honorable Mention Riddhi Duvvur Honorable Mention Amy Qiang Honorable Mention Vivian Zeng Honorable Mention Edward Liu I Rating Aleena Li I Rating Hannah Min I Rating April Ma I Rating Lily Jiang I Rating Alexis Davies I Rating Kevin Lee I Rating Matthew Kroeker I Rating Kaleb Bachman I Rating Megan Lu I Rating Libby Frost I Rating Nathan Zhu Jung Spooner Emily Yeh Jung Spooner Marles Dudley David Tauscher Emily Yeh Tatyana Rubchinsky David Tauscher Yangi Xie Tatyana Rubchinsky Melinda Groves Tatyana Rubchinsky Judy Harrison Maridene Lundstrom David Tauscher Karol Hickel David Tauscher Grades 5-6. Group Two Winner Cynthia Dong Runner-Up Felicia Tay Honorable Mention Malka Hampton Cynthia Dong Honorable Mention Lucy Sun Honorable Mention Andy Zhang I Rating Zach Harris I Rating Thomas Brentano I Rating Mark McAllister I Rating Victoria Deng David Tauscher Shirley Wiebe Jung Spooner Tatyana Rubchinsky Marles Dudley Melinda Groves Tatyana Rubchinsky Linda Forbes Emily Yeh Grades 3-4.

Plan C. Group Two Winner Shwetha Ramachandran Runner-Up Lily Wayne Honorable Mention Teddy Tai Honorable Mention Tim Sun I Rating Faith Zeng I Rating Bryce Hui I Rating Elaine Zhu I Rating Amanda Mok I Rating Ashley Habash I Rating Quincy Beeler I Rating Edmond Cheung I Rating Cora Selzer I Rating Eunice Lee Tatiana Ioudenitch Marles Dudley Mara Balke Tatyana Rubchinsky Yangi Xie Melody Stroth Tatyana Rubchinsky David Tauscher Celia Goering Jean Drumm Shane Galentine Heather Mueller Emily Yeh Grades 5-6. Plan C.Gwen Liu Grades 5-6. Group One Winner Jennifer Kim Runner-Up Evelyn Chang Honorable Mention Katharine Wu Honorable Mention Christina Rong Honorable Mention Luther Fuller Honorable Mention Kevin Man I Rating Shera Bhala I Rating Amanda Li I Rating Lindsey Hart I Rating Shulammite Lim I Rating Rohit Ramachandran I Rating Raghav Gupta I Rating Karen Lee I Rating Gem Acabal I Rating Max Wang I Rating Anita Song I Rating Erin Scherl I Rating Stepanie Fu I Rating Claire Houchen David Tauscher Tatyana Rubchinsky Marles Dudley Emily Yeh Jean Drumm Mara Balke Jung Spooner David Tauscher Amy Ludwig Yangi Xie Tatiana Ioudenitch Pei-In Yang Emily Yeh Jolene Zimmerman David Tauscher Beth Grace Janet Johnson Slawomir Dobrzanski Sharon Eckart Grades 5-6. Group Three Winner Gwen Liu Runner-Up Bryan Jiang Honorable Mention Angelynn Ng Honorable Mention Alex Wang Honorable Mention Kristen Xu I Rating William Zhuang I Rating Karl Rack I Rating Madeline Hoffman I Rating Kimberly Reiser I Rating Saskia Ferrara I Rating Jiawen Lin I Rating Alex Vaz I Rating Ashlee Henwood I Rating Faith Schwemmer I Rating Daniel Owens I Rating Natalie Prauser Emily Yeh Timothy Shook Shirley Wiebe Tatyana Rubchinsky David Tauscher David Tauscher Kay Werth Celia Goering Judy Blauer Jean Drumm Shane Galentine Melinda Groves Annetta Smith-Frankel Christy Williams Heather Mueller Amy Ludwig 19 . Plan C.

