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Amsterdam Smart City

Geuzenveld Project

Smart Metering Scandinavia

11th March 2010
Three Parts

1. About Amsterdam Smart City and the

Geuzenveld Project

2. About displays – research, trials and what this

means for Smart Metering

3. About the technology – the mechanics of one

element of the project
The Speakers

Simon Anderson Poul Eriksen

Chief Operating Officer VP Sales & Technology
The Geuzenveld Project
Amsterdam Smart City

• Designed as an accelerator for climate/energy programs, bringing

parties together and initiating projects that reduce CO2 and yield local
best practices for full scale roll out
• The city of Amsterdam and grid operator Alliander have initiated a
program to support the climate and social-economical goals
• Reducing emissions by focusing on Sustainable Living, Working,
Transport and Municipality enabled by Smart Grid technology
• Based on 3 key principles: collective effort, Tech push / demand pull
and economic viability
The Geuzenveld Project

• 700 houses equipped with smart meters and energy feedback between
April & September 2010.
• Planned to have several different types of display deployed.
• Objectives:
o to establish effective ways of communicating energy information to
o to understand the balance between cost and effectiveness of
consumer displays;
o to research the behavioural changes stimulated.
The value of displays
Turkeys and Christmas

Why should energy retailers use displays

• Demand side reasons: why customers want displays
o Money: budgeting / visibility of feed-in tariffs / rising costs
o Conscience: sustainability / carbon footprint / feel good factor
o Services: convenience, complexity, peace of mind
• Supply side reasons
o Demand will stay high but the mix will change
o Increasing uncertainty
o Control rising costs
• Business Reasons
o Replace commodity income by service income
o Market disruption – smart energy management
o Competition
Consumer Research Results - Interest

• £40,000 bespoke market research Nov 2006

• Qualitative – 9 focus groups
• Quantitative – online survey 1400 people normalised to 1000
Consumer Research Results - Functionality
Consumer Research Results - Price
Visible Energy Trial

• Year long trial completing in Jun 2010

• Qualitative and quantitative behavioural trial to substantiate market


• Supervised and analysed by University of East Anglia

• Sponsored by Carbon Connections

• 275 homes across east Anglia

• Three types of displays

Visible Energy Trial Interim Survey Results

Solo Duet Trio

High levels of satisfaction: 95% 82% 73%
Daily usage – ‘push’ versus ‘pull’: 70% 60% 28%
Changes in behaviour: switching things off more 70% 95% 78%
than before:
Learning: those who have increased their level of 85% 65% 69%
Follow-on actions as a direct result of having a 2/3rds of those without a full set of low energy
display: light bulbs bought additional ones
22 people are now considering installing

• Its about people...

• Once people start to use displays they seem to want more
• Push displays are needed to engage and remind people
• There is a learning curve: people can be scared off with too much detail
too quickly
• Displays:
o Create awareness
o Generate confidence
o Stimulate action
o Bring people into the market
About the Technology
The technology

+ +

Focus on:
• Easy installation
• Security
• Flexibility
• Future proof
• Competitive pricing
• Open standards
The Units

Echelon power meters

• with MEP expansion port

Develco Products MEP card

+ +
• Full ZigBee ESP and gateway

GEO Energy display

• Power, Electricity and Gas consumption
Easy Installation

Display and MEP card bundled from

•MEP security key installed
•No setup required on site
+ +
Two MEP card options
•Slide in:
• Requires special terminal cover
• Can be installed by customer
• Uses standard terminal cover
• Must be installed by technician

MEP Port security

•Key for accessing readings etc.
•Unique key for 2-way communication
•Encryption: AES-128
•Unique key installed via PLC or ZigBee
+ +
(not needed for display functionality)

ZigBee Smart Energy security (option 1):

•Unique key for joining SE network
•Encryption: AES-128 + ECC

ZigBee Home Automation security (option 2):

•Random key generated by MEP
•Encryption: AES-128
Flexibility / Future proofing

Develco Products SmartAMM MEP includes:

•Host gateway – to PLC host
•Energy Service Portal, handling:
o In-home display
o Metering
o Sub-metering
o Load controls
o Smart Appliance
•Gateway to Home Automation network
•Internet access (e.g. for GEO WEB)
•Over the Air or PLC reprogramming

ZigBee HA + iNet
In summary

• The Geuzenveld Project is testing gas and electricity smart metering

with customer feedback in a consumer environment. As Amsterdam
Smart City say “we test them first in Amsterdam”.

• The Geuzenveld Project will build on GEO’s UK learning with regard to:
o A different country
o In relation to Smart Metering
o Different display options

• The Echelon / Develco / GEO package offers a comprehensive, easy to

install, open standard, state-of-the art Smart Metering package.
Thank you