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Questionnaire Format for Absenteeism

of Employees
Below is the questionnaire format to find out the reasons of absenteeism of
employees at Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd.

Personal Information
Name (Optional)



1) For how many years you are working with Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd.?
(a) 0-1 yr

(b) 1-2 yr

(c) 2-5 yr

(d) < 5 yr

2) Departments:
a) PHP
d) Support
g) Testing

b) Linux

c) Sales

e) .Net

f) Mobile

h) Others

3) Number of members in the family

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

d) Five

e) Above five

4) Number of working members in the family

a) One

b) Two

c) Above two

5) Monthly Income
a) 7000-10000

b) 10000-13000

c) 13000-16000

d) Above 16000

6) Does your job match with your qualification?

a) Yes

b) No

7) Experience
a) Below 5 years

b) 5-10 years

c) 10-20 years

d) Above 20 years

8) Are you aware of the leave rules of the company?

a) Not at all
b) To some extent
c) To great strongly
d) Extent aware
9) Is it possible for you to get leave whenever you require?
a) Always
c) Sometime

b) Often
d) Never

10) How often you remain absent in a month?

(a) Nil

(b) Once


(d) < Twice

11) Which of the following leave do you avail often?

a) Medical Leave

b) Casual Leave

c) Earned Leave

d) All

12) The process of applying leave through your supervisor is time

a) Highly agree
b) Agree
c) Neither Agree nor Disagree
d) Disagree
e) Highly Disagree
13) According to you what is the main reason for employees absent?

(a) Health problem

(b) Long Working Hours

(c) Work dissatisfaction

(d) Working environment

(e) Personal Reasons

(f) Stress

(g) Others (Please Specify)..

14) How is your working environment?
a) Good

(b) Satisfactory

(c) Bad

15) Motivation factors to improve employees regularity

a) Good employee relationship
b) Working condition
c) Future prospectus
d) Job responsibility
e) Incentives/wage hike
f) Other (be specify)..
16) How do you rate your relationship with your superior?
a) Average

b) Good

c) Very good

17) How is your relationship with co- workers?

a) Average

b) Good

c) Very good

18) Does your co-workers help in work related problems?

a) Yes

b) No

19) Reason of absence on personal reasons

a) Attending Marriages and other functions
b) Visiting places
c) Domestic problem
d) Lack of co- ordination among colleagues
e) Other (be specify)

20) In your opinion, how absenteeism can be controlled?

a) Change in management style
b) Change in work condition (job rotation)
c) Incentive/ wage hike
d) Develop attendance policy
e) Better transportation facility
f) Encouragement and appreciation
g) Individual attention
h) Other ..
21) Disciplinary actions taken by management on absenteeism have
reduced absenteeism in your company.
a) Not at all
d) Extent True

b) To some extent

c) To great highly

22) The suggestions that can be provided by you to the

management to reduce the absenteeism in an organization.