Cheng Honorable Mention Emily Zhu Honorable Mention Cathy Lei Honorable Mention Johnny Douglas Katelynn Quick Honorable Mention Alexandra Keleti I Rating Niles Chen I Rating Christopher Petruzzi I Rating Grace Brentano I Rating Samuel Liu I Rating Yaqi Zhang I Rating Ian Breidenbach I Rating Daniel Lerew I Rating Ilene Adair 20 Tatyana Rubchinsky DeeAnn Brown Linda Forbes Emily Yeh David Tauscher Beth Grace Betty Smith DeeAnn Brown Betty Smith Timothy Shook David Tauscher Betty Smith Beth Grace Emily Yeh Tiffnay Wang Tatyana Rubchinsky Tatiana Ioudenitch Marles Dudley David Tauscher Jean Drumm Marles Dudley David Tauscher Melody Stroth Jolene Zimmerman Emily Yeh David Tauscher Amy Ludwig Tatyana Rubchinsky Melody Stroth Yangi Xie Milla Portman Nancie Dalke Mara Balke Marilynn Bahr Melody Stroth Marles Dudley Yangi Xie Tatyana Rubchinsky Slawomir Dobrzanski David Tauscher David Tauscher David Tauscher Betty Smith Tatyana Rubchinsky Emily Yeh David Tauscher Myra Lemons Cheryl Metcalf Nancie Dalke . Plan B Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating Winner Gavin Zhu David Thacker Grayce McAllister Catherine Jung William Liu Anna Nguyen Hannah David Richard Sun Hannah Uebelein Allison Tung Haotian Xue Sarah Walje Jacqueline Ma Grades 7-8. Plan C. Group One Winner Tiffany Wang Runner-Up Riya Rana Honorable Mention Angela Toplikar Honorable Mention Clara Ma Honorable Mention Patricia Lu I Rating Brian Chang I Rating Renny Ma I Rating Tony Ma I Rating Mariel Gauger I Rating Gale Acabal I Rating Elizabeth Liu I Rating Helen Peng I Rating Lauren Hart I Rating Claudia Chen I Rating Cassandra Parker I Rating Edward Tsang I Rating Nate Ybarra I Rating Adeline Chang I Rating Lindsey Paul I Rating Mallory Lutz Grades 7-8. Plan C. Group Two Winner Katelynn Quick Runner-Up Alexa Birt Honorable Mention Tony R.Grades 7-8.

Grades 7-8. Plan C. Group One Winner Eric Zheng Runner-Up Fedor Sharov Honorable Mention Hannah Kim Honorable Mention Maria Ferrara Honorable Mention Kevin Cao Honorable Mention Jean Song Honorable Mention Daniel Han Celia Goering Christine Vitztum Erikson. Group Three Winner Naomi Kurata Runner-Up Spenser White Honorable Mention Cindy Wang Honorable Mention Megan Rodrigues Honorable Mention Brettany Williams Naomi Kurata Honorable Mention Katie Lee Honorable Mention Jennah Minnick Honorable Mention Michael Noren Honorable Mention Shannon Tho Honorable Mention Ellen Kurtzweil Honorable Mention Kathryn Campbell Honorable Mention Christine Zheng I Rating Charles Li I Rating Isaac Witte I Rating Selina Liu I Rating Vivek Velagapudi I Rating Ralsten Tersol I Rating Jared Rack I Rating Marinda Haas I Rating Katie Zhu Grades 9-10. Plan C. Plan C. Karole Mara Balke Carole Ross Jeanette Krenzin Marles Dudley Nancie Dalke Judy Blauer Tatyana Rubchinsky Annetta Smith-Frankel Cheryl Metcalf Emily Yeh Christy Williams Verna Davidson David Tauscher David Tauscher Melody Stroth David Tauscher Mara Balke Judy Harrison Kay Werth Verna Davidson David Tauscher David Tauscher Marles Dudley Melody Stroth David Tauscher Beth Grace David Tauscher David Tauscher Annette Adams Pat Thompson Carole Ross Betty Smith Betty Smith Betty Smith Kay Werth Judy Blauer Betty Smith Cindy Wang Tatyana Rubchinsky Jung Spooner Marles Dudley Jean Drumm Emily Yeh Beth Grace Yangi Xie 21 . Group Two continued I Rating John Doerksen I Rating Melissa Pfeifer I Rating Kaylyn Oberle I Rating Maybelle Balino Grades 7-8. Plan B Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating Eric Zheng Cindy Wang Olivia Zhao Cindy Ouyang Annie Zhang Abby Perkins Isabel Keleti Daria LeGrand Henry Recker Jean Janasz Alita Joseph Hannah Trembly Riley Siuda Jasmine Schick Roy Schmeidler Laura Thompson John Nish Grades 9-10.

