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There is much talk today about getting rich, winning in life, happiness, and not there are few who have tried to formulate theories to achieve these goals. People interested in this subject often read books, watch lectures seek religions and are always alert to any progress this subject range. Rich people are primarily the larger producing books and lectures in these areas. But there is a formula to succeed in life? If you depend on the knowledge of even the richest writers we are still far from it. But I can say that winning in life is possible and how to do that is closer to us than we realize. First, we must know what it is to succeed in life achieve it. However, for each person this "win" is a meaning. For some it is get rich, others to be healthy and there are those who understand it by just to survive. Indeed the universe and everything in to hang balance, which is also needed by happiness. In life we can do one thing at a time but this is not to rule specific situations of life. There are people who dedicate their whole lives just to get rich and forget the family, health, leisure and when they reach this goal yet so not happy. And why? Because everything must have its place in life, and these more or less importance on it. Everything left

side in life will one day be charged for what was ignored. Therefore we not only fighting to stay rich, or spend any money in today and not think about tomorrow, but a simultaneous balance of all that is important in life. But what is important in life and I will give space? Modern psychology says that the human being is based on a principle called biopsicosocioespiritual. This word means basically we must respect the bio (life), physical, eating well, if dressed properly, sleeping well and so on. Psycho or say referring to the spirit mind. Should live in peace, without pain, without non-necessary concerns and try to suffer the least possible. Socio want say social in terms of human relations in society. No one can live is isolated and the human instinct to social interaction. And the most basic this interaction is the family, which must be respected given the enormous value it has. Since the spiritual as the name implies, has to do with the designs of the spirit. All people, no matter how primitive they are, have the concept of having a superior being, in our language call of God. This spiritual inclination inherent in all human beings should be respected for the individual to feel full. Distortions in principle biopsicosocioespiritual can cause several problems. For example, trauma and childhood illnesses can make an individual

do not get along socially. Excessive poverty in childhood can also create an adult who only know how to work and save money, leaving all the other things aside. We can not choose who will be our children, social class at birth or we will be born with perfect or diseases but we must at least have a balanced life. This is so important as being rich or "be somebody." This is another point important the "be somebody." There is no better or worse than anyone. "All are someone, "because we are all children of God, made in his image and similarity. The balance of things is the foundation of winning in life and itself this balance can make a person successful. But what Bible can contribute to overcome in life? Humanity has several millennia since the beginning and her man seeking knowledge of things and especially of himself. In search known to produce many self-knowledge that was passed orally and after the advent of writing was stored in scrolls and books. But some skills that were produced had something else. They were not just mere definitions of what existed. Were words supernatural had the power to interfere in the world. For power these words, the people who held, for fear of what would this power

so large, concealed in books, philosophies and designs. Texts were written in a way that only those who could be identified to understand the real content of these books and drawings. In the Bible these mysteries were called in specific cases of Parables. In philosophy, the most known that uses these mysteries of Masonry, as have the secret of how the pyramids were built, knowledge that even given the technological advances we have today is not how they were discovered built. This book will deal exclusively with the Bible as the Masonry provides material for the subject we are addressing. Many times we hear phrases like "money calls money" "God gives wings only for those who can not fly" "never say never" and the like. But what they have in common? That only those who despise is some thing that have. This is extremely inconsistent, no doubt, but the best question is knowing this and still try to make progress. If think about it, all we have seen situations that illustrate this but often do not realize them. Baltasar Gracian, writer and Catholic religious of the Middle Ages also addressed the subject in his book "The Art of Care "," Things in the world are like a shadow to run her she haunts us, but to pursue, it eludes us ...". This is because God said that things would be so that no one should

glory in the world or want to be better than anyone, according to Bible itself reports: "But God chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, and God chose the weak things of this world to shame the strong, God chose the base things of this world, and the negligible, and are not to destroy things that are For no flesh should boast before him. But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, which became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: that, as it is written, He that glories, let him glory the Lord. "(1 Corinthians 1, 27-31). Boast in the Lord means we give thanks to God for all the good we have or we are talking and "if God want "or" in the name of Jesus "when we want something. One who is or has something and is showing off saying that it is something so got something, soon cease to be or will lose this right. To confirm this we see the following text: "Come now you who say, Today or tomorrow we will go into this city, and spend a year there, and contract and win, I tell you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is a vapor that appears for a little and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say: If the Lord wills, and if we live, do this or that. "(James 4: 1315). Such words summary mean that we should have reverence for God and humility with men. But humility is humility. This does not mean to be fool someone or fail to take care of our physical and

often psychological. According to the Bible, Jesus was no fool, the contrary, he showed why he is the son of God, putting their opponents in their place. In many cases, he did very and when they wanted to deceive. Passages like the tribute to Caesar, stoning of Mary Magdalene and fasting forty days illustrate it. He did not do well only when not wanted. God does not like of fundamentalists and fanatics, "And behold, one of which were with Jesus, extending his hand, drew his sword, and struck the high priest's servant, cut off his ear. Then Jesus said to him: Put up your sword; for all who take the sword, die by the sword. Thinkest thou that I can not now pray to my Father, and he would not give me more twelve legions of angels? "(Matthew 26, 46-48). With respect to the soldiers, working with weapons Jesus said, "And the soldiers also, saying, And what shall we do? And he said to them, no one cared evil or defraud, and be satisfied with your wages. "(Luke 3:14) and" Every soul be subject to higher authorities for there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist have been ordained by God. "(Romans 13:1). Jesus did not tell the police walk with flowers instead of weapons on the belt, but not to cheat and treat everyone well, including himself, in the case of unjust aggression and believe self-defense. But returning to the principle of contempt to succeed in life, the very Bible speaks of him: "Therefore I tell you not anxious for

your life, what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink, nor for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not life more the food and the body, () more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and your Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And Which of you, with all their care, add a cubit to stature? And as for clothing, why be anxious? Behold the lilies of the field, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin. And I will I say that not even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one them. But if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today exists and tomorrow is cast into the oven, do not wear) (much to you, (men) of little faith? Take no thought therefore anxious, saying, What shall we eat or drink or what we wear? (For after all these things () the Gentiles seek.) Of course, your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things (;) But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things () will be added. "(Matthew 6.25 -33). On the other hand, if we do not want any harm to happen, never we say "I do not want that to happen to me" but "God willing or the name of Jesus that will not happen to me. " For when we rely on our capabilities, we let God's hand and lose excels His providence. The worst word to say is "I want". Our wills

must be within us and not the mouth. Speaking can do as many "ignoring whether or achieve something" or saying "that will achieve or to have God willing, "the principle of the two is the same and this is one of great mysteries of the Bible. The problem is that if we do not 're right with God, perhaps attending a church that follows the Bible literally or fact, succeed in life arouse the wrath of "Father of All Evil" and just as we see some people after rising in life were plagued by personal misfortune, so may happen with the person up in life without God. Prayer has a be very large and ever after thanksgiving and the request must be terminated "because I pray in Jesus' name, amen." Do not particularly like religion and fanatics, but I'm smart enough to do what it takes to succeed in life, regardless of the bells and whistles or religious prejudices. Nobody is obliged to put into practice what is in this book, each one does what you want, but do not expect to succeed in life waiting for fate to help. The Bible is the only way to overcome the destination and bring it to our advantage. Greetings and until a further opportunity. Agnaldo da Silva Lima Neto, military policeman in Paraná, Brazil