Advertising ATL BTL

. PAKISTAN. Now we are pleased to welcome you to display your brand name or product description on Baggage trolleys. Baggage trolleys are the most used medium to transfer baggage from place to other place. These trolleys are moving every time from car parking to lounges. .Reach a worldwide audience on the move in Pakistan and other airports across the world . business men and tourist arrives and depart almost every hour of the day according to our close study more than one million passengers’ travel domestic and international per 15 days and thousands people visit the airport for receiving and see off their love ones. KEY BENEFITS .Advertising ATL BTL ADVERTISMENT PROPOSAL ADVERTISING DISPLAY ON BAGGAGE TROLLYES at ALLAMA IQBAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LAHORE. Air ports are the most elite point of entering and exiting the country where all the visitors.Advertising mileages 24/7 a day. Displaying brand name or company profile on such busy airport like Allama Iqbal International airport is the key point for conveying the message to the target peoples.Delivering your message targeting millions travelers tourist and business people.A power full effective way to advertise your brand products info and services . We have decided to provide this opportunity to the companies to display their message by obtaining the rights for advertisement on baggage trolleys. BRIEF DESCRIPTION We are pleased to announce that we are the entitled company with civil aviation authority since 2010 and we have obtained the rights to display advertisement on airport baggage trolleys.

Design and Stickers will be provided by client Waiting for your positive response.1 millions Over billions 2010 33. Regards Sales and Marketing ADKON .1 millions Over billions Trolley package offers a longer term solution for maintaining brand presence. Per Trolley Rate Per Trolleys Rate / Month For 100 Trolleys 3.Advertising ATL BTL PASSENGER FIGURES The following table sets out historical passenger figures. Year Domestic passengers Passengers International Visitors attendant and Pick ups 2009 30 millions 42.3 millions 39.600/- 360. Reach can be increased through additional packages being taken. quarter and yearly bases on request.1 millions Over billions 2011 37.5” Front side which is 17” x 18” Back side which is 10” x 18” Advertisement Package plane is available per month.000/- .17 % GST exclusive . Two Equal sizes on left and right sides which is 10” x 6.Total Payment will be 100% Advance .Total Trolleys are available 100 . Per trolley has space for advertisement of four sides.4 millions 44.