Group One Winner Amy Shelden Runner-Up Emilie Winn Honorable Mention Anna Murphy Honorable Mention Connor Siler I Rating Caitlin Laird I Rating Brandon Bachar I Rating Ellie Dickens I Rating Angela Lee I Rating Yih-Wen Huynh I Rating Emily Xouris 22 Christy Williams Myra Lemons Slawomir Dobrzanski Norah Figg Janet Johnson Tatyana Rubchinsky Beth Grace Mara Balke Yangi Xie Sharon Eckart Amy Sheldon . Plan B Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating I Rating Judith Fear Betty Smith Mara Balke Melody Stroth Tatiana Ioudenitch David Tauscher Mary Detrick Hannah Nish Rex Tai Taylor Winkler Becky Marvin Elizabeth Wheelock Grades 11-12.Mary Detrick Grades 9-10. Plan C. Plan C. Group Two Winner Spencer Arrowood Runner-Up Luke Chen Honorable Mention Katherine Moore Honorable Mention Jacob Brull I Rating Crista Houchen I Rating Lucas Popp I Rating James Campo I Rating Jacob Coons I Rating Makenzie Beaman I Rating Rowena Xia I Rating Alan Liu I Rating Sian Li I Rating Veronica Campbell I Rating Iris Dew I Rating Gabby Reeves I Rating Catherine Evenson I Rating Michelle Chen I Rating Audrey Chang I Rating Jeanette C. Tho I Rating Megan Dillon I Rating E-Ann Wang I Rating Ashwini Kamat Melody Stroth Yangi Xie Theresa Lindemann Christine Vitztum Sharon Eckart Susan Paige Cress Kimberly Murphy Jung Spooner Spencer Arrowood Melody Stroth David Tauscher Timothy Shook Emily Yeh Verna Davidson Marles Dudley Linda Forbes Judy Blauer Tatyana Rubchinsky Nancie Dalke Emily Yeh Yordy. Group One continued Honorable Mention Megan Lilley Honorable Mention Josephine Tsaur Honorable Mention Landon Gille I Rating Maddie Douglas I Rating Austin Bachar I Rating Brian Kongs I Rating Kyle Meares I Rating Mykell Ma I Rating Katey Whitesell Julie Rivers Mara Balke Melody Stroth David Tauscher Tatyana Rubchinsky Theresa Lindemann Shane Galentine Yangi Xie Verna Davidson Grades 9-10. Plan C. HollyAnne Theresa Lindemann Yangi Xie Grades 11-12.

Shulammite Lim Grades 11-12. Plan C. Group Two Winner Rosemary Liu Runner-Up Rachel Iba Honorable Mention Allen Xu Honorable Mention Michelle Yeung I Rating Avery Nickerson I Rating Faith Brown I Rating Maureen Chung I Rating Stacy Diao I Rating Will Cockriel I Rating Chae Simpson I Rating Ariel Hoppe I Rating Jared Rogers I Rating Carlie Houchen David Tauscher Mara Balke Tatyana Rubchinsky Celia Goering Sharon Eckart Christy Williams Tatyana Rubchinsky Sally Buxton Mara Balke Judy Blauer Verna Davidson Susan Paige Cress Sharon Eckart Grades 1-3 Strings Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating Lynne Li Caleb Lim Shaurir Ramanujan Owen Li Serena Xiao Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Pei-In Yang Pei-In Yang Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Grades 4-6 Strings Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating I Rating Shulammite Lim Lucy Li Evelyn Chang Rebecca Zhang Grace Davis Alex Wang Angela Jiang Maika Niwa Mindy Liu Austin Wang Kayo Hasegawa Kayo Hasegawa Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Cynthia Scully Cynthia Scully Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Cynthia Scully Kayo Hasegawa Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Bonnie Starr Grades 7-9 Strings Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention I Rating I Rating Madison Ryan Lisa Erhart Mykell Ma Roy Schmeidler Rosanna Chan Helen Peng Annie Zhang Grades 10-12 Strings Winner Runner-Up Honorable Mention I Rating Austin Rice Elizabeth Tobald Anna Ladd Sarah Meier Cynthia Scully Cynthia Scully Kayo Hasegawa Nathan Mark Cynthia Scully Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Cynthia Scully Madison Ryan Cynthia Scully Doug Beyer Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer Lubi Paskaleva-Kulzer 23 . Plan C. Group One continued I Rating Kate Cooley I Rating Emily Suter I Rating Matthew McAllister I Rating Phillip Kurtzweil Cindy Strait Judy Blauer Linda Forbes Christy Williams Grades 11-12.

