V7 - Jan 2016

by ArbitorIan





Decide on the mission



- D3+2 Mysterious Objectives.


Purge the Alien: 

- Kill Points.


The Scouring: 

- 6 Numbered Mysterious Objectives.





The Emperor’s Will: 

- 1 Mysterious Objective each.



The Relic: 

- 1 Relic Objective.

- All missions use First Blood, Slay the
Warlord and Linebreaker.


Cleanse and Control:
- 3 TOs at all times.
- Vanguard Strike deployment.

Set up battlefield
- Scenery can be placed in any way
the players find mutually agreeable.
- Place any Fortifications which are
neutral scenery.


Contact Lost:
- 1 TOs on turn 1.
- 1 TO per controlled objective on other
turns, to a maximum of 6.
- Dawn of War deployment.


Roll D6 for Random Deployment Zones.


Decide on Player Table Edges.
- Any mutually agreeable method.


Declare if using Night Fighting.


‘Before the game begins’.
- Generate Psychic Powers.


Roll off for Deployment.

- The winner can choose to deploy first




or second.



Deploy armies.
- Generate Warlord Trait first.
- Fortifications which are part of an
army are deployed with the rest of the
army using the same rules.
- Scenery upgrades may be deployed
inside the scenery or within 6” of it.
- Declare Reserves, Deep Strike,
Outflank, Combined Reserves.
- Second player deploys.
Deploy Infiltrators.
- If both players have them, roll off.
The winner can choose to deploy a
unit first or second. Then alternate.
Redeploy Scouts

- If both players have them, roll off.
The winner can choose to redeploy a
unit first or second. Then alternate.



The Spoils of War:
- 3 TOs at all times.
- ‘Secured Objective X’ cannot be
discarded, and either player can
- Dawn of War deployment.
Cloak and Shadows:
- 3 TOs at all times.
- Secret Objectives: Revealed only
when achieved.
- Hammer and Anvil deployment.
- Must hold a number of TOs opposite
to the turn number, starting with 6.
- Vanguard Strike deployment.

- All missions use Night Fighting,

Mysterious Objectives and Reserves.
All missions use First Blood, Slay the
Warlord and Linebreaker.

Tactical Objectives
- At the start of your turn, generate new
- At the end of your turn, check which are
achieved and discard them.
- After discarding, you may choose to
discard one more.

Choose who goes first.

- Player that deployed first can choose
first or second turn.



Tactical Escalation:
- Must hold a number of TOs equal to
the turn number.
- Hammer and Anvil deployment.

Seize the Initiative.

- The second player can go first on a 6.
Start the first turn.



model from a scoring unit and no models
from enemy units within 3”.
All units are scoring except Swooping
FMCs, Zooming Flyers (or units embarked
on one), or unclaimed buildings.
Claimed buildings are scoring
Falling Back units cannot score.
Units in a building are within 3” of any
markers on or within 3” of the building.
Units can control one marker at a time.
Only one unit may control a marker.



Secure Objective 1


Secure Objective 2


Secure Objective 3


Secure Objective 4


Secure Objective 5


Secure Objective 6
Take and Hold


Secure Objective 1


Secure Objective 2


Secure Objective 3


Secure Objective 4


Secure Objective 5


Secure Objective 6

Secure Objective 1


Secure Objective 2


Secure Objective 3


Secure Objective 4


Secure Objective 5


Secure Objective 6
Seize Ground




player can request to use it.
the Stealth special rule.


- 1VP if all Mysterious Objectives have
been identified.
Behind Enemy Lines:
- 1VP if 1 friendly scoring unit is within
12” of the opponents table edge.
- D3VP if 3 friendly scoring units.
Hold the Line:
- 1VP if 3 friendly scoring units and no
enemy scoring units are within 12” of
your table edge.
- D3VP if you control 3 objectives.

Overwhelming Firepower:

- 1VP if an enemy unit was completely
destroyed in the Shooting phase.

Blood and Guts:

- 1VP if an enemy unit was completely

First Blood (1VP):
The first unit, of any kind, to be completely
destroyed during the game. If two opposing
units are destroyed simultaneously, both
players get the point.
If, at the end of the game, you have at least
one model from a scoring unit completely
within 12" of the enemy’s table edge

destroyed in the Assault phase.


No Prisoners:


- 1VP if an enemy unit was completely
destroyed in your turn.

- D3VP if 3-5 units destroyed.
- D3+3VP if 6+ units destroyed.


Hungry for Glory:

- 1VP if you issued a challenge.
- D3VP if 3 challenges issued.


Dawn of War


Hammer and


Harness The Warp:

- 1VP if you successfully manifested a
Psychic Power.
D3VP if 3 powers manifested.





Vanguard Strike


Witch Hunter:

- 1VP if 1 enemy Psyker destroyed.
Scour the Skies:

- 1VP if 1 enemy Flyer/FMC destroyed.
- 1VP if 1 enemy character destroyed.
- D3VP if 3 characters destroyed.


- Unit may choose to set up as Infiltrators


was destroyed.


Big Game Hunter:



heavy was destroyed.
Roll D6 at the end of every turn. On 1,
all units within 3” take D6 S4AP- hits.


Nothing of Note:
No effect.


Skyfire Nexus:
Unit in control can choose to Skyfire.


Targeting Relay:
Unit in control re-rolls shooting hits of 1.


Unit in control has +1 cover save.


Grav Wave Generator:
-2 to enemy charge ranges.

single model.


12” from any enemy unit as long as no
deployed enemy unit may draw LoS to
them, including in a building.
Alternatively, they may be set up anywhere
more than 18” from any enemy unit.
A unit that infiltrates cannot Charge in their
first turn.
Unit confers this on dedicated transport.
Units with Infiltrate and Scout may do both.
Alternatively, the unit may Outflank - see
the Reserves section.


- Infiltrators may set up anywhere more than

building was destroyed.

- 1VP if an enemy MC or vehicle was


and are deployed last.

- Rule is (C) - conferred to the unit by a


- 1VP if an enemy gun emplacement or

- D3VP if an enemy GC or Super-



- D3VP if the enemy Warlord has been
removed as a casualty in any turn.

- D3VP if an enemy Mighty Bulwark

- Units make a Fall Back move immediately

Psychological Warfare:



When to test
- When a unit suffers 25% or more casualties
during any phase, test at the end of that
phase (except the Assault phase).
- When losing an assault, test with a Ld
modifier equal to the number of wounds it
lost by.

Fear or Pinning test.


Morale checks
- Morale checks are always 2D6 against the
highest Ld in the unit.
- Insane Heroism: A roll of double 1 always

- 1VP if an enemy unit failed a Morale,
- D3VP if 3 units failed.



Slay The Warlord (1VP):
If the enemy Warlord has been removed as
a casualty as the end of the game.

- D3VP if 3 units destroyed.

Storm and Defend


- D3+3VP if you control all objectives.

- D3VP if 3 units destroyed.



- D3VP if you control twice as many


Capture and Control

- If the mission includes Night Fighting, either
- Night Fighting affects Turn 1 on 4+.
- If Night Fighting is in effect, all units have


Controlling Markers


- Choose points limit
- Choose Battle-forged or Unbound

Place Objective Markers
- see ‘Objectives’ section for rules

Placing Markers
- Roll off to see who places first.
- Markers cannot be placed within 6” of the
edge or within 12” of another marker.
- Cannot be placed on Impassable Terrain.
- Cannot be placed in buildings, but on
buildings is ok.

- You control an objective if you have one

- Missions may have rules that
Choose armies.


Big Guns Never Tire: 

- D3+2 Mysterious Objectives, KP for
HS units destroyed.

contradict the rules in this sequence.


objectives as your opponent (min 2).

- All missions use Night Fighting and



- Unit may choose to redeploy after


- Before the unit moves in the Movement
phase, they must attempt to regroup.

- If 25% of the squad remains, this is a


Deployment & Infiltrators.

- Rule is (C) - conferred to the unit by a
single model.

- This may take them out of their deployment

- Infantry, Artillery, Walkers and Monstrous

Creatures may redeploy 6”
Any other type may redeploy 12”.
A unit that uses this cannot Charge in their
first turn.
A unit may not embark/disembark as part of
this redeployment.
A unit may confer this to their dedicated
Alternatively, the unit may Outflank - see
the Reserves section.

after failing a Morale check. The only
moves they can make after this are
additional Fall Back moves until they
regroup. They will make a Fall Back move
every movement phase unless they
The default Fall Back move is 2D6”, not
slowed by Difficult Terrain but Dangerous
Terrain is as normal.
The move is directly towards their own table
edge by the shortest route.
If a model from the unit reaches the edge,
the unit is removed as casualties.
If falling back from assault, the unit may
move freely through enemy models
involved in the assault.
Trapped: If the route is blocked, the unit
may move around the obstacle, but if it
cannot move in any direction, it is
Units that are falling back can only fire
Snap Shots, cannot Charge, Run or TB,
cannot Go to Ground and pass all Pinning
Models that are falling back automatically
fail all Morale checks.
Models that are Charged must immediately
test to Regroup.


normal Morale check. If less than 25%
remains, this can only be passed with
Insane Heroism.
If failed, Fall Back.
If passed, regroup 3”, not slowed by Difficult
Terrain but Dangerous Terrain is as normal.
This move must be used to restore
Regrouped models cannot Run or Charge,
but can shoot Snap Shots and Overwatch.

Regrouping when assaulted
- If assaulted while falling back, a unit must
test to regroup when the enemy is found to
be in Charge range on its normal Ld (ignore
the 25% rule). If failed, it is destroyed at the
end of the Charge sub-phase.

