Paramilitaries are Already Here, in Your Neighborhood.

Now that the Patriot Act has Instituted Martial Law,
Blackwateris Unnecessary to Implement it.
American Societyis Closed Unless You Do Something Now.

´The Pentagon and the Justice Department have agreed to share state-of-the-art military technology with civilian law
enforcement agencies, including exotic ¶non-lethal· weapons.µ Washington Post, 3/23/94

´The U.S. Air Force has installed high-power (sic) microwave generators on air-launched cruise missiles. The stated purpose
for the beam generators is to wage computer warfare, frying delicate computer components, but these generators would also
theoretically be able to fry the delicate mental components of human beings.
(emph. added) Keith, Jim: Mass Control:
Engineering Human Consciousness. 1999/2003, Adventures Unlimited Press, attributed to Microwave News, March/April, 1998;
Aviation Week, January 19, 1998; Youth Action Newsletter, December, 1994.

´Sonic weapons, olfactory deterrents, directed microwave energy weapons, and a number of other less lethal weapons are
under development. Thorough evaluations of the health effects of these weapons should be performed during development
and after deployment of the weapons. This will allow full assessment of their risks and benefits. It will also allow medical
providers to determine the injury patterns associated with new weapons and help minimize morbidity and mortality due to their
use.µ William P. Bozeman, James E. Winslow, Medical Aspects of Less Lethal Weapons. The Internet Journal of Rescue and
Disaster Medicine (ISSN: 1531-2992) 2005.Volume 5, Number 1. (emph. added)

´During development and after deployment.´How are these experiments being conducted -- in the field, where combatants are rarely
captured alive, or in your neighborhood, where the FBI has a history of developing other technologies such as surveillance tools? See,
Brian Glick·s War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists and What We Can Do About It, (1989, South End Press).Would you give
your consent to have microwave beams tested on you ² ´fully,µ up to and including mortality? That is the objective of the ´full assessmentµ
goal stated above -- to find out the outer limits of lethality of these technologies. Prior consent is the law, but how is the law enforced when
people are used as guinea pigs to develop stealth weapons that destroy their capacity to think and act in their best interests? Microwaves
are stealth weapons. They·re invisible. The U.S., and particularly the Pentagon, has an atrocious history of using people as experimental
test subjects without their knowledge or consent.The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, conducted by a Pentagon agency renamed the Centers for
Disease Control, is but one of many examples of this type of human and civil rights abuse. When the federal government gives weapons
such as these to every civilian law enforcement department in the country -- including hand-held devices known as ´the dazzlerµ -- for the
stated purpose of subduing hijackers at airports, it is the last -- not the first -- sign that we live in a military dictatorship. (Can someone tell
me where my local airport is?)

Below is an abstract for the DOJ·s National Institute of Justice·s report on the briefing of law enforcement on the use of these technologies.
Please note the dates.

NCJRS Abstract

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NCJ Number: NCJ 133523
Title: NIJ Initiative on Less-Than-Lethal Weapons
Author(s): D W Hayeslip; A Preszler
Corporate Author: US Dept of Justice
National Institute of Justice
United States

Sponsoring Agency: US Dept of Justice NIJ Pub
United States

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NCJRS paper reproduction
Box 6000, Dept F
Rockville, MD 20849
United States

National Institute of Justice/
NCJRS Paper Reproduction Sales
Box 6000 Department F
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Type:Conference/meeting materials

Origin:United States


Note:National Institute of Justice Research in Brief,
March 1993

Annotation:This paper describes the National Institute of Justice·s (NIJ·s) efforts to develop less-than-lethal weapons appropriate for
various law enforcement circumstances, with attention to the results of a conference on the development and application of less-than-lethal
weapons technology.
Abstract:In 1987 NIJ began to examine operational requirements for future innovative less-than-lethal devices and examined several new
technologies that might be developed for use in law enforcement. Of interest were electrical and electromagnetic technologies, alternative
impact devices, drug-delivering dart guns, and knockout gases. There was substantial interest in the potential for developing a chemical
dart gun. In 1991 and 1992 NIJ convened meetings of law enforcement professionals and experts to review and assess NIJ·s progress with
the development of the chemical technology and to consider other methods that could meet law enforcement·s expanding need for
minimum-force alternatives. Participants were divided into six focus groups to examine the utility and needs for less-than-lethal weapons.
Scenarios selected as situations in which less-than-lethal force would most likely be used were fleeing felon/patrol applications, domestic
disturbances, barricade/tactical assault, search warrant/raid, and prison/jail disturbance. For patrol applications, an improved chemical
mace was considered ideal in many situations. Lasers were favored in ´less volatileµ hostage situations and barricade encounters, and
microwave devices may show promise for major hostage situations, such as airplane hijackings. NIJ is currently conducting a national
survey of the use of less-than-lethal devices by law enforcement. NIJ is also examining less-than-lethal technologies currently under
development by Federal agencies. A major research priority of the NIJ in the 1990s will be to continue the development and testing of less-
than-lethal devices for use in the criminal justice system. 4 notes.
Main Term(s): Nonlethal weapons
Index Term(s): Technology ; Research and development ; Natl Institute of Justice
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If your PAC, or peace and justice group, or church, or temple, or shrine, or mosque, or civil rights organization, or school community
outreach programs have not been fighting to reverse this unprecedented usurpation of civil powers by military authorities since it began in
1987, then they have not been working for your freedom and rights. Fascism is here and it is now.
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--Sen. Frunk Church
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