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 Find out all the information you ever wanted to know about child car seats at: http:// parent/ firstaid_safe/ travel/ auto.html#  Adults who don’t buckle up are sending children a deadly message that it is all right not to wear a seat belt.

Healthy Kansas Kids
Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2010

Buckle Up Kansas! Make this a Safe Summer!
Buckle Up Kansas Motor Vehicle Crashes are the number one cause of accidental injury -related death for children ages 0-14 in Kansas. Proper use of seat belts and car seats greatly increases the chance of survival while decreasing the potential for injury. Observational surveys conducted in 2009 found that 96% of Kansas children ages 0-4 were in child seats, but only 70% of children ages 5-14 were protected by a booster seat or seat belt. The BUCKLE UP program is designed to increase the number of Kansas children properly protected by a child safety seat, booster seat or seat belt. The program is the recipient of the Excellence in Accountability Award from the Safe Kids Worldwide and General Motors. five car seats are installed or used incorrectly. Read both your child safety seat instruction manual and your motor vehicle owner’s manual for direction on proper installation and placement of your seat. Call 1-800745-SAFE (English) or 1-800-747-SANO (Spanish) for questions on installation. Check to see if your seat has been recalled, or for additional correct usage guidelines, go to Child Safety Seat Check Up Events/Fitting Stations When a child safety seat is not used correctly, its effectiveness decreases, which increases the chances for injuries or even death in a crash. Safe Kids Kansas, in partnership with community groups and local coalitions facilitates child safety seat check up events. At these events, trained technicians provide education and assistance to parents and caregivers on the proper installation and use of child safety seats. Events are open to the public. Find an upcoming Child Passenger Safety Event or search for a Child Safety Inspection Station near you by visiting http:// safekids/ child_passenger.html

 Safety never takes a break and it never goes on vacation. Make it click for you and your child every trip, every time.

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2 2 Child Seat Misuse Studies have found that as many as four out of

Airbags The back seat is the safest place for a child to ride. It is estimated that children ages 12 and under are 36% less likely to die in a crash if they ride seated in the rear seat of a passenger vehicle.  Children ages 12 and under should ride buckled up in a back seat.  Never put an infant in front of an air bag. The back of a rear-facing infant or convertible seat rests too close to the air bag. Due to the considerable force with which an air bag deploys (up to 200 mph), the impact with the air bag can cause serious or fatal injuries to the infant. For air bags to work effectively, everyone needs to be properly secured by a safety belt.

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Seat Belt Songs for the Car
Seat Belt Safety   Sung to: "Mary had a little  lamb"  Here is how we buckle up,  buckle up, buckle up  Here is how we buckle up,  Listen for the snap!  Put the seatbelt 'cross your  lap, ‘cross your lap, 'cross  your lap.  Put the seatbelt cross your  lap and LISTEN FOR THE  SNAP!  Safety Belts   Sung to: "Jingle Bells"    Safety belts, safety belts,  wear them all the way   Every time you're in the   car,every night and day, oh  Safety belts, safety belts,  wear them round your lap  Then before you start to  ride, everybody snap!  Bucklebear® Safety Poem  By Bucklebear®  I like my seatbelt  nice and snug.  Around my hips  like a big bear hug.  I make it click  so the driver will know  I'm buckled up and ready  to go. 

Booster Seat Facts
 A belt‐positioning 
booster seat raises the child  up so that the seat belt,  which is designed for an  adult body, fits the child’s  body. Since children in  booster seats use the adult  seat belt, no installation of  the seat is required. A belt‐ positioning booster seat  can not only make a child  safer, but also make the  safety belt fit better and  feel better to the child.   Children aged 2 to 5  years who are restrained in  an adult seat belt are 3.5  times more likely to suffer a   significant injury than prop‐ erly restrained children.   Booster seats that meet  federal Safety standards are  readily available for $20 ‐  $40. For information about  the Kansas Law,  visit 

Pizza and Peach Freeze
By using whole‐wheat  crust, part‐skim cheese,  turkey pepperoni, and‐ mixed vegetables, this pizza  offers kids more of the nu‐ trients they need, with less  fat and fewer calories.  Prep time: 25 minutes  Ingredients:   1 ready‐to‐bake whole‐ wheat pizza crust (10  inches in diameter)   ½ c. pizza sauce   1 c. shredded part‐ skim, low‐moisture  mozzarella cheese   ½ c. (17 slices) turkey  pepperoni   1 c. sliced mushrooms  Diections:  1.  Preheat oven to 400  (204° C).  2.    Spread pizza sauce on  crust.  3.    Spread cheese on top of  the sauce.  4.    Sprinkle sliced mush‐ rooms and pepperoni on top  of the cheese.  5.    Bake approximately 15  minutes. Cut into 6 wedges.  Serves: 3  Serving size: 2 slices    Add a cool Peach Freeze   Ingredients:   ½ c. milk   1 c. sliced peaches (they  can be either fresh or  canned)   1 tsp. sugar  Directions:  1.  Pour the milk into an  ice cube tray and freeze  until solid.  2.  Pop the "milk cubes"  out of the tray and put  them into the blender.  3.  Then put the peaches  and sugar into the blender.  4.  Put the lid on the  blender and blend on high  speed until everything is all  mixed together and very  smooth.  Serve right away.  Serves: 3