Shake Up Wake Up By Margaret "Margot" Collins

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copyright 2010

Margot Collins


COLIN, 30, is asleep in his bed. His bedroom is neat and full of well cared for houseplants, including many herbs and other edible plants. An alarm clock is visible, it reads 5:54 for a moment, then goes off when it hits 5:55. He reaches over and shuts it off then sits up in bed, smiles, and looks out the window at his urban neighborhood. Birds are singing and there is sunshine. It is Spring. INT. COLIN’S BATHROOM - DAY Colin takes a shower and gets ready for his day. cheerful and whistling to himself. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - DAY Colin looks through his closet (mostly full of casual clothes) and picks out a fashionable business suit, a crisp shirt, and a green silk tie. He gets dressed, then checks himself out in the mirror and smiles. He grabs a briefcase and leaves the room. INT. COLIN’S KITCHEN - DAY BRYCE, Colin’s slightly scruffy 30ish roommate is sitting at the table behind his laptop, the back of which is covered with stickers: a large sticker with a geometrical diagram of a Golden Mean spiral on it surrounded by images of skateboards and skateboarding shoes. He stares intently at the screen as Colin enters. COLIN Yo Bryce, you’re up early. BRYCE Actually, I’m up late. Colin laughs. BRYCE You’re looking sharp. has arrived, then. COLIN You’re coming right? The big day He is


BRYCE I’m coming to the groundbreaking, but you’re on your own for the controversial marriage proposal event. Colin laughs again. COLIN The only contrary one is you, dude. Can’t you just be happy for me? BRYCE I just think it’s too soon. the big rush? What’s

COLIN I think you’re just jealous I’ve found such a fine lady. BRYCE I’m not jealous, you know I like my ladies a little bit curvier, you know, zaftig. Bryce outlines a larger lady’s figure with his hands and grins. COLIN They say you just know when you meet the right girl and Amber’s got everything. Smart, beautiful, successful, fit, affectionate... I’m not letting this one get away. BRYCE (sincerely) OK, it’s your life, do what makes you happy. I mean it. COLIN Thanks. Colin puts out his palm and Bryce gives a high five. BRYCE I’m just looking out for you, bro. Good luck with everything. See you at the big show.


EXT. URBAN RESIDENTIAL STREET - DAY Colin walks down the street in his suit with his briefcase, smiling. The birds and flowers are out. He checks his watch and enters a hardware store. INT. HARDWARE STORE - DAY Colin is in a hardware store comparison shopping for garden shovels. He picks each of them up, examining their weight. He chooses one. He is enjoying himself. EXT. URBAN RESIDENTIAL STREET - DAY Colin continues down the street carrying his briefcase in one hand and the new shovel in the other. He approaches a large, undeveloped urban lot where in the distance are MR. GREEN and MRS. GREEN, a couple in their 50s wearing business suits. They are standing very close to one another, having a conversation we can not hear. As Colin approaches, they notice him and wave. Colin lifts the shovel in the air in greeting. EXT. UNDEVELOPED URBAN LOT - DAY A multi-ethnic crowd of 40-50 people is gathered on a large, undeveloped city lot. There is an empty podium and lectern next to a large banner with "eco-friendly" style graphic design that reads, "FarmSite." A small but rowdy samba band is playing and a few people are dancing with small children while some mingle, and others stand around. There is a fruit girl walking around with a large basket of beautiful strawberries, sharing them with the crowd. There is one friendly police officer standing guard. Bryce is seen in the background chatting up a beautiful just barely "plus-size" woman. Colin puts the shovel behind the lectern. There are two tomato plants on either side of the podium. In front of the podium are a watering can and a large bowl of water. A few additional people trickle in as the crowd socializes and waits for the event to begin. AMBER, a very beautiful, petite woman in her late 20s arrives, carrying a notebook and dressed in a form-fitting business suit with a short skirt. She is accompanied by a PHOTOGRAPHER, who is carrying a camera and tripod. The photographer stops and sets up his equipment. Amber continues towards Colin and puts out her hand as if to shake


his in a businesslike way. Colin hops down from the podium to greet her and she shakes his hand. COLIN (quietly) Ooh a formal greeting. do miss?

How do you

AMBER I have to be professional here. Guess who’s covering this event for The Sentinel? COLIN Amber Allen, star reporter? AMBER You got it! I’d offer to put a positive spin on things, but it’s already so darn positive, isn’t it? Colin smiles. He is attempting to maintain professionalism but it is obvious he is infatuated with this woman. COLIN Oh... here comes the Mayor, time to get started. Colin waves bye to Amber and walks towards Mr. Green and Mrs. Green, who are standing next to the podium. Amber moves to a spot near the front of the crowd and starts taking notes. THE MAYOR, 45, handsome in a politician kind of way with a perfect smile, pulls up in a shiny convertible, parks, and walks into the scene, smiling and waving at the crowd. He approaches Mr. Green and Mrs. Green. The Mayor shakes Mr. Green’s hand, followed by Mrs. Green. She introduces him to Colin. MRS. GREEN Mr. Mayor, this is Colin O’Malley, our #1 employee that we told you all about. The Farmsite project is his baby so we decided he’ll be introducing you today. The mayor offers his hand to Colin, and Colin shakes it. COLIN It’s an honor to meet you sir.

5. MAYOR Please, call me Danny! This is a great thing you’re creating here. Ready to make it official? COLIN Definitely Danny. thing. Let’s do this

Colin waves to the samba band leader and gives him a friendly smile and salute. The band leader blows his whistle a few times and the band stops skillfully a few moments later. The mayor moves to stand at the front of the crowd, next to Amber, who looks up at him and smiles. The audience claps politely and Colin steps onto the podium, and places himself behind the lectern to begin his speech. COLIN Greetings everyone. Thank you for coming, and a special thank you to our entertainment, the NewSchool Samba Squad! The audience applauds again with more enthusiasm. COLIN Today we mark the occasion of the groundbreaking of a brand new farm, right where many would least expect it, in the middle of our bustling city! My name is Colin O’Malley, and I’ve been lobbying this town for ten years to set aside some space to build an urban farm where we can grow food, create useful green space, and teach our young people about agriculture. Now it’s happening! Welcome to our Farmsite! The audience applauds. COLIN (CONTINUED) When I began my quest, I was a 20 year old university Environmental Studies student who was just starting to see the crisis our planet faces. For me, politics comes down to food. This project is a step in the right direction for our community, and for me, a dream come true.


I must give due respect and honor to my employers, who have given me a dream job doing what I love, promoting green initiatives in business and government. Mr. and Mrs. Green of "Green & Green Green Marketing" have been instrumental in finding this land and getting the necessary permits in order. Colin gestures towards Mr. Green & Mrs. Green, who smile and nod humbly. The audience applauds. COLIN (CONTINUED) They are great leaders in this community and because of their help, we can begin developing a program so that people in cities can sustainably feed themselves! I give thanks for all that you do, all that you are, and for believing in me and this project. Imagine this dirt that you stand on filled with fruits and vegetables. A year from now, it will be so, and that, my friends, will be a beautiful thing! The audience claps. COLIN (CONTINUED) I am also here to introduce a member of the community who has been a key supporter of making this dream a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our Mayor, Mr. Daniel Jacobson. The audience claps while the mayor smiles and waves to the crowd. The mayor steps onto the podium, and shakes Colin’s hand. Colin goes back to standing between Mr. and Mrs. Green. MAYOR Thank you everyone! We live in an age where everyone talks about green this and green that, eco this and eco that but this young man, (MORE)


MAYOR (cont’d) along with support from Mr. and Mrs. Green of Green & Green Green Marketing (yes, folks those are their real names) are creating something tangible here. I promise that when the vegetables come, this city will throw a great harvest party with pumpkin pie, corn on the cob, and traditional foods from around the world reflecting our community’s ethnic and cultural diversity. What do you say we bring the samba band back again too? The audience applauds and the band plays a few measures of music. The mayor pulls the shovel from behind the lectern and holds it up above his head, pausing for a moment. The photographer takes pictures and applause continues. MAYOR I hereby break ground for Farmsite! Let the planting begin! The mayor leaves the podium and digs a small hole next to it with the shovel. The Mayor hands the shovel to Colin, who also digs a hole. Colin very thoughtfully and carefully puts a tomato plant in each hole, packs dirt around them, waters each plant with the watering can, washes the dirt off his hands with the water in the bowl, and dries them on a towel that was hiding behind the podium. He is very happy to be there and it shows. The Mayor and Colin shake hands and pose for photographs. The audience claps and the band starts up again. Some of the crowd disperses, while others go back to mingling or dancing. The Mayor moves 10 feet or so away from the crowd and gestures for Colin to follow. Colin follows him. MAYOR Excellent job, young man. You might be cut out for public office someday. COLIN Thank you, I’m not sure if that’s my cup of tea but I appreciate it. Amber walks up to the two men.


AMBER Mind if I ask a few questions? MAYOR Hello Ms. Allen. Why don’t you start with our friend here, he really is the man of the hour. There are a few people here I must chat with, but I’ll find you before I leave, k? AMBER Thank you sir. The mayor shakes Colin’s hand again then walks off into the crowd. COLIN (to Amber) How’d I do? Do I get a good writeup? AMBER For sure, we got some great photographs too. Tomorrow we’ll both be in the paper! COLIN So, dinner later? 8 O’clock, at the Galloping Gander, my treat. AMBER Fancy! Sounds great. Right now I’ve got to ask you a few questions and then get back to the office so I can finish this story. Can I meet you there later, sir? COLIN (playing along) Why yes, Miss Allen, you may! Amber shakes Colin’s hand and winks seductively. Colin takes a deep breath, looks at the scene around him, and smiles. It has been a very good day.


INT. JEWELERY STORE - DAY In an empty, very classy jewelery store, JEWELER BILL, 55, sits at a bench set up behind the counter, working on fixing a watch. A bell attached to the outside door rings and Bill looks up. Colin enters the store. Bill recognizes him. JEWELER BILL (excited) Colin O’Malley, and looking very sharp I might add! Here for some new cuff links? What brings you to the old neighborhood? Come here! Jeweler Bill gestures with his arms wide open. Jeweler Bill hug. COLIN Hello Bill, so great to see you! I’m in the market for an engagement ring, and of course I had to shop here. JEWELER BILL (enthusiastic) Oh, my! Congratulations are in order then. Who’s the lucky lady? Oh your parents would be so proud (God rest their souls!) Give me another hug! Colin and Bill hug in a sincere, familial way. COLIN I can’t tell you until after she says yes. I know how gossip spreads around. JEWELER BILL I can keep a secret, you know me! Colin raises an eyebrow and smirks. COLIN I do know you, and I’m not telling. JEWELER BILL You’re a wise man. If you really want to keep it secret, I understand. Let me show you what I’ve got. Colin and

10. Jeweler Bill steps over to a display case of rings and gestures for Colin to join him. They look down at a row of artistically displayed diamond solitaires. JEWELER BILL I recommend something simple. Classic design, a single stone, she will love it for life! Jeweler Bill places a few rings on the counter top and Colin looks at them for a moment. He holds one up to the light and smiles. He is having a wonderful day. COLIN This is it. This is the one. INT. GALLOPING GANDER RESTAURANT - NIGHT Colin sits alone at a table for two at the Galloping Gander Restaurant. He is still wearing the same suit and tie combination. A very polite WAITER approaches with two glasses of water and places them on the table. WAITER May I bring you something to drink? COLIN I’ll wait for my friend to arrive, thank you. She should be here any minute. WAITER Very well, sir. The waiter nods graciously and leaves. Colin checks his watch. A few moments later, Amber arrives and Colin stands up to hug her. They hug and she sits down. She is slightly flustered. AMBER Hi, sorry I’m late. need a drink. Work? What a day! I

COLIN Something else?

AMBER Everything’s fine at The Sentinel, the farm story is awesome and you’re going to be on the front of the local section tomorrow, you’ll love it. My problem is The Weekly gossip page, did you see it today?

11. COLIN No, I don’t read that thing, but I always read your paper, honest. AMBER They dissed me big time. pissed. COLIN What did they say? Amber pulls a copy of The Weekly from her purse as the waiter comes back to their table. AMBER A whiskey sour, please. double. WAITER And for you sir? COLIN Vodka tonic. WAITER Also a double? COLIN Yeah, OK... sure. The waiter leaves to get their drinks and Amber begins reading from the gossip column of The Weekly. AMBER (quietly, with anger) It says, and I quote, "Is Amber Allen, Sentinel columnist and girl reporter about town a real journalist? She recently wrote about plans to build a new shopping mall in a wetlands area and didn’t even mention the environmental controversy! Instead, she focused on dresses and shoes. We can’t expect a high maintenance princess to notice any downside to more shopping options in town, but editors at The Sentinel should know better. For shame." COLIN Oh babe, don’t stress. is a rag. That paper Make it a I’m


AMBER My story on the new mall was in the Fashion section for Chry-sakes. I was just covering the assignment. The waiter comes back and serves the drinks. WAITER Do you need more time with the menus? AMBER (to the waiter) Yes, we’ll let you know when we’re ready, thanks. The waiter leaves. Amber takes a drink. COLIN Seriously, hon, don’t let it get to you. They’re the competition, it’s part of the game. You’re a great journalist. You’re the best. Remember what Oscar Wilde said, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." Colin reaches across the table to hold Amber’s hand. AMBER Oh I know all that but I can’t shake this pissed off feeling, I mean the nerve of those people! Seriously, this is my career we’re talking about here. COLIN Let’s have dinner, forget about it, and remember what’s important. We have each other. I love you so much. I believe in you. AMBER That’s sweet! You’re a great guy. The waiter comes back to the table. WAITER Ready to order?


AMBER (slightly bitchy) Excuse me, I said we’d let you know when we were ready. Just a little more time please. WAITER Very well. My apologies. The waiter leaves again. the menu. Colin takes a drink and looks at

INT. COLIN’S KITCHEN - NIGHT Bryce is sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop, staring at the screen. Colin walks in glumly and Bryce looks up. Aw, dude. BRYCE Back so soon?