Vehicles cannot Tank Shock/Ram that turn. which automatically hits. . 5-6 Pinning test.Difficult Terrain. . Tanglewire: . the vehicle stops 1” away.Morale checks for units losing 25%.hits. Gives a 4+ cover save.Manual Fire: If a building is occupied. . Thunderblitz: Is a Super-heavy performs a Tanks Shock/Ram. Defence Line: . . ARRIVING FROM RESERVE Turn Stationary < 6” Combat Speed > 6” to 12” Cruising Speed does not count as moving. 2D6” 62 Dangerous if starts/ends in Difficult. 4 Struc. The whole unit must be able to embark. All fire at same target. . . Embarked models are Fearless. Then 2D6” and Explodes carry on as normal. .Emergency Disembarkation: If models cannot disembark because of enemy models or terrain. but treat it as Dangerous. . PREPARING RESERVES Declare how many inches it will move.Shoot units one at a time. a single shot (even if the weapon has more shots) or a grenade. . 2D6” 67 Artillery 6” 2D6. Roll required 2 3+ on D6 3 3+ on D6 4 Automatically arrives. . Claiming Buildings . . You must specify in deployment attached IC. but MOVEMENT DISTANCES (p199) Unit Type Nominate a vehicle and declare either Tank Shock or Ram.Units Locked in assault cannot move.4+ cover save regardless of % obsccured. . Tank Traps: .Gun Emplacements taken as upgrades count as additional emplaced weapons.If a unit moves onto the battlements of an unclaimed building they claim it. . Vehicle Squadrons have 4” coherency.1 THE TURN MOVEMENT CONCISE TURN SEQUENCE GENERAL MOVEMENT RULES Start of the Turn. Impassable Terrain: . . 6 1 . . even if unoccupied. as well as the regular effects. Difficult Terrain: .Outflanking units roll a d6 to determine what table edge they arrive from when arriving from Reserves. TANK SHOCK & RAM (p92) 1 Point in the Movement phase. Unit suffers 2D6 Vehicle scatters S10AP2 hits. Deep Strike or Outflank. one model from a unit may make a single attack against the front armour. the unit must attempt to regain coherency in their next turn. . Gives a 4+ cover save. . .Roll of 1 always fails to arrive. If some models can’t be placed.Pivoting on the spot is not moving. . .Unit Coherency: Models must remain - . Dilapidated Buildings: -2 to AV.5+ cover save regardless of % obscured.Morale checks for units losing 25%.Vehicles declare Speed when move.Only test once per scenery area per phase. Gives a 6+ cover save. .AP2 weapons gain +1 to this table. .Dangerous Terrain.4+ cover save regardless of % obscured.Fire Emplaced Weapons last. .You may Reserve any number of units. 3D6” 65 As standard Unit Type. you cannot move any models through Difficult Terrain. . Immobilised. . which arrive automatically the next turn.Difficult Terrain. Reduce AV by D3 on all facings. one at a time. . Gives a 5+ cover save.Friendly Gone to Ground units return to normal. .As Difficult Terrain. the Tank may keep moving up to it’s declared distance. This can be assault. . they may not perform voluntary actions that turn. Embarked units may fire Overwatch out of Fire Points. . This may force the unit to Run. . No cover saves.Move Reserves first. . 2D6” 66 - As standard Unit Type. 3-4 To the right of controlling player. .Roll for units with Soul Blaze. 2D6” 66 n/a 89 Jet Pack (not using) Skimmers Walkers 12” 90 n/a 84 - FMCs (Swoop) 12-24 No Effect. counting as having moved (Combat Spd).Tank Shocks cannot be attempted against enemies locked in combat. 4 Shooting Phase. impassable terrain or reaches the board edge.Test as soon as model enters or moves. Disembarking Vehicles . .Imperium models within 2” gain Fearless. it will make a Ram attack if it contacts an enemy vehicle.Roll for Sabotaged objectives .4+ cover save regardless of % obscured. THUNDERBLITZ (p95) D6 Tank Shock Ram Carry on as normal Carry on as normal 2-5 Unit suffers D6 S6AP. . BUILDING DAMAGE TABLE D6 Result 2-3 Type of Movement .Gives a 4+ cover save. The model may then move 6” or less for Difficult Terrain. 5 6 - Infantry Jump (using) Jump (not using) Move Effect of Difficult Terrain 6” 12” - Fall Back Page 2D6.This can be pre-measured.It would be within 1” of an enemy.If it cannot fit on the board with its max move. Breach 2D6 - 6 Total Collapse 2D6 . Emplaced weapons may only fire Snap Shots next turn. Collapse 2D6 OUTFLANKING 5 Cata. Scatter any Vortex templates.On a 1.with the Ignores Cover rule.Difficult Terrain. Gives a 3+ cover save. .Reduce AV by 1 on all facings.Charge sub-phase.Models on either side count as in contact. immediate Total Collapse.If in Ruins. Run. 3D6” 67 Bikes 12” Dangerous Terrain test. . Vehicles cannot Tank Shock/Ram that turn. . . If a Ram occurs.Going to Ground gets +2 to cover save. AP1 weapons gain +2 to this table.A claimed building is a unit in the player’s army and remains so. . they move out of the way (and may Death or Glory).Units may disembark but may not charge. .If you choose to take the test. If the attack fails.If failed.Models on either side count as in contact. but units on battlements take 2D6 hits. Emplaced Weapons . Forests (Twisted Copse): . pick the highest. 3D6” 63 Jetbikes 12” Dangerous if starts/ends in Difficult. DEEP STRIKE (p162) 1 Place one model from the unit anywhere on the table 2 Roll for Scatter 2D6” . Craters .Difficult Terrain. 4d6 . Gun Emplacement: . it cannot move further. One emplaced weapon is destroyed.To move.Dangerous to Bikes. . .Vehicles may pivot around their centre. this is the maximum all models in the unit may move. . place on ground floor. it Dist Flyers (Zoom) Other Vehicles 6” Dangerous if starts/ends in Difficult. 5 Difficult terrain is Dangerous .Template/Blast weapons hit building too. . . . Walkers may not Death or Glory. they immediately claim it.If you choose not to test. .Moves onto the table from the controlling player’s table edge.The tanks stops if it comes within 1” of a friendly model.All models must disembark or become casualties. . . Moving between parts of a multi-part building will take up all the unit’s move. . 3 Partial Collapse D6 4-6 Place in Ongoing Reserves. . . 5 End of the Turn.If passed. .-2” to charging through Difficult Terrain.Units on battlements take D6 hits and Pinning test.Emplaced weapons may only fire Snap Shots next turn. Tank Shocking vehicles cannot move Flat Out.Going to Ground gets +2 to cover save. . 3D6” 65 Beasts 12” No Effect.Battlements are an access point for the building.As above. . Roll for Reserves Movement Phase.S is half the AV of your facing.It would be in Impassable Terrain.Difficult Terrain.Any model within 2” re-rolls To Hit of 1.Then keep moving the Tank up to it’s declared distance. After their 6” move. Units may also move onto the battlements without entering the building. . . both the crewman and gun are removed.It would be placed off the table.As Difficult Terrain. .If the vehicle has already moved.Units Falling Back must attempt to Regroup when selected. Gives a 4+ cover save. 3 Place the rest of the models . If the vehicle moved before the embarkation. 3D6” 63 MC 6” 3D6. . pick the highest. Dangerous Terrain: .Flyers must declare Zoom or Hover before any units disembark. 1 Breach 2 Tremor Hits Other Effects . .Tanks may Tank Shock from Reserve. . . but Jump and Jet units do not have to take Dangerous tests. If disembarked in the enemy turn. embark or disembark that turn. Move the vehicle straight forward until it contacts an enemy unit or reaches the declared distance.Building is destroyed and becomes Ruins. . pick the highest.May be attacked at T7 W2 Sv3+ Rubble: . Only Infantry models may embark (this does not include Jump or Jetpack Infantry). must be Reserved. . ICs embarking an occupied vehicle automatically joins the unit. Jump and Jet Pack infantry may embark.As Difficult Terrain. 3D6” 67 Cavalry 12” Dangerous Terrain test.Only Tanks or Super-heavy vehicles may Tank Shock or Ram. .Occupying unit may only make Snap Shots or disembark 3”.A model in base contact fires (Relentless). 6 - Add D6 to the Super-heavy’s AP. If it causes a Stunned. suffers a wound. touching an Access Point. and randomly allocated.Difficult Terrain. - RESERVES Turn it on the spot in the direction you wish to move it. . . .Generate Warp Charge. . Determine Mishap if any model cannot be placed on the table because: .Manifest powers. . start 4 another. The opponent may deploy the unit without scattering. . Battlements . . unit stays in. Death or Glory: If it passes the Morale check.Automated Fire: If a building is claimed. they may be placed touching any part of the hull (instead of an Access Point). Vehicles are not slowed by Difficult Terrain. they may not charge in theirs.Units may Shoot.This must be at least Combat Speed. it may not move further.Disembarked units may act normally but may not charge.FMCs must declare Swoop or Glide. . each vehicle causes a hit against the enemy facing.Models must be in base contact.A unit may disembark if it begins the turn in a vehicle which moved no more than 6”. Superheavy or a Building. . Comms Relay: .Battlements are a separate piece of terrain. 
 TYPES OF TERRAIN - 0” 18-36 No Effect.Buildings in your army are ‘claimed’ at start.If an enemy unit enters the building.Difficult Terrain. If AV0 or HP0.All hits are S6 AP. forming a circle around the first.Vehicles do not change facing when scattering.Roll for One Eye Open on any unit - 2 within 6” of Desparate Allies. Emplaced weapons may only fire Snap Shots next turn. Barricades & Walls: . . . This n/a 12” 2D6. roll on the Thunderblitz table before the morale test / AP roll. All buildings have Repel The Enemy. . Transports. 3 Psychic Phase. . Vehicles that declare Ramming only fire Snap Shots.+1 for being a Tank. . Two models may shoot through Fire Points. 2D6” 64 Jet Pack (using) 6” Dangerous if starts/ends in Difficult. . Ruins: . . Imperial Statuary: . Each circle must include as many models as will fit. If this is lost. n/a 68 - n/a 72 Dangerous Terrain test.Buildings count as Impassable Terrain.Claimed buildings have Sentry Def System.Once the circle is complete. pick the highest. then take a D6 Effect 1-2 To the left of controlling player. etc as normal.Place models.If a Ram was declared.If the enemy vehicle Explodes. . move it as far on as possible. 7+ Detonation! Choose left or right.Difficult Terrain. . roll 2d6 and pick highest. .Move each model to within 2" of an Access - Assault Phase.As Difficult Terrain. If Artillery units do this with a gun and fail.Models cannot enter. Buildings are automatically hit in assault. Enemy units contacted take Morale test. BUILDINGS (p11)
 - Treat as Transport vehicles.If a unit cannot be deployed on the table. .Impassable to non-Skimmer vehicles. . VEHICLE MOVEMENT - TERRAIN . A vehicle that fails a Dangerous Terrain test loses 1HP and is Immobilised. they immediately Fall Back. all non-manual weapons fire at the nearest enemy unit within range/LoS of the weapon at BS2 at the end of the phase. One emplaced weapon is destroyed. Wrecked or Explodes result. . 3 4 EMBARKING & DISEMBARKING (p80) Embarking Vehicles . .Any model within 2” re-rolls Reserves.Ongoing Reserves: Units which leave the board during the game enter Ongoing Reserves. DEEP STRIKE MISHAP (p162) D6 1 Effect The entire unit is destroyed! BATTLEFIELD DEBRIS (p109) Ammunition Dump: . the model is removed. Gives a 5+ cover save. 2 within 2” horizontally and/or 6” vertically of another model in the same unit.Fight sub-phase. this must be declared before the tank moved onto the board. models may fire emplaced weapons manually.It would be on top of a friendly.Units charging an enemy behind a wall count as charging through Difficult Terrain.5+ cover save regardless of % obsccured. .Morale checks for units losing 25%.+2 for being Heavy.

