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Chan Wenzhen: The Man Behind the Martial Arts

Minggu Mesra Kampus Martial Arts Night CNY Cheer for Kg. Bali Folks! Heart for Islam UTPOCM Charity Performance First Ever Pasar Malam in UTP! MPPK 2010.

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Editor-in-Chief: Timmy Ong Co-editor 1: Steward Baba Co-editor 2: Devina Amala Designers: Muhamad Faiz Ishak Nur Afiqah Mustafa Photographers: Amir Ehsan Mohamad Awang Muhamad Nasuha Chen Tien Zyee Ng Pei Ying

UTP students crowd registration booths at Pocket D during Minggu Mesra Kampus. By Kan Wai Choong TRONOH, 4 Feb: The three-day long UTP Minggu Mesra Kampus (MMK) was conducted successfully and the crowd was pleasing. MMK is an event held every semester in the mission to expose students, juniors and seniors alike to the various clubs and societies in the university and be given a headstart to the up-coming events. “This MMK will be the benchmark for students in order to survive in university’s life,” commented Ahmad Syazwi bin Ahmad Shukri, Project Manager of this semester’s MMK. Kuo Chun, President of the International Culture Club (ICC) , said that this MMK has been beneficial to the club’s growth as they had not only received more memberships but also be able to sell goods such as wristbands to generate funds. Nevertheless, he suggested that tents should be set up for this event as the blazing heat can be an opposing reason for students to visit the booths. Some students said that the MMK was crowded and there were lots of… CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 .

Patron’s Forewords
It’s my pleasure to announce the birth of HOT bulletin. This is the university’s official campus bulletin for students. HOT bulletin is a collaborative effort led by MPP UTP, English Language Club and MEDTECH. Various other clubs, societies and students bodies are also part of this initiative. My heartiest congratulations to the Editorial Board for this inaugural issue. I sincerely hope all students will utilize HOT bulletin as the main medium to inform and share the university’s current and future activities. I am confident with support from all students, HOT bulletin will lead towards creating a vibrant and informed students community in UTP. ‘One University, One Destiny, UTP’ Best regards, Mohamed Noor Rosli B. Baharom Director of Student Services Dept.

Martial Arts Night
By Boon Ee Juan and Mostafa Mohamed TRONOH, 6 Feb: Organised by UTP Taekwondo Club, the night was composed of different martial arts performances demonstrating the different martial arts styles practised in UTP. The night was not all about martial arts. It also contained an amazing sketch from Minggu Mesra Kampus (MMK), which was held together with Martial Arts Week (MAW). Martial Arts Night (MAN) was the closing ceremony of MAW. The highlight of the event was the taekwondo performance. The highly skilled performers demonstrated different techniques, which included extremely high kicks and breaking wooden boards. The purpose of this event, as mentioned by Chan Wenzhen, a chemical engineering student and the project director of this night, is to create a platform to show UTP students different martial arts styles and to promote the spirit of martial arts. He, and Tuan Haji Mohamed Noor Rosli, the director of the Student Services Department and also one of the VIPs, agreed that martial arts are about developing character. It is about values like modesty, dedication and teamwork. Mr Rosli, who was highly satisfied with the performances, added that this kind of events encourages the integration between students, and promotes racial harmony as well as the culture of unity.

Taekwondo, one of the captivating performances of the night.