COLIN I chickened out. Amber was grumpy about something that happened at work, then during dinner she got a text that she has to go in early tomorrow. It just didn’t feel like the right time to propose. I want it to be perfect. BRYCE Sorry, man. Just wait for the right moment, there’s no rush. Thanks. bit? COLIN Mind if I hang out for a

Colin goes to the refrigerator behind the kitchen table and opens the door. He stares into it, holding the door open. BRYCE Please do, I can show you what I’ve been working on. Get me a beer will ya? I’ll get this cord out of the way. Bryce reaches under the table, fusses around with the laptop cord under the table (out of view) for a moment, unplugs it, coils it up neatly, and puts it in his laptop bag on the floor. Bryce then adjusts the position of the laptop so that both of them can see the screen. Colin takes two beers


out of the open refrigerator, closes the door, removes the caps, places the beers on the table, and sits down. BRYCE Thank you, much obliged. Bryce takes a drink. COLIN So what are you working on? me. Show

BRYCE It’s a new user interface control system, check this out! Bryce reaches into his laptop bag and pulls out two thin flat metallic discs (the diameter of quarters but half as thin) and a small tube. He sets the discs on the table and squeezes a small dab of transparent gel from the tube onto each circle, then sticks one on each of his temples. COLIN Whoa, boy genius. BRYCE With these amplifier discs, I am now able to control my computer with only the power of concentration. Bryce stares at the screen intently while windows open, close, and move around. He does not touch the keyboard. COLIN (saying "OMG WTF") Oh em gee! Double-you tee eff? BRYCE Amazing isn’t it? Unfortunately, I’m the only one so far who can do it. No one else I’ve tested has had the level of brain power required. Perhaps you’re smart enough, are you game to try it? COLIN Sure... but let me see you type up an email like that. BRYCE Um, it’s in development.


COLIN Wait a minute? Where’s your mouse? Colin looks under the table and discovers Bryce has been manipulating a wireless mouse with his foot. The new control system is a hoax. BRYCE Hey I had you going there for awhile, that was awesome. I almost got you to stick these "electrodes" to your head. COLIN Yeah right! The guys laugh and drink their beers. INT. COLIN’S OFFICE AT GREEN AND GREEN GREEN MARKETING - DAY SUPER: "Tuesday"

Colin is sitting at his desk at the Green & Green office, drinking tea and reading his email. His office is sunny, neat, and full of plants. Colin’s Environmental Studies degree (with honors) hangs on the wall. He is dressed casually. Mr. and Mrs. Green walk in. Mrs. Green drops the local section of The Sentinel newspaper on Colin’s desk. There is a picture of Colin watching the Mayor dig a hole on the front and a short article headlined, "Urban Farmsite to Turn City Soil Into Sweet Strawberries." MR. GREEN Good work Colin, my boy. We’re so happy about how everything worked out. Good publicity all around. COLIN The groundbreaking was great and it’s cool to be in the paper, but I’m looking forward to getting going on the planting. Any word on when the tillers are scheduled to arrive? We need to get moving if we want to really see this happen. MRS. GREEN It’s going to be at least a week or two, until then just hold tight. The new agricultural (MORE)


MRS. GREEN (cont’d) manager the city has hired is taking care of everything. You’ve done your part, now it’s time to watch it blossom! COLIN I can’t wait to meet the team. EXT. FARMSITE PLOT - EVENING We see the Farmsite plot, now empty except for two tomato plants. The sun is setting. Colin bikes into the scene, stopping next to the plants, then waters them with his cyclist’s water bottle. The scene becomes darker, and Colin looks up. There is an unusually large dark cloud above him that was not there before. It suddenly begins to rain hard. Colin is surprised and concerned. He turns on his bicycle safety lights on and starts to ride away. Thunder and lightning happen simultaneously. The scene disappears in a bright flash for a split second. We then see Colin on the ground, unconscious. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY SUPER: "Wednesday"

We see Colin’s face as he wakes up. He is in a hospital room. Bryce is sleeping on a chair in the corner. Colin moves to sit up but can’t quite do it. Colin lies back down. COLIN (loudly) Bryce, wake up! Bryce wakes up, takes a moment to remember where he is, then notices Colin is awake. BRYCE Oh wow, you’re alive, I mean you’re awake! How do you feel? You look wiped out. COLIN I’m OK, what happened?


BRYCE I got a phone call from the hospital last night, some guy found you laying in the mud at the farm, man you’re lucky someone nice found you. They found my number on your phone somehow and I came right away. COLIN I’ve got you listed under "ICE" in my phonebook, as in "in case of emergency" you know... in case of an emergency. BRYCE ICE. You’re a wise man. I called Amber and your work too. Amber said she’d visit. Oh, and I rescued your bike. COLIN Thanks, you’re a real friend. Bryce thinks to himself and somehow Colin is able to "hear" what is going through his friend’s mind. BRYCE (V.O.) I wonder if I should go get the doctor. Colin is not used to being able to read minds and replies out loud. COLIN You don’t need to get any doctors right now, I’m fine. Bryce looks a little stunned. BRYCE Whoa, I was just wondering whether I should get the doctor or not, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it out loud. COLIN Are you sure? BRYCE I’m getting the doctor. Be right back bro, they’ll want to check you out. Whoa.


Bryce leaves the room quickly. Colin holds a hand up to his head. He has a headache and is feeling weird about the experience of hearing his friend’s thoughts. Bryce returns in a few moments with a 50ish male DOCTOR. DOCTOR You’re a very lucky young man. you know what happened? Do

COLIN Last thing I remember, I was on my bicycle getting rained on in a freaky storm. Then I woke up here. DOCTOR We believe you were struck by lightning, or perhaps it hit your bicycle. How are you feeling? COLIN Headache, dizzy. Otherwise OK. that normal? Should I be dead? Is

DOCTOR 20 percent of people who are struck by lightning die immediately, and 70 percent of those who make it retain injuries with serious long term effects. We’re going to run further tests and keep you under observation for the time being, however it seems like you’re one of the lucky ones. COLIN It’s reassuring to hear you say that and to know that you really know your stuff. Thank you doctor. Colin hears the Doctor’s thoughts. DOCTOR (V.O.) Does he think I had those statistics memorized from back in medical school? Ha! Thank goodness for Google. Colin sneezes. Bryce hands him a tissue.


DOCTOR Bless you. Now get some sleep if you can. I’ll be back to check on you soon. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - NIGHT Colin is alone in the hospital room, standing with one hand on a windowsill and the other hand pulling on his foot behind him as he stretches one of his hamstrings. He is wearing a hospital gown. Amber enters the room, then hugs and kisses Colin. AMBER Oh my God, I came as soon as I could. Is everything OK? COLIN I’m fine, don’t worry. The only thing I felt was a headache, and it’s almost gone. Colin is now able to hear Amber’s thoughts too. AMBER (V.O.) I’ve got to handle this situation carefully, timing is everything. My reputation is at stake. AMBER I’m really busy, there’s been a lot of pressure on me at The Sentinel lately, they’re trying to get me to change my image, to be more hard-hitting, you know? COLIN Well, I’m glad you were able to come. Bryce enters the room. BRYCE Oh sorry man, I didn’t mean to interrupt, didn’t know you were here Amber. I’ll just loiter in the cafeteria for awhile. Bryce leaves the room and closes the door behind him.


AMBER (V.O.) What’s that retard doing here? Maybe someday Colin will grow up and get some adult friends. I can only hope. Colin pauses before speaking. COLIN He’s been a good friend, taking care of me. AMBER That’s great. If I weren’t so busy... COLIN You could hang out and do some writing here! AMBER It’s important now for me to be present at the office, I mean, my reputation is at stake right now. Of course. COLIN I understand. She checks it and smiles slightly.

Amber’s cel phone beeps.

AMBER (V.O.) (reading a text message) When can I expect your graceful presence? AMBER Excuse me babe, gotta respond to this. Amber presses buttons on her phone. AMBER (V.O.) (slowly, as she writes) I’ll be there in an hour, keep the wine chilled until I arrive. COLIN Um, is everything OK? AMBER It’s like I said, work. So very busy right now. I have to go in a few, but first can we cuddle a bit?


Amber puts the back of a chair under the doorknob so no one can get in from the outside. She lays down on the hospital bed and beckons Colin to join her. He sits next to her on the bed. AMBER So baby, in the mood for a little quickie? I know you’ve missed me. COLIN (upset, trying to hide it) Um, to tell you the truth I think the accident may have um, affected me. I’m not feeling into it. AMBER (V.O.) If he’s gone impotent I’m so out of here, maybe it’s a sign I should just break it off now what with everything else going on, oh but it would be cruel to do it when he’s in the hospital, plus he’s just so darn cute... Amber rubs seductively against him. COLIN I’m sorry, not right now. AMBER (V.O.) What’s his problem? Pathetic. Colin puts his hands to his head. COLIN Sorry, really I’m not feeling well. I think I’m going to pass out. AMBER You’ll be back to normal soon, it’s OK. Call me when you’re ready for another visit! COLIN OK. AMBER (V.O.) More like, call me when you get a clue!


COLIN Bye. Colin waves half-heartedly and lies down. Amber leaves.

EXT. SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF HOSPITAL DOOR - DAY SUPER: "Thursday" Bryce and Colin walk out of the front door of the hospital together. COLIN Thanks for coming to get me, I could have found my own way home, you know. BRYCE You say you’re fine, but I wanted to come bail you out personally. Welcome back to the real world. COLIN Thanks, bro. Glad I could make it. They walk away from the hospital. INT. COLIN’S OFFICE AT GREEN AND GREEN GREEN MARKETING - DAY SUPER: "Friday"

Colin is back at work. He’s dressed casually and looking at pictures of urban gardening and farm projects on his computer. Mr. Green and Mrs. Green walk in and he looks up. MRS. GREEN So great to see you back, hon. You’re looking great. miracle you’re OK.

It’s a

MR. GREEN Yes, a miracle. We’ve got some great news for you, apart from the miracle of your good health that is. Colin is happy to be back.


COLIN Wonderful! MRS. GREEN We’ve got a new potential client. Thanks in part to the farm publicity, we’ve appeared on the radar for one of the big guys and Consolidated Cola wants us to do their latest green campaign for them! COLIN Soda pop? What could the brown fizzy drink industry possibly be doing that is green? MR. GREEN They’ve gone carbon neutral! COLIN You mean, they’ve bought carbon credits from some agency which may or may not actually be doing something environmental with them? MRS. GREEN Colin, let’s not get cynical. I thought you’d be thrilled. Maybe you’ll be more enthusiastic when we tell you there’s a big bonus in it for you if it comes through? COLIN OK, tell me more. Colin can now hear some of his bosses’ thoughts too. MR. GREEN (V.O.) Money always talks. This boy’s no fool. MRS. GREEN Just agree to have a meeting with their team. I think you’ll see that what they’re doing is good, raising awareness, the whole bit. COLIN Sure thing, fair enough. they coming in? When are


MRS. GREEN Monday. 2 PM. You feeling up to it? How’s that headache? COLIN I’m fine and I’ll be there. MR. GREEN Great! COLIN Any further news about planting the farm? MRS. GREEN The city’s on it. You set the wheels in motion, now it’s happening. Success! You can move on to other projects. COLIN I’m not involved in the farm anymore? MR. GREEN Our work here is marketing. no farmer. COLIN I worked in landscaping every summer for years! MRS. GREEN (V.O.) The boy is so naive! Good thing he’s obedient, cute, and has a way with words. MR. GREEN Maybe they’ll need volunteers to help dig and plant! Colin frowns. it. He starts to get angry but remains calm about You’re

MR. GREEN (V.O.) Oh that sounded bad. Mrs. Green coughs. COLIN I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed. I thought I was going to be involved through the (MORE)

25. COLIN (cont’d) whole process! The farm is important to me. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) This farm thing is going to break his heart. MR. GREEN Chin up! You’ll be a consultant on the farm planning, for sure, your opinion matters, really it does. You’re the man! MRS. GREEN (V.O) Oh nice one. Colin does not like hearing what his bosses are thinking. He attempts not to show it. OK. COLIN I’m the man. Thanks.

MRS. GREEN We don’t just appreciate you Colin, we cherish you! Ever since you started three years ago you have been a part of our family business. You’re like the son we never had. MR. GREEN (V.O.) Don’t overdo it woman, you’ll ruin everything. COLIN I know, I know. Thank you. MRS. GREEN Just come to the meeting Monday ready to go. You’ll love the Cola guys! They’re great, and their new campaign is something really innovative you’ll want to get behind. COLIN OK, I’ll hear them out. Gotta work within the system to activate positive changes in the world, right? Mrs. Green winks at Colin and Mr. Green gives him a thumbs up. They leave the room.


Colin looks at the urban farm image on his computer screen and then at his Environmental Studies degree on the wall. INT. COLIN’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Colin is sitting on his couch reading a book. There are skateboard posters on the wall. The doorbell rings and he lets Amber in. AMBER Thanks for the invite baby, you sure your roomie is out for the night? COLIN Yes. He’s visiting his parents tonight and promised to stay overnight. We’re alone. She takes him by the hands and pulls him over to the couch. He sits and she lays down, putting her legs across his lap. AMBER Awesome. That was nice of him, did you have to use bribery? COLIN No, I think it has more to do with the way his mom makes breakfast. AMBER (V.O.) Good, that slob won’t be around. How can Colin stand to live like this, honestly? Colin plays it cool with Amber, as he is seeking the truth. COLIN So, how’s work? still on? Is the pressure

AMBER It’s getting better, but I definitely am going to be busier and busier. I’m lucky I got the night off. TGIF baby! Amber’s cel phone beeps.

27. COLIN Do you mind turning that thing off? AMBER Sure, just a sec. Amber gets up, pulls the phone out of her jacket, and reads it. AMBER (V.O.) (reading a message) Gotta get out of town. Want to come on a country drive tomorrow? French gourmet cuisine and a B&B, just you and me! We’ll be back by Sunday sundown. Can I pick you up at noon? AMBER I’ll just reply to this, then I’ll shut it off, OK? COLIN Sure. Sure thing. Amber keys in a text message. AMBER (V.O.) (slowly, as she writes) Let’s do it. I am going offline to sleep now to save my energy for you my darling. XOXOXOX sweet dreams *wink* Amber sends the message and shuts off her phone. AMBER There it’s off. Now where were we?

