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Hello Friends,
Response spectrum analysis demands for seastate input file. I would like to know why do we consider
wave/current/wind loads in Seismic analysis. I believe API recommends to perform the analysis with
seismic loads alone, along with the self weight and added mass. Moreover, If it is required in the
analysis, why do we have to provide separate seastate input file when the model file contains the seastate
Looking forward to your response.
Thanks and Best Regards,
2. Re: Ishwarya, can I know if you are using Spectral Earthquake analysis. If it is a offshore structure, you
may want to use seastate data to generate dynpac mode shapes and mass files which will in turn be used
in spectral earthquake analysis. Answering to your second question, if the model input file already has
seastate data, in executive window, under analysis options please click Edit Environmental Loading
Options, and choose yes to Seastate Input in Model File option. Please let me know if you have any
further questions on this. Thanks.
3. Thank you for your response. Yes, I am using Spectral Earthquake analysis. I have already given the
seastate loads in the modeling file. Is it possible to run the analysis without separate seainp file? Even if
I am choosing 'Yes' for environmental loading under analysis options, it is prompting as "seastate input
required" in the input file section. So, do we have to use the model file again as the seastate input file?
4. Re: Can you please check if you have used LDOPT line in your model input line? Thanks
5. Yeah I have used the LDOPT line.
6. Re: Would you please click Reset Analysis Subtype button after choosing yes to Seastate Input in Model
File option in Edit Environmental Loading Options? It just worked for me. Please let me know if it
works. Thanks
7. Thank you for the suggestions, but I am still not able to proceed without giving a separate seainp file. It
would be very helpful if you could share some details on the complete spectral analysis steps using
seainp with some example output. I could get only a part of the information from SACS manual.
8. Re: If you could create a service ticket through SACS, I can take a look at your files and see why you
are not able to proceed without a separate seainp file. If you are looking for sample files for Spectral
Earthquake please refer to sample 5. C:\program files (x86)\bentley\engineering\sacs 10 connect
edition\samples\sample 05\. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to ask.
9. Okay,
10. Re: You are welcome.