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Man is ever out-picturing that which he is conscious of being.

This is the
truth that makes man free, for man is always self-imprisoned or self-freed.
If you, the reader, will give up all of your former beliefs in a God apart
from yourself, and claim God as your awareness of being, you will
transform your world
You are, at this very moment, drawing into your world that which you are
now conscious of being. If you are dissatisfied with your present
expression in
life the only way to change it, is to take your attention away from that
which seems so real to you and rise in consciousness to that which you
desire to be. You cannot serve two masters, therefore to take your
attention from one state of consciousness and place it upon another is to
die to one and live to the other.
Praying then, is seen to be recognizing yourself to be that which you now
desire, rather than its accepting form of petitioning a God that does not
exist for that which you now desire.
Prayers to be successful must be claiming rather than begging so if you
would pray for riches turn from your picture of poverty by denying the
very evidence of your
senses and assume the nature of being wealthy.
Do not question the how of these things appearing, for no man knows that
way. That is, no manifestation knows how the things desired will appear.
Back in 1943 when I came out of the army I was looking for an apartment.
My wife and I had determined how much we were going to pay for it, but
when we found the apartment the rent was more than we had planned to
pay. Realizing this, my wife said: Well, thats not demonstrating this
principle, is it. I said nothing. I simply paid the months of September and
October, but when I went to pay the November rent the manager said: I
have an apology to make to you. An authority of the city came in and
looked over my books. He discovered that the apartment you have was
formerly rented for less. Then he quoted the new rent figure to me, which
was to the dollar the amount I had originally chosen to pay. It took me
three months of being faithful to what I had imagined I was paying, even
though during that time I was paying more.
But, since the reduced rent was retroactive to the day I moved in, I got it
all back at the beginning of the third month.
I tell you: imagination will not fail you if you are faithful. What could I say
when I was confronted with the negation of my assumption? Nothing. I
simply would not give up, and when the time was right my assumption
became a fact. I urge you to set your goal high.

Assume the feeling it has been reached and sleep in that feeling. Persist
and I promise you that not one thing in this world can rob you of that
which you have assumed.
To what degree are you lost in your dream of success? Your world is your
dream pushed out. When you can persuade yourself 100% that you are
successful, success is yours! You must become so intense that you
completely forget it was only a desire. You must tame the wild, new state
you have entered until its naturalness causes you to forget all else.
All that I behold, though it appears without, it is within me in my own
wonderful human imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a
When you believe God is your own wonderful loving human imagination,
you are freed from the slavery of the belief in another.
Not understanding the horrors of the world, man thinks he is damned and
not saved; .. in the world he is casting himself into the many parts to be
played. At the moment he may be playing the part of a rich man or
perhaps a poor man; still he is free to choose yet another state by
applying the precept, "Whatever you desire, believe that you have it and
you will."
You are always moulding yourself into the image of what you are
Take his wonderful precept and believe that you can have anything you
desire. There is no restriction placed upon the power of belief. There is no
need to first consult some holy man to see whether you should have it or
not. You be the judge. Choose your desire and, to the degree that you are
self-persuaded that you have it, you will get it.
And, because we are all one, if it takes one million people to aid the birth
of your assumption, they will do it, without their knowledge or consent, so
you dont have to ask anyone to aid you. They will do it not even knowing
that they are. All you are called upon to do is to assume that you have it.
An assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact.
"All that you behold, though it appears without it is within, of which this
world of mortality is but a shadow." If you will but enter a state in your
imagination, and assume its truth, the outer world will respond to your
assumption, for it is your shadow, forever bearing witness to your inner
imaginal activity.
You do not will something to be so, but imagine it and become inwardly
convinced that it is so. And if, through your persistence, the world