Amber straddles Colin on the couch and strokes his hair. AMBER (V.O.) Mmmm. Just one more night, then I’ll tell him. Might as well go out with a bang. COLIN Is there something you need to tell me? AMBER (weirded out) No, why do you say that?


COLIN It’s a feeling. AMBER No, everything’s cool! say, everythings hot? AMBER (V.O.) Oh he is sexy, isn’t he? Amber rubs Colin’s thigh and goes in for a kiss. pulls away. AMBER What’s the matter baby? turn you on? Don’t I Colin Or should I

COLIN I’m just not feeling it, I’m sorry. I’m nervous that the accident might have caused, um problems for me. You’re hot as hell, don’t worry about that part of it. Sorry, sorry. AMBER OK, sure baby, it’s not your fault. Colin is unsure what to do. She unstraddles him. They both sit on the couch, not touching, staring straight ahead. AMBER (V.O.) Loser. COLIN (V.O.) And she wonders why I can’t get it up. COLIN OK. So, should we watch a movie? AMBER (disappointed) Sure, great. Got any popcorn? COLIN Microwave style, yes. AMBER Great, I’ll go make it. Amber stands and straightens her clothes.


AMBER (V.O.) So I’m watching TV in a bachelor pad and not getting any tonight, this sucks. Tomorrow I’ll get to make it with a real man instead of making cheap ass popcorn. Amber leaves the room. Colin is unimpressed. for the remote and turns on the television. INT. COLIN’S LIVING ROOM - DAY SUPER: "Sunday" He reaches

Bryce is sitting on the couch watching cartoons on TV. Colin enters and sits next to him. COLIN Guess what? She’s been cheating on me. It’s so over. Seriously? find out? BRYCE That bites. How’d you

COLIN I overheard her on the phone making plans with someone to pick her up for a romantic weekend in the country. BRYCE You overheard her do that? COLIN Yes, she thought I couldn’t hear. BRYCE You sure it wasn’t a family or friend thing? COLIN Clearly. BRYCE Did you break up with her? No. COLIN I didn’t say anything.


BRYCE Dude! Seriously, you have got to learn to speak up. COLIN What? And admit I was eavesdropping? BRYCE You can’t just let that stand. COLIN You’re right, I’ll make sure it’s for real first, then tell her what I really think. BRYCE You deserve better, seriously. COLIN Thanks, man. BRYCE You almost proposed! COLIN Dont remind me. BRYCE Listen to me next time. COLIN Ha, I’ll think about it. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - MORNING SUPER: "Monday"

As in the opening scene, we are in Colin’s bedroom, one week later. An alarm clock is visible, it reads 7:06 for a moment, then goes off when it hits 7:07. He reaches over and shuts it off then sits up in bed. Colin gets up, looks out the window, and sees that it is grey, rainy, and windy outside.


INT. COLIN’S BATHROOM - DAY Colin takes a shower and gets ready for his day. moving slow and is unenthusiastic. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - DAY Colin looks through his closet for something to wear. There is a lot of dirty laundry in a basket on the floor. He chooses a business casual outfit from what’s left of the clean clothes. INT. BUS STOP - DAY We see a bus shelter at a bus stop. It is raining very hard. Colin walks into the scene, carrying an umbrella. He moves under the shelter, shakes out his umbrella, and folds it up. After a few moments, the bus pulls up. avoids getting splashed. INT. CITY BUS - DAY Colin enters the bus, pays the fare, and begins walking down the aisle towards the back. He passes a variety of people. Most of them ignore Colin as he passes. There are a few people standing, and three empty seats available, one next to a SPEED METAL GUY listening to music on headphones so loud everyone can hear it, a CRYING CHILD of about five sitting on the lap of a TIRED WOMAN, and someone SNEEZY with a cold. As he approaches each of them, he can hear some of their conversations and thoughts. SPEED METAL GUY (V.O.) I hope mom remembers to tape my show. Daphne and Kent are getting married and I have to see what happens. She always forgets about the soaps, at least today it’s raining she won’t be out in the garden all day, so maybe she won’t space out and forget this time. Man, I wish I could stay home. Stupid forking forklift job. CRYING CHILD Mommy, kindygarden is dumb, I don’t want to go to school. Colin narrowly He is


The tired woman holds the child and tries to comfort him. TIRED WOMAN Shh, shhh! Please baby, please. Everyone has to go somewhere they don’t like sometimes. It’s OK. CRYING CHILD It’s not fair! TIRED WOMAN I know baby, I know. Life isn’t fair. She cuddles her child. TIRED WOMAN (V.O.) I wish I could go to kindergarten instead of the office. Definitely not fair. Colin moves towards the back of the bus, where the last empty seat is available next to a sneezy person. SNEEZY (V.O.) I should stay home today, but I’ll totally get fired, they think I’m a hypochondriac and told me so to my face. No more sick days? Ha, I’ll show them when they all catch this cold too. Jerks. Colin decides to stand. The bus stops and more people get on, some pushing past him. The bus lurches forward and keeps rolling. COLIN (V.O.) Welcome to Monday everyone. INT. GREEN AND GREEN BOARDROOM - DAY Colin is sitting in a meeting room with a large table and many chairs. He has a notebook open to a blank page and a pen. He is staring into space. Mr. Green and Mrs. Green walk in with COLA KARL and COLA KEN from Consolidated Cola. The cola men are dressed in expensive "outdoor gear" clothes and would look like they are about to go hiking in the mountains, except their shirts have the Consolidated Cola company logo on them. Ken is


taller, and Karl is carrying two briefcases and a small cooler the size of a six-pack. They have the same haircut. Colin stands up to greet them. MRS. GREEN Colin, this is Karl and Ken from Consolidated Cola. Karl puts down the luggage. Colin shakes their hands.

COLIN Nice to meet you, thanks for coming. Everyone sits down. COLIN (V.O.) This better be good. MRS. GREEN OK, Karl and Ken... we’re so happy you’re thinking of signing on with the Green & Green team! Let’s get the ball rolling here. COLA KEN Great, let’s get started. We’re launching a new eco-cola and trust me, this is the next big thing. People love the design, the concept, and the taste tested very highly in our market research. I’ll let Karl do the honors. COLA KARL Introducing... Panda Pop! Karl opens the cooler bag and pulls out a six pack of Panda Pop. The cans’ design features extremely cute cartoon panda bears, a bamboo motif, and a yin yang symbol. He places it on the table. COLIN Nice design. Cute. about it? So what’s eco

MRS. GREEN (V.O.) Why can’t Colin just listen? Does he have to challenge everything?


COLA KEN Let me field this one... there’s a four part strategy with the Panda Pop... we use recycled aluminum for the can, we substitute brown sugar for the corn syrup, our whole operation is carbon neutral, and 5% of profits go to a panda sanctuary in China. COLIN Is the sugar fair trade? organic? Is it

COLA KARL (V.O.) Get real, tree hugger. This is business. COLA KEN Going organic raises the price point to a place where we just can’t be competitive in the market. We’re doing everything we can here. Panda Pop is cutting edge, none of the big boys have gone this deep into the green demographic so far. MR. GREEN (V.O.) This guy is good. With this deal, plus the harvest deal, I’ll be able to finally get out of this mess. Please God PLEASE let this one float! COLIN (V.O.) Harvest deal? Harvesting what? the company in trouble? Is

Colin is suddenly worried about his job, though he keeps his composure. COLIN OK. Tell me about this carbon neutral thing. COLA KARL We’ve got it all worked out with the carbon credit brokers, it’s completely legit and above board.


COLIN I’d like to see the specifics. COLA KARL That’s not really part of the marketing campaign, but I can assure you legal’s given it the seal of approval. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) I’ve got to wrap this up, the kid’s going to embarrass us. COLA KEN (V.O.) I wonder if Karl noticed my new watch. I hope he likes it. COLIN Well, it would help if I knew the details. MR. GREEN (interrupting) Colin here is very good at what he does... very thorough. COLA KARL We’ll leave the Panda Pop with you, you can brainstorm a bit and get back to us. Try it, it’s delicious. MRS. GREEN OK, this sounds great, I just know we’re all feeling inspired with ideas on this one. This product is going to make history. I’m so happy you’re considering us. COLA KARL We really want to go with a smaller boutique firm, someone who really gets the green market. Someone with innovative ideas and an idealistic perspective. The real deal. MR. GREEN Great to hear, great to hear. COLA KARL Send over some concepts ASAP and we can move forward.


Everyone stands and shakes hands, and Mr. Green escorts Cola Ken and Cola Karl out the door and shuts it behind them. The six pack of Panda Pop has been left on the table. Mrs. Green and Colin remain. MRS. GREEN (sternly yet loving) Do you have to be so confrontational? Did you miss it when I said there would be a big bonus in it for you if we get this client? COLIN I just want to make sure what they’re doing is really green. MRS. GREEN Of course it is, you heard the strategy. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) Colin’s smart but so damn unpredictable. There’s a hundred interns who’ll work twice as many hours, without questioning me, and for free. Right. COLIN Eco-cola.

MRS. GREEN I appreciate all you’ve done for this company, but remember you work for us. It’s not up to you to be the arbiter of whether a client is karmically worthy, OK? COLIN (V.O.) Whoa. COLIN You mean, I don’t have a choice. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) Shape up or ship out... how’s that for a choice? MRS. GREEN Let’s work together here, we’re a team. Think about it.


COLIN OK, I understand. This is my job we’re talking about here. MRS. GREEN Right you are. Why don’t you take that six pack of Panda Pop home, get to know the product, and take the rest of the day off to ponder things, hmm? Tomorrow we’ll dig into the brainstorming. OK, fine. COLIN Fair. Fine.

Mrs. Green walks out of the room, and Colin looks down at his notepad, which is still blank. INT. SILVER SIDEWALK SHOE SHOP - DAY Bryce is sitting behind the counter working at a shoe store filled with fashionable athletic shoes, the majority of which are designed for skateboarding. Neo-punk music is playing. There are no customers in the store, and Bryce passes the time on his laptop (as usual.) Colin walks in, a bell on a string attached to the door rings, and Bryce looks up. BRYCE Yo, off work early? COLIN Had a bit of conflict today, got sent home to think about things. BRYCE Trouble down at the farm? COLIN No, it seems like they’re yanking me off the farm project. Apparently "the city’s taking care of it" and now I’m just a consultant, though I haven’t heard anything about any kind of progress whatsoever. BRYCE Did you freak out when you found out?


COLIN I just said I was disappointed. BRYCE (V.O.) Oh man, I love the guy, but what a doormat. I would have told them off. BRYCE They’re mad because you said you were disappointed? COLIN Yeah, maybe, but the issue today was this Consolidated Cola thing. They’re trying to get them as a new client and want me to come up with an ad campaign for this "Panda Pop" eco-cola. They got mad because I was asking too many questions about its actual eco-friendliness. The very idea is ridiculous, I mean, look at it! Colin pulls one can of Panda Pop from his briefcase and places it on the counter. Bryce picks it up and looks at the can’s design. BRYCE (V.O.) (boyish) Panda Pop? Cute! Bryce puts the can of pop back down. BRYCE (extra-manly) Um, yeah, man it’s definitely ridiculous. How’s it taste? COLIN I have no idea, I’m supposed to "get to know" it tonight and come up with genius marketing ideas. There were not so thinly veiled hints that my job’s at stake. The door bell rings again and a group of Jr. High kids with skateboards comes in, joking loudly with one another, and checking out shoes.

39. BRYCE Hey, looks like school out, I gotta defend my the evening shift gets be any minute, can you COLIN Cool. Bryce walks over to the kids and high fives one of them, then picks up a shoe from a display and shows it to them. Colin waits by the counter, looking at the Panda Pop. After a moment, the door opens, and SALLY, a 17 year old girl carrying a skateboard with colorful hair enters. She sees the Panda Pop on the counter and picks it up. SALLY Oh cuuuuute! Panda Pop! you get it? COLIN It’s a new prototype. secret. SALLY Is it good? COLIN Go ahead, have it. cold but... It’s not very Where’d

just got store until in, should wait a bit?

Very top

Sally cracks it open and starts drinking it. She swirls the liquid around and pretends she is tasting a high end wine. SALLY (mock serious) Tastes nice. Like ginger ale mixed with root beer with notes of bubblegum and chocolate... OK maybe that’s not quite right but I like it. COLIN (shouting over to Bryce) You want one man? Bryce walks over to the counter. looking at shoes. The group of kids continue

BRYCE How about we go down to Newman’s and have it on ice, then see how it works as a mixer?


COLIN Perfect. BRYCE (to Sally) I’m outta here, you OK to run the fort? Sally salutes. SALLY Aye aye Captain. INT. NEWMAN’S BAR - EVENING Colin and Bryce are sitting at a booth at Newman’s Bar with the five remaining Panda Pops on the table. A WAITRESS is standing next to the table with a tray holding two glasses of ice and two shooters of rum. WAITRESS Here ya go. Two glasses of ice, and two shooters of spiced rum. BRYCE Thanks. The waitress serves the drinks, then notices the Panda Pop. WAITRESS Heeeey! What’s that you got there? Is that new? Are you guys beverage reps? COLIN Something like that. It’s Panda Pop, the Eco-Cola! Have one. Colin hands a Panda Pop to the waitress. looks at the can. Thanks! WAITRESS Very cute. She takes it and

The waitress smiles, puts the Panda Pop on her tray, and walks away. BRYCE I can’t believe you haven’t tried it yet.