and only if the vehicle has a firing point. Fleshbane. No cover. 6”) S2 AP5 Assault D6+1. the power affects that model. 24”) Target has -1S.Pass: no effect .All units. If starts or ends in Difficult Terrain. 10x Daemonettes.Draw a 1mm line between the centre of the Psyker’s base and a chosen point. If removed. Hit models suffer a S5 AP4 hit with Soul Blaze and Ignores Cover.Assault 2d6. 12”) May conjure 3x Bloodcrushers. Armourbane. . Instrument or Character upgrade if the model is available. the phase is over.Pass: 1wound/glace with no saves. both players lose this many Warp Charge points. If they fail. 24”) Target has -1 to invulnerable saves.Only the player whose turn it is may attempt to manifest powers. overwatch or manifest powers.Conjured units may not take upgrades. 1 Dominate (Malediction 1. Soul Blaze. regardless of LoS. Daemons within 12” treat all terrain as difficult.If you harness enough to meet the 4 power’s cost. . Swooping or locked.1 wound/glance with no saves. FORCE (p23) Force (Blessing 1) Any weapons in the unit with Force gain Instant Death. +3A and Fleet. . . 5 Incursion (Conjuration 3. Blessing: . No armour or cover saves. 4 Purge Soul (Focus Witchfire 1.If you harness more Warp Charge than needed.One random character in the unit suffers a S3 attack from every other model in the unit. Soul Blaze. 1 Gate of Infinity (Blessing 1) Psyker is removed and Deep Strikes. 3 Take Psychic Test. S11 or 12 automatically wounds or penetrates.1 wound/glance with no saves. 5 Misfortune (Malediction 2. If the psychic test is failed. One friendly model within 6” of psyker suffers a wound with no saves allowed. the power affects the closest model in the unit.-1 Strength.Anyone except Tyranids can select Daemonology powers. Soul Blaze.Unit has -1WS. . 3 Power Drain . Pinning 2 Fire Shield (Blessing 1. 6 BIOMANCY (p192) P Smite (Witchfire 1) R18” S4 AP2 Assault 4 1 Iron Arm (Blessing 1) Psyker gains +3S. .+1 Strength 3 . 5 Inferno (Witchfire 2) R24” S4 AP5 Assault 1.+1 if the target is a Psyker. Concussive.Generate any abilities immediately.May not manifest Psychics that turn. 48”) Roll D3 for the effect: 1 . Vehicles are glanced on a 4+. 12”) Roll D3 for the effect: 1 . Malediction: . 5 Telekine Dome (Blessing 2.+1 if the target has Adamantium Will.Daemons cannot use Sanctic.Non-Daemons who use Malefic suffer a Perils of the Warp attack on any double. Force.Psykers are assumed to be Mastery Level 1 unless stated otherwise.MALEFIC (p195) P Summoning (Conjuration 3. .Psychic powers cannot target units embarked on a transport. psyker suffers a Perils of the Warp.Grey Knights cannot use Malefic. .Allows a model to Deny any power that Warp Surge (Ld test) . 12”) Target can re-roll failed To Hit rolls. Large Blast. treat as 3/4. move. -1 Toughness 5/6 Plague Wind (Witchfire 2. . . 4 Shrouding (Blessing 1) Psyker and friendly models within 6” gain Shrouded. 24”) Enemy unit has Gets Hot on all ranged weapons. 12”) May conjure 10x Bloodletters. 2 3 DAEMONOLOGY . 6 GENERAL PSYCHIC PHASE RULES Manifesting Power . 3/4 Doom Bolt (Beam 1) R18” S8 AP1 Assault 1. .You need to nullify ALL the harnessed points to cancel the power. 2 Hammerhand (Blessing 1) Psyker and unit have +2S.No Psychic unit may attempt to manifest the same power more than once per phase. 6”) May conjure 1x Greater Daemon. I & A 5/6 .Assault 1. GENERATING PSYCHIC POWERS (p22) Daemonology .Automatically targets and hits all enemy units within range. . Witchfire (Beam): .Only one targeted unit can Deny.-1 Attack. 3x Screamers. 4 Levitation (Blessing 1) Unless Zooming. P Tzeentch’s Firestorm (Witchfire 1) R24” SD6+1 AP. Large Blast.Can affect units locked in CC and can affect the casting Psyker. Hallucination (Malediction 2. . . 3x Plague Drones or 3x Fiends. . 5x Flesh Hounds. 10x Plaguebearers. . . may not Run 3 . 24”) Target has -1 WS and BS. Soul Blaze. 24”) All attacks that hit the target have the Rending special rule. Outflank and Mysterious Objectives.Declare which unit is nullifying . . Psyker (or psychic unit) is removed as a casualty.Fail: 1 wound/glance with no saves.hit. 2 Forewarning (Blessing 1. Vortex If the psychic test is failed.Assault 1. SLAANESH (CSM) 1/2 Hysterical Frenzy (Blessing 1. 6 Scrier’s Gaze (Blessing 2) Targets the Psyker.The total is the amount of Warp Charge each player gets MANIFESTING PSYCHIC POWERS (p24) 1 Select Psyker & Psychic Power.Psykers with a Mark of Chaos or are the Daemons of a Chaos God automatically know the Primaris power of the discipline of their patron. If slain. Blast. 5 Resolve Psychic Power. count as Dangerous.Lasts until the player’s next Psychic Phase.Only one unit under the line can Deny. Blind. . 24”) Roll D6 for the effect: 1/2 . NURGLE (CSM) P Nurgle’s Rot (Nova 1. locked in CC.Multiple benefits from the same power are not cumulative. If you roll two or more 6s. . . Generating Powers . 4 Sacrifice (Conjuration 1.+1 Initiative
 2 . If the Psyker is higher. P Flame Breath (Witchfire 1) Template S5 AP4 Assault 1 Soul Blaze. Re-rolls failed To Wound rolls with other Pyromancy powers. 12”) May conjure 1x Herald with up to 30pts of upgrades. 3 Shockwave (Nova 1) R9” S4 AP. Conjuration: .Unit must take Pinning Test 3/4 . 5 Cleansing Flame (Nova 2) R9” S5 AP4 Assault 2d6. the target suffers a wound. . . BS.Generate powers one at a time. 24”) Target and Psyker roll D6 and add Ld.Units take a number of hits equal to the number of models under the line. Every model in the unit takes a hit at it’s own Strength. Torrent.Roll D3.Any Psyker with a Force weapon automatically knows the Force power. Witchfire (Focussed): . 1 Foreboding (Blessing 1) Psyker and unit gain Counterattack and can fire Overwatch at full BS. Eternal Warrior and Relentless. 24”) R24” AP.+1 Attacks 3/4 Symphony of Pain (Malediction 1. 4 Vortex of Doom (Witchfire 3) R12” SD AP1 Assault 1.The player whose turn it is rolls D6. .Targets one or more friendly units . . +3T and Smash. -1T and treats all terrain (inc. Cannot Charge. Sunburst (Nova 1) R9” S4 AP5 Assault 2d6. but pick a target model .-1 Strength. 2 Declare Target.Psykers know a number of powers equal to their Mastery Level. .+1 if the target has higher mastery level than the caster.When the player whose turn it is has 0 Warp Charge remaining.Psykers in transports can only use Witchfire powers. 1 4 Warp Speed (Blessing 1) Psyker gains +3I. 3 Sanctuary (Blessing 1) Psyker and unit have +1 to invulnerable saves. 24”) Target immediately regroups and gains Fearless. Witchfire (Nova): . the power still affects the target unit. Cursed Earth (Blessing 1) Daemons within 12” of psyker have +1 invulnerable save and will nor scatter when arriving via Deep Strike. TELEPATHY (p198) P Psychic Shriek (Witchfire 1. .Declare how many Warp Charge you are using and roll. . Fleshbane 6 Haemorrhage (Focus Witchfire 2. 12”) Target gains a 4+ invulnerable save.Any number can be manifested per turn and can all target different units. 24”) Target has 4+ cover save and enemy units within 6” treat all terrain as dangerous.After rolling a power.For every 4+ you harness 1 Warp Charge point.Chaos Daemons get a free Icon. Mastery Levels . Poisoned (4+) 1/2 Weapon Virus (Malediction 1. 24”) Target must lass Ld test to shoot. Deny the Witch. you can immediately discard one and draw a new one. ignoring intervening models & terrain.Multiple effects from the same power are not cumulative.SANCTIC (p194) P 6 Possession (Conjuration 3. he automatically gains the Primaris power in addition. . If you do not harness enough. . 24”) Target gains Feel no Pain (4+). Psychic Hood targets a friendly unit within 12” of them. psyker suffers a Perils of the Warp. Life Leech (Witchfire 1) R18” S6 AP2 Assault 2 
 If this causes an unsaved wound. 2 Mental Purge . 1 Fiery Form (Blessing 1) Psyker gains 4+ invulnerable save and Soul Blaze in CC. No armour or cover saves. GENERATING WARP Charge (p24) . Charge. 3x Nurgling Swarms or 5x Seekers. Barrage. 3 Perfect Timing (Blessing 1) Psyker and unit gain Ignore Cover. the Psyker or a friendly model within 6” regains a lost wound. in addition to any others. select a model within 2” and take a single T test. 5/6 Breath of Chaos (Witchfire 2) Template S1 AP2 Assault 1. 1 Crush (Focus Witchfire 1. You may re-roll Reserves. Blast. . If inside a vehicle or building.Cannot be used in Overwatch.The number of powers a Psyker may use depends on his Mastery Level. To Wound and saving throws. . Every model removed inflicts D3 further hits at S3. 18”) Target unit suffers 3d6-Ld wounds. 18”) Target must pass two T tests & suffers a wound for each failure. 3 Terrify (Malediction 1. then rolls on the Chaos Boon table. 4 Psychic Backlash . 5 Invisibility (Blessing 2. Ignores Cover. this may only be used to nullify powers targeted against the vehicle/building the Psyker is in. 3x Flamers. 6 Psychic Maelstrom (Witchfire 2) R12” S10 AP1 Assault 1. immediately re-roll before swapping for the Primaris. Ignores Cover. TELEKINESIS (p197) 2 Objuration Mech (Malediction 1.Fail: Psyker removed and unit suffers D6 S6 AP1 hits. 6 6 Molten Beam (Witchfire 2) R12” S8 AP1 Assault 1 Melta.Fail: 1 wound/glace with no saves.Forget one random power. .As Witchfire. you nullify 1 Warp Charge point. 10x Horrors. Witchfire: . Repeat as necessary. . Poisoned (4+) . . Concuss. 2 Mental Fortitude (Blessing 1. except Zooming Flyers & Swooping FMCs. the psyker suffers Perils of the Warp. to a minimum of 6+. friend or foe. P Assail (Beam 1) R18” S6 AP. 3 Spontaneous Combustion (Focus Witchfire 1. 24”) R24” S4 AP4 Assault 4. 2”) Friendly character takes S4 AP. PYROMANCY (p196) Banishment (Malediction 1. 5 Endurance (Blessing 2. TZEENTCH (CSM) 1/2 Boon of Mutation (Blessing 1.Non-Grey Knights who use Sanctic suffer a Perils of the Warp attack on any double. . open ground) as Difficult Terrain. 3/4 Gift of Contagion (Malediction 1.Unusual force weapons are AP3 Melee weapons with their own additional rules. the power is successful. Smash until next friendly psychic phase. No armour or cover saves. the power fails. 4 Precognition (Blessing 1) Psyker can re-roll failed To Hit. Armourbane. intervening models. . Poisoned (4+). If using Tactical Objectives. Run. Pinning.Assault 1.Declare how many Warp Charge you are using and roll that many D6. . 2 Dark Flame (Witchfire 1) Template S4 AP5 Assault 1.For every 6+. 24”) Enemy units may only Snap Shot at the target and hit in CC on a 6. Strikedown.Pass: Psyker gains 3+ inv save. P Sensory Overload (Witchfire 1. and no allocating to other models. Force Force axe +1 2 Melee. If no characters. . 12”) R12” S1 AP2 Assault 1.If you do not. 18”) Target model suffers S6 AP3 hit with Soul Blaze. Transports . Ignores Cover. treats all enemies as having Fear.Targets one or more enemy units . 18”) Suffers a S2D6 APD6 hit. Vehicles roll 2D6 for the range of explosions.Lasts until the player’s next Psychic phase. 12”) Psyker and all models in 12” have a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting. 3 Infernal Gaze (Beam 1) R18” S3 AP4 Assault 1.1 wound/glace with no saves. Enfeeble (Malediction 1.If a psyker generates all powers from the same discipline. . centre a Blast over him. under the line are automatically hit. 24”) Target’s weapons have Gets Hot and each vehicle in unit suffers a S1 Haywire hit.PSYCHIC PHASE PERILS OF THE WARP (p25) 1 Dragged into the Warp (Ld test) . . etc. Shrouded
 2 . 5 Empyric Feedback (Ld test) . FORCE WEAPONS Type S AP Force sword U 3 Type Melee. .Conjured models immediately arrive via Deep Strike within the power’s range. Psyker and unit make a 12” move. 5/6 Ecstatic Seizures (Witchfire 2.Each player adds the Mastery Levels of all Psykers they have on the table. Unwieldy Force stave +2 4 Melee.If a power is rolled twice. . PSYCHIC POWER TYPES (p26) DAEMONOLOGY . the psyker may immediately swap it for the Primaris power. and must take a Morale check at the end of the Psychic phase. 24”) Target has -1Ld. Counts as having moved. . and Sonic Weapon attacks are resolved at +1S.Witchfire powers are shooting attacks. Large Blast. Force. . DIVINATION (p193) P Prescience (Blessing 2.