If your son wants to grow a beard, let him. If he doesn't want to grow up,
don't try to give him all of your "good" advice; simply leave him alone,
and in your own wonderful way imagine you are free of that state, for the
world belongs to you and it is always expressing your inner thoughts.
See a situation as something on the outside, and you become entangled
in its shadows - for everyone who responds to your imaginal act is a
shadow. How can a shadow be causative in your world? The moment you
give another the power of causation, you have transferred to him the
power that rightfully belongs to you.
Others are only shadows, bearing witness to the activities taking place in
you. The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing within
yourself. If you know this, you are set free and a series of events will
unfold within you to reveal
the story of salvation.
You can make your bed in heaven or in hell; but you will still be aware
because God is there, for you can't get away from being God.
That is the story of Job. He did nothing that was wrong; Job simply
imagined the wrong things. He blamed the devil, but the devil doesn't
exist outside of man.
You don't have to go back and change anyone or anything, but envy no
one. If someone wants a thousand or a hundred thousand acres, let him
have them. If you would like to live in a lovely apartment, claim you do.
You may think you can't afford the one you want, but that thought is an
imaginal act. I would suggest, instead of thinking you can't afford it, to
simply sleep in that apartment tonight mentally, accepting the fact that
you have all the funds necessary to pay for it.
Persist and the world will respond. You will get the money needed to live
there. The world does not cause, it only responds to your imaginal acts,
for only God acts and God is in you as your own wonderful human
Now, before you judge it, try it. If you do, you cannot fail, and when you
prove imagination in the testing, share the good news with your brothers.
Tell everyone you meet how the world works. You do not have to have a
proper educational or social background to apply this principle; and you
cannot fail, for an assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into
When you know what you want, assume you have it. Believe your
assumption is true. Look at your world mentally and see your fulfilled
desire. Do this and you are calling forth a response to your thoughts, and
in the not distant future you will find yourself physically occupying the
state imagined.

When you truly believe that imagining creates reality, you will know there
is no fiction. How can there be fiction when imagining is forever creating
its reality? You may hear something you do not like, but because
imagining creates reality what you heard was first imagined, or it could
not have happened. When you revise the hearing by stopping the action
and rewriting the script you are walking on the water, imagining the
reality you desire to hear and appear in your world.
I urge you now to use your imagination and walk on the water. Plant the
seeds of desire in the depth of your soul and allow them to flower on
earth. If you do not see their harvest immediately, believe what you did,
for it will come whether you recognize it or not. And do not sin against the
Holy Ghost by saying something is impossible, for God is your own
wonderful human imagination and nothing is impossible to imagine.
Don't think of the reasons why you cannot have your desire; simply think
you already have it! If you tell yourself it is not possible, you are sinning
I know of no limitation to the power of God.
I urge you to use your imagination for everything that is lovely and loving.
I don't care what your desire may be - your imagination will give it to you,
for the human imagination is the divine body the world calls Jesus.
Because you can imagine and I can imagine, we are members of that one
divine body, and all things are possible to him. There is not a thing
impossible to God. All you need do is imagine its fulfillment!
Faith is an experiment which ends as an experience. Experiment by
believing you already have all that you desire, and you will have the
But start now to plant something lovely - not only for yourself, but for your
neighbour, friend, or child. Fall in love with the idea that he is happy and
Prove your thoughts have creative power by consciously imaging
constantly, and walk on the water. No matter what happens in the course
of a day, revise it. Make the day conform to what you want it to be, and
you are walking on the water.
Facts blind the eye of imagination. I have come to cure this blindness and
show you how to remove the acts of nature.
Do not let a day pass without practicing the art of walking on water. Every
time you use your imagination lovingly on behalf of another, you are
mediating God to the seeming other

How can we who were physically born by the grace of God, yet cannot
make one hair on our head or fingernail grow, dare to put a limit on God's
There is no need to beg or ask anyone for anything, for everything lives in
the human imagination, ready to appropriate and be made visible
Take me seriously. When you know what you want in life, construct a
scene which would imply your desire is fulfilled. See it as clearly as
possible. Feel its naturalness. Experiment until you know the scene and all
it implies is real. Now, to the degree that you believe in its reality, your
experiment will become your experience. Do not stop there. Keep on
imagining and share your results with others. T
When you know who you really are, you will not envy anyone. How could
you, when you know you are God, and they are only yourself pushed out?
If tomorrow, something comes into your life that is not to your liking, do
not accept it, for this fact blinds the eye of imagination.
Remove the blindness by asking yourself what you would like, in place of
what seems to be. Enter into that thought. Revel in it as though it were
not a fact.
Persuade yourself that it is. Believe in its reality and it will become your
If you have a goal, although it is unseen, it already exists. Your normal
mortal eye cannot see it, but by rearranging the structure of your mind,
you can see it clearly. If, as the days follow one another, you remain loyal
to this unseen reality, and your goal is reached, you will have discovered
the mystery of creation.
Eternity exists and all things in eternity independent of your creative act.
You may continue to build only upon what your mortal eye sees, and
perpetuate the same thing over and over again, remaining forever where
you are. But if you know that all things exist, though unseen at the
moment, and you have access to them through your imagination, you can
rearrange the pattern of your thinking and change your world by
remaining loyal to your unseen construction. And when it externalizes
itself by becoming a fact that you may share with others, then you will
have found the secret of creation, which was an act of faith.
Now, can I remain faithful to that scene? My faith is not going to give it
reality, but my loyalty to the unseen reality will. I listen and remember
what I heard, and in the tomorrows I continue to remember. Then, in its
own appointed time, when that which I have been faithful to externalizes
itself, I will have found the great secret of creation.