COLIN I want to hate it, despite how cute everyone thinks it is, or maybe because of that. BRYCE You’re just cynical because your perfect little life isn’t actually so perfect and lovey-dovey and eco after all. COLIN (sad) Hmm. Maybe something like that. BRYCE Sorry, that was uncool. I shouldn’t have said that. COLIN It’s OK. Bryce opens a can and pours Panda Pop over the two glasses of ice. BRYCE Comon, let’s giv’r a go. it’ll cheer you up. COLIN OK. They both take sips. Whoa. BRYCE Weird but good. Maybe

COLIN All I taste is sugar. Non-organic, non-fair trade, albeit fancy ass brown, sugar. BRYCE Maybe this will help. Bryce pours a shooter of rum into each glass of Panda Pop. Both men take sips. COLIN Definitely an improvement. should we call this drink? What


BRYCE Rum and Panda Pop? How about the Panda Pirate? Serve it up with a bamboo straw with a little pirate flag! Or, how about Panda-beer... get it? COLIN (mock serious) Obviously, further research is required. To be fair we should definitely try some other combinations. Maybe vodka’s the answer... or tequila, or amaretto? Colin looks over to the bar and the waitress is drinking the Panda Pop. She sees Colin and gives him the thumbs up. INT. NEWMAN’S BAR - EVENING Colin and Bryce are sitting at the same table a few hours later. The bar is a bit more crowded. There are four empty Panda Pop cans and 10 empty shot glasses on the table, some are knocked over. Colin’s phone rings. of the conversation. Hello! AMBER (O.S.) Hey, you haven’t called me. COLIN (drunk) Yeah, that’s because I know about you and that other guy. I assumed you were done with me. AMBER (O.S.) (angrily) You what? Who told you that? Colin laughs. COLIN A man just knows these things. I’m afraid it’s just isn’t working out between us. He answers it and we hear both sides COLIN



AMBER (O.S.) I want answers!

COLIN Listen babe, I’m kinda drunk, so can we talk about this another time, say... never? Colin hangs up and dramatically gestures as he shuts off his phone. COLIN (triumphantly) And this relationship is now officially off! Bryce gives Colin a high five. BRYCE I’ve never heard you be all direct and in someone’s face like that. Yeah? COLIN Well she deserved it. I

BRYCE What she did was pretty low. never liked her anyway.

COLIN I just had to tell it like it is. BRYCE So, it turns out you’re human after all, what a relief. I was beginning to think you were.... COLIN (drunk, loud) What? Naive? A pushover? Pathetic? A doormat? loser? BRYCE Whoa! No dude, too nice. I’ve always thought you were a little too nice. COLIN (half kidding) Yeah, well screw you!



BRYCE (smiling) Tell it like it is! They high five.

Nice one bro.


Colin enters the Green and Green boardroom, where Mr. Green and Mrs. Green are sitting at the table. Mr. Green checks his watch. Colin has a hangover. MR. GREEN You made it, have a seat. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) About time! Young people today are such slackers. COLIN (fake cheerfully) Good morning. So, Colin. ideas? MRS. GREEN Panda Pop? Any bright

COLIN I think it’s crap but everyone I showed it to loved it. MR. GREEN (shocked) Colin! MRS. GREEN It’s alright, let’s hear him out. Go on. COLIN The key factor in its popularity seemed to be cuteness. As in, "Ohhh it’s so cute!" Really annoying, actually. MRS. GREEN Oh really? What kind of ad campaign would you recommend for cute, annoying crap?

45. COLIN I’d say: a pretty girl in a green school uniform, make it like she’s from "Earth School" and she’s hugging stuffed Pandas and going on about "Cute! Cute! Cute!" Totally over the top with the cute. MRS. GREEN You think cute is all we need here? Right. COLIN Keep it simple.

MRS. GREEN (V.O.) Schoolgirl uniforms? Idiotic. The cola idiots will probably love it. MR. GREEN That’s great. I love it! COLIN I really think it will work. There is an awkward silence for a moment. COLIN So... any update on the farm? MRS. GREEN Oh, I’m afraid there’s some bad news. COLIN I’m listening. MR. GREEN We were about to tell you. Everything’s on hold until next year, the city’s decided it’s all just a little too much, too soon. They’re going to aerate and let the dirt lay fallow, you know, let it have a rest before they plant. That’s good for the soil! Look it up if you don’t believe me! MRS. GREEN (V.O.) He always says too much. COLIN Right, laying fallow. How environmental of them. Anyone I can talk to regarding the planning?

46. MRS. GREEN We’re in a holding pattern here, a waiting for them to get back to us kind of thing. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) Poor dear. There is another awkward silence for a moment. COLIN Onward and forward then. MR. GREEN Great attitude! MRS. GREEN OK, let’s work on some mockups for Karl and Ken, time to show em what we’ve got. INT. PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO - DAY SUPER: "Wednesday"

Colin is in a photography studio observing the photo shoot for the Panda Pop Eco Cola campaign. An over-animated, flamboyant, aging FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER and IRIS, a a young-looking 27 year old model, prepare for a photo shoot. She is dressed up like an anime schoolgirl with pigtails, a bright green short-skirted uniform with an earth patch, slouchy socks, platform shoes, and just a hint of cleavage. She is very cute. Ridiculously bouncy and "fun" fashion show style dance music is playing and the Fashion Photographer noisily takes flash photographs, one after another. Iris poses in front of a white screen with a can of Panda Pop and a cute stuffed Panda. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Oh sweetheart you are so scrumptiously adorable, just like candy, sweet sweet candy. The model covers her mouth and giggles, imitating a shy Japanese girl. Colin hears what she is thinking. IRIS (V.O.) Oh yah, work it girl... pay off those student loans! Your parents would be so proud!

47. Colin laughs. PHOTOGRAPHER (to Colin) Shhh! IRIS (V.O.) Hey, be quiet, this is a very serious professional at work here. Colin laughs again but tries to hold it in. PHOTOGRAPHER (to Colin) Shhh! IRIS (V.O.) Hello, hello, I wanna know... are you hearing me? Colin realizes they are having a telepathic conversation. This is a first for him. COLIN (V.O.) Yes. I’m hearing you. Whoa. IRIS (V.O.) Shhh shhh! Let’s talk later, and out loud, like normal people. I’ve got to concentrate now. Serious work is happening here! Iris winks at Colin and jumps right back into posing. is speechless. PHOTOGRAPHER Oh brilliant, brilliant! EXT. PARK BENCH - AFTERNOON Colin is sitting on a park bench surrounded by trees, waiting. We hear the sounds of nature accompanied by the quiet hum of traffic nearby. He sits alone for a few moments, then Iris pulls up on a bicycle. She is now dressed like a girl next door tomboy, has washed off her makeup, and has her hair tied back in a simple ponytail and is wearing a bicycle helmet. She looks great. Her bike has a small, shiny suitcase attached to a rear wheel bicycle rack. Colin is pleasantly surprised. Colin


A bike!

COLIN Mine’s right over there.

IRIS Let’s go for a ride! EXT. MONTAGE URBAN STREETS - AFTERNOON We see Colin and Iris biking together through a variety of pretty parkland and city street scenes. They are both very skilled riders. They are enjoying themselves and we see them glancing at each other flirtatiously without "thinking" or talking. It is a "getting to know you" scene that is fast paced and romantically over the top. INT. THAI RESTAURANT - EARLY EVENING

Iris and Colin are sitting at a window table in a Thai restaurant. She is drinking a Thai Iced tea, and Colin has a beer. COLIN Just so I know, is it really necessary for me to tell you anything about myself, or do you already know it all? IRIS I definitely don’t know everything, it doesn’t really work that way. COLIN (V.O.) How does it work then? IRIS No one hears everything everyone thinks. It depends on your headspace in the moment, how close you are to the person physically, and really, it just comes and goes. None of us really get how it works. COLIN None of us? Who is this "us" and how many of us are there?


IRIS ESP is pretty common. Everyone experiences it once in awhile, like stories where mothers know when kids are in accidents, stuff like that. It’s in our DNA. Most people just don’t talk about their psychic experiences because it freaks them out, or they’re worried about being called crazy. Eventually we’ll all be there full time. It’s our destiny as a species. COLIN Seriously? IRIS Yep. More and more people are coming into advanced ESP, and now a lot of kids are being born totally able to hear. I’ve done it through sound work and a lot of meditation. What happened to you is new to me, and totally fascinating. COLIN No other lightning cases you know of? IRIS Just you. COLIN So, you’re saying eventually all of us will be psychic? IRIS Yeah, imagine how things are going to change on Earth once we get there! Might be a bit of a mess for awhile while we sort things out, but eventually it will be an improvement for society. No more B.S.! Even politicians will have to be honest! COLIN (skeptical) Um, OK.


IRIS Things will reveal themselves bit by bit, let’s enjoy the process. You are enjoying the process aren’t you? COLIN Of course. I’m just at a disadvantage here. All I know about you is that you’re charming, disturbingly psychic, and get paid for being beautiful. IRIS That was my third modeling gig ever. Seriously, I’ve done the Panda Pop shoot, one sweater catalog, and I’m ashamed of this one, I appeared as a friendly fried chicken restaurant employee in a bus shelter ad. That’s it. COLIN (kidding) So that’s why you look familiar! IRIS You want mashed potatoes and gravy with that? COLIN Ok, so how do you make a living normally? IRIS I manage a place called the "Shake Up Wake Up." Heard of it? No. COLIN Fitness stuff?

IRIS Not exactly. It’s a lecture hall, it’s a school, it’s a dance club, it’s an old church. I’d have to show you to explain it. COLIN Dance church? That’s your job? Um, did you go to school for that?


IRIS I studied Biology in school. Almost got my PhD, until they rejected my thesis. COLIN Harsh! Why’d they reject it? IRIS Too controversial. I presented methods for activating so-called "junk" DNA through the use of sound vibrations, in order to help people actualize their latent human potentialities. COLIN What kind of potentialities? IRIS (V.O.) Telepathic abilities, seeing auras, greater awareness of the inter-connectivity of it all, that sort of thing. COLIN (V.O.) So you’re not just another pretty face. Iris laughs. IRIS After my advisor died, I didn’t have the support I needed in the department. My thinking goes against the scientific status quo. Seriously, the idea that the majority of our DNA encoding is meaningless "junk" just because we don’t understand it fully is totally ridiculous. COLIN You’re a renegade! IRIS Something like that. What I do just isn’t measurable in a "give me proof this works" kind of way. Academia rejected me so now I work with DJs instead.

52. COLIN You’re a DJ? IRIS Not exactly. I have mathematical formulas for creating sound frequencies that affect the mind and body in beneficial ways. I share them with musicians who mix the frequencies in with the beats. People dance. COLIN That’s your job? IRIS Part of it, but I mostly I get paid to manage the venue and organize events. Make sure there’s enough toilet paper in storage, that sort of thing. I enjoy it. COLIN That’s different. IRIS True. COLIN So, do your magical DNA activation noises really work? IRIS Come find out. This Saturday.

Iris pulls a "Shake Up Wake Up" flyer from her pocket. It says "DNA Activation Saturdays" with art featuring geometric patterns mixed with images of DNA-shaped coiling vines. Colin looks at it for a moment, smiles, then puts it in his own pocket. IRIS It’s my job to run the place, so I’ll be working part of the time, just so you know. Hope you’re OK exploring the party on your own a bit. COLIN (happy) Ok. Seems pretty weird, but I’ll be there.


IRIS Awesome. COLIN Awesome. They each take sips of their drinks. IRIS So... tell me more about the farm. COLIN I heard about urban farms and community gardens in other cities in a really amazing "Intro to Sustainability" class in first year, and ever since whenever I see an empty lot I imagine it full of vegetables. IRIS Nice vision. Have you done a lot of gardening yourself? COLIN I did landscaping as a summer job for a few years and got to know a lot about certain plants, but there’s so much more to learn. IRIS That’s great. Ultimately, politics all comes down to food. COLIN Well said! IRIS Mmmm, thank you. COLIN I could preach about our unsustainable food system involving a million trucks driving overprocessed overpackaged crap full of toxic additives (and believe me I have preached about it) but I’ve learned the best way is to just show people what real food looks and tastes like.


IRIS You’re making me hungry. COLIN I wanted to show people how much better fresh, local food is. I wanted to teach kids about the joy of digging in the soil, feeling it between your fingers! IRIS That’s awesome. It would be so beautiful to see something like that here. COLIN I’ve been fixated on it for so long, and suddenly it’s not a part of my job anymore. IRIS What’s the story there? still happening? Is it

COLIN The story is that it’s on hold for a year. So they can let the soil "lay fallow" or something. IRIS They say that’s good for the soil. COLIN So I hear. A WAITER arrives carrying an unusually large tray with many identical plates of Pad Thai. He serves them each a plate. WAITER Pad Thai, Pad Thai. We have 51 things on the menu and everyone wants Pad Thai. COLIN It’s my favorite, sorry for being so ordinary. IRIS (V.O.) Extra-ordinary maybe... WAITER Same same but different...


The waiter leaves. Iris and Colin look at each other admiringly in candlelight. COLIN Bon appetit! They eat. EXT. URBAN STREET - NIGHT Colin and Iris are in front of Iris’ apartment building on their bikes. IRIS Thanks for a great night. COLIN (tenderly) Meeting you was so unexpected. was just doing my job.


IRIS Same here, and I almost said no to the gig on ethical grounds. Eco-cola? I mean, come on. COLIN Yeah, I know! Eco-cola? like E-coli. IRIS Eeew! No thanks. COLIN What made you change your mind? IRIS Intuition. A feeling. Needing the money? It’s a grey area really. Maybe Panda Pop is somehow progress for society and karmically it’s all good. Maybe. Yes. COLIN I’m glad you said yes. IRIS It sounds


COLIN Yes. Iris unstraddles her bike, kicks down the kickstand, and approaches Colin, putting out her arms a for a hug. IRIS Good night. They hug, holding on tenderly for awhile, then move into their first kiss. After lingering like that for awhile, they part. Iris puts her hand to her heart, then smiles and waves and she walks to her door. COLIN Until soon. INT. COLIN’S KITCHEN - NIGHT Bryce is sitting at the table with his laptop, as in previous kitchen scenes. Colin walks in. BRYCE Yo. Wassap. How’s the Eco-Cola Business? COLIN I met the most awesome lady at the photoshoot. BRYCE Wow, you work fast. COLIN It just happened. trying. BRYCE Nice one. COLIN No high five? BRYCE Oops, sorry bro. They high five. COLIN Thanks. I wasn’t even


BRYCE When’s the next big date? COLIN Going to see her on Saturday. this. At

Colin shows the "Shake Up Wake Up" flyer for "DNA Activation Saturdays" and the camera lingers on it for a moment. BRYCE I’ve heard of that. Miss Sally at the shoe store hangs out there sometimes. Really? COLIN Iris manages the place. I hear it’s

BRYCE Cool synchronicity! "the best."

