Volume LXXVVV Issue 4-January 29, 2010

La ]olla High School · 750 Nautilus Street · La ]olla · 92037
By Kianna Anvari
Staff Writer

On Monoav ]anuarv !. two
oetermineo UCSD stuoents
stooo outsioe ol the State
ol Calilornia olnce builoing
oowntown holoing a sign with
two woros: Stuoent Occu-
pieo.¨ Feoestrians walkeo bv
with conluseo laces as thev
trieo to unoerstano what the
small sign meant. A lew pho-
tographers ano journalists
were also at the scene.
The sign was representing a
small protest against increaseo
UC tuition lees. About ten
stuoents hao signeo in with
the securitv guaro at the lront
oesk. pretenoing that thev hao
olncial business. To the guaro`s
surprise. thev were not there
lor an appointment. but in-
steao to protest.
Accoroing to the securitv
guaro. the stuoents were askeo
to leave or else thev woulo be
arresteo. Il the stuoents hao
obtaineo a permit to protest.
thev woulo not have been ar-
resteo. but thev oio not applv
lor a permit because thev oio
not believe it woulo have been
This protest was but a lrag-
ment ol the altermath causeo
bv recent
tuition in-
creases. On
18, 2009,
the Uni-
versitv Ol
Cal i lorni a
Boaro Ol
R e g e n t s
met to ois-
cuss buoget
problems at
ano voteo
17 to ! in
lavor ol a
9.3 percent
stuoent lee increase lor the
2009-2010 vear. This will raise
unoergraouate eoucation costs
bv more than S2.500. or 32º.
Outsioe the builoing. a crowo
ol about 300 stuoents ano la-
bor union activists helo a large
rallv at UCLA hall to show
their oisapproval ol the policv.
Other oemonstrations were
helo simultaneouslv at several
other UC campuses across the
state. Some stuoents expresseo
their oisapproval with anti-lee-
hike chants ano choruses ol
We Shall Overcome.¨ Others
threw sticks ano other objects
as thev pusheo against a large
group ol campus police. As a
result. several stuoents ano po-
lice sullereo minor injuries ano
1! arrests were maoe.
The UC lee increases. similar
to Calilornia State Universitv
increases. are part ol a nation-
al treno. With the introouction
ol the recession. colleges have
experienceo sharp oeclines in
Hey Vikings!
As we head towards
second semester, there
are many events coming
up to get excited about.
First is the Hurley-spon-
sored Walk the Walk
competition. The contest
requires La Jolla students
to post a series of videos
on Hurley’s website; the
success of our school
depends on how many
votes we receive online.
Please go to hurley.com/
wtw beginning February
\P \W ^W\M NWZ 420;¼[ ÅZ[\
video. Supporters are al-
lowed to vote once per day,
so please do not hesitate to
vote as many times as you
can. We would like to rep-
resent as much of La Jolla
High as possible, so if you
are interested in participat-
ing in later videos, please
visit the ASB room to learn
how you can get involved.
ASB Ball will be held Sat-
urday, February 27 at the
House of Blues. Tickets will
go on sale beginning in Feb-
All classes are busy prepar-
ing their acts for Airband,
which will be held Thurs-
day, March 4th. There will
be two shows, at 5:00 p.m.
and 7:00 p.m. Tickets will
be sold starting February
22. If you are interested in
being a part of your class’s
act, please contact your
class representatives, or
stop by room 304 for more
Seniors have started to
plan the Senior vs. Faculty
basketball game. Any inter-
ested seniors are encour-
aged to contact the senior
class to sign up. Seniors
will also be holding a fund-
raiser every Friday at lunch
to lower senior dues. In ad-
dition, senior shirts are be-
ing sold for $15.00 each.
Juniors are also planning
lots of fundraisers, so listen
dates and sales.
Sophomore shirts have ar-
rived, and will be sold every
Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday, excluding
February 1st through
The freshmen class
will be hosting a movie
night on March 12th.
Listen to the bulletin for
more details.
Thanks to everyone for
Danielle Daitch
Sports Editor
Commissioner of Public
Finals Survival Guide
Page 4
Legacies of LJHS
Page 7-8
The Dark Side of Disney
Page 12
Row, Row, Row your Boat
Page 9
tax revenues ano states have
shilteo more ol the cost ol
public colleges
ano universities to
Like most
people I was up-
set when I hearo
about the tuition
increases. I ap-
plieo to a lew UCs
because thev are
verv gooo schools.
but the prices are
making me recon-
sider,” senior So-
nia Nuhic saio.
The annual cost
ol a UC eouca-
tion. not incluo-
ing campus-baseo lees. will rise
to S10.302. about triple the
UC costs lrom a oecaoe ago.
Room. boaro. ano books olten
aoo an aooitional S1o.000.
Manv are wonoering how
the tuition increases will allect
the stuoents ol La ]olla High.
Because ol the buoget cuts
ano raiseo tuition lees. manv
stuoents will have to applv lor
nnancial aio or scholarships.
No stuoent wants to be bom-
UC Price Hike Worries LJHS Students
Increased UC Prices = Personal Crisis?
baroeo with creoit caro bills
ano orowneo in oebt when
thev graouate lrom college.
Stuoents usuallv have part-
time jobs throughout college in
oroer to pav lor their luxuries.
but now thev will also have to
worrv about repaving their n-
nancial aid.
Other stuoents. like senior
Braoen Iuoge. are unallecteo
bv the tuition increases.
The tuition increases oion`t
change mv oecision to applv to
UCs.¨ saio Iuoge.
Recent tuition increases have
inspireo manv to think about
the luture ol eoucation in gen-
eral. Is this onlv a preview ol
what is to come? Manv are
questioning the logic behino
the UC buoget cuts ano even
luture buoget cuts that will al-
lect L]HS. Cuts totaling more
than over S100 million have
been approveo bv San Diego
Unineo School District`s Boaro
ol Trustees lor the next school
vear. Il these orastic cuts con-
tinue to increase. the UC pro-
testers will neeo to make extra
signs lor the stuoents ol La
Jolla High.

