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Sivarama Prasad Kethamakka,

Reader, Post Graduation And Research Center,
Shree D.G.M.Ayurvedic Medical College,
GADAG, 582 103, Karnataka, INDIA.
Tel :- 08372-38014.

Vamana is an effective exclusive eliminative therapy of dosha from oral orifice. It is
indicated for the doshas, kapha and Pitta from Amashaya. In Amashaya Kapha have madhura,
lavana rasa and Pitta amlarasa under the influence of Samana vata. This expulsion therapy gives
stress and strain for the patients, thus it is not applied in the western patients ( They are strong by
physic but psychologically delicate). With their qualities of Ushna, Teekshana, Sukshma,
Vyavayee, Vikashi and Urdhvabhaga prabhava it induces anupravana in srotases and moves
liquified doshas from there to Amashaya and eliminates. Anupravana action of vamana continues
even in pakwashaya and results into Virechana. This process even through indicated for Kaphaja
Vyadhis, it is widely used for Tamaka swasa and Kusta.
The apakwa Kapha in amashaya as its seat is urdhwa amashaya in normal will have the
influence of vitiated Bodhaka, Kledaka kapha in abnormality. It can be claimed as heavy metals
like Lead and Mercury excretion in saliva and nitrogenous end products of digestion collected in
amashaya as an action of Anupravana. The second dosha, Pitta seated in adhoamashaya with
amla rasa considered normal and subjected to the vitiation under the influence of Samana vata.
The modern science explains the secretions from fundas of stomach apart from mucin are VIP,
GRP, substance P and Somatostatin; out of GRP and Somatostatin increases Gastrin secretion and
rest inhibits under motor and secretory neuron control, and also above said influence motility of
stomach referred as pachaka pitta and samana vata respectively. Like wise in antrum of stomach
Glucagon which regulates the glucose concentration in blood levels have an indirect influence on
madhurayata of kapha in vriddhi state.
Chiefly the electrolytes exchange in to free fluid form in stomach from interstitial
compartment are Na , K , Cl , HPO , SO , H O along with Nitrogenous end products
causes the depletion in electrolytes and also water in the body.
In observations patients are subjected to loss of Na, Cl and K in vomits along with large
quantities of mucin and water. They were subjected for stress and strain along with heaviness in
abdomen in the process of Vamana. Almost all the patients had the virechana after the vamana
even through they had proper pittanta vamana according to samyak yoga lakshana. The patients
with kusta (psoriasis) had a tremendous relief with the madanaphala yoga vamana, as a repeated
sodhana for an interval of 21 days. Only one patient of Tamaka swasa had blood stain in the
Thus Vamana is an effective therapy especially for the disorders of skin and a palliative
for Asthmatics.