2 Voices & Opinions
aims to be the medium for all UTPians to receive their monthly dose of ‘hot’ campusrelated news. With collaborations from, but not limited to, MPPUTP, Medtech, ISC and ELC, this is a guaranteed hit, just like Malaysians and their acronyms. A regular column By Arif Amin bin Ahmad Puzi, PG Hi, my name is Ridhuan and in this column, I will be exposing all the latest conspiracy theories, clandestine operations, subtle plots, and hidden movements behind the daily workings of the most controversial of places, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. If only. In actual fact, all of the above is phony, including my name. You see, my claims for a pseudonym to write under fell onto the deaf ears of the powers that be. I am sure they were worried that an article condemning certain parties in the name of freedom of speech would appear and that no one would be held responsible for it; who is not. But if you knew me (which I am hoping you will in the years to come), you would realise that I am the gentlest of souls. I would not even harm a mosquito even if it happened to think my limbs were its personal blood bank. A touch of hyperbole there. The real reason I wanted a pseudonym was so that my popularity would not increase; I can barely handle the constant late night calls and the number of boxes of chocolates that I get as it is (another touch of hyperbole). Besides, I worry that with my real identity open to the public, people would tend to give me comments on the streets, or be biased in their reading of Musings of the Mind. I appreciate any and every comment or feedback that you have and am actually flattered by it, but if you do have some, email them to me rather than seeking me out to give me a piece of your mind. As for my worries on you judging my writings based on what you have seen of me, of my dressing or hairstyle for instance, I hope you will read this with a blank perception to begin with. If it helps, think of it as Ridhuan writing here. Basically, Musings of the Mind will be an eclectic piece based on, well, amusing things that occur in the world that we live in today. One of which is the birth of our university’s very own bulletin, Heart of Tronoh (HOT). And boy, is the thermometer showing a high reading! With the name I suspect inspired by our ever-successful theater group, Tronoh Theatre Shop, HOT Who agrees that Heart of Tronoh sounds good? It is catchy, no? Although to the unaccustomed, Tronoh might sound similar to a certain state in that faraway land called Canada, give it some time and it really does grow on you. It has a certain grandeur compared to its neighbours. Sri Iskandar: too cliché. Lumut: the equivalent of moss. Bota: boat? But Tronoh: a name full of mystery and adventure. It is not unlike your reaction to the mentioning of ‘Ipoh’. But then again, maybe all names that end with an ‘o-h’ sound good? Boh Tea even manages to taste good. As we all know, the Chinese Year of the Tiger has just arrived and with it comes a chance for us to improve from the previous years and the herald of a more prosperous future. Hopefully, this timely coincidence will benefit HOT too. One of the things that could really have used this pick-me-up is our national football team. If only we had qualified for the World Cup. Imagine it, the year of the tiger and our very own Harimau Malaya roaring in the finals. No way would we have lost; it is written in the stars, or rather the moon in this case. Lastly, despite the perspiration-inducing heat currently emanating from this month’s edition, Vancouver, Canada is currently staging the 2010 Winter Olympics. If Jamaica has managed to be a part of this prestigious event (try watching the tribulations of their luge team in the movie Cool Runnings), when will Malaysia take the stage? Dream big; we at HOT certainly do.

Surviving FYP:
10 Things to Keep in Mind
By Nurul Jannah Nordin (Part 1) rly and keep your laptop/PC in a safe and secure place.

2.Invest in a colour printer
Currently going through your FYP? For most final year students, the Final Year Project (FYP) is a nightmare. But trust me, I have been there and survived. While a few students grab this opportunity to showcase their talent and ability in their respective fields, most of us dread FYP. However, here are the essential things that you should keep in mind in order for you to survive your FYP with success. They are just basic things actually, but we usually overlook them until they trouble us. So, why wait? Take action now! 1.Ensure your laptop/PC is in a good A 3-in-1 printer is a good choice since you may also need to do scanning, but you can also opt for a normal colour printer. Share with your friends and you can deal with who to own the printer later by having the person pay back the appropriate amount of money to the others. The other option is to share the expenditure for the ink with someone who already has a colour printer. This way, you would not be in a dead end if you need to print something urgently in the middle of the night and when you need to print colourful diagrams for your report.

ince this is a campus bulletin, it would only seem appropriate that my first letter to it (if it gets published) be about the university. It would be entirely out of character for me as a varsity student who has spent the better part of the last 4 years living and breathing the hot humid air of this desert to speak glowingly about life in my university. In fact, rarely have I met a fellow undergrad from any public university in Malaysia speak with enthusiasm about their university. No doubt, there are exceptions to the case. Juniors especially, when amongst friends who attend other varsities, are by their innocent nature predisposed to bragging about their new campus life i.e. the world class sports facilities, the well pruned grasses that scream for a well placed putt, the gigantic libraries that infuses students (again-juniors) with a will to scour each aisle in it, and of course courteous and friendly guards, who are there for the students well being. Their views, however distorted and exaggerated it may seem, is not entirely unfounded. In fact, it is in a way spot on. The beaming guards who enthusiastically wave you in at the entrance leave an impressionable mark on your parents who drop you off on your first day as a varsity student. Never would one imagine accumulating summons in excess of RM1000 for offenses that vary from the most trivial in nature to the downright ridiculous. Never would it cross the minds of freshies that he or she will accrue summons for misplacing his or her bags at the library, or for actually bringing in a bag to the study area (heaven forbid we steal a book and somehow make it through the state of the art sensors at the entrance), or even for park-