Listen closely to your invisible thoughts. What do you hear? What are your
words implying? That is their potency. What do you want? Name it and
rearrange the structure of your mind to imply you no longer desire it,
because you already have it!
Perhaps another has injured you or caused you grief. It doesn't matter
what has been done, when you know this law you can forgive anyone by
rearranging the structure of your mind and set him free by imagining it
never happened!
You see, there are two things that displease God. One is the lack of faith in
I am he, and the other is eating of the tree of knowledge of good and
evil by using yourself as the criteria as to what is good and what is evil.
Unless you believe you are the seeming other who caused your grief, you
will continue to reproduce the same unhappiness and miss your mark in
life by dying in your sins. So, without faith it is impossible to please
If you know someone who, when hearing of your good fortune would now
go wild with envy, use her. Or, if you know one who would rejoice because
of your good fortune, take that image.
It's your choice, but you must remain loyal to the unseen reality you have
constructed. Your faith will not give it reality, for faith is your loyalty to the
unseen reality
If you know that faith is simply loyalty to unseen reality, you can construct
a scene, remain loyal to it and harvest it, for everything is already
But until individual lman believes in his own wonderful human
imagination, God remains imprisoned within him. If you do not harvest
God's promise it is only because you do not believe!
The world was constructed in the mind's eye, out of things unseen by the
mortal eye, and made alive by faith. Eternity exists and all things in
eternity, independent of the creative act, which is the assumption of
unseen reality and loyalty to its assemblage.
In spite of denial by your senses and reason, if you will be faithful to your
unseen assumption, it will externalize itself.
That is how all worlds come into being, but men do not understand this.
Structuring their world based upon the evidence of their senses, they
continue to perpetuate that which they do not desire.
The objective reality of this world is solely produced by the human
imagination, in which all things exist.

Tonight I hope to show you how to subjectively appropriate that which

already exists in you, and turn it into an objective fact. Your life is nothing
more than the out picturing of your imaginal activity, for your imagination
fulfills itself in what your life becomes.
To say: "I am going to be rich," will not make it happen; you must believe
riches in by claiming within yourself: "I am rich." You must believe in the
present tense, because the active, creative power that you are, is God.
He is your awareness, and God alone acts and is. His name forever and
ever is "I am" therefore, he can't say: "I will be rich" or "I was rich" but "I
am rich!" Claim what you want to be aware of here and now, and although your reasonable mind denies it and your senses deny it - if you
will assume it, with feeling, your inward activity, established and
perpetuated, will objectify itself in the outside world - which is nothing
more than your imaginal activity, objectified. To attempt to change the
circumstances of your life before you change its imaginal activity,
is to labor in vain.
But I tell you, if you want someone to change, you must change your
imaginal activity, for it is the one and only cause of your life. And you can
believe anything in if you will not accept the facts your senses dictate; for
nothing is impossible to imagine, and imagining - persisted in and
believed - will create its own reality.
Now, all things exist in God, and he exists in you and you exist in him. Your
eternal body is the human imagination, and that is God Himself. Your
imagination is an actual body in which everything is contained.
The story of Jesus is a wonderful mystery that cannot be solved until you
discover, from experience, that he is your own wonderful human
This doesn't mean that, just because you heard my vision you are going to
enjoy wealth; you must apply what you heard, and remember when. If you
would say: "I remember when I couldn't afford to spend $400 a month for
rent," you are implying you can well afford it now. The words: "I remember
when it was a struggle to live on my monthly income," implies you have
transcended that limitation. You can put yourself into any state by
remembering when.
When I say all things exist in the human imagination, I mean infinite
states; for everything possible for you to experience now, exists in you as
a state of which you are its operant power. Only you can make a state
become alive.
You must enter a state and animate it in order for it to outpicture itself in
your world. You may then go back to sleep and think the objective fact is
more real than its subjective state into which you have entered; but may I

