A detailed lesson plan for Mapeh grade 9


Learning objectives
 Discuss the different exercise involved in the fitness and fun game
 Participate in a game
 Realize the importance of game participation in enhancing fitness.
Subject matter
a. Topic: fitness and fun game
b. Materials: paper with fun game board, stopwatch
c. Reference: learners materials for p.e and health grade 9 pp. 45-56
‘’Goodmorning class’’
‘’how are you today’’
‘’were fine maam’’
‘’okay it seems that you’re all feeling great’’
Okay lets have first our prayer’’
Yes student 1.
(student 1) praying
Okay beforeyou sit down please pick up first
The pieces of papers under you chairs’’
Do ypu have assignments?
Please pass your asssignments.
B. Checking of attendance
‘’okay before we proceed let’s check your attendance
First’’. So please say present if your name is called.
Okay it seems like eveybody is present.
takes thier seats)
C. Review of Lesson
‘’now what was our lesson last meeting?
yes student 2.’’


(student 2 stands

‘’our lesson last meeting
maam was all about outsoor
recreational activities’’
‘’okay thank you. Now, who can give mw an
Example of a recreational activities? Yes student 3.

‘’we have hiking
and orienteering maam’’

‘’verygood. Now why is it important to engaged in
Outdoor activities?’’ yes student 4
‘’because maa it help us
to be
more aware of existence of
manything never been seen and discover.’’

think board that is used especially in building something F. Thank you. .‘’ very goood’’ D. What do you think this activity about? Yeas student 5. It could be possible. ‘’i think its all about doing different exercise maam’’ ‘’yes maybe. we will have an activity That will measure your knowledge and will exercise Your body through performing the different activities Of games that we will have.toward. i know you already have your knowledge About recreation. or coming from the side  Plank-a long. on. lets all go outside and lets have some Warm up exercise before we engagd in our activity’’ ‘’okay i want you to do some stretching exercises’’ (student start warm-up) E. Unlocking of difficult terms  Lateral. we need to ‘’ maam do Review about recreation?’’ ‘’well. Lesson proper 1. ‘’now in this activity you will know first the exercise That you aer going to execute. and this activity is just a test Of how really important being physically fit through Participating in this activity. Any questions? Yes student 4. Motivation ‘’now.’’ 2. Discussion ‘’okay but before that i want you to know more on the activity that we will have this morning so the title of our game is fitness and fun game. Introduction of new lesson ‘’ okay so now.

‘’ push-ups’’ ‘’jog around’’ ‘’so those are the different exercises. Allso index card. Please bring racket and shuttlecock or ball of volleyball for another game/ activity next meeting. How does active participation on recreational activities contribute in your fitness? V.... EVALUATION Essay.. ‘’ maam do we need to execute all of this?’’ ‘’of course so be ready in peroforming’’ ‘’are you all ready?’’ (introduction of the game) 3.(presenting th different exercise) ‘’lateral trunk stretch kindly read.’’ (students stand up) Lateral stretching is.. 1. generalization ‘’ okay what are thise exercises that you’re executed? Yes student 7’’ up) ‘’(student stands ‘’ there were 18 exercises.. ASSIGNMENT. .’’ ‘’ vergood. Any questions? Yes student 6. In a ¼ sheet of paper....’’ ‘’did you enjoy it class? ‘’ yes maam’’ IV. like la teral.