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place KMTA Freshman/Sophomore Piano Alheli Aranda Reena Natenberg Emily Artzis Steven Spooner William Maderos-Treaster Richard Reber KMTA Junior/Senior Piano 1st Place JiHye Lee 2nd Place Alexandra Jones 3rd Place Karine Khow Honorable Mention Luis Reyes Richard Reber DeeAnn Brown DeeAnn Brown Reena Natenberg KMTA Graduate Piano 1st Place Laura Hrivnak 2nd Place Rachel Wilder 3rd Place Daniel Benitz Jack Winerock Steven Spooner Reena Natenberg MTNA Competitions MTNA Junior Piano Winner Chaeyoung Park Alternate Sharon Lee MTNA Junior Strings Winner Emily Shehi Chaeyoung Park Alternate Alina Zheng Honorable Mention David Thacker Luke Rhodes Jack Winerock Paula Neihouse Alice Joy Lewis Steven Elisha Susan Mayo MTNA Junior – Woodwinds Representative Catherine Jung Emily Yeh MTNA Senior .Brass Winner Michael Cooper Alternate Michael Campbell Honorable Mention Breanna Ellison Catherine Jung Paul Stevens Steven Maxwell Paul Stevens Tanner Menees 24 .Brass Representative Trisha Herbert Craig Parker MTNA Senior Piano Winner Alternate Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Luke Rhodes Abigail Lingg Yoonji Seo Grace Brungardt Steven Spooner Andrew Trechak John McIntyre Shirley Wiebe MTNA Senior Strings Winner Alternate Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Tanner Menees Molly Vogt Joe Teeter Karen Lu Jackie Lee David Kovac Steven Elisha Lubomira Paskaleva-Kulzer MTNA Senior Voice Representative Angela Thomas Vanessa Thomas MTNA Young Artist .Woodwinds Representative Thomas Strauser David Fedele MTNA Senior .

Woodwinds Winner CJ Longabaugh Alternate Keri Wing Honorable Mention Christopher Roth Anna Marie Wytko Vincent Gnojek Rebecca Meador MTNA Chamber Winner Alternate MTNA Duet Team Representative Kammer Trio KSU Saxophone Quartet Jackie Lee Anne Marie Wytko Abigail Lingg Corinne Penner Andrew Trechak Christy Williams MTNA Elementary Composition Representative Sofia Urquiza Emily Yeh MTNA Senior Composition Winner Mary Detrick Honorable Mention Druv Bhagavan Judith Fear Tatiana Ioudenitch MTNA Young Artist .Sophia Urquiza MTNA Young Artist .Piano Winner Crystal Lam Alternate Joshua Charles Honorable Mention Yaokun Yang Jack Winerock Steven Spooner Steven Spooner MTNA Young Artist .Composition Representative Karine Khow DeeAnn Brown Mary Detrick 25 .Voice Representative Leanne Scaggs Deborah Baxter MTNA Young Artist .

26 .

KS 66061. teacher. and Mrs. Carole Ross John Huber Dr. Gordon Terwilliger Frances A. Olathe. clinician.Wallingford Nelle O. Robert Steinbauer Mary Ann Saulmon Marjorie Cogswell Marguerite Miller Verda Jones Billips Pfeifer Ida Dafee Hardy Nell Hoyle Betty Watt Nell Taylor Esther Wessel Farmer Naomi Bauer Sister Susanna Collister Jo Stimson Joan Wellman Elaine Duncan Judy Plagge Pat Ziegelmeier Lesta Anderson Della Cranmer Dee Ann Brown Rosamund Nyman Jeanette Waters Virginia Downing Lois Moon Mary Hanson Mildred Finfrock Dora Zemp Robyn Gibson Naegeli Metcalf Linda Stogner Jana Magrath Margaret Gillespie Vogel Mr. it challenges and helps you to make the same kind of impact on others. co-worker. KMTA member. email: bt55smith@aol. which in turn invites you to honor one who impacted your music study. "Honor a special person and make your own impact on music study by mailing in the form below. What is the Power of One? It was established for creating public awareness of music study benefits. 19065 West 115th Terrace. Kansas Music Teachers Association Power of One Recognition Project I wish to make a donation of________in recognition of_________________________ who made a difference in my professional life by:_________________________________________ Name and address of person honored or their family: _________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Name and address of person making the donation: ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Please send this information along with your donation to: Betty Smith NCTM.g.. Fischer Ruth Lighter Mary Ann Hanschu Sharon Kriss Jan Shumway Mary Jo Kurtz Sharon Montgomery Bernice Schoneweis Dr. R. The person honored will be entered in our Book of Remembrance for display at State Conferences.The Power of One You are asking your colleagues. (e. Taylor KMTA Power of One Honorees Dr. Jack Winerock Betty Werner Kathy Judd Judith Fear David Tauscher Sylvia Coats Linda Featherston Nancy Blockcolsky Marles Dudley Mara Balke Melody Stroth Congratulations! 27 .A. composer).

