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Objectives or purposes of business communication

Hello dear friends here you will get Objectives or purposes of business communication, objective of communication,
Objectives of business communication, Purposes of business communication, Business Communication
Objectives, Business Communication Purposes.
Communication has many objectives. Its primary objective is to exchange ideas, opinions, thoughts, beliefs and
information between human beings. In the fields of business, the main objective of communication is to help
managers in performing all managerial functions smoothly. Different objectives of communication are discussed
below; Business Communication Objectives.
1. Achieving organization goals: The main objective of communication is to help managers in achieving
organization goals. It helps managers to perform all managerial functions and to achieve predetermined goals.
Objectives of business communication.
2. Exchanging of information: Another objective of communication is to exchange information between
employees of an organization. It helps to make contact with the external forces of an organization. Business
Communication Purposes.
3. Formulation and execution of plans: Communication supplies information to the managers who prepares
effective plans for the organization. Managers collect information from different sources and prepare and execute
organizational plans through the help of communication. Business Communication Objectives
4. Increasing efficiency: Communication helps to increase the efficiency of the employees of an organization by
supplying information timely relating to the work.
5. Directing the subordinates: An important objective of communication is to give effective direction to the
employees of an organization. Communication helps to reach executive orders to the subordinates. Objectives of
business communication.
6. Create consciousness: Another remarkable objective of communication is to create consciousness among the
employees about their duties and responsibilities by supplying various information.
7. Coordination and cooperation: Another important objective of communication is to help in coordinating and
cooperating the activities of various work groups and departments working within the organization. Business
Communication Objectives.
8. Persuasion: To persuade the employees to work hard for the organization and the buyers to buy organizations
products are two other important objective of communication. Business Communication Purposes.
9. Facilitating joint effort: No organization can achieve its goal by individual effort. It requires joint effort.
Communication helps in taking joint effort in the organization.
10. Education and training of employees: Communication helps to provide education and training of employees
of the organization.
11. Develop labor-management relations: Another objective of communication is to improve relationship
between management and workforce within the organization. It removes misunderstanding. Between the two
parties and helps to develop and maintain better relationship. Objectives of business communication.
12. Creating relationship with external parties: Communication helps to create good relationship with external
parties of the organization.
13. Monitoring and controlling the activities: Monitoring and controlling the activities of the subordinates is
other important objective of organization communication.
14. Solving problem: One of the most important objectives of communication is help solving different
organizational problems. It creates bases for discussion by supplying information which helps in removing the
differences among the disputed parties. Business Communication Purposes.
15. Initiate to change: Another objective of communication is to initiate change within the organization.
Communication supplies various information to the employees which helps in changing their attitude and brings
changes in the organization.
16. Decision making: Communication helps managers to take decisions. It helps in exchanging ideas and opinions
with others which help managers to take appropriate decisions. Business Communication Objectives.

17. Making aware of future change: In earth everything in changing continuously. To adopt with the changing
environment management has the initiate different organizational change. Here communication helps to make
employees aware of future change.
18. Building image: Strong image of the organization helps to gain competitive advantage in the market.
Communication helps to build up image of the organization through timely contact with the stakeholders,
advertising etc.


Getting a response from the person that we are trying to communicating with is the
basic of all human communication. Speaking from a business or commercial
perspective if we look at any small or large business around us we will see that the
level of success that the business has attained largely depends on its capacity of
communication. Communication defines the amount of success that the business
house has archived. So here are some of the major objectives of business
communication =
Information- The main objective of a business is to pass on information and
making people more informed, E.g.- all the advertisement activity that we see
around as are an attempt to inform and pass the information on to others, and in
case of business houses this information is mostly about the product or services
that they have to offer. But the mode of communication may be verbal, written,
visual or any other.
All business houses flourish on information relevant to their business activity. They
must have good knowledge about the market, their competition, the government
rules, the kind of credit that they can benefit from; the current economic position
etc. Relevant information is the key to successful business.
But now in the modern times due to the advent of the World Wide Web, there has
been a sudden explosion in the volume of information that is available to a business
house and it is becoming increasingly difficult for a business house to find
information that is reliable, complete updated and fresh. And it has become vital for
any business to obtain that information. And this demand for accurate information
has given birth to a new group of people called the infomederies, who do not deal
with any kind of goods but deal in information.
Now a business house not only takes information but also give information, for e.g.It has to give out information regarding profitability, the quality of products, the
facilities that they provide to the worker or the services that they render towards
the community.
Motivation- communication in business is also necessary to increase the
motivation in the workers. So if the communication is done properly and is
successful in motivating the workers and workers are motivated enough the work