· $8,851: Curront Tuition
· $10,302: Proposod tuition
Ior 2010-2011 vonr
· 32%: Proposod porcont
UC Tuition Increase
by the Numbers
The La Jolla High School
Mackenzie Merkel
Brooks Newberrv
Kellv Lin
Dario Aharpour
Halev Cottrell
Carev Kenneov
Erika Ostroll
Carolina Bellizzi
Danielle Daitch
Kestle Daubner
Mollv Salas
]acqueline Berracasa
Angelita Rosal-White
]im Essex
Heren Alanis
Kianna Anvari
Catherine Brazier
Sarah Devermann
Rose Di Toro
Suquoia Gearv
Iman Hassaine
Rebecca Huntlv-Flavle
Tavlor ]etter
Elvssa Kanter
Christina Kirbv
Amv Liew
Katherine Lunas
Tania Mashkoorv
Kavlee McNeil
]asmine Mobasseri
Wilson Mokiao
Olivia Folger
Norma Ramos
Aioa Saam
Brittnev Schrilt
Kaitlin Shantai
]essica Silvers
Ireoa Spencer
Ashlev Wei
Laura Wells
]essica Wooo
T/· High Tioe. oo o·o froo. i· t/·
ff.iol ·toc·ot o·o·ooo·r f Lo )llo
Hig/ S./l. Uol··· t/·roi·· ot·c.
oioio· o·iog .i.·c io t/· High Tioe
o·log t t/· ioci.icool oot/r. T/·
High Tioe o·l.o·· l·tt·r· ooc oio-
io· fro ·toc·ot· ooc ·toff o·oo·r·. If
.o /o.· o l·tt·r t t/· ·citr. ol·o·· cro
it ff io Ro 501. r gi.· it t oo.
High Tioe ·citr. 1o oo. ol· ·ooil
·oooi··io· t L)HiTic·(.o/..o.
Soooi··io· ·/olc o· t.o·c ooc .ooot
o· ooo.oo·. T/· High Tioe r···r.··
t/· rig/t t r·fo·· oo. oot·riol. Jc.·r-
ti··o·ot· or· o·o·or·c o·r .looo io./.
T oc.·rti·· oit/ t/· High Tioe r t
t oor./o·· o ·oo·.riotio. ol·o·· ·ooil
o· r .oll (858. !5!-3081. ·xt·o·io
!501. I··o·· or· ci·trioot·c ·.·r. for
o··/·. ` oort f t/· High Tioe oo.
o· r·orco.·c oit/ot oritt·o o·roi··io.
Antonia Cereijioo
)oooor. !´. !010
Stoff Jrit·r
Thousanos ol college stu-
oents across the countrv are
lacing the price increase ol
birth control pills.
Frices lor these oral contra-
ceptives are ooubling ano tri-
pling at stuoent health centers
as a oevastating result ol a
complex change in the Meoic-
aio rebate law.
Colleges were unaware that
the law change woulo allect
them. ano this event has hao a
signincant impact on stuoents.
Meoicaio is the main leoeral
health insurance program lor
the poor. ano has been greatlv
ellecteo since the 2005 oencit-
reouction bill.
Drug companies have lost
interest in provioing oiscounts
lor these prooucts to col-
lege campuses because ol the
rebate law.
It is just a consequence that
the college stuoents have to
oeal with. because ol our eco-
nomic situation. anvthing can
be cut or taken awav.¨ saio ju-
nior Alice Schukin.
This horrible situation allects
such as Universitv ol Rhooe
Islano ano Inoiana Universitv.
Numerous people are sul-
lering lrom the soaring prices.
]ust a lew months ago. stu-
oents were paving ten oollars a
month ano currentlv the prices
have soareo to S22 per month
lor prescriptions.
are al-
r e a o v
s t r u g -
g l i n g
with n-
n a n c e s
ano the
real ities
ol pav-
ing lor
s c hool .
or even
s i n g l e
par ent -
h o o o .
so this
change coulo impact them
It is wrong that the new law
has such an impact on stuoents
who have grown accustomeo
to the campus oiscount.¨ saio
sophomore Neoa Amin.
Manv colleges kept prices low
lor a lew months bv buving the
pills in bulk belore the new law
took ellect. but have now run
through their stocks ano are
beginning to increase prices.
Manv stuoents nll the pre-
scriptions quarterlv so are onlv
now realizing the raise.
About 39 percent ol un-
oergraouate women use these
pills. accoroing to oata helo bv
the American College Health
Association. ano thev are upset
bv the increase.
Il the recession ano the meo-
ical laws oo not improve in
the near luture. schools coulo
expect to see a price raise ol
a several hunoreo oollars per
This is tough on manv stu-
oents who have been able to
benent lrom the price ois-
Some stuoents saio thev
ooubteo the price increases
woulo oissuaoe manv stuoents
lrom buving contraceptives.
but saio it woulo surelv be no-
It won`t stop people lrom
buving them. obviouslv. but it
will oennitelv give the college
campus less revenue in the lu-
ture.¨ saio an anonvmous stu-
Regaroless ol the raise. these
contraceptives are a necessitv
ano people will buv them ei-
ther wav.
A spokesman lor Meoicaio
recentlv has stateo however
that the companv is reviewing
a proposal maoe bv the Ameri-
can College Health Association
to exempt college campuses
lrom the price escalation.
Manv college stuoents across
the Uniteo States are hoping
the prices will go back to the
wav thev were.
Stoff Jrit·r
As Black Historv Month ap-
proaches. now is a gooo time to
renect on how lar the countrv
has come in ensuring libertv
ano justice lor all.
Martin Luther King ]r. was
one ol the lounoers ano voices
ol the Civil Rights movement.
His vision was ol a worlo voio
ol racial biaseo oiscrimina-
But how ooes this allect La
]olla High?
The San Diego Unineo
School District spenos thou-
sanos ol oollars each vear to
bus stuoents in lrom neighbor-
hooos all over the citv to en-
sure that La ]olla High has a
oiverse stuoent boov.
This oecision can be benen-
cial lor the overall attituoe ol
La ]olla`s stuoents because it
gives them a chance to reach
out ano belrieno stuoents lrom
oillerent ethnicities.
However. oo all stuoents at
La ]olla see this as an opportu-
nitv to expano their social cir-
cles. or oo thev become even
more segregateo?
Il vou walk out at lunch time
vou`ll see that a lot ol stuoents
oon`t mix. Thev teno to hang
out with stuoents ol their own
race.¨ saio Government teach-
er Mr. ]ones.
It can be oilncult lor people
to mix with others who are oil-
lerent lrom them. Thev mav
leel oiscomlort because ol
what is unlamiliar.
Feople teno to migrate to-
waro those similar to them. be-
cause ol the lamiliaritv. Alter
all. there is a certain securitv
in surrounoing onesell with
those whose ioeals. interests.
heritages. ano socio-economic
statuses are perceiveo to be re-
lateo to theirs.
Some stuoents choose to see
past prejuoices bv hanging out
with a mixeo group ol people
at lunch.
I hang out with a group ol
oillerent people. I accept them
lor the wav thev are.¨ saio ju-
nior Sona Harov.
Manv people leel uncomlort-
able oealing with this issue ano
hvper sensitivitv towaro the
topic onlv hinoers the evolu-
tion ol racial acceptance.
As long as La ]olla stuoents
continue to segregate them-
selves into exclusive groups.
thev miss out on opportunities
to expano their wav ol think-
ing ano the wav thev view their
lellow classmates.
This topic oeserves lurther
exploration. Il La ]olla High`s
stuoents nno the courage with-
in them to see past other`s oil-
lerences. change will happen.
As Martin Luther King ]r.
once saio. The time is alwavs
right to oo the right thing.¨
Stoff Jrit·r
Ever since the Christmas
unoerpants bomber¨ incioent.
securitv in airports has been
questioneo. The meoia has
blown the severitv ano lre-
quencv ol terrorist attacks out
ol proportion.
In realitv. 7.015.o30.000
people new on a night last vear.
while onlv o7! were on a plane
where there was an attempteo
The reason behino the hvpe
ano lear associateo with ter-
rorist attempts is simplv that it
is an opportunitv lor the gov-
ernment ano airlines to look
gooo in the public eve.
The Christmas bomber is
a classic example ol how ovs-
lunctional our government is.¨
saio a Iox News correspon-
oent. whv wasn`t this prevent-
eo belore it happeneo?¨
Whv ooes the meoia
scream over the ooos ol 1 in
10.!08.9!7 the chance some-
one will be on a plane ouring
an attempteo hijacking ano
not over ooos like 1 in 500.000
the ooos someone will be
struck bv lightning?
Spenoing tax oollars on un-
neccesarv airport securitv is
just as rioiculous as trving to
cover the whole Uniteo States
in a plastic bubble to stop light-
Air marshals ano X-rav ma-
chines serve as a oeterrent. not
as an actual preventative mea-
Regular citizens have sub-
oueo both the shoe ano un-
oerpants bombers without anv
government help. there were
no air marshals on boaro.
The new proposeo X-rav lull
boov scanners serve the same
purpose as air marshals: thev
are meant to prevent anv ter-
rorist lrom trving to hijack a
plane. The X-rav machines
woulo not actuallv catch ter-
All ol the ellort ano hassle is
meaningless. The saletv ol the
taxpaver ooes not require anv
ol the new ano controversial
scanning equipment.
A conservative estimate puts
the monev spent on airport
securitv in the past lew vears.
ano it sums up to two-ano-a-
hall-billion oollars.
The securitv ol airports is ex-
treme. ano is unnecessarilv so.
Our monev coulo be put to
much better causes. like eou-
cation ano loreign aio. both
things that woulo prevent ter-
rorism in the nrst place.
Dr. King`s Dream
Cutting the Contraceptives
Overzealous Security
When too tight is too much
Two-and-a-halI bil-
lion invested into
P/t .ort··. f ooo..orto·t./..o
)oooor. !´. !010
Dress like you are
in Public
Got Commitment Problems?
Gaurding the Jewel
Stoff Jrit·r
Attention guvs ano girls: start
oressing appropriatelv.
Guvs: sagging pants are out.
]ust accept it.
Laoies: it`s winter. stop wear-
ing mini skirts. short shorts ano
spaghetti straps. You`re going to
catch a colo. it`s lor vour own
Some mav sav. it`s more com-
lortable¨ or. wearing mv pants
high is lame.¨ It`s probable that
it`s more comlortable than trv-
ing to walk with vour pants lall-
ing oll.
You oon`t have to wear vour
pants like Urkel lrom Iamilv
Matters. vou just have to wear
them on vour hips. where thev
belong. You mav nno that it`s
actuallv verv comlortable.
As lor guvs` shirts. lranklv.
thev`re a nre hazaro. The ex-
tra labric hanging arouno vou
coulo get caught on corners or
such. That`s embarrassing.
Don`t vou want to show oll
to vour girl? Mavbe vou`ll get
more attention lrom girls il vou
oress normallv.
As lor the girls. we know vou
want it to be summer all vear.
but that`s just not realistic. Yes.
in a wav. school is a lashion
show. but come on girls it`s
winter. ano it`s colo.
There are plentv ol cute ano
appropriate options lor colo-
weather clothing that actuallv
keep vou warm¦ So stop com-
plaining about the colo ano
take a look in the mirror. vou`re
probablv colo because vou`re
wearing sanoals. a miniskirt ano
a teenv tank top.
That teenv tank top probablv
ooesn`t even cover vou com-
pletelv. Flease girls. we know
vou think it`s like sooo cute¦¨ to
show oll vour bellv. but reallv.
vou just look like vou`re wear-
ing vour shirt lrom nlth graoe.
Same with the small babv
shorts. il vou can even squeeze
into them.
You look like vou are trving
to be twentv. but while wear-
ing vour ten-vear-olo sister`s
clothes. Leave something to the
imagination ano learn how to
oress vourselves without looking
Girls appreciate it when a guv
can oress well.
Thev woulo preler guvs who
oress with rennement ano gooo
taste to guvs who are constantlv
trving to keep their pants lrom
lalling oll ano trving not to trip
on the hems ol their jeans.
Feople appreciate it when oth-
ers oress with class. Thev woulo
preler to oate girls who oon`t
have everv inch ol their booies
exposeo to the elements. or guvs
who look like thev neeo ten belts
to keep up their pants.
Stoff Jrit·r
La ]olla was voteo Best Flace
to Live in America¨ in 2002.
The committee members.
whose job it is to preserve La
]olla ano make it a prestigious
place to live. have been ooing
an amazing job.
But the ellorts thev take to
make this happen olten result
in regulations that manv La
]olla High stuoents consioer
over the top.¨
Manv people oiscuss how
to make La ]olla as exclusive
as possible. these La ]ollans¨
have establisheo 88 pages
worth ol rules in oroer to sur-
vive in this beach citv.
The book ol rules is calleo
San Diego Municipal Cooe
Article 9 La ]olla Flanneo Dis-
Remember the McDonalos
on Frospect?
This last looo restaurant
sparkeo a controversv because
ol the lrench lrv ooor. Accoro-
ing to regulations. a last looo
restaurant cannot have the
smell ol looo transceno prop-
ertv lines. This McDonalos`s
lease was not reneweo.
The Taco Bell on La ]olla
Boulevaro recentlv closeo. to
the oismav ol manv L]HS stu-
oents. There are not manv last
looo places alloweo into La
]olla. but Taco Bell nt all ol the
criteria to set up its business.
Although Taco Bell oio not
break anv regulations. manv
La ]olla High stuoents are up-
set that this chain restaurant is
I am oevastateo Taco Bell is
gone. No more Crunch Wrap
Supremes or Cheesv Goroita
Crunch. Nowhere else in La
]olla can I get more lor mv
monev.¨ junior Kersten Mor-
gan saio.
Apart lrom orive-through
ano last looo rules. La ]olla is
nlleo with manv other bizarre
ano unnecessarv ones. Ior ex-
ample. onlv 59 tvpes ol retail
establishments are alloweo
to engage in business. There
are also manv pages in The
Cooe¨ oeoicateo to what color
a business builoing can be.
There is even a section in The
Cooe.¨ that specines what spe-
cies ol trees are alloweo to be
Apparentlv. the ]acaranoa
tree is lor all portions ol La
]olla Boulevaro ano Fearl
Street within the Flanneo Dis-
trict. the oesignateo tree.
Social rules¨ in La ]olla also
create a snobbv atmosphere.
In La ]olla. Ior Sale¨ signs
are not sociallv acceptable. A
long time ago these signs were
removeo to keep certain eth-
nicities out ol this communitv.
This is not a written rule. but
it is a rule in which real estate
brokers participate.
I think manv ol the social
rules` are unwritten ano are
just an unoerstanoing.¨ anon-
vmous La ]olla High stuoent
La ]olla. the ]ewel Citv.¨ re-
tains its own small-town atmo-
sphere ano citv prioe. How-
ever. regulations supplieo bv
The Cooe¨ are unnecessarv
ano shoulo not be enlorceo in
this small beach communitv.
La ]olla will continue to be a
special place even il it incluoes
a multicoloreo builoing.
Stoff Jrit·r
Listen closelv. it is not oil-
ncult to hear the echoing ol
similar stories throughout the
halls on Monoav mornings.
I onlv hookeo up with him
on Saturoav night because I
haon`t hookeo up with a guv
in like. a week.¨
It seems as il this genera-
tion has become obsesseo with
hooking-up¨ ano mingling¨
with more than one partner
with no strings attacheo.
Although some mav think
this phenomenon is a phase ol
high school. it is also common
among college stuoents.
But what exactlv ooes a hook-
up entail? This vague term in-
volves anvthing lrom kissing.
to whatever mav lollow.
The hook-up is reversing
the traoitional wav ol oating.
Belore. the ioea was that hook-
ing- up woulo occur alter oat-
ing someone. but now it seems
that hooking- up occurs nrst.
with verv low chances ol anv
relationship whatsoever.
The hooking-up lao has be-
come verv common among
stuoents because it is linkeo to
the technological aovances ol
tooav`s societv.
Texting has swept the nation
with its abilitv ol quick com-
munication. but saolv it can be
in some cases the major local
point ol a relationship.¨
Belore. one woulo actuallv
have to talk to someone to ar-
range a oate. This larletcheo
concept now seems luoicrous
to anv teen.
Texting can also be useo to
ask that special someone out.
to simplv avoio the lear ol get-
ting shut oown in person.
]unior Coral Mireles believes
that it is pathetic to be askeo
out through a text.
Il he reallv likes me then
he shoulo have the courage to
ask me out in person. Girls ap-
preciate a guv who takes initia-
tive. rather than one who hioes
behino his cell phone.¨
Hooking-up has become an
issue to those seeking an actual
relationship: one guv. one girl.
oinner ano a movie. Unlortu-
natelv. manv now see this sce-
nario as cliche or outoateo.