ing at yellow lines that probably was painted by someone who had a real fear of cars coming out of junctions ( for the length of the line, you could park a trailer that’s being towed by a truck and still have enough space for a game of 3 a-side). But, mea culpa. Before I am accused of knit-picking or finding faults with our varsity, let me make it clear: I am proud to be part of this institution of higher learning, and we are undoubtedly one of, if not the best institute of higher learning in this region. Anyone can consider themselves lucky to be affiliated with this university. It has an outstanding workforce, brilliant minds from all over the world; leaders in technical fields as well as in research and development, laboratories packed with state of the art equipment—and pigeon holes. But enough of the GPE Dept. We also have as rector a visionary who has managed to maintain the academic standards of this institution whilst making great strides in becoming a Research University. We've got one of the most active student extra-curricular participation amongst all local varsities. I would think no other universities in Malaysia has managed to bleed dry an entire town just from event sponsorship. Comparatively speaking, students here are generally more well-rounded and resourceful as opposed to other varsities. And most importantly, we've got an academic system that works! Employment rate of UTP students is higher, and up till now, we are still in high demand. Let’s hope that continues for a long time to come (or till I graduate). By Valsan Vevakanandan, PE

Throughout your FYP, your laptop and/ or PC is your most treasured possession, since it holds all the intellectual property that might determine your FYP grade, if not your future. Usually, your hard drives come with a two-year warranty. So, if you can afford an external hard disk, get one for your FYP—instead of just storing movies or TV series. Make back-ups as much as possible and update them regularly. If you do not have a hard drive, have the habit of emailing the reports and important materials to yourself. That way, you will have an online backup of your materials. Surely you do not want your hard work to be all blown away in a blink of an eye. I have experienced that during my FYP and believe me, excuses about your laptop having to be formatted will sound very lame. Update your anti-virus regula-

3.Allocate a specific budget for FYP use
Calculate the overall cost for your FYP. That includes your A4 papers, printer’s ink, hardbound expenses, poster and presentation materials, travel expenses, etc. Set aside that budget so that you would not find yourself worrying about the expenses later. Do not worry: you can claim back a certain amount of money for your FYP. Be smart to choose the cheapest alternative without compromising the quality. ...To be continued. Nurul Jannah is UTP’s BIS graduate and is currently working as a Property Research Executive in a property valuation firm.

3 Happenings

CNY Cheer for Kg. Bali Folks!
By Jared Ee Han Seong TRONOH, Feb 5: The residents of Kampung Baru Bali here received some early Chinese New Year cheer through a community service programme conducted by PETRONAS under its Sentuhan Kasih initiative. Rays of goodwill shine on ‘gotong-royong’ among UTP staff and students. The programme was a joint collaboration between PETRONAS, the Wives and Women Staff Association of PETRONAS (PETRONITA), and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). Staff and students of UTP participated in refurbishing the community hall, senior citizens’ homes and the main road of Kampung Baru Bali. The Sentuhan Kasih initiative, launched in 2005, is part of PETRONAS’ efforts to help less privileged members of the various communities in Malaysia. Apart from local students, thirteen international students from South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Chad also took part in the community service programme. Nhon, a student from Vietnam, said he was happy to do his part for the community, and hopes that similar events will be carried out in future.

Heart for Islam
By Mostafa Mohamed TRONOH, Feb 9: 9th February was the opening ceremony for Heart for Islam campaign for the year 2010, held by UTP Rakan Masjid. Attended by Ustaz Rahmat, who acts as the advisor for Heart of Islam campaign, the event started with speeches from Mohd. Afiq Rosli, the Heart for Islam project director, and Ustaz Rahmat. The aim of holding the Heart of Islam campaign is to promote the Islamic culture and way of life. Moreover, it is to uncover the hidden talents in arts and sports as well as boosting students’ knowledge on the Islamic way of life. The campaign organizes many activities such as campus run and futsal competition. There will be a Sirah (The prophet’s life story) quiz and a forum about Islam. All of us, regardless of our race or religion should seek participation in these events aiming for a better understanding of other cultures.