Colin stands, and attaches the flyer to the fridge with a magnet. COLIN You wanna come too? I bet you could use some activation. BRYCE (V.O.) Me? Dance? You don’t wanna see that. BRYCE My DNA’s fine, not this time. COLIN Hot date? BRYCE Something like that. BRYCE (V.O.) Mom’s making lasagne! COLIN Good luck with that, big boy.



Various shots of Colin working on creating ads using the pictures of Iris. We see him skillfully using photo editing and design software. INT. COLIN’S OFFICE AT GREEN AND GREEN MARKETING - NIGHT Colin is at work late finishing up the Panda Pop ads. The clock reads 10:10. One of the pictures is up on his screen, and he zooms in on Iris’ face. He looks at it for a moment, then picks up his phone and dials her number. IRIS (O.S.) Hello? COLIN Greetings Earthling. It’s Colin.

IRIS (O.S.) Hello hello! What’s happening? COLIN I just finished up the proofs from the photoshoot. Already? look? IRIS (O.S.) You’re quick. How do I

COLIN (imitating the photographer) Soooo scrumptiously adorable, just like candy, sweet sweet candy! IRIS (O.S.) Hah! Can I see them? COLIN Text me your email and I’ll send over my favorites. IRIS (O.S.) Can’t wait to see them! COLIN So Saturday! When? And you.


IRIS (O.S.) Come by SUWU around four. I’ll give you a tour then you can see the early session. Then we’ll flow into the night! COLIN SUWU? IRIS (O.S.) That’s our acronym for the "Shake Up Wake Up." Or you can call it Dance Church. COLIN Can I take you out for dinner in between somewhere? IRIS (O.S.) We have food. Don’t worry about anything, I’ll take care of all of the details. COLIN You sure I can’t see you sooner? IRIS (O.S.) I’m going to be out of town tomorrow, have to make a country run for supplies. COLIN Wish I could come along. IRIS (O.S.) Maybe next time. COLIN Awesome. IRIS (O.S.) Awesome. Colin moves to another photograph of Iris on his screen and looks at it for a moment. COLIN Ok. So Four O’Clock Saturday I’ll meet you there. IRIS (O.S.) Yes.


COLIN Should I bring anything? IRIS (O.S.) I’ve got you covered. There’s something that you shouldn’t bring though. COLIN What’s that? IRIS (O.S.) Expectations. COLIN I’ll do my best. Perfect. shoes. IRIS (O.S.) And wear comfortable


Mr. Green, Mrs. Green, Cola Karl, and Cola Ken are sitting in the Green and Green boardroom. Colin is standing by the light switch. There is a projector next to him, and a screen on the other side of the room. MRS. GREEN We’ve come up with a billboard campaign that we think you will just love! Colin, let’s roll! Colin dims the lights and turns on the projector. A high resolution close-up of a damp can of Panda Pop appears on the screen. MRS. GREEN We wanted images that communicate the spirit of Panda Pop, that would make the right kind of people really want to try it. Colin operates the projector using a remote. A variety of billboard style images of Iris from the photo shoot appear, all with the words "Cute!" and "Panda Pop (The Eco-Cola) in both English and Japanese surrounded by heart and Earth icons.


MR. GREEN We think it’s fun, flirty, and futurisitic. COLA KARL (V.O.) Oh my God, how insipid. As if. The images continue going by. COLA KEN (enthusiastic) I love it! I can just imagine these all over town. It says, "The Earth is our friend!" This is making me thirsty! COLA KARL Great, it’s just great! Really.

COLA KEN I’m going to recommend that we roll with this one. You Green people have impressed me. I’ll have to run this by HQ but I’ll get back to you soon. COLA KARL (V.O.) My 10 year old niece could have come up with something better. Seriously. MRS. GREEN We’re very happy to hear that, very happy indeed. Colin, the lights? Colin turns on the lights and everyone stands. shake hands with everyone else. MR. GREEN Thank you for you time, this is great. COLIN Yes, thank you. MR. GREEN (V.O.) All we can do now is wait, wait and pray. Mr. Green gestures for Cola Ken and Cola Karl to exit, and he accompanies them out of the room. Mrs. Green shuts the door. Ken and Karl

62. MRS. GREEN Great work, Colin. You may have nailed it. INT. SILVER SIDEWALK SHOE SHOP - LATE AFTERNOON Sally is behind the counter playing air drums with some pencils along with the store’s sound system and Bryce is helping a pretty size 14 woman try on sparkly sneakers. Colin walks in and the door rings. Sally looks up, Bryce ignores him and continues what he’s doing. Yo. SALLY May I help you?

COLIN Hey miss thing. I need shoes. SALLY Taking up skating? Longboarding?

COLIN No... I’m going to the "Shake Up Wake Up" tomorrow. I was told to bring comfortable shoes. Sweet. SALLY Who told you about it?

COLIN My friend Iris. SALLY Whoa. Iris. She’s... awesome. Are you guys going out? COLIN We went out once. I like her.

SALLY Wow. She’s like, kindof famous, I mean sortof, at least at the SUWU. She asked you to come? COLIN Yep. Going to go early and get the full tour. SALLY (V.O.) Not many dudes could handle Iris, no way does he know what he’s in for!


COLIN Um, any advice about what I’m in for, going there? SALLY Don’t stress, it’s totally relaxed. I’ll be there around nine. I’ll show you some dance moves. COLIN What should I wear? SALLY It so doesn’t matter. Costumes, workout clothes, normal clothes... maybe not a suit or anything, but you could if you really want to. It’s a "be yourself zone." COLIN Be yourself zone? Cool.

SALLY Iris came up with that. COLIN Ok... so, shoes! recommend? What do you

SALLY I need two pieces of information. Your size, and your sign. COLIN As in my astrological sign? SALLY Yes. If you really want compatible shoes. COLIN Seriously? SALLY Seriously. COLIN Virgo. SALLY Ooohhhhh. I suggest old school high tops, those actually look (MORE)


SALLY (cont’d) pretty cool with a suit, if you want. COLIN I’m not wearing a suit. Maybe one of those tuxedo tshirts. SALLY Suit yourself... it’s the be yourself zone. COLIN What color high tops? For you? SALLY!


Colin is riding his bicycle on a sunny afternoon along city streets. He is wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a green four leaf clover on it, and emerald green classic "Converse All Star Chuck Taylor" style high top shoes. He is carrying a bouquet of iris flowers. EXT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP EXTERIOR - DAY Colin stops his bicycle in front of a beautiful old church building. There is an Earth flag flying from the flagpole, and a small wooden sign above the entrance that says "SUWU" in large letters and "shake up wake up" in smaller ones. We see the exterior for a moment as Colin locks up his bicycle in the foreground. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP MAIN INTERIOR - DAY Colin enters the main floor of the Shake Up Wake Up, carrying the bouquet. The building is a old church with a very high ceiling. It has a beautifully finished wood floor and afternoon light is streaming through the windows. The space is very open, and there are only a few pews, arranged along the outside walls, facing towards the center. There is an impressive array of speakers from which pleasant downtempo electronica is playing.


The side of Iris’ face is visible up in the converted choir loft. She is sitting at a table working on a laptop, behind a row of lush planters installed along its edge, full of flowering plants and vines. COLIN (shouting up at Iris) Hello! Iris turns and stands up. Hey! IRIS You made it.

COLIN It’s beautiful here! IRIS I’ll be right down! Colin walks around the perimeter of the room and examines his surroundings. Iris disappears from the loft briefly and enters the main floor. She runs over and hugs Colin. He gives her the flowers. IRIS Flowers! How beautiful. Thank you. I thought I told you not to bring anything! COLIN I couldn’t resist. Irises! shoes. Thanks. IRIS Nice choice. And nice

COLIN Thanks for noticing.

IRIS Can I give you the grand tour? COLIN Yes! Iris gestures broadly as she speaks. IRIS (tour guide mode) Welcome! This is the main room, where we will be dancing soon. The bathroom is right over (MORE)


IRIS (cont’d) there. Sometimes we set up musicians on this floor, and sometimes they play from the loft above, where I was sitting. That’s where I like to work. Come see! Iris grabs Colin’s hand playfully and pulls him up the stairs. The loft has a few empty tables, one with Iris’ laptop, and one has an audio control console with a monitor attached to it. COLIN Nice perch. I can see why you hang out up here. IRIS I love it. COLIN (to Iris) Beautiful. IRIS Next on our tour is the kitchen, come on! INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP CAFETERIA - DAY Iris and Colin walk through a large cafeteria room with many tables for sitting, and neat, carefully labeled recycling, garbage, and compost bins. Iris is carrying her laptop and the flowers. IRIS This is the dining area, and right through here is the kitchen. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP KITCHEN - DAY COOK KIM is chopping onions in a large kitchen. There are three very large steaming soup pots on the stove. There is a variety of bread, vegetables, and fruit around as well as jars full of a variety of beans and grains. It is a well-stocked kitchen. Colin and Iris enter. Kim looks up and smiles. IRIS Hey Kim, meet my friend Colin. giving him the grand tour. I’m


COOK KIM (very cheerfully) Hello... I’d shake your hand but I’m all foody right now. Pleased to meet you. You going to stick around tonight? COLIN Yes, I’ve heard it’s the place to be. What’s cooking? COOK KIM I’m making vegetarian chili and a butternut squash/coconut milk soup I invented as well as French Onion. Everything’s organic. We’ve got lots of nice bread to go with it too, including dairy, egg, and gluten free options for picky people. Or I could make you a sandwich. COLIN Nice! IRIS Thanks Kim, it smells great. COLIN Definitely. IRIS Next up, my office. INT. IRIS’ OFFICE - DAY Iris and Colin are in a small room with a desk and chair and many bookshelves full of books. There are posters from previous events on the walls and a very comfortable looking couch. Iris puts her laptop in a desk drawer and the flowers in a vase. IRIS This is technically my office, though I usually work up in the loft. During events it’s my place to sneak away and catch my breath when it gets hectic. COLIN So it’s just you working here?


IRIS Most people are paid on a per event basis, however there are volunteers and we do have three regular employees. Myself, Kim who manages the cooking, and Albert the cleaner, who used to clean up the space way back when it was still a church. Albert’s way more than just a cleaner though. You’ll like him. COLIN How long since it’s been a church? IRIS We bought the place five years ago, and it took a full year to renovate. The people that were here before sold it and moved to a smaller building since their congregation was dwindling. COLIN You said "we" bought the place. Who is we? IRIS There’s a trust who came up with the money for that, though the purchase was organized by me and Professor Jack, my advisor, the one who died before I could get my PhD. That was about 2 years ago. I’ve been managing the SUWU on my own since. Iris points to a photo of a friendly looking grey haired man in his early 60s. COLIN Sorry. IRIS It’s OK, he’s still around in a way. COLIN How’d you get hooked up with a trust like that?


IRIS I’ve been working on these sounds since I was a teenager, over 10 years now. Jack heard about what I was doing when I was his student and he hooked me up with the trust, which he was already associated with for other projects. COLIN Who runs that? IRIS I’m not allowed to talk about it. You know, non-disclosure and all that. I’ll just say that they support things that "further and favor positive human evolution." COLIN (imitating Iris) Such as "activating latent human potentialities"? IRIS (teasing) Shh! It’s a secret. COLIN (V.O.) Mmm, she’s mysterious and honorable! IRIS (V.O.) (wiggling her eyebrows) So it seems. COLIN Any secret rooms in this place you’re not allowed to show me? IRIS No, but we’re not done with the tour yet! INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP LOUNGE - DAY Iris and Colin enter a room full of furniture, including several comfortable couches, a mini-fridge, and a variety of tables, chairs, and lamps. It is very cozy. There is a large closet full of hula hoops, yoga mats, and blankets.


IRIS This is the lounge, or we sometimes call it the Green Room. It’s the backstage area during shows, sortof a VIP zone. Sometimes people traveling from out of town sleep here. Sometimes we use it for workshops or for chillout space. It depends what’s going on. COLIN (impressed) Very nice. IRIS Just wait until you see this place in action! COLIN What’s the early session you told me about? Iris checks her watch. IRIS We start the early session for kids around 6. I wanted you to see it. The setup crew should be arriving in the next 20 minutes. Care to help me carry some of these upstairs? Iris picks up half of the hula hoops and Colin grabs what’s left. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - DAY Colin and Iris enter carrying the hula hoops. Iris arranges hers along the wall then takes the ones Colin was carrying from him and does the same with those. She is sorting them roughly by size. DJ ANABELLA enters the scene from the door to the outside. She is pulling a large black case on wheels. She has THREE KIDS, ages 5, 7, and 9 with her, each is carrying a large bag proportional to their size. Anabella! IRIS Belissima! Hi everyone!

Iris hugs Anabella. The kids put down their bags, run over to Iris, hug her too, then run off to the hula hoops and start playing.


