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Information Sheet

History H2 Living and Working Together in Communities Use historical thinking to understand the past. 2 – H2.0.4 Describe changes in the local community over time (e.g., types of businesses, architecture and landscape, jobs, transportation, population). Grade: 2nd Subject:Social Studies - Class of 24 students Topic: Changes in the Detroit Community from 1950-2010 Objectives Language skills: Share information with group and class,research information, make timeline and presentation Content Skills: The students will learn the changes Detroit has experienced as a community Thinking/Study Skills -Working with others Learning a new technology Researching with books Research on the Computer Presenting information Public speaking

Detroit Community Lesson Plan
Literature: Forgotten Detroit(Images of American) by Paul Vachon, other books they use as resources that they find in the library different for each group Motivation: 20 minutes(day 1) -Put 10 pictures of Detroit on the board ask the students to help me put them in the correct order according to date ( oldest to most recent) -Ask students to explain why they think the pictures would go in this order -Ask them to write down on a piece of paper I give them all the information they know about Detroit -I will collect the piece of paper

Presentation:20 minutes(day 1) -I will have go through the book Forgotten Detroit on the pages I have previously marked and read some historical background to the class - I will use show the students how to use Google Earth - I will show what Detroit looks like in present day using Google Earth - We will talk about the correct order of the pictures from the motivation and what is going on in the pictures

Google Earth

Practice/Application: total research time 2 hours( over 2 days)(flexible on time) -Students will be divides into predetermined groups of 4 -Each group will have to have to do a timeline on Detroit they can present in any medium they would like -We will go to the Library were they can use books I will pick out books for them to use as resources before we go -We will have one computer so each group will get 30 minute to use the computer -Each group member is responsible for finding at least one different resource -They will have class time to work on their project Review -Presentations(day 3)( take about 45 min of class time)

-Give them a blank time line to fill out, I will ask them to fill in their time line as they watch their peers presentation -Will give them back their sheets of paper from the first day so they can see how much they learned Extension-Five questions in textbook,video on Detroit (may or may not use depending on time) Assessment - The group project graded (informal) graded on effort not correctness, will look for creativity