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Full Moon Grid Transmissions

Wednesday, April 28 Unified Planetary Focus: Transforming Anger A Practical Assessment of Anger Reassigning its Role in the Human Continuum The Divine Plan for humanity is one of love, allowance and unity. Fear, anger and division are simply not part of the new template. HOW do we move beyond the existing template? Watching the news or reading a paper, this structure appears as firm as ever. It is impossible to alter this structure by changing what is around us. It would be like trying to move a mountain by pushing it. Love is like the river which carves its way through solid rock by yielding and flowing. It is Love which transforms the matrix. We change the existing structure by making room for love to overwrite the old program within us, and the energy which flows out of us becomes the water instead of the push. This coming full moon, we have an opportunity to step into the next level of the ascension process. This is not a matter of DOING, but a matter of BEING. We are used to manipulating form externally. “I” push “you”, “you” push back. In unity consciousness, we make outer changes by making inner changes, for there is no “I” or “you”. Only “we”. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. All form is a different expression of the same thing. This dynamic is already in place. I always has been, but up until now it has been hidden from humanity by the veil of separation. We must apply this in our lives now if we are to make the next leap. There is no place in unity consciousness for anger as we know it. NOW is the time to change the function of anger in our world, by changing it within ourselves. We begin by changing the way we view anger. In the old system, anger is a strong emotion which floods in quickly, influencing our thoughts and causing a chain reaction of physiological response. Adrenalin is released and blood pressure rises as our bodies prepare for confrontation. In the new system, anger is a cloud which drifts briefly and uneventfully across our sky alerting us to places where love is needed.

Breaking down this process:

1- Stimulus The things that make us feel anger reach us in energy before we perceive the physical expression. Usually it is in the form of anger, frustration or fear which is radiating from someone else. This vibration affects us even before we feel the insult. This same frequency within us begins to vibrate in resonance. By the time we react, the emotion is already there waiting for expression. The person who triggers the emotion within us is usually already feeling some form of the same emotion. It is the resonance that causes the response. Not the circumstance. 2- Response When unstable energy of these frequencies enters our field, it manifests in our bodies as thoughts. An internal dialogue begins and we find ourselves thinking things like “she’s impossible”, “that’s unfair”, “you can’t do that”. These thoughts feed and perpetuate the body’s physical response and we find ourselves in the throes of anger. It is easy to be overwhelmed by this feeling. When we are angry, it is hard to think objectively. Depending on the force of the anger at the time, it can sometimes be hard to think at all! Struggling against anger is nearly impossible. We may choose not to express it, but we still feel it, and this can lead us to think we have failed and to give in to the feeling. Anger is like a whirlwind. It comes into being suddenly and violently. If it is fed by wind it can grow and become a terribly violent and destructive force. If it is not fed, it disappears as quickly as it formed. FEELING anger is not the problem. FEEDING it is. Our thoughts are the wind that feed the twister. No matter how strongly anger may have taken hold within, the moment we become aware we are angry is the moment we have a precious opportunity. In that moment if we become the one who observes the emotion, we cease to BE the emotion. We create a space between our consciousness and the flow of emotion. We stop the wind. In this space it is possible to seek and attain a different perspective. If we can think “Wow, I’m feeling angry”, we can also think “I choose not to be angry. I choose to be love”. When we do this, something magical happens. Our emotional resonance shifts. The wind feeding the funnel ceases to blow and the twister of our anger loses force rapidly. If we can continue this choice in each succeeding moment for a period of time, it will entirely die out. It is our thoughts which are the key. They will want to return to the thing that “made” us angry. We must turn them instead to a solution; to actively seeking a new perspective of love. At first this can create inner arguments, where we try to convince ourselves that we have a right to be angry. Choosing to love, even when we have good reason not to, is HOW we manifest heaven on earth. This choice is not something we can make once and be done with it. It is something that we must choose afresh in each moment as it arises. If we fail in one moment, it does not matter because in the next moment we have a brand new opportunity. Each moment that we make this choice, we create a field of allowance in which that which we are angry at has an opportunity to transform. This allowance doesn’t just take the wind out of our own sails of anger, but also deflates it in those around us. It stops the cycle that the energy feeds on. Acceptance neutralizes. Love transforms.

A field of loving acceptance allows the root of the disturbance to heal, regardless of whether or not it is addressed verbally. It is possible (and necessary) to allow others to experience and express their emotions without reacting with the same resonance. Whether or not healing occurs depends on the other person’s free will, which loving acceptance also honors. When we choose love in our own life, we have the support of Heaven and all it’s company. This is how we transform ourselves and our world. Anger is resistance to what is. Acceptance honors each moment as it is, and offers new and unexpected solutions from a higher perspective. Judgment is pleasurable because if feels good to be right. It feels far better to be love. Anger and judgment bind us to the illusion. Acceptance frees us. Love gives us wings to fly.

Article courtesy of Hannah Thomas COS Foundation, GAIA Federation of Light

Translocated by Sharon at Children of the Sun