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Overview of computer • • Personal Computers are electronic devices.

The user inputs the data for calculation and the computer gives the output. The primary jobs that a computer can perform are storing data, processing data and moving and communicating the different data patterns.

Computer components Motherboard: Motherboard is a pcb(printed Circuit Board) It is use to connect all hardware devices like m.b hold expansion slots, ram slots processor socket and all input output ports. Microprocessor: microprocessor is a vlic (vlsic) to is also known as c.p.u. It is use to operate all arithmetic and logical calculation microprocessor also control all hardware devices. Memory: Memory is use to store data and information. primary memory is used to provide temporary storage of information and secondary memory provide permanent storage of data. Hard disk drive: Hard disk is used to provide permanent storage of data. We can store operating system files and user data in hard disk drive. Cabinet: Cabinet is metal case it is use to carry all hardware devices in a well manner way, cabinet is available with smps (switch mode power supply). Smps : Smps is also known power section unit, smps provide power to all hardware section. We have two type of smps 1. AT (Advance Technology ) 2. ATX(Advance Technology Extended) Keypad: is an input device similar to a kind of a typewriter, Keyboard is called primary input device, keyboard can input characters, numbers and special characters. A standard keyboard has 101 – 103 keys.

Monitor is an output device that displays the data/information, monitor is called primary(basic) output device.

We have three technology of monitor 1.CRT (cathode Ray Tube) 2.LCD(liquid crystal Display) 3.TFT(thin film Transistor) Mouse: Mouse is a pointing device, it is helpful to work in gui(graphical user interface) environment. Block Diagram Of Computer.

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The input is given by the user using input devices. Input is stored in memory and then brought to the CPU for processing The result is brought back to the memory for storage and given to the output

Input devices: Devices which are allow user to interact with hardware, hardware device that sends information into the CPU are called input devices. EX: Keyboard, mouse etc. Output Devices: Devices which r use to show result or information are known as output devices. EX: Monitor, Printer etc. Processing unit or (System Unit). Central Processing Unit (CPU) • • It is an electronic component with millions of transistors present in them. It reads the instructions from the memory and then decides on the operation that needs to be performed on the task.

Coprocessor Coprocessor is used to perform some complex mathematical operations like floating point operations, trigonometric functions, algebraic operations etc. we can say coprocessor is An ALU unit of processor.

C.U (Control unit): Control unit is a part which control all input and output instruction, it also control hardware devices.