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Image Source: Steve Hall

By Jeffery Nevil

Sailing, like all the best sports, is a pinch

of athleticism mixed with some stunning
sights, challenges unlike any other
sporting practice and a genuine sense of
Today, sailing is a highly specialised
practice that has come a long way since
our ancestors depended on it. Technical
innovations, such as satellite
communications, have added the
benefits of GPS, satellite phones and
even Wi-Fi. These developments have
made sailing more accessible than ever,
and to a much wider variety of people.

This combined with our historical affinity

for sailing has shaped a calendar of
events worldwide across 2016 that
simply shouldnt be missed.

Antigua Sailing Week

April 23rd to 29th

classic, vintage world of Caribbean

yacht racing, as well as the evolution of
the practice and the technologies it now

A new addition in 2016 will be a series

of courses and workshops. Hosted by
industry experts, these courses will
range from beginner to advanced,
offering educational, hand-on sessions
for anyone with an interest in developing
their technical understanding of sailing.

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Image Source: Seun Ismall

The 2016 Antigua Sailing Week will host

a wide range of regattas, events, and
high speed races in and around the
waters of the remote Caribbean island
its named after. The setting is almost
perfect, with clear waters and beaches
for watching all the action, and perfect
weather all year round.

The sailing week itself is one of the

oldest in the world, formed in 1968 by a
group of Antiguan natives in an effort to
boost tourism to the island during offpeak month. Over 4 decades later, the
Antigua Sailing Week has grown into
one of the largest celebrations of sailing
culture in the world, honouring both the

Hyres Sailing World

April 25th to May 1st

nations are represented at the event,

with over 150 boats on average taking
place in the regatta, as well as 27
international judges and over 350

If youre interested in seeing the very

best in sailing talent from around the
globe, as well as something to tide you
over until the Olympics in Rio, the
Hyres Sailing World Cup is as serious
as it gets.

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Image Source: International Sailing Federation

Having finally been awarded official

Sailing World Cup status in 2013, the
Hyres circuit of the SWC has become
an integral part of the entire event. Over
a 10 day period in early Summer, some
of the best international sailing talent will
come to compete in Hyres. The
prestigious event is seen as a precursor
to the Olympic Games for professional
sailors, indicating in advance who will be

So far, the Hyres stretch of the SWC

has entered into 10 Olympic Series, as
well as 2 Paralympic series. Over 60

54th Lord Birkett

Memorial Trophy
July 2nd & 3rd

and sees visitors from home and

abroad come to cheer the racers on.
Last years event saw a record breaking
231 boats take part in the race.

The site of the race itself is a tranquil

slice of English countryside, with plenty
of room to fit campervans and tents.
Alternatively, you can hop on the
Ullswater Steamer and follow the action
all the way down the river, complete with

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Image Source: Natural England

Sailing is a common past-time along the

seven-mile long Ullswater Lake, located
in the picturesque Lake District. The
Ullswater is home to several sailing
institutions, including the Ullswater
Yacht Club, an organisation that has
been hosting events at Ullswater on a
local, national and international scale
since 1960.

One of the most famous of these is the

Lord Birkett Memorial; an annual regatta
in which contestants race the entire
length of the Ullswater and back over
the course of 2 days. The competition is
open to sailors of all experience levels,

Rio 2016 Olympics &

August 5th to 21st

whilst in 2007 it hosted the Pan

American Games.

Qualification requirements where

revealed last month, which means
competition in the lead-up to the games
will be fierce for a competing spot. On
an international level, the Olympics will
offer the biggest sailing event of the
year, featuring the best talent and
technology for the casual observer to

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Source: International Sailing Federation

Rio has a grand legacy to live up to, with

the shadow of the London games still
looming largely. Nevertheless, the Rio
Olympic Games are set to be just as
impactful, taking place against the
backdrop of one of the most bustling,
vibrant, and colourful cities in the world.

Therell also be plenty of sailing to enjoy

at the games. Marina da Gloria, located
at Guanabara Bay, is currently being
revamped for the Olympics. The venue
itself is world famous as a spot for
competitive sailing; in 2009, it served as
part of the Volvo Ocean Race circuit,

Appropriate Clothing - Sailing jackets,
whether youre taking part or just
observing, will keep you dry, warm, and
help you look the part.

Dry Clothes Youll almost always be

near a source of water, so bring plenty
of dry, alternate clothing to ensure you
arent uncomfortable at any point.

A Sailing Watch Keep track of your

race. Monitor your race time and
progress throughout your regatta with
state of the art technology.

Image Source: Marine Super Store

Sustenance Regattas can last hours,

even days, so make sure youre suitably
hydrated and fed through-out an event.
Image Source: Marine Super Store

Binoculars If you have a keen interest

in boating, especially the technical
aspects, nothing beats technical sailing
in action. Bring your binoculars so you
dont miss anything.

Image Source: Binoculars