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Experience: 4 Years 1 Months
M2155305/Valid Till 10th Oct 2024

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Seeking challenging assignments in Telecom Field with an organization of repute that lends
me a supportive and cooperative learning environment with ample chances to contribute
and diversify my knowledge and skills.

Managerial skills:Work with focused approach towards the customer/sales/EBU requirement & complaint
resolution by knowledge sharing, presentations and regular meetings.
Ensure the optimum deployment/uses of resources with quality standards.
Develop and maintain process as per business requirement to achieve the timelines and
Elaborate goal, knowledge, data, best practices and responsibilities to team and all
stakeholders for best performance to achieve/complete the threshold/activity at
optimum level.
Technical Skills:Responsible for Planning and Optimization of GSM/WCDMA new sites/swap sites and
also capacity expansion (1800/TRX addition) in networks.
Monitor and Maintain 3G & 2G KPIs.
Automation of the daily activity via Macro to minimize the time of preparing trends for
Responsible for parameter standardization/consistency in network.
Prepare BO templates on the basis of requirement.

Drive Test Tool &
Analysis Tool
Planning Tool
Optimization Tool
Performance Analysis
RAN Equipment Vendor

TEMS Investigation 8.0.3,12.0.6 & NEMO OUTDOOR
MAPINFO 9.0, 9.5, 11.0, 11.5, MCOM 4.2.
MAPINFO 9.0, 9.5, 11.0, 11.5, MCOM 4.2, MIPT.
Citrix-RNO, MRR,NCS,WMRR,WNCS Business
Objects12.1.0.882, WinFIOL7.0
Ericsson(RAN – G12&13, WRAN12&13)

Role in RF Planning & Optimization
Monitoring, analyzing & maintaining the 3G Radio Network KPI’s on daily basis for
Accessibility Retainability, Mobility and Service Integrity.


EXPERIENCE PATH IDEA CELLULAR LTD (FROM JULY 2011 TO TILL NOW) RESPONSIBILITIES: At INDORE as AM RF planning: -Joined as GET from campus placement and currently working in Central team and responsible for monitoring and maintaining 2G & 3G KPIs. Plan Data Resources (NUMREQEGPRSBPC. HSDPA & R99 Drive Test data Analysis. Worst Cell analysis of KPIs like RRC Drop Rate. Parameter Tuning and KPI statistics for SDCCH Blocking. Analyzing the Interference & Troubleshooting through log files FAS. UETR & OSS tools like Moshell & WinFiol. .g. Scrambling Code Planning Neighbor Planning Physical optimization e. Call Drop. Responsible for regular competitor coverage-quality-network benchmarking . Radio Network optimization by monitoring BO Reports. GSM: Neighbor Planning. In depth Knowledge of Ericsson Radio Network Optimization Features WMRR. Missing Neighbor. Low Throughput Analysis). TCH Drop. Identifying weak Coverage & Call related issues (CS/PS Setup time. TCH Blocking. CDD parameter consistency analysis and check on monthly basis and ensure the consistency of network. Plan TRX augmentation to highly congested cells either via LTH or new TRX LOT. Traffic balancing. RAB Setup Success Rate.Plan for capacity expansion and resource up gradation such as CE. definition check & parameter verification through dump & OSS tool like WINFOIL. Code etc. RF surveys & Site Selection by visiting various site locations finding the optimal candidates for site installation after analyzing various RF Conditions. RAB establishment issues. Optimize the NBR on the basis of reports BO (Drop reason and HO reports) and WNCS. To Check IRAT Handovers & IRAT procedures which can affect the overall performance of Network. Coordinating & supporting zonal team for various optimization activities towards the improvement of the network KPIs. etc. GPEH. Daily performance monitoring of cells with sound understanding of counters in Business Objects (BO). Find out worst cells BSC/Zone wise and make action plan in coordination with zonal team to identify and resolve the worst cases. Pilot Pollution. and Handovers. Also majorly responsible for Public . RAB Drop Rate. Tilts and Azimuths to improve coverage and quality in the network by removing interference by minimizing the pilot pollution & Cluster Optimization of 3G Network. Power License. based on utilization. Preparing CDD and Parameter checking for new site as per plan. PDCH) requirement on cell level to maintain DATA throughput. SDCCH Drop. Analysis of Drive Test data. Plan and ensure the ABIS optimization implementation & E1 requirement. LUT & LUS Project handling with sales Team. Interference Ec/No. WNCS. NCS & MRR reports. Alarms.

up-gradation and new feature testing as central spoke .Kharagpur 200 6 200 4 XII X CBSE CBSE CGPA/% 8. Ltd. PERSONAL INFORMATION DOB: Marital Status: Father’s Name: Address: 28th Feb 1989 Single Mr. WCDMA RAN W14 Functionality by Ericsson WCDMA RAN W13 Performance Management & Optimization by Ericsson . WCDMA W14 Air Interface Training by Ericsson.Raising resource requirement (HW/SW) through report analysis and budget planning. Balaji Skyz. Durgapur Kendriya Vidyalaya.Training and Professional Certifications      Ericsson India Pvt. Rambir Singh C2 206.P) Public . Indore (M.improvement in 2G data throughput (Project GATI). Durgapur National Institute of Technology (NIT). ACHIVEMENTS & RECOGNITION    Was awarded “EXCELLENCE Award” for analysis of DATA Related Parameters and significant improvement in 2G Throughput and DATA Vol.Tech (Electronics & Communications Engineering) Yea r Board/University Institute 201 1 National Institute of Techn ology (NIT). GATI-2 was selected as an entry for ABG Group wide GWTM Competition from MPCG Circle. Key member of Yellow Belt Project: “GATI-2” and Green Belt Project: “GATI 3”.Both were aimed to improve 2G Data Throughput to provide better experience to the consumer and hence increase 2G DATA Usage.12/10 87. Assisting migration. (Summer Training) May – 17th July 2010 (9 weeks) Completed “Excel Telecom Professional Certification” program conducted by Ericsson India Pvt.4% Internship . Sri Nagar Kendriya Vidyalaya. in the year 2011. EDUCATION CREDENTIAL Qualification B. Registered a Gemba Kaizen for Traffic DIP Project and 3G KPI Monitoring tool.6% 87. Ltd. Kala ikunda.