I promise you will have plenty of time left over to enjoy the fruit of your labor! For the joy of Music Progressions. I look forward to passing my baton to a KMTA colleague who shares the same excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes from enabling the success of Music Progressions in the lives of our students! If you accept the baton. They are pleased with all of the materials they have received. additionally. The Washington State association has. Sally Buxton. It has been such a delight and privilege to get to communicate with these teachers and hear how much they appreciate all the work that has gone into the development of the Kansas materials! Now that all of the Kansas chapters have received corrected materials. and the materials and listening tests are all burned onto CDs for future distribution. and will be much simpler than these past years of development. and have already held one event. The North Idaho Music Teachers Association chapter saw our materials through the Washington state events. as well as to the Washington State Music Teachers Association. which they call a Musicianship Festival. Re-recorded Listening CDs for Sets 1 and 2 have also been sent to all of the chapters. purchased and received our Sight Reading Materials for Set 1.KMTA Music Progressions A few final corrections of the testing materials (Sets 1 and 2) have been completed and those materials have been distributed to all the KMTA chapters who hold Music Progressions events. NCTM KMTA Music Progressions Chair 28 . the job of future KMTA Music Progressions Chairs will mainly be one of communication. and has now purchased and received CDs with the testing materials and the listening tests for Set 1.

net District 4 North Central Kansas Music Teachers League Date: May 7 Location: Decatur County High School. contact your local Site 29 . District 1 Kansas City MTA Dates: April 8-10 Location: Schmitt Music Deadline: February 15 Chair: Sheila Dacus If you have questions. unless otherwise stated.KMTA MUSIC PROGRESSIONS 2011 The deadline for entry is one month before the event-date. or Sally Buxton. or request from Chair: Julie Brown julieabrown@cox. NCTM KMTA Music Progressions Chair 316-744-3577 District 6 Wichita Metropolitan MTA Date: April 30-May 1 Location: Wichita State University Deadline: March 15 Download WMMTA entry District 6 Newton MTA Date: April 16 Location: Bethel College Chairs: Carol Klingenberg & LeRoy DuBois District 6 South Central Kansas MTA Date: April 16-17 Location: Mulvane Christian Church Chair: Debra Alexander District 3 Date: April 16 Host: Manhattan Area MTA Location: Kansas State University Chair: Nancy Blockcolsky selahmusic@twinvalley. Oberlin Chair: Cheryl Metcalf & Lillian Harms District 1 Northeast Kansas MTA Date: January 29 Location: Washburn University Chairs: Theresa Lindemann dlinde1951@aol.

................................................ Junior Piano student of Jack Winerock and Scott McBride Smith Corinne Penner and Abigail Lingg .....Young Artist Voice student of Deborah Baxter Representative: Catherine Jung.String Trio Philip Marten............................ viola Jeff Millen... Senior Piano Duet students of Christy Williams and Andrew Trechak Kammer Trio. Young Artist Piano student of Jack Winerock and Scott McBride Smith Leanne Scaggs.............................................We are delighted the following Kansas students will be representing the West Central region at the MTNA National Conference: Winners: Chaeyoung Park........................Junior Woodwinds student of Emily Yeh The following students received special recognition: Alternates: Emily Shehi Trisha Herbert Michael Cooper Cameron Longabaugh Junior Strings Senior Brass Young Artist Brass Young Artist Woodwind student of Alice Joy Lewis student of Craig Parker student of Paul Stevens student of Anna Marie Wytko Senior Piano Senior Strings Young Artist Composition student of Steven Spooner student of Jackie Lee student of DeAnn Brown Honorable Mentions: Luke Rhodes Tanner Menees Karine Khow 30 ........Chamber Music ............................................................................................................................. cello students of Jackie Lee Kai Yin Crystal Lam.......................... violin Tanner Menees......................................................................................