UTPOCM Charity Performance at Kg. Bali
By Thivyashini Thamilyanan TRONOH, Feb 6: PETRONAS, in collaboration with PETRONITA and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), organised its 'Program Kemasyarakatan Sentuhan Kasih Tahun Baru Cina' at Kampung Bali. UTP Orchestra Chinese Musical (UTPOCM) was invited to perform in this event. The VIPs were Puan Sri Noraini Mohd Yusoff, the President of PETRONITA, UTP Rector, YBhg Datuk Dr. Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim together with his wife, and also the President of Kampung Bali. Angpaus were given away by PETRONAS officers to the senior citizens. UTPOCM. Puan Sri Noraini Mohd Yusoff and YBhg Datuk Dr. Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim, accompanied by the UTPOCM, presented a Chinese New Year song, “Gong Xi Gong Xi”.

Muslim students during the opening ceremony of H4I in Chancellor Hall.

After the speech given by the Kampung Bali JKKK President, there were performances by primary school students and

Datin Seri Noraini Yusof, President of PETRONITA and Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim, our Rector, took pictures with the senior citizens in Kampung Bali.

A hawker frying fresh and hot keropok lekor, which is a popular snack amongst UTP students.

Majlis Persidangan Presiden Kelab 2010
By Jayiza Jamil Tronoh, Feb 11: Majlis Persidangan Presiden Kelab (MPPK) is a monthly meeting organised by the Student Representative Council (SRC) for all the presidents of clubs. The main objective of this meeting is to unite all the clubs in UTP, which is parallel with the theme of our SRC 2010 – Pursuing Togetherness. This semester the MPPK was held on the 11th February 2010 at the SRC meeting room. It was an important one as the new advisor of MPPK – Tuan Haji Mohd Noor Rosli Baharom attended the meeting as well. There were four main expectations from the advisor for the MPPK this time: firstly, focus on the main objective of the respective clubs; find ways to collaborate among the clubs; involve community projects as part of the events of the clubs; and lastly, use the MPPK as a platform to strengthen the bond among all the clubs in UTP. The meeting proceeded with updates from each club and discussing the arising matters. Lastly, the meeting adjourned with refreshments provided by the SRC UTP.

Lukas, preparing pizzas for Pasar Malam.

First Ever Pasar Malam in UTP!
By Daphnee Lo and Ng Pei Ying TRONOH, FEB 8: Now, UTP has its very own Pasar Malam, held weekly on Mondays at the V4 corridor. It is brought to you by the Village 4 Committee in collaboration with the International Student Council (ISC) and the Residential College Student Unit (RCSU). The objective of this Pasar Malam is to establish a good relationship among international and local students. Besides that, the organisers plan to make Village 4 a central point of UTP. As it was only the first time, there were just a few hawkers selling fruit and vegetables, as well as food such as fish crackers, or famously known as keropok lekor among the locals, and cucur sayur, which is deep fried dough with vegetables. There was also a stall selling souvenirs from Thailand and Vietnam by UTP student themselves. Students can register to set up their own stalls. Lukas Pirpamer, an Italian student pursing studies in the University of Graz in Austria, who came to UTP on a student exchange programme, was selling pizza altonno and pizza margherita that he made himself. “Although it is not a real Italian pizza, I would like to bring my country’s culture to UTP,” said Lukas. FROM PAGE 1> on-going activities. They suggested that the future MMK should be more organized in terms of the arrangement of booths to reduce confusion between clubs and avoid blocking the pathway. On a positive note, they said that they have learnt aplenty within the three days about the clubs and have registered in them. All in all, MMK reaches out to the students and is proven to be an ideal channel to promote and encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities; henceforth corresponds to the university’s vision to produce well-rounded students.

MMK brings UTP students together.

4 Spotlight

The Man Behind the Martial Arts
By Timmy Ong Interview by Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Hakim and Mohd Zulothman bin Mustapha n the 5th of February 2010, the eve of Martial Arts Night (MAN), an interview was conducted with Chan Wenzhen, the Project Director of Martial Arts Week and Martial Arts Night. He is currently pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering and is actively involved in the practice of martial arts, particularly Taekwondo.


“I organized this as I wanted to create a platform for UTP students to witness martial arts and to develop the interest for martial arts in UTP.”