DJ ANABELLA Hi Iris! Thanks for the opportunity to do this tonight, I’m stoked. IRIS Awesome! I’d like you to meet my friend Colin. He’s here getting the tour. COLIN Nice to meet you. Colin puts out his hand to be shaken and Anabella laughs and gives him a hug instead. DJ ANABELLA Good to meet you, friend. IRIS Do you want to set up down here or above? DJ ANABELLA Up in the loft, but Daddy’s going to be doing some wandering MC stuff down here, keeping an eye on the kids. IRIS Need any help carrying stuff? DJ ANABELLA No, I’m OK, thanks. (to her kids) Kids! Come help mommy carry her gear upstairs! Two of the three kids run over to their mother and each picks up a bag and carries it up to the loft. The third continues playing with the hula hoop for a few moments before complying. DJ Anabella carries the heavier case herself. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - DAY The dance floor is full of kids under 10 and some adults. Some dance, others play with hula hoops, and some are sitting on the pews drawing, playing with toys, or just watching. DJ Anabella is in the loft playing kid-friendly hip hop while a man in a hip hop CLOWN costume is jumping around. He interacts with the kids and occasionally


freestyles into a microphone. Colin is sitting on one of the pews watching. Iris is dancing with the kids. CLOWN (in time with the music) You’ve got to move with the rhythms - groove with the rhymes - wiggle your body - do it in time - gotta love your body - coz it’s the one that you got - gotta love your body - gotta love it a lot! The kids wiggle enthusiastically and the clown shows off some impressive dance moves. Some of the kids are really good dancers too. After a few moments, Iris walks over to where Colin is and sits down next to him. IRIS What do you think? COLIN It’s fun... the kids are totally into it. Two little kids run for Iris and hug her enthusiastically. IRIS You noticed? INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP CAFETERIA - DAY Colin and Iris are sitting at a table in the cafeteria eating soup. There are people at some of the other tables who occasionally look over at them. Music playing from the main room is audible in the background. IRIS How’s the soup? COLIN It’s amazing actually. More delicious than expected. IRIS I expressly told you not to bring any expectations along tonight. COLIN Hah, fair enough. It’s great. enjoying being here in your world. It’s unusual. I’m


IRIS I’ll take that as a compliment. COLIN It is. IRIS I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable. I wanted you to see what I’m about before you started to like me too much. COLIN Too late. IRIS Ha! No, seriously, had to make sure you could grok this. SUWU is my baby, the most important thing in my life. And it’s not for everyone. COLIN It’s beautiful. And so are you.

INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - EVENING Iris and Colin are standing together in the main room of the SUWU. There is music playing, and about 10 people dancing, and 20-30 walking around, socializing. More people are arriving. PERSON ONE and PERSON TWO come up to Iris to say hello to her. PERSON ONE Iris! They hug. IRIS Hello, great to see you. Hey! PERSON TWO Iris!

They hug, a little more lingeringly. IRIS Hello, hello. This is my friend Colin. It’s his first time tonight.


PERSON ONE Welcome! PERSON TWO Oh, your first time! jealous. Enjoy! COLIN Thanks, thanks. forward to it. I’m

I’m looking

IRIS (to Colin) Let’s go back to my office, things are getting set up and I want to relax with you for a bit first. Iris and Colin walk across the room, towards her office. She is stopped along the way for another hug by PERSON THREE. PERSON THREE Sweet Lady Iris. IRIS Salutations! COLIN (V.O.) Wow, she’s popular! Iris hugs Person Three. Colin notices the first two people she hugged are looking over at him. He hears their thoughts. PERSON ONE (V.O.) Who’s that? PERSON TWO (V.O.) Don’t know, haven’t seen him before. Iris and Colin continue walking towards the office. INT. IRIS’ OFFICE - EVENING Colin and Iris are sitting on the couch in Iris’ office. Music can be heard in the background. IRIS I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’ll feel comfortable tonight.

75. COLIN Truthfully, I feel honored that you’d welcome me into your private realm so soon. IRIS I have a good feeling about you. COLIN Why’s that? IRIS It’s not every day I meet someone who was chosen by the lightning gods. COLIN Funny, I thought it was an accident. IRIS Maybe, if you believe in that sort of thing. COLIN I hadn’t thought about it. IRIS Food for thought. COLIN Any theories? IRIS Maybe it wasn’t really lightning. Maybe it was aliens. COLIN Or Thor! IRIS It’s good to be open-minded. COLIN You’re weird. IRIS Takes one to know one. Oooh. COLIN Burn.

They laugh and look at each other for a moment.


IRIS Listen, it’s almost time for things to get going here. I’ve got some MC duties tonight and I’d really like you to hear what I have to say when I’m up there. COLIN I’ll be listening. IRIS And another thing, I apologize that I can’t pay attention to you all night, don’t take it personally. I know a lot of people here and it’s part of my job to make everyone feel welcome. COLIN No worries, I’m not needy. Great. IRIS We’ll be alone again soon.

COLIN Sweet, I’ll keep that in mind. IRIS (flirty) Because if you’re the jealous type, things won’t work out. I’ll be hugging dozens of sexy people tonight. COLIN (mock serious) Oh no, I’m very understanding. hear you’re famous around here after all.


IRIS Famous? Maybe in a small fishbowl kind of way. COLIN Well... I’m dazzled. They kiss.

77. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - NIGHT Upbeat music is playing and a large crowd of people are dancing, while others walk around, chat, laugh, etc. A good party is going on. There is a wide variety of fashion styles, ages, and races in the crowd. Many are dressed in very imaginative (and/or sexy) costumes. People are happy to be there and happy to see each other. Colin is standing alone in the crowd when Sally sneaks up behind him. She is wearing a wild outfit. SALLY Boo! COLIN Heeey lady. Awesome outfit. look great. SALLY Thanks. Nice shoes. you. Where’s Iris? COLIN She’s got MC duties. SALLY Ohh... she’s announcing tonight. Cool. COLIN I was here for the kids’ session, it was really cute. Wish I’d grown up doing that. SALLY I know, me too. I didn’t start coming here until I was 15. A spotlight comes on and moves around the room. After a few moments, it settles on a lone djembe drummer in one corner who begins playing along with the music. The crowd reacts. Three more spotlights do the same thing one at a time, each settling on another drummer in a different corner who adds a new layer of rhythm to the sound. The four drummers play together on top of the dance music and the energy of the party amplifies. The drummers play louder and louder for a few dramatic moments, then the music stops suddenly and spotlights go out simultaneously. The crowd cheers for a moment, then a new track begins. It starts out slow (with binaural beats) and builds. People in the audience seem very excited for the show to begin. Colin watches. They suit You


Iris’ silhouette is visible up in the choir loft, revealed by moving colored lights around her. She is wearing a fancy dress and has feathers in her hair. We hear her voice over the sound system. She speaks melodically and hypnotically along with the music. IRIS Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to the Shake up Wake Up where we will shake up your synapses and wake up your dancing feet. The crowd reacts enthusiastically. IRIS (CONTINUED) You may experience some strong emotions during tonight’s session. Ask for help if you need it. We’re all in this together. Be yourself, respect everyone else’s right to be themselves, and remember to love one another. It is our sacred duty to celebrate, activate, and emanate! The crowd reacts again. Several people shout "I love you" accompanied by a lot of "woo!" The music explodes into bass-heavy beats, and the crowd dances. Colin is watching everything around him and is amazed, happy, and just a little bit overwhelmed. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - NIGHT The dance floor energy is at its height. Intense trance-inducing music is playing and the four drummers from earlier play along. Very skilled hula hoopers are performing on platforms up in the choir loft. People are happy and sweating. Colin is dancing, though he is a little self-conscious about it. Sally pokes him in the side and encourages him to get more into it. He laughs and lets go, then starts going really fast, until he notices Iris sweep up to his side. They make eye contact, and a lightning-like arc of light appears suddenly, connecting them. There are literal sparks and everyone turns their heads.

79. Everything freezes in place for a moment as they look deeply into each others’ eyes, then Colin takes Iris’ hand in slow motion. Everything snaps back into normal speed, the dance floor explodes with energy, and the crowd goes wild. They dance together. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP LOUNGE - NIGHT Iris and Colin are sitting on one of the couches in the SUWU Lounge. The music from the party can be heard in the background. There are a few other people in other parts of the room, lounging. IRIS How’s your night going? COLIN It’s surreal. I’ve never been to anything like this before. I mean, there’s no bar. IRIS It’s not much of a drinking crowd, though you’re welcome to bring your own in if you’re civilized about it. COLIN What about you? IRIS I generally stick with the flower. COLIN The flower? IRIS It’s a special tea. It’s not illegal, but we don’t really advertise it. COLIN What’s it do? IRIS It just softens the edges a bit, makes it easier to connect to one another. Speaking of which... ALBERT, a man in his 50s enters the scene carrying a tray with an Asian style ceremonial teapot and a few small cups. He is wearing a Hawaiian shirt.


ALBERT Hello Iris. Would you and your friend care to partake? IRIS Yes, thank you so much. Colin?

COLIN Will I be able to bike home later? IRIS It’s gentle, you won’t be "wasted" or anything. I recommend saying yes. COLIN Ok, yes. Albert hands them each a cup. floating in each one. COLIN Thank you. ALBERT Welcome to the fold. Iris sips her cup of tea and Colin does the same. COLIN It’s delicious! IRIS Mmm. Indeed. Just wait. dance. Let’s There are a few tiny flowers

INT. WAKE UP SHAKE UP INTERIOR - NIGHT Iris and Colin are on the dance floor with a crowd of people. The music is still very hypnotic, but slower and dreamy. Many of the people seem to be seriously blissed out. Iris has a microphone. Suddenly, everyone starts shaking gently, then harder, including Colin. At first he is nervous, but he then looks around and notices everyone else is smiling. IRIS (into the microphone) Just go with it! Just let it take you! Enjoy, my loves, enjoy!


A strong invisible force pulls everyone into one large mass, spins the group in a circle, then they all slowly, gently, and fluidly fall to the ground, as if in slow motion. As everyone is laying on the floor, the music quiets to a gentle, peaceful tone and the first light of dawn comes through the window. Colin turns his head to the side, and sees that he is nose to nose with a smiling Iris. He takes her hand and they make loving eye contact. It is an atmosphere of bliss. Happy laughter flows into applause. The night is over. INT. COLIN’S LIVING ROOM - DAY SUPER: "Sunday" Colin

Bryce is sitting on the couch reading a comic book. walks in. BRYCE Heeyyy... how was it? COLIN (as if he’s exaggerating) Oh, no big deal. Just an experience of total and complete bliss accompanied by a feeling of being one with the absolute entirety of the Universe. It’s given me a whole new sense of hope for the future of the human race. I think I’ve got psychic powers now too. BRYCE Oh really? COLIN Yeah, how was your lasagne? BRYCE (V.O.) How’d he know I had lasagne? Freaky. Hah! BRYCE Lucky guess.

COLIN Maybe. Anyway, you should come out next time.



Bryce, Mr. Green, and Mrs. Green are sitting in the Green & Green boardroom. Mrs. Green has an envelope in front of her on the table. MRS. GREEN We’ve got three bits of news, Colin. Not really a "some good news and some bad news" kind of thing, but definitely a big deal. I’m sure you’ll come to see it all as good. MR. GREEN It’s good! Great! COLIN Good. What’s the news?

MRS. GREEN Number one. Consolidated Cola loved everything. They bought the images and the campaign outright. COLIN Awesome! MR. GREEN And it was quite, um, lucrative. We got a good deal. MRS. GREEN Such a good deal that well, I’ll just get straight to the point. We’ve decided to retire. Now. Colin does his best to not react and pauses a moment. COLIN Ok. That’s two bits of news. What’s the third? MR. GREEN The rest of the news is in this envelope. It’s something we hope you’ll agree to and sign.


MRS. GREEN We promised you a bonus, and there’s a generous one in it for you as well as a severance package. Plenty to move forward with your next phase. MR. GREEN You could go back to school... see the world for awhile... MRS. GREEN (interrupting) We’ll of course provide references. Of course. MR. GREEN Definitely.

COLIN What about the farm? MR. GREEN (V.O.) Oh no, he still beleives in the farm. MRS. GREEN (V.O.) Wake up. It’s over. Time to let go. MRS. GREEN It’s a city project now. You should be proud of all the work you did on that. Right. COLIN Proud.

Mrs. Green pushes the envelope towards Colin, who reaches for it, opens it, then looks at the papers inside. It looks like a contract with a lot of fine print. COLIN Whoa. Um, OK. I’m going to have to take a look at this for a bit. MR. GREEN Of course, we understand. give you a few minutes. We’ll

Mrs. Green and Mr. Green stand. Mrs. Green puts a pen on the table near Colin. They move to leave the room.


COLIN Actually, you better give me a bit longer than that. MRS. GREEN I think you’ll come to see this as one of the best things that ever happened to you. We’ll be here until 6 O’Clock. Colin looks at his watch. COLIN Three hours. Colin looks through the papers. COLIN I’ll go for a walk and come back later. I need to think about it. MR. GREEN You do that! You do that. MRS. GREEN Again, we’re here until 6. MR. GREEN (V.O.) I’d love to be a young man in his situation... he could do anything. I hope he’s smart enough to sign. Mr. and Mrs. Green leave the room. papers. INT. SILVER SIDEWALK SHOE SHOP - DAY Bryce is at the counter at the shoe store, staring at his laptop as usual. Colin enters. COLIN Hey, guess who just got fired? BRYCE You asked about the farm and they freaked out? You freaked out? COLIN No, that wasn’t it. Colin stares at the


BRYCE They fired you for another reason? COLIN Well, it’s not fired really. They gave me some papers, there’s a bonus and a severance, if I sign them. The Panda Pop guys liked my ridiculous ads and it paid off. The Greens did so well that they want to retire. BRYCE How much are they offering you? COLIN Mmm, almost a year’s salary. BRYCE Dude, you scored! That’s not getting fired. You could do anything. Maybe. COLIN I haven’t signed it yet.

BRYCE Why not, what’s the problem? COLIN It’s just a big deal, had to think about it, you know? It just seems so sudden, and weird. BRYCE When do you have to decide? COLIN I have until 6. BRYCE Today? COLIN Yep. BRYCE I say do it. COLIN I’m no sellout.


BRYCE There’s no ethical issue here, you are not compromising your principles. It’s going to take you time to get a new job, and they like you so they’re being fair about it. This is totally OK, cool, copacetic, groovy, AOK, you dig? COLIN I should do it. Word. time! BRYCE Listen to my advice this

Colin gives Bryce a high five and leaves. EXT. SIDEWALK OUTSIDE GREEN & GREEN - DAY Colin is standing on the sidewalk with Mr. and Mrs. Green, who are helping him put his belongings from the office into a taxi, including several flats of plants. COLIN Well, good luck on your retirement. MR. GREEN We’re so glad you agreed to the terms. We think we were very generous. MRS. GREEN We’ve got email. We’ll stay in touch. MR. GREEN (V.O.) (singing in his head) "Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main... da na na na na na na na..." Colin hugs the Greens, gets into the cab and waves. We see the Greens wave until he’s out of sight, and then they high five each other.