Numerous people cherish the
lact that thev can hook-up with
whomever thev want. without
a lorceo commitment.
But the real mvsterv is: whv?
Whv is hooking-up more ap-
pealing than committing?
Trust issues mav be a reason
whv some preler to keep a ois-
tance with commitment.
Also. stuoents are so preoc-
cupieo with lrienos. school.
ano establishing themselves.
that thev oo not have time lor
relationships. This mav be whv
most high school relationships
eno alter about two weeks.
I think that people are alraio
ol commitment ano oon`t
want to leel tieo oown. Stu-
oents shoulo just stav locuseo
on their schoolwork.¨ junior
Kvle McGrill saio.
The staggering 50º oivorce
rate renects how tooav`s soci-
etv has been moloing citizens
into untrustworthv people.
Ferhaps people get oivorceo so
easilv now because there is no
longer stigma attacheo to it. or
mavbe because the courts have
built an inoustrv arouno it.
Commitment has stretcheo
even lurther than the roman-
tic aspect. It seems as though
teens have become nakev in
terms ol plans with lrienos
ano even sports.
More than olten. teens lack
the motivation to stav commit-
teo to a sport lor more than a
couple ol weeks.
The truth mav be that manv
ol us lear being vulnerable il
involveo in an intimate rela-
Ior no apparent reason.
commitment has turneo into
an issue among manv teens
because the lreeoom to hook-
up with whomever is lar more
appealing than rejection.

It wouldn`t be a surprise
dies throughout
the years
Not at home
The staggering 50°
divorce rate refects how
today`s society has been
molding citizens into
untrustworthy people.
P/t .ort··. f ooo..orto·t./..o
HIGH TIDE )oooor. !´. !010
lor hours vou usuallv get ois-
tracteo ano stresseo. but this
methoo helps prevent that.
I like to take breaks so I can
relax ano locus better.¨ senior
Michael Wang saio.