31 .

Lori Supinie. Local Association Chair and her committee. Topeka 32 $750 225 550 350 250 225 550 . Sally Buxton. Karol Hickel. reported that our clinician for KMEA sessions in February will be Bradley Sowash. Becky Dudrey. As discussed at the spring board meeting. too. Sally Buxton mentioned that a string program has been written for music progressions. & Pat Ziegelmeier The fall meeting of the executive and advisory board of KMTA was called to order by President Nancy Blockcolsky at 1:15 p. September 18. Nancy reported that our spring conference for 2011 will be the second weekend of June. Trilla Lyerla. in Emporia.MINUTES OF THE KANSAS MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION FALL BOARD MEETING Saturday. the 2012 conference will be in Lawrence. and the 2013 one will be in Wichita. collegiate audition chair. He will be sponsored by KJOS and his sessions will tentatively include the following: (1) a music showcase (2) “Beyond Lead Sheets” and (3) a jazz/chamber music masterclass. Wichita HPPTA. Shirley Wiebe. Hays NEKMTA. KMTA/KMEA liaison. Salina Those present: Karen McClellan. the 11th and 12th. Tentatively. KCMTA. Sally Buxton reminded us that social networking is important for the future. Megan Desmarais. Lori Supinie will put a KMTA link on the Senseney website to try to promote interest in our organization. Natalie Wickham. Executive secretary Pat Ziegelmeier presented a financial report. we decided to have a KMTA board meeting during lunch at the Larkspur on February 25th.m. Shirley Wiebe. Colby WMMTA. In further discussion about the KMEA workshop. Becky Dudrey moved that the report be accepted. Recommendations for local association grants were shared from a report by Cheryl Metcalf. KC WSU Student Chapter NMTA. Nancy Blockcolsky mentioned that retention is a big concern for KMTA/MTNA. will send a letter to collegiate people after fall auditions about having string auditions in the future if there are at least ten entries. Martin Cuellar will be the conference chair. Shirley Wiebe seconded the motion and it carried. Megan Desmarais and Natalie Wickham will work on setting up a facebook account. Minutes from the spring board meeting were approved as printed in the summer issue of the Update. Newton NWKPTA. Nancy Blockcolsky. 2010 All Saints Christian Orthodox Church. Shia-Li Ding.

technology chair. President Nancy Blockcolsky said she will assemble a committee to study the student chapter issues that were discussed at the spring board meeting. Karol Hickel seconded the motion. No further business appearing. Pat will mail out checks later this fall. and it passed. and it passed. Respectfully submitted. which developed the awardwinning "Listen To Your Buds" campaign. Becky Dudrey moved that we accept it as presented. Manhattan 100 $3. In new business. Shirley Wiebe seconded the motion. Trilla Lyerla moved that we raise KMTA dues for the 201112 fiscal year to the following: Individual adults $35 Seniors 12 Students 10 Sally Buxton seconded the motion and it passed. 33 . In old business. Becky Dudrey seconded the motion. Trilla Lyerla moved that we give the All Saints Orthodox Church a $50 honorarium for the use of facilities for our meeting. Members were reminded that news items for the winter issue of the Update should be sent to Julie Watson by December 1st.MNMTA. moved that we eliminate our Yahoo group and look into greater connectivity and efficiency with Facebook. the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p. Trilla Lyerla seconded the motion. Natalie Wickham. After discussion on the proposed budget for 2010-11. and it passed. MTNA has partnered with the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.m. Pat Ziegelmeier Executive Secretary To raise awareness about hearing health. and it passed. In further discussion on budget issues.000 Sally Buxton moved that these amounts be accepted for local association grants.

