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Learn Drawing and Digital Painting from Beginner to Advanced

List Made by Pixaroma

Hi, my name is Ioan Decean, I am from Romania and I want to share with you what I
learned so far about drawing and digital painting. I still learn new stuff every day .
You can find me on
I also made a group for people who use Photoshop:
If you have questions you can send me a private message on facebook

Anyone can draw and paint, it takes time and lots of practice and must be
learned in a certain order. You have to start with the basics in drawing and
then you can move to digital painting. I made this list to help you advance
more quickly.

Drawing Basics
Before you start drawing read this articles:
10 Drawing Myths That Block Your Progress
10 Quick Tips on Drawing
To be able to draw your hand need some training. Drawing its like learning to write, you
began with shapes, circles, lines, then you did letters, then you combined all to do words,
then you can write without thinking about lines and circles. Drawing its the same, you start
learning to do basic shapes like circles, triangles, lines, squares, then you learn to do it 3D
with the help of perspective, so you do spheres, cubes, cylinders, pyramids and those
shapes are combined to make the rest of the things that surround us.
For digital painting you can start directly in your program. I use Photoshop but you have
other options like Corel Painter, Sai, Gimp, Manga Studio, etc. If you want to draw and paint
on your computer you need a graphic tablet. I use Wacom Intuos 5 M (medium). There are
other option more cheaper and other more expensive like Cintiq from Wacom.

You can also do sketches on paper then scan the drawing or make a photo of it and upload
it on computer then you paint on top of it or use it as guide for digital painting.
What you need for drawing and sketching: a normal pencil HB or 2HB, any paper (i use
printer paper), an eraser hard and soft (kneaded eraser).
Start with this:
Dynamic Sketching
Intro To Perspective With Derek Kosol
Dynamic Sketching 2
How To Draw In One Point Perspective | Easy
How To Draw Shapes in 1-Point Perspective
How to Draw a Room in 1-Point Perspective
Draw Basics: PART 1 - One Point Perspective
How To Draw In Two Point Perspective | Easy
Draw Basics: PART 2 - Two Point Perspective
Draw Basics: PART 3 -Three Point Perspective - Shadows
Shading Lessons: Learn How to Draw Shades - How to Shade - Fine Art-Tips
Shading Light and Form - Basics
Structure Basics - Making Things Look 3D

Drawing 101 - Simplify Your Drawings
Freehand ellipses
Drawing Made Easy Online Book (click on the page in the right or have download options
below the book)
You Can Draw in 30 Days The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less (click
on the page in the right or have download options below the book)

Drawing Characters and Objects

Drawing Cartoon Getting Started Playlist
Eyes and Expressions Playlist
Head and Body Playlist
How to draw fun stuff Playlist
Cartoon Animals Playlist
Drawing Male Characters Playlist

Draw Female Characters Playlist
How to draw simple animals step by step Images
How to Draw A Nose - Tips and Tricks
Cartoon Hippopotamus
Fun With a Pencil Online Book (click on the page in the right or have download options
below the book)
Drawing the Head & Hands Online Book (click on the page in the right or have download
options below the book)
Draw Manga Online Book (click on the page in the right or have download options below
the book)
How to Add Shadows to a Drawing (& Where to Place Them)
How to Draw Manga Hair
100 Ways to Draw Manga Eyes
How to Draw a Mermaid
How to Draw Glasses
How to Draw Braids (Narrated Step by Step)
How to Draw a Wolf (Narrated)

For anatomy you can check proko videos
Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Children
Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw the Female Form
Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Cartoon Hands
Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Create Movement and Action
Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw a Cartoon Body
Cartoon Fundamentals: The Secrets in Drawing Animals
Cartoon Fundamentals: Create Emotions From Simple Changes in the Face
Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw a Cartoon Face Correctly
Cartoon Tips
Cartoon animations by Preston Blair

For Realistic Pencil Drawings check this
How to Draw the Mouth & Lips [Narrated Step by Step]
How to draw shadows
Sketching objects playlist
Scratchboard Illustration Technique

Digital Painting Basics (watch this after you know drawing basics)
You need a program like Photoshop, a graphic tablet like wacom, and basic brushes.
I really recommend to start from this site it have a lot of videos in order from simple to
advanced as you can see have a lot of videos
you can download Basic 3 Brushes from here
and here are other resources from simple to advanced
Fundamentals: Value Shading
Light and Shadow: Value and Form

Working with Color: Properties of Color
How to Draw Everything: Tree Demo

Blending and Color Shading Basics
Basics Shapes and Forms
Lighting Fundamentals for Digital Painting
Lightning Basics
Drawing with Digital Pencils: Traditional Pencil

Digital Painting - Materials

Learn to paint different materials so it will be more easily for you to paint when you invent
some new stuff. Also use reference images and study different materials to see what
shapes it have, what colors, how its texture and all the properties that it have that material.
Shiny and Chrome

Hair and Fur
Medieval Armor
Glass Bottle
Fairy Wings
Ocean Water

Rock and grass

Dirt and Grass
Material and Light Studies
Material Studies
Critique Hour-Material Studies
Critique Hour! Texture Studies--How to Render Textures
Critique Hour! How to paint subsurface scattering!
Critique Hour! How to draw fabric and folds
Studying Texture in your digital painting

About Colors and Lights (Must Watch)

Learn as much as you can about colors and light, how the light affect colors, how colors look
in nature to be able to make more realistic paintings and with better colors that make your
illustrations to look great.
Understanding Colors