It is haro to stuov when vou
have vour mino on other is-
Make sure vou are relaxeo
when vou stuov. The brain
cannot absorb inlormation
when vou are unlocuseo.
Insteao ol reaching lor the
pack ol chips. grab some
veggies ano ranch oip when
vou get hungrv lrom stuov-
ing. These looos have carbs
that are absorbeo slowvlv bv
vour boov. giving vour brain a
steaov now ol energv to boost
brain power. Chips ano canov
are contain the tvpe ol carbs
that are rapiolv absorbeo. ano
oo not give vour mino lasting
mental energv.
Turn oll vour phone. com-
puter. ano T.V. ano lock vour-
sell in vour room. Fromise
voursell that in !5 minutes
vou can take a break. This is a
great wav to stav locuseo ano
not go insane.¨ junior Kather-
vne Fennv saio.
When vou start stuoving.
make sure to have all ol vour
neeoeo supplies.
Get evervthing organizeo:
looo. pencils. stuov material.
etc. so vou will not oisrupt vour
stuov time.
Gooo lighting. a comlortable
chair. ano a nat table or oesk
will make all the oillerence in
aioing vour concentration.
Review vour material once
more later in the oav so that
it is nrmlv implanteo in vour
Approach stuoving bv nrst
trving to unoerstano the main
concept ano then oiving the
oetails ol the ioea.
When vou are memorizing
lacts or names lor tests trv to
relate it to people or items in
vour own lile in oroer to recall
the lacts quicklv when taking
the exam.
To prepare lor nnals. stuov in
lrequent but short sessions. get
a gooo night sleep. eat healthv
snacks. prepare vour environ-
ment belore starting. ano oo
not let voursell get stresseo
Iinals are onlv as oilncult
as vou make them. Approach
vour exams with a positive atti-
tuoe. Use these stuov tips ano
remember: vou can succeeo il
vou prepare¦
Stoff Jrit·r
Iinals are a stresslul time
lor evervone. vou get little
sleep ano stav up late stuov-
ing. However. there are much
more ellective wavs to stuov.
Iirst ol all. vou must remem-
ber to get some rest ano eat a
healthv oiet. Your mino cannot
possiblv work when vou have
been eating junk looo all oav.
Eating three healthv meals
a oav can. ano will. make a
oillerence. It is also important
to be well resteo belore taking
such oilncult exams.
I alwavs eat a gooo break-
last the morning ol a big test.¨
sophomore Emilv Manoel
Stuoies have proven that
stuoving in lrequent but short
sessions is more ellective than
cramming lor hours straight.
The brain works best in ten
minute sessions. stuov lor ten
minutes. then take a break lor
a little while. When stuoving
Stoff Jrit·r
It has been a traoition at La
]olla High School since 1922
that the graouating class ex-
ecutes a signature senior
prank.¨ Some senior class
pranks have been outrageous
while others were less likelv to
be remembereo in the historv
As long as the pranks are not
oestructive ano oo not vanoal-
ize the school. the current ao-
ministration accepts the traoi-
tion ano is amuseo everv vear
bv what each senior class con-
jures up.¨ Ms.Behnke saio.
Some ol the pranks. how-
ever. are not so
amusing to the
janitors who
have to clean
up the mess.
Most senior
stuoents put
a lot ol ellort
into making
the pranks lun
lor the class.
One vear. the
seniors oeco-
rateo the cam-
pus in Christ-
mas lights ano
or na me nt s .
lolloweo bv
hioing Easter
eggs with priz-
es in them
all arouno
the school.
To show
V i k i n g
prioe. a
group ol
s e n i o r s
painteo a
mural ol
a Vikings
ship bv
the 800
buil oing.
ano one
class ol
s e n i o r s
even built
a Vikings
ship in the
In 1995. the seniors workeo
haro to come up with something
sentimental. Thev took the goal
posts lrom the soccer nelo ano
hio them arouno campus. The
aoministration hao to nno them
through a scavenger hunt that leo
to the senior breaklast where the
graouating stuoents saio thank
vou to the principal. Mr.Salceoo.
who was leaving the school that
There have been some rebel-
lious pranks that test the privilege
ol being able to conouct a senior
prank. Last vear. the seniors tee-
peeo the campus ano burneo pro-
lane woros into the grass. Manv
were not able to walk at graoua-
tion lor vanoalizing the campus.
One senior class sprav-painteo
the walls at school with racial
jokes. Another class even put
nsh into the school vents ano
the whole campus smelleo like
oeao nsh.
Some outrageous pranks eno
up costing the school thou-
sanos ol oollars. like when the
locks on the ooors were super
glueo shut ano the teachers
coulo not get into their class-
rooms. The school hao to pav
lor everv one ol those locks to
be replaceo.
The most memorable se-
nior pranks mav be the lun-
niest. but sometimes thev go
overboaro. Taking all ol the
benches arouno campus ano
putting them on the rool was
a big hit one vear. but put the
lacultv through the trouble ol
taking them oown again.
There have been manv lun
pranks executeo at La ]olla
High School that will never
be lorgotten. but the past lew
vears have not liveo up to the
This is mv thiro vear at La
]olla High School ano I still
haven`t seen a gooo senior
prank.¨ junior Trevor Shel-
burne saio.
Franks that were riskv have
all been oone. but pranks that
are lun ano classv oon`t go out
ol stvle. ano oon`t risk our se-
nior privileges. So bring it on.
Class ol 2010¦
Jrtor/ o. )o./. B·rro.o·o
IEATURES 5 HIGH TIDE )oooor. !´. !010
P/t· .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
Stoff Jrit·r
One ol the most misrepre-
senteo cultures in the worlo
tooav is that ol the Fersians.
Misinlormeo people across the
globe juoge without attempt-
ing to unoerstano or learn
what one ol the oloest cultures
in the worlo is all about.
La ]olla High`s
Fersian club is a
gatewav lor teach-
ing vouth to lorm
their own opin-
ions about people
with an eoucateo
Fersian club is
brano new this
vear. ano is run bv
Fresioent Favam
Hariri. Vice Fres-
ioent Cameron
Ravanbach. ano
Secretarv Lilv
Hariri`s main
motivation lor running this
club is to show people about
the rich ano ancient culture
ol the Fersians. Hariri is verv
oeoicateo to this club. ano his
involvement comes at a crucial
time in historv. The club high-
lights the lascinating things
about the culture ano exposes
the extremelv oiverse mem-
bers to it. During everv meet-
ing thev teach a common Fer-
sian woro or phrase ano plav
Fersian rap music. Thev also
have oelicious Fersian kabobs.
which Hariri speaks highlv ol.
Hariri also leels like there are
so manv oillerent aspects ol
the club that one coulo alwavs
nno something interesting or
new to learn ano share with
It`s a legit club. we have
Fersian rap. Fersian looo. ano
Fersian people.¨ senior Hariri
saio. What else coulo people
ask lor?¨
Throughout historv. the Fer-
sian culture has contributeo
signincantlv to the worlo in
manv wavs. Iirstlv. the Fersian
language. Iarsi. is one ol the
oloest languages still in use to-
oav. it is known to have one ol
the most powerlul literarv tra-
oitions in the worlo. Seconolv.
the Fersian cinema. which is
popular worlowioe. has at-
taineo a substantial amount ol
international ano critical ac-
claim. Lastlv. the Fersian heri-
tage is artisticallv eclectic ano
incluoes major contributions
lrom both the east ano west
sioes ol the countrv.
Seoaghat hopes that this club
will raise awareness to what is
going on in Iran tooav. She
savs thev show vioeos regu-
larlv about the historv ol
the Fersians ano what thev
are like tooav.
The Mioole East is por-
traveo so negativelv in to-
oav`s worlo. ano our hope
is to show the stuoents ol
L]HS that manv ol the
stereotvpes thev hear are
completelv untrue.¨ senior
Seoaghat saio.
The members all thor-
oughlv enjov participating
in the club ano are alwavs
exciteo lor the next meet-
Fersian club rocks.¨
sophomore Tara Ravanbach
Fersian club hopes to expunge
the lalse accusations ano mis-
conceptions about this won-
oerlul culture bv inlorming the
local vouth about what is going
on internationallv. The club
meets everv other Tuesoav in
room 305. Thev encourage all
stuoents to atteno ano become
enricheo in the heritage ol the
Stoff Jrit·r
I am one girl vou oon`t want
to mess with. I am on the
Varsitv wrestling team
ano. believe me. I
can take anvone
oown. I aspire to be
like ]oanie Laurer. who
is one ol most lamous
women wrestling champs.
I`m eighteen vears olo ano
was born on Thanksgiving. I
attenoeo Biro Rock Elemen-
tarv. I`m a senior ano prouo
ol it. 1-0 vou know¦ Mv la-
vorite looo are hot wings ano
I get them just about everv
I love to swim in mv spare
time. whether it be in the
ocean or in mv pool. I am al-
wavs ooing weiro things
in public.
w h i c h
r a s s e s
m v
l r i e n o s
to be seen with
I oescribe mv
personal stvle
as extremelv
c o m l o r t -
able. I wear
jeans ano a
a l mo s t
ev- erv o a v.
M v best lrienos
are Nathalv Moungvong ano
Arvanna Abraham ano vou
will almost alwavs see me with
one ol these awesome girls.
Mv lavorite T.V.
shows ol all time
are I··oiog Uo oit/
t/· Iorco·/ioo·
a n o
Fooil. Co..
Oprah rocks
too. Mv celeb-
ritv crush is Tv-
rese Beckloro.
he is so nne. I`m
a huge lan ol the
San Diego Char-
gers. I am
guiltv ol be-
ing ol one ol
those crazeo lans who
is louno velling at the T.V.
One ol mv lavorite movies
is J/it· C/i./·. Mv lavor-
ite book is J/·r·`· Jolc.
even though there are
not verv manv woros
in it.
During the winter I
like to go snowboaroing anv
chance I get. Amusement
parks are alwavs lun. I believe
that ice cream makes everv-
thing better.
I hope to atteno the Univer-
sitv ol San Diego lor college.
I want to work lor the Uniteo
Nations with UNHCR helping
relugees in Alrica. I consioer
mvsell a kino-hearteo person.
Stoff Jrit·r
Raising pink cows. growing
lruit trees. ano planting crops
are just a lew ol the manv ac-
tivities vou can oo on the Iace-
book application Iarmville.
Zvnga launcheo this game last
]une ano it has grown to be
extremelv popular. with more
than 7! million users. it is cur-
rentlv the number one applica-
tion on Iacebook.
But whv oo so manv peo-
ple plav this game? Are there
not more important things to
oo besioes harvesting virtual
It takes me awav lrom the
real worlo ano makes me leel
more rural.¨ lreshman Dana
Becker saio.
Iarmville is a relaxing ano
social game. vet it is highlv ao-
oicting. Feople have even ao-
mitteo to setting their scheo-
ules arouno the harvest time
ol their virtual crops.
I think there`s something
lunoamentallv human about
planting ano growing. espe-
ciallv looo. Mavbe it`s in our
DNA ano social consciousness.
lor some reason. It just leels
gooo.¨ Zvnga emplovee Mark
Scaggs saio.
While some people are be-
coming aooicteo to Iarmville.
others nno it annoving. There
are multiple Iacebook pages
that express their oislike lor the
game. The largest. Not Flav-
ing Iarmville.¨ has almost two
million lans.
I think Iarmville is obnox-
ious because it serves no pur-
pose but to nll the emptv voio
ol social-networking. ano its
onlv proouct is a plenathoria
ol senseless postings.¨ lresh-
man Nicholas Halbert saio.
Research shows that Iarm-
ville plavers outnumber the
amount ol real larmers in the
Uniteo States bv more than
sixtv to one. Ano while the
game mav be lun ano relax-
ing. it is not at all like the real-
itv ol harsh agricultural work.
Unlike real larms. there is no
slaughtering ol animals or pest
inlesteo crops. the weather is
alwavs perlect lor larming.
seeos ano trees grow within a
matter ol hours. ano all crops
get solo. Flus. insteao ol hours
ol backbreaking labor. virtual
larms are ploweo with the
click ol a mouse. Iarmville is a
lairvtale compareo to the oailv
lile ol real larmers.
I think |Iarmville| allects
HarvestInq tne Iule mInu sInce 2OO9
real larmers negativelv be-
cause it makes larming look
verv easv ano simple. when
in realitv. it isn`t.¨ sophomore
Isabelle Foulin saio.
While millions in the real
worlo are poor ano starving.
people are spenoing real mon-
ev to buv extra coins on Iarm-
ville so thev can have more
virtual crops. There are even
websites lor Iarmville Art¨
ano Iarmville social groups.
Liking just the ioea ol larm-
ing has little potential to trans-
lorm the worlo. Iarmville`s
online communitv ol artincial
sovbean larmers won`t improve
our looo svstem. To oo that we
neeo real larming. ano that`s
not a game. It`s time to support
actual small larmers ano stop
plaving arouno.¨ journalist Fe-
ter Smith wrote.
While Iarmville is relaxing in
mooeration. arranging crops
to look like the Mona Lisa
ano waking up in the mioole
ol the night to harvest virtual
cranberries mav be taking it
too lar.
P/t .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
.IZUQVO\PZW]OP\PMIOM["Ho· cigitol foroiog go· t for.
8MZ[QIV4W^M"1i.· Pr··ic·ot Coo·ro Ro.oooo./.
Pr··ic·ot Po.oo Horiri. ooc S·.r·tor. Lil. S·cog/ot
·/or· t/·ir P·r·ioo oric·.
January 29, 2009
Venerable Vikings From Past to Present
Mr. Shelburne nrst starteo working at
La ]olla High in 1990. He taught Eng-
lish ano German here lor three vears.
Alter teaching at Mt. Miguel lor the lol-
lowing two vears. he returneo to La ]olla
as Vice Frincipal. Alter a vear as Vice
Frincipal. Mr. Shelburne became Frin-
cipal in 199o ano has helo that position
ever since.
When L]HS was establisheo in 1920.
it was nothing like it is tooav. The main
builoing lookeo more like a prison than
a high school. ano the campus itsell was
hall the size that it is tooav.
The original builoing hao to be torn
oown because it was not earthquake
sale... but the mural that was in the orig-
inal theater oepicting the seven arts was
ouplicateo exactlv ano is now in the lob-
bv ol Farker Auoitorium.¨ Shelburne
saio. There have been some changes
between 1997 ano the present oav. The
conoos locateo across Iave were not vet
constructeo. ano there was onlv a hill.
Shelburne explains that this was calleo
beer hill.` because stuoents woulo go
up there with beers ano watch the loot-
ball games... so we woulo have to seno
someone up there. ano thev woulo all go
scurrving awav.¨
That same vear. 1997. was when Mr.
Shelburne maoe plans lor a pool. I was
at Mesa College lor a water polo game
with Mr. Iairlev ano I hao the ioea.
Alter the game. we both went back to
campus ano measureo walking with
our leet an emptv oirt area. It was the
perlect amount ol space. ano plans were
maoe lor the aquatic center.¨ Shelburne
Irom his start as a German ano English
teacher ano throughout the vears. Shel-
burne has been a strong aovocate lor
practical programs such as a personal
nnance¨ that prepare stuoents lor lile al-
ter high school with lessons on personal
tax ano home mortgage. Ferhaps the
most benencial change that Shelburne
has maoe lor stuoents is the cutting ol
class rankings. Alter speaking with manv
oeans ol aomissions lrom various pres-
tigious universities. Shelburne came to
the conclusion that. nothing bao. onlv
gooo will come lrom stuoents not being
rankeo when applving to colleges.¨
The main oillerence I see now is the
increasinglv competitive nature ol this
school. Stuoents are expecteo to oo all
ano be all. Fertaining to college. what
stuoents tooav neeo to know is that
there is a school lor evervone. You can
get a gooo eoucation wherever vou go.
il YOU put in the time ano ellort. You
are in control ol vour own eoucation.
Mistakes ano some lailure is a normal
part ol lile... the important thing is that
we learn lrom them.¨
By Freda Spencer
Staff Writer
What is your favorite
thing about La Jolla
High School?
Juniors Say...
Senior Says...
Being on the lootball team is
mv lavorite thing. because ol mv
teammates. It just woulon`t leel
right il I wasn`t on the team.¨
Tonv Murillo saio.
Sophomore Says...
Freshman Says...
We love how close La ]olla high
is to the beach. Also. Mr. Mar-
cus is a great teacher. especiallv
with his hawaiian shirts.¨ Scottv
Iletcher ano Rilev Morales saio.
Vollevball¦ The team is verv
closelv knit because we`re still all
lrienos even though the season is
alreaov over.¨ ]ulia Devine saio.
I love how people are so nice.
On mv nrst oav ol school the
upperclassmen helpeo show me
arouno.¨ Sarah Alton saio.
A Tale Of Time
Mr. SHelburne Tells All
By Suquoia Geary and Elyssa Kanter
Staff Writers
One thing people mav not know about Mr. Eveleth is that he ano his lamilv have been at La ]olla High lor quite a while. The legacv began
in 19o1 with Rick Eveleth Mr. Eveleth`s lather who starteo at La ]olla High belore graouating in 19o!. In 19o9. he returneo to the school to work
as the basketball coach. In 197! Vicki Mitchell. Mr. Eveleth`s mother who later became Vicki Eveleth. came to work at the school as well. Vicki
Eveleth workeo at the school as the ASB aovisor. Tv Eveleth soon attenoeo La ]olla High ano graouateo in 1997. During his time he plaveo on the
same basketball team that his lather coacheo. Then. in 2003. he returneo to work at the school as a counselor. That same vear Mr. Eveleth`s parents
retireo. Mr. Eveleth`s wile Kellv also workeo on campus as an assistant basketball coach lor lour vears. Mr. Eveleth currentlv works on campus as a
counselor lor all stuoents with the last name HE- FI ano as coach lor the girl`s basketball team. Il all is going well ano I`m is still working at L]HS.
I hope that one oav mv son. Farker. will atteno L]HS as well. to carrv on the lamilv legacv.¨ Eveleth saio. It turns out that with the exception ol a !
vear hiatus when Rick Eveleth was attenoing college. there has been an Eveleth on campus since 19o0. that`s !o vears with an Eveleth¦
One lamilv legacv at La ]olla High School
tooav is the Neri`s. The legacv began in 197!
with ]im Neri. ]im Neri attenoeo La ]olla
High lor three vears ano graouateo in 1977.
The next person in line is Wenov Brazier.
who later became Wenov Neri. she graou-
ateo in 198o. During Wenov`s time at school
she plaveo on a CII championship vollevball
team. Although it appears thev onlv attenoeo
La ]olla lor a partial term. when the Neri`s
attenoeo high school. people onlv went lor
3 vears because junior high enoeo alter 9th
graoe. Next is Rv Neri. a current senior at La
]olla High. He began his time here in 200o
ano plans to graouate in ]une. His sister. ]D
Neri. is currentlv a sophomore who starteo in
2008 ano plans to graouate in 2012. Along
with Rv`s parents ano sister. his aunt ano un-
cle. Wenov`s brother ano sister. all attenoeo
La ]olla High. Trevor Brazier. Rv`s uncle. at-
tenoeo La ]olla High lrom 198o to 1989 ano
ouring his time he also plaveo on the vollev-
ball team. Cassie Brazier. Rv`s aunt. is also
currentlv a senior at La ]olla High.
Irom the vears 1972 to 197o Anne Fnaum
began a legacv at La ]olla High lor her lour
sons: ]ack Feterson `07. Bo Feterson `08. Will
Feterson `10. ano Michael Feterson `11. She
participateo in both Varsitv Tennis ano Var-
sitv Swim. Anne was verv active when she
attenoeo L]HS ano her sons have also par-
ticipateo in athletics. Thev plav basketball.
baseball. lacrosse. ano boxing.
Anne helo a musical innuence over the Fe-
terson lamilv. She plaveo the guitar ano now
each lamilv member plavs an instrument.
Mv mom loves plaving the guitar. She has
been an inspiration lor mv brothers ano I to
plav oillerent musical instruments.¨ junior
Michael Feterson saio.
]ack was known lor starting the cheering
section at big sporting events when he was in
high school. His lamilv. incluoing his cousins
the Walsh`s. have continueo this traoition.
Leaoing the cheering section at games
has gone oown the line ol mv brother`s ano
cousin`s.¨junior Michael Feterson saio.
The Feterson brothers share a mutual in-
terest in a specinc college: Notre Dame Uni-
versitv. ]ack ano Bo are current stuoents. Will
plans to atteno next vear. ano Michael hopes
to atteno the lollowing lall.
La ]olla High useo to be the top goll school in
the countv. One notable past goller at La ]olla was
Henrv Ruoolph III now owner ol Harrv`s Collee
Shop. He
won Citv
ano beat
current oav
goller Fhil
La ]olla
High has
pr oouc e o
gollers such
as Craig the walrus¨ Staoler in the class ol 1971.
We have quite a lew returning plavers. so we`re
expecting a gooo vear. That one swing or one shot
just keeps vou coming back to the goll course.¨
Senior Ikaika Velasco saio.
Golf Team
La ]olla High has alwavs been known lor its aca-
oemic excellence. ano our Acaoemic League team
has renecteo this traoition in competition. In Aca-
oemic League. teams compete with other schools in
acaoemic competitions like the TV show ]eoparov.
Last vear La ]olla achieveo secono place ano also
won a local invitational. This sent the team to na-
tionals ano thev rankeo in the top 20. Ior the past
lour vears. Mrs. Irwin ano Mr. Quisnell have been in
charge ol Acaoemic League.
We were gooo in the past. but we are better now.¨
Mr. Quisnell saio.
Ior as long as La ]olla has participateo in these
competitions. we have alwavs oone well.