Roll a scatter for each additional shot and place it touching the first marker in the correct direction. Co-Axial: . but all other weapons Snap Fire. count as Immobilised. but may still fire Overwatch. .No save may be improved beyond 2+. WEAPON TYPE SPECIAL RULES Blast: . Blast. Firer must be Zooming or Swooping.Wall of Death: Cannot Snap Shop. place it anywhere touching a current marker.One model in a unit may throw a grenade 8” instead of shooting another weapon. Non-vehicle. Pass a Ld check or can Wpn Destroyed. Fast Vehicles . .Illuminated = no benefit from Night Fighting until the end of following turn. 4 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 6 Roll To Hit. . One Use Only Searchlight: .One random weapon is destroyed. and SHOOTING SEQUENCE (p30) rolls a 1 to hit. Select another weapon (step 3) Effect of Moving Assault Pg Assault No Effect Yes 41 Heavy Snap Shots only No 41 Cannot shoot No 41 Pistol No Effect Yes 42 Rapid Fire No Effect No 42 Ordnance Salvo Primary Use Lower Value No 42 No Effect Yes 42 WEAPON TYPES Overwatch. . 4 5 weapons. Speed Moved Stationary DESTROYER ATTACK TABLE D6 Vehicle/Building FIRING FROM TRANSPORT VEHICLES VEHICLES If a vehicle is reduced to 0HP. Armour Saves .Cannot move or pivot any more. Other Facings: If the firing unit cannot see their correct facing AT ALL. and may not move Flat Out. 5 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ Roll To Wound.g Rending) divide into wound pools.Additional Immobilised results remove a Hull Point.May be ignored by weapons with an AP value equal to or less than it. it returns to 2 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ must be in range of a visible enemy model in the target unit.Use once per game. Default cover save is 5+. Destroyer: .5º both vertically & horizontally). . If multiple facings are being targeted. . . it gets a cover save.Nearby units suffer S4AP. Cavalry Run D6” FMC (Swooping) Run 2D6” 68 Walkers Run D6” 68 Pg TB 12” 63 Jetbikes TB 24” 63 Eldar Jetbikes TB 36” 63 (Vehicles may snap shot) Rapid Fire: . plus cannot move/pivot. - - Fire Point.Beams or Templates won’t hit the vehicle! . Intervening Models: If the model is partially obscured by intervening models from a third unit.All models in the unit must shoot at the same target. Type . If a ‘Hit’ is rolled. even by Emergency Disembarkation. but counts - n/a 88 FO 12” 88 Fast Skimmers FO 18” 89 Flyers (Zooming) FO 12-24” 84 - All other Vehicles FO 6” 72 - to move Flat Out. Torrent: . .As Shaken. - is at least 25% obscured from the view of at least one firing model.If the model has a BS of 6 or more.Apocalyptic Blast uses the 10” marker. Blast Defensive 1 - Assault 1.Fired in the movement phase. .If the model to which a wound is allocated - Ordnance: .Template must cover as many enemy models in target unit as possible.If does so. . . . use multiple cover values. may illuminate one enemy it shot at. . but the narrow end can be placed up to 12” away and the wide end no closer than the narrow end. Pinning test Wrecked (Zooming Flyer Crash and Burn!) S10AP2 hits equal to models in the unit. If no weapons. Remove the Flyer from the battlefield. - normal.Apocalyptic Megablast uses the 10” marker with different strengths for 5”. . they are casualties.If any models can’t disembark. . until that vehicle is Wrecked or Explodes.Can only fire Snap Shots.Multiple wounds/hull points do not carry over to other models in the unit. .Blast scatters 2D6-BS”.Do not roll To Hit .Does not include out of ammunition - 6 Cannot shoot Crew Stunned: . . 3 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 5 Declare if Jinking. Wrecked Vehicles stay in place. . Cover Saves . Crash and Burn: Scatter a large blast marker 2D6” from the centre of the flyer. .Shown on the model’s stat line. MOVING IN THE SHOOTING PHASE Unit Type Distance Infantry. . 6 Penetrate D6+6 HP. Maintain coherency. Roll Look Out Sir! for characters.Can't fire other weapons that phase. Unharmed Auto D3 wounds.Counts Stunned as Shaken. LoS is checked along barrel of weapon and range from its muzzle. roll to see which circle it lands in.Snap Shots may only be modified by things that state that they affect Snap Shots.Can fire indirectly at targets out of LOS. Never hits the model firing it.If still. Bikes Heavy Vehicles Going To Ground 9 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ . the owning player picks. as having fired one weapon that shooting phase. the main weapon may re-roll failed To Hit rolls. cannot fire - .Roll on this table immediately after a Super-heavy loses its last Hull Point. AP2 weapons gain +1 to this table. .Apocalyptic Barrage: Using the marker. Artillery. Extra Armour: . TO WOUND S/T 1 Check range.All bombs are One Use Only. Monstrous Creatures cannot Go To Ground. Reroll 6 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+ 3 Snap Shots .instead place 3” Blast with its hole over a target model’s base/ hull. .Cannot be fired as Snap Shots . fires greater number at full range.Only one re-roll is ever allowed per shot.The AP value of attacking weapons has no effect on invulnerable saves.Zooming Flyers must roll 3+ to count as Crew Stunned.Counts as Obscured in the next enemy shooting phase (5+) . Wounds can only be allocated to models in range of and visible by at least one firing model.Fire the Co-Axial weapon first. 8 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 8 Declare if Going to Ground. and within range.for each - model within D6” of the hull. . the squadron may abandon it by moving out of coherency.All the wounds from a single pool must be allocated before moving to the next pool. CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE (p94) D6 1 Result Explosion 2-3 Devastating Exp 4-6 Titanic Exp S AP D/4/2 2/4/6 D/8/4 2/3/5 D/10/5 2/3/4 . .Table lists number of weapons that can be - fired at full BS . Catastrophic Damage S10AP2 hits equal to models in the unit. If reduced to 0 wounds. Salvo: THROWING GRENADES (p180) Type S AP Assault 3 - Assault 1.Remove the model. . .Template. . . Jump. MC. Pinning test. remove the model as a casualty. Everyone else declares by unit to Run/TB. then roll on the table instead of To Wound.If some wounds have different rules (e.At the end of its following turn. .Can be fired if Shaken or Stunned.Two dice to penetrate and pick highest. Vehicles can move and fire with Ordnance weapons.Zooming Flyers must move 18” next turn and cannot turn. Auto D3 hits. Pinning test. The model may take a Saving Throw. . placed where flyer used to be. and roll Scatter. Blind Haywire 2 - Assault 1. placed where vehicle used to be.Vehicle hits are resolved against the side.Snap Shots are always at BS1.Compare the weapon’s S to the 7 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ target’s T on the To Wound table.After shooting. but may not cover any friendly models at all. EFFECT OF DAMAGE ON PASSENGERS Damage Effect on Passengers Shaken.Includes upgrade weapons. 1 Unharmed 2-5 Penetrate D3 HP.An allocated wound has Instant Death if the .R:Infinite S8 AP3 Heavy 1.Gains +1 cover save or 6+ if in the open. 7+ Explodes: . . they may re-roll with the following reduced chances.If the target unit has multiple toughness Allocate Wounds Type 10 11 10 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ values.Vehicle can only fire Snap Shots until the end of its next turn. Wrecked Disembark 3”.Has Ignores Cover . scatter the middle circle as normal.Roll To Hit as normal. pick highest. non-MC models may only fire a single weapon. 7” and 10”. Unless an effect states it removes a HP. it is Wrecked. Units suffer S6AP. Primary Weapon: . .hits equal to number of models under the marker. .Any models with two pistols may fire both. . MOVING & CHARGING model in the target unit. .Re-roll Dangerous Terrain tests. In this case. Remove the model.As Template. Stunned. Instant Death . Blast Bombs: Plasma 4 4 Assault 1. . Barrage: . Beasts. .Treat front armour as +1 when ramming.Massive Blast uses the 7” marker. All vehicles have Relentless. SHOOTING.Models fully or partially under the marker are hit. Allocate hits rather than wounds to Vehicle Squadrons.Must be fired at the same target as the main weapon. starting with the closest.Vehicle is destroyed. it is immediately reduced to 0 Wounds and removed.Cannot fire Snap Shots. Allocate the next wound to the next closest model.Ranges and LoS are measured from the Flyer (Zoom) - 4 4 84 All 1 0 72 Other Cruising Pg No Effect Combat Speed Walker . . . . Blast and Ordnance Weapons cannot be Snap Shots. .Every model that wishes to shoot 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . Invulnerable Saves . VEHICLE UPGRADES (p98) Dozer Blade: . Zooming Flyers will Crash and Burn. 1 Nominate unit to shoot. .May fire two shots within half range. Hull mounted weapons have a 45º arc (22. placed where vehicle used to be.One model may fire from each Fire Point.Chariots count as Crew Stunned. Jetpack. but cover and allocation is determined from the centre of the marker. SAVING THROWS .As Blast.Cannot move. Casualties are removed as per Barrage weapons.any other weapons can only fire Snap Shots. . otherwise Crash and Burn.Multiple Barrage: Fire the closest weapon first and determine location. . VEHICLE DAMAGE TABLE (p76) 1-3 Crew Shaken: . .Any shooting attack that does not use BS cannot be a Snap Shot. Simply being in ‘area’ terrain doesn’t count.Only one Saving Throw may be taken. 6 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 7 .Vehicles in squadrons declare individually - . it does not. . Obscured vehicles have cover if 25% of the facing is obscured. Cover saves are 5+ unless otherwise stated. use the majority. Run or Charge. . Weapon Destroyed: .Re-rolls must roll both Scatter and 2D6. following turn. If a member of a Vehicle Squadron is Immobilised. they may target another facing but at +1 cover.Roll two dice to penetrate.Assume S10 for Instant Death. Vehicles cannot Go To Ground. scatter is a full 2D6”. Pistol: . 2 Choose a target. Non-vehicle VEHICLES SHOOTING Type Auto D6+6 wnds. . D6 hits are resolved on the embarked unit as well as any on the vehicle/building.All glancing/penetrating hits remove 1 HP. place template and scatter D6”. For each additional shot the weapon has. Nominate one unit the firer moved over. centre Apocalyptic Megablast marker over it. If a model suffers an unsaved wound from an attack with Instant Death. even if out of LOS. Smoke Launchers: . Pinning test. AP1 weapons gain +2 to this table. Explodes S4AP. No saves at all. Template: . Immobilised: . . .No Escape: If template touches an opentopped vehicle or building. . Haywire Krak 6 4 Assault 1 Melta - - Cannot be thrown. .SHOOTING PHASE SHOOTING TO HIT (p32) GENERAL SHOOTING PHASE RULES BS 1 2 3 4 5+ To Hit 6 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+ . BS 6 7 8 9 10 Select a weapon.All models firing the selected weapon - 4 shoot at the same time. .hits equal to models in the unit.Allocate a wound to the closest - - S value of the attack is double the T value of the model or more. it illuminates itself. fires lower number at half range. only fire Snap Shots in the Immobilised. as Difficult Terrain.Every model touched by the template is automatically hit. Effect on Passengers Count as having moved Cruising Speed Snap Shots only Still Combat All All n/a 90 Flat Out Fast All All 2 88 Heavy All All n/a 88 . it gets a 5+ cover save.Counts as a close combat weapon.Large Blast uses the 5” marker.If moved. If it hits at least once. instead of shooting or moving Flat Out.Passengers may shoot different targets to the vehicle itself. Hunter-killer Missile . Models can always shoot through members of their own unit without conferring a save. Treat them as two separate units from then on. If two or more models are equally close. No saves at all. 9 Divide into Wound Pools.