tell you: all states exist in the imagination. When a state is entered
subjectively, it becomes objective in your vegetative world, where it will
wax and wane and disappear; but its eternal form will remain forever and
can be reanimated and brought back into being through the seed of
contemplative thought. So I tell you: the most creative thing in you is to
enter a state, and believe it into being.
Now, causation is the assemblage of mental states, which occurring
creates that which the assemblage implies. Let us say that I have two
friends who would empathize with me (not sympathize) if they heard my
good news. I put them together and listen (all in my imagination) as they
talk about me and what has happened in my life. Being true friends, I hear
their words of joy and see their happiness reflected on their faces. Then I
allow myself to become visible to them and feel their handshake and
embrace as I accept their congratulations as a fact. Now I have assembled
a mental state, which occurring, created that which the assemblage
implied; therefore I am its cause. As I walk, firmly believing in the reality
of what I have done, and that imaginal act becomes a fact, I may question
myself as it how it came about. Then, remembering my imaginal act I
would say: "I did it." If I did it, then did not God do it? Yes, because God
and I are one I am.
You may not be aware of who you are, where you are, or what you are; but
you do know that you are.
Aware of what your senses and reason dictate, youm ay believe that you
are limited, unwanted, ignored, and mistreated; and your world confirms
your belief in your imaginal activity. And if you do not know that your
awareness is causing this mistreatment, you will blame everyone but
yourself; yet I tell you the only cause of
the phenomena of life is an imaginal activity. There is no other cause
First, you must know what you want, then create an image that fulfills it.
Would your friends know and talk about it? Imagine they are with you
now, discussing your fulfilled desire. You could be at a cocktail or dinner
party that is being given in your honor. Or maybe it's a little get-together
over tea. Create a scene in your
mind's eye and believe its reality in! That invisible state will produce the
objective state you desire, for all objective reality is solely produced by
The clothes you are now wearing were first imagined. The chair in which
you are seated, the room that surrounds you - there isn't a thing here that
wasn't first imagined; so you can see that imagining creates reality.
If you don't believe it, you are lost in a world of confusion.
The end of your journey is where your journey begins. When you tell me
what you want, do not try to tell me the means necessary to get it,

because neither you nor I know them. Just tell me what you want that I
may hear you tell me that you have it. If you try to tell me how your desire
is going to be fulfilled, I must first rub that thought out before I can
replace it with what you want to be.
Man insists on talking about his problems. He seems to enjoy
recounting them and cannot believe that all he needs to do is
state his desire clearly. If you believe that imagination creates
reality, you will never allow yourself to dwell on your problems,
for you will realize that as you do you perpetuate them all the
Now, if you keep this law, you don't have to broadcast what you want; you
simply assume that you have it, for - although your reasonable mind and
outer senses deny it - if you persist in your assumption your desire will
become your reality. There is no limit to your power of belief, and all
things are possible to him who believes. Just imagine what an enormous
power that is. You don't have to be nice, good, or wise, for anything is
possible to you when you believe that what you are imagining is true. That
is the way to success.
To believe your desire into being is to exercise the wonderful creative
power that you are.
Knowing what you want, gear yourself towards it, for the act was
committed in the wanting. Faith must now be added, for without faith it is
impossible to please God. Can you imagine a state and feel that your
imaginal act is now a fact? It costs you nothing to imagine; in fact you are
imagining every moment in time, but not consciously.
But, may I tell you: if you use your creative power by imagining a
desire is already fulfilled, when you get it, the circumstances will
seem so natural that it will be easy to deny your imagination had
anything to do with it, and you could easily believe that it would
have happened anyway. But if you do, you will have returned to
sleep once again.
First of all, most of us do not even realize our own harvest when it
confronts us. And if we do remember that we once imagined it, reason will
tell us it would have happened anyway. Reason will remind you that you
met a man (seemingly by accident) at a cocktail party who was interested
in making money. When he heard your idea, he sent you to see his friend,
and look what happened - so really, it would have happened anyway.
The law is simple: "As you sow, so shall you reap." It is the law of like
begets like. As you imagine, so shall your life become. Knowing what you
want, assume the feeling that would be yours if you had it. Persist in that
feeling, and in a way you do not know and could not devise, your desire
will become a fact.