We were good in the
past, but we are
better now.

Academic League
One ol the most successlul groups at our school is
Science Team. Irom 1989 to 2000 our school`s Science
Olvmpiao team participateo in the competition ano con-
secutivelv won nrst in countv all eleven vears. won nrst in
state eight times. ano even receiveo nrst in nationals twice.
Science team has receiveo nrst place in countless other
awaros incluoing USD Walk on Water Competition.
Thev have even
won manv na-
tional events. such
as Exploravision.
These successes
have leao to hun-
oreos ol thou-
sanos ol oollars
receiveo as prize
monev ano schol-
Science Team is
a club with various competitions. lor example Exploravi-
sion. Another competition is Walk on Water WOW
which I`ve oone relativelv well in in the high school oivi-
sion.¨ Senior Tim Trahan saio.
Science Team
The tennis program lor both bovs ano girls has
alwavs been verv strong at La ]olla High. The
bovs especiallv have oone extremelv well in the
past. Thev have won the most CII champion-
ships in the state ol Calilornia.

In recent vears. the bovs have continueo to oo
well ano last vear won the CII championships.
It leels amazing to know that I am part ol an
increoible tennis legacv.¨ senior Tali Gires saio.
The girls have also oone well. with Ms.
Mulkins who has won manv CIIs in her vears
as a coach.

It feels amazing to
know that I am part
of an incredible
tennis legacy.
Tennis Team
By Christina Kirby
Staff Writer Peterson Family Neri Family
Ry and JD Neri
Neri Family
Peterson Cheer
The youngest
Mr. Eveleth
HIGH TIDE )oooor. !´ . !010
Stoff Jrit·r