87. INT. BANK - DAY Happy music is playing as Colin stands bank. He is depositing his check. We amount it is written for, but the bank sexily at him. He keeps it friendly. receipt dramatically and he puts it in INT. COLIN’S LIVING ROOM - EVENING Colin is sitting on the couch reading a book about Permaculture Gardening. Bryce enters. BRYCE So? It’s done. delivered. Congrats! COLIN Thanks. BRYCE Can I borrow $5000? COLIN (smiling) No way man, I’m unemployed, remember? BRYCE Just kidding, relax. COLIN Now what am I going to do? BRYCE Enjoy yourself? COLIN No, seriously. I need a plan. BRYCE You need to relax. Enjoy some time off. It’ll flow. Chill. Bryce leaves the room. Colin takes out his cel phone and calls Iris. He gets her voice mail. COLIN Signed, sealed, BRYCE at the counter at the do not see the exact teller smiles She stamps his his bag.


IRIS (O.S.) (voice mail message) Greetings, this is Iris, curator of the Shake Up Wake Up. I’m off the grid at this juncture, please leave a message and we’ll reconnect soon. The voice mail beeps. COLIN Hey Iris, it’s Colin. I’ve got some big news, call me when you can. Colin puts his phone down and goes back to his book. EXT. MONTAGE URBAN STREETS - AFTERNOON SUPER: "Tuesday"

Colin is out on his bicycle revisiting the same route he took with Iris on their first "date" visiting various spots in the city. He bikes through city streets and parkland. Romantic music is playing. EXT. FARMSITE PLOT - AFTERNOON The romantic music abruptly stops. We hear construction noise in the background and see the farm plot from about 50 feet away. There is a large sign there which we can not yet read. Colin rides into view on his bicycle, and we follow him up to the sign. We see his shocked face looking up at the sign, then we see the sign itself. It reads, "Here, coming soon: New Harvest Heights, Eco-condo Residences, starting from $333,333!" over a photograph of a beautiful couple feeding each other strawberries while lounging on a balcony. Colin is literally slack jawed and in shock. Colin recovers and takes a few photos of the sign with his camera phone, then rides out of the scene. We continue to see the condo sign for a moment. A KID rides up on his bicycle and draws mustaches on the sign people and rides away. We follow the kid on his bike as far as the tomato plants, then the kid leaves the scene and we stay focused on the plants for a moment.


The plants look healthy, they have grown a bit and there are now tomato cages holding them up. Someone has been taking care of them. They are flowering. EXT. SIDEWALK OUTSIDE GREEN & GREEN - DAY Colin is in front of the Green & Green office on his bike. The office is now empty and there is a "for lease" sign in the window. Colin pulls out his cel phone and makes a call. PHONE ANNOUNCEMENT (O.S.) We’re sorry, your number could not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again. COLIN (V.O.) Shit! Colin makes another call and there is a busy signal. COLIN (V.O.) Housecall time. Colin rides out of the scene and the camera lingers on the sign for a moment. EXT. THE GREEN’S HOUSE - DAY Colin pulls up in front of a small house in an urban neighborhood. He rings the doorbell and knocks. He waits a moment and there is no answer. A BOY stops in front of the house on his bicycle. BOY (shouting) Hey mister! That house is empty, they moved. What? COLIN Really? When?

The boy bikes closer to Colin and speaks at a normal volume. BOY Day before yesterday. Had an awesome garage sale last Saturday too, I got a metal detector!

90. COLIN Find anything good?

Oh yah?

BOY A broken necklace and a bunch of change. At least six dollars worth. COLIN Did you try it at the beach yet? BOY No, just in the bushes around the park. COLIN Try the beach, lots of people lose stuff in the sand. Thanks! BOY I will.

COLIN Thanks for letting me know about the house, did they say where they were going? BOY No, but I heard ’em say they were getting rid of everything that wouldn’t fit on the boat. Right! COLIN Thanks kid.

Colin and the kid bike out of the scene in different directions. EXT. CITY MARINA - DAY We see an urban waterfront marina with a large number of boats. Colin pulls into the scene, parks his bike, and starts walking down the dock quickly looking around at the boats as he goes. COLIN (V.O.) What’s their boat called again? He told me once... "The Green Leaf" maybe? Colin keeps moving down the dock and a few minutes later sees Mr. Green on the deck of his sailboat. He is coiling rope. Colin runs towards him and stops.


COLIN (slightly out of breath) Hey! Leaving so soon? MR. GREEN (surprised) Colin! Hello. Dear, we have a visitor. Colin’s here. Mrs. Green emerges from below deck. boat, "Just Leafing" on its side. Shit. MRS. GREEN Hi Colin, we’re just heading out. Is there a problem? COLIN "New Harvest Heights" seems like a problem. An oversight on your part maybe. Something you forgot to mention. MRS. GREEN I’m sorry it had to go this way, we didn’t tell you because we knew you wouldn’t understand. COLIN You’re right. I don’t understand. MR. GREEN I’m so sorry. MRS. GREEN (serious) Let me put it this way. I’ve been in the green business for years, trying to save the planet, trying to do the right thing. The truth is, we’re screwed. Soon there won’t be enough oil, there won’t be enough food, and there won’t be enough water. There’s no point in trying to fix this house of cards our society has become. It’s going down. MR. GREEN I’m sorry. We see the name of the



COLIN That’s your attitude? MRS. GREEN We’re moving to Central America. There’s a little ex-pat community there, totally off the grid, growing their own food, farming using animals, fishing, the real deal. We had to do the condo deal to afford to get in. COLIN What about me? MR. GREEN You’ve got options. anything. You can do

MRS. GREEN We were very generous with you. You’re smart. You’ll figure something out. COLIN (flustered) I’m not ready to give up on this "house of cards" as you call it! MRS. GREEN Panda Pop is not going to save the world. Wake up. COLIN Ok. Fine. Great. So... I guess I shouldn’t expect any email updates from you? MR. GREEN Actually, there’s a satellite thingy there, we can go online it’s just set up so, um, we’re not dependent on technology to live, like we are here. MRS. GREEN We could have told you, maybe we should have, but I just couldn’t risk it. You would have figured something out to stop it. This was our only chance.


COLIN Maybe I’ll stop it anyway! MRS. GREEN Our lawyer worded everything very carefully in that document you signed. I think you’ll find that impossible. MR. GREEN I’m sorry Colin. MRS. GREEN Let’s not make this any harder than it already is. Good bye. Mrs. Green goes below deck, and Mr. Green looks at Colin. MR. GREEN (V.O.) (remorseful) It’s too bad this was the only way. If we’d handled it differently, maybe he could have come with us. Mr. Green goes back to his rope coiling and we see another shot of the boat’s "Just Leafing" sign. COLIN (shouting) Nice knowing you!



Colin walks away. EXT. PARK BENCH - AFTERNOON Colin pulls up to a park bench on his bicycle, leans the bicycle against the side of the bench, and sits down. He pulls out his phone and dials Iris. He gets her voice mail again. IRIS (O.S.) (voice mail message) Greetings, this is Iris, curator of the Shake Up Wake Up. I’m off the grid at this juncture... Colin hangs up.


INT. MAYOR’S OFFICE - DAY Colin walks through a door that says "Daniel Jacobson, Mayor" into a small waiting room with a few empty chairs. matronly RECEPTIONIST in her 50s sits behind a desk. RECEPTIONIST May I help you? COLIN I’d like to talk to the Mayor. RECEPTIONIST Do you have an appointment? COLIN No. Something important has just come up. RECEPTIONIST He’s not here right now, but I can give him a message. COLIN Can I make an appointment? RECEPTIONIST If you leave a message, I’ll check with him. He’s very busy. COLIN OK, tell him Colin O’Malley stopped by. It’s regarding the "New Harvest Heights" condominium development. Here’s my number. Colin writes his number down on a piece of paper and gives it to her. RECEPTIONIST Oh! He’ll call you back as soon as he can. I know he’s very excited about the new penthouse. I’ve seen the plans, very classy. COLIN Oh really? RECEPTIONIST (admiringly) He has such great taste. A


COLIN Great. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from him. Colin walks out of the office and shuts the door behind him. INT. SILVER SIDEWALK SHOE SHOP - EVENING Bryce is at the counter at the shoe store, staring at his laptop as usual. Sally is rearranging shoes. Colin enters. Yo. BRYCE How’s unemployed life?

COLIN I found out the farm is going to be turned into condos, the Greens knew about it the whole time, and they sold me out so they could move to Central America because they think our society is screwed and there’s no point trying to fix it. BRYCE (concerned) Whoa! Are you OK? COLIN I’ll survive. I’m hoping I can find a way to stop "New Harvest Heights" and get the farm back on track. BRYCE New Harvest Heights? Colin shows Bryce the photograph of the condo sign on his celphone. BRYCE "New Harvest Heights!" Too funny. Uncool, but funny. COLIN (half smiling) Funny like your face. BRYCE Oh good one, real mature. are you going to do? So what


COLIN Mrs. Green said it would be "quite impossible" to do anything about it since I signed those papers. BRYCE How’s that change things? COLIN I’m not sure, I have to go home, read the fine print, think about it. BRYCE You need to act. COLIN I already went to the Mayor’s office, since I thought he was a big supporter of the farm. He wasn’t there, and when I told his secretary I was there to talk about the condos, she told me he was planning on moving into the penthouse suite! Whoa. BRYCE That’s low.

COLIN What do you think I should do? BRYCE I’ve got an idea. Let’s tell Amber, she’d love digging up the dirt. Amber? COLIN Seriously?

BRYCE Well it goes like this. If you want everyone in town to find out about something, you can go around and talk to everyone individually, or... you can go to the one person who loves spreading gossip so much that they’ll do all the legwork for you. Amber. COLIN My lying cheating ex Amber?


BRYCE She’s got investigative skills, she’ll dig extra deep... because she’ll think she is burning you. We’ll send it in anonymously. COLIN What if I get implicated as guilty because of her reporting? BRYCE Whatever. You’re squeaky clean. It’s all good. Relax. Let’s do this. Let’s tell Amber and let her do the hard work. She’s says the word and boom! Everyone in town has heard about it. Comon, email me the picture. OK, fine. know. The open, it’s to keep it COLIN It’s better if people sign’s out there in the not like they’re trying secret.

Colin emails the picture of the "New Harvest Heights" sign to Bryce with his phone and Bryce opens it on the screen of his laptop. They stare at it for a moment. Sally approaches Bryce and looks over his shoulder. SALLY Whatcha guys doing? COLIN Um... BRYCE We’re deciding how to send an anonymous news tip to the paper. SALLY Make a fake email address? BRYCE Could be traced, and it might not even get read that way, I bet they get a lot of spam. It could get filtered out with the junk mail. We want it to get to the right person.


SALLY You could just print it out and um, deliver it. COLIN Someone might see us, it’s gotta be anonymous. SALLY If you really want to be anonymous we could cut up some letters out of magazines and make a ransom note, like in the olden days! BRYCE (to Colin) Did people ever actually do that? COLIN No idea. BRYCE (to Sally) You want to make a quick delivery? SALLY Sure, as long as I’m still on the clock. BRYCE Deal. But you gotta bring us back ice cream sandwiches. SALLY Sure. Your treat. Bryce gets some ice cream money for Sally from the till and hands it to her. Bryce prints the photo out with a printer under the counter. COLIN We’ll need a note too. BRYCE How about, "What’s happening at the promised Farmsite?" COLIN That’s perfect actually. Sally, do you mind writing it on the back of this photo?


SALLY No problem. I’ll even use my right hand then no one will recognize my handwriting since I’m really a lefty. BRYCE As long as we can still read it. SALLY Totally. COLIN You can do that? Cool.

Sally writes, "OMG WTF is up with the promised farmsite!!??" on the back of the photograph. BRYCE Close enough. SALLY Anything else? BRYCE Envelope? Bryce pulls an envelope out from under the counter. SALLY What should it say? COLIN Attention Amber Allen. SALLY Your ex-girlfriend... ooh what’s the gossip? COLIN This is a big deal Sally, you have to keep the secret. We want her to look into what’s going on, but don’t want her to know it’s me, I mean us, sending it. SALLY OK, I promise I won’t talk about it. SALLY (V.O.) (looking at Colin) (MORE)


SALLY (V.O.) (cont’d) Can’t promise I’ll be able to not ever think about it, but I’ll do my best. Sally writes "Attention Amber Allen" on the envelope and hands it to Colin. He moves to seal it by licking and Bryce interrupts. BRYCE Wait, spit is totally DNA evidence! SALLY I don’t think they’re gonna check that, seriously. COLIN (V.O.) You don’t know Amber. SALLY (to Colin) I’ll use a bit of water. Sally leaves the scene for a moment. Running water is heard in the background. She returns with a wet paper towel, takes the envelope from him, and seals it. SALLY OK, ready to roll. going? Where am I

BRYCE Wait. Someone will totally see her. Could get traced back to the store. A freaky girl like her is kindof conspicuous. SALLY Hey! COLIN Maybe we should just stick it in a mailbox. BRYCE I can’t remember the last time I actually mailed something. COLIN Someone’s birthday card?


BRYCE Haven’t sent one of those since the 90s. COLIN I assume you don’t have a newspaper around here, can you look up their address online? SALLY Dead tree news is so obsolete! Yuk. Bryce begins typing on his computer. Sally puts the envelope down on the counter and moves towards the door. BRYCE (playfully, to Sally) Where do you think you’re going? SALLY Stamps. Ice cream. I’ll be quick.

BRYCE As long as it’s still frozen when you get back. SALLY Okie dokie Boss Dude. Sally leaves. his bag. Colin picks up the envelope and puts it in

COLIN I’m going to think about it first. Maybe this isn’t the best way to save the farm. BRYCE It’s your call Mr. Nice Guy. Personally, I’d organize a bunch of dudes with pitchforks to storm City Hall. Raaaaaa! Peasant rebellion! COLIN That’s one approach. BRYCE (sincerely) Whatever you do, be careful, and let me know if you need any backup.


