1. I am awake, what happened, where am I?

a. All I hear is the sound of flames and screams of people
b. But where are the people? Darkness is all I see
2. Everything is scorching hot and pitch black
a. I feel the heat piercing through my naked skin
b. My body aches, my skin sweats, I am alone
3. Suddenly, fear and confusion fills me
a. I journey the dwelling to get rid of my confusion
b. But as I walk, only heat rose, not my serenity
4. Panicking, I run until I can run no longer
a. A sigh of relief as I spotted another human
b. It’s a woman, I have never seen anyone fairer
5. A luminous woman, beaming like a star
a. She looks heavenly like the angels of God
b. Lovely and innocent, she is astonishing
6. She calls me, tells me to come towards her
a. Without any awareness of my surroundings,
b. I run to her asking, “Who are you, if I may ask?”
7. “I was sent here to be your guide on your journey”,
a. I then replied, “Sent by who? And what journey?”
b. Then, she fades away and I fell unconscious
8. I regain consciousness, but different than before
a. I see the lady and calls me again saying,
b. “Come, Dave, come. Follow me to begin your journey”
9. Afraid, clueless and lonesome, I obey her
a. She says to me, “I will lead you to your destination,
b. Once your journey has ended, you’ll know your purpose”
10. We travelled throughout the darkness and limitless place
a. Finally, I see a light where the darkness ends
b. The light is blocked by a creature with a crown
11. But before I recognize the creature, I stopped
a. There stood a line entering the place with the light,
b. A line filled with people. I asked the lady,
12. “What are these people falling in line for?”
a. “These are the people who were overcome by sin.
b. They were imprisoned by lust”, she replied
13. As I examined the line and looked at the people
a. Some of them I am able to distinguish,
b. Like Prince Charles or Tiger Woods to name a few
14. But I was baffled as I saw the Black Mamba
a. I spared no delay in taking my chance to talk to him
b. With haste, I went to the basketball superstar
15. My guide halted me as I rush towards Kobe
a. “Do not deviate from your journey”, she said
b. “You will be lost forever when you do so”
16. Once again I followed her instruction

a. The longer we stayed the warmer it felt
b. Soon, the lady and I reached the creature
17. This creature blocking the path was named Minos,
a. The king of Crete, son of Zeus and Europa
b. “Minos assigns the circle for the sinners.
18. I’ll talk to him to give us passage” said the lady
a. As I waited, the surroundings become hotter
b. Eager was I to escape this abuse
19. After, Minos let us enter the place.
a. It’s colder, but heat still reign throughout the site
b. Again, I hear screams of people echo around
20. Out of curiosity I asked the lady,
a. “Madam, what is this place you took me to?”
b. “This is the circle of lust” she replied,
21. “Souls tortured here were controlled by their sexual desires,
a. Whose actions led them to eternal condemnation.
b. A place where love lost to lust, the second circle of hell.
22. Like the rest, Kobe Bryant gave in to lust.
a. He was dumbfounded to a 19 year old girl
b. Losing to temptation, he raped the poor girl”
23. I asked my guide, “How are the souls punished?”
a. She took me to the horrifying shrieks of the tortured
b. I see a flame, larger than twenty suns
24. As we drew closer, I felt the warmth of the blaze
a. We were at least two miles away from the fire
b. But I can still feel the heat penetrating my skin
25. A majestic glow is seen at the center of the flames
a. I have never seen anything as attracting
b. A radiance, so tantalizing, so elegant
26. “The souls of the damned are tortured in the inferno”,
a. She said, “Lustful souls are tempted by the gleam,
b. As they draw closer, flames as well as pain intensify,
27. But their temptation overcomes their body.
a. With no control over themselves,” she continued,
b. “The people come toward the center unwillingly and
28. Unaware that the path they take is endless.
a. They continue to pursue despite the suffering,
b. But will never be able to reach the radiance.”
29. I gaze upon the sinners below with pity
a. Is there anything more cruel than unknowingly
b. Tormenting yourself for something unobtainable?
30. As I painfully watch the souls being punished
a. I felt the heat, more hurtful than in the darkness
b. I said to the lady, “Let us leave now.
31. This place is giving me unbearable agony”
a. “Fair enough”, She replied as I sweat profusely

b. “I shall continue to lead you on your journey”
32. A sigh of relief, then we continue our travel
a. Few moments after the heat deteriorated,
b. It went back, stronger and more painful than ever
33. In vexation, I said to the lady,
a. “Where is the place you are leading me to?
b. I have endured long enough! When will this end?”
34. “Patience, young boy, patience” she said, “We’re almost there,
a. Trials are always included in every journey.
b. Soon, at the end of your path, you’ll understand”
35. So I keep my composure and follow her lead
a. My legs are weary and my body is beat
b. No being can tolerate this affliction
36. As we went to the end of my journey, I realized
a. I was always trailing her, never was I close to her
b. Every time I go to her, it seems she shifts away
37. But my train of thought was stopped when we arrived
a. At a part of the circle which is hotter than before
b. Where the ground is lava and the air melts the skin
38. “My fatigued body and soul could no longer handle this!”
a. I fall to the ground, feeling helpless and tired
b. She looks at me and persuades me to go on
39. Unexpectedly, I stand and advance forward
a. With sudden burst of energy, I go towards her
b. But as I walk, our distance never seems to shorten
40. However, without any awareness and sentience
a. I continued on, going towards her direction
b. The heat mounted every time I take a step
41. Then, after a few miles, I see the blaze
a. Where the souls of the people controlled by lust suffer
b. Agonizing in excruciating heat
42. Naively following an unreachable tempting glow,
a. Which in my case is the lady guiding me
b. I stop, then I suddenly realize my journey
43. I am being punished in the circle of lust
a. Lust controlled me and my soul is forever condemned
b. Now, all I can do is wallow in regret
44. But I run, run to the end of the circle
a. Passing through the lava disregarding the pain
b. Evading Minos’ tail at the circle’s opening
45. Travelling alone once again in the darkness
a. With all of the vigor left in my body,
b. I sprint ahead to nowhere….. I am awake