Name Background Appearance Parry Toughness -1

What “they” need to hit you in melee. Your parry is equal to 2 + half your Fighting. Head Arms Legs Damage needed to shake you in combat. Equal to 2 + half your Vigor + armor.




d te ita ac ap Inc

Fatigue -3 -2 -1




You take a wound when the damage dealt to your hero surpasses your toughness by a raise. Each and every raise causes another wound. Wound penalties are applied to your Pace and all trait rolls. You may attempt to not take this damage by making a Soak Roll (spend a Benny and roll your Vigor). Healing attemps require 10 mins of work, and must be make within an hour of receiving the wound.

Make a Vigor roll to determine the results of being incapacitated (SWEX p. 75).

Heat, cold, hunger, thirst, lack of sleep and drowning are all sources of fatigue, a downward spiral that can lead to a character’s death if he doesn’t nd a way to recover. Fatigue penalties are applied to your Pace and all trait rolls.

Unencumbered Load Limit is ve times your St in lbs. Each multiple above this you su er a -1 penalty to St, Ag and linked skills.

Run You can move your Pace each round. As an action you can run, moving your running die extra distance.

Melee damage Load limit

Fighting Shooting
(Ag) (Ag) (Ag)

Weapons, Armor, Powers

Power Points

Toughness Soak rolls



Combat ability Tricks


Tests of Will
Intimidation Taunt
(Sp) (Sm)

Tricks Resist Taunt


Notice Stealth Lockpicking Climbing
(Sm) (Ag) (Ag) (St) (Sm) (Sm) (Ag) (Sm)

Additional Skills & Languages

Arcane skills (Sm / Sp), Boating (Ag), Craft (Sm, Sp, Ag), Driving (Ag), Gambling (Sm), Investigation (Sm), Knowledge (Sm), Riding (Ag):

Recover Shaken Resist Intimidate


Interaction skills (Cha is +0 unless you have Edges or Hindrances that modify it)


Tracking Survival Swimming Healing

Personality Quirks, Hindrances & Permanent Injuries

Persuasion Streetwise

(add your Charisma)

(Sp) (Sm)

Edges & Advancements
Starting S1 N1 N2 N3 Legendary S2 S3 S4 V1 V2 V3 V4 H1 H2 H3 H4

Aim +2 Shooting/Throwing if character does not move | Defend +2 Parry; character may take no other actions | Disarm -2 attack; defender must make a Str roll vs. the damage or drop his weapon | The Drop +4 attack and damage | Finishing Move Instant kill to helpless foe with lethal weapon | Full Defense No movement or other actions to replace Parry with Fighting roll | Ganging Up +1 per additional attacker; maximum of +4 | Grapple Opposed Strength roll to grapple; raise causes Shaken | Nonlethal Damage Incapacitated characters are knocked out instead | Tests of Will Roll Taunt vs Smarts or Intimidate vs Spirit, with situational modi ers; if you win you get +2 on your next action against the opponent in this combat; raise also causes Shaken | Tricks Describe maneuver then make an opposed Agility / Smarts roll; if you win opponent gets -2 Parry until his next turn, win with a raise and he’s Shaken as well | Two Weapons -2 attack; additional -2 for o -hand if not Ambidextrous | Unarmed Defender Armed attackers gain +2 Fighting | Wild Attack Player must rst describe maneuver, then gains +2 Fighting, +2 damage, -2 Parry until next action | Withdrawing from Close Combat Adjacent foes each get one free attack at retreating character.