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Btw I will not post another chapter till I get at least three to four comments! SO COMMENT NOW!!! Again I don’t own twilight characters or anything…except maybe the characters I made up! Sorry if I swore too much but this is Jake we’re talking about people! Jake’s POV (I wanted to switch it up here people! Hehe) Bella was completely fricked up when the leech left her. I cannot stand him. Ugh. Bella was a small girl before he came along but after he left she lost 12 pounds! Talk about skinny! You could have pointed out her ribs. It just wasn’t healthy. Yea but remember that she had twins? And how pregnant people are supposed to gain weight or some shit like that…at least Zoe did when she was pregnant. But Bella lost weight. We had to force the food down her throat. Seth and Me did, Zoe tried to help but being a new mom of twins too, she was too busy. Then there was the other leech, Victoria and her doctor, Bill, I think they did it on more surfaces than me and zoe did at Bella’s house. And that’s saying something. Bella didn’t even want food. She only ate or drank blood. Ewwww. She was only alive for her kids. It was a pitiful site. But now I think it’s gotten worse. Elme and EJ look a lot like her mothereffin leech. I think it reminds her of him. Especially since EJ has his eyes. Well at least I think they’re his eyes. They’re a brilliant emerald green, definitely not Bella’s. Elme is a mix of both her parents. She’s got her mother’s heart. Well ummm non beating heart. Maybe soul is a better word. Since Seth imprinted on Elme, Bella’s been protected of Elme. I think it’s cause that leech

left and she doesn’t want that same pain for Elme that Bella still has. I remember nights when Bella would wake up screaming at the top of her lungs, even loud enough to wake up to werewolves. Horrible bloody murder screams. She lost so much weight too, waking up in the middle of night made her loose so much sleep, didn’t smile, I thought she completely forgot how to smile or laugh. She was just pale, tired, and skinny. With a huge stomach. About a month before the Elme and EJ were born she started gaining a little weight, not much. But it was improving her looks. Her figure got back a little more. Her cheeks became fuller and maybe a little less pale. By the times the kids were born she gained 15 pounds back!! I was so happy. When she figured that out, it was the first day since the leech left that I saw a hint of a smile on her face. Next minute she started screaming bloody murder, like in her nightmares. Except if it was possible, the screams were louder and hoarser. They could have made your skin crawl. Then she started choking. Choking up blood, next thing I knew I heard cries, baby cries, and then more bloody murder screams. Bella was becoming a Vampire. Bella’s POV I was staring at Jane and Alec when Marcus came in. I stared or glared at him and then looked at Jane. “JANE! TELL ME RIGHT THIS MINUTE!” “BELLA!” I spun around seeing Seth and Jake in tow with Zoe and the kids. “Bella! Oh my gosh! He’s here! Edward is here!!!” They looked stunned and pissed beyond belief. So was I. I turned slowly and dangerously to

Jane, Marcus and Alec. “Marcus,” I said in a dangerous, low voice. “Why didn’t someone tell me that the mothereffin Cullens were coming?” “Well Bella,” Marcus started. ”We knew you would have never came! We haven’t seen you in forever! Almost literally!” Jane and Alec were saying hi and bye to the kids, Jake, Seth, and Zoe, they knew I wasn’t going to be here when they were here. I wasn’t going to fall for that bullshit. “Well father, I am disappointed that you didn’t tell me. I feel like you don’t trust me.” Marcus looked very guilty, especially when I pulled the father word on him. Jane and Alec looked guilt too. Sigh. “Bella please stay, at least for a day or two. No more than that I swear we won’t make you!” Damn it!! Why did Jane always have to pull the big sad face when she begged? She knew I couldn’t say no to that face! “I’ll need to talk it over with Jake, Zoe, Seth and the kids first, Marcus.” “OK!” Jane yelled cheerfully. When they all walked out, I turned to Jake with a very panicked expression. “Jake, what should we do?” he looked thoughtful. “Bella, I know you won’t be happy with me saying this but, this decision is totally up to you. Whatever you choose I’ll be standing by your side. You know that.” I smiled. Jake was so loyal. He was like a golden retriever. “Thanks Jake! Man, you’re like my own golden retriever!” He laughed and rolled his eyes. “umm thanks??” I just rolled my eyes and started thinking about what we should do. Hmm well I guess staying for a day couldn’t hurt? Right? Hmmm. I should talk to

my kids about this. “Ok Jake, Zoe, and Seth; I would like to talk to my kids about this. Can you give us a couple minutes?” they all nodded and left. Elme and EJ looked like they were 15 years old even though they just turned 10. We were in the garage of the Volturi’s Castle. Weird I know! What castle thats like at least 3 thousand years old have a garage? Filled with expensive cars and bikes? Apparently this one. EJ wasn’t looking to happy. Elme looked like she could start crying any minute..this was going to be tough. “Ok kids, remember when I told you the story of your father?” They nodded, EJ said ”Yea our father the douche bag man whore, who broke your heart? That one?” I nodded stunned. “ Then yes mother we remember.” WOW….they have been listening to Jake and Seth again. “Kids that isn’t nice or respectful to talk about your father that way.” I wasn’t pleased with that at all. “Mom please, don’t give us that bullshit!! You look like hell all the time. Especially when EJ smiles his crooked smile!” I flinched, Elme was getting feisty, crap. “Guys, please, don’t judge your father before you’ve even met him.” Elme and EJ looked at eachother, then scoffed. “What?” I asked. “Mom if we even come close to him I think we’ll have to take him down! Screw fucking him!” “ESME LILLIAN MARY ELIZABETH MASEN-CULLEN! DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT WORD AGAIN! ESPECIALLY ABOUT YOUR FATHER!” I was certainly pissed off. How could she? Damn she better not be getting that from Nick or Seth! I swear she’s grounded two

months! “Esme you are grounded for two months, one for using that language, the other month for talking about your father that way.” “Aw mom come on. Like you weren’t thinking it!” EJ laughed. “Well sis actually she was.” “What do you mean Edward?” “Well she was! I mean I’m sure more than once she thought about fucking him!” Oh wow. They both laughed their asses off. Well two can play at that one. “Well Elme we all know that you gave Seth a special present for his birthday!” EJ looked at her shocked, she didn’t tell him! “WHAT?” umm that wasn’t EJ’s voice..oddly similar though and familiar. “YOU DID WHAT? AND TO A WEREWOLF???” Edward fucking Cullen jumped into the garage followed by the rest of them. There was another loud noise coming from the other door. Jake had Seth in a head lock, Jake was swearing his head off. Calling Seth all sorts of names while Zoe, who was 3 months pregnant tried to stop Jake. While Bonnie, Nick, and Jake Jr. watched and laughed their heads off. Finally the Volturi came through the garage door. Looking kinda pissed, well everyone except Jane, she looked thrilled. Wow this was interesting. Ok so Jake and Seth were rolling around on the floor, messing things up. Demetri and Felix where trying to tackle Seth, trying to beat the shit out of him. The rest of the Volturi watched them. Jane and Chelsea were talking to Elme, squealing about some girl stuff. Edward looked murderous. Emmett looked like he wanted to burst into laughter. Carlisle was staring at me

along with Jasper. Alice was looking at me like it was freaking Christmas. Esme looked like she wanted to burst into happiness. Rose was staring at Elme and EJ, looking slightly jealous. I was just standing, frozen. I couldn’t believe this was happening. And so soon.