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11:15 am, 4/11/2010 3rd, 7 Eagle Mayan day (Enter the journal date, birth date, or any date here for

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Video on YouTube here Oh, this is rich; it’s funny. Though I live out in the woods, I don’t live here, alone. I’m actually only about 5 miles away from a town: Clarksville. Anyway, my neighbors are not miles away, but rather just a herculean stone’s throw distant. Why does that matter? Well, both last night, and now, this morning, I’ve found myself, outside in a lawn chair, singing. Singing for almost an hour, I used to do, only good Lord, never outside! Oh well. They’ll just have to suffer. Besides, today’s Sunday, and I’m just singing devotional songs, anyway. Ho ho, and he he. It just feels funny, is all; not caring, not being limited by strict convention; by what other people would or wouldn’t do. A natural consequence of getting out from under mind’s hold on you, it is. Just to be free, like that. After all, I’m not beating them up, or anything! I carry a tune pretty well. Anyway, enough of that. Just settling into the strangeness of it. I’m not quite used to such freedom, myself, you know. The bar is always being lifted, the rug always slipping out from under you, when you make friends with the no-mind. Scary, sometimes, but fun. :-) I’m just checking in, here, with the journal, to be sure there’s no revelation or writing waiting, before I hook up to the Internet. I’m enjoying the peace and freedom this Net-less state brings, too. It’s helping me get over my very real addiction---well, addiction til it’s not. Things go pretty quickly, when we let go of mind. Poof! Sometimes, and they’re just not there any more. You have to be it to believe it, however. It makes no mind sense. I know that. I don’t care. It makes perfect heart sense, simply because it IS. That which IS could care less about what the mind thinks of it, you know. It probably laughs, really. Mind is so very conceited.

Take the scientists, the bulk of them. Oh yes, there are some very good ones, Light filled and dedicated to real Truth, not just the bottom line or some unethical, manipulative scientific discovery or advancement. That’s no advancement I want any part of, anyway. But moving on. Science is the world’s new religion. Just look at it, at how rabid people are about it. “Prove it or it doesn’t exist,” they say. Now, let’s just take a look at that for a moment. There is a real arrogance there that is quite shocking; but we’ve grown so used to it, we are so programmed by it, that we no longer even see it, much less question it. They want you to believe that they can literally ignore something right out of existence. They set this phony standard of proof, which only takes into account the 3rd dimension -- even though quantum physics is off regularly wandering in the 4th, maybe beyond -- and then they think they have the right to force and smash everything that is, all that exists, no less, into their formula, their matrix. This is baloney of the first water. It’s ridiculous. But even ignoring that, for a moment, what they do next is rich. They even ignore you, and everything you’ve got to say, all you think, feel, and intuit -- UNLESS you’ve got the right letters after your name. They’ve got them, so they count. If you don’t have them, you aren’t even worth listening to. And they call this science, no less. Closing your eyes to things is no science I want any part of. I thought the job of science was to open our eyes to things; didn’t you? Aren’t they supposed to be getting down deep into things, and exploring them all, then reporting back to us what they found? What happened to that? Oh well, money and big business, big government, and sheeple is what happened to that. The question was quite rhetorical. I’ve got eyes. I can see. Anyway, what was once set up for the furtherance, the betterment of man and his lot, is now nothing but the pawn of big pharma, big business, big government...and whatever else is hiding in back of that. That’s not my concern, though.

The process of awakening has to do with looking away from much of that, and looking into the Light. Once we really connect up with the Light, it will reveal these things to us, and so many more; all we need to know, actually. There really is this thing called All Knowledge that is accessible through the portal, the Kingdom of Heart. Then there’s Akasha. Ever heard of that? Our supposedly ignorant forbears did, and they wrote about it, did some good research on it, too. Yes, the powers that be want us thinking that everyone and everything that came before us is primitive, or outright bunkum. They daren’t let us see what’s been discovered and know by so many civilizations before us. They need to keep us ignorant. They need sheeple. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m no longer bowing before the god Science, at the altar of the Scientific Method, nor reading from the book of Scientific Proof. It’s not that it’s worthless. It’s just that it’s become a rabid religion, that brooks no discourse that wanders from their holy Books of the Published Research. Bull shit. Not totally, but they’ve got the whole field so screwed up, that I’m just turning away from it. Let them rot in their ignorance, if they won’t listen. What’s that to me? They have free will, they have their choice, just as we all do. And they are exercising it, by worshiping their god. Not hardly an open mind among them -- the ones who get published, that is. Plenty of open minds around, but not too many that get listened to. Well, that was pretty intense. Not for me, though, because I’ve been quite a while coming to these realizations. I remember the shock, though, when I first realized how science fits the bill as a religion. The white-coated scientists are the priests, the labs are their churches, and we, the people, fund their experiments with our tax tithes. Bull shit. Let them be open minded and fair, and I’ll listen, again. I don’t expect it to happen in this life, however. As they say, science changes only as the old scientists die. Them’s the facts. It’s pretty dark and dirty, too, and if you think not, then just look at our children’s text books; at all the known lies presented as current truth. Huge bull shit. And we

let them present it to our youngest, tenderest ones. WE’RE the crazy ones, here. Do you see that? They can do what they will, but nobody took away our free will to both think and do for ourselves. The fact that we’ve let this go on as far as it has looks almost like insanity, doesn’t it? If you can really see this, then it does. It’s just crazy, and terribly selfdestructive, even race-destructive, that we’ve allowed this to go on this way. Still, no worries, my friends. I never met a worry or a woe that solved a single thing. Do you see? That’s just one more way they want to tie you up in knots, so they can manipulate and control you all the more. Anxiety is a form of fear, and fear cuts us of, kicks us right out of heart. How do I know? Isn’t it obvious? Well, I LIKE being in the Kingdom of Heart, and there is simply no fear there. No, not one iota, nor jot, nor tittle -- whatever that is -- sounds kind of tittilating, doesn’t it, he he -nope, no fear whatsoever. It’s a contradiction in terms fear and heart. An impossibility. Anyway, have a good, no have a great day. Why not? It’s a choice. No matter what happens, it doesn’t change that, doesn’t take that choice, that freedom out of your hands. So do choose to have a great day, okay?! ~~~~~~~~ TAGS journal,science,awaken,enlightenment,Source,God,freedom,Internet,p eace,addiction,scientists,religion,prove,arrogance,ignore,3D,sheeple,b ig money,big government,big pharma,Light,reveal,Kingdom of Heart,akasha,ignorant,scientific method,proof,published,fair,realization,text books,insanity,destructive