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Md.Jahangir Pervez. Contact Info Permanent Address Mobile No.

Email Fathers name Mothers name Religion Nationality Marital Status Level Field of Study Major Minor Institute / University Located In : 86/5 Nijhum Residential area , Zigatola, Dhaka-1209. : 01716-204811. : Personal Particulars : Md. Nizam Uddin Ahmed. : Mariam Akter. : Islam. : Bangladeshi. : Single. Gender : Male. Student Card : BBA 040200874. No. Highest Educational Background : Bachelor's Degree. : Business Administration. : Finance. : Accounting. : Northern University, Bangladesh. : Bangladesh. Languages Language Bengali English Spoken High High Additional Info CAREER OBJECTIVE: To pursue a career in the field of banking in a reputed banking firm that will provide opportunities for personal development in line with up to date international standards and utilize my Interpersonal skills, while contributing to organizational goals. SUMMARY OF EDUCATION: Level Field of Study Major Bachelor' s HSC SSC BBA Commerce Commerce Finance N/A N/A Institute/University Northern University. Dhaka College. Ali Ahmed High School. Passing Year Feb 2008 2003 2001 Division/CGPA As of 3.333/4

Date of Birth : 16 Nov 1986.


: As of 3.333/4

Graduation Date

: Feb 2008.

Written High High


Able to join Internship Duration of Internship

: :

25th Feb 2008. 3 month(s).

MAJOR COURSES ATTENDED: * Financial Market and Institution.* Investment Portfolio Management. *Corporate Finance.* International Financial Management. * Financial Analysis and Control. COMPUTER SKILLS: * Windows 95/98/2000/XP. * Application Software (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint). * Internet browsing experiences. MAJOR ACADEMIC RESEARCHERS’ WORKS: * Analysis on Bank automation system. * Analysis on one month’s capital market’s activities (Dhaka Stock Exchange). * Comparative analysis of current telecommunication Service providers in Bangladesh. * A field-work on micro-credit system in Bangladesh. STRENGTHS: Hardworking, Motivated and Confident. Artistic, reliable, results-oriented, team player, Own strategic planning on customer service. PROFESSIONAL INTEREST: Financial Markets and Institutions. Financial statement analysis. Corporate Finance. HOBBIES: Sporting and Shopping, Traveling new places, Reading Story & Poem. REFERENCES: 1. Prof. Mahbubur Rahman. Ex. Commissioner of Taxes Tax adviser Grameen Bank & Grameen Family of Companies. Mirpur 11, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Tel:9122955, Cell: 01711-529886. DECLARATION I declare that, all the information presented here are true to my knowledge. If required and where applicable, these documents can be supported by appropriate authentic certificate. Signature and Date -----------------------------(Md. Jahangir Pervez) 2. Prof. Abu Ayub Md. Baqer. Professor Department of Business studies University of Dhaka. Northern University of Bangladesh. Tel: 9667237-40.