What Are Warm & Cool Colors?
Painting Color and Light: Warm and cool
About Colors
Warm Lighting
The art of color and light

Digital Painting Props, Objects, Items, Icons, Backgrounds, Environments

Environment Lecture with Sam Nielson
Atmosphere Painting with Sam Nielson
Fundamentals Of Architecture Design
Digital Painting Demo

Drawing and painting weapons
Egyptian Scarab

Magic Book
Magic Hat
Draw and paint for games Playlist
mech rendering
golden ship rendering process
introduction to rendering chrome
colorizing + weathering a greyscale sketch in Photoshop
ship rendering
shiny car rendering: layering strategy
hot rod, salt weathering
vehicle lighting strategy
rendering form with value
Evil robot

Creepy pumpkin
iRaphahell | Wallpaper | Speedart
HD Minecraft Wallpaper Artwork - The Ocelots
color T-Shirt Artwork in Manga Studio
Digital coloring and painting Movie Monsters in Manga Studio 5
Creating Worlds
Creature Design
Vehicle Sketching
Basic to Advanced Color Theory and Illustration Techniques for Photoshop

Car/Vehicles Digital Painting Tutorials
Daarken Digital Painting

Digital Painting Character Design

Intro to digital painting
Basic Lights and reflections
Cartoon Characters
Character Painting Process Demonstration with Sam Nielson
Coloring over line drawing digital painting tutorial
Drawing facial expressions
Intro To Character/Creature Design
Painting Cartoon Elephant
Scifi Soldier
Character design painting
Epic Croc
Garrosh Hellscream Warrior
Little Character

Creature Design
Trio of Worms
Realistic Characters a lot of videos also you can watch live events (Stanley Artgerm)
Cartoon Render
Character Design For Production
Design Cinema - EP 85 - Mythological Creatures
Business man mascot
Level UP sessions with different artists
Dragons and Creatures
Creatures and monsters
Drawing Exercises with Bobby Chiu
Drawing Exercises to Start Your Day
Drawing Exercises: Female Portraits
Drawing Exercises: Woman's Head 3/4 view
Drawing Exercises: Man's Head 3/4 view
Drawing Exercises: Portraits
Drawing Exercises: Composition
Drawing Exercises: 20 min Portrait
Drawing Exercises: 20 min stylized portraits
Drawing Exercises: Profiles
Drawing Exercise with Shapes
Painting Exercise with Compositions
Drawing Exercises: French Bulldog
Drawing Exercises: Freestyle
Drawing Exercises: Monochromatic
Drawing Exercises: Monochromatic Compositions
--If you are interested in traditional painting check this videos
More complex Digital Paintings
League of Legends cool digital paintings
Interview With The Masters | Featuring Tyson Murphy
Interview With the Masters | Featuring Patrick Ballesteros
Interview With the Masters Featuring Tyler Carter
Circle of Life - Speedpainting - Fantasy Deers
Study other artists (on this blog you can find interviews, works, tips and tricks from
different artists)
Check the process behind different digital paintings
I post from time to time tutorials on youtube
Digital Painting Process in images

A lot of Photoshop Brushes from different artists
-Character design references
-Websites online where you can upload your work or watch other artists work: make a free account and your work, or check others.
You can follow me on you need invitations from other artists to be able to post work there,
but you can still follow others and check their work
Follow me there
And also some really amazing artists there that i like:
Make a free blog on
Make a free page on facebook, check mine
Pinterest check my boards there

If you want to learn more there are also some

premium alternatives
-A lot of artists have courses and tutorials on patreon and you can pay like 10-20$ on month
and get rewards like video tutorials or drawings depending on artists.
Here are some examples:
Sakimi Chan
Foundation Group
Waren Louw

SVS have courses between 20-300$ drawing and digital painting with instructors like Will
Terry, Jake Parker, etc.
-Skillshare have all kind of classes online
Denis Zilber have some interesting tutorials there
-CtrlPaint have a few premium tutorials around 10$
-Concept Cookie it have some free plan and also monthly and yearly plan for more things
also it have some exercises too
-Schoolism it have awesome teachers (some of them work for disney and other movies and
Here are classes that they teach online (one course have around 9 weeks )
some big teachers and designers there: Sam Nielson, Nathan Fowkes, Stephen Silver, etc.
Price now its about 144$ / year and you can change from one course to other after you
finish with a few dolars.
Cgma also have some awesome courses but more expensive. There courses are around 8
weeks or so and you can click on course outline button to see what it contains and prices
are around 699$ / course.
Have all kind of courses from beginners like Dynamic sketching 1 and 2 to more complex
character design and environment design.

If you want to draw anatomy then proko have also courses and books
-Aaron Blaise Animals painting between 5-55$

What can you do next? You have some basic knowledge, you know how to paint, now you
can try to sell your work.
You can be freelancer and take projects from different clients, you can make games, you
can sell it on markets like creative market, shutterstock, istock, fotolia, you can sell prints of
your paintings on sites like society6 you can participate on contests like 99designs.
So You Want to Be a Game Artist?
So You Want to Be a Children's Illustrator?
So You Want to Be an Apparel Designer?
So You Want to Be a Convention Artist?
So You Want to Be a Comic Artist?
So You Want to Be a Freelance Illustrator?
So You Want to Be a Print Designer?
So You Want to Join an Art Contest?

Study and practice, then practice more, is the easiest way to learn

The End for now. Ioan Decean - Pixaroma