gets done easily, efficiently and they will work independently and with out
Communication should be used to create a right working environment. So that there
is a healthy competitive environment among the workers and also that they can be
recognized and rewarded for their achievements.
Employees working at a lower level in the hierarchy of the organization should be
encouraged to provide suggestion and inputs on how to improve the working of an
organization, this type of communication creates a sense of participation and
belonging, it also develops more loyalty towards the company.
Raising Morale - Another very important objective of business communication
(internal) is to keep the moral of the workers high so that they work with vigor and
confidence as a team. This is a major factor that can have very serious impact on
the success of a business house.
But as morale is a psychological factor the state of high morale is not a permanent
factor. An organization may have a high morale among the workers for a quarter but
may find that the employees have lost their morale in the next quarter. So to keep
the moral of employees high an organization has to put continuous effort in that
direction. It can be done by maintaining an open door policy, keeping an eye on the
grapevine and not allowing harmful rumors to spread.
Order and instructions An order is an oral or written command directing the
start, end or modifying an activity. This form of communication is internal and is
carried out within a business house. Order may be written or verbal. Written orders
are given when the nature of work is very important or the person who would
perform the task is far away. We should always be careful while handing out written
orders and should always keep a copy of the order so that follow up action can be
Oral orders are given when work is of urgent nature and the person is nearby. But in
both the cases it is very essential to follow up.
Education and training- Now communication can also be used in business to
increase the circle of knowledge. The objective of education is achieved bybusiness
communication on three levels (a) Management (b) employees (c) general public
(a) Education for future managers- Here junior personals in the organization is
trained to handle important assignments involving responsibility, so that they can
succeed their superiors in the future.
(b) Education for newbies- When new personals join an organization they are
inducted by educating them about the culture of the company, code of discipline,
work ethos etc. This is usually done through a training mode to acquaint the new
recruits with the functioning of the organization.

(c) Educating the public- Now this is done by advertising, informative talks,
newspapers, journals. And this is done to inform the public about the product, the
functioning of the company, and various schemes offered by the company.

Objective of Business Communication

The objectives of business communication is wide and large.
Information, Order, permission, Warning, Motivation, Advice and
Raising morale are activated through the means
ofcommunication. The objectives of business communication are
stated below:
1. To Exchange Information:The prime objective of
communication is to exchange information internally and
externally i.e. to deal within the organization and outside the
2. To Achieve Goal: The goal of the organization can be
obtained througheffective organizational communication.
Everybody tries to acquire such goal and therefore it requires
effective organizational communication.
3. To Maintain Co-ordination and Co-operation: Coordination and co-operation among three levels i.e. corporate
level, divisional level and functional level of an Organization are
maintained through communication.
4. To Plan: Planning decides what is to be done in future. All the
information and data which are required to make a plan for
business can be obtained or gathered through communication.
5. To Facilitate Direction and Motivation: The boss gives

direction or order to his subordinate. And managers need to

motivate their employees to increase the concentration and
productivity. Hence, communication helps to facilitate direction
and motivation.
6. To Achieve Efficiency: Communication can provide
information regarding past and present. It also helps to anticipate
about future. So, Communication increase efficiency of the
workers by providing instant information.
7. To Solve Problem: Communication can remove the gap
between employees and employer. Fruitful communication
ensures a network in an Organization to solve problems. Conflict
arises and exists in an Organization. Fruitful communication
ensures a network to solve conflict. It also remove the gap
between employee and employer.
8. To Create Consciousness: Communication helps both
employer and employee to be conscious about their respective
roles, duties and activities. As a result, responsibility and
accountability is located among the concerned persons.
9. To Increase Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction requires better
job environment and better job environment is possible if there
exists communication chain. Strong chain helps to overcome job
related stress.
10. To Improve Employer-Employee Relationship: To achieve
the Organizational objectives, there must be good relationship
between employee and employer. And to improve such
relationship, there must be effective communication.
11. To Manage Human Resources: To recruit, train-up &
motivate human resource properly, There must be effective

communication. Skilled manpower are professional and work for

achievement and development.
12. To Attract Customer: To knock the door of potential
customers with new product and service of an enterprise, there
should exist an efficient communication. So better communication
will cause more customers and more customers will cause more
13.To Facilitate Join Effort: Joint effort requires unique motive.
And unique motive means mutual trust & unity arising from
mutual communication.
14. To alter/Change Future Plan: In today's modern
competitive world, there is requirement of changing the plan
according to environment andcommunication environment. This
involves awareness through proper communication.
15. To Obtain Overall Development: The overall development
of an Organization involves existence of efficient Internal Control
Structure. And it can be possible through effective communication
16. To Provide Necessary Data for DecisionMaking: Managers require different types of data and information
for decision-making. Through communication managers collect
necessary data and take accurate decision.
17. To Educate Workers: Communication helps the
Organization to train-up the employees/workers through
organized programs. For example, Orientation,workshops, film
show, internship etc.
A communication is adapted to the needs and interest of the

receiver in order to causes the receiver to react in a manner that

accomplishes the purpose of the sender.