-requires no power and it’s motion only depends on the
differential pressure from the upstream and downstream
side of the inlet and outlet port of the chamber
-operates through the continuous filling of empty
chambers with a known volume.

-consist of two oval shaped gears that rotate due
to the upstream pressure of the incoming liquid
from the inlet port. In position 1, the upstream
pressure from the inlet port causes the two oval
gears to rotate. In this position, an amount of
liquid enters the cavity between the oval gear B
and flow meter wall. In this position also, A
volume of fluid is already entrapped in the cavity
bet oval gear A and flow meter body wall. As the
liquid from the inlet port enters, it exerts a
pressure which causes the gear to rotate to
position 2. In this position, the fluid the fills the
cavity between oval gear A and its flow meter
body wall has been released out of the chamber
through the outlet. Simultaneously in this
position, the fluid is about to completely fill

This chamber consists of a partition wall that blocks the inlet and outlet port from each other. the pressure exerted causes the disk to move in a nutating motion to deliver the liquid entrapped between the chamber wall and disk. The inlet and outlet port of the chamber here is located at the top and bottom respectively. As a fluid enter the inlet port.PISTON METER/ROTARY PISTON Consists of a rotating piston that is attached at the center of a chamber. GEAR FLOW METER (IMPELLER) It operates the same as the manner of an oval gear flow meter. The nutating disk is located inside a chamber with an inlet and oulet part parted by a division wall. E. LOBED-IMPELLER METER Used for gases. The piston slot slides up and down a partition wall. The liquid is delivered to the other side of the partition wall where the oulet port islocated. swaying and nodding. Nutating disk meter consists of a cylindrical disk attached to a central ball. They only differ with the shape of the gears used. It causes the piston to move round the chamber. As liquid enter the inlet port. The D. A shaft is attached to the central ball in an inclined manner. C. B. .cavity bet oval gear B and rotates it to position 3 where the fluid is fully entrapped. the fluid exerts a pressure to the piston. NUTATING DISK Nutating is a combination of the motions rocking.

F.The motion is repeated continuously as long as there is an incoming liquid from the inlet port. ROTARY VANE FLOW METER .