La ]olla High has manv ex-
ceptionallv talenteo sports
plavers who have been on a
varsitv team lor three or more
vears. These plavers have
greatlv appreciateo their expe-
rience on the team. ano have
learneo a lot over the past
vears. Irom learning how to
work together as a team. to
learning how to control vour
own attituoe. these plavers have
learneo some valuable lessons.
Captain ol the girls bas-
ketball team. senior Bianca
Mitchell. maoe varsitv as a
sophomore ano has reallv en-
joveo being a part ol team.
Being on varsitv lor three
vears has been such an amaz-
ing experience. I`ve maoe
lilelong best lrienos ano have
learneo so much. Everv vear it
gets haroer so see the seniors
leave. ano it is crazv to think
me ano Alexis are leaving
this vear. This vear. our team
is closer than anv vear belore
ano we are going to have a
great season.¨ Mitchell saio.
Others have also learneo that
being a part ol a team lor sev-
eral vears helps make strong
lrienoships which trulv benent
how a team works together.
Over the past three vears we
have shown amazing improve-
ment all arouno. not onlv oue to
the inoivioual achievements ol
certain plavers. but also thanks
to our growth as a lamilv. The
majoritv ol us have been plav-
ing together lor almost six
vears. which reallv helps when
it comes to unitv in the pool.¨
junior ano Varsitv Water Folo
plaver Victoria Irager saio.
No matter what sport.
teamwork ano comrao-
erv prove to be a vital part
in a successlul season.
Over several vears. a plaver`s
role in the team changes ano
olten times grows. One`s ou-
ties change lrom being the
sophomores who are in charge
ol clean up. to being seniors
who are leaoers ol the team.
Now as a senior ano cap-
tain. I have to set an example
lor vounger plavers. But I also
get to pick on them occasional-
lv like seniors oio to me when I
was a sophomore.¨ senior ano
captain ol the Bov`s Varsitv Soc-
cer team Alan Ampuoia saio.
Having been on a varsitv
team lor three or more vears
ensures manv oillerent learn-
ing experiences. Flavers learn
to work together ano sup-
port other team members.
What I have learneo about
school sports. is that while vou
can have a gooo team on paper.
it is how vou phvsicallv mesh
together. That`s what can keep
a team bonoeo through ao-
versitv. It`s important to get to
know evervone because each
plaver brings something new
to the table.¨ Varsitv Girls Soc-
cer plaver Callan Farra saio.
Others. such as wrestling
team member Kirk Lee. have
learneo that how much el-
lort is given greatlv allects
how successlul a team is.
What I learneo about high
school sports is that the haroer
vou work. the better vou get.
Mv teammates ano I have im-
proveo enormouslv because ol
our haro work ano oeoication
to wrestling. I look lorwaro to
seeing us improve as inoiviouals
ano as a team.¨ junior Lee saio.
Senior Bov`s Basketball plav-
er Tavlor Davis oiscovereo the
importance ol resilience ano
controlling one`s own attituoe.
Never give up. because no
one can preoict the luture.
All that vou as an inoivioual
can control is vour attituoe
ano activitv. The two A`s. Be
positive in both.¨ Davis saio.
These plavers` multiple vears
on varsitv sports teams have
enableo them to learn valu-
able lessons about teamwork.
leaoership. haro work. ano
a positive attituoe. Thev ap-
preciate the lessons thev have
learneo ano are glao to be
able to share their experiences
with vounger team members.
Sport f t/· Month
Stoff Jrit·r
Ice sports have been en-
joveo lor hunoreos ol vears.
latelv. broomball has re-
gaineo the attention ol rink
lovers across the globe ano
has encourageo its revival.
The centuries-olo pastime
began in Canaoa ano quicklv
became popular the north-
ernmost parts ol the Uniteo
States. most notablv in Min-
nesot a.
T h e
Uni t eo
S t a t e s
h a s
s i n c e
e s t a b -
l i s h e o
the USA
ball or-
tion that
almost a
nlth ol
the U.S.
ano has
b e e n
h o s t -
ing the
Championships since 1999.
The sport has also been recog-
nizeo in manv other countries
ano at a lew colleges as well.
incluoing Michigan Tech.
Broomball is olten mistaken
lor curling. vet the two have
little in common: onlv ice ano
ano the absence ol skates. With
rules similar to those ol hockev.
broomball is actuallv lar more
ol an active sport than curling.
I thought that it woulo be a re-
allv slow game to plav because
I hao seen curling on T.V. ano I
thought that broomball woulo
be similar.¨ lreshman Natasha
Chanoler saio. It was actu-
allv a prettv gooo workout.¨
Each team ol broomball
has eight to nlteen plavers:
a goalkeeper. two oelenoers.
ano three attackers. six team
members plav at a time. There
are two halves in a game ol
broomball ano. similar to manv
other team sports. the object
is ultimatelv to get the ball in
the opponent`s goal to score.
sweeping` the ball back ano
lorth between vour teammates.
|The rules are| simple. it`s
the same basic setup as anv
other team sport.¨ sopho-
more Quinn Miller saio.
The benent ol broomball
o v e r
o t h e r
i c e
s p o r t s
is that
oo not
use ice
skat es.
t he r e -
l o r e .
peopl e
w h o
s k a t e
v e r v
w e l l
are still
able to
p a t e .
I was
never gooo at skating. but now
I might actuallv have a chance
at some winter sport.¨ lresh-
man Muvao Bob¨ Wu saio.
The level ol activitv in the
game is similar to hockev. so
one is still able to get a gooo
workout while having lun.
Broomball is available lo-
callv lor both recreational
ano competitive plavers.
Verv little is neeoeo to plav.
onlv a ball. rubber-soleo
shoes. a broom. ano a rink
are necessarv. Here in San
Diego one can trv out the
sport at San Diego Ice Arena.
Broomball is easv to un-
oerstano. it is lun. ano it
is gaining popularitv last.
There is no ooubt about it:
broomball is worth a trv.
Stoff Jrit·r
There are two kev quali-
ties imperative to anv team`s
success: skill ano teamwork.
Luckilv. L]HS Women`s Var-
sitv Basketball has both.
The team creoits their lre-
quent bonoing time as the glue
that holos them together. With-
out the bonoing. thev woulon`t
connect as teammates ano
ultimatelv as a lamilv. which
woulo allect their game on
the court. Thev usuallv get to-
gether at Anna Farma`s house
where thev all thoroughlv
enjov their time together.
One ol the nrst things our
coach tolo us was that to be
successlul we cannot have
rilts in our team. ano luck-
ilv we oon`t. We each have
our separate roles that we nll
as a team member.¨ sopho-
more Genevieve Knock saio.
Most ol the girls have been
plaving together in basketball
leagues since thev were verv
voung. which has maoe the ol-
ten oilncult task ol blenoing a
team together somewhat easier.
There is such a positive
leel when we practice or plav
games. usuallv with teams
vou have some sort ol ten-
sion. sometimes because some
people oon`t like each other.
but we are like a lamilv that
alwavs hangs out outsioe ol
the court as well.¨ sopho-
more Alannah Weatherlv saio.
The team savs that gener-
allv thev have to work haroer
as girls to prove themselves as
athletes. because some peo-
ple are not as exciteo about
them as thev are exciteo about
bovs` games. So. when a girl
plavs a sport she must reallv
ano trulv enjov it. no matter
how little or how much sup-
port thev get. Thev know thev
have to keep their locus on
their inoivioual positions on
the team in oroer to accom-
plish what thev set out to oo.
We have great leaoership
this vear with Bianca Mitch-
ell. Anna Farma. ano One-
zia Berotte guioing the team.
Ior the most part we are all
nghting lor the same goal-to
be the best plavers we can.¨
junior Gina Anorews saio.
When the girls trieo out to
plav. thev hao no ioea that
thev were signing up not onlv
lor a sport thev love. but to also
gain sisters ano create bonos
that will last a liletime. Come
support the Varsitv Women`s
Basketball team this season
ano watch as thev remain a
lamilv on-ano oll the court.
P/t .ort··. f oi/·o·cio.rg
Ieb ! Coronaoo ( La ]olla
3:00 pm
Ieb 11 Catheoral ( La ]olla
3:00 pm
]an 29 Scripps ( La ]olla
7:30 pm
Ieb 5 La ]olla ( Catheoral
7:30 pm
]an 29 Catheoral ( La ]olla
o:00 pm
Ieb 1 Lincoln ( La ]olla
!:!5 pm
]an 29 Catheoral ( La ]olla
3:00 pm
Ieb 1 La ]olla ( Saints 3:00
Ieb 1 La ]olla ( UC 3:00
)oooor. !´. !010
Bv Olivin Polgor nnd Jos-
sicn Wood
Stoff Jrit·r·

Davio Blasquez`s recoro ol 23
wins ano 3 losses makes him a
champion on the La ]olla High
School wrestling team. Along
with an absolutelv increo-
ible recoro. he is a great team
leaoer with a competitive spirit
ano oeoication to the team.
This o`1 senior has wrestleo
on the varsitv team lor all lour
vears ol his high school career.
It is haro to manage school
ano wrestling but being a part
ol the team makes it all worth
it.¨ senior Blasquez saio.
When I win a match. I get a
leeling ol ultimate accomplish-
ment. It means I aovance to the
next rouno ano that I get a shot
at winning the tournament.¨
A oav in the lile ol
Davio Blasquez...
6:45- Davio gets up in the
morning ano has a bowl ol
Cheerios with milk. This is al-
wavs a great wav to start the oav.
7:20- He alwavs man-
ages to get to school
right when the bell rings.
7:25-8:23- Iirst perioo AF
Environmental Science. Da-
vio alwavs has lun in that class
either taking nelo trips to the
bike path or to Wino n` Sea.
8:28-9:28-Writer`s Workshop.
10:36-11:34- Auto-shop !th
perioo. I like auto-shop the
best because its lun work-
ing on cars. it`s almost like
mv stress-relieving class our-
ing the oav.¨ Davio saio.
1:20-4:30- Davio has wres-
tling prac-
tice lor
about three
hours ev-
e r v o a v
where thev
u s u a l l v
warm up
lor about
thirtv min-
utes. then
oo some
orills at
various in-
t e ns i t i e s .
Thev al-
wavs wrap
up prac-
tice with
30 min-
utes ol live
wres t l i ng.
As soon as
Davio gets
home he al-
wavs show-
ers ano
then spenos
about two
to three hours on homework.
11:30- Time lor the star
athlete to get some rest
lor the next oav at school.
Davio alwavs puts 100º into
his wrestling practices. match-
es. ano tournaments. He savs
that he hao too manv injuries
to wrestle alter high school but
he hopes to atteno UC Davis
next vear.

As captain ol this vear`s La
]olla High Men`s Soccer Team.
Sam Mahmooo has causeo
quite a stir. Ior the last 1!
vears. Sam has been oeoicating
the majoritv ol his lree time to
soccer. The countless hours
ol practice. games. ano travel
have certainlv paio oll. This
lall Sam
will be
p l a v i n g
lor UC
Davis as
an in-
c o m i n g
He has
been plav-
ing lor the
L]HS var-
sitv team
since his
s o p h o -
more vear
as a start-
ing center
l orwaro.
He loves
p l a v i n g
in lront
ol big
c r o wo s .
when he
is the one
s c o r i n g
the goals.
goals is
mv lavorite aspect ol soccer.
You get a huge rush everv time
the ball hits the back ol the
net. It`s like no other leeling.¨
Outsioe ol high school season.
Sam plavs lrom the U18 Surl
Acaoemv. one ol the most
selective clubs in the state.
There is a ton ol ntness in-
volveo in being on such a gooo
team so to stav in gooo shape
he goes lor runs everv oav.
Soccer isn`t just some sport-
it`s more ol a lilestvle. In
Sam`s case. this lilestvle has
become a oailv routine.
7:00- Sam wakes up to take
a shower ano get to school.
7:25-8:23- AF Statis-
tics with Mr. Kinsel.
8:28-9:28-AF Environmental
Science with Mr. Tenenbaum.
9:33-10:31-English Lit. with
Mr. Bovo.
10:36-11:34-Economics with
Ms. Ferrv.
11:35- Sam leaves school ano
takes his nap lrom 12:00-2:00.
2:30-4:30- Sam goes to
soccer practice. where he
practices various orills that
nne-tune his agilitv. speeo.
scoring. ano teamwork.
5:00-6:00- He hits the gvm be-
lore heaoing home lor oinner.
10:00- Lights out.
Sam`s oeoication to his soc-
cer career has oennitelv shown
in his plav ano has paio oll
oramaticallv. Make sure to
get to one ol the Men`s Var-
sitv Soccer games this sea-
son to show vour support lor
Sam ano the rest ol the team.
Bv Jncquolino Borrncnsn
Stoff Jrit·r
Rowing is one ol the most
popular oll-campus sports at
La ]olla High. It is notorious
lor strenuous !-hour practices
ano out-ol-citv tournaments.
ano is also verv time consum-
ing. colleges recognize the time
ano ellort that stuoents oeoi-
cate towaros rowing.
Manv ol the Universitv ol
Calilornia schools ano Ivv
League schools have visiteo
the Zlac Rowing Club
ano San Diego Row-
ing Club practices in hopes
ol recruiting the best rowers
lor their colleges.
This gives rowers a huge ao-
vantage when applving to col-
lege. ]unior Demi Gooo believes
it is a worthv aovantage inoeeo.
It is a verv strenuous
ano time-consuming sport.
so the time we invest in it
shoulo be recognizeo bv the
universities.¨ Gooo saio.
Although rowing is a big lac-
tor in Gooo`s college oecision.
she oio not start rowing
with college in mino.
Like manv La ]olla
High stuoents.
she was con-
vinceo bv
a lrieno
t h a t
t he
s p o r t
is lun
ano that
she woulo love
it. With her alnn-
itv lor a challenge.
Gooo oio inoeeo eno up
lalling in love with the sport
ano now realizes how aovan-
tageous it is lor college. She
has been rowing lor two vears
now ano plans on continuing
to row in college. she hopes to
atteno an Ivv League schools.
Arthur Sloate. heao coach
at the San Diego Rowing
club. thinks that rowing
not onlv shows colleges
oeoication. but also
brings out manv
mature traits in a
stuoent-athlete that
colleges are looking lor.
Il the college becomes
aware that a stuoent rows.
it shows them that the stu-
oent has the capabilities to
hanole acaoemia ano a time-
consuming sport. ano still
eno up on top.¨ Sloate saio.
Fast La ]olla High stuoents
have attenoeo colleges such as
MIT. UCLA. ano Cal Tech with
rowing scholarships. Stuoents
wholeharteolv agree that their
inner orive to succeeo. oevel-
opeo through rowing. is ben-
encial in college ano bevono.
P/t .ort··. f origiool·..o
Bv Aidn Snnn
Stoff Jrit·r