Grandfather made his fortune by standing on an empty lot and saying to

himself: "I remember when this was an empty lot."
Then he would paint a beautiful word picture of the structure he desired
there. This is a wonderful technique.
You can remember when you were unknown, penniless, and ill, or a failure.
Remembering when you were, implies you are no longer that, and your
power is in its implication.
Use the law and it will take you from success to success, as you conceive
success to be. As far as I am concerned, success is to fulfill the promise,
and you cannot do that through the law. The promise is fulfilled through
faith. Are you holding true to the faith? Examine yourself to see if you are.
I have told you an eternal story. Believe it, but do not change it.
The story is this: God became you that you may become God.
Closing your eyes against the facts of life, dare to assume you are seeing
and hearing what you would see and hear if your desire were true. Now,
tune it in as you would a radio. If, when you turned on the radio four or
five stations are heard at the same time, you couldnt stand the confusion
and would turn the radio off.
So it is with your imagination - it must be fine-tuned. Now no radio or TV is
comparable to you, for that which the mind creates cannot be greater
than the mind who created it. We are amazed at the perfection of a little
instrument called a radio because it can produce sound out of the
nowhere, yet the mind that is so amazed is
the one who created it.
Our radio or television can be carried around the house or yard with no
connection to
a charge of electricity, yet the sound and picture come through perfect,
and any station (or channel) can be reached by merely a flick of the wrist.
At this moment everything that is being broadcast or telecast in the world
is in this room, but we havent tuned it in.
Now, you have an instrument infinitely greater than any radio or
television, but it must be turned on and fine tuned. Think of a friend who
would truly rejoice in your good fortune. Tune him in until his is the only
voice you can hear. Let him tell you of his thrill because of your good
fortune. Listen carefully until his voice is crystal clear and you can hear
the sentence you put upon that voice.
Unless you actually believe that I am is the being you are seeking and
pray only to him by exercising your human imagination, you will never
reach your desire, for awareness is the only power that can give it to you.

Tonight, ask yourself what you would be aware of hearing, seeing and
experiencing if your desire were now fulfilled. If what I tell you is true and
your imagination is the creator of all things, then you should be able to
prove his power in the testing. I tell you: there is no intermediary between
yourself and God. If you will but test this power within you, it will prove
itself in performance.
When, I cannot say, for every imaginal act is like an egg and no two eggs
(unless they are of the same species) have the same interval of time for
hatching. The little bird comes out in three weeks, a sheep in five months,
a horse in twelve months, and a human in nine months. Your imaginal act
has its own appointed hour to ripen and flower. If it seems long, wait - for
it is sure and will not be late for itself.
An imaginal act is a creative act, for the moment it is felt, the seed (or
state) is fertilized. It will take a certain length of time to be born, so start
today by assuming you are the man (or woman) you would like to be an
let the people in your minds eye reflect the truth of your assumption. Be
faithful to your assumption. Persist in this thought, for persistence is the
way to bring your desire to pass. You dont persist through effort or fear,
rather knowing that your imaginal act is now a fact; wait for its birth, for it
will come.
When you become lost in the reasoning world, your imagination is not fed
with your desire, for reason negates its flow.
Knowing what to do is not enough. Knowledge must be acted
Prior to this vision I had discovered that my imagination was the only God
who ever existed, yet in spite of this discovery I had not fed it. Rather I
continued to use the rational approach to life by planning my life on a
reasonable basis.
Knowing of a power that did not need reason was not enough; I had to
exercise this power within me. And then I was determined to exercise my
imagination on behalf of myself and others. I saw my candle was lit and
knew that from then on I would not let its light go out or get dim for lack
of use.
If you are a musician and stop practicing for a week you will not be
qualified to give a concert. Only when you practice daily are you qualified.
And so it is with your imagination. It must be exercised daily