.Models with Assault/Plasma grenades 9 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ - 10 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ .Once all models have fought. . MULTIPLE COMBATS (p54) - GENERAL ASSAULT PHASE RULES Locked in combat . - consolidate.All vehicles are WS1(except Walkers and Chariots). the unit is locked in combat. . . A unit may not fire if Locked in CC. . . don't suffer the I penalty when charging through Difficult Terrain.A model engaged with only one enemy unit 65 Jump (not using) 2D6” -2” 65 Beasts 2D6” No Effect 67 Cavalry 2D6” Dangerous Terrain test 67 Bikes 2D6” Dangerous Terrain test 63 Jetbikes 2D6” Dangerous T if starts or ends the move in Difficult T 63 MC 2D6” No Effect 67 Artillery 2D6” -2” 64 Jet Pack (using) 2D6” Dangerous T if starts or ends the move in Difficult T 66 Jet Pack (not using) 2D6” -2" 66 Chariots 2D6” Dangerous Terrain test 86 Walkers 2D6” -2" 90 .A unit declaring this is making a Disordered - Charge. . .+1 for charging. then just stay within coherency. . Choose another combat and go back to Fight Sub-Phase.A Stomp Attack is at I1 and in addition to 8 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ . the I Weapon . If killed by Dangerous Terrain. it may be reallocated the closest a model in the same unit within 6” on a 4+. If they can’t. Every other marker must be partially within 3” of the previous.Does not gain the +1A bonus for charging. One vehicle scatters D6” and then Explodes. Specialist Weapon Power Lance +1 3 (on charge) INDEPENDENT CHARACTERS (p166) U 4 (after charge) Power Maul +2 4 Concussive Power Sword U 3 - Thunder Hammer x2 2 Concussive.Dangerous Terrain still causes checks.If the target unit has multiple toughness values. the challenge continues. Ending Challenges . If not. . The first stomp must be 9 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ .Player whose turn it is may nominate a character to issue a challenge first. no models are moved.Once accepted. Consolidate. . TO WOUND S/T 1 2 3 4 GRENADES IN ASSAULT 5 6 7 8 9 10 Type S AP - - - - - - Plasma 4 - - - - - Haywire 2 - - - - - Krak 6 4 - - - Melta 8 1 - - . Initial Charge is the closest model to the Primary target. and may only allocate wounds to each other. .Our Weapons Are Useless: If locked in combat with an enemy it can’t hurt. .Models in this I step have a number of Attacks equal to their A value. . .Starting from 10 and working down.In a unit of characters. there are no sweeping advances.Vehicles cannot Charge. count a Glancing hit as 1 wound. 2 .All shots are Snap Shots. but Dangerous Terrain does. His unit cannot use his Ld this phase. . CHARGE DISTANCES (p201) Unit Type Infantry Jump (using) Charge 2D6” Effect of Difficult Terrain on Charge Page must strike that unit. Weapons - 3 FIGHT SUB-PHASE (p48) 1 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 Divide into Wound Pools.If the unit shot. .All weapons have the Melee type. Buildings.Difficult Terrain has no effect. Unwieldy. Locked. Overwatch can’t cause Morale or Pinning tests. remove. . .Cannot declare a Charge against a unit it cannot reach.+1 for having two Melee/Pistol weapons.Other units cannot shoot at Locked units. Locked or Falling Back. Eviscerator STOMP ATTACKS (p96) 8 CHARACTERS Dread CCW ASSAULT TO HIT WS 1 10 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ Charging into a Multiple Combat . .Attacker WS on the left. Sir! . .Roll Look Out Sir! for characters. . .Failed Charge: If the range is not enough. One vehicle under the marker suffers a penetrating hit (Stomper chooses) 6 Each model under the marker removed.May not leave units who are Falling Back. .If the loser is higher. . any other attacks the model has.The model may take a Saving Throw.Must stay 2” away from units if it is not joining them. Winner must Sweeping Advance. Unwieldy. then in 2” of an engaged friendly (6” vertical) If not. Pile In.If there are no models left in base contact. . a unit may choose to fail this check. . Loser takes Morale check. use the majority. If a vehicle loses the combat/destroyed. allocate hits instead of wounds as per shooting. Fighting Challenges . . 4 Haywire Armourbane.If charging two units already locked. Look Out. all the winning units may Sweeping Advance. Flyers. Gargantuan Creatures and Super-heavies cannot be Stomped.Once all units have Charged. but only gets 1 Attack. a Charge may be declared against the passengers. If possible. all models Pile In. move the two characters into base contact. (May only happen in that character’s turn) . allocate to the closest model.Then models pile in to get within 2” of an engaged model (6” vertical).ICs who leave units still suffer ongoing effects .Use average WS of target unit. End of combat Pile In. but embarked units can.A model engaged with two or more may split its attacks freely between them before rolling To Hit.Wounds must be allocated to enemy models in base contact with a model attacking at that initiative step. . Pile in.Enemy may accept with any character. Swooping FMCs.ICs without Infiltrate cannot join Infiltrating units during deployment. . - that cannot Snap Shot cannot fire. Once joined. . . but may scatter onto them.-1 Ld for each Wound they lost the combat by.The player whose turn it is piles in first.Wounds in excess of a models W characteristic don’t count. the same target must be the Primary.All hits are resolved against rear armour.If a unit has one or more models in base contact with an enemy.If both survive.Must be within 2” coherency of a unit to join it at the end of the Movement phase.No other model may allocate wounds to the characters until there is nobody else left to allocate the wounds to (even if the challenger has already slain his opponent). penalty for Difficult Terrain does not apply. Unwieldy Vehicles.Choose a Primary and Secondary target. . Issue Challenges (see Characters) 2 Choose highest Initiative step. the challenger may pick an enemy character to not fight this phase. move on to Fight Sub-Phase. Assaulting Vehicles .If the winning unit is now unengaged.ASSAULT PHASE Charge SUB-PHASE (p45) 1 2 Nominate a unit and pick a unit to Charge. or swap them with other models in base contact. pile ins or consolidations. Immobilised vehicles are WS0. Vehicles never take Morale or Ld checks. . Resolve Stomps one at a time. the Chargers lose the +1A bonus. Against Vehicle Squadrons.ICs pass Look Out Sir rolls on a 2+.Then everyone else piles in.May not join units containing MCs. Dangerous T if starts or ends the move in Difficult T Fighting Multiple Combats . .Winning units that are still locked in combat cannot Sweeping Advance.Once one challenger is slain. CHALLENGES (p101) Issuing Challenges . then they may go into base contact with the Secondary. sweeping advance. Unwieldy. . Gun Emplacements and Monstrous Creatures.Total the number of Wounds inflicted per side. 3 Resolve Overwatch.The player whose turn it is goes first. .If Defender has WS0 it’s an automatic hit.Models in this I step pile in 3” . . Multiple Charges . 7 Move the rest of the unit in any order.Blast markers and templates may not be deliberately placed to hit locked models.Any model may use a grenade as a Melee 8 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ . or be locked in combat (except Walkers and Chariots). . . they Fall Back . Defender on top. Twohanded Hvy Chainsword +2 5 Two-handed Lightning Claw U 3 Shread. then in contact with an engaged enemy. weapon. . Roll Charge range.Look Out Sir may not be used. . RR -2”. must move into base contact with an unengaged enemy.If some wounds have different rules or stats divide into wound pools.Locked models do not take Morale or Pinning checks caused by shooting and cannot go to ground. .Standard range is 2D6”. Choose another charging unit. . .If all the losing units fail or are destroyed. into the nearest enemy model by the shortest possible route. even if it ends up with no models touching the Secondary. Vehicles cannot fire Overwatch.A charging model must end in - 6 first. another character may swap places with a friendly challenger by passing I test. pick another initial Charger. . unless they are charging a unit that has gone to ground or was already locked. . . . they must move before other models at the same I step. . Allocate Wounds. .All the wounds from a single pool must be allocated before moving on. For combat results.All models that Charged through Difficult Terrain are at I1. . move on to Determining Assault Results.Cannot be used in a challenge. - touching the walker. .Move the closest charging model DETERMINING ASSAULT RESULTS (p52) Choose a combat. . . Specialist Weapon Power Axe +1 2 Unwieldy Power Fist x2 2 Unwieldy. . All other models must attempt to get in base contact with the Primary.First models pile in to get in base contact. .If reduced to 0 wounds. Both Charged units may fire Overwatch. . in Reserves. - coherency with a model that has already moved.The side that caused the most Wounds is the winner. 5 Move initial charging model.Characters only fight each other. Assault Results . .ICs who joint units do not suddenly gain them. Roll To Hit. unless the unit is locked or gone to ground. . the losing unit is wiped out.When it is the character’s turn to Pile In. S AP Chainfist x2 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 Type Armourbane. 4 5 6 Roll To Wound.If Shooting destroys a transport. this can be reallocated to other characters.The characters and the swapped models cannot Pile In this turn. any excess wounds can be allocated to his unit.When a wound is allocated to a character. D6 Non-vehicle Vehicle 1 Unharmed Unharmed 1 4+ 4+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 2 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 3 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 4 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5+ 5+ 5 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 6 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 7 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ . .May leave by moving out of coherency. Determine assault results. Run.Locked units cannot move.If the unit fired in the Shooting phase. buildings. Other effects . . draw.If they fail.Units with an IC test to Regroup as if it had 25% remaining.Anyone who is in base contact with an enemy model or within 2” of a friendly model who is (6” vertical) is engaged and can fight. Determine number of attacks.D3 Stomps. . Fleshbane Joining Units . GENERAL CHARACTER RULES Characters in Assault . it Falls Back.Skip a step if no models have that I . Specialist Weapon 9 10 x2 2 - x2 2 Armourbane.Units of one character cannot refuse. COMMON CLOSE COMBAT WEAPONS Disordered Charges .Every unit on the losing side must take a Morale check with the same penalty. shoot or fire Overwatch if Charged. or Gone to Ground. 2-5 Each model under the marker suffers S6AP4 hit.Roll D6 and add Initiative. and a Penetrating hit as 2. . .May not join units who are in Reserves.If the combat is still going.If charging a unit with Defensive grenades.If the winner is higher or scores are equal. If not.If he refuses. it can only Charge that unit.If both sides suffer the same. -2” 2D6”.A wound can be reallocated only once. or cannot see. . . the unit may move no further. Leaving Units .Grenades can only be used against Type 1 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 2 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 3 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 4 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 5 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 6 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 7 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 6+ . . Fight next Initiative step. . . it may consolidate d6” .Player whose turn it is chooses order. . A unit being Charged may only fire Overwatch once per turn.-2” for any model that Charges 4 through Difficult Terrain. . Specialist Weapon Witchblade U - Armourbane. .Glorious Intervention: After the first round.

