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More than 10 years of comprehensive retail experience with 3 as Retail Director and 6 as Director /
Head of buying and merchandising with success record of driving sales and profits to new heights
by managing multi-channel business in broad spectrum of environments from global branded to
niche luxury retail environments. Strong leadership skills, achieved top ranks in sales and volume
through motivation and development of staff. Superior process and operational improvement
talents, as well as customer service skills.


Strategic Business Planning & Leadership ♦ International Retail Management ♦ P&L Accountability
Policy Development ♦ Brand Management Inline, Factory & Retail Operations
Relationship Management ♦ Team Leadership ♦ Staff Management & Motivation
Business Revenue Improvement ♦ Customer Sale Opportunity Improvement


COMPANY, LOCATION • 2006 – 2009

£11B designer and marketer of apparel equipment, and accessory products; 54.3K employees.
Position Held
In charge of operational and strategic direction for all UK retail activities over 3 businesses: inline
stores (flagship, owned, and shop-in-shops), factory stores and Managed and led a
proactive, in touch and smoothly run retail business with P&L accountability with annual sales
turnover of £95M and 7 direct reports at middle to senior management level. Ensured retail
function complemented wholesale business in management of brand in marketplace and best
presentation of brand to consumers either through Nike-owned outlets or in collaboration with key
wholesale accounts. Closely interacted with Area Managers and Store Managers to support store
staff in excess of 700 and optimise all customer sales opportunities within stores. Developed
selling strategies based on trends, inventory control, and sales objectives to create a customer-
oriented sales policy.
♦ Increased retail business 135% over 3 years and built retail team to support growth
accordingly through definition and delivery of UK retail strategy.
♦ Doubled business and number of stores that increased ability to clear the closeout
stocks through a more controlled channel through development and launch of new
factory strategy.
♦ Boosted revenues by £10M annually by launching new store concept and opening the 1st
5 new inline stores that also raised market position and improved consumer experience.
♦ Repositioned Nike Town London flagship store as #1 globally through a £20M
investment project supported with total review of the store operations and staff.

COMPANY, LOCATION • 2005 – 2006

£242B international sports retailer with 2 business segments: retailing and financial services.
Retailing Services includes online shopping channels; 758.5K employees.
Position Held
Accountable for operational and strategic direction of wine and flowers business with
annual sales of £30M. Directed staff of 3.
♦ Achieved annual sales target of 100% by increasing the commerciality in managing the
♦ Exceeded sales target by 30% by re-launching and integrating wine club direct mail
programme with offering.

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♦ Raised flower offering sales more than 50% by repositioning and re-engineered the
range to maximise consumer high-price spending online (compared to supermarket
range) and enhanced the team ability with specialist external expertise.

COMPANY, LOCATION • 2002 - 2004

Position Held
£322M line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and provider of customised
and designer tailoring services. In addition, operates online catalogue and shopping facility; 545
Charged with retail buying and merchandising across Europe through multiple business formats of
inline stores (flagship, owned, and concessions), franchise stores, and factory stores with annual
sales turnover of £230M. Defined and hired the organisational requirements and skill set required
to support the retail expansion of team to deliver the objectives. Collaborated with other key stake
holders to ensure collections were edited appropriately for each city, store, and overseas partners.
Directed 3 direct reports at senior management level.
♦ Defined buying and merchandise franchise strategy which supported store expansion
from 2 to over 20 stores by12/ 2004 and franchise sales growth from £4M to £33M.
♦ Maximised buying and merchandising approach to the factory side of the business by
introducing new processes and ways of working that ensured faster closeout product
stock turns and minimised inventory held.
♦ Identified and delivered new merchandising system that was a multi-million pound
investment rolled out across Europe.

COMPANY. LOCATION • 2001 - 2002

£345M line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and provider of customised
and designer tailoring services. In addition, operates online catalogue and shopping facility; 545
Position Held
Accountable for buying and merchandising for £25M line; Directed 6 direct reports at middle
management level. In charge of warehousing and logistics operations to support the stock
fulfilment to the stores in UK and Europe/
♦ Delivered sales in excess of 20% increase year-on-year by building merchandising
function to complement the existing buying team.
♦ Achieved 2 point improvement in gross margin by introducing approach to range
planning and supplier management.
♦ Implemented new merchandising system.
♦ Managed the Spanish concession expansion programme with El Corte Anglais by
defining the opportunities in numerous areas, including delivering commercial product
offering and the required logistical and operational support that supported the expansion
from 1 to 5 concessions.

Career Note: Prior experience includes Position Held – Division with COMPANY in London from
1998 - 2001. Managed a team of 30+ and delivered succession planning and career development
opportunities through all levels of the teams.
♦ Increased business profitability 4% for the own buy offering and launched in-house
♦ Instituted supplier review to utilise economies of scale with sister company, Grattans,
that led to new sourcing and improved supplier terms and improved gross margins of


1st in BSc Maths, statistics and operational research, University of Location