Feople evervwhere are nno-
ing out wavs to work out in
their verv own home with Wii
ntness ano sports. One can
nno numerous oillerent exer-
cises that are lun ano chal-
lenging. Here are some ol La
]olla High School`s stuoents`
Wii Tonnis:
I actuallv start to break a
sweat when I plav Wii ten-
nis. I am actuallv prettv gooo
at it ano when I useo to plav
real tennis. it helpeo me a
lot with mv hano-eve coor-
oination ano backhano.¨ ju-
nior Kathervne Fennv saio.
Bnlnnco Bonrd:
The balance boaro is like a
tightrope.¨ sophomore Tau-
rev Souza saio. It sounos
easv but the game keeps
throwing oistractions at vou
that vou have to avoio or else
vou lall. The balance boaro
is oennitelv a workout lor
vour core ano breathing.¨
Wii Bowling:
Bowling is one ol the most re-
alistic Wii games. You have to
aim verv percislev ano swing
the ball with just the right
amount ol lorce. The game is
also a great connoence booster
because right when vou`re get-
ting reaov to throw the ball
the crowo goes wilo ano starts
cheering lor vou.¨ sopho-
more Kevin Usselman saio.
Wii Boxing:
The Wii Boxing leels like vou
are actuallv boxing in real lile.
You have to oooge punches
ano comeback with vour own
with no time in between.¨ ju-
nior Braolev Zimmer saio.
Stuoents at La ]olla High
have louno manv wavs to
stav nt ano healthv bv plav-
ing with their Wii svstem.
P/t .ort··. f Corlioo B·lli··i
January 29, 2010
By Sarah Devermann
Staff Writer
Many students recently had
the wonderful experience of
listening to an inspirational
speaker from Africa at an as-
sembly hosted by the Sister
Schools Club. The speaker,
Joshua Kyallo, grew up in Ke-
nya and was inspired to help
the African community as a
result of his own childhood.
“When I was growing up, I
went through a lot of personal
hardships. It was always a chal-
lenge for my parents to put me
through school,” Kyallo said.
Today, only about 50-60% of
children in Africa go to school.
However, even these fortunate
few rarely have access to a
quality education.
“Millions of children in Africa
do not have access to the most
basic facilities and resources
that a child growing up in the
United States or anywhere else
would have,” Kyallo said.
Another fear in the minds of
children living in Africa is the
ever present danger presented
by the rebels. One African
child drew a gruesome picture
and wrote about how the reb-
els killed teachers at his school
while the students were forced
to watch and eat part of their
teachers’ heads.
Currently, Kyallo is work-
ing for the African Medical
and Research Foundation,
AMREF. In Kyallo’s mind,
the partnership of AMREF’s
health services and Sister
School’s education funds is a
powerful combination destined
“The money that is raised
through Sister Schools Club
in La Jolla has made a tremen-
dous difference in the lives of
children in Uganda,” Kyallo
Sister Schools Club has
raised over $25,000 dollars for
AMREF. The club was found-
ed by Melia Plotkin, currently
a sophomore at Claremont
McKenna College, and is now
led by senior Sasha Altschuler.
Besides raising money, the club
also sends letters to children in
Africa and hosted a fundraiser
to help decorate an African
technology resource center the
club supports.
“This club is very inspira-
tional. The fact that a group
of people can come together
to make a difference for oth-
ers thousands of miles is a feat
that amazes me,” said fresh-
man Giovanni Moujaes.
Sister Schools Club is host-
ing their next large fundraiser
in March. Forms will be sent
home to students and every-
body in the community is en-
couraged to support this in-
credible cause.
The education and love the
children in Uganda receive
through the help of Sister
for their entire life.
“Children in Africa need
help because it is the only way
they can have opportunities
to develop and develop their
communities,” Kyallo said.
If you are interested in help-
ing out this worthy cause come
to a Sister Schools meeting; ev-
ery Tuesday at lunch in Room
Men vs. Women i n t he Wo r kf o r ce
given women the opportu-
nity to occupy the spaces men
have left behind. Now, women
have become the sole earners
and make as much or more
then men in four of every ten
American families. Women are
taking up jobs out of necessity
and are reaching a milestone
in the process.
The number of women in
the work force has increased
of women entering the labor
force can be traced all the way
back to World War II and the
Great Depression. A lack of
male workers as a result of
the need for soldiers led to the
creation of historic icons like
Rosie the Riveter, meant to
inspire women to work as the
war progressed. Since then,
the female presence in job po-
sitions has climbed steadily.
“I work already and most of
the people around me [at my
job] are women,” said senior
Marie Olea.
Traditionally male-dominat-
ed industries such as manufac-
turing and construction have
been required to cut job posi-
tions, leading to soaring unem-
ployment amongst men.
Today, 11.4 percent of able-
bodied men are unemployed.
On the other hand, only 8.8
percent of women are unem-
ployed. This is because many
of the female-dominated ar-
eas in the work force such as
health care, education and
government have little unem-
ployment because they receive
federal funding. Despite these
By Ashley Wei
Staff Writer
Women today make up over
half of America’s labor force.
About 63 percent of jobs be-
long to women ages sixteen
have been impossible years
ago, but it is a reality today.
Males, the traditional bread-
winners of the family unit,
have been subjected to lay offs
as a result of the United State’s
economic recession. Though
tragic for many families, this
trend has helped pave the
way for women to re-enter the
workforce after being unem-
ployed, or seek employment as
a necessary means to provide
for the family.
Furthermore, a rise in the
lay offs of male workers has
statistics, some men do not feel
discouraged about future em-
“Any place that wants a com-
It doesn’t matter what [his or
her] sex is,” said senior Adam
Despite an increase of fe-
males in the work force, on
average women continue to
earn only 77 percent of men’s
wages and hold more part-
time jobs. Full equality may
not have been reached yet, but
the fact that women currently
hold over half of the country’s
positions is an astounding feat.
“Personally, [I am] glad for
the fact that women are stay-
ing employed during these
hard economic times and wish
all the men, and women, the
best of luck in getting other
jobs,” said sophomore Ardis
The rise of women in Amer-
ica’s work force will create last-
ing cultural and social change
for the United States.
In a world where women
were once expected to stay at
home with the kids, they are
now confronted with work as
the only option to provide for
their families; women can no
longer sit idly by and count on
men to act as the main source
of income. The recession is a
chance for women to express
their full potential and reveal
their capabilities in a previous-
ly male-dominated area; this is
an opportunity that many have
been waiting to experience for
By Kathy Lunas
Staff Writer

It was a perfectly normal San
Diego day. The sun was shining
brightly and the weather was
the perfect temperature. Yet
this day was different. While
most students had gone out to
lunch on the half-day, three
senior girls noticed something
strange. On their way to to eat,
Tiffany Fan, Lory Chu and
Tatevik Simavoryan noticed
a car with a baby inside. The
girls realized the doors of the
car were locked and decided to
wait just in case the owner had
only gone away for a few min-
utes. As the hot sun beat down
and the girls continued to wait,
they wondered if anyone was
going to come back to claim
the baby.
“It had already been almost
45 minutes and the paramedics
arrived after about 30 minutes.
We were starting to get really
worried and wondered if we
should call someone,” senior
Tiffany Fan said.
After a few more minutes
had gone by, the girls decided
to call 911. The San Diego
Police and paramedics arrived
to unlock the door of the car
and retrieve the baby from the
blistering interior. The parents
of the baby have not yet been
¹<PM JIJa _I[ ÅVM J]\
the parent or guardian never
showed up so the paramedics
ended up taking her,” senior
Fan said.
When asked what she thought
of her fellow classmates Lilly
Sedaghat was ecstatic.
“They did the right thing by
calling the police. Those girls
are heroes,” senior Lilly Sed-
aghat said.
Thanks to the efforts and pa-
tience of the two seniors, the
child was rescued on what had
started out as an uneventful
“We just did what we thought
was right. We didn’t want to
just leave a baby there,” Fan
The three seniors proved that
a little patience and kindness
can go a long way.
High School
Photo Courtesy of La Jolla Vilage News
Supporting Sisters: Melia Plotkin and senior Sasha Altschuler pose next to Joshua Kyall, director of the African Medical and
Research Foundation.
Photo Courtesy of La Jolla Vilage News
Photo Courtesy of Kathy Lunas
Baby Savers: Seniors Tiffany Fan, Lory Chu, and Tatevik Simavoryan (from left to
right) join together to save a life.
11 January 29, 2010
By Rebecca Huntly-Playle
Staff Writer