edu District 1 President Mara Balke 10707 Walmer Immediate Past President Sharon Business Liaison Lori Supinie c/o Senseney Music 2300 E Lincoln Wichita. of Performing Arts 100 College Street Winfield. 12 WaKeeney. KS 66209 913-385-3321 DavidTauscher@aol. 1517 shiaoli.2011 President Nancy Blockcolsky P. Secretary/ MTNA Foundation Chair Pat Ziegelmeier 2154 County Rd. KS 67672 785-743-6452 Collegiate Artist/Chamber Music Performance Chair Shiao-Li Ding Department of Music Washburn University Topeka. KS 67208 918-636-2508 Arts Advocacy Chair Slawomir Dobrzanski KSU Dept.O. 8139 (w) masterson@bethanylb. KS 66211 913-648-0326 marajamie@yahoo. Box 4029 Emporia State University Emporia. #7 Manhattan. of Music 109 McCain Auditorium College Faculty Chair Dan Masterson Bethany College 421 N 1st Vice Pres. Box 4 Olsburg. Lakecrest District 5 President Rebecca Dudrey 1900 Harrison Great Bend. NCTM 14437 Summertree IMTF Chair Vacant Outstanding Teacher Reena Berger Pittsburg State University Music Department 1701 South Broadway Pittsburg. of Music. Overland Park. NCTM 11007 W 100th St. KS 66062 913-764-3102 District 2 President Vacant 34 District 3 President Melinda Groves Dept. Apt 103 Wichita. NCTM 5711 Kenawee Wichita. KS 66502 785-770-7662 joelevin@k-state.Shook@sckans. KS 66801 620-341-5429 mgroves@emporia. KS 66214 913-599-1586 College Student President Joseph Levin 414 Osage St. High &High School Performance Chair David Tauscher 5504 W 131st Overland Park. Associations Vacant Vice President. KS 67749 785-475-2610 scmetcalf@hotmail. KS 67456 785-227-3311 Vice-President. KS 66506 785-776-9517 vhouser@ksu. KS 66006 785-594-2914 Student Chapter Chair Karen McClellan. Merriam.KMTA EXECUTIVE AND ADVISORY BOARD 2010 . Olathe. KS 66203 913-908-2386 Julie@jewelsoftravel. NCTM 3644 Everett Rd Manhattan. KS 67205-5230 316-773-4830 paigecress@att. Hall Oberlin. KS 67037 316-207-3134 natalie@nataliespianostudio .com Music Progressions Sally Composer Commissioning Timothy Shook Southwestern College Dept. KS 67220 316-744-7171 gkkjwoody@cox. Auditions Jr.O. KS 67156 620-229-6270 (w) 316-651-0177 (h) Timothy. KS 66520 785-468-3381 selahmusic@twinvalley. Public Relations Trilla Lyerla P. KS 66503 785-320-2475 smkriss@cox. KS 66506 785-532-3811 (w) Slawomir@ksu. KS 66061 913-492-0083 Vice KMTA/KMEA Liaison Shirley Wiebe 5618 Coe Court Newsletter Editor Julie Watson 10017 W 52nd KMTA Exec. KS 67211 316-262-1487 lori@senseneymusic.ding@washburn. KS 67530 620-793-5603 District 4 President Karol Hickel th 105 N. KS 66621-001 785-231-1010 Power of One Chair Betty Todd Smith 19065 W 115th Terr.. KS 67220 316-744-3577 strbux@cox. Overland Park. Education Megan Desmarais 1322 N Vice President. of Music 109 McCain Auditorium Manhattan. Fundraising Strategist Linda Featherston. KS 67208 316-688-5209 pianogal@rocketmail. 27 . KS 67734 785-462-7808 (h) 785-460-5518 (w) Local Association Chair Cheryl Metcalf 310 W. Box 214 Baldwin KS Music Review Editor Kerry Woodward 4157 Danbury Historian Virginia Houser KSU Dept. Technology Chair Natalie Wickham 1101 N Briarwood Rd Derby. KS 66762 620-719-6226 District 6 President Paige Cress. NCTM 3902 N.

35 .

U. KS 67734 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kansas Music Teachers Assoc.KMTA CONFERENCE REGISTRATION June 11-12. 2011 Emporia State University. 27 Gem. Postage PAID Permit No. Bring a colleague who isn’t a member of KMTA to the conference at the member rate! Name_____________________________________email______________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________ Mail form and check to: Pat Ziegelmeier 2154 County Rd. Pat Ziegelmeier 2154 County Rd. KS Name________________________________________ Email_________________________________ Address_______________________________________ Phone________________________________ City_______________________________ State_______________ Zip _______________ Full Conference Friday only Saturday only Student – Friday Student – Saturday 5/15 or before $75 $60 $50 $15 $10 After 5/15 $90 $75 $65 Non-Member $90 $75 $65 *Full conference includes all 3 meals **Single day registration includes meals on that day. KS 67734 Address Service Requested 36 Nonprofit Org. KS . 001 Colby.S. Emporia. 27 Gem.