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12th Canadian Symposium on Catalysis

Massey at the address given in the Calendar.

The 12th Canadian Symposium on

Catalysis will take place from 25th to 28th
May, 1992, at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Those who ventured as far
as Banff at the time of the last International
Congress on Catalysis in Calgary will be
tempted back by the beautiful scenery if
not by the scientific programme; however,
that is also likely to appeal to many of our
readers. Papers are being solicited on the
following topics: Hydrogenation (Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Chemicals), Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation (Alkylation,
Polymerisation, Oligomerisation, C-1), Homogeneous Reactions, Environmental Issues, and General Sessions. The closing
date for abstracts is 28th June 1991. Further details can be obtained from Dr. Alan
Sanger at the address given in the Calendar of Forthcoming Events.

Xlll Simposio Iberoamericano de


Applications of Heterogeneous Catalysis

A short course with this title, aimed at
industrial users of catalysts, will be held at
Loughborough University of Technology,
Leicester, U.K., from 17th to 21st June,
1991. This is another of the very successful
courses given by Professors James T. Richarson, Joe W. Hightower, and Dan Luss.
The course is designed primarily for
people who have had some experience in
catalysis but lack formal training in the field.
The object isto establish an understanding
of the fundamentals of catalysis and how
these principles can be used to improve
catalyst performance in a given situation.
Actual commercial examples will be discussed whenever possible. Further information may be obtained from Mr. John

applied catalysis - - Volume 72 No. 2 - -

The thirteenth Iberoamerican Symposium on Catalysis will be held at El Escorial, a beautiful city some hour by train from
Madrid, from 6th to 10th July 1992. Organised under the auspices of la Sociedad
Iberoamericana de Catalisis, el Grupo Especializado de Catalisis de la R.S.E.Q.,
and la Comision Nacional V Centenario y
la Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
this symposium will cover topics such as
preparation and properties of catalysts,
deactivation of catalysts, catalytic processes, new materials and catalysis, catalytic reactors, catalytic control of emissions, and catalysis in fine chemicals. The
official languages will be Spanish and Portuguese with, as an exception, some presentations in English. Further information
may be obtained from Sagraio Mendoroz
at the address given in the full Calendar in
the previous issue of Applied Catalysis..

Fundamentals of Oxide Catalysis

A symposium with this title will take
place during the 1991 Annual AIChE Meeting in Los Angeles, CA, which will be held
from 17th to 22nd November 1991. The
symposium will be devoted to papers
which cover aspects of the preparation,
characterization and catalytic properties of
metal oxides. Papers that combine catalytic measurements along with characterization or preparation and papers that
help to explain or show how metal oxides
function catalytically will be given higher
priority in the selection of presentations.
Further details can be obtained from Dr.
16 May 1991