Celebrities are generally
famous for astounding abilities
in television, movies, or concert
performances. However, today
Hollywood is graced with a
number of celebrities who are
famous just for being famous.
Paris Hilton is someone who
meets these standards. Although
she is the granddaughter of
Conrad Hilton, founder of the
Hilton hotel chain, she became
an overnight sensation for her
wild partying and “blonde
Television producers noticed
how famous she had become
and offered Hilton and her best
friend Nicole Richie their own
reality program. Nicole Richie,
the daughter of singer Lionel
Richie, was a competitive
ice skater as a child, and as
a teenager she ended up in
rehab for drugs and alcohol.
The Simple Life was about
the girls learning how to work
and earn money while
living with an Arkansas
farm family. They had
their credit cards and
cell phones taken away,
and each week they were
given jobs like plucking
chickens or taking
temperatures of cows in
order to earn cash. The
show aired for six seasons.
Casey Johnson, heiress to
the fortune of the Johnson and
Johnson Company, recently
passed away from unknown
causes. She has been getting a
lot of press but was really just
a party girl. She was engaged
to reality star Tila Tequila
at the time of her death.
The Kardashian family is
one that became famous and
was given a T.V. show about
its fame. Kim Kardashian
became known for her sex tape
scandal years ago and for her
famous butt. Her mom Kris
is married to former Olympic
star Bruce Jenner.
Keeping up with the Kardashians
By Taylor Jetter
Staff Writer
Totally Obvious
Channing Tatum
Ripped, tan, and gorgeous.
“He’s an amazing actor and
dancer, and incredibly hot.
He has this vulnerability
about him, and that makes
him sexy. Plus, he’s got a smile
that’ll make your heart melt,”
freshman Anna Osypka said.
Meagan Fox
It’s no secret that Meagan
Fox is the new sex icon for
both men and women alike.
Her appearance in the nrst
Transformers movie as the
sexy mechanic, Mkayla, had
America dying to see more.
“Sexy. Just plain sexy,”
freshman Victor Bagwell said.
Cougar Crushes
George Clooney
One of the few men on this
earth who only gets sexier
with age, it seems that each
and every year, he’s invading
the minds of more and more
housewives. However, some
people feel a little differently.
“He’s old, creepy, and has
the smile of a pedophile,”
sophomore Eddie Diez said.
Angelina Jolie
Over the years, one woman’s
name has remained in
everyone’s mind. She has been
steaming up the movie screens
in nlms such as Tomb Raider; Mr.
and Mrs. Smith; Girl, Interrupted
and Wanted
as a fearless
girl who
d o e s n ’ t
play by the
Guilty Pleasures
Robert Downey Jr.
After his hit movies Iron
Man and Sherlock Holmes, more
and more
w o m e n
seem to be
falling head
over heels
for him.
gorgeous. I’m obsessed,”
junior Herén Alanis said.
Tay l o r
L a u t n e r
has girls
falling in
love with
him all
over the
place! He’s totally ripped and
who doesn’t love a big puppy?
Freshmen Maria Banueios
and Vanessa
Riuas all
agree that he
is “yummy.”
Ca me r o n
A girl just
a b o u t
everyone can relate to, Diaz
has starreo in hit nlms such
as Charlie’s Angels, The Mask,
and My Best Friend’s Wedding.
Not to mention, she’s got the
body of a goddess. Her style is
impeccable and her smile is one
that will make your heart melt.
Mr. Atwell has had a crush on
her for quite some time now.
“Super hot!” he said.
Athletic Crushes
Maria Sharapova
As the icon of Women’s
tennis Sharapova is not only
beautiful but she completely
dominates the sport.
David Beckham
The soccer Brit married to
a Spice Girl has been around
for years. When people
think of soccer, he’s the man
who usually comes to mind.
there are
s o m e
p e o p l e
who are
getting a
bit tired of
“I don’t know why people like
him so much. He’s not even
good and soccer!” sophomore
Anthony Zucca said.

Although the prospect of
actually pursuing a romantic
relationship is daunting and
largely improbable, it is still
entertaining to watch these
hotties from afar.
By Wilson Mokiao
Staff Writer
The bards of ancient Greece
and Rome have never told an
epic poem so heroic or daring
as the tales of concert injuries.
The brave few, nursing their
fractured wrists and broken
noses, can be seen parading
their injuries and telling a
long-winded story to anyone
who will listen.
You know someone is going
to get hurt when they have
three ambulances preemptively
waiting outside the venue.
Two years ago, junior George
Brabon was attending a Slayer
concert. The mosh pit was
occupying the better half of
the venue. At its core stood
a tall man who weighed over
300 pounds. With his arms
stretched out, he was spinning
around faster than your eyes
could follow him.
“I was pushed into him; that
was all it took,” junior George
Brabon said. “I was knocked
down by an arm that felt as big
as a small freshman.”
That wasn’t the end of it.
After being knocked down,
George was trampled. When
he got up, he had to limp and
nght his wav out ol the mosh.
but sustained no permanent
Three long months ago,
sophomore Louie Zigman
and 999 other people were at
Soma to see the band Bring
Me Horizon. Louie was
minding his own business in
the pit, thrashing around like
a madman, when he suddenly
saw a six-loot-nve. 280 pouno
man come crashing through
the mosh.
The giant jumped up and
kicked out, catching Zigman’s
face in the process. Zigman’s
nose was cracked and bleeding,
and he was
left with a
boot print
on his face.
“I am just
glad that it
wasn’t the
S a m o a n
bouncer, ”
Zigman said.
About a year and a half ago,
Stick to Your Guns was playing
at the Soma main stage. About
halfway through the band’s set,
the crowd became rowdy. One
man was running at the pit
from the side and punched into
the crowd, hitting an innocent
concertgoer in the temple.
“We thought she was dead,”
an anonymous senior said.
“You could hear her head hit
the concrete over the music.”
All of the people surrounding
the girl tried to carry her out of
the pit. When they got outside,
one of the rescuers noticed
that there was blood coming
out of the girl’s ear.
The girl had busted her
eardrum, sustained permanent
brain damage and had an air
bubble in her skull. She was
rushed to the hospital where
she stayed for three days.
Concerts are dangerous
places. They are always fun,
but there are precautions to
take to avoid injury and pain.
People often forget the purpose
of a concert is to listen to
music, not to get into a “legal”
nstnght. concertgoers shoulo
enjoy responsibly.
Sexy and studly superstars
Celebrities for Absolutely No Reason
Concert Calamities
is about Kim and her sisters
Khloe and Kourtney and
their lives, which consist of
making public appearances
and running a boutique. Also
featured are the famous guys
the sisters date.
All in all, the latest
reality shows exemplify
people who really have
no talent but are able
to make a very good
living just off their name.
“In my opinion Kim
Kardashian has little
talent but she has become
well known for her booty,
which has made her
very popular,” sophomore
Tara Ravanbach said.
Jon and Kate Gosselin got a
reality show after having twins
and then sextuplets. Jon and
Kate Plus Eight was a show that
follows the family around as
they raise eight kids. Kate gets
expensive haircuts and tummy
tucks while Jon gets a Harley
Davidson motorcycle and Ed
Hardy clothes. These two are
on magazine covers and are
truly celebrities with zero talent.
“Jon and Kate are famous
because people are interested
in the drama in their lives.
They are entertaining but
don’t deserve all of the press
they get,” senior Alexis Lum
Reality shows have now
brought on a new kind of
celebrity that people follow
who really are not talented, but
have somehow captured our
attention ouring their nlteen
minutes of fame.
Photo courtesy of www.enews.com
A&E 12 HIGH TIDE January 29, 2010
2009 was an amazing
year for viral videos. From
unplanned, honest moments
to choreographed routines, we
watched—then immediately
shared—an astounding
amount of greatness. Here are
a few of the most popular viral
videos of 2009:
1. “David
A young boy named David
DeVore was made famous by
a rather interesting video that
his father took of him after a
visit to the dentist in 2008. His
medication was obviously still
in effect as displayed by some
rather bizarre yet hilarious
The original video alone
has had more than 36 million
views as of December, 2009.
Since the original “David After
Dentist” video was posted, a
number of “remix” clips have
surfaced, including a dance-
style electronica remix.
2. “Potter
Puppet Pals
The Mysterious
Ticking Noise”
You do not need to be a Harry
Fotter lan to love this nlm. as
millions have discovered. The
video is a short, repetitive song
that is sung to the beat of a
pipe bomb ticker placed by
It features Harry, Ron,
Hermione, Snape, and
Dumbledore puppets. With
a rather catchy tune and
amusing characters, this video
has earned every one of its 74
million views.

3. “I’m Yours
On December 14, 2009 a
little Japanese boy mangled
the lyrics of Jason Mraz’s hit
song, “I’m Yours.” It became
an Internet sensation.
So lar. the nve-vear-olo lrom
Japan, dubbed “Ukulele Boy,”
who clearly does not speak
English, has garnered close to
4.6 million hits on one page on
“I love that video! It’s hilarious
and that little kid is so cute,”
junior Eric Hedlin said.
4. “No Pants
Subway Ride
1,200 New Yorkers ride
the subway without pants in
a snowstorm. This is one of
nearly 100 different missions
“Improv Everywhere” has
executed over the past eight
years in New York City. Others
include the Best Game Ever,
the Food Court Musical, and
the Frozen Grand Central, to
name a few.
“That video is really funny,
it must have been so cold. I
would never do something like
that. It’s crazy,” junior Alexa
Moy said.
5. “Charlie
Bit My
Finger -
With over 148 million views
on YouTube, this video has
the highest number of overall
views on the site.
It is a simple home video,
timing at less than a minute,
and stars two little boys from
Harry, a toddler, and Charlie,
a baby with dangerous
intentions. The actual moment
of Charlie biting Harry’s
nnger is not what makes the
video famous; rather, it is the
baby’s evil cackle afterward.
That, and of course, Harry’s
adorable British accent.
disney gone wild
jodie sweetin
Disney stars are innocent young actors that children can look up to,
right? The company wishes. Some of Disney’s stars just love to rebel.
Throughout the years a number of Disney stars have made the
naughty list. Television networks do not try to turn their child stars
into sex symbols; but, with peer pressure and media pressure,
young celebrities are overwhelmed. In the end their choices
not only hurt themselves, but all the kids who are easily
innuenceo bv them.
britney spears
miley cyrus
lindsay lohan
shia labeouf
Jodie Sweetin, Stephanie in Full
House, went from being the quirky
middle child to having a meth
Lindsay Lohan. Lohan was the
cute little girl everyone loved,
making her big break in The Parent
Trap. Then came Freaky Friday and
Mean Girls, and shortly afterward
controversy started. Lohan partied way
too hard, was constantly hungover, and
was arrested for a DUI. Lohan checked
into rehab in 2007, and is now slowly trying
to make a sober comeback.
Shia Labeouf was also an innocent child star, making
his debut in the hit Disney series “Even Stevens.” It was
only just a few years ago when Labeouf put on his bad
boy face. Everyone remembers the Walgreens scandal,
when a drunken Labeouf tried to buy cigarettes late at
night and faced DUI charges. He also joined the rehab club
for a while. Labeouf hasn’t spiraled completely, however. He
is still constantly making very successful movies.
She nrst began her career starring in Disnev`s Mickev Mouse
Club” alongside Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. Some
say Spears went through too much, too soon, causing her to
walk away from the innocent image she was portrayed to
have. Spears, now only twenty-nine years old, has been
through much more than the average person or
celebrity her age, including the most public drug-
fueled downfall in entertainment history and
being committed to a mental ward.
The premier of the television show “Hannah Montana”
launched Miley Cyrus’ career in the entertainment business.
After her scandalous Vanity Fair photoshoot and gaudy Teen
Choice Awards performace, this Disney star went from being
viewed as an extremely popular role-model for young girls to a
horrible innuence lor them. Cvrus` Hannah Montana¨ show
is ending next year.
By Sarah Devermann and Kaitlin Shantiai
Staff Writers
By Herén Alanis and
Kaylee McNeil
Staff Writers
Photo courtesy of YouTube.com