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The God we worshipped is a God that can be known but couldnt be

perfectly understood. God create human to have a ratio, mind to think, when
human fall into the sin, human use it to opposing God. Faith is to push the ratio
follow/obey inside/under the Gods will (Pdt. Dr. Stephen Tong). The science is
hardly applied in human real life. For example, there is an Indonesian proverb
hemat pangkal kaya which means if you spend little, youll gonna be rich.
Mathematically its correct. But some people like tricycle driver eventhough they
spend little, they are not rich. There are many things that couldnt be
understood, moreover God. Thats why, once again. God can be known, but
couldnt be perfec tly understood.
Old testament write about the oneness of God. His name is Yahweh, and
that name is the only name and couldnt be found in any other nation in that
time. But in New Testament, archaeologist predicted there are about 700 people
who have Jesus as their name, it shows that Jesus is a common name at that
time. When Jesus incarnates himself as a human, He even chose a humanly
In Genesis, its written Let us make man in our image. At that time, God
reputed so great thats why it uses a plural word Us. But, in Christian its not
like that because eventhough the word of Trinity never mentioned even once, the
concept is there in the whole part of the Bible.
There are two words that Jesus mostly use to declare Himself.
a. The son of God
b. The son of man

a. The son of God,

mentioned 43 times in New Testament. And Jesus himself said it 5 times
1. John 3 : 18
2. John 5 : 25
3. John 10 : 36
4. John 11 : 4
5. Revelation 2 : 18
And from these five, maybe they are not too clear and the most clear
when He declare himself as the Son of God is John 10 : 36.
b. The son of man,
mentioned 107 times in Old Testament. And mostly mentioned in Ezekiel,
93 times.
In New Testament 86 times, and 82 times are in Matthew, Mark, Luke,
John, and 79 times mentioned by Jesus.
When Jesus used the son of man it reffers to Daniel 7 : 13-14. He is not
only just a son of man, but even equal as the God Himself. He has
characters and attributes of God. And even His power.

Thats why when Jesus said in Matthew 26 : 64, the high priest rent
his clothes, because son of man which Jesus said in Matthew they know
its the same with God in Psalm 68 : 4, coming in the clouds of heaven.
No man on this earth can forgive sin. Not even my priests. But Jesus
did, it shows that he is not only a man, but also a God Himself (Matthew 9
: 6).
And is there any man who can reward every man according to his
works ? (Matthew 16 : 27).
The son of man Jesus said when He declare himself is different, thats why
my priest said we have to read it thoroughly.
(My priest said) John Locke said,
So, this is human brain.
Things that can be understood by human called rational, logical.
Things that cant be understood by human called irational.
But, there is one thing more called Supra (super ?) rational, which is
exceed human ratio.

(My priest) Human brain volume around 1300-1500 cc, and how can this
understand God.
Human is limited, how can we understand God, who is un limited.
Push God to be understood by human, means push God to be limited is
even more irational.
If you cant understand God, thats it. God wouldnt be not exist if you
dont believe in Him. Not even if you believe in Him, He will be more
exist. He is already there before you, and still will be there after you. If you
dont believe in Him, He doesnt lack, but its you.
*there are many more that the Priests said, but this is what Ive caught.
There is another theological seminary on 7th March. The topic is about
Lets come together !