Can never Charge or be Charged. Special Rules: .May choose to jump in either the Movement or Assault phase. it crashes and suffers a S9 hit. measuring range and LoS from any point on the hull.May move 12” when moving Flat Out.Blast and Template weapons are always allocated to the chariot. .May sweeping advance.Grenades may be used to attack the chariot. but takes a Dangerous Terrain test if begins or ends the move in Difficult Terrain. . Hammer of Wrath. Movement: . Special Rules: . but counts as Dangerous. the unit cannot Charge. If a weapon is destroyed. Shooting: .The controlling player may allocate hits to either the rider or the chariot. Hammer of Wrath. If forced to. Special Rules: . may make a Thrust move 2D6”. it’s Swooping.Chariots that fail a Dangerous Terrain test take a glancing hit. Hammer of Wrath.Cannot be Pinned or Go To Ground. Armoured Steed: .Can move and fire all weapons.Must move 12” and can move up to 24” . and vice versa.May make Stomp attacks. no armour/cover saves. .Assault Vehicle . . - and Fall Back 3D6”. .May be placed on Impassable Terrain if the model can balance. Special Rules: .Cannot move Flat Out.Fear.Deep Strike.If armed with 2+ Melee weapons it gets +1A for each weapon after the first.Can choose to Glide (count as Jump MC) - or Swoop (use these rules).May fire four weapons. Shooting: . Roll D6 . .May never Go to Ground.Hammer of Wrath (D6 S6AP. .May move over terrain as a Jump MC.Must Zoom (use these rules) unless it has Hover (use rules for Fast Skimmers). Smash.-1A if Stunned or Immobilised.Must both target the same unit.Combat Speed is exactly 18”. .Fleet.Fast Skimmers can move Flat Out 18” Measuring: . move it the minimum distance out of the way. Bulky.The gun is a T7 W2 Sv3+ model. . Invincible Behemoth. and Fall Back 3D6”.May fire all weapons at different targets. Special Rules: . Range is measured from the gun muzzle.Does not suffer Crash and Burn . . the whole model is removed. MONSTROUS CREATURES (p67) Shooting: .Rider has Fearless and Relentless. and Fall Back 3D6”.on a 1 or 2.Jetbikes can turbo-boost 24” but cannot shoot. Assault: . declare which.May fire two weapons in the shooting phase. Movement: .Must have one crewman per gun to move. .Always use the rider’s WS . Relentless.May always choose to use their Jet Pack or move as normal models of their type.May Run. Only the crew can benefit from Going To Ground.Deep Strike.Instead of charging.Bikes have +1T. it can re-roll the Charge range and gains Hammer of Wrath. GARGANTUAN CREATURES (p70) Monstrous: JETPACK UNITS (p66) . Smash. . Move Through Cover. . Hammer of Wrath. . Shooting: .If it takes an unsaved Wound in any - phase.Hits against Walkers are always against front armour unless it is Immobilised.Immediately after losing its last HP. Hammer of Wrath.Firing Ordnance weapons has no effect on their ability to fire other weapons.Hits against the chariot are against front armour. Movement: . use the Thunderblitz table unless the enemy is a Super-heavy or Gargantuan Creature. but counts as Dangerous. Assault: . Hammer of Wrath. Movement: . BEASTS (p67) CAVALRY (p67) Movement: .Treat as Flyers which use Super-heavy rules for Shooting. but takes a Dangerous Terrain test if begins or ends the move in Difficult Terrain. Hammer of - Wrath. Artillery units always lose Sweeping Advances. Special Rules: . remove the base if possible. .Fear. with their usual 360 arc. Special Rules: .May move over friendly or enemy models.May only be repaired by embarked unit. WALKERS (p90) Movement: .May be placed on Impassable Terrain if the model can balance. . but takes a Dangerous Terrain test if begins or ends the move in Difficult Terrain. declare which.Chariot and rider use their own BS.If arriving from reserves.treat as Catastrophic Damage instead. Movement: . a Walker is Immobilised. Gun and crewman must both have LoS. Smash. Special Rules: . Assault: . Special Rules: .If fails a Dangerous Terrain test.Can never be Tank Shocked.If Jumps into assault.Can never be Tank Shocked or Rammed. it is Wrecked. but bases must always stay 1” apart. . even if the enemy is not in their current weapon arc (unless Immobilised). Special Rules: . . Grounded creatures are now Gliding.Hammer of Wrath. but counts as Dangerous. Only the crew can Overwatch. Special Rules: . Charge or execute any voluntary action afterwards. Move Through Cover.UNIT TYPES ARTILLERY (p64) The Gun: . If arriving from reserves.Chariots must take a Dangerous Terrain test when charging through Difficult Terrain.A model must declare if attacking the rider or chariot and all attacks must be directed at the same thing. . HEAVY VEHICLES (p88) FLYING MONSTROUS CREATURES (p68) may move 2d6” in the assault phase. this is included in their profile. this is included in their profile. remove the guns. it loses the attack. . even if they have shot or arrived from Deep Strike that turn. . enters Ongoing Reserves.When Tank Shocking. Damage & Transport.any guns without crew are abandoned. Shooting: . Damage: . Very Bulky. Strikedown. .If a skimmer is Immobilised or Wrecked.If uses Jump Pack in the Movement phase.Must declare mode before moving or before models disembark. SUPER-HEAVY WALKERS (p96) Unit Type: . even if they have shot or arrived from Deep Strike that turn. . .May move up to 12” in Movement Phase. Attacks with Sniper or Poisoned only wound on a 6 (unless S is high). lose their Jink save and cannot Jink this turn. . . and Fall Back 3D6”. pile in and consolidate unless they are Stunned or Immobilised.Jetbikes have +1T.Additional crew and beasts are ignored. . Relentless. .Cannot be Pinned or Go To Ground. If arriving from Deep Strike. and never takes Dangerous Terrain tests. When deployed on the table.May turbo-boost 36”. Vector Strike. .Always counts as stationary.May fire all weapons at different targets.Can never Fall Back.If either the rider or the chariot are destroyed. .Treat as Walkers which use Super-heavy rules for Shooting.Models that can fit can move under it. and vice versa. BIKES (p63) Movement: .Jink. Vector Strike (FGC).Rider always counts as stationary.May fire one weapon for each rider model.Any effects from Shaken.Not slowed by Difficult Terrain. must take a Grounded test at the end of the Phase.Invincible Behemoth: Any effect that Explodes or removes from play the vehicle loses D3 HP instead. and Fall Back 3D6”. Shooting: . Damage: . . and autopass Dangerous Terrain tests. . Move Through Cover. it suffers Catastrophic Damage.May never use Jink. . at full BS.Enemy units may only fire Snap Shots. May be placed on Impassable Terrain if the model can balance. .Aerial Support: Must begin the game in reserves.Fear.Can never be Charged.Use the rules for Infantry. . If they do not.Cannot move faster than Combat Speed.The base of a skimmer is ignored unless it is being Charged or Rammed.until the end of the turn. Damage: . and never takes Dangerous Terrain tests. Strikedown. . If forced to move less.Fear. Shooting: . Usually. Assault: . . Shaken has no effect.Gargantuan Creatures use all the rules for MCs or FMCs with these additions. but counts as Dangerous. but not both. Invincible Behemoth.If all the crew are killed. Shooting: . Stunned. Jink. Assault: . Feel no Pain. No wounds may be allocated to the guns. .Models cannot disembark or embark a Zooming flyer.until the end of the turn. but bases must always stay 1” apart.Jink. SUPER-HEAVY VEHICLES (p94) Movement: .If it leaves the board.Models that can fit can move under it.Skimmer Chariots must take a Dangerous Terrain test if they start or end their Charge move in Difficult Terrain. Movement: . .Not slowed by Difficult Terrain. . Very Bulky. Special Rules: . Grounded: . .hits). . OPEN-TOPPED VEHICLES (p88) FLYERS (p84) Shooting: . its base.May move Flat Out straight forwards between 12” and 24”. . Armoured Steed: . unless it is a Precision Shot. Relentless. Can’t do this the turn it arrives. Relentless. Special Rules: . Move Through Cover . JUMP UNITS (p65) Jump Pack: . in which case models may move in contact with its hull. Special Rules: .Walkers cannot Run if Stunned or Immobilised. . Damage & Transport. Damage: . .May not fire Overwatch. treating terrain as they do in the Movement phase.Firing Ordnance weapons has no effect - on their ability to fire other weapons. .Fear.Always counts as stationary.May move over all models and terrain - Assault: . but cannot end their move over either.Jink (unless it’s also Heavy).May move over all models and terrain - freely. freely. Attacks that permanently lower the AV have no effect.May move over all models and terrain freely. Cannot Charge the turn it changes mode. Charge and be Locked. .Fear. Movement: . SKIMMERS (p89) Movement: . Usually. Relentless. . Charge or execute any voluntary action afterwards. .May move up to 12” in Movement Phase. CHARIOTS (p86) The Chariot: .One crewman within 2” of the gun can fire - it instead of his weapon. . SUPER-HEAVY FLYERS (p97) Unit Type: . Special Rules: .May Charge and be Locked in combat. May not fire Overwatch.May move up to 12” in Movement Phase.Gargantuan Creatures may move 12”.You may never reallocate Look Out Sir wounds to gun models.May Run 2d6” straight forwards. Not slowed by Difficult Terrain. . Assault: . but treat it as Dangerous Terrain (also in Assault). pile in and consolidate unless they are Stunned.May move up to 12” in Movement Phase.Bikes can turbo-boost 12” but cannot shoot. enters Ongoing Reserves. Flight Mode: . Smash. Special Rules: . . . . . .May sweeping advance.May elect to use Skyfire each phase. FAST VEHICLES (p88) Movement: . Move Through Cover. . May be placed on Impassable Terrain if the model can balance. Shooting: . May make Stomp attacks as Super Heavy Walkers.May fire two weapons in the shooting phase. Fearless. but takes a Dangerous Terrain test if begins or ends the move in Difficult Terrain.May fire one weapon for each rider model. Flight Mode: .Chariots treat Immobilised results as Stunned. . Relentless. . . it’s Gliding. Relentless. Eldar Jetbikes: Special Rules: .May fire Overwatch. .May elect to use Skyfire each phase. Bulky.Jink. but treat it as Dangerous Terrain (also in Assault). Movement: .Fleet. . Movement: . or both.Can fire all weapons at full BS when moving at Combat speed.Riders cannot disembark from chariots. .May move over all models and terrain freely.Rider may fire Overwatch. .May make a single 90º pivot at the start. and two when Cruising.May move 12” in the Movement phase. .If it leaves the board. JETBIKES (p63) Movement: . Jet Pack: . Shooting: .As long as there are gun models.All passengers may shoot. Shooting: .+1 to any rolls on it’s Damage Table. Can’t do this the turn it arrives.Cruising Speed is up to 36”. Attacks that inflict Instant Death or remove a model inflict D3 wounds. . may move up to 12”. .May transport multiple units. treating terrain as they do in the Movement phase.May make a single 90º pivot at the start. One crewman per gun is required to Fall Back . .May move over terrain as a Skimmer.Enemy units may only fire Snap Shots. .Ignore the guns for the purposes of Morale. Assault: . Immobilised or Weapon Destroyed are ignored (they still lose the HP). they Shooting: . .

