Marcel Vogel Workshop — Therapeutic Use of Crystals, part 3

00:20 The use of micro crystals. An experiment / demonstration.
01:00 Group meditation with Vogel crystals. The aim is helping a sick girl age 6 weeks with
serious heart fault. She is being operated upon while the meditation is taking place.
06:15 Demonstration of the Vogel Therapeutic technique. Checking the body for symptoms
with reflexology (kinesiology) before and after treatment.
12:00 Importance of gems and crystals that the person is waring. Note: Remember to clear
these items after treatment. Otherwise the thought and illness patterns still reside in the item
and will draw the person back into the old pattern.
19:20 The whole principle was shown.
20:20 Micro crystals for treating acupuncture points.
22:00 Micro crystals as "pace makers".
24:50 Micro crystals: you are dealing with a triad: the body, the mind and the spirit.
25:00 You implant in the micro crystal the program you want that person to have in their
29:58 Every living being emits radiation. Every living object emits light. The nucleus of our
cells can be viewed as an electrical oscillator circuit. A living cell can play the part as a
transmitter or receiver of exceedingly short radio waves.
31:09 Cellular oscillation of living organisms is maintained by cosmic radiation.
32:20 Biological super conductivity: The light that is being emitted from the nucleus triggers
or initiates a release of electrons from the cellular membranes at body temperature.
33:50 The equilibrium condition in our body, the state of health and well being comes from
the structuring of the water in our body.
35:30 Dr. Pop: A cancer cell has a greater volume of water than normal cells. When you look
at a cancer cell under a microscope, the nucleus is expanded. There is a larger amount of
light, bio photons, coming out of that cell. That cancer cell does not want to die.
37:10 Lashowski did a simple thing. He infected a plant with cancer. He put a copper coil
around the plant, grounded it into the soil, and within a month all that malignancy faded away
and the plant became normal.
40:30 We keep ourselves either ill or healthy by maintaining an energy flow in and around
our body. The purpose of a crystal is to reestablish this balance.
41:00 We store information in the body independent of the brain.
45:00 Patterns from for example an accident are stored in the body.
47:00 Phantom pains. Demonstration of treatment.
50:00 Shock. Demonstration of treatment.
54:00 There are forces in the earth that are imprinted in rocks and soil. They are the product
of violent actions.
59:40 You don't want to treat a symptom. You want to get to the source.
01:01:00 Etheric forces.
01:02:00 By means of the Vogel cut crystal you can move a lead pencil.
01:05:00 The Ethers were studied by the early alchemists.
01:05:37 The etheric force is not limited by dimension. You can occupy an enormous amount
of energy inside the Vogel cut crystal.
01:06:29 The anomalous nature of water is still a struggle in most scientific circles.
01:08:17 Water treated by a healer went into liquid crystal state at minus 40° C.
01:09:29 Holy water is water that has been structured.
01:09:58 Using a thought photography camera (made by de la Warr, GB) on blessed water.
01:13:30 Experiment with and without a Vogel cut crystal in one hand and electrodes on

Demonstration of the Vogel method. 01:28:45 You are here to learn. 01:25:15 God does not control people. 01:21:50 The force of love can be locked into a water molecule. .acupuncture points on hands and feet. People do.