Actually, ‘actively involved’ in martial arts is a bit of an understatement, because he is a SUKMA gold medalist, and a quartet finalist in the 4th Asian Youth International Taekwondo Championship held in Jordan. That aside, he is also the President of the UTP iChemE Club as well as a part of the UTP Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE). Of course, with these credentials, we wanted to know how he does it all. Can martial arts really be such a big positive influence in life? Thus, we held a second shorter interview via, well, gmail, to find out just how martial arts empowers him so much. Below is the compilation of the two interviews. Good evening Mr Chan. I understand that you are very much involved in the practice of martial arts. How long have you been practicing and how has martial arts helped you in your daily life? I have been practicing Taekwondo since the age of 9. Martial art has helped me understand the way of life and also learn values such as modesty and so on. Without Taekwondo, I may not be as successful as I am today. How did, or does, martial arts inspire you and help you understand all these life values? Martial arts, as I have always been saying, the beauty of it is to learn the way of life. It can basically govern everything—yes, everything—in your life. Without Taekwondo, I am nobody right now. Martial arts inspires me to be somebody—somebody who I can really be proud and grateful of. When I was just a kid, I have always dreamt of being a great fighter—someone who stands on top of the podium. Because of the jealousy of seeing someone else succeed, I tell myself that I will someday be there. Till this day, I have no regrets over my past deeds. As martial arts emphasizes greatly on discipline and perseverance, these values have greatly shaped my life. Martial arts inspires me the most in terms of perseverance. Martial art inspires me to stand back up even when you have experienced the deepest fall. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall; what matters is how you actually recover from your falls. Success becomes even sweeter after you know that you have felt the fall. You do not have to be the best of the best to smell satisfaction and success; you smell success by your own definition of success. It's the power of your mind and your thoughts. Your thoughts control your entire journey of the day. Thoughts become things. How much do you relate your other successes today back to your martial arts roots? I would say that martial arts have boosted my confidence most, followed by perseverance, modesty and integrity. It has come into great application especially when it comes to handling stress and piles of workloads. Especially when I am involved in so many events, clubs and activities, I might feel a little stressful when it comes to prioritizing which comes first and which comes next. But I guess that's when the fun begins. Challenges are nothing but just something to make your life more meaningful. Be positive. Have your mind manifesting positive and optimistic thoughts. You can even have the inner feeling of joy even if it's not there. And the universe will correspond to the nature of your thoughts, inner feeling because that's what you manifest. What’s the purpose of you organizing the Martial Arts Week and Martial Arts Night? I organized this as I wanted to create a platform for UTP students to witness martial arts and to develop the interest for martial arts in UTP. For me, they should know that martial art is not about violence but it's a way of life. It is also not combat, but merely training the inner self, mental strength and practising modesty. Do students in UTP like and support martial arts? Well, In UTP we have very good and talented players but still martial arts is not very developed in UTP. Besides, the students are not supportive enough and they don't understand the message behind martial arts. Why should engineers learn martial arts? This is because, martial arts is a way of raising a person and teaching him everything. It is more of a way of life and it's important for character development. You have mentioned that martial arts is a way of life, that it has a hidden message, that it trains you internally, etc. But how does it work exactly? Way of life, I guess no exact definition of words can describe this powerful term. It includes character development, integrity, courtesy, attitude, leadership, team spirit, etc. Everything you can think of is a way of life: the Upcoming events in UTP: 22/3 - 28/3 Technology Week 2010 23/3 - 26/3 Red Sonata Fiesta 2010 27/3 - 3/4 Children Provision Charity 2010 way you talk, the way you study, the way you handle people. It can be anything you are doing. Martial art governs the act of the practitioners. It focuses on control of your thoughts and actions. Martial arts teaches me mainly on how to set my goals clearly and have focus in life. Take time to identify your real passion in a certain field, be it studies, career or anything. I believe in setting goals as it helps to navigate your thoughts to focus on what you really are doing. And when you are passionate about something, you basically do not have any doubt about what you are doing. And someday, you know you are going to achieve it. Visualization and imagination help to make progress even greater. And martial arts also focuses on "perfect practice makes perfect". What would you remember as the most amusing part about organizing this event? What was amusing was that there were only 10 people to handle everything and most of them were even performers. So these people had to first search for sponsors then sort out the issues regarding PR and also organize the event. Finally, what are your hopes for martial arts in UTP? I hope that the readers will understand the true meaning of martial arts. Martial arts can indeed do a miracle out of anyone's life. Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not allow anything to shake off your day. Start to feel good right from the time you step off of your bed till you snore in your sleep. > From Wenzhen’s words, martial arts seems to be as much as an art as a sport. How true can that be? The only way to find out would be to start taking it up—we have a fine teacher here in UTP!

30/3 - 31/3 Technology, Education & Career 2010 (TEC X) 7/4 - 10/4 CodeQuest 2010 Programming Competition

Chan: proud with his earned gold medal in SUKMA 2008, the only gold medalist for Federal Territory Taekwando squad.