. only counts if the re-roll is a 1. . model takes a wound with no Look out Sir / cover save. Eternal Warrior Skilled Rider (C) Melta the end of the next assault phase. . it is WS1 Brotherhood of Psykers (C) . On a roll of a 6.Roll an additional D6 for armour penetration if at half range or less. weapon must have the rule.Unit takes 1 hit at unmodified S and AP2. Both units check. . Tank Hunters (C) Two-handed . randomise.The roll To Wound is always equal to the target’s armour save (min 6+).Very Bulky counts as three models. Soul Blaze .Unit automatically passes Dangerous Terrain and has +1 to Jink saves.If the model Charges into base contact. Master-crafted .As Relentless. may attack one unenegaged enemy unit it Twin-linked move Flat Out. Regroup and Morale checks. Unwieldy . . this is on the side armour.One model in the unit may fire at a different target.Extremely Bulky counts as four models.When regrouping.May make an extra 90º pivot at the end of the move but cannot then Vector Strike .On 6 To Hit. In Shooting. .If caught by Sweeping Advance. For weapons with no To Hit. . you may re-roll the dice to Hit & Run (C) . A unit can take multiple tests per turn.Counts as two models for the purposes of Transport Capacity.This weapon is a Destroyer weapon with the shot coming from the centre of the blast marker (as for Barrage). .When firing against a vehicle. .In assault. . .they only require one model in the unit to have the special rule for the whole unit to benefit from it.Re-rolls To Hit rolls in the first round of assault.On a 1-3. Fearless (C) Feel no Pain Fleet . S at I10. .If the unit arrives on a random table edge. Split Fire (C) Missile Lock .see Reserves section . . the target is Hammer of Wrath . 6: Penetrating hit Immobilised and loses a Hull Point. roll D6. Bulky Concussive .All close combat attacks are AP2. Relentless . though transports with Deep . moved over that turn. determine the edge. if S is higher than targets T.Not slowed by Difficult Terrain.May make a FnP roll to avoid each wound (default 5+). or weapons that do not roll To Hit. . .Template weapons re-roll failed To Wound or Armour Penetration rolls. .May only Snap Shot at other targets. Zealot (C) . 2-5: Glancing hit. Adamantium Will (C) Air-to-Air . must take a Ld test or Move Through Cover (C) Night Vision (C) One Use/Shot Only . Sentry Defence System can shoot against a different target.Models causing Fear are not immune to Fear. .Unit gains +1 to cover saves. each 6 adds an additional D3 to the AP roll (not AP2) . must move between 18” and 36”. with an assumed Ld of 10. a unit in contact with a model that causes Skyfire .If Blast. - Strike do not lose it if the embarked unit does not have it. . Agile .Not slowed when charging through Difficult Terrain.A unit composed entirely of models with this can re-roll one or more of the dice when rolling for Run or Charge ranges.Always rolls To Wound on a 4+. If failed. Vortex .Enemy units can shoot/Charge this building even if unoccupied. . or a 5+ save in the open.Automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests. Roll once for all models.If this building suffers a penetrating hit. Heavy.On 6 To Hit in Melee. . automatically wound at AP2.Unit rolls an extra dice when making Run moves. Stubborn (C) Swarms unless it would inflict Instant Death anyway. . is Impassable Terrain. . then roll 3D6.Only scatter D6” when using One Use Only Blast weapons.A unit hit must take an I test at the end of the phase.1: No effect.Cannot be used if the model makes a Disordered Charge. it is on fire. If sufficient to move more Slow & Purposeful (C) Smash Shred .Non-vehicles suffering a wound move as if in Difficult Terrain next turn.May fire one more weapon than normal at full BS. . Precision Shots . If used. the model regains a lost W/HP on a 5+. Poisoned Spirit different unit. .Vehicle is a Psyker. . any model with Jink in the Lance . Rage . . but may suffer Dangerous Terrain tests. cannot be Precision. Sweeping Advance or Overwatch. Bikes.If suffers an unsaved wound from this weapon. . . every model with this rule gets +1A unless they were already locked in combat.At the end of each turn. roll a D6.If two units have this.Blast weapons must re-roll both the 2D6 and the scatter dice. Beasts. Regroup and Morale checks. In Shooting. Assault Vehicle . .The model gains Precision Shot. Blind . roll a D6. this weapon can fire at any one unit Shrouded (C) . . the weapon must have the rule.Counts in assault if the model OR weapon has the rule. Pinning.Against vehicles. the unit breaks away.Units composed entirely of Swarms ignore Difficult Terrain but take Go to Ground (which does NOT protect it from the fire of this weapon).Unit re-rolls failed To Wound rolls against Monstrous Creatures. . Strikedown Outflank (C) . Mighty Bulwark . Sniper . . roll D6 before firing: 1 causes Gets Hot.If deployed inside a dedicated transport. unless they arrived from reserve.Counts armour values higher than 12 as 12. . It Will Not Die Jink .If model Charges. FO.When Swooping or Zooming. it has +1S until the end of the phase. . they suffer a glance on a D6 roll of 1. the flames die out. Graviton . And They Shall Know .Can use any model with this rule to measure LoS.Unit gains +2 to cover saves. . . Rending . .Always wounds on a 2+. . . . Armourbane .Unit may add D3 to its Sweeping Advance totals.This weapon can re-roll one failed To Hit roll per turn. Assault.SPECIAL RULES Rule Effect Rule Effect Rule Effect Acute Senses (C) . .If passed. Power of the Machine .Models disembarking this building may Charge the same turn.May Charge after firing the above or Rapid Fire weapons.When wounded from a Blast or Template weapon.For each To Wound of 6. No Fear (C) .Cover saves may not be taken against this weapon .At the end of the turn.Unit re-rolls failed To Hit and To Wound rolls of 1 against that enemy. .If moving Flat Out. . . . the firer can allocate to any model in the unit in range/LOS. FMCs and Skimmers. Interceptor . may re-roll To Wound. . Counter-attack (C) weapon must have the rule. Crusader (C) Daemon Deep Strike .Can’t be a unit forced to disembark because of the unit’s other attacks! Specialist Weapon .+1 to Jink cover saves.Any unit under the marker’s new location is hit. Dangerous Terrain tests as normal.Counts in assault if the model OR weapon has the rule. If vehicles Get Hot. it is WS1 that phase.Counts as having fired one weapon in the following Shooting phase.Unit cannot Go to Ground and cannot use Our Weapons Are Useless.The other unit may only consolidate.Counts in assault if the model OR weapon has the rule.This weapon may only be used once during the game.Does not work against Destroyer or Instant Death wounds. Salvo or Ordnance weapons.May swap all attacks for a single Smash at x2S and re-roll AP.If a unit takes an unsaved wound from this weapon. This has no effect on buildings. .This weapon may only be used against Flyers or Fast Skimmers. . the transport gains Outflank. This attack does not benefit from other special rules. Strafing Run Infantry. TB. but counting all models locked in the combat. Pinning. .Re-roll all failed To Hit rolls in the first round of assault. This can be at a . choose a direction. the Furious Charge . Supersonic Pinning . . range or statistics. and picks the highest. can act normally that turn.Building can use automated fire against enemies even if unoccupied.When charging.This attack cannot be upgraded by other special rules. Fear Fear must take a Ld test. roll off to see who gets to go first. For re-rolls.Weapon always wounds on a fixed number (default 4+).Roll an extra D6 and pick the highest in Difficult Terrain. .When shooting Rapid Fire.Instead of rolling for AP.At the end of enemy Movement. or a 6+ save in the open. Gets Hot - If To Hit roll is 1. . On 4+. . the attacker can allocate to any engaged model.Ignores the effects of Night Fighting. If immune to Pinning.When allocating wounds. if two models could be closest.Does not work if the model is making a disordered Charge. Precision Strike Preferred Enemy (C) .Uses normal BS against Flyers. .Declare before To Hit rolls are made.Weapon re-rolls failed To Hit rolls. but cannot be fired in the next turn.Model gains +D3A if the assault contains more enemies than friends.The attacking unit cannot be affected. Cavalry.Does not work if the model is making a disordered Charge. but only one per unit firing.Snap Shots. unit gains a 4+ cover save but may only fire Snap Shots next turn. Rampage . .The unit automatically passes Fear and Regroup tests.Unit automatically passes Fear. it makes a single attack at base Hatred . . . In Shooting. . and scatters 2D6” at Repel the Enemy . Vector Dancer . If failed. Ignores Cover.Unit is a Psyker with a default Mastery of 1. the firer has +1BS.+1 bonus to Deny the Witch rolls. Haywire .When Charged.Does not receive +1A for two Melee weapons unless both have this rule.Re-rolls failed AP rolls against vehicles and can re-roll glancing hits. are not destroyed but locked instead. .Re-roll failed To Hit rolls when using One Use Only weapons. .The marker remains in play.Passengers disembarking can Charge.Special rules marked with a (C) are conferred . randomly allocated.If suffers Perils of the Warp or attacks that target psykers. gains +2A rather than +1. Remove the marker on a double. . Fleshbane . counts as 2 wounds . . the unit may still choose to Go to Ground. . Against vehicles.Cannot be conferred to transport vehicles.Unit uses unmodified Ld for Morale or Pinning checks.A model that suffers an unsaved wound is reduced to Initiative 1 until that has arrived from reserve. 2 or 3.Model may never receive +1A for fighting with two Melee weapons. Stealth (C) .May arrive from Reserve via Outflank . than 1” away from every enemy. . -1 to the damage table roll. unit suffers D3 S4AP5 hits with Ignores Cover. Monster Hunter (C) .Unit may leave combat at the end of an Assault phase by passing I test. the swarm which has already taken wounds is always hurt first.Rolls an additional D6 for armour penetration.At the start of the Fight phase.Counts as stationary when firing Heavy. and BS1 until the end of its next turn. . and a 6 is AP2. . . . . .Unit automatically passes Fear. the start of each player turn.Models have a 5+ invulnerable save and cause Fear.May arrive from reserve via Deep Strike . use the distance the maker ends up after scattering.Instant Death only reduces this model’s wounds by 1. Psychic Pilot .May re-roll To Wound rolls.see Reserves section. but can’t Run. MCs or vehicles without Flyer or Skimmer.Model piles in and fights at I1 unless it is a Walker or MC. the Ignores Cover .Unit cannot Go to Ground and cannot use Our Weapons Are Useless. . randomly allocated (D3 hits against Zooming Flyers or Swooping FMCs). . .May not be used if moves Flat Out or fires Smoke Launchers. or Salvo weapons at .