COLIN Thanks, bro. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - NIGHT Colin is sitting in bed, reading the same Permaculture gardening book. The clock reads 11:11. He picks up his phone and tries calling Iris again. She does not answer. IRIS (O.S.) (voice mail message) Greetings, this is Iris, curator of the Shake Up... Colin hangs up and shuts off the light. EXT. FARMSITE - DAY Colin is at the farmsite in the future. It is lush with crops and there are greenhouses, solar panels, and windmills in the background. Colin is wearing overalls and is holding a pitchfork. It is sunny, there is romantic music in the background, and birds are singing. He looks into the distance, and sees Iris happily dancing in a circle holding hands with a group of women and children of many races. The women are wearing flowing skirts. She sees him, leaves the circle, and runs towards him. He throws down the pitchfork and runs towards her. They kiss passionately until we hear an alarm clock. It was just a dream. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - MORNING SUPER: "Wednesday"

Colin’s alarm is going off at 9:15 AM. He wakes up and remembers where he is and what is going on. EXT. SIDEWALK CAFE - MORNING Colin is having a coffee and a bagel at a sidewalk cafe with his book. His phone rings and he answers it. COLIN Hello!


IRIS (O.S.) I got your message. Sorry it took me so long to call back, I’ve been entangled in some drama. COLIN Are you OK? IRIS (O.S.) Yeah, well, sortof. I’d rather not talk about it on the phone. COLIN Can I see you today? too. I’ve got news

IRIS (O.S.) It’s not about you and me, right? COLIN No, no... everything between us is great, right? IRIS (O.S.) Yeah. Definitely. What are you doing today? Can I see you? COLIN I’m free, not working today. IRIS (O.S.) Awesome, can you come to the SUWU? I’m here now, will be all day. COLIN OK, give me an hour. IRIS (O.S.) See you soon. COLIN Awesome. IRIS (O.S.) Awesome. Bye. They hang up. Colin takes a drink of his coffee.

104. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - DAY Colin enters the SUWU, where Iris is doing yoga. him and stands up. IRIS Colin! She runs over to him and they hug. COLIN Hi angel. IRIS Let’s talk in my office. show you something. INT. IRIS’ OFFICE - DAY Colin and Iris are sitting on the couch in Iris’ office. IRIS Tell me your news first. COLIN I got laid off at work, but I got a nice severance package. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but that’s OK. IRIS That seems like good news, congrats! COLIN Sortof. It also they’re planning into condos, and Mayor were in on Ouch. turns out that on turning my farm the Greens and the it all along. I want to She sees

IRIS Are you OK?

COLIN I feel like I should do something, but I need to talk to a lawyer, have them look at the fine print of what I signed. IRIS Well, I know a good lawyer, who unfortunately I’ll be calling soon for my own reasons.


COLIN Your drama? IRIS Yeah. COLIN What’s going on? Iris stands up and gets a piece of paper from her desk and hands it to Colin. IRIS We got this letter. shut us down. Colin reads the letter. COLIN (V.O.) Dear Shake Up Wake Up, we have been investigating your establishment and have found that you are violating city regulation 89A.34 regarding allowable hours for a night club. You have been observed letting patrons enter after 4 AM and patrons have been observed leaving after 9 AM. Please respond to this letter in writing within 10 days and change your operating procedures within established guidelines or we will take further action. Please see the attached city bylaw documentation. IRIS There’s a neighbor who is offended we’re doing this here, in a church. We’ve been threatened verbally before, but this is the first official notice. I had an emergency meeting last night with Albert and the foundation rep. We’re going to meet with the lawyer next week. COLIN You’re not serving alcohol, do you have to follow the nightclub rules? IRIS It’s a grey area. The judge could go either way. Holistically, I (MORE) They want to

106. IRIS (cont’d) know everything is going to be OK, but I confess, right now, I’m nervous. COLIN Would closing at four be so bad? IRIS The "shake up" can only happen right before dawn. I don’t know why. It’s just the way it is. COLIN That was an amazing experience by the way. IRIS I’m glad you liked it, that you were open enough to let it happen. COLIN Are there people who don’t? IRIS If someone who can’t open up to it is here, it won’t happen. It doesn’t always work. COLIN I passed the test. IRIS I wouldn’t put it like that, but I had to see if we could possibly be compatible. COLIN You sound skeptical. IRIS It’s just that I’m an odd bird. Most guys couldn’t handle having a psychic girlfriend, you know what I mean? COLIN (V.O.) It is a bit intense. IRIS It seems like you might be honest enough, real enough, and man enough to handle it.

107. COLIN Thank you.


They kiss for a few moments, melting into each other, then slowly separate. COLIN Any thoughts on what we should do, Miss ESP? IRIS In general? COLIN About the farm, the condos, the SUWU, my metaphysical angst, about... IRIS (interrupting) Sleep on it? COLIN (teasing) What use are these superpowers of yours? IRIS Intuition only works in the moment. COLIN What do you mean? IRIS It means, I always know what to do right now. I have no clue about "should dos" for later. COLIN We need a plan. IRIS Don’t plan, prepare. COLIN Prepare for what, the worst? IRIS For the reality of total uncertainty. Learn to accept that we never really know exactly who we are, what’s going on, or what’s next! The past is over and the future’s unknown.

108. COLIN Such platitudes! IRIS It’s true. COLIN So, what’s your intuition saying now? What should we do? Iris leans over and kisses him on the cheek and smiles at him. IRIS Come on the supply run to the country with me tomorrow. The weather’s going to be great. COLIN Let’s do it. IRIS Are you good to stay overnight? COLIN Yes! It’s not like I have a job or anything. Where will we stay? IRIS There’s a guesthouse. nice. You’ll see. It’s

COLIN Mmm, overnight with Iris. How excited am I allowed to get about that? IRIS No expectations. flow. COLIN OK, I hear you. IRIS Seriously, I’m not a normal girl. I can’t rush into things. I don’t want to blow your circuits. COLIN (V.O.) Blow my... circuits? Iris giggles. Going with the


IRIS I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning at eleven. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - DAY SUPER: "Thursday" The clock

Colin wakes up in the morning without the alarm. reads 10:10. INT. COLIN’S BEDROOM - DAY

Colin is picking out clothes to wear for the day and packing a backpack for his trip. He pulls a box of condoms from his closet and looks at it for a moment. He puts a strip of them in his bag. COLIN (V.O.) Just in case. No expectations. Don’t plan, prepare. EXT. SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF COLIN’S BUILDING - DAY Colin is standing outside of his building, waiting. Iris pulls up in a somewhat noisy vintage Mercedes and Colin gets in. They hug and kiss in greeting. COLIN Hey, fancy wheels! IRIS Meet BioBetty! She’s an old deisel I run on veggie oil. Colin is very impressed. COLIN Sweet! Do you have enough fuel for the journey? IRIS I’ve got an extra tank in the back, and several sources lined up along the way. Nice. hero? COLIN Have I told you you’re my


IRIS Actually, no one’s ever said that to me before. Thanks. Iris starts driving. INT. IRIS’ CAR - DAY Colin and Iris roll down the highway, first getting stuck in traffic, then gradually getting more and more into the countryside. It’s a beautiful day and they’re listening to high energy upbeat melodic electronica. They are in love. They come around the bend and see one of their Panda Pop billboards for the first time. They laugh and are thrilled. EXT. IN FRONT OF PANDA POP BILLBOARD - DAY Colin and Iris exit the car and pose in front of the billboard, taking pictures with their camera phones. INT. ROADSIDE DINER - EVENING Iris and Colin are sitting in the back corner of a country diner. They have menus in front of them. The restaurant is mostly empty. IRIS This place is great. Everything is good. Real ingredients, nice people making it. You’ll love it. COLIN Awesome, I’m thinking about lasagne. Colin and Iris go back to looking at the menus and the front door of the diner opens. Amber and the Mayor walk in together. Colin covers the bottom half of his face with his menu and looks over the top of it. COLIN (quietly) Iris! It’s my ex girlfriend, the reporter, and she’s here with the Mayor. IRIS Are they together together?


The Mayor and Amber sit down. They are holding hands on the table and are obviously romantic with one another. AMBER (to the Mayor) Oh it’s so quaint! MAYOR I love getting out of the city, don’t you babe? AMBER I love it, here we can really be ourselves. Colin continues to hide behind his menu, and is almost cringing. COLIN Forget this, I’m tired of hiding and being walked on. Colin confidently walks over to the table where Amber and the Mayor are sitting. They look up. COLIN Hello. AMBER (V.O.) Oh my God! What is he doing here? Shit! MAYOR May I help you? COLIN Yes Danny, you may remember me from a little farm opening ceremony. I’ve just found out that it’s going to be turned into condos and I wondered if you had any opinion on that. AMBER (V.O.) How dare he? How dare he? MAYOR I’m sorry it worked out that way. COLIN I hear you’re going to move in.


MAYOR Listen, why don’t we discuss this like civilized people? COLIN Do you consider lying and girlfriend stealing civilized behavior? MAYOR Please, have a seat. this out. Let’s work

AMBER (V.O.) Oh no, Danny what are you doing? Colin looks Amber in the eye and sits next to her. COLIN OK, you start. MAYOR (speaking quietly) As Mayor, I have a lot less power than you’d think. I loved the farm idea, but there was an existing claim on the land with the developers. It was in the Greens’ hands and they went for the money. COLIN I noticed. MAYOR And as you may know, I am a married man. I am planning on divorcing my wife, she knows about it, it’s mutual, it’s amicable, but we’re hoping to keep it out of the press. COLIN So you’re dating the press instead? AMBER (V.O.) Asshole. MAYOR Actually, we’re in love. MAYOR (V.O.) God, how I love this woman.


AMBER (V.O.) It’s true, oh God please don’t let Colin ruin this. COLIN OK. Fine. You’re in love. But there’s nothing you can do about the condos? MAYOR No. But it’s actually quite an innovative project. The latest environmental building techniques, solar panels, waste water recycling, the whole bit. COLIN So why should I not tell the press about you and Amber? I’m sure they’d love that story. MAYOR Listen. There’s a new green roofs initiative starting with "New Harvest Heights." There’s money to plant food gardens on top of buildings all over town. I hear you might need a new job. How’d you like to manage it? Work with the system instead of fighting it? COLIN Why should I trust you? MAYOR I can see why you’d be hesitant, but you have my word. MAYOR (V.O.) If only I could prove to him that I’m good for it. I really want to help this kid, it wasn’t his fault what happened. COLIN I do need work and that’s something I could get stoked about. I’d rather do it as an independent contractor, though. I want to start my own business.


MAYOR That might work better for me too. COLIN OK, I’ll tentatively say yes on one condition. MAYOR Which is? COLIN Help me save the "Shake Up Wake Up." MAYOR You mean that church nightclub? COLIN It’s not a nightclub, there’s no alcohol. MAYOR If that’s true, I should be able to call off the investigation. MAYOR (V.O.) Piece of cake, I just had that filed to keep Granny Anderson from harassing my receptionist complaining about the "dancing sinners" every other day. It’ll take me five minutes to have that investigation called off. COLIN Do we have a tentative deal? MAYOR Yes. Come see me on Monday, my office, 2 PM. We’ll work it out. Colin shakes the Mayor’s hand and stands up. COLIN I’m going to hold you to your word. MAYOR I’m good for it. Thanks for being understanding about my reputation. COLIN (to Amber) See ya later, babe.


Colin walks back over to his table and sits down with Iris. The Mayor and Amber decide to leave the restaurant. Wow. IRIS Now you’re my hero.

COLIN Don’t get too excited yet. Let’s see how this plays out first. INT. GUESTHOUSE - NIGHT Iris and Colin are making out and it ends up getting hot and heavy. As they have their own one on one "shake up wake up" they are surrounded by visible electricity. INT. IRIS’ CAR - DAY SUPER: "Friday"

Colin and Iris are driving back towards the city, holding hands in the car as they roll along. They are very blissed out. EXT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP EXTERIOR - DAY Iris pulls up in front of the Shake Up Wake Up and Albert comes running out to greet them. ALBERT Iris! Iris! They called off the investigation. We’re good to go. No lawyers necessary. It’s a miracle! Iris beeps the car horn and Albert dances a little on the sidewalk. Colin and Iris laugh. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR MAIN FLOOR - NIGHT SUPER: "Saturday"

A brief scene of people dancing at the Shake Up Wake Up. Everyone is having a great time and celebrating being allowed to stay open.



We see rows of food plants blowing in the wind against the sky. Colin steps into the scene with Iris. He is wearing a tuxedo with a green bowtie and vest, and the green hightops. Iris has on a lovely dress. The camera moves and we can then see that they are in a rooftop garden on a tall building. They walk towards a podium set up in a clear spot where the Mayor and Amber are standing. The four of them smile and shake hands with each other. EXT. ROOF OF A HIGH RISE BUILDING - DAY A small crowd has gathered on the roof. The NewSchool Samba Squad plays as people walk around and admire the plants and the view. After a few moments we see the Mayor at the podium. band stops and he begins to speak. MAYOR We are here to celebrate the launch of our city’s green roof initiative. May this be the beginning of a new era of urban design, where instead of lifeless concrete and steel, technology can live in harmony with the plants we need to survive. Things are not perfect, and we have a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction and I am very proud to be here in this moment and proud to call "New Harvest Heights" home. The crowd claps. MAYOR I would like to thank everyone who helped make this project happen, especially Colin O’Malley, who made huge personal compromises to be here today. I applaud his idealism, his honor, his wisdom, and his vision. Working together, the politicians and the people can make progress. The


Colin walks up to the mayor and they shake hands. pictures are taken.


The crowd claps louder. The camera pans and shows the impressive view from Colin’s perspective. INT. SHAKE UP WAKE UP INTERIOR - NIGHT A large crowd dances at the Shake Up Wake Up, including Amber and the Mayor, who are happily (and openly) in love. We see Bryce standing alone for a moment, then he is approached by a beautiful larger girl. He obviously knows her and is very happy to see her, as they hug and kiss deeply. After a few more moments of shots of the dancing crowd which includes most of the characters from previous scenes, we see the back of Colin’s head as Iris approaches. She runs her fingers through his hair and pulls him in for a kiss. She is wearing his engagement ring. THE END