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To: Municipal Planning
Meeting Date:
March 3, 2016


Prepared By: Ronald M. Traub, Director
Economic & Community Development

Rick Christenson, property owner

Requested Action: Informal Rezoning

To rezone 2.41 acres of land from R-10, Multi-Family residential to B-2, General

Existing Zoning:

R-10, Multi-Family Residential

Parcel ID Number:



7559 Mentor Avenue


2.41 acres

Existing Land Use: apartment complex
Surrounding Land
Use and Zoning: North: vacant land; zoned B-2, General Business
East: vacant land; zoned B-2, General Business
South: Buybacks and Kronheims Furniture; zoned B-2, General Business
West: Colonial Plaza and vacant land; zoned B-2, General Business and M-1, Light
Zoning History:
The Mentor Township zoning map in effect in 1955 depicts 200 ft. from Mentor Avenue
was zoned B, Business, the rear portion 500 ft. from the center of the tracks was zoned
I, Industrial. The apartment complex was built in 1960. In 1963 when the township and
village merged to form the City of Mentor, the property was zoned R-3, Multiple Family

Charter 3.09 Ordinance and Resolutions
Chapter 1137 Amendments
Chapter 1137.04 Information Required
Chapter 1153.01 Districts Established
Chapter 1155.01 Schedule of District Regulations

Engineering Comments:
 No Comment
Fire Department Comments:
 No comment
Police Department Comments:
 No concerns

The applicant proposes to rezone 2.41 acres of land from R-10, Multi-Family Residential to B-2,
General Business. The property owner, Rick Christenson wants to sell the 57 unit Mentor Park
Apartment complex and/or market the property for a commercial use. The applicant was advised
that rezoning the property to B-2, General Business would make the apartment complex a nonconforming structure and use of the land. The apartment use and structures could be maintained
but not expanded to occupy a greater area. The property owner could sell the apartment complex



and the present use maintained even if the property is rezoned to the B-2, General Business
Aerial photos indicate the existing zoning classification and property ownership on the north side
of Mentor Avenue. The Mentor City Land Bank owns the property to the north and east of the
apartment complex which was rezoned by the previous owner from M-1, Light Manufacturing to
B-2, General Business in November of 2000. The undeveloped property north of the existing
businesses on Mentor Ave can be accessed from multiple locations; the existing access drive from
Plaza Boulevard, the signalized intersection at Mentor Avenue and Middlesex Road, and the
existing access drive at Mentor Avenue and Brentwood Road. The future access to Plaza
Boulevard extension will increase traffic along the existing access drive onto Plaza increasing the
potential for commercial development. The applicant has indicated that there is currently no
potential user or development plan for the property.
Per Chapter 1137 Amendments, the first step to amend the Official Zoning Map is to file an
informal request, which is followed by the formal rezoning application to the Mentor Municipal
Planning Commission. The Commission makes a recommendation to City Council, who will then
vote on the ordinance of the zoning amendment. Per the City Charter Section 3.09 Ordinances
and Resolutions A 1., legislation providing for a zoning change of lands from any residential
district zoning classification to an industrial or commercial zoning district classification requires
approval of a voter referendum by the majority of the electors of the City of Mentor at the next
general or primary election occurring not less than sixty (60) days after passage of such
legislation. The filing deadline for the upcoming November 8, 2016 Primary Election is
September 9, 2016.
The abutting property owner (USA Management) has filed an application to rezone approximately
7.5 acres in the rear (north) of Colonial Plaza from M-1, Industrial to B-2, General Business. The
Administration suggests the following conditions be approved by the Commission for the
applicant to provide as part of the formal rezoning request.
1. A legal description of the property shall be submitted as part of the formal rezoning request.
2. The preliminary plans shall include the names and addresses of the owners of the property owners contiguous
or directly across the street from the subject property.
3. Existing topography at 2 ft. contour intervals of the property to be rezoned and extending at least 300 ft.
outside of the proposed site, including property lines, easements, street right-of-way, existing structures, trees
and landscaping features existing thereon.
4. The proposed vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns.
5. The location of all existing and all proposed structures.
6. The proposed assignment of use and subdivision of land including private land and common land.
7. Preliminary plans of all structural types.
8. Deed restrictions and protective covenants.
9. A schedule for construction and cost estimates.
10. Regional location map.
11. Population impact evaluation.
12. Market report.
13. Trip Generation and Traffic Impact Study.
14. Utilities impact evaluation.
15. Drainage impact evaluation.


16. A perpetual maintenance plan for the open space areas shall be submitted for review and approval prior to
approval of the Final Subdivision Plan.
17. Such other relevant information as the Planning Commission may require.

Application, GIS Map