they may not do anything that turn. 1 Master of Defence: Warlord has Counter-attack.As Allies of Convenience . Grey Knights. 3 Master of Manoeuvre: Warlord has Outflank. . . UNBOUND ARMIES (p117) .Cannot deploy within 12” of each other.Adepta Sororitas. Your units have Night Vision. 2 Night Attacker: You may force Night Fighting on Turn 1. must contain your Warlord. COMBINED ARMS DETACHMENT (p122) Armies of the Imperium . unless that unit has this rule too.You may have any number of Detachments. 4 Forward Planning: After generating TOs on your first turn. Dark Angels. .ARMY COMP ALLIES BATTLE-FORGED ARMIES (p117) ALLIES TABLE (p126) . etc. 4 Master of the Vanguard: Warlord and all friendly units within 12” add 1” to Run or Charge ranges. 5 Tenacity: Warlord has Feel no Pain. BATTLE FORGED DETACHMENT GUIDE . . Battle Brothers (Green): . 6 Princeps of Deceit: At the start of the opponent’s first turn. Inquisition. most supplements actually add new rules to a Detachment rather than ‘new units’. This detachment cannot be the Primary. 3 Master of Ambush: Warlord and three non-vehicle units have Infiltrate. This STRATEGIC WARLORD TRAITS 1 Conqueror of Cites: Your units have Move Through Cover (Ruins) and Stealth (Ruins).Are friendly models. Imperial Knights. .Are enemy models that cannot be targeted. ALLIES DETACHMENT (p122) TACTICAL WARLORD TRAITS 1 Tactical Genius: You may discard 2 active Tactical Objectives at the end of the turn.Cannot benefit from anything listed in ‘Battle Brothers’. Must have different Faction from Primary.Cannot move within 1” of the ally. Desparate Allies (Orange): . .DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WE DONT - CARE HAHAHAHAAA FORGE THE FREAKIN NARRATIVE!!!!! But you can still take Formations. Allies of Convenience (Yellow): . .One Eye Open: Any unit within 6” of a Desperate Ally at the start of the turn must roll a D6. . . At the end of your turn. On a 1. Come the Apocalypse (Red): . 2 Master of Interference: One Use Only. 5 Target Priority: Warlord and all friendly units within 12” re-roll shooting To Hit rolls of 1. 5 Master of Fate: Re-roll the dice for VPs awarded by Tactical Objectives with random VPs. .Can benefit from reserve re-rolls. 1 Inspiring Presence: Friendly units in 12” can use the Warlord’s Leadership. you may discard them and redraw. Objective Secured: Troops from this detachment control objectives even if an enemy unit is within range of the marker. . Zooming/Swooping units may not pivot and must just move their minimum distance.Ideal Mission Commander: You may choose to re-roll the Warlord Trait. PERSONAL WARLORD TRAITS (p124) - Units must have the same Faction. Astra Militarum. etc. 6 Lead by Example: Any ‘Secure Objective X’ that is gained because the Warlord’s unit controls it gains an additional VP. 2 Master of Offence: Warlord has Furious Charge. opponent must surrender one random active Tactical Objective. . Supplements .Objective Secured: Troops from this detachment control objectives even if an enemy unit is within range of the marker. .Can embark on friendly transports.Can benefit from Warlord traits.Dedicated Transports count as being part of the slot as the unit they were bought for. Space Marines & Space Wolves all count as Armies of the Imperium.Any new units in a supplement count as part of the parent Faction.One must be the Primary Detachment. . 5 Divide to Conquer: Your opponent has -1 to Reserve rolls. 4 Legendary Fighter: Army gains +1VP for each character slain by the Walord in a challenge.Count as friendly for Psychic powers.As Desparate Allies. .Are affected by attacks that effect ‘enemy’ COMMAND WARLORD TRAITS units within a certain range. . not their highest.Can repair friendly models. 6 Co-ordinated Assault: Warlord and all friendly units within 12” re-roll assault To Hit rolls of 1.A unit’s Faction applies in any case. 6 Immovable Object: Warlord has It Will Not Die and Fearless. 3 The Dust of a Thousand Worlds: Warlord and all friendly units within 12” have Move Through Cover. 4 Strategic Genius: You have +1 to Seize the Initiative and can re-roll all Reserve rolls.However.Can be joined by Ind Characters. 2 Intimidating Presence: Enemy units within 12” use their lowest Ld value. .Units must have the same Faction. pick 3 units in his army to make a Pinning test. Blood Angels. .All units must be formed into Detachments. 3 Well Prepared: +1 Tactical Objective on your first turn. unless that unit has this rule too. .